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Reply #84: It's not a question of "Donna being 'fair'" [View All]

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Eloriel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-05-05 04:37 PM
Response to Reply #65
84. It's not a question of "Donna being 'fair'"
it's a question of her predilection (sp) to buying the Official Story or Mythology or Big LIe. I don't find her a rigorous and skeptical enough thinker for me to be comfortable with her leading this effort and I DO find her far too entrenched in the old style order of the day in Washington.

Further, anyone who finds something -- anything -- civil to talk to Karl Rove about isn't on the same page as I and a LOT of better thinkers, analysists and historians than I am about what's going on in this country and that concerns me a LOT. This is no freakin' GAME this time around, this administration. It's not politics as usual, where a little give and take won't hurt in the overall, longview scheme of things. This is about the total destruction of democracy (or not) and likely an irreversible fascist state. Maybe you yourself don't see or agree with that take, I don't know.

But I'll tell you this: one of MY enduring frustrations with Gov. Dean (and you of all people know how I otherwise idolize him) is that HE doesn't get it about the voting problem. DESPITE the fact that I personally prepared a 50-page in-depth, heavily foot-noted and hot-link sourced report for him which I PERSONALLY handed to him in hardcopy with accompanying disk in Aug. 2003 (at a PERSONAL expense of $100 to get into the fundraiser in hopes of getting an upclose and personal opportunity to just that -- which I don't regret, of course), DESPITE pleading the case with him AGAIN this past month when he was in Atlanta, reminding him of my report (which he remembered somewhat vividly), he still speaks as if we can do ANYthing at all, ever, to win elections in spite of the voting machines. Ain't gonna happen. Those damn voting machines (PLUS all their other techniques and fun and games) trump everything. Even if we "fix" all the other problems -- voter registration fraud, long lines, etc. -- we STILL risk not being able to win without fixing the voting machine problem.

And Howard and his theories and philosophies and his wondeful, right on emphasis on The People and grassroots efforts will only look like a FAILURE if/when we STILL don't win any elections -- and we won't.

So, I'm sorry. I don't think Donna Brazille has what it takes to "get it" about the keymost issue (the voting machines), and worse, I'm not sure if she DID get it that she'd have the guts to go with it and make it public, and I'm deeply worried about the details upthread about the several of the "team" members. There should be NO one on ANY of our "teams" ever, EVER EVER!! who has had anything to do with Republicans EVER, unless that person can be shown demonstrably to be not just non-partisan but totally apolitical (like a real, live, genuine, totally objective academic). These days there are fewer and fewer people who fit that description.

Alas. This gives me a heartache. I fear it's the pattern I see over and over and over and over again: we get just SO FAR and can't break through to the other side. Half measures, sometimes because of bad luck and timing, but sometimes because of our own ineptness, lack of organization, and most of all failure to REALLY see the truth of the matter and also to just keep pushing, pushing, pushing til we bust through to the other side. Of all the Bush scandals, if we'd have taken just one and dogged it to death, never letting go, we might have been able to bring down this administration. I suppose it's still possible, but I've nearly given up hope. (Sorry for the added rant.)
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