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Archives: September 20, 2011

Having a lot of confusion here

How come we're still nice to each other? The right must be wrong!

What's with Olbermann?

FL Credit Card Processing Business offers free AK-47 to new clients

America’s Bargained Democracy

Tonight on The Ed Show

Italy Rating Lowered by S&P, Outlook ‘Negative’

The Wealth of America Disappearing Into the Black Hole of Endless WAR

Declasse Warfare -- Whose Class Are You On?

fishtank emergency -- du know it alls, report here!!1!!

Michael Moore coming up as a guest on Rachel's show in two minutes!

Perry Brags About Texas’ Tax System That Charges The Poor Four Times As Much As The Rich


Republican politicians take money from the rich all the time.

MoJo Graphic: Solyndra vs Military Boondoggles (Dialup Warning)

GOP nominee for governor in WV: Obama is "trying to kill our country"

Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo

Michael Moore on with Rachel tonight - her show is about to start at 9pm EST

Michael Moore on with Rachel tonight - her show is about to start at 9pm EST

Dolores Hope, wife of Bob Hope, dies at 102

Mass. balks at Arizona licenses

Here's The One That Got Me... So Far...

Diane Ravitch to speak at Kansas University on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Diane Ravitch to speak at Kansas University on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Authorities look for answers after tree crushes motorist

Oh Damn

@ midnight Don't ask don't tell goes away ... early reports

Jill Biden is on Letterman tonight

Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? Is the Washington Post a Criminal Enterprise?

" The Call to Occupy Wall Street Resonates Around the World" (Alternet)

Maine Lawmaker's Taxpayer-Funded Trip to Conservative (ALEC) Conference Comes Under Scrutiny

Any of the motherfuckers jump yet?

NCAA Sports Police Blotter - Currently 4 Days Without an Arrest!

Gamers Solve HIV Puzzle (too cool!)

(Warning graphic photo) Yemen death toll grows as fighting spreads

3rd Candidate Liberal Loss Leaders.

Class Warfare?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Daily Show's Latest FB Status Update: "Happy 15th anniversary to Fox News...

No doubt, everyone who cares has seen it already. Einstein


Staunton Va- *whoops* school teacher pay raises were a "hiccup"- have to be paid back

Prada half-year profits soar on growing Asian demand

Nancy Grace on DWTS...

Why didn't slave owners just cry "class warfare" in the 1860s?

India quake likely the fault of two seismic events

Trickle Down Economics in a Nut Shell

Trickle Down Economics in a Nut Shell

Republicans Support Obama's Trade Agenda. Do Democrats?

The Army Officially Announces The End Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

It is NOW Sept 20th 12:01 ET on the east coast - DADT is officially dead !!!

Charlie Rangel crashes Perry's NYC party.

Texas Tea Party to Rick Perry: ‘We are fed up’

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

1-800-868-3412 Support Chaz Bono....DWTS

Fake Terrorist plays to racist rubes in Michigan

Alaskan court rules in favor of lesbian and gay families

DADT Repeal: Gay Officer Says 'This Is Going To Take Some Getting Used To' (VIDEO)

We should make an effort to be nicer to the capitalist pigs who sold our jobs for a boat & McMansion

The Strange History of DADT on HBO West in 15 minutes

Guatemala earthquakes leave three dead

Italy's sovereign debt rating cut by S&P on growth fear

Italy's sovereign debt rating cut by S&P on growth fear

Yemen protest camp shelled as crackdown continues in Sana'a

Good add from APWU (postal Union) explaining

Just watched Robert Reich singing Obama's praises on O'Donnell.

Thank you Patrick Murphy, your diligence was one of greatness.

Obama deportations raise immigration policy questions

Michael Moore is the only guest of Tavis Smiley tonight

The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive

(postal service) APWU Launches Phase 2 Of Television Ad Campaign

Do you feel lucky today?

America is Diseased: Mocking the Dying, Profiting off the Work of Uninsured Artists

Interesting quote from Tolkien relating to capital punishment.

Oh look, right on cue - a "Stick up for the poor rich guy" article.

Washington State Dems: "Legalize marijuana"

Class warfare? What might have once been class warfare is over and the rich won.

Where is it written that class warfare is not allowed?


DWS tweets example about taxing the rich that the MSM and the GOP may understand:

A riotous example of what occurs when cities are 'broken'...includes TastyKake!

Steinbeck got it

George Carlin explains today's America

Wall Street Journal embraces peak oil denialism

Dupe, pls. delete.

I saw the cover for Michael Moore's new book on Rachel's show.

An example of Rt Wing Media/.opinion as fact./...slanting 9/20/11 8am

An example of Rt Wing Media/.opinion as fact./...slanting 9/20/11 8am

"People sporting North Face backpacks while holding signs decrying corporatism."

Tea Party rhetoric


As far as I know, Dennis Kucinich never reported his UFO sighting to the government authorities.

We're ready to pay more taxes...

I have something that I'm sure many of you thought didn't exist...

