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Archives: September 19, 2011

What the Buffett Rule should look like

Obama's deficit plan: half tax increases, half cuts, and no increase age of Medicare!

60 Minutes just did a segment on Jerry Jones, the one with the Dallas Cowboys.

Connecticut residents seek 'justice' at deadly home-invasion trial

Happy Gilmore' actress Frances Bay dies at 95

I want to see what is thought of this: North American Political and Economic Union

Hey NYC DUers! If we can get a fund going can we feed the protestors?

Lamar Waldron on The Tea Party.

5 bikers found dead in RV

Will the Lightsquared Interference Meeting be another arrow

Finance Chiefs Fail to Bolster Euro on Greece

Bush, Perry rift roots in nixed in-law appointment

Practice Makes imPerfect

Better late than never....

Behind the Manor of Gate’s Farm: “Charter Schools Good, Public Schools Bad”

Fareed Zakaria is on CNN right now with a special on jobs. I saw it earlier it was

Updated: Grocery Store Talks Continuing Past Deadline

UBS Says Trading Loss Was $2.3 Billion

Google’s Schmidt Urges Support for Jobs Bill, Stimulus

Obama plan would tax hedged manager compensation as ordinary income instead of cap gains

George Bush to be in St. Louis Park, MN 9/21 Please call the Authorities

George Bush to be in St. Louis Park, MN 9/21 Please call the Authorities

Won't you...

Obama's proposal tomorrow...

MarketWatch: Lehman Brothers II crisis is coming soon

Mayor trashes green energy group; has climate change denial views likened to "Flat Earth Society"

Shocking Things Fox News Viewers Believe

Massive U.S. Embassy In Iraq Will Expand Further!!!!

Warren Buffet's Friends Won't Even Give Him Some Grey Poupon

It doesn't matter a fig what's in the President's reduction plan

Prince William buys hundreds of birds for Harry to shoot.

Is China the next big crisis?

President Obama's push for TAA extension doesn’t calm organized labor on free-trade

Notorious Dutch MP (Geert Wilders) wants to bring anti-Islam message here (Australia)

Where is the Democrats jobs plan? What's the President's cure for the economy?

Republicans promise to block ‘Buffett rule’

Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain

This is excellent for all stocks and bonds savy DUer's. I have competed for the last two years.

Surrogate mom is left with twins when couple changes their text message

Texas Republican Representative Introduces Bill In Congress That Would Eliminate Corporate Taxes

Fox Edits Phone-Hacking Joke From Emmys; Replaces Baldwin With Nimoy

"unless Congress agrees to raise taxes"

"unless Congress agrees to raise taxes"

How Obama’s Jobs Plan Could Trigger Another Debt Limit Fight Before Election Day

How to guide to being a Washington Politician, Republican type

Companies Where Employees Should Lose Hope

Fox Edits Phone-Hacking Joke From Emmys; Replaces Baldwin With Nimoy

Anyone remember this?

Thousands march against nuclear power in Tokyo

Did anyone see Bill Clinton on the Today show this morning

Did anyone see Bill Clinton on the Today show this morning

I wonder if a lousy economy might make it more likely that prostitution would be legalized.

Well, it looks like I won't be purchasing a kindle anytime soon.

So I haven't been feeling all that well lately and fell asleep on the couch with the TV on...

Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue

Geert Wilders (Dutch far-right populist) views himself as a "right-wing liberal." First time

GOP sharpens little-used 'legislative veto' tool

Topix: If the election were held tomorrow, who would get your vote?

Toon Panderocracy

We like to pay taxes!

The Strange History of Don't Ask Don't tell.

Greenwald -- Panetta Starts Singing Contractors’ Tune After Closed-Door Meeting

New York Attorney General Moves to Dismiss Marriage Equality Lawsuit

File this under tragic desperation

Earth to to GOP.....

Steph Miller and the Mooks are on now...

Poll do you think the millionaire tax would help


Trouble in the Tar Heel State

House Republicans Approve Bill to Protect Illegal Job Outsourcers

House Republicans Approve Bill to Protect Illegal Job Outsourcers

Headlines I am seeing today make me laugh..

Bottom Feeder of the year nominations

Nader would be the worst person to pick a primary challenger, if I enter the race as well.

Vote suppression in the US revs up

Obama puts 3rd rail programs on the table then..........

Recent Blackout Highlights Nation’s Rickety Power Grid

Finnish MP Halla-aho calls for tanks in Greece

Poor choice of words

Plane in NV crash had 'radical' changes to compete

Greece: New Austerity, New Riots

Perry paid $426,000 settlement to Bell over donation lawsuit

Dinner with Barack

"This is not Class Warfare - it's MATH"

Auto workers and General Motors reach tentative contract agreement (GM to add thousands of jobs)

Auto workers and General Motors reach tentative contract agreement (GM to add thousands of jobs)

Auto workers and General Motors reach tentative contract agreement (GM to add thousands of jobs)

Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin met "the wombshifter"

Very Simple Wealth Gap Chart to Send to Your Republican Friends

If drilling domestically for oil/gas could create a whole lot of jobs would we be for it?

