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Reply #23: There were/are some very interesting aspects of this crash! [View All]

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Lost4words Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-18-06 09:44 PM
Response to Original message
23. There were/are some very interesting aspects of this crash!
Edited on Tue Apr-18-06 09:55 PM by 8643
Allot has been said about the tail of the Airbus, the past problems were with de lamination, the virtual undoing of the composite material. No previous incident involved the the loss of the entire horizontal and vertical stabilizers. The stresses to do that are outside the normal operating envelope of of this and most modern commercial aircraft. So it would take something other than normal flight.

The engines both came off the wings and landed in two separate areas not directly under the flight path.

Again it takes an awful lot to stresses to send two engines this size both in separate directions outward from the center of the aircraft/flight path.

Next is the fact that even at stall speed these things go what 100 mph +/- so even with the loss of a tail section the craft would still have forward momentum.

Many crashes that dont go straight down leave a trail of debris and/or wreckage, the ones that go straight in leave almost nothing intact.

So here is the strange fact that you can all look up if you want.

The wreckage was limited to basically two normal sized homes across the street from each other were destroyed, parts of the fuselage were on one home with seats in place and one passenger holding an unsecured infant, still clutched in their arms!

The impact of a more normal crash the adult could not have held on to the baby.

So the theories I have heard and am inclined to favor is either the mechanical failure of or sabotage to this aircraft. In particular the thrust reversers or rather just one. It had spent the night at the far end of the field next to a chain link fence with no local guard or attendant.

If you study the CVR transcripts, the copilot (who I feel did nothing wrong) noticed what he thought was rough air/ aircraft vibration, so they requested either another FP or altitude (I forget which),.
the vibration continued with SOME loss of control, the decision was made to increase power to clime above and regain control. All by the book. I believe that with Full power and one thrust reverser full on, the craft became Frisbee like and floated somewhat to earth. And that would be a force that would surly be enough stress rip off the Airbus tail. It would also explain the engines ripping outward from the centrifical force. Engines are mounted with the greatest strength forward and aft not side to side, in fact they are made to allow a little swing from side to side.

I know many here will say it cant happen this way, that the thrust revers cannot be deployed separately so on and so forth. But before you fully dismiss this as madness, research the articles, the on seen interviews, and the local news crews and on site interviews.

I suspect we will never know for sure. But I dont trust any agency under the junta to give us the truth. And I do think they would have no qualms to cover it up.

As far as Airbus, I have to say they are very bit as good if not better than their North American counterparts.

I'll go away now...


Ok so I am back for a little edit cleanup and addition.

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