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But it won't be me....

DU research needed to expose falsifications on a right-wing anti-gay state legislator's bio

Florida’s Tea Party activists say they will accept nothing short of requiring E-verify for every

Eyewitness to NYPD brutality to Wall Street protesters to be on "Last Word" tonight.

Toon: The remaining DADT policy

Moneybags/"Class Warfare" -By Mike Luckovich

A view into the mind of a teapublican

Fat Cats

Toon Wall Street Protests

Yell Fire V for Vendetta Michael Franti & Spearhead

2-month-old heart patient from Pakistan finds hope in India



If you don't like the news, go out and make your own.

Lawrence O'Donnell has a witness to the police

Email for pdf. of Demands from Occupy Wall Street blog: send to [email protected]

KOCH - Yes That KOCH: "You Are Entitled To Social Security Payments"

What...The... ?

McCain to Run for President??

Greek public-sector workers lock out IMF

Greek public-sector workers lock out IMF

Watch Out, Democrats: A New Silicon Valley-Funded Group Prepares to Rock the Conservative Christian

For $850, company will load love one's ashes into shotgun shells

Stand Up And Speak Out Against The Conservative Culture Of Hate

Canadian Arctic nearly loses entire ice shelf


Wall Street Chant

Conservative corporatists should be honest with Americans

The truth about the Republicans and Medicare

Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions

Zany scientists honored in alternative Nobels

There Is No Greater Danger To Our Constitution Than Religious Frenzy

A Nation of "Suspects"

2ND Quarter GDP up 30%, Jobless claims down 9%, layoffs decreasing

Oregon teen loaded shotgun before shooting friend

Anyone else recall the normal progression of different police agencies at protests?

Anyone else recall the normal progression of different police agencies at protests?


did Anonymous out the family members of the cop in NY. a poster claims that

Game On: Wisconsin Gearing Up Recall of Governor Scott Walker

CNN covered Occupy Wall Street today. Did anyone else cover the demonstrations?

Rachel's intro to the Wall Street Protest Movement is brilliant

Tony Bennett on The Daily Show! Whee!

OCRegister: Kelly Thomas' dad to cops: Don't stare at me

*Charlie Rose interview Aung San Suu Kyi

Why Chris Christie counts...

Why Chris Christie counts...

Robert Reich: America faces a jobs depression

OccupyWallStreet FAQ - from

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Free Market Free-For-All

Free Market Free-For-All

Powerful stories from the 99%

Joe Walsh: Concealed Handguns Keep Gov’t Off Our Back

So, progressive radio listeners...

The Many Faces of Teen Suicide: Race, Sexuality, Class and Mental Health

PLEASE HELP: NEED a list of examples re: violent rhetoric

OK, I admit it. I am getting a little depressed about the next election

Question: Does any civilized country lack some sort of government-run postal service?

A single rallying cry? "Protect our families from Wall St.! Keep Wall St. out of our government!"

ACLU challeges new N.C. abortion law in court

Occupy SF

Obama might spend $1 billion to campaign, but the printing will go to union print shops.

Oh my goodness. Don't tell John Gibson

Gingrich argues God must exist because people aren’t rhinos

Human life begins at...

Why the Wall St protests are important - My Great Grandfather is my Example

Chris Hedges: The Best Among Us (Occupy Wall Street)

The October 6th protesters will have peace keepers.

The October 6th protesters will have peace keepers.

Anthony Bologna of NYPD Part of Long History of Police Brutality, Cover-Ups

Florida moves it's primary

Capitol Cops think Congress really holding kids hostage !

Jon Stewart Takes On Pepper Spraying Cop Anthony Bologna (AKA Tony Baloney) - VIDEO

Wall Street mentality and reactions to Occupy Wall Street

Are the present economic conditions similar to those during the Great Depression?

Lawrence O' Donnell's response on Wednesday to earlier video

Data breach exposes 4.9 million Tricare patients

Republicans oppose Obama’s dinner plans

Chart of the Day: Recession-Induced Homelessness About To Skyrocket

Woman Charged with Felony DWI After School Parking Lot Wreck

This image speaks for itself - RAIN!

Don't be appeased

Lost part of Beethoven masterpiece lives again

Don't be appeased

A screenshot of my Juno homepage. Their news service is USA TODAY.

Anyone else see Michael Moore being interviewed at Wall Street the other night?

Wisconsin: Help wipe the smirk off Walker's face during Saturday night's Badger/Husker game.

Bahrain doctors jailed for treating injured protesters

apple vs. mp3 (I am lovin my cloud)

Robert Ford, US AmBadAssador to Syria

So why do you think the GOP is constantly talking about some new yet unannounced candidate?