Couple Indicted for Illegal Donations ($30,000+) to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

You Bet It's Class Warfare


Clay Bennett on 'Class War'

Toon: Political Jargon

Free book from CEPR's Dean Baker: "The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive"

Random thought: why do conservatives struggle so much with basic human dignity?

If you listen closely, you can hear the societal myths crashing all over the place . . .

We the People Must Punish Big Banking & Finance

Dr. Michael Hudson on the Guns & Butter Show (Debt Deflation, The Myth of Social Security,much more)

Are most of us living on a fixed income even though we never looked at it that way...

Clemency for Troy Davis denied.

Is North Dakota shale oil the new "Gull Island"?

Gary Ross & Dan Swezy

Tha majority of Americans want tax increases on the rich

High Earners Spending Less, Says Study

Luckovich toon - Bending Over Backwards


What the hell? Where is the band?

Florida Senate beginning child protection review (possible Casey Anthony-related law)

O'Reilly: "I have more power than anybody other than the president"

To stupid fucks: we are all progressives.

Tea-vangelicals on the attack in Redondo Beach schools!

Robert Reich gives Obama an A minus ...

Copyright Troll’s Assets Targeted for Seizure

Georgia Pardons Board Denies Clemency for Death Row Inmate — Troy Davis

Georgia Pardons Board Denies Clemency for Death Row Inmate — Troy Davis

Bolivia's Morales asks bloc to condemn US on drugs

Economic woes cause spending cutbacks

11 Things You Can Do to Support: Occupy Wall Street

Tareq Salahi’s Dog Dies, Causing Him To "Lose Two Bitches In One Week"

On the nation's economy do you trust George Bush and Ben Nelson's policies or Warren Buffett's?

What DOJ Tossing Texas' Redistricting Plan Means For Rick Perry

Above The Law - USA (20 Sep 11)

'The Laptop-and-Latte Generation Has Found Its Party'

'The Laptop-and-Latte Generation Has Found Its Party'


Barack Obama must be a communist.

[i]Confidence Men[/i] Author Interviewed on the Today Show

Layoff Fears Rise as The Economy Sputters

Toronto Star: 4 home-buying lies we tell ourselves

Field To Flake: How Breakfast Cereal Is Made

India to topple Japan as world's 3rd-largest economy

the UK has a nuke plant event

Great video thread "Boatlift" that only 105 people on DU have seen...

Great video thread "Boatlift" that only 105 people on DU have seen...

Reno Air Race Crash - Some facts and some BS

Credit where credit is due

Libya conflict: Europe failing Libya's refugees - Amnesty

Fifty-plus groups ask Obama to clarify position on ‘federally funded employment discrimination’

Long-time Obama press aide to leave White House

Mexico jail breaks see 32 in Veracruz state escape

Mexico jail breaks see 32 in Veracruz state escape

Contact the media about Wall Street.

"Have you no fricking decency, Mr. Brietbart..."

Using plastic to pay Anthem bill? Prepare to lose your coverage

Copyright Troll’s Assets Targeted for Seizure (RIGHTHAVEN)

MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren takes the lead!

Please sign this common sense petition to the Super Committee referencing jobs.

Maureen Dowd: The rise of the know-nothing candidates

Class Warfare - And The Poor & Middle Class Lost - It's Time For The Victors.....

Please tell us again just why Congress does not want to raise taxes on the wealthy?

Monday came and went.

Yes, there's a Tech Bubble. But that's OK

Here is how we can help Fleming make ends meet on $400000 a year

Give'm Hell

Class warfare! So what?

doesn't "class warfare pretty much describe the republican party, uh, to a "tea"?

I remember when some people were saying that Obama was trying to preserve "don't ask don't tell".

Sharing reality with Congressman Fleming & the aritocracy

NASA 'plans to spend US dollars 1.6 bn on space taxis'

Eight Offshore Banks Probed in U.S. Over Tax Rules (Bloomberg)

McMahon to blow more cash in CT

CNN Quickvote: Do you support President Obama's proposed "Buffett Rule" for millionaires' tax rates?

Rep John Fleming (R - land of teensy violins and weeping angels) needs our help,

Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites

Who would be in the GOP presidential hopefuls field if they were serious?

How a troubled West Virginia lawyer foisted a Teen Anal Nightmare on the nation

Rude Pundit: Stupid Things Said About President Obama's Tax Plan and Why They're Stupid Stupidity

Tha Boehner: not killing Grandma is "like giving a cocaine addict more coke"

The Oatmeal explains, "Why Netflix is splitting itself in two."

ProPublica takes a look at The Buffett Rule

Mother, daughter reportedly shot outside Georgia private school

Cenk Uygur joining Current TV

Breitbart Silent About Big Error on His Big Government Site

John Boehner is a socialist!!

Would Hillary have

"A cynical ploy to pander to the lower classes for votes."

Gov. Perry Cut Funds For Women's Health In Texas

KOMO 4 News Sues Seattle Police Over Public Records

Gingrich announces new Contract on America

Did I miss the DU celebration of the cessation of DADT?

