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Creationism and politics

Nobel laureates jump into Keystone fray

Nobel laureates jump into Keystone fray

Ask the fuckers to define the diff between POLITICS and GOVERNANCE

Could Germany's Left Save The Euro (And Europe)?

Governor "Craftsman" Perry, after cutting millions out of the state

Toon- Tax Cuts Create Jobs....

MMA: With Alabama Ruling, Fox Continues Anti-Immigrant Bent

Republicns gather for the debate in Seamy Valley

How does a person reconcile being a christian with being a republican?

Ha-Ha! Perry wants gov't out of our business but he still wants block grants to use for medical care

Ha-Ha! Perry wants gov't out of our business but he still wants block grants to use for medical care

VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan cracks a joke at the expense of a 71 year-old man

Give us your talking points on XXX ... go.

Give us your talking points on XXX ... go.

"How to Make Money Blowing Whistles"

Perry Brushes Of Question About The Economic Divide Between Africans...Americans

Public healht to be done by the private sector?


Obama's JSoC speech...if it ain't bold don't bother.

I mean seriously

GOP Debate?

Bit of an emotional wreck right now.

Bit of an emotional wreck right now.

For truthers, 9/11 was an inside job

Cain just advocated we take policy advice from an open Fascist.

And gingrich rolls out the FEAR card

Inside the Koch Brothers' 2011 Summer Seminar: Part 1

Tropical Storm Nate - looks like he's heading for Texas

Oh my lord

Barbara Boxer hopes environmental groups sue Obama

I missed it did MoFo GOODHAIR make a FOOL of self - Liz HASSELBECK cut him off The View 2day

Best Tweet I've seen so far tonight...

Huntsman Won It Already

Every time Perry said 'boots on the ground' it reminded me of the song 'pants on the ground'

Is idiots debate on tv other than msnbc? Thanks. Am late here

Jon Stewart took down all the overreacting outragers concerning the speech scheduling

"senator santorum" - is that some kind of JOKE or what-t-f?!1 n/t1

Libertarian gets ticketed on purpose

And then the Republican debate came on

Chile MODEL? really?

The dog whistles are thick and heavy.

Fellow DUers - there is no RETHUG debate

Global Califate!!!!

Romney's gotten better at this since 2008.

Ask Perry about DALLAS COUNTY and how many have been found innocent

They are sinking Hunstsman now

They are sinking Hunstsman now

Does Mittens have COPD or some other respiratory disease?!1 n/t

Newt going after the media...

Newt is the angry man on the stage and trying to sabotage the entire debate with his

Mitt's an idiot - we're all over the Marcellus shale.

Can *anybody* who mentions "Ronald RAYGUN" drop dead just RIGHT NOW?!1 n/t

OK - Newt Said It - They Are All United To Defeat Obama - So Fellow Dems Are We Going To......


I really hope Rachel is going to be large and in charge for the Election season.

We should insist that First Gen Immigrants learn American History

We should insist that First Gen Immigrants learn American History

ronald reagan. how many times has his

I just turned on the insane debate long enough to notice

I just turned on the insane debate long enough to notice

our ever so creative msm....

Tweety is wrong again. No wonder CARTER lost.

Who came off Better in the GOP debate?

Rick Perry slammed the GOP/Old Guard Trinity tonight

Navy Vet And ACLU Sue Florida Over Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

Was Rick Perry drunk?

InSantorum and Tweety

Perry BUSH sent them there, not Obama

Tweety is driving me to another station. Santorum? ..n/t

Tweety is driving me to another station. Santorum? ..n/t

the thought of seeing dumb-fuck W all weekend may make me ill

the thought of seeing dumb-fuck W all weekend may make me ill

Is their a youtube video yet of people cheering the death penaly

Was there anything - anything at all in the GOP debate

Finding Hope in Libya

Obama: 'Best Debate Ever' (Borowitz Report)

The scariest thing about the GOP debate tonight? The audience.

Congressional Reform Act of 2011, not original with me

FUNNY, Secret message from the GOP

A sane look at our politics.

Romney would have won the debate if there was no primary..

Is it time to puke yet?

Coulter: Hoffa Represents "Useless" Workers Like "Kindergarten Teachers"

Quick observations on tonight's debate.

What if the Democratic nominee in the next Presidential election were a Mormon from Utah?

Tonight's travesty known as the GOP debate.

The pukes applaud the deaths of hundreds.


I missed the debate. Was climate change mentioned at all?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

How did Reagan walk out of the White House with Air Force One?

2 wks ago molotov cocktails hit Police substation, 2 days ago hit Police officer's house

Ok... Anybody Want To Take A Stab At This... And Then Explain It To Me, LOL ???

America's Got Talent........

Herman Caine...

Bumper sticker I spotted today.

Per Obama’s request, Dems on deficit committee now want MORE than $1.5t in cuts

Perry, Romney twist records in debate

TPM: Reagan Library Crowd Goes Wild For Perry’s 234 Executions (VIDEO)

Huntsman... I will not sign PLEDGES...

Perry Quote of the Night: "Galilleo got outvoted for a spell"

High Resolution Ariel shots of Vermont post-Irene

I really can't believe people think withholding funds from Bastrop is justified.

Mr. Fish's - Cowboy Road Kill

As much as Obama has disappointed me....

Simple-minded. Ignorant. Bloodthirsty. Selfish.

Obama's Biggest Threat = Huntsman

Maryland! Storm

Does Anyone Here Have An Electric Car? I Have Some Questions.....

Clip of Huntsman calling for troops to come home from Afghanistan:

I forget about this

Al Gore accuses Barack Obama of bowing 'to pressure from polluters'


Kanye West to World: “Obama Don’t Like Black People!”

Keith Olbermann Names Michele Bachmann Worst Person for Hoffa Hypocrisy

David Mixner: 5 Dangerous Presidential candidates

You know why I love these GOP debates and hope there's lots more of them?

Perry's death penalty remarks: the BIGGER story

Fear Factory

I'm a one issue voter, with no one to vote for.

my sense: Perry won the nomination tonight and lost the general

In a New Libya, Ex-Loyalists Race to Shed Ties to Qaddafi

Shadow Lake Fire (Dial-Up WARNING)

Michelle Bachman can't even answer a simple question.

Guess Who Called Opponents ‘Extremist Group,’ Urged Supporters To ‘Take Them Out’: Michele Bachmann

Confronting Disappointment

Navy corpsman linked to bomb threat at Calif. school surrenders

Raw Story: GOP debate audience cheers Perry’s execution record

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Chris Matthews is an idiot

Above The Law - USA (8 Sep 11)

Russia sets no-fly zone near Japan's air space

How does a person reconcile being a christian with being a republican?