Spring Hill UAW chief credits Obama for restart

"Aren't most people attending this supporters of Ron Paul?"

Oregon couple convicted in son's faith-healing death

Isn't Libya "intervention" just Sabra and Shatila massacre except on a massive scale

Banker Brutality: Beyond Tony Bologna

10 banned books that may surprise you

michelle obama shopping at target.

Michele Bachmann has missed nearly 60% of votes since July--time to dock her paycheck!

Did your local schools give the parents

Nobody likes a show off: The excruciating rise of the 'humblebrag'

American Vengeance

Protest Muffins Send Bank of America a Message

Protest Muffins Send Bank of America a Message

Syrian dictators print money to pay their henchmen

Outsize Severance Continues for Executives, Even After Failure

Allen West: Obama's a Marxist, and "I Need a Bucket" to Describe DW-S.

So Bachmann believes the US should support any dictator?? (Cross post)

So Bachmann believes the US should support any dictator?? (Cross post)

Canadian Supreme Court slaps down Harper over Vancouver supervised injection clinic

U.S. Lags Far Behind in Worker Protection

Why Tax the Rich to Pay for More War?

I wouldn't have put it this way, but it's EXACTLY how I feel about the subject

Money Makes the World Go Down

Absolute fail of the year, anti-choice edition

West Memphis 3 interview

ECB gave Berlusconi orders on how to run Italy

Banks Raise Fees on Same People Who Bailed Out Their Asses-"Thank you Fee on Debit Cards" (Borowitz

Top McCain Aides Come Clean: Sarah Palin is Mentally Ill

Robert Ford: The Senate Should Confirm Me As U.S. Ambassador To Syria

nuke plant event in S. Carolina

Ed Schultz Show Tonight: Fox fudges the numbers on low income tax payers who they say pay zero tax!

So let's say one out of every three people in the country showed up to protest Wall Street?

So let's say one out of every three people in the country showed up to protest Wall Street?

Karl Rove instructed his followers to infiltrate liberal blogs, forums,etc

Colorado GOP stalls application for federal grant to set up health insurance exchange

NATO troops raid Serb barricade in Kosovo's north

NATO troops raid Serb barricade in Kosovo's north

CNN just now,military chaplains can perform same sex marriages.

20 DEM REPS: DOJ Should INVESTIGATE Clarence Thomas

Anti-U.S. protests in Pakistan follow defiant declaration

Anti-U.S. protests in Pakistan follow defiant declaration

Diamond prices, latest frontier in industry battle

GOP Again Seeks to Eliminate Funding for Family Planning, Planned Parenthood & other Health Services

The President is speaking shortly live. Carried by ABC.

Critic Claims Victory After Religion Memo Goes to Air Force Academy Cadets

Need some help here re: Wall St.

US gives marijuana to a select few patients

Military chaplains now allowed to perform same-sex marriages

Apocalypse Now - Jerry Brown Cites Scripture to Condemn GOP’s Devotion to Partisan Ideologues

Police respond to The Onion's Capitol hostage spoof, omg

King George the Third #Occupy Wall St

Great 'Occupy Wall Street' Photo: Protesters/Protestees

Great 'Occupy Wall Street' Photo: Protesters/Protestees

Engineers can build a low-carbon world if we let them

I heard this from a friend of a friend, who heard this from his friend in Florida...

Study: Majority Of Young Evangelicals Have Pre-Marital Sex

A $64 million runway for no one in Alaska?

To hell with the poor

UC Merced researchers harness sun's energy, clouds or not

Every child who arrives at the school door deserves a chance to sit down and engage

10 Pundits who profit from politics

Looks like the same handful of Conserva-Dems will defeat Obama's Jobs Bill in Senate

Hate In America. Not Much Has Changed.

Powers Behind Wall St and Banks, want 100 Trillion more in Credit

Patient dies after hospital closes

About #OccupyWallStreet: Those who say it cannot be done

Borowitz Report: Banks Raise Fees on Same People Who Bailed Out Their Asses

Borowitz Report: Banks Raise Fees on Same People Who Bailed Out Their Asses

90% of Americans say economy stinks

Incomes in the U.S. "unexpectedly" dropped

Another Earthquake (3.3) on Hayward Fault

I found this interesting photo...Michelle Obama undercover....

Shocked, I tell you: SEC finds failures at credit-rating agencies

I am so frustrated, I was just on Facebook reading an

Stuck in a vicious health-care cost circle

Durbin says Democrats don't currently have the votes for Obama's job bill..

WP Reporter Confirms ID and Roles of 2 CIA Officers Involved in Suppression of Pre-911 Intel

Who Are The 99 Percent?