More than 20 injured after train strikes car in Germany

Perry Taps Anti-Gay Crusader and "Prayer Lady" for Florida Team

A warning to campaigns, especially in Arkansas.

Alabama teabaggers rally supporting state's new (toughest-in-the-nation) immigration law.

Manhattan US Attorney accuses firm of operating as $444 million Ponzi scheme

Troy Davis to be executed after parole board denies clemency

Hot Dog Time, by Will Durst.

In Small Towns, Gossip Moves to the Web, and Turns Vicious

Oakland homeowners decry onerous blight penalties

Nevermind... It Rotated Out... (Feel Free To Delete Mods)

This doesn't seem wise: Triple axe killer Thomas McCulloch is let out of prison to chop down trees

Today outside Hensarling's office....

Eight arrested as third day of Wall Street 'Rage' protests clogs New York City sidewalks Read more:

David Horsey: How we slice the pie in the USA

Obama's Health Care Cuts Spread the Pain

Mexico still waiting for answers on Fast and Furious gun program

Major Graham Donor Indicted For Illegal Contributions, Defrauding Govt. Of At Least $3.6M

I have one question for all Tea Partiers:

Merkel's Authority Is on the Wane

Link to Louisiana Governor's seance. Bobby Jindal's past of radical Catholicism.

Link to Louisiana Governor's seance. Bobby Jindal's past of radical Catholicism.

My thread was locked. This might be too, but I want to say it was misconstrued.

There is a self perpetuating wealthy elite class system here in America T/F?

Not sure if someone stole Roku info..but I got an email to pay for a player I purchased

On the narrow matter of a person's vote, is there any meaningful difference between . . . .

Mitt Romney Blasts Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac’s ‘Failures’ While Profiting From Them

Typhoon near Japan prompts evac warnings for 1M

‘Are you stupid?’

How do we respond to this?

Americans Favor Jobs Plan Proposals, Including Taxing Rich

Re Occupy Wall Street > Please view this video and text your concerns to

Oh Man! Tea Party Zombies Must Die got suspended

TPM Tipster: Scott Brown Feeling The Heat Over Warren’s Polling Bump

Did you get your flu shot yet?

Time-Warner Hiring in Tampa, FL

Bumpersticker: "I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one."

Row over British atlas showing greener Greenland

Rockdale County, GA daycare shooting victims in serious condition

"How America planned for an attack on BRITAIN in 1930 with bombing raids and chemical weapons"

Protesters voice distrust, concern in huge anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo

Light Bulbs Too Expensive? Blame China

Elizabeth Warren Now Leads Brown in PPP

David Attenborough wants creationism banned from UK school syllabuses

New York: Buffalo Teen Kills himself after years of anti gay bullying

hey ratigan will cover the demos in NYC next

Jellyfish clog waters for fishermen in Gulf of Mexico

So for a while I was involved in mining bitcoins (Google is your friend)

Article on AP "Do the rich really pay less in taxes?"

Aldous Huxley Interview with Mike Wallace

Disabled Advocates Take To D.C. To Protest Medicaid Cuts

Thank you Michele Bachman (no really!)

Best Noon Thing - Maddow. Military son comes out to his Dad.

Dave Zirin: Tomorrow, Georgia Murders Troy Davis

this illustrates the ugly of conservative Republicons

this illustrates the ugly of conservative Republicons

Fire at Vt. nuclear plant office called suspicious (well Entergy is saying it's suspicious)

It IS Class warfare Mr. President, the Pukes have been waging it since 1981

Don't run screaming and yelling from a bear?

Navy Officer, Partner Wed As Military's Gay Ban Formally Ends

Is there hope for the dead?

Whistleblowing in the billion $$$ school testing industry - Dan Rather Reports tonight

I'm Warren Buffett's Secretary

Ok... I'm Sick... And Possibly Delusional... But... The Suskind Book Comes Out Tomorrow... And...

Yikes! Category 4 Typhoon headed straight for Fukushima prefecture...

50 years ago UN SEC. GEN's plane crashed. He dared support revolutionary African leaders.

Barbara Boxer is sharing out tissues so that ReTHUG Senators

Bachmann says vaccine retardation claim not hers

"The murder weapon was never recovered, no physical evidence was found linking Davis to the crime"

PS A whole lot of gay 18 year olds are just figuring out that now they can get drafted too ;-)

PS A whole lot of gay 18 year olds are just figuring out that now they can get drafted too ;-)

Fox lies!!!

We need a 10-year plan to teach people about voting....

Shutdown fight looms amid House-Senate disaster aid impasse (The Hill)

Carpool to #Occupy Wallstreet

Stairway to Heaven

I don't know about that Levi Johnston book ad . . .

From TPM - "the Michele Bachmann photo of all Michele Bachmann photos"

Kindergarten student in Missouri brings mother's drug pipe and crystal meth to show and tell

Is the purple president turning blue? Obama's new rhetoric counts - by Michael Lind from

Billions of barrels of untapped U.S. oil

In case you were wondering whether Hillary would've been a better president

Need some facts and figures on the increase in

Scientists: Drilling threat to water

Non-Job-Creation Tax?