The only thing that bothers me about the Wall Street take over

September 2011 Full of Extreme Weather Events

US home builder outlook worsens in September

I'm afraid to have hope.

They had to put the Bull in a Corral that's a political statement

They had to put the Bull in a Corral that's a political statement

"I refuse to believe that corporations are people until has 11,300,00 google results

How liberal is Liberal, KS?

Happy Emoticon Day! This day in history: Sepember 19, 1982:

Top politicians will back NY casinos

Yet Another Wall Street Billionaire Asks Working Americans to Sacrifice -- Why Do the Media Still Li

Ex-Treasury Restructuring Chief Millstein Starts Advisory Firm

save America's postal service {action alert}

S.E.C. Tackles Conflicts in Securitization Deals

A movement builds to fight corporate rule and amend the Constitution.

SPT: Tour stop suggestions for GOP presidential hopefuls

New Texas law bans anonymous complaints about doctors

New (TEXAS) law bans anonymous complaints about doctors

There' s the Dude I voted for

Fall Trends Forecast by Brian McFadden

White House details errors in Suskind book

Steve Forbes Schnorrer ID

While Lobbying For Huge Tax Giveaways, Corporations Hoard Record Amounts Of Cash Instead Of Hiring

Wars, Prisons, our Court system,...

Gadhafi forces capture U.K., French mercenaries

Who monitors elections?

Why not do this all the time?

Republican lie and water continues to be wet

Many of you helped in getting new donors for Elizabeth Warren.

I think one of our few chances of restoring the United States to the people

Old-fashioned charm at New England general stores

Consider these two approaches to discussing the wisdom of the death penalty

It's only "class warfare"...

President Obama used the "V" word today ... Twice!

TPM: Through The Looking Glass: Bachmann’s Long History Of Strange Statements

Homer Chamber joins departures from US Chamber

Texas Taxpayers Underwriting Rick Perry’s Family Vacations, Presidential Campaign

whats up with the Chi Trib ?? Obama should WITHDRAW ???

How Change Is Going to Come in the Food System

A Blockbuster Case Yields an Unexpected Result (Citizens United)

Notice the media never mentions that President Obamas approval rating is higher than Reagans?

Small business owners, please help me understand how business are taxed

HUGH NOOZ: Orly Tatiz may challenge Diane Feinstein

Tomorrow - The End of a Really Bad Idea

pat robertson opens his mouth

Shame on you MSNBC, just saw a graphic that read, "James Clyburn (R-SC)"

I heard the other day "In Europe they don't operate on people over 80."

Bill thinks sane voters will snap out of it when the GOP picks one of them goofs in the clown car

Polish Jewish museum to open in April 2013

So a couple of baggers come strolling into the restaurant I was eating at the other day

Argentina finalizes MERCOSUR trade deal with Israel.

Small Regional airports

It has come down to the choice of cutting entitlements or taxing the wealthy?

Roubini- How To Prevent a Depression

Pentagon: Ready for gay ban repeal Tuesday

Quick---before you miss it--- it's a bash Michael Moore thread.

More Republicans say they don't identify with the tea party movement. Will it make a difference?


What is the best way to refute the 'class warfare' argument when Obama proposes tax hikes on rich?

"How the Hippies Saved Physics" on coast-to-coast am tonight (now, sunday sept 18)

5.8 Quake hits Guatemala City.

Just a reminder on what a "small business" is...

A Republican told me Obama health law bans health savings accounts

Grocery Strike Talks Continue Into Morning

Did NY Times Hide Sexuality of Gadhafi's Son?

World's biggest sperm bank, Cryos, tells redheads: We don't want your semen

Kitty Genovese is Palestine

Inside Amazon's warehouse

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Defends Rupert Murdoch

Yes, I support the protesters at Wall Street, but unless they amp things up it will do no good.

SoCal grocers union reaches tentative deal with stores.

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Bomer On Why Marriage Equality Matters To Him

Guardian UK: The call to occupy Wall Street resonates around the world

Sick Gulf residents continue to blame BP

Colorado Farm Hit by Anti-Gay Vandalism

Big list (with links) of Fox News race-baiting

There was a time when Wall Street was a good thing, a way to connect

It's a Wonderful Life

A Route to Marriage in New Jersey?

S.F. woman stabs home intruder to death

Lawyer wants US Marshals to seize copyright troll's bank account

How Pricey For-Profit Colleges Target Vets' GI Bill Money

"Rage" against Wall Street power clogs sidewalks

This Lounge post deserves to be on the greatest page

Just helped out my local bookstore by moving Cheney's book to the correct shelf and section:

Schumer: Turn 'Buffett Rule' into legislation

How the CIA Played Dirty Tricks With Our Culture.. NY TIMES

Tea Party Nihilists - byTom Tomorrow

DOJ: Texas Congressional Redistricting Map Violates Voting Rights Act

I swear, Medicare part D is a stroke waiting to happen!

