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Reply #61: And he was softened up for Katrina by Cindy Sheehan. She singlehandedly [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-02-05 11:07 PM
Response to Reply #8
61. And he was softened up for Katrina by Cindy Sheehan. She singlehandedly
yanked the focus back on the war late in the summer when he, on the other hand, was doing what? Kicking back on his lazy good-for-NOTHING ass on another vacation he didn't deserve and certainly didn't work for. She, on the other hand, put a human face on the tragedy of this war, which we had not had before. We didn't have coffins on the news. No funerals were covered, and george couldn't possibly be bothered to make time to attend any. There was no news coverage of the body bags being unloaded at Dover Air Force base. Complete lockdown. So all we had were people like us - dismissed as malcontents and Saddam-lovers. Then came Cindy, whose situation FORCED even hostile press people to refer to her as "grieving mother." Yeah. So what do you DARE to do, in attacking or demonizing a critic who is widely described as a "grieving mother"? Answer - not a whole heckuva lot. ANYONE who dared to tarnish her or swiftboat her looked like a cold, heartless, callous meanie (as they WERE and STILL ARE). The assholes who would attack her were really put in a box. It was frickin' BRILLIANT!!!!

So when his lordship refused to meet with her, and smirked for the cameras as he chuckled dismissively about her having a "right" to her opinions, he wound up looking like a cold, heartless, callous, meanie, too.

And then came Katrina. Cindy left him knocked down on the mat, having suffered a whole bunch of deft jabs from an unexpectedly formidable opponent. And then came Katrina to close the deal.

And the rest, as you and other posters have pointed out, is history.

He has YET to recover. These are body blows. He has YET to recover, and there's been little time to stop and catch his breath. And thus weakened, other punches are starting to come in from OTHER opponents who now see new openings and new soft spots that weren't there before. He's a fighter going down. Every punch from one of these episodes hits a little harder, into a soft spot that's even softer and more broken. He's losing momentum, and if more fair-weather friends from his own party, AND those who went along reluctantly because other monsters in the GOP muscled them into even semi-unwilling complicity, he'll just keep losing more and more.

WHAT WE CANNOT DO NOW IS LET UP. Now that he's on the ropes, we CANNOT give him a chance to recover. We CANNOT AFFORD THAT. Generosity is for donations to the Democratic candidate of your choice, or the hurricane survivor of your choice, or some other worthy person/cause. NOT for bush. NO MERCY.



We could clinch this, folks. As long as we don't A) give up or B) get complacent. THIS IS NOT OVER YET.
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