Paul Krugman...The Bleeding Cure

The real jobs program: more on North Dakota and the Bakken Shale.

Report: One NYC Occupy Wall Street Protester In Critical Condition

Centrist Dems Already Trying To Put The Brakes On Obama’s Tax Increases

FBI Raid's Target Was 'Point Person' for Wisconsin Governor Walker's Anti-Labor Program

Tea Partier primaries Boehner, calls him a "socialist"

Boy, 13, forced to take alcohol breath test, ACLU suit alleges

Ceng Uygur's big new gig: from MSNBC to Current TV with Olbermann

If our options are class warfare or feudalism, I’ll take class warfare. Just sayin’.

SF: Republicans Love Mayor Ed Lee

SF: Republicans Love Mayor Ed Lee

I just watched The Pat Tillman Story on HBO...

Papantonio Was Subbing For Ed Schultz Today & Had A Rant About The Captains Of Industry.....

I would like to offer a toast to President Obama for his large part in ending

Dead enders: "Center for Military Readiness" in last pathetic gasp to keep DADT

A question about the end of DADT

Hey Moneyman.. poem by Lupe Fiasco for #Occupywallstreet

Hey Moneyman.. poem by Lupe Fiasco for #Occupywallstreet

Gas, not fumes, killed woman in McDonald's

Australian minister fights for his Vegemite in U.S.

Media owned by tptb..and so are we until we turn them off

"Day 4" and they are "STILL PROTESTING" on WALL STREET...

Top Interior official heads to firm working for BP

Mr Fish Toon: Getting Better All The Time

Mr Fish Toon: Getting Better All The Time

What would you do with $1,000 A Day?

jeezus. the stupid knows no bounds: School District scraps 1954 Tony Award winning musical Kismet

Video Of Cops Arresting Protesters In NYC (Occupy Wall Street)

Can someone 'splain to me WTF a Blue Republican is?

Petition email to reconsider - Execution of Troy Davis

Real Class War Is Working to Keep Those Below You Down

Meat Michelle Bachmann!

In early Obama White House, female staffers felt frozen out

Brilliant George Carlin

Scientists on trial for manslaughter in Italy for failure to warn residents about quake

Joe Walsh Among Congress's 'Most Corrupt' Members In New Report

DAY 3 of the WALL STREET PROTEST: Dissenter on FiredogLake

Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for September 12th-18th is 78%

Please add your support to striking teachers in Tacoma

This Class Warfare business raised by ReTHUGS is an inversion of reality

The refusal of the Congress and succeeding Administrations to require everyone, including large

The refusal of the Congress and succeeding Administrations to require everyone, including large

You don't often live a long life being too far out ahead of your culture

More Pix From Occupy Wall Street...

The truth about 'class war' in America

Trinity College removes Barbarian invader from Web

Anti-Vaccination Movement Endangers Public Health

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ ends: Magazine tells stories of gay troops

"I still love you son. Doesn't change our relationship." Young airman comes out to dad ...

I believe Barack Obama will rise to the challenge...

Class Warfare

U.S. to Take Action on China Trade

Schweddy Balls Make AFA Squirm

Schweddy Balls Make AFA Squirm

Wuerker Toon: Sitting at America's Kitchen Tables

Rick Santorum contacted Google, says company spreads 'filth'

In small towns, gossip moves to the Web, and turns vicious

Danziger Toon - Math Class Warfare

Bill would allow BART to keep out those who repeatedly break law

There's House Seats to Be Won: The September Progressive Candidate Guide

‘Buffett Rule’ on U.S. Taxes Seen as Easier Said Than Done

Small moment I just saw on "Frazier" that says a lot about the rich.

Andy Griffith sees popularity fall after taping health care spot

State bank legislation passed in CA

The "MY TEAM--Love It or Leave It!" syndrome

Obama's prescription: $320 billion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid


"No Immunity" ::: FBI Informants Vance & Ertel Can Sue Donald Rumsfeld for Torture in Iraq in 2006

Good People of DU....

Gas Station like a pit stop!!!!


Get the Attorneys in Place. Now.

Rick Perry Used Taxpayer Money To Subsidize Family Vacations...

We had a blood drive at my office today.

Help needed ASAP for Wall Street protesters. *ACTION ITEMS, please!*

My state's big win!

Libya: New Gov strategy is to STARVE opposition while NATO BOMBS and Long-range weapons are readied

Florida Keys off-shore drilling to start in December!

Turkey bans men from unruly soccer stadiums, allowing only women & kids under 12

Turban bomb kills ex-Afghan president

Fact check: The wealthy already pay more taxes.....

Troy Davis has been denied clemency! DUers need to take action now!

Dracula a metaphor for the aristocracy?

Breitbart... the radical right and civil war

Obama endorses ending 1 day of mail delivery

U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram

Starbucks sued over Washington restroom camera (secret toilet cam)

Cenk Uygur and 'The Young Turks' are coming to Current ... are you?

