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General Discussion
The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club.
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 06:35 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
This is now the pinnacle of network journalism in the United States
Discussion started Wed Oct-23-13 06:23 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Public education privatizers join fight to cut Social Security
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 01:10 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Whistleblower Drake delivers award to Whistleblower Snowden.
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 08:57 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
State Department Insider's first hand report.
Discussion started Tue Oct-22-13 08:50 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Video of Ted Cruz' daddy....also of Ted being anointed.
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 08:46 PM by madfloridian
General Discussion
"FISA Court not a rubber stamp," judge says
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 03:09 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Glenn Greenwald is leaving the Guardian for new media venture
Discussion started Wed Oct-16-13 02:42 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Let's see what's happened during this manufactured budget crisis
Discussion started Mon Oct-14-13 10:37 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
For the children
Discussion started Mon Oct-14-13 02:59 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
In case you were wondering (debt limit)
Discussion started Fri Oct-11-13 04:51 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I decided to ask DU3 for moral support
Discussion started Thu Oct-10-13 02:40 AM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Pete Seeger shall not be moved.
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 02:15 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Whatever you think of the woman who was shot in Washington DC,
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 07:08 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
We heart liars and plutocrats. (Pardon the redundancy.)
Discussion started Wed Oct-09-13 04:59 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I have a Republican nephew.
Discussion started Tue Oct-08-13 02:06 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
As usual, people completely ignoring what i post on DU3.
Discussion started Mon Oct-07-13 04:12 PM by Leopolds Ghost
General Discussion
Looks like time to cut "entitlements" again? still?
Discussion started Mon Oct-07-13 03:09 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Tunisia, D.C., USA
Discussion started Sat Oct-05-13 03:41 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Luke Russert-Democrats got ugly, talking about kids with cancer.
Discussion started Fri Oct-04-13 04:22 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Washington survived the recession--and that's a bad sign: Economist.
Discussion started Thu Oct-03-13 07:01 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Online delays signal strong demand for health care (um, no)
Discussion started Thu Oct-03-13 06:53 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Historic speech (China President addressed Indonesian Parliament)
Discussion started Thu Oct-03-13 03:06 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Massachusetts 5th district (Markey's House seat).
Discussion started Wed Oct-02-13 01:36 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Cost of shutdown $200 million a day, by one estimate
Discussion started Wed Oct-02-13 04:47 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
It's deja vu all over again.
Discussion started Tue Oct-01-13 01:23 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
American Exceptionalism at it's Finest on Display
Discussion started Tue Oct-01-13 01:25 AM by rpannier
General Discussion
We Can Do It! (Yes, we can?)
Discussion started Mon Sep-30-13 09:49 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Vatican asks minor victims of pedophile priest to be patient.
Discussion started Sat Sep-28-13 08:37 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Memory Lane
Discussion started Sat Sep-28-13 06:47 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
I am grateful to Ted Cruz
Discussion started Sat Sep-28-13 05:40 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
"Hundreds" protest Obamacare in Washington, D.C.
Discussion started Sat Sep-28-13 03:12 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Greek far-right leader arrested; warrants for more
Discussion started Sat Sep-28-13 02:37 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
George HW Bush served as witness at a gay wedding
Discussion started Fri Sep-27-13 11:13 PM by rpannier
General Discussion
A baker's dozen of Mayoral candidates on the line today.
Discussion started Tue Sep-24-13 05:09 PM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Do too many kids go to college?
Discussion started Sun Sep-22-13 06:07 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Movie Night--The Federal Reserve
Discussion started Sun Sep-22-13 05:31 AM by No Elephants
General Discussion
Thinking of Mad Floridian
Discussion started Sun Sep-22-13 04:53 AM by No Elephants

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Latest Breaking News

Page 6

Sun Dec-25-11 05:30 AM
Calif. soldier shot at his homecoming party

Sun Dec-25-11 05:24 AM
Libya marks 1st independence day in 42 years

Sun Dec-25-11 05:17 AM
Moscow protest: Thousands rally against Vladimir Putin

Sun Dec-25-11 05:11 AM
Haiti migrants found dead off Cuba's coast

Sun Dec-25-11 05:08 AM
Sudan Darfur rebel Khalil Ibrahim 'killed by army'