Tech company to build science ghost town

If the MSM had any balls, they would confront Perry about

Perry wanted "special lights" for debate.

Only 34 percent of Tea Party members say they believe global warming is happening, compared to

Horrifying: Domestic Partner of Man Slain in Race-Based Crime Can't Sue Because of Mississippi Law

Why I Think Rick Perry Did Not Help Himself

Live Report on BBC of the findings of the report of the torture of Baha Mousa

Question for DU lawyers about marriage equity, SCOTUS and Loving v Virginia

Notice some GOP nuts are being chased off the stage so the others can hide their nuttiness?

For the record in Illinois after the governor ordered an investigation into 25 men on death row...

Rick Perry reduced Nitrous Oxide levels in Texas?????? What?

Congress is the problem, says Obama

CBC: Canada tried to placate Gadhafi in 2009

Front-runner Rick Perry takes heat at GOP debate

Bill Press Show starting...

SF: Mayor Ed Lee with wide lead in new campaign poll.

No Duh! headline of the day:

Just a friendly reminder

Toon:Preview of the Big Jobs Speech

Hold the fork! Obama may not be toast yet

The NEXT song Scarbrough writes should be about how wrong he was to cheer-lead us into war.

9-11 Goes Hee-Haw.. OMG.. Joe Scarborough's song

French Court Convicts Galliano

Best wishes to DUers in the path of fires

Our Creeping Police State: How Going to the MOA Can Land You in an FBI Counterterrorism Report.

John and Ken's (Los Angeles RW talk show hosts) Misguided Fury on Immigration

What tonight's debate tells me about the Republican Party's decision.

What tonight's debate tells me about the Republican Party's decision.

Weekly U.S. jobless claims rise to 414,000

Texas firefighters get some help -- from California

James Fallows: Why I Think Rick Perry Did Not Help Himself (Social Security/Ponzi & Galileo)

The Repukes Had Three Houses Of Government For Six....

Bachmann's fundraising money is drying up

Texas Governor improves on his states famous export

Dick Cheney is out on a major propaganda tour.

Jonathan Chait: How Rick Perry Won the Debate

Rick Perry and the election

Wow! Binghamton, New York isi under an evacuation order. Flash flood warnings are in

Can we please call it "Judeo-Christian Creationism"?

Perry's executive order to enforce hpv vaccine. The real story.

Perry Supporters Seek To Re-write History, Claim He Never Worked For Gore

On 9/11 pundit after pundit will conflate the attack with the Iraqi War

So then if the banks take our savings and lend them to others,

Gov. Perry: "Galileo got outvoted for a spell."

Arizona continues fighting the bad fight (not what you might think)

How Social Security is Like a Ponzi Scheme

Question for Michael Moore: What would you like to say to the presidential candidates?

Your PB and J sandwich will soon cost more

Your PB and J sandwich will soon cost more

Democrats want debt-cutting panel to address jobs

So what your telling me is "Corporation are People guy" beat...

Irrefutable evidence that Central Florida is a haven for corruption.

Frenchman ordered to pay wife damages for lack of sex

"blue states are subsidizing red states" "Perry a closet liberal" - Great Reich column!

Toon: Unnecessary Drug Testing

What was the point of running, GOODHAIR - is there a Blago movie auditioning or a reality show?

Militant Muslim group says it carried out western China attacks

Stewart: Romney wants to win so bad, Gore can taste it

National Archive keeps bulk of 9/11 Commission report sealed

Who thinks Hoffa was speaking off-the-cuff and accidentally let the rhetoric get the best of him?

The GOP War on Voting - The Rolling Stone

GOP pipeline bill would block safety reforms

GOP pipeline bill would block safety reforms

Two Toons on Perry and Fires

Saudi Family abruptly vacated their luxury home two weeks before 9/11,

Cheney Hits 'Over The Top' Perry

What's great for "free" market capitalism

Greek Credit Swaps Signal 91% Chance of Default


Joe Scarborough : What the hell ??


If Romney Is Really OK With Social Security And Only Wants To Fix It - There Is An Easy Fix........

Boycotting Obama's speech(es)

Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes

*Watch the Debt Super Committee Live NOW*

I'm going to try this sex thread again

Surely we're wise enough not to elect a pseudo-religious swaggering moron from Texas POTUS?

Americans and Terrorism: a Ten Year Timeline

Reagan Library Crowd Goes !WILD! For Perry’s 234 Executions

They threatened to starve and drown those that would save my life, Castle law allows me to

Can we talk about our prison system?

Denmark is on course to buck the prevailing trend in Europe by electing a centre-left government.

Bill Press inspires me. I turned the tv off and decided to read what

Engineering Ground Zero

America's Poverty Tax

U.S. Consumer Sentiment at Second-Lowest Level of Year in Bloomberg Index

The projection of the storm in the Gulf is that it could take many tracks, however, Texas

CMS to hospital inspectors: Remember equal visitation rights

gosh, this darn liberal msnbc.

Rick W. Perry speaks "wingnut" better than anyone and won this debate

Lamar Alexander on cspan bellyaching about the President's speech with his pubs in the backdrop.

The Greater Recession: America Suffers from a Crisis of Productivity

Pitching a campaign to ban all religion

DU Mods Batting for Obama/Censoring Posts Critical of the President

Bartz Could Get About $10 Million After Firing {yahoo}

Kansas Republican Legislators report on what they learned at ALEC

Kansas Republican Legislators report on what they learned at ALEC

Oh great. Now the same sort of garbage that happened in Ohio is coming to CA.

Ohio Lawmakers Propose Drug Testing for Lawmakers

for all you 9-11 LHOP fans!

joe scarbough singing on "the view"

Many Afghans Shrug at 'This Event Foreigners Call 9/11'

Many Afghans Shrug at 'This Event Foreigners Call 9/11'

Man beheads self in Virginia

Rick Perry's "Job creation": How many jobs went to undocumented workers hired illegally?

Gruesome footage opens animal cruelty trial

FBI agents searching Solyndra in Fremont

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Military officials ignored Cheney’s 9/11 shoot-down order

Military officials ignored Cheney’s 9/11 shoot-down order

Traffic slows to a trickle as sinkhole opens wide (due to pipe leak)

Two Terror Suspects Arrested in Berlin

A(nother) Awesome FB Status...

Scary republicans

Scary republicans

And the Cat Food Committee is off and running!