Los Angeles Times article: President Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties


"the people are aware of how badly they're getting screwed by Wall St"

When Obama was campaigning to fight the war on terror but with sanity and legal oversight

Bachmann has missed nearly 60% of votes since July--time to dock her paycheck!

No Afghanistan solution without Pakistan: Mullen

I can't be in NYC any time soon. So here's what I will do.

My apologies to the DU African Americans members...

Florida Primary Election 2012: Date Of Contest Set For January 31

Florida Primary Election 2012: Date Of Contest Set For January 31

LAT: Obama's former campaign funders on Wall Street turn against him

Is the US a Police State?

Top IL TeaBagger shares core family values with Rethugs: Hookers (Steve STEVLIC)

True story I swear to Gawd...Newt wasn't born in the USA!

Toon: Texting Obama

Birthday present from health insurer: a 35% rate hike.

Occupy Englewood Cliffs, NJ: 900 Sylvan Avenue

Happy Blasphemy Day!!!!.....

Walker Chief of Staff Resigns.

Wall Steet protests need overarching themes: They are................

Who killed US born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki?

Being "Black" in Saudi Arabia ----Cameron Cardow Cartoon


Bank of America website experiences outage

Romney was a Vietnam war protester. He protested in favor of it. Then he dodged the draft

Listen to Ed!!

Blanche Lincoln joins conservative lobby in fight against EPA

(snort) a link from The Daily Show

Well, its time to give Governor Perry a free pass on the Texas executions.

Radiohead Is Playing for Wall Street Protesters Today

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

CDC: Majority of U.S. Adults Had Troubled Childhoods

The Perfect Day

Chris Christie running for prez would be pretty much the same

Onion Twitter joke prompts serious response

Radiohead to WSJ: No, we're not playing Occupy Wall Street gig

A Tax Subsidy the Repukes Hate

Rich and famous are mere mortals in soft real estate market

Durbin says Democrats don’t currently have the votes for Obama jobs bill

12 Segments to Beer - Randi Rhodes now...

Ideological Incoherence: Fox Objects to BoA Fees?

What a Dick!

Hilarious, video of Perry saying Buffett does not have a clue of what is going on in the pvt sector.

GOP Goes Batty on the Postal Service

Anybody Have A Link Or Map Regarding Where All The Rallies Will

Anybody Have A Link Or Map Regarding Where All The Rallies Will

I just got this from the Obama campaign. Comments?

Out of State contributors to Elizabeth Warren please check in.

Is Google censoring the AmpedStatus #OccupyWallStreet report?

Thank you George Bush and Dick Cheney for getting Anwar al-Awlaki!

Climate change threatens Yellowstone region

Man Figures Out Why Government Is Broken

They have you right where they want you...

Groups want 'John and Ken' show off the air - YES! Virulently racist radio hosts.

Current TV: Explosion Underground At Fukushima?

Above The Law (30 Sep 2011)

CCR Condemns Targeted Assassination of U.S. Citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki

U.S. Oil Exports Reach Record Highs; That’s Right ... Exports! Drill Baby, Drill!

No Cuts Campaign Rally Outside Teacon in Schaumburg, ILL 10/1

Waiting for the grand explanation... or Obama gets a Vietnam.

Lewis Black on Capitalism and the $h!t River were in now.

Occupy Wall Street campaign in San Francisco - pics


NOM's Spooky Message to Lawmaker: "You're Next"

"Google Censors Our #OccupyWallStreet Report"

Durbin: "Not enough votes to pass Obama's Job Bill"

Obama out fundraising on wall street while protesters are out demanding wall street be reigned in

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on BANK OF AMERICA

Remember the 2004 Republican National Convention?

Mike Luckovich Toon- Class Warfare

First cantaloupe, now romaine lettuce......

Environmental Coaliton challenges Obama administration OK of Shell Oil's Arctic Ocean drilling plan

7-Eleven stores in Taiwan pull Hitler lookalike items

Is it right and constitutional for the CIA to be engaged in wars?

This is what democracy looks like!

ACLU Lens: American Citizen Anwar Al-Aulaqi Killed Without Judicial Process

Jeb Bush suddenly realizes his mistake.

Jeb Bush suddenly realizes his mistake.

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

Yahoo: "Texans have recently uncovered 8,000 year-old secrets from the dinosaur age,"

just a thought.

Right Wing Tulsa Paper Calls Gay Appointee Perverted

Right Wing Tulsa Paper Calls Gay Appointee Perverted

If Obama can order assassinations in the War on Terror™, why won't he do anything for single payer?

