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rocktivity Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-18-05 11:46 PM
Response to Reply #16
38. Orginally posted by Adigal
Edited on Sat Mar-19-05 12:10 AM by rocknation
...this administration has embarrassed and scared them, and now many of them are pissed...I would be pissed.
Yes, the Bush White House HAS embarrassed and scared the MSM, but that's only half the story. Their real problem is that they're being double-teamed--the NON-mainstream media are scaring and embarrassing them, too.

The MSM has been perfectly happy to go along with Bush's fake news videos, scripted press conferences, prepackaged talking points, and payoffs. More important, they were also able to dismiss the Will Pitts, Greg Palasts, Daily Kozes, and Mike Malloys as part of a luntatic fringe who commanded neither credibility nor respect. But then the Gannongate swung open!

To use an archaic journalism term, the MSM got scooped, caught completely flat-footed missing a story that anyone over the age of twelve with an Internet connection could have put together. Even worse for them, the authors of Gannongate did what journalists are SUPPOSED to do--TELL THE TRUTH completely, accurately, comprehensively, and objectively. The MSM's response was to accuse bloggers of working in basements in their pajamas and looking at the world "through a pinhole;" turn Wonkette into the Al Sharpton of liberal blogging; and make CNN's Aaron Brown come across like a father grounding his son when he interviewed BlogAmerica's founder. Also, CNN has gone as far as to hire a "blog reporter" so viewers didn't have to waste time going online to read their stories anymore.

With the public now wondering who else is on President Mightymouse's payroll, or if Jeff Gannon kept an appointment book, the right wing noise machine has got a couple of crater-sized dents in it. And if they felt driven to have this kind of a meeting, it must be showing up in the ratings!

A few newspapers...spoke of some very important stories, and how there has been no interest - such as torture. The woman who was head of CBS in Washington was whining: But there's no interest in stories about process...
If there was a lack of interest in the torture stories, it was result of the MSM's mandate to always make President Mightymouse look good. But even if that wasn't the case, is that any justification in NOT reporting the story? I thought they were in the NEWS business. This proves that they're more interested in entertaining than informing.

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