Holy Cow! The GOP has ANOTHER debate scheduled for next Monday.

Would you tune into Faux News to watch a democractic debate?

Oh Snap! That Was Ugly

Jobs creation question

Michael Moore: I was the most hated man in America

Early Morning Riser

Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War

"The Fat Lady Sings" and " The Denial Hits the Fan" ---Climate Change awareness

Health-Care Law Upheld by Federal Appeals Court

Perry's night of 'duck the question'

A story untold

When it comes to women, Bill Clinton was a disgusting pig.

When it comes to women, Bill Clinton was a disgusting pig.

Bison drown at Zoo America Hershey Pa in flooding video

Rick Perry during commercial break....caption this...

Fukushima still happening, 6 months later

Foreign Policy - "Worst. Congress. Ever." - Great Read That Calls Out The 112th Congress!

Discharged Gay Soldiers Now Re-Enlisting

update : Nearly 1,400 homes destroyed by Central Texas wildfire

update : Nearly 1,400 homes destroyed by Central Texas wildfire

Colbert stole (used?) what I wrote Tuesday Aug 30th about the MLK statue on tonight's show :O

My take on the first "Super Committee" Meeting

Worst Examples of Taxpayer Money Wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan

Obama has the rethugs up against the ropes as they are very apprehensive about what

"Video shows teens mob clerk, rob convenience store in Red Bird area of Dallas"

Someone who watched last night's clown fest please confirm...

New Law Would Shift All Terror Suspects to Military Instead of Civilian Authority

New Law Would Shift All Terror Suspects to Military Instead of Civilian Authority

Doctor Fees Major Factor in Health Costs, Study Says

Applause at the number of people Perry's killed as governor? Really?

Boehner finally accepts reality.

Appeals court sides with White House on reform

The Fat Lady Sings & The Denial Hits the Fan

FEAR Of A Republican MUSLIM

Conservatives Step Up Attacks On Public Funding For Birth Control

Michelle "irrelevant" Bachman's programming is out of whack. Her eyes don't blink and she

Border between India and Pakistan is so brightly lit it can be seen from space

Texas must have a hurricane shield, 'cuz it's not gonna get any rain from Nate.

They all stood in the shadow of Reagan...

Clerk ignores would-be robber in Gumby costume.

Soylandra raid: Who inspects the inspector?

Government Jobs' Programs Should Hire Directly

Toon: Don't Be So Eager!

Global warming deniers aren't Galileo in the story. They are the catholic church / inquisition:

Last night, I flittered in and out of sleep while Mrs WCGreen sat

not a shred of respect for this President...not a shred

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans: Mass Unemployment is a Huge Failure of Fed Policymakers

Who was the last president who was truly respected?

Lacoste Tells Norway Bomber Anders Behring Breivik To Stop Wearing Its Clothes

Lacoste Tells Norway Bomber Anders Behring Breivik To Stop Wearing Its Clothes

Rachel Maddow last night...


Britain lifts ban on gay blood donors - will Canada follow?

Fox Sports cancels show after video mocks Asians

Man with extensive ties to white supremacists pleads guilty to MLK Day parade bomb

Updated my blog...

DEA Announces Emergency Ban on 'Bath Salts'

More war casualties here at home: Defense Department shows increase in military children deaths

Rick Perry sez: it's NOT a Ponzi scheme if you're already playing...

Rick Perry sez: it's NOT a Ponzi scheme if you're already playing...

Michael S Hart, Founder of Project Gutenberg Dies

If Perry is the nominee Obama should run one ad after another on social security

Mitt Romney and President Obama Agree on Something: It's not the governments role to create jobs.

Caption this... Perry and Paul...

Rick Perry's Head Just Exploded

Bloomberg is reporting that the president's proposal tonight will be fully paid for, and that the

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations About Last Night's Republican Debate

The media seem to have decreed that it's down to a 2 person race for R nomination.

Begala and others tweet the debate. LOL - The best way to keep up with it.

NOM Loses Another Court Battle in Maine

Workers’ crisis deepens - Time to fight back

What The Heck Was That ‘Population Stabilization’ Ad In Last Night’s Debate All About?

Rick Perry executed a possibly innocent man

Susquehanna River's projected crest at Harrisburg scaled back to 28.5 feet, over 10k being evacuated

Cops to pay bill for woman's body cavity search

WI: State employee fired after telling about photo ID policy.

If you were given 3 hours per day on talk radio...?

Obama Jobs Speech Must Address Foreclosures, Small Business, Greenlining Institute Argues

the head of gibson guitars will be the guest of marsha blackburn (r-tn) at the President's speech

No raises for experienced workers

Longshoremen storm Wash. port over labor dispute

I hope all Democrats see what's in store for America

NYT - Lessons Maybe Learned (Supreme Court)

If Harry Reid is calling for a vote on something immediately after

Graphic and haunting description of fire devastation in Texas

9th Circuit Blocks Arizona Law Limiting Same-Sex Partner Benefits

Dramatic Fiery Rescue Caught On Dash Cam-Raw

Above The Law - USA (8 Sep 11) PM

Kyl has defense industry-sponsored hissy fit

Perry's Rainy Day Fund? Used Up, Say Some Republican

May I ask a question?

$20 admission to the 9/11 memorial museum?

Between a petrified piece of batshit and a hard place

Michigan Department of Education to raise bar on test scores - Too many kids passing

"Shouldn't have to listen to SOME politician, if they don't want to"

Most call P"A"rry dumb as a brick. I think Romney fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch.

For the haughty anti-Texas among us

This is the second year in a row Binghamton has recorded a 1-in-100 year rain event

DOJ investigation into "monopolistic practices in the food sector" --

Obama denies disaster relief for Texas fires?

Napolitano says no specific threats as 9-11 nears

Read On Facebook and almost called bullshit- but wanted to check with DU first.

Obama team feared coup if he prosecuted war crimes - Justice Integrity Project

The Texas Miracle

Einstein, not a psychiatrist, did not define *insanity*

Rep. Joe Walsh wants ex-wife sanctioned in his back child support case

David Vitter Is the Senate’s Saddest Little Boy

Governor Quinn wants to close seven state facilities, lay off 1,900

Rachel Maddow on her shows 3 year Anniversary. Happy Birthday Rachel

Alan Grayson on War-spending vs Jobs; Jan Schakowsky's Jobs Bill

Who will be the the next President?

I wonder if Yahoo had a clause in Carol Bartz's severance package about not saying she got "fucked"

'Incendiary..the willingham case' in limited release on 9/30. Wish it was on tv to smack Perry!