Sun Dec-25-11 05:05 AM
Blast hits Nigeria church during Christmas service

Sat Dec-24-11 11:28 AM
Migratory sandhill cranes to be hunted in Kentucky

Sat Dec-24-11 05:05 AM
Donald Trump breaks with GOP, eyes independent bid

Sat Dec-24-11 04:54 AM
GOP: Gingrich, Perry fail to qualify for Virginia primary

Sat Dec-24-11 04:47 AM
New Air Jordans Cause Nationwide Shopping Frenzy

Sat Dec-24-11 04:42 AM
South Carolina voter ID law struck down

Sat Dec-24-11 04:32 AM
Brazil fines Chevron $5.4m for oil spill

Sat Dec-24-11 04:29 AM
Russia vote-rigging protests in Vladivostok and Moscow

Sat Dec-24-11 04:26 AM
Breast implant scare: Interpol seeks French boss arrest

Sat Dec-24-11 04:22 AM
Six killed in Pakistan suicide car bombing

Sat Dec-24-11 04:20 AM
Cuba to release 2,900 prisoners as goodwill gesture

Sat Dec-24-11 04:18 AM
UN Security Council condemns Syria suicide attacks

Fri Dec-23-11 11:46 PM
GE Settles Probe Into Muni-Bond Bid Rigging

Fri Dec-23-11 04:52 AM
Occupy hecklers drown out Bachmann at Iowa diner

Fri Dec-23-11 04:50 AM
Stranded Ariz. student, Texas family rescued

Fri Dec-23-11 04:47 AM
Judge: Iran, Taliban, al-Qaida liable for 9/11

Fri Dec-23-11 04:44 AM
Major San Francisco fire brought under control

Fri Dec-23-11 04:42 AM
3 big quakes rattle Christchurch, New Zealand

Fri Dec-23-11 04:18 AM
House, Senate make payroll tax cut deal

Fri Dec-23-11 04:12 AM
Philippines floods: More than 1,000 remain missing

Thu Dec-22-11 06:37 AM
Too late to contain research into deadly bird flu strain warn scientists

Thu Dec-22-11 04:46 AM
Wal-Mart pulls formula after Mo. baby's death

Thu Dec-22-11 04:27 AM
Mexico disbands Veracruz-Boca del Rio police force

Thu Dec-22-11 04:24 AM
Syria unrest: Arab League observers set to arrive

Thu Dec-22-11 04:21 AM
At least 63 killed in co-ordinated Baghdad attacks

Wed Dec-21-11 11:10 PM
UN warns of mutant strain of bird flu virus

Wed Dec-21-11 08:16 PM
Finland impounds shipment of Patriot missiles, explosives in ship destined for Shanghai

Wed Dec-21-11 12:35 PM
RCMP lawsuit may be joined by dozens of women

Wed Dec-21-11 11:00 AM
8 US soldiers charged in fellow soldier's death

Wed Dec-21-11 06:38 AM
Chinese officials hold talks with village protesters

Wed Dec-21-11 06:31 AM
Ethiopian court convicts 2 Swedish journalists on terrorism charges

Wed Dec-21-11 06:08 AM
Midwest storm weakens, but still dangerous

Wed Dec-21-11 06:04 AM
Kim heir wins backing, but may share power

Wed Dec-21-11 06:00 AM
Calif. AG sues Fannie, Freddie on foreclosures

Wed Dec-21-11 05:56 AM
Russian protest blogger Alexei Navalny leaves jail

Wed Dec-21-11 05:52 AM
EU imposes strict controls on 'execution drug' exports

Wed Dec-21-11 05:49 AM
Biden urges Iraq leaders to resolve sectarian disputes

Wed Dec-21-11 05:42 AM
Syria crisis: 'Nearly 200 lives lost' in last two days

Tue Dec-20-11 03:50 PM
Investment bankers die in NJ highway plane crash

Tue Dec-20-11 02:38 PM
House rejects payroll tax cut compromise

Tue Dec-20-11 05:45 AM
Arrest warrant issued for Iraqi vice president

Tue Dec-20-11 05:41 AM
US asks Iran to free man who 'confessed' to CIA plot

Tue Dec-20-11 05:33 AM
Syria unrest: Dozens of army deserters 'gunned down'

Tue Dec-20-11 05:27 AM
House Republicans want changes to payroll tax deal

Mon Dec-19-11 06:58 PM
Bon Jovi not dead: Rumor was Twitter fiction

Mon Dec-19-11 02:30 PM
Saudi prince purchases $300 million stake in Twitter

Mon Dec-19-11 06:58 AM
Investigators say 4 Reps got discounted loans

Mon Dec-19-11 06:41 AM
Saab files for bankruptcy in Sweden

Mon Dec-19-11 06:35 AM
Gingrich: Activist Judges Should Be Arrested

Mon Dec-19-11 06:06 AM
Manning's defense to question military investigator

Mon Dec-19-11 05:56 AM
Blizzard sweeps out of the Southwest

Mon Dec-19-11 05:52 AM
Protesters battle for control of Egypt's Tahrir Square

Sun Dec-18-11 10:10 PM
North Korea's Kim Jong-Il has died

Sun Dec-18-11 09:50 PM
Australia accused over asylum-seeker boat sinking

Sun Dec-18-11 09:41 PM
Islamists protest in support of Pakistan army

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