Should the "beyond ANY reasonable doubt" standard of murder trials be abolished?

So, I guess Eisenhower was a communist

Progressive groups warm to president over deficit reduction plan

Strauss-Kahn’s Interview a ‘Publicity Stunt’ (wife's friend interviewed him)

There Wont Be Demand Until There Are Jobs

Fox "Straight News": Paid Sick Leave Is An "Entitlement"

Ring in the New!

WTF is this "Guiding Principle" bullshit?

Conservative brain disorder revealed.

I now join Bill Clinton in praising Dick Cheney:

Tea party Rep.: Only $400,000 left after ‘I feed my family’

worlds biggest sperm bank bans redheads from donating

Florida shooting suspect had killed previous wife

Tommy Thompson Ends Speculation, Could Face Tammy Baldwin in Senate Race

Two dead in helicopter crash on Camp Pendleton

What is this Detroit Bridge ad that we keep getting shown here?

San Antonio Votes to Provide DP Benefits to City Employees

It Takes Real Skill to Lose $2 Billion

Poverty rising in the US: Where's the outrage?

Fighting for its life: The euro zone is in intensive care

Elizabeth Warren - "Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you are not safe".

Dolores Hope, Widow of Bob Hope Dies

"Reagan looks like Trotsky" compared to the Republican candidates (Charlie Rose video)

FR: Palin could become DEM, challenge Obama in the primary!

Above The Law - USA (19 Sep 11)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Admits There’s No Evidence...

Wingnut Brigade out in Force Today. Just Heard on NPR

Wendy's changes its burgers

Has the President changed advisers??

Argh, Today was "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and I missed it!

What is it about high-speed rail that terrifies Americans so much?

What is it about high-speed rail that terrifies Americans so much?

We ignore Rick Perry at our peril. The American people have already demonstrated ...

Al Sharpton is eating this ReTHUG andspitting him out

Stand your ground.

Nikki Haley Admits There’s No Evidence Supporting Her Claim About Drug Testing

What would you do if you had $400,000 left over after feeding your family?

DUers, can we dig up every statement about getting rid of Social Security,

BRAD BLOG: After Koch: NJ Bill Introduced to Require Gov to Notify Legis. Leaders When Leaving State

CA DUers: Why is Feinstein "vulnerable"? (Tweety) He said

Corporate Personhood Wouldn't be So Bad

MSNBC Poll Do you agree with the Republicans that

President Obama: STAND UP AND FIGHT!

Navy Rescinds WWII-Era "Undesirable" Discharge for Gay Man

How about... "Yes, it's class warfare...

Liberals vow to challenge Obama in Democratic primaries

Not too crazy about the idea of COMPROMISING Medicare and SS benefits

I went to Judge Harry Wilters' funeral yesterday. Who?

John Nichols: After FBI raid, why is Walker stonewalling? (No show jobs?)

Anyone find it amusing we are speaking of waste and fraud at last

Mass protests against nuclear power in Tokyo

Scott Pelli and the CBS Evening Nooz will take us back to see Rick Perry's Texas roots.

This is how it is done....

Replacing old sewage pipe comes with risks (Miami, Fl.)

Obama Gets the Numbers Wrong In His Tax Plan! --John Lott on Fox News site

Taxing the Rich, the Obama Way - well worth reading, by Robert Reich

Has the GOP suddenly lost its game?---Paul Ryan Predicts: BUSH Tax Cuts WILL EXPIRE In 2013!!!

You guys in Minnesota have a damn good Senator (Franken) - keep him

Unemployment Runs Deep in Politically Key States

Tonight on Countdown: David Shuster in for Keith

I wonder why the Democrats are so (pardon my saying this) dumb:

My favorite class warfare toons. Add yours.

Bipartisanship—I’ll hug your elephant, as soon as you kiss my ass

Heinz spent 3 years developing the new ketchup packet

New video of Air Races crash from 'Today' show on NBC

Grocery strike avoided; deal called 'win-win' for both sides

Uh-oh: "Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin"

Wall Street protesters: over-educated, under-employed and angry

David Graeber: The Debt of the American Poor Should Be Forgiven

They only call it Class Warfare when we fight back

In about 4 hours DADT will be gone

Awesomeness! Justice Department rejects Texas redistricting maps

Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin as "populist" (Salon)

Did Anybody Watch "Up with Chris Hayes" This Weekend?

Wisconsin lawmaker looks to repeal restaurant, prison margarine bans

Wisconsin lawmaker looks to repeal restaurant, prison margarine bans

This photo of the P-51 Mustang could show the pilot.

The Classless Have Spoken!

there's a common meme- I've seen it here and on wing-nut sites

Evolution of spin - "The top 1% pay....."

Multi-Millionaire Congressman: ‘I Don’t Want To Raise My Taxes…Don’t Ask Me’ To Pay More

GOP calls Obama's tax plan 'class warfare'

Andrew Breitbart Incites Violence Against Liberals, Says Military Will Back The Tea