When next i update my Will, i will specify that my heart- if still good- WILL NOT go to Cheney.

Hey Stevie Wonder

The party that robs peter to pay paul can count on pauls support

Federal appeals court blocks state lawsuit over health care reform law

I think that Fire Dog Lake will publish a negative article about the jobs speech.


This man welcomed their hatred!

How does a person reconcile being a christian with being a republican?

Wisconsin: State Employee Fired Over Voter ID email

Court Throws Out Health-Care Case

Buzzfeed: The MSNBC GOP Debate In 45 Hilarious Seconds


CIA rendition flights continue under Obama

Texas' 8,4% Unemployment Rate

"Blue Collar Man" is just as relevant today as the day it was written

Lofgren on tweety

That plane crash in Russia which killed the Major League

Can we all just start calling Rick "GALILEO?"

Alternate source for Longview ILWU story

Texas healthcare system withering under Gov. Perry. Texas just hasn't proven it can run a health

In 2008, I voted for President without holding my nose.

The Toronto Hearings

Protesters Disrupt Super Committee Hearing

Fellow Iowans, did any of you catch Grassley today on NPR "Talk of Iowa?"

Oh. My. God. Joe Scarborough sings a country song about 9/11

i can see why Obama tapped Huntsman for an ambassadorship

Bachmann to react to Obama's job speech

He reminds me of the kid who didn't do the assignment and then

Washington Post, etc Tries To Smear Schneiderman

James Hoffa's Hot Air: Sandy Pope, candidate for Teamsters President Speaks Out

al-Gonzo (Alberto Gonzales) is coming to my school today. Here is my question, should I ask one:

"Deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh wants ex-wife sanctioned in child support case"

Just FYI: Major flooding is happening in the Midatlantic today.

My apologies

I'm evacuating DU for the rest of the evening

Alan Grayson: Timely Essay about Jobs

Lesson to be learned: Hoffa did not apologize

The REAL "union thugs": Organized Management

Live link to the President's speech

Romney Sharpens Social Security Message Against Perry

"If we nominate someone who Dems characterize as being opposed to Soc Sec -we would be obliterated"

Excerpts of Obama’s Speech on Jobs:

Tea party Rep. wants ex-wife sanctioned in child support case

wow. rick perry is impressively stupid. stupider than Palin. Stupider than bushco

Is tweety bi polar? You never which way he will lean during his broadcast. I know he likes to lust

Top Secret America ( PBS Video)

The GOP debate in 45 seconds

I deslike Buchannan as much as the next person

Obama's Jobs Speech: What Americans Want to Hear

Here is the speech Obama should give tonight:

Two-thirds of organ donors in China are executed prisoners

Hahahahaha! Look at this poll on front page. Right side, scroll down a bit. Hahahaha!

So why can't I find this story on M$NBComcast?

Rick Perry Says It’s ‘Misinformation’ To Suggest He Wants To Abolish Social Security

Damn watch the Chinless one's face

Can't wait to see the pork stuffed into this bill by the GOP

Mr. President, I love your words, BUT

Effect of payroll tax cut...


OMG, Tom Colburn is making sense...

pass this bill!!!!

Cheney talks up a 2012 Hillary Clinton campaign

The word of the night.. "RIGHT AWAY"

Federal Appeals Court to Ken Cuccinelli: Fuck off, clown - and take that teabagger lower court ...

American Jobs Act. Pass this bill now.

American Jobs Act. Pass this bill now.

American Jobs Act. Pass this bill now.

American Jobs Act. Pass this bill now.

KO is covering the President's speech with the help of

Obama just mentioned Warren Buffet's opinion on taxing the rich!

Hillary stands quickly for President Obama's defense of Collective Bargaining

Hillary stands quickly for President Obama's defense of Collective Bargaining

Wow. You can tell who the Republicans are in this presidential speech.

Theme of President Obama's Jobs Bill Speech - "You should pass it right away!"

None of this speech matters.

None of this speech matters.

The republicans are against the GI Bill!!!!!!

What's wrong with Boehner? He must be too drunk to stand.

President Obama Addresses a Joint Session of Congress (live now on

I never thought I would looking forward to hearing Bachman

I never thought I would looking forward to hearing Bachman

Charles Evans, the Chicago Fed president who "gets it".

"You should pass it right away" Keep count of how many times he says it.

President Obama pushes Congress to end 'circus,' act now on economy

Judge Warns Washington Union To Halt Illegal Tactics

All should see this new movie about the innocent man Rick Perry murdered.

Rec/Unrec speech thread.

Obama could've promised ponies and jetskis, the repukes aint passing shit

The state of Georgia is bound and determined to kill Troy Davis

This is gunna go nowhere

This is gunna go nowhere

‘Copyright troll’ Righthaven loses key client as lawsuits taper off

NYT: Obama Aims Economic Plans At Independents

Teabagger hero Rick Santelli and Thomas Friedman trade insults over SS as Ponzi Scheme (vid)

Chuck Todd looks like he hasn't been sleeping

Tweety Has A Bridge Fetish....

Boehner looks like he needs the little boys room.

Know this, the next election is 14 months away. And the people who sent us here don't have the...

Called them out on their signed "pledge."

Rick Perry would have been one of the ones persecuting Galileo!

So I just turned on the TV and Obama is shaking everyone's hand. What did I miss?

"I Intend to take this messge to every corner of the country!"

This side of the aisle thing is almost funny. One side stands up and applauds

What's wrong with Boehner? He must be too drunk to stand.

petition to stop the pipeline

Toxic Fumes At Georgia McDonald's: Woman Dead After Customers Found Unconscious

When President Obama says EVERYTHING in his Jobs Program is paid for

Full Text Of Obama's Speech

Full Text Of Obama's Speech

It was a dark and stormy night

That speech gave me chills..It was great and a definate challenge to

As cartels rapidly expand in U.S. cities, authorities confront futility of drug arrests

Book: Kennedy Scorned Idea of Johnson as President

I'm sorry, but on my TV

What Democrats can do about Obama

What Democrats can do about Obama

What do you want the President to talk about in his jobs speech?

RNC response to President Obama's speech

My BFF just called and said he saw what he swears is someone say "horse shit" --

'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones

Al Franken Smacks Down Hans von Spakovsky Over Flawed Voter ID Stats

Al Franken Smacks Down Hans von Spakovsky Over Flawed Voter ID Stats

Help collect evidence of voter suppression in Wisconsin.