Ridiculous Misogyny on Television

Study finds ‘magic mushrooms’ may improve personality long-term

BOA is down

Bloomberg Claims Protesters Are Targeting Bankers Who ‘Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet’

Facebook rolls out big changes to ‘lock in’ users

Ophelia is a beautiful hurricane - thankfully she's a fish storm

Verizon wireless sucks

Top Tea Partier Parties With Hookers

Frank Lautenberg on with Tweety

More Latinos identify as Native American, census shows

I respect opposition to drone strikes against people like al-Awlaki. But . . .

Jared Polis Announces Birth Of Son, Becoming First Openly Gay Parent In Congress

Thank you to any groups who are hassling B of A website!

Entitled Republican children

Perry's on C-span For Those Who Enjoy A

With historic losses looming, Postal Service launches new ad campaign

I can't go to Wall Street. Where can I send food/money to help?

Boeing drug bust shows alarming spread of prescription pill epidemic

Boeing drug bust shows alarming spread of prescription pill epidemic

HSBC is selling their upstate NY branches to First Niagara

The hypocrisy is stunning

Bank of America to charge $5 debit card fee

Anyone know who is on Real Time tonight?

Occupy Together

Thank you mods!!!

Check out the Masses of Marchers from Occupy Wall Street Live Video From New York's Fox 5

Scalia: Religious Schools Should Have A Special Right To Anti-Gay Discrimination

Vancouver's supervised-injection site exempt from drug laws: top court

OccupyTogether: The Best Among Us

Rick Perry Hand Turkeys

Monsanto buys Beeologics, working to save pollinating bees


Steven Chu takes responsibility for a loan deal that put more taxpayer money at risk in Solyndra

Teabagger Wins Debate/Straw-poll And Then...

Sounds about right for a bank...

Ron Paul supporters going to Mecca?

Make no mistake--as a US Citizen, you can be assassinated by your own Government.

MSNBC Rev Al will discuss Clarence Thomas conflicts on health care

Investor Confidence in Obama Plummets: Poll

Re: the crash of due to complaints and exodus

Fox News’ Fake Democrat Attends Secret Right-Wing Cabal

Tammy Duckworth Closing in On $400,000 Quarter, raising $387,000

Robert Reich: "What kind of country are we living in?"

American citizens are being executed everyday in America.

American citizens are being executed everyday in America.

Occupy My Kitchen Island

Singer, hip-hop pioneer Sylvia Robinson dies

Stupid bank games. Share yours. Here's mine:

Utah: right wing morality run amok

Assassinating Awlaki: Obama Can Kill Anyone He Wants To

Utilities Give Away Power as Sun Floods Grid

OK. Fine. Define "terrorist."

Anyone claiming to want an "Open & Honest" discussion of Racism in the Democratic Party

Salt Lake City theater fined for showing 'Hangover Part II'

Glamping: Rough It In Style (for the ultra rich)

The state sponsored killing of Troy Davis is what continues to disappoint me

Pepper spray is banned for use in war

Doonesbury- Just arguing over the amount...

Am I the only one left supporting profits for banks and dividends for shareholders?

Why doesn't the liberal media tell the right that their taxes are going to wars, not welfare

Warning to Churches: Beware of Religious Right

"Thank you. For Freedom!" Message to our Soldiers from a farmer in Nebraska

MY NEXT LIFE by George Carlin (Some Friday humor)

Judge strikes S. Fla. prison privatization

5 reasons Chris Christie can't win the GOP nomination

Walker seeks $400-500 million in cuts to WI medicaid

India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto

The Wall Street protests and the coming Oct. 6th protests were inevitable.

maybe think of the constitution as the "prime directive"

Let's reverse this assassination thing...

OK: why do we have a judiciary?

Toles Rant: Now they tell you


This study on young evangelicals and sex got me thinking

In Senate vote, a win for the middle class and a rebuke to China

In Senate vote, a win for the middle class and a rebuke to China

Do you consider TPing someone's house a major crime?

Cops On Internet Forum Love Watching NYPD Assault Protesters

Oil takes a nose dive

Mayor Bloomberg: "We'll See" If The City Will Let Occupy Wall Street Continue

Buy Lunch for a Patriot? Wall Street Occupation Supporters Dig Deep For Protester Pizzas

The Tea Party says the "Tea" stands for "Taxed Enough Already", maybe it's time for an Idea Party

Piture wurth a thosand (misspelling intentional).

Amazing shot of the Red Tide in Southern California

No Rise in Home Prices until 2020: Bankers

You are a SUSPECT until proven INNOCENT

Check in if you live in a small town and you have at least one Yokel driving around in a jacked up

Check in if you live in a small town and you have at least one Yokel driving around in a jacked up

Check in if you live in a small town and you have at least one Yokel driving around in a jacked up

Joe Biden: Obama administration–not Bush White House–owns the economy’s problems

Calling Con Law experts: help me understand full constitutionality of Social Security

Muffingate - or the MYTH of the $16 muffin. Hotel error on the bill.

