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Say_What Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-04-05 12:33 AM
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8. Venezuela and Latin America: Ready to Rumble

Venezuela and Latin America: Ready to Rumble

It happened before US intervention in Central America in the 1980s; it happened before the invasion of Panama in 1989; it happened before the invasion of Iraq in 2002-2003; it is happening now in Venezuela. Its a proven fact. Every time the US government has gone for another government, the big media outlets begin to bombard the leaders, followers, governments, and the President they want out of power with lies and unsupported arguments. It seems that the State Department has the power to impose its plans on the main TV stations and news papers. Maybe it is because politicians in the US, members of Congress, and members of the executive power are mostly millionaires and have close connections with the owners of the TV channels and papers. So the USA has two governments, the political and the mediatic government. Right now Venezuela is under the open aggression of the most important newspapers and influential TV stations of the US. President Chvez is presented as a tyrant who is concentrating all the public branches of the State, an elected President who has used his popularity to avoid the rule of law, restrict freedom of speech, press, and to repress the oppositions demonstrations.

The Bush administration sponsored the Venezuelan opposition leaders that organized the coup and the illegal oil strike of 2002-2003. The opposition used the money of US citizens to try to oust President Chvez by all conceivable means, constitutional and unconstitutional, but their effort was useless. All they did was lose, and the government got stronger and gained even more legitimacy, wining the recall referendum in 2004. US dollars and support were insufficient to disrupt the close relationship between the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan people. Sorry President Bush, but what you did had excellent results for President Chvez.

Today, when the opposition has practically disappeared, not because of Chavez, but because of its flagrant incapacity to understand the real needs and codes of the poor, of the majority of Venezuelans, the US administration is developing a hemispheric campaign to try to distort the truth about Venezuelan democracy and its projection in the rest of the Latin American continent. The U.S. will fail once again, because all the governments and Presidents of the region know exactly what is going on in Venezuela. Rice and Noriega will try to pressure their commercial partners in the region, but the governments will be unwilling to judge and isolate Venezuela, not only because they know the truth, but also because the people of Latin America sympathize with President Chvez and the Bolivarian Revolution. The people of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, etc., will not let their governments damage a political process that they look to with a spirit of hope. Most of the Presidents of the region are following in Chavezs steps, maybe not with the same language, but with the same objective: independence from imperialistic U.S. policies.

Without a strong political opposition in Venezuela, the international strategy of isolation is clear. If this fails, which it will, they will seek more direct means and we cant dismiss the possibility of US intentions to invade Venezuela. But if Iraq turned out to be a very difficult task, if they dare to invade any Latin American country, especially Venezuela, the world will witness the largest and longest resistance ever, and the US will never attain its goal. Another probable strategy is what the US rulers believe would be to pull the plant out at its roots, that is to say, assassinating President Chvez. They would probably think that if Chvez dies the changes in South America will stop. They are so profoundly wrongthat would only deepen the roots and would dangerously accelerate the whole process, much like the national oppositions failure radicalized the Bolivarian Revolution.

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