Peace Prize Laureates Ask Fellow Winner Obama To Stop Tar Sands Pipeline

Tonight at 7 on Countdown:Live: Sen. Sanders, Rep. Ellison, Rep. Grijalva, Spitzer

Schweddy Balls!

911 video in school today...for 7 and 8 year olds

Al Jazeera Analyst on GOP Debate: "The Rest Just Looked Like Wallpaper"

Good luck teachers.

Best Presidential Address in Decades!

Best Presidential Address in Decades!

Sounded to me that he threw near- and boomer seniors under the bus.

Sounded to me that he threw near- and boomer seniors under the bus.

Is this going to be another Satan Sandwich?

I just heard that Arne Duncan is appearing with Scott Walker tomorrow at some event. Details anyone?

Um... Anybody Watching The Weather Channel ??? - Lee Reflooding Irene Zones...

the clear winner of tonite's debate

I have decided to send Obama my resume . . .

If you ever wanted to be close to the HAVES of the world

ABC News Breaking News: Ongoing and imminent threat for 9/11 anniversary

The President is right: "We can't wait"! n/t

I suggest everyone watch the speech

Toon: Unleashing the power of the marketplace

Apocalyptic GOP is dragging us to civil war

President Obama needs to give more live speeches to the public. Agree or disagree ?

Casey Anthony 'to elope to Mexican beach villa to be with Californian sugar daddy'

For the unemployed: what must Obama say tonight to gain your excitement?

"the Governor, whom most Wisconsinites do not trust nor approve of has the ability to dip his hand

Blew a gasket, pissed off my bagger cousin

We have officially hit the all time Arctic sea ice area low

This is absolutely the President I voted for.

Bears are 'Green' in Tahoe: Bear Breaks into Prius, 'Drives' Away

Why did no moderator ask Rick Perry why he thinks S.S. will not be

Fox Viewers: discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against minorities

An Email Message From The Good Senator Claire McCaskill.....

SO.. do you think Obama will be able to close corporate loopholes?

Excellent speech! About time we saw more kick-ass from the President!

Make no mistake---P"A"rry was an Aggie Cheerleader.

Make no mistake---P"A"rry was an Aggie Cheerleader.

I do not deny the Obama administration has many praiseworthy accomplishments. BUT ...

Michael Moore: I was The Most Hated Man In America (Long Extract From His New Book)

Did Republican President Richard Milhous Nixon shake hands with Mao?

Union Longshoremen "Storm" Port of Longview, Cause Mass Destruction, Say Police

Alan Grayson's call for new jobs program....

Payroll tax cut likely hub of Obama's jobs plan

Miami Herald: FBI covered-up high-level AQ confederate in FL; Saudi fled on 08/30/01

Is Obama giving two SEPARATE addresses tonight? I rec'd

So, it's just three hours until President Obama addresses

His name's Barack - Obama! Ba - rack Obama!!

NASA’s Cassini orbiter snaps unbelievable picture of Saturn

"You knew I was a scorpion when you gave me a ride..."

"You knew I was a scorpion when you gave me a ride..."

Patti Davis on the GOP candidates kissing Reagan's butt

Governor Perry's Execution of a Possibly Innocent Man in 2004

Longshoremen storm Wash. state port, damage RR

Stormed out of AA meeting today because of a racist bigot.

Poverty Grows Up

I think I just saw John Boehner realize Obama will win a 2nd term.

"Modest adjustments to Medicare and Medicaid"

just tried to unsubscribe to Obama e-mails

If you are not voting for Obama, which Republican(s) would you not mind being elected president?

Seemingly drunk Swedish moose found stuck in tree

Face it, nothing substantial is going to be done about climate change until it is too late

OK OMan this is a very good speech

Bachmann derided by GOP for ‘show boating’ news conference

Rick Perry physically grabs Ron Paul, points at his face

Obama: 'clear the way' for new trade agreements

"Give 'em hell, Barry!"

Social Sec. is a Ponzi scheme when handled by the gov.....

All generalities, more privatiziation, bankrupt Social Security

The privatization of everything appears to be proceeding quickly now.

The SAME Limbaugh who smeared Hoffa with doctored audio : "REAL Texans are putting on their camoufla

Is Hillary Clinton's health ok? She looks really bad as of late...

Florida: Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota never revealed....SHOCKING!

The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)

From 37 to 4 in 20 years

From 37 to 4 in 20 years

It's late in the day and not a popular subject, but I have to say one more

Grade the speech

Walking the Walk...

Libyan Revolution Week 29 part 5

Longshore Union Dock Workers Defy Obama Administration NLRB anti-union injunction. Protest Grows

US will veto Palestinian statehood bid at UN

America, the Colony

Should food stamps be allowed at fast food restaurants?

Kitchen staff walks out at Castagnola's in S.F.

Danziger Toon -Freedom of Speech

Toons on the Debate and election

'A social pariah': How lonely Monica Lewinsky has failed to find happiness... and is STILL the butt

'A social pariah': How lonely Monica Lewinsky has failed to find happiness... and is STILL the butt

A friendly tip for job seekers:


You know all those Storage locker shows

WTF? The Keno Brothers on Fox?

PHOTO: "Just when I thought I was out of the litter box...THEY PULL ME BACK IN!"

Do you ever have days when all you want to eat is ice cream?

Cool footbridge in New Zealand

Blowing in the wind


Drop things a lot?

'Forks Over Knives'

What habits have you picked up after quitting something? I used to go for long

Tea Party Zombies Must Die!

Remember the Etch a Sketch?

Dur-de-durrrr Tubes -- actually, they're EVERYWHERE.

Question for Austin DUers...

Vangelis - "Missing"

Family time

Wanted (or not): Schrodinger's Cat

Hobson's Choice is about to start on TCM, this is interesting movie.

Just watched the movie "Lone Star"....anyone else see it??

whatever happened

SHIT!!!... SHIT!!!... SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT!!!... SHIT!!! (etc. etc. etc.)

Anybody heard from AlienGirl?

There is NOTHING worse than a (yawn) boaring doggy.

I'm BACK!!! (from the plastic surgeon's)


Mutant Ninja Bird

Boop... ... boop-boop... ... boop... ... boop-boop-boop... ... boop-boop... ... boop... ad infinitum

Boop... ... boop-boop... ... boop... ... boop-boop-boop... ... boop-boop... ... boop... ad infinitum

Dinosaur taking a drink

Don't we make a pair?

M-m-m-m-m. "No one can resist my Schweddy Balls."

now this is a dancing dog!!