Is it OK for the US govt to summarily execute an American citizen without charges and without trial

Not having any checking account at all at any bank is expensive.

Glad that I didn't succeed in getting out of jury duty

"Our highest priority is the US" Al-Awlaki's emails about bombing an airliner---

Ron Paul: US-born al-Qaida cleric 'assassinated'

Koch brothers spooked by forthcoming story

Before continuing down the road of extrajudicial killing, ask when will Bush & Cheney face justice?

NY police: Wear pants to ward off sexual assault

"We Are Still Using Leeches To Practice Healthcare"

Wells Fargo sucks (just like Bank of America)

The Wealthy minority pays the the majority of the total taxes collected.

The Wealthy minority pays the the majority of the total taxes collected.

Progressives Work Overtime for Warren Ahead of Fundraising Deadline

(Video) 29-Year-Old Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice for the First Time

Facebook refuses to take down rape joke pages

Facebook refuses to take down rape joke pages

Occupy Wall Street Adopts Resolution and Declaration last night

More Signs China Is Going Bust (Market Oracle)

American Jihadi Samir Khan Killed With Awlaki

I'm the one you fear?

Toon: "What part of 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' do they not understand?"

I fear Anonymous

Are you guys watching the aerial view of OWS? Amazing!

WI: Gilkes to leave Walker's staff to head campaign for expected recall attempt

Extrajudicial Execution of Samir Khan Arguably More Significant Than Awlaki

Workers, international capital struggle over possible default

End of the week LOL's - pics

Fired Failed HP CEO getting 7.2 M, 3.6M shares, 2.4M bonus, relocation expenses, etc

The Thorniest Question: When Can a President Order an American Killed?

al-Awlaki's assassination: I call BULLSHIT and so should every thinking person.

Bloomberg may shut down Wall St. protests

Clarence "Long Dong Silver" Thomas caught lying on financial disclosure forms

Hospitals push age hike for Medicare

Jay Z: President Obama still "the best man for the job"

AT&T to cut off bandwidth for some ‘unlimited’ data subscribers

After the first Democratic debate during our last primary do you recall any Dems saying ...

Amer College of Preventive Medicine to anti-gay NC Sen. Forrester: Remove medical credential claims

One Half of One Percent Tax on Financial Transactions Will Raise $1 Trillion

Mike Stark just PWNed Limbaugh again!

Mike Stark just PWNed Limbaugh again!

"Ralph Nader just won't learn: Funt"

What Is Glaringly Wrong With This Picture?

((PICS)) The Occupation of Wall Street - Day 14: Words and Faces

I find any sympathy for al-Awlaki to be misplaced

Occupy Wall Street Official Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Media blackout on Wall Street protests...

To whomever is messing with the Bank of America website, F YOU!

ABC News- TaskRabbit: Putting Americans Back to Work, One Odd Job at a Time

House Democrats request that Clarence Thomas be investigated for the $700,000

House Democrats request that Clarence Thomas be investigated for the $700,000

Arne's new plan..have student test scores linked back to teachers' schools of education.

So just catching up

So just catching up

So just catching up

Assassinating an active terrorism planner and enabler is like

If you have bad credit you can't open up a new checking account at just any bank

Do you think BofA will just say "never mind" about the

Hey remember when... Yeah, me neither

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Unequivocal: Today’s Right is Overwhelmingly More Anti-Science Than Today's Left (by Chris Mooney)

Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

LAT: Citibank slaps customers with $15 monthly fee for checking

And once every child in America gets a college education, what then?

Either you are a rebel or a slave---Choose---But choose fast.

First ‘official’ statement from the Occupy Wall Street movement


The Rude Pundit - In Brief: The Murder of Anwar al-Awlaki Stinks

Occupy Wall Street Too Big To Ignore! Unions to Join Fast Growing Movement Sweeping Nation! (Pics)

Anderson Cooper had Cornell Beltcher and Ari Fleisher on - talking about Cain's

Are We Killing Ourselves in Yemen, Now?

Cocktail Crowd: "The well-off sector is tired of being beaten up."

So, now that the precendent for killing Americans abroad sans due process has been established

I thought you wanted Obama to be tough.

I thought you wanted Obama to be tough.

So the Ron Paul people are going to Occupy Wallstreet tomorrow

Glenn Greenwald: The Due-Process-Free Assasination Of U.S. Citizens Is Now Reality

'The southern U.S. will become almost uninhabitable.”


