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Reply #96: We couldn't be further apart [View All]

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aint_no_life_nowhere Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-23-05 10:14 PM
Response to Reply #95
96. We couldn't be further apart
First of all, Chirac was only one of the reasons for the UN's refusal to back the U.S. invasion. France was only one of several members on the Security Council opposed to a resolution for war. The Security Council rules required nine members without a veto to support the US proposal. The US at best had only four members in their corner including themselves, among the 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members. Even if France, China, and Russia had abstained, the U.S. would not have obtained a sufficient vote. Bush in a speech to the nation promised to go back to the Security Council and put the matter to a vote, up or down, but went back on his word because he knew that it would have been a major embarrassment to him. Bush even refused to entertain the idea of setting a further time limit for inspections.

As far as the chemical weapons that were allegedly missing, Iraq was being subjected to new rounds of inspections which failed to reveal anything. In fact, Bush cut short the inspections, which might have settled the issue. Expert weapons inspectors Ritter, Kay, and Duelfer, two of them appointed by Bush himself failed to find anything. In fact, it is now generally acknowledged that the United States destroyed the chemical weapons stockpiled by Saddam. You may want to review the CIA White Paper issued in 1997 entitled "Khamisiyah: An Historical Perspective On Related Intelligence" that finally admitted the clandestine destruction of Iraqi stockpiles of chemical weapons at the giant stockpile at Khamisiyah at the end of the First Gulf War. The U.S. Senate in the mid 1990s tried to subpoena information on the full extent to which the U.S. military had secretly sent in teams of special ops to destroy Saddam's stockpiles (which we had sold to him - see the findings of the Reigle Commission's Report regarding the investigation into Gulf War Sydrome and its origins) and those efforts were impeded. We have yet to obtain the US military's cooperation in securing the complete record of our destruction of Saddam's stockpiles at the end of the First Gulf War while US troops entered Iraqi terrority. Our government didn't want us to know that Saddam no longer possessed his chemical weapons stockpiles, in my opinion.

I hate repeating myself, but Iraq had virtually no military power. It had one-third the military budget of Kuwait. It had lost control of two-thirds of its terrority. It had no air force, no navy, no effective tank corps, and aging and obsolete equipment. It was a secularist society. It was criss-crossed by no-fly zones and subject to constant aerial and satellite surveillance. We are not fighting the fascists in Iraq. Our own military has admitted that only a few hundred in Iraq are foreign fighters. The majority are either secularists, sunnis, or shiia who object to the US occupation of an Arab speaking nation. Killing them is not killing Al Qaeda to any significant extent. In fact, it's only radicalizing the entire region.
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