Breaking: Obama's speech will not be televised

MFM loves to listen to his favorite tunes while cooking in the kitchen...

A compromise for the Republicans.


Marshall Tucker Band

Can't you see


Running on empty

Fleetwood Mac

What Jesus really said: You always thought he said,

I'd like an argument please.

Face down

I sent an email to General Butt Naked's church in Africa

What kind of dog is that in the Beneful dog food commercial?

Jessica - Allman Brothers Band

Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane

Casey Anthony Parents will say she may have had gran mal seizure

Found a dried hairball on the floor at the other end of my couch. I never see that part of the

I really like LOL Cats, but ones like this make me cringe.

Second day of school,my brother to his first grader "Richard get up,time for school!"

Awesome reflections!

I'm all alone... the wallflower..watching puppy-fights

Anybody grow mushrooms?

Go your own way

Sad. I just realized it's football season

PHOTO: "Do you MIND? A little PRIVACY, please?"

2 drowning ZooAmerica bison euthanized in Hershey, PA

MiddlefingerMom just wanted one more apple.

Previous Bizarre Sex Education Posters from the Early 20th Century

Two pictures for the price of one!! Everybody - EVERY ONE OF US - has artistic bones in our body.

OMZ, chimps freed from life long cages are overjoyed amazed at the outside, grin & hug one another!1

2nd best break-up song ever

Let it go, George Lucas - *again* with Star Wars merchandising....

Jackson Browne & Bonnie Raitt...& John Edwards?

The Subway-Riding Dogs of Moscow

Get AWAY from the truck!

Anybody good with MS Word - how to merge documents?

Has anyone seen the movie Catfish?

Which would you try first: Hootie and the Blowfish or a dive bar?

Ending the war could fund jobs here at's simple,

Leno last night, Roger Daltry does Tommy

If you've EVER said "My life won't be complete until I see a squirrel french a plastic dinosaur..."

Do Elephants eat their own boogers?

Katrina Bowden named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

PHOTO: Now THAT is what I call "Man's BEST Friend."

Flashers only. Have you ever mooned, streaked, flashed or otherwise exposed yourself in public?

Anybody ever put their beer over ice?

I'm building an ark

Are Job Interviews Becoming a Circus Event.

Once again, I must turn to the Taiwanese for real news:

MFM's dog goes to the beach

Updated my blog...

Need advice: should I evacuate my home? As I sit here, my

I need a good math person to answer this question for me please.

need typography suggestions

Time again for One Question!

My latest creation

Is it possible to change from a "glass half empty" to a "glass half full" type of person?

Which would you try first: Eating Blowfish Sushi or Skydiving

Inside the Koch Brothers' 2011 Summer Seminar: Part 1

Allen West: The Muslims Backed Herman Cain Into A Corner

Many Afghans Shrug at 'This Event Foreigners Call 9/11'

Obama Advisors Feared a Coup If the Administration Prosecuted War Crimes

4-Color Conspiracies: There’s a 9/11 Truther Comic

Obama Transition Team Member Explains Why Administration Chose Not to Prosecute Torture

Canada tried to placate Gadhafi in 2009

Missouri Senate panel OKs repeal of law restricting teachers' Facebook use

Energy Department stimulus funds not being spent as fast as promised, report says

Uribe accused of paramilitary ties (U.S. Colombian ally)

Uribe founded paramilitary group: ex-paramilitary leader (former Colombian President)

MediaNews won't renew contract with copyright enforcer Righthaven

The Kochs' Keystone clique exposed

Al Gore accuses Barack Obama of bowing 'to pressure from polluters'

UN peacekeeping nations consider Haiti abuse case

Ex-Honduran President supporter shot to death

Americans’ post-9/11 views on immigration are conflicted and nuanced, report finds

Former MI5 head: Torture is 'wrong and never justified'

US ambassador optimistic about new Colombian military command

Theresa May says most rioters were not in gangs

Gaddafi's 'Amazonian' bodyguards' barracks quashes myth of glamour

Obama wants to keep 3,000-5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq into 2012

Lifetime blood donor ban for gay men lifted - as long as they haven't had sex for a year

(Nebraska) Dept. of Health and Human Services accused of mishandling funds

Judge: Carl Lewis won't appear on ballot

Cheney Hits 'Over The Top' Perry

US exports hit a record high in July

Transition Team Member Explains Why Obama Chose Not to Prosecute Torture

CIA rendition flights continue under Obama

Military officials ignored Cheney’s 9/11 shoot-down order

'Reason To Believe': Joe Scarborough Releases Powerful Antiwar Song

Baha Mousa report criticises 'cowardly and violent' British soldiers

Justice Department Criticizes Puerto Rican Police

FACT CHECK: Perry, Romney twist records in debate

Rick Perry, Mitt Romney square off in Republican presidential debate

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/08/2011)

Protesters Disrupt Super Committee Hearing

Designer John Galliano convicted of hurling anti-Semitic insults

4th Circuit Appeals Court Dismisses Virginia, Liberty University Challenges To Health Law

Japan Official Ordered Fake E-Mails, Investigators Say

Richardson to seek release of American jailed in Cuba

Giffords-Kelly memoir due out in November

Saab bankruptcy likely 'in days'

FBI Searches Solyndra Offices

Gaddafi’s chemical weapons spark renewed worries

Appeals Court Voids Lower-Court Ruling Against Individual Mandate

Bachmann fills vacuum, announces rebuttal to Obama jobs speech

Hispanics new majority sentenced to federal prison

BBC reporter killed in Afghanistan was shot dead by US troops

League to challenge Voter ID law

Turkish Warships To Escort Any Gaza Aid Vessels

In Texas, 18 percent are facing hunger

In Texas, 18 percent are facing hunger

Senators Push For More Transparency For Super Committee

Nearly 100K told to flee new Northeast flooding

Officials triple number of homes destroyed in Texas fire

(Linda McMahon) Mogul Plans Another Run, to Succeed Lieberman

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cheney talks up a 2012 Hillary Clinton campaign

Longshoremen storm Wash. state port, damage RR

UK envoy 'declines apology over Libya rendition claims'

Canada-U.S. price differences to be studied

Voter rights referendum cleared for Nov. ballot (Maine)

Bank of America Closing up to 600 Branches

DCCC Drops A Half-Million To Save Weiner Seat

Wisconsin official told DMV not to push free voter ID cards

First flight to Cuba from Tampa International Airport leaves today

Locals (Auburn AL) rally against Alabama's new immigration law

Rick Perry's execution record greeted by wild applause from Republicans

Court Convicts Galliano in Anti-Semitism Case



Sinking Pacific island Kiribati considers moving to a man-made alternative

Maxine Waters to Obama on unemployment: Treat blacks like Iowans

One sickened by McDonald's fumes dies (10 taken to hospital)

Top Republican urges no boycott of Obama speech

U.S. Hits Builders With Pay Probe

Marijuana tester finds 'Street-bought' pot unsafe

Perry's Merck link in spotlight following vaccine order

Federal Authorities Probe Possible Terror Threat Around 9/11 Anniversary, Sources Say

Va. appeals court dismisses health reform suits

san diego blackout

Eric Holder: I didn’t know about ‘Fast & Furious'

Gaddafi issues defiant message from hiding

Do you remember your first answering machine?