'Broken penis': Karma for cheating husbands?

Do you believe that the fbi has the right to kill some american citizen


A Punch In The Face: The Hidden Police Brutality At Occupy Wall Street

Teach for America....its "Savior" syndrome is harming public education.

"Get off the Table!!!!!"


A short bedtime story...

Don't mess with my kid...

"Your mother" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "your mother".

Mixed message.

What happens if you put yourself on ignore?

It was a dark, rainy and stormy night in Houston, yes more rain.

Just watched Volver. I'm still laughing.

Flowchart for choosing among NPR’s top SF & fantasy books

Poor baby! Where does it hurt?

Have you ever thought it was more than a coincidence...

Have you ever thought it was more than a coincidence...

Has anyone gone thru the probate process?

We have nothing to fear but the REAL assholes.

did anyone find $10.61 in pennies?i left it somewhere

Watching Hill Street Blues on DVD....

Any Bay Area 215 growers out there?

Life on the Edge

MiddleFingerMom actually MEETS a teabagger for the very first time.

MiddleFingerMom went to physical therapy yesterday.

Bunny purrs are really special, but with a large cat curled up next to the bunny with his own purrs,

OKAY now LynneSin - THIS one fits the requirements...

Happy Birthday Rumi!

Hello Kitty Car!

Help! People are calling each other racists over on GD!

The Imperial March... with floppy disks.

What is your favourite sport? I like swimming. I was very giddy scuba diving or playing underwater

Dexter weekend

lemurshop quartet

There are TWO kinds of people...those who OWN the 4-CD Hendrix Winterland Box Set, & those who DON'T

Alternatives to Vonage voip help.....

If you respond to this thread you will have bad luck.


If you look at Ohiosmith's "If you respond to this thread..." you'll have bad luck.

Wow...check out my post count...only took 8 years!

Drive-In Movie Memories

Choosing EFFECTIVE ambassadors and peace envoys is much more crucial than most people think.

You can tell when MFM has been eating that "dangerous waxative laxative fish" -- escolar --


Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #6

The buzz about Christie's Weight.. Are you overweight

PHOTOS: "Reality Check"...Wendy's New Hot 'N Juicy

PHOTO: Further if you NEEDED it... that PETS are their OWNERS and OWNERS are their PETS.


PHOTO: YES, I love Colonel Angus, and the Cowbell thing is funny, but...back off, Chris. Really.

Here some cool music I just discovered. Baths.

Orca calf uses spout hole to imitate motorboat

Wine connoisseurs, what's your favorite?

PHOTO: Marilyn Monroe. DECADES after her passing, she is STILL our Candle In The Wind©...

self-delete - error in posting

the man..the myth..Brian Setzer

Who is the Composer that represents you ?

Old School Math

Triple By-Pass and now a pacemaker?

starwars..wierd al version

A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral.

Munching on salted pumpkin seeds. Yummy! What are you munching on today?

Ever see ZZ Top perform Jesus Just Left Chicago in Chicago?

Anybody ever experienced this type of "family movie night" (whether as parent or as child)?

Anybody got The Dak Side Of The Moon Immersion Set?

If you respond to this thread you will have good luck.

Help me reach 25,000 posts by October 1

"Bikini panties" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bikini panties".

PHOTO: My PERSONAL belief is that when you encounter a DOG with a LIGHT SABRE, just call it a DAY.

Velvet buck loves him a cat

the three pigs..Jello style

apple vs. mp3 (I am lovin my cloud)

Need good vibes. Harry Reid’s wife diagnosed with breast cancer.

What's your guilty food pleasure when your SO is away?

oops - let the cat in while he was carrying a live chipmunk

The Shaggs...

Run-ins with nature. Tell us about your meet ups with the great outdoors.

Wow! "The Office" is Terrible without Steve Carrell


Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"

Did your mom think bikini panties were slutty? Mine did.

Watching "No Country for Old Men" on AMC. Never saw it before.

Ever watch a movie you know was really bad but had to watch it anyway??

Just did something horribly impulsive and I can't take it back

Turkey to press ahead with sanctions against Syria

Document Points to Military/Paramilitary Nexus in Murder of Popular Colombian Comedian

After cancer treatment, Chavez playing ball again

GM to introduce industry's first front-center air bag

Judge rejects PG&E blast fine as too lenient

FBI Said to Be Probing Solyndra for Possible Account Fraud

Donald Rumsfeld Tells Al Jazeera 'I Am Delighted You Are Doing What You Are Doing'

I'm really at a loss as to what to do (RE: my cat's health issues)

State, local pension funds continue to recover

India successfully test fires N-capable Agni II missile

Bank of America to charge $5 monthly debit card fee

Bank of America to charge $5 monthly debit card fee

Bahrain doctors jailed for treating injured protesters

Gingrich presents another 'Contract with America'

3 From U.S. Skip Meeting With Mexican Governors

U.S. considers fences along Canadian border

"Say, any of you boys... smithies?"