The rich using fear to drive the American public to act against their own best interests.

The rich using fear to drive the American public to act against their own best interests.

The rich using fear to drive the American public to act against their own best interests.

Whatever happened to that supposedly imminent terror attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

I'm all out of strong...

DADT is Gone! Let's Celebrate!

i want to thank Dan Choi,Beth Schissel, Shonda Garrison, Grethe Cammermeyer &

Vote for Gore, or die.

BBC: Could world social unrest hit America's streets?

Why Don't I Hear The Pundits Say This?

There is a lot of discussion of late and use of the expression "class warfare." And though

Solidarity- Tammy Duckworth is running against Joe Walsh. Help her win!

One man who appreciates what Obama has done

So RIck Perry had dinner with Murdoch last night

Bill O’Reilly Threatens To Quit If Higher Taxes For Millionaires Are Enacted

GREAT post in comment section in NYT article on the GOP...

Yahoo/Daily Caller - Singer Pat Boone insists Obama born in Kenya

West Hollywood bans sale of fur clothing

Heads up. Soc. Sec. just told me what will happen in 2 years.

"Get Rich Cheating in DC!" Dylan Ratigan & Comedian,Jeff Kreisler...

Mona Charen: You can be forgiven for thinking this is parody: "I'm For The Rich"

If Israel abandoned Hebrew as an official language and replaced it with Spanish ...

The Young Turks signed to Current TV!!!

Danziger nails it yet again...Today's LA Times cartoon:

A Car Haulers tale redux. New company, new truck, and NEW cars! Pic heavy thread of my load.

where can i find a list of Presidents that have released their college

So you execute a person and later find out the person was 100 percent innocent....

The Republican Guide to Class Warfare

Man Jumped Fence at White House and Came Very Close to Building - NBC News

Having an escalating tax rate is not class warfare....

Buffalo Teen Kills Himself After Years Of Anti-Gay Bullying

Netflix Subscribers Beating Hasty Retreat

S.E.C. Refers Ex-Counsel’s Actions on Madoff to Justice Dept. (NYT)

Anyone know what this is? "Massive mystery machine on I-40 near Asheville"

Elizabeth Warren: game-changer.

So what does happen if every state in the Union legalizes cannabis? I don't believe

Japanese girl delighted by bottle found in Hawaii

I want a lot of arrests on Wall Street! As many as possible!

Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages on Wall St Protests

Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages on Wall St Protests

Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages on Wall St Protests

Tony Bennett, legendary crooner, delivers rant about 9/11 on Howard Stern show: 'We caused' it

Tony Bennett, legendary crooner, delivers rant about 9/11 on Howard Stern show: 'We caused' it

WARREN: "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody."

I write this to tell those who have known me for all the years I have been on DU…

Colonial Forge High School Student Suspended From School For Stunt in Banana Suit at Football Game

Colonial Forge High School Student Suspended From School For Stunt in Banana Suit at Football Game

Occupy Wall St. Day 4. Arrests & Renewed Determination to Stay. (pic heavy)

An old idea and technique to help end bulllying in our public schools.

George W. Bush, plain fuckin stole the 2000 election.

NYC Parents Union sues..says charter schools get illegal subsidy from DOE for free space, services.

Doing my part to increase turnout for the 2032 presidential. That's right: Skinner had another kid!

"The Latest Humiliation our Master have Inflicted Working Peasants?" By Derf

Lloyd's insurer sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks'

Why can't the left get some sort of tea party going

Pirate Rap, That's How We Row - Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew

Boy, I can't wait to get one of their flu shots......

Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier, the last of Barrett's Privateers...

Is talk like a pirate day an act of class warfare?

Now Tom the arthitic kitteh get s to do the "im-puss-ible":)

Paul and I bought a new bike...

no, i am not going down to game stop at 12:01 to pick up gears of war 3

If you "talk like a pirate," you're a ______________ !

some video from my daughter's wedding reception...enjoy

Benwa and Taboo White Bengal Tigers Nashville Zoo

Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #3

Because you need to calm down :)

Llyn Padarn Snowdonia National Park Wales

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom finally got the tattoo he's DREAMED OF for DECADES.

A video of my daughter's wedding reception (copycat)

WARNING--- picture of an ant holding a microchip

Think it will work?


SO, a teabagger walks into the drug store and picks up a box of condoms.

SO, a condom walks into a drug store and picks up a box of teabaggers....

SO, this guy in Perry county walks into a drug store and picks up a box of condoms.

Flying over planet Earth:

The Lounge is like a house with all the children gone.

Who watched Chaz Bono?

Name a song you'd love to hear sung by Elmer Fudd.

What self-help book would you write today if you had to? What would the title be?

Today is Do Ask, Do Tell Day.

SO, LynneSin walks into a bar in East Pennsboro and challenges HopeHoops to a game of pool.

Bankruptcy question

Interspecies Love


A question that some people will deem rather naive

automotive question

SO, MFM walks into a strip joint in Perry County....