On 'Important Issues,' Super Committee May Go Behind Closed Doors

Sen. Kyl says would quit US debt panel if defense cut

Longshoremen storm Wash. port over labor dispute (overpowered and held 6 security guards)

Gov. Brown vetoes ski helmet, phone fine bills

TOM THE DANCING BUG: George Lucas Revises the Decade Since 9/11!

Perry will win debate because

Newt bragging about the Clinton economy

Did Al Gore just take a whack a the President

Ron Pauls Previous Job.....

Perry again calls Social Security a 'Ponzi scheme' (VIDEO)

Too many lies in this Debate for me to keep up with!

Those Republicans sure like to rewrite history.

Self delete.

Ed Rollins was a total disappointment with his comments on MSNBC tonight.

Rick Perry Happily Grabs the Anti-Science Brass Ring

Robert Reich - Tonight’s Republican Debate: The 19th Century or the Stone Age?

When Cain says 9..9..9 I think of the nutty Xtian Mark of the Beast- 666

Oh no he di-uhnt! Rev. Sharpton called Herman Cain on his support for "states rights"

Oil exports are rising, and this is KEEPING GAS PRICES HIGH

As long as we're going to have a president pushing Republican policies...

Ok.......I can't take it anymore...

Anyone Think That Bachmans Fantasy Trip Is Just About Over

Check out this poll "What is Rick Perry's greatest asset?

Who won the GOP debate? Does it matter?

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

Gingrich: Says to raise revenues we send Americans back to work.

Perry's backhanded compliment for Dukakis

Romney: No tax on interest, dividends or capital gains for those with less than $200k

Ron Paul: Stated that FEMA did not exist before 1979

If Social Security isn't going to be around in the future as the rethugs say

Perry: The border is not safe

"The crowd in Simi Valley is a blood-thirsty one"

So now we have the lurky story out there for explaination. Mission accomplished.

Huntsman: Someone mentioned that he was the best there tonight.

Nato-led forces killed BBC reporter in Afghanistan

A Moron of I feel a bit safer. Just a bit.

An observation about the racial prism of political commentary

Perry's "Hop"

President Obama was the winner last night.

Rev. Al Sharpton is one very smart dude IMO. He is saying that Perry's

I think Chris Mathews and Ed Schultz are in cahoots!

Perry: I will always err on the side of saving lives.

They all have the same energy/jobs policy

Wild electoral college scenarios

Gruesome GOP crowd applauds Perry's execution of 284 humans

A Small Piece of Advice for President Obama Before Tonight's speech.

“The science is not settled on this." Rick Perry

Fourth Circuit Court Throws Out Lawsuit Against Affordable Care Act

The Republican candidates and war:

What's with Rick Perry's collars and ties?

Perry campaign refuses to rule out ending Social Security

Political Cartoonist Tom Toles: Perry and the 'Texas Miracle'

Joe Madison: Rick Perry CANNOT get the republican nomination

Chris Matthews Asks Robert Gibbs If Obama is a Liberal, Gibbs: Obama Doesn't Believe In Labels

Republicans won't offer a rebuttal on Obama's speech tonight

I told you guys this was a ridiculous strategy: Obama's blaming Congress tires Democrats

Romney - Massachusetts was the *only* state where the uninsured just went to the hospital

ASSHOLE Joe Walsh wants his ex wife sanctioned in child support case

GALLUP: Obama approval at 44/50 ... Best since July 25.

Your nomination for most bizarre proposal and/or statement last night:

Senator: smog rules that Obama delayed would have CREATED JOBS

Kerry and Baucus both say that increasing jobs should be part of the supercommittee's solution

Elizabeth Warren: Middle class families vs. big banks

If it was the old Wild West Perry would fit in as a funeral director.

Obama's Gallup tracking....44% approve, 50% disapprove

The Republican Debate: Night of the Talking Point Zombies

Will there be a "Joe Wilson" outburst during tonight's speech,

Romney and Perry campaigns still hammering each other over "PonziGate."

Sickening NO FOLLOW up by Brian Williams. You suck, man.

WH: The American Jobs Act is "fully paid for"

Obama To Seek $450B Jobs Plan - Jared Bernstein says liberals will like what they hear - Excerpts

Really Eerie, but maybe it's just a Coincidence!


Perry boasts about Texas school children being high

Remarks of President Barack Obama in an Address to a Joint Session of Congress (TEXT)

"You should pass it right away." Several times already

"Confusion" -- Teabagger Erick Erickson is all wigged out over Perry's social security kerfuffle.

Republicans want the Chinese to build our infrastructure!

Made in America!!!

E MAIL: To Rocktivity, From Barack Obama, 6:17 PM EST

How much in taxes do Boehner, McConnell, and Cantor pay?

***The Official Presidential Address to Congress Thread***

Fingers crossed that this speech

Obama took it to them tonight. Sticks, woodshed, the whole works.

Give 'em hell Barry! Haha..oh Tweety...

Kennedy quote tonite

Bob Schieffer: A lot of Harry Truman in this speech tonight

Republicans are against teachers working.

Coburn said "Good job" to the President??

"I will not let the financial crisis be the excuse to wipe out the safety people have

Kerry: Opening Statement at Organizational Meeting of Joint Select Committee

Paul Ryan pretends he is getting great ideas by writing his notes.

What time is the President's speech?

It was a great speech

Payroll tax cuts are going to be the hub of Obama's plan? Since when are the unemployed on payroll?

Did You Know Rick Perry Opposes The Direct Election Of Senators?

My Judy Garland nervousness is in full steam

President Obama to Award Medal of Honor

Senate passes patent bill

Obama to Challenge Republicans on Jobs - champion of relief for middle class rather than the wealthy

Republicans don't want workers to be working.