Officials: U.S.-born al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki killed

Top court rules Insite drug injection clinic can stay open

(UK) Labour MPs and unions lend support to November student protests

Spain nationalizes 3 banks after cash injections

Miss. teen pleads not guilty in black man's death

Judge: 1 trial for Pa. abortion doctor, staffers

Guatemala to apologize to former president's family

U.S. to crack down on Detroit's deadly 48205 ZIP code

Soviet-era pill from Bulgaria helps smokers quit (cheap)

ViroPharma pays Intellect Neurosciences $6.5 million for drug molecule rights

Kodak plummets 54% on bankruptcy rumors

U.S. and Uzbekistan Discuss More Supply Routes

Supreme Court confronts case of death row inmate whose lawyers quit his case

More Latinos identify as Native American, census shows

Who Believes Print Newspapers have a future? The 'Occupy Wall Street Journal' does

Obama’s Buffett Rule Backed by 63% of Investors

U.S. Department of Justice asks court to block Alabama immigration law pending appeal

Huckabee looks again at Republican presidential bid

Not-guilty pleas in slaying of German tourist

Syrian regime says soldiers killed in fighting with 'terrorists'

Landra Reid (Majority Leader Reid's wife) diagnosed with cancer

Wall Street Protest Marches to Police Headquarters

Michigan legislature approves spending for high-speed rail line between Detroit and Chicago

Watchdog: Regulators bowed to banks on bailout

Violent mob storms Saskatchewan hospital

Amanda Knox said to have plane on standby if appeal is upheld

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, September 30, 2011

Tony Blair: I could cash in a lot more than I do

Consumer Spending in U.S. Slowed in August

Plane crash near Rough River

Jared Polis Announces Birth Of Son, Becoming First Openly Gay Parent In Congress

US: military chaplains may perform same-sex unions

Yemen says it has killed U.S.-born cleric linked to al Qaeda

Majority of states lining up to ditch No Child Left Behind

Kodak in Free Fall: Stock Plunges 60%

Walker's Chief Of Staff Resigns

Home / News / Local / Local 'Arrogant' Florida bumps primary ahead of Iowa caucuses; Iowa, N.H. scra

Workers facing charges after shoddy airplane repairs

Madison, Wisconsin - what can you tell me about it?

Oil Back At Price Last Seen A Year Ago (gasoline not so much...)

Obama Hails Killing Of US-Born Al-Qaida Cleric

Foley (AL) Elementary students, parents afraid of Alabama's new immigration law

National Education Association advertising in support of Obama's jobs bill (updated)

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich on 'Class Warfare'

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on Chris Christie entering the GOP race

So Bachmann believes the US should support any dictator??

FWIW, Repubs Cannnot Say That Obama Is Soft on Terrorism

maybe you remember Racist Iowa Rep. King

What's the name of the other Al Queda guy from the US (Alabama?)...Thanks

Krugman: Phony Fear Factor

Obama Charts a New Route to Re-election in terms of electoral votes

PPP: Slime ball Rick Scott approval up but still low

What an idiot: At fundraiser, Bachmann blames Arab Spring on Obama

When was the last time that a party has tried to find someone else

Obama: Anwar al-Awlaki's death a "major blow" to al Qaeda and affiliates

President's statement on death of Anwar Awlaki

Obama pushes on jobs bill while Congress goes slow

Harris Perry did something unforgivable now.

One more reason why Christie isn't ready to be president:

With this new ad, I think Romney will lose any Hispanic vote he may have gotten against Obama

Howard Zinn on Democracy and Civil Disobedience

Skin on a Drum

Yemen says al-Qaeda-linked cleric al-Awlaki killed

Is it just me or is it outrageous for a black woman liberal to be compared to the Klan

Ron Paul Condemns Killing of al Qaeda’s Awlaki

Uncle Cain: Dems Brainwashing African Americans

TYT: Medical Marijuana Ban By University of Michigan, EMU

NYT: An Icy Political Vision

Ezra Klein blog: Surprise! U.S. might meet its climate targets

Obama Charts a New Route to Re-election

The RW is taking a 2012 victory lap and here is why it worries me.