Check in you wish you were in Tijuana . . .

NJ apartment rights for tenants

Poll question: Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #4

In Taverner's honor: Didja hear about the bass player who locked his keys in his car?

SO, LynneSin walks into a bar in Perry county and asks the bartender,...

Post here your congratulations for HopeHoops

Max Roach

Stuffed peppers right out of the garden are awesome. Still melting.

New passport came in the mail...

I think I'm finally on CMW's trail.

When Kali went vegan, she turned her ranch into Arizona's only "Beef Spa & Resort".

They see me rollin', they ummmmmmmmmm...

SO, MFM walks into a strip mall in Camp Hill....

MiddleFingerMom went to the WORST speed-dating event in all of recorded history.

I am livid about what the Republicans are doing to the name of this beautiful creature

I need some good old Lounge vibes for good luck, sent off a box to the lawyers.

They that have done this deed are honorable.

Why was Dylan singing "Blue Moon" on 'Self Portrait' such a bad thing?

Really? You're gonna blame my cats for the kittens found underneath your shed

I am watching No Country for Old Men on AMC, I like Tommy Lee Jones.

If he can but find her, MiddleFingerMom has SEEN the future Mrs. MiddleFingerMom.

Bet the stupid people in my State

Has anyone heard from Tucker? AKA Aliengirl?

New assport came in the mail...

The real reason MFM was in the hospital yesterday.....

Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #4

Two heads are better than one

Is this the wound licking room?

I would like to point something out

Aw, Mo-om!

Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right

Can a man and a woman be friends?


I just saw one single cockroach in the cubboard above the stove at my parents' house.

I never ate a bear

Re-re-re-re-re-Watching "The Big Lebowski." Everyone should see this movie.

I was at the hospital yesterday telling someone AGAIN about you wonderful folks here in The Lounge.

Stuffed peppers right out of the garden are awesome. Still melting.

ConGRATS, Charlie SHEEN, 2 1/2 Men/Ashton SUCKS!1

What story/religion/myth did you believe that you no longer believe in. Until I was 38 or so

Oliver Stones wants to make a movie based on the DU Lounge - who do you want cast to play your part?

Dietary question

My father's last sibbling passed away today

Piano Men. Post a Pic of a Piano Man.

Tories back Dechert over flirtatious emails(Canada China)

Ambassador Bridge owners spent nearly $5M in ads in attacks on proposed span

US to announce new China trade enforcement action

DOJ: Rick Perry's Texas Congressional Redistricting Map Violates Voting Rights Act

Guatemala earthquakes leave three dead

Explosion in Ankara Causes Injuries, Damages Vehicles

"No Immunity" ::: FBI Informants Vance & Ertel Can Sue Donald Rumsfeld for Torture in Iraq in 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani killed at his home in Kabul

Layoff Fears Rise as The Economy Sputters

Airport bag scan improper, S. African minister's office says

(Sen. Lamar) Alexander (R-TN) Will Step Down From Senate Leadership

Perry to criticize on Israel, speak against UN recognition of Palestinian Authority

Perry to criticize on Israel, speak against UN recognition of Palestinian Authority

'Union bosses' hamper job creation: Hudak (Ontario Progressive Conservative leader)

Obama Praises Libya’s Post-Qaddafi Leaders at U.N.

KOMO 4 News Sues Seattle Police Over Public Records

Judge backs tax exemption for Alaska same-sex couples

Dodd-Frank Wears the Bull’s-Eye on G.O.P. Campaign Trail

Yemen ceasefire but 10 more are killed

Panetta: 12 more U.S. troops sent to Libya

U.S. court rules against Chevron in Ecuador case

Michele Bachmann says tax breaks should replace employer health plans

IMF: World economy in 'dangerous phase'

Ziggy creator Tom Wilson dies at 80

Farmer jailed in Hong Kong for burning flag

Guatemala seeks genocide trial for former general

Supreme Court delays Texas man's execution (2nd in 2 weeks)

White House Pledges to Expedite FoIA Requests

Has Obama lost the Jewish vote?

Man Jumped Fence at White House and Came Very Close to Building - NBC News

Afghanistan Peace Council chairman Burhanuddin Rabbani 'killed in Kabul blast'

SEC Probing Trades Before S&P Downgrade of U.S.: Report

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" for military gays runs out

Navy officer, partner wed in Vt. as ban ends

GOP Candidates Assail Obama on Israel

Mexico president hints legalizing drugs may be needed

Kansas Gov. under fire for rejecting health care grant

Metropolitan police drop action against the Guardian(UK)

Koch-Funded Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy Gives Congress Big Freebies

US and Europe risk double-dip recession, warns IMF

Current TV adds another former MSNBC host to line-up

Reid Warns of Possible Government Shutdown

U.S. Chamber Sues NLRB to Block Notification Rule

U.S. Alleges Full Tilt Poker Was Ponzi Scheme

Most Joplin residents ignored twister warning, experts find

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Head of Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera resigns

Revealed: secret world of global oil and mining giants

S.E.C. Refers Ex-Counsel’s Actions on Madoff to Justice Dept.