Where did this "deserve my vote" nonsense come from? Who the hell are you...

71 year old man handcuffed and thrown to the ground at a Ryan town hall meeting

Editorial: Obama plan hastens the end of Social Security

It becomes more clear that Perry should be the nominee. Here's why:

A great new LIST for everyone's enjoyment :)

Republicans were smirking. They will not vote for any of the Jobs Act.

So the question this election season is "Would you prefer to re-elect Obama?"

I think it's time to stop the squabbling and address the oncoming disaster:

Ed drinking the Rick Perry cool-aid

Harry Reid asks senators to do their job. David Vitter cries about it.

AG certifies end-of-life petition(Massachusetts)

Perry is toast

Ron Paul Fans Allege Rick Perry ‘Assault’ During Debate Break Based On Photo

Oh Shit, there goes more jobs now.. Free trade BS. More manufacturing gone out the

I cannot believe I live in a country where a person running

President Obama Addresses a Joint Session of Congress ***LIVE THREAD***

Not at all impressed, he's just a conservative in a "blue" wrapper.

Will president hit back?

President Obama - Homerun!

What is the disagreement over EPA clean air regulations about?

Romney and Perry Go At It In GOP Debate

Ike's Farewell Address - The full 15:45

Ron Paul Creams Bill O'Reilly in Fox Ambush

Parents angry over School's New Walking Policy

When Dummies Pray For A Savior

Thom Hartmann vs. Rep. Ernest Istook - It is raining jobs plans!

Pitching a campaign to ban all religion

Full GOP Debate, Reagan Library - Politico/NBC - 09/07/2011

Paul Ryan Protester Handcuffed, Pushed To Ground By Wisconsin Police

Countdown: Olbermann Names Michele Bachmann Worst Person for Hoffa Hypocrisy

The America We Want: How Does President Obama Propose To Cut 650 Billion from the Budget?

Papantonio: Tea Party Hate Boils Over

Hartmann vs. Vadum - Poors voting is giving ''burglary tools to criminals''

Young Turks: Pastor Forces Rape Victim To Apologize To Church

Thom Hartmann: FOX viewers - Islam is incompatible with American values?

Thom Hartmann: Is Obama in a trap Republicans have used over & over?

There is a little black sun in Atlanta Georgia

Obama, Do Your Job: Protect Us from Pollution

Rep. DeLauro Explains the Infrastructure Bank

Sen. Bernie Sanders:Disaster Relief


TDPS: Man Dies from Toothache, US Healthcare System Best in the World

did Perry smirk? check this out..

Thom Hartmann: It's about a great forgetting and a re-education of this nation

5 Favorite GOP Debate Moments

The GOP Debate's Craziest Moments

Special Elections!

Papantonio: Republicans Celebrated Labor Day By Embracing Sweat Shop Capitalism

Perry: Executor-In-Chief

Sarah Palin: You Betcha Trailer

They Are Going To Kill Troy Davis

The iPhone and the end of American jobs

War on the Worker

TYT: ACLU: Obama Continues Bush Abuses

Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Length)

MSNBC Republican Debate In 45 Seconds

GOP Crowd Cheers Perry's Execution Record

She Was The One

Young Turks: New Jobs Plan = Unpaid Workers (Georgia Work$)

Eliot Spitzer: " We're Rushing Into a Plutocracy"

Alan Grayson On Pushing Democrats To The Left

Amazon cuts deal on California sales taxes

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum

Rebirth - Official Theatrical Trailer

rick perry on galileo

Buenaventura will suffer from US-Colombia FTA: NGO

Allen West: The Muslims Backed Herman Cain Into A Corner

Job Creation Requires Spending - economists across the political spectrum get it

Romney’s Economic Plan Includes $6.6 Trillion Tax Cut For The Rich And Corporations - ThinkProgress

Robert Scheer: How Little We Know About the Origins of 9/11

Enduring freedom forever

Attacking the Democrats, but Not Always Getting It Right

The Grand Debate, er, Reagan seance - a great success!

Deficit-Obsessed Media Misinform on Causes

High Tech - Digital camera with unique light meter and aiming device

Would Hillary have made a better president than Obama? - poll

Rick Perry's social insecurity

Putting Down Roots in a Refugee Camp

World's biggest economies 'grinding to a halt'

Jerry Brown signs the Equal Benefits bill, blocking state contracts with anti-LGBT companies

Foot-in-Mouth Disease Plagues Republicans During Debate

Romney sees tech skills shortage, and H-1B visa need

The real Ronald Reagan may not meet today's GOP standards

Rick Perry's Science Follies: He Digs Galileo, Disses Darwin

NYS Hunger Reaches Record Levels; 2.5 Million Can’t Afford Enough Food

Time to Leave: Panetta should stick to the Iraq pull-out deadline

My Futility Needs Some Exercise...

The Kochs' Keystone clique exposed

Rushkoff: Are Jobs Obsolete?

TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k For Calling Intrusive Search 'Rape'

The Absurd US Bases in Japan

Peak oil notes - Sept 8

Anti-Science Pro-Nuclear Wingnuttery Does Little to Reduce CO2 Emissions

San Clemente won't add nuclear critics to meeting

McKibben: What Comes Next for Tar Sands Action

N-crisis causes vacant posts at German Embassy

This is an outstanding summary of the use of social media by Chevron etal...

"There was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity."

TX Pleading For Help; Budget Cuts & Lax Brush Clearance By Homeowners Not Making Things Any Easier

Obama, Do Your Job: Protect Us from Pollution [video]

New Survey - Teabaggers Consider Themselves "Very Well Informed" On Climate, Don't Need Further Info

Meet Marlo Lewis: The Dirty Energy Industry’s Best Friend

Big Oil Tries to Bribe America Away from Alternative Energy

New Calculations of Global Wind Power Potential

1-in-100 year rains cause extreme flooding in NY, PA

U.N. Secretary-General: Renewables Can End Energy Poverty

Wind Energy Does Little to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Environmental Lobbies Eight-Fold On Climate Lobbying

6 September Drought Monitor - Massive Southern Plains Drought Endures, Slightly Intensifies

The world needs to prepare for a climate sceptic defeating Obama

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: The coming German energy turnaround

Yrs. Of Pole-To-Pole Flights, Satellite Data Show Oceans Now Emitting Methane At "Significant" Rate

Sinking Pacific island Kiribati considers moving to a man-made alternative

Fears grow for Asia's endangered anteaters

N. Anna Nuclear Plant: Quake's jolts were double nuke plant's design