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sofa king Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-20-06 05:37 PM
Response to Reply #6
9. Thank you.
Thank you very much for your kind comments, salin. Your question is a good one and if you permit me to think out loud I'll comment on it.

In North Carolina there is only one federally recognized tribe, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. On the surface, the Eastern Cherokee are the only NC tribe which could have directly suffered from the $3 million reallocation to the Saginaw Chippewa (but the ripples from the event certainly had subtle effects elsewhere). I'm sure others have noted specific repercussions and if you think it's important I'll try to find them.

Now if you will permit me to veer off in another direction entirely, here's something I've been looking at today.

There is another small battle being fought in North Carolina which may have some relation to this issue. There is a currently unrecognized tribe in the state called the Lumbee which for reasons too arcane to describe here require federal legislation in order for them to be restored to their status as a federally recognized tribe. Taylor has been very quietly and carefully backing the Eastern Cherokee interests, which are to prevent the Lumbee from getting a casino. Unfortunately, the easiest way to prevent or delay the casino is to prevent or delay the recognition of the Lumbee (and thus prevent or delay the exercise of the rights due to a federally recognized tribe). Recognition is always a catfight, everywhere, and I strongly suspect that there has been covert intervention in a number of cases since the Bush Administration took office.

But honestly, I haven't looked very closely at any of this and it's difficult to make heads or tails of it. As a curious ellipse I'll show you one of the threads I've been toying with today:

* Rep. Charles Taylor appears to have a concrete (but quiet) position in favor of the Eastern Band of Cherokees over the recognition of the Lumbee Nation.

* Rep. Charles Taylor took large contributions from Jack Abramoff and his clients, which isn't illegal or even very suspicious, but it lets you spin the Abramoff Wheel of Corruption. So we spin it and find that:

* Abramoff also had very close ties to Alexander Strategy Group and Tom DeLay's pals Tony Rudy and Ed Buckham.

* Alexander Strategy Group also represented Freddie Mac, which just paid $3.8 million to slide off the FEC's hook for illegal campaign contributions.

* Another firm which represented Freddie Mac is Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, a bafflingly large and diverse lobbying group which also happens to represent...

* ...The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, who are backed by Liddy Dole.

Well how about that? All of a sudden we're back to the recognition issue, but now we're on the other side of it. We know that Jack liked to be on both sides of any tribal issue, particularly issues of his own creation. But Jack doesn't appear to be making any money off of this. Is someone else, maybe?

Does this mean anything? Probably not. Unfortunately, the GOP slush machine's tendrils are so widespread and far reaching that one might as well be playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. A lot more research and some hard-nosed investigative reporting would be necessary to check that out. Still, it's one of those things you try to remember and see if it fits with something else in the future.
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