Libya, Palestinian Statehood to Top UN General Assembly Agenda

Poll: Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown

Rick Perry accuses Barack Obama of betraying Israel over Palestinian bid

Police(Homeland Security FBI) raid IHOP locations in Toledo area

Phone hacking: Ted Turner says Rupert Murdoch will have to step down

California voters oppose trigger cuts, poll shows

GM Contract Would Increase Entry-Level Workers

Washington state Democrats back marijuana legalization initiative

Yahoo Appears To Be Censoring Email Messages About Wall Street Protests

Dan Choi Re-Enlisting: Officer Who Fought To Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Aims To Rejoin Army

Google opens Plus social network to everyone

Reid Says Democrats Undecided on Handling of Obama’s Jobs Plan

Scientists face jail over Italian earthquake

Troy Davis denied clemency

BP oil not degrading on Gulf floor, study says

BP oil not degrading on Gulf floor, study says

Groundwater flowing into Fukushima nuclear plant

New Fields May Propel Americas to Top of Oil Companies’ Lists


Obama's Postal Service plan would cut Saturday mail

Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing

Robert Reich: A Good Fight

Obama Debt Reduction Plan Calms Dems' Concerns On And Off Hill -- Dean: "I am a supporter of this"

I'm so confused.

Please delete.

Exit stage right of center.

Republicans, here you go again--whining and lying about how 'small business' will be hurt

Need help. Looking for a word.

NYT: A Call for Fairness

"Repeal of the discriminatory law known as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ finally & formally takes effect"

Obama Tax Proposal Has Overwhelming Support

"It's just math." I have to say this is a sad referendum on our education system.

Romney narrows gap between him and Perry

Help needed ASAP for Wall Street protesters

Listening to Steve Israel on MSNBC and political ad comes to mind.

The Buzz: CPAC Florida will give birth to a Super PAC

Republicans Sought Clean-Energy Money for Home States

Mayors of both parties urge congressional support

Joe Watkins on MSNBC should had been asked how much of his income is exempt from taxes.

Eugene Robinson: The Fight-Back Plan


WH Spox: “We were in a position of legislative compromise by necessity. That phase is behind us.”

Michael Tomasky: "This tax fight will be the great test of the Obama presidency."

White House Targets Innovative Education Technologies

Apparently Joe Arpaio has some free time on his hands. He claims that he's duty-bound to respond ...

Presidents who are re-elected always get a higher popular vote percentage

Racist old hack Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin

David Brooks is depressed: "I'm a sap."

Video: Jonathan Alter shreds author Ron Suskind's credibility on Martin Bashir

The fact that political advertising works proves Americans are too stupid to vote.....

Let me get this straight: Ron Suskind selectively edited Anita Dunn's quote from

Hey Republicant Freepers, take your "slave" article and shove it.

Former President Bill Clinton: "The American Dream has been under assault for 30 years"

Wasn't Lieberman against repealing DADT?

Cenk to go current TV at 7:00PM

Life in Narnia

Louisiana, wake up! Your governor's conducted a seance. (Hard to find link may soon disappear.)

Sheriff; Inquiring into President Obama's birth certificate

I'm selling my GW Bush Action Figure in two weeks.

Satisfying the left (but not just the left)

TPM Tipster: Scott Brown Feeling the Heat Over Warren's Polling Bump

Mika to Ron Suskind: "Can I get you a cup of coffee?"

UBS Scandal Is a Reminder About Why Dodd-Frank Came to Be

"Love the president or hate him, he’s done what he said he would do."

Gallup: Americans Favor Jobs Plan Proposals, Including Taxing Rich

Is Barack Obama Depressed? NY Times to print a story on Obama's supposed depression?

Bachmann helps bolster Obama’s point

Russ Feingold: "Progressives must unite to ensure that the President is reelected."

TPM: It's a race. Elizabeth Warren holds slim two point lead over Scott Brown!

Buzz Blog: Democrats Hold Voter Registration Advantage in Florida

"This policy will end. It will end on my watch."

Steven Benen has transcript of Jonathan Alter comparing Clinton and Obama re Ron Suskind's new book

Cartoonist Tony Auth nails Boehner, McConnell on 'Class Warfare'

Bachmann says food industry overregulated

Has Obama lost the Jewish vote?

Why aren't Breitbart's comments getting more attention?

Statement by the President on the Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob - 09/15/2011

Irate Workers, Union Leaders Rally At 'Showdown on Wall Street'


TDPS: Liberals Different Than Libertarians, No Matter What Ron Paul Supporters Want You to Think!

Foo Fighters sing to West Baptist Church Protesters - FULL official version

Dr. Cornel West inspires thousands at Fighting Bob Fest 2011

Breitbart says "We have the numbers, we have the guns, bring it on!"

"Obama for America" Video -- Veterans speak about the end of DADT.

TDPS: Republicans Desperate for Racist Sheriff Endorsement

Obama's Tax on Wealthy Too Little Too Late?

Inequality could cause American Spring

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Kids For The Apocalypse?

Keiser Report: Dollar-Trapped (E186) Interview with Bill Still

Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars!

Thom Hartmann: The defining issue of the 2012 election

Thom Hartmann: Why the news from NPR to the networks doesn't tell the truth

TruthsquadTV Special Report: Occupy Wall Street - Days Of Rage - NYPD Closes Financial District

Police action at Wall Street protest

Thom Hartmann: A Fukushima survivor reveals all

Jesus Camp Singapore Part 1 -- Kids learn to raise the dead

America Protests! Media Blackout Cops Harsh- Sept 20, 2011 Share It Spread It Re Upload It

Al Gore welcomes 'The Young Turks' and Cenk Uygur to Current TV

Arnie Gundersen: Safety Problems In All Reactors Designed Like Fukushima - 9/20/11

The Civil Rights Struggle to Bring Buses to Beavercreek, Ohio

SNL: Alec Baldwin as Mitt or Rick?

Escape & Control: How the internet can free us, or control us [New Documentary from Jon Ronson]

Christie Group bombarding ads praising his

Come Join Us! Occupy Wall Street!

Hardball: Spoiled, petty, whiney CEOs are refusing to hire to spite Obama

Thom Hartmann: Berlusconi ''Last night I did 8''

Police arrests this morning 20th sep 2011 (2) OCCUPY WALL STREET

Roseanne Barr Speaks to Wall Street Protesters . . .

Papantonio: It’s Not Class War, It Is Class Genocide

Greta To Tucker Carlson: You're a Purveyor Of SMUT

Cowpie Perry Pretends He's Pro Israel to Slam Obama

What Republicans Want

Michael Moore Calls Out Mainstream Media on 'Rachel Maddow Show' (9/19/11)

Thom Hartmann: Move over birthers, there are elves in Iceland

DADT Is Dead: 'Telling My Dad I Am Gay - Live'

Al Gore welcomes 'The Young Turks' and Cenk Uygur to Current TV

Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren at Xenith in Lowell

TYT: Al Gore With Cenk Uygur On Obama, Rick Perry, Climate Change & More

PERRY: The File

Occupy Wall Street

Cenk's Interview with Al Gore Coming...

Egypt’s democratic transition lags amid confusion

Norway-based energy company, UT agree on $5 million research program

Cuban Five: a Cruel and Bizarre Decision

Robert Rauschenberg's forgotten photographs

The impoverishment of the West

Class War? Wake Up, America: You're Already In One!

Khamenei throws the gauntlet at the West

Our Hidden Government Benefits

Slovakia Threatens Euro Rescue Package

How Pricey For-Profit Colleges Target Vets' GI Bill Money - Mother Jones

Why the BRICS won't 'save' Europe

Ted (Turner) on Bloomberg/Obama tax cuts

Who Are the Pirates from Berlin?

'don't ask, don't tell' officially ends today

Colombian intelligence agency's latest scandal: leaking docs to drug lord

Could the Vatican Go to Court for Human-Rights Abuses?

Doom! - Paul Kurgman

Koch-Funded Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy Gives Congress Big Freebies

Russ Feingold: 'I Strongly Disagree With Ralph Nader' On A Primary Challenge To Obama

Caution Church Ahead- On being one of "those" Atheists

Traffic light camera scam steals your identity

MacArthur Foundation Selects 22 ‘Geniuses’.

How We Lost Our Big Chance at Progressive Control of the Federal Courts

Wall Street driving up the price of oil

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner: "The wealthy should pay lots of taxes"

Dean Baker: Why Didn't We Make These Guys Run Around Naked With Their Underpants Over Their Heads?

Ralph Nader urges a primary challenge to Pres. Obama


Bill keller's op-ed article

Child Brings Mom’s Crack Pipe For Show-And-Tell

Sharia Law ::: Saudia Arabia Executes Sudanese National for SORCERY

Dr. Alan Robock on climate change and the continuing risk of nuclear war and nuclear winter: audio

Will Climate Change Make National Parks More Dangerous?

Peak oil review - September 19

NYC gets bike share program

Newest Chinese Export: Smuggled Rat Poison w. Brodiafacoum @ 61X Legal Limits Leads To 12 Arrests

Obama's envoy for climate change casts doubt on Kyoto protocol

65 percent of Japanese prefer to cut electricity use even if living standards drop

Trial starts on damage lawsuits in TVA ash spill {2008, Kingston} (AP/Bus Wk)

Ice loss claim exaggerated by Doomers

Harvesting 'limitless' hydrogen from self-powered cells

Firm behind “red mud” disaster hit with EUR 474 million fine (Budapest Times)

Greens Announce They'll Sue Over Planned Hatchery For De-Dammed Elwha River - Seattle PI

With North Sea Warming By 1.3C In Past 30 Years, Cod Moving North, Replaced By Dover Sole

Florida Leads World In Invasive Reptiles, Amphibians - 43 Lizards 5 Snakes, Caiman, More

Residential High Voltage Regulation - energy savings?