The Last Chance-Leon Rosselson

Bill O'Reilly Hates NPR, But Not to Sell His Book

Occupy Wall Street combined with words from Noam Chomsky on Civil Disobedience

Occupy Wall Street combined with words from Noam Chomsky on Civil Disobedience

TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude

Gotta Make Them Pay

Michael Moore & Russell Simmons Chat about Wall Street

Strange Enthusiastic Support For Herman Cain Among German Speaking Americans

Republican NC State Sen. James Forrester Can't Answer Basic Questions RE:Gay Marriage

Wish you were here...

Let's get to know Anwar al-Awlaki through his own peaceful words...

Tom Morello and Ben Harper sing "Save the Hammer for the Man" Live - Justice Through Music

Stand Up for Kids, not CEO's

Chris Christie: A GOP Messiah? He Says No!

Papantonio: Time for Democrats To Fight Back

Thom Hartmann: Tom Hayden - An expanding war in Pakistan?

SpaceX Chief Details Reusable Rocket

Pat Buchanan - Blacks Living on LIBERAL PLANTATION

Occupy Wall Street Song ..... Please Share

Keiser Report Extra: Interview with Nomi Prins (Not seen on TV)

Thom Hartmann: VT & MT...48 more to go on Single Payer Healthcare

Colbert or Jon Stewart Buying

The Media Takes Notice (Occupy Wall Street)

Papantonio: Time for Democrats To Fight Back

Thom Hartmann: Incendiary: The Todd Willingham Story

AS a pol party.....the GOPers results SUCK..;..The Party has not delivered any thing GOOD

Greek Financial Herpes

Capitol Police React to Onion Satire

TYT: Actress Kissing Girlfriend Gets Kicked Off Flight

The USA has cornered the market in Greed! Funny!

Olbermann: Sen. Sanders on Protests - 'Focusing Attention on Wall St. is Exactly Right Thing to Do'

Occupy Together: We will occupy our country together! Don't let them stop you.

Let's get all the dishonest framing out of the way re: killing of Al Qaeda figures. Here's a list

MSNBC: Occupy Wall Street : Sen. Sanders talks to Dylan Ratigan

Melissa McCarthy, Chris Christie and SNL

Keiser Report Extra: Nomi Prins, 'Black Tuesday'

If DU is so anti-Obama, then why no discussion of the China bill?

19 Lawmakers Call For Justice Thomas Investigation - Rep. Garamendi (D-CA) interview

Gloria Estefan Speaks Out About Teachers and Funding for Arts and Music

TYT: Cavalry Arrives for Occupy Wall Street

Thom Hartmann: Why are Conservatives piling on against an idea - they created!?

New Rules for Liberal Racial Hypocrisy

Back to the 50s - GOP Style

Thom Hartmann: Astro Turf vs Grass Roots...Who's going to win the revolution?

FoxNews Discrediting female protestors being Pepper Sprayed

I could be executed tomorrow. Please help.

The dead begin to speak up in India

Federal Diary: Correctional officers’ arrests are on the rise

Is the world too big to fail?

When a Paradigm Falls and Nobody Hears It

Wall Street Wunderkind­s Devise Plan to 'Deal' With Protestors

Iranian pastor's case is a human issue, not a Christian cause

Obama Supporters Score Early Victory in Ohio.

Banker Brutality: Beyond Tony Bologna

India warns against hurry in troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

David Sirota: How Baseball Explains Modern Racism

Occupy Wall Street: What’s It All About?

How Colleges Punish Families Who Choose to Save

Wisconsin unions allow bargaining status to lapse

Corporate America still rewarding failed execs with outsized packages

Sex and the single drone

China’s Space Lab Launch Closes Gap With U.S. Dependent on Russian Rockets

Mayor Bloomberg calls H-1B visa caps 'national suicide'

What does Tevatron closure mean for big US science? (BBC)

Guest Lineups For The Sunday Tv News Shows

Exclusive: Concern Grows Over Militant Activity In Libya

Hostage Negotiation Talks Stall In Congress

10 Reasons Why the UN Occupation of Haiti Must End

Ties between Occupy Wall Street and unions are growing

Toon: The Problem With Taxing The Rich

Wall Street Buys Protection from the NYPD

Asia soars as its middle class rises

Too Pig To Fail! Pretty damm good Toon my sister posted on FB

California Quits States’ Talks With Banks on Mortgages.

Bank Fees on Debit Cards Have Some Customers Looking to Switch.

Occupy Wall Street on todays LA Times Front Page! Download Link here

Anwar al-Awlaki's extrajudicial murder

China Launches Spaceship To The Tune Of 'America The Beautiful'

Froomkin: Sen. Sanders Leak Made Media Jump on Oil Market Speculation

A Tale of Two Demonstrations

Weekend Economists Funny Pages Sept 30-October 2nd, 2011

The Obama Administration just summarily executed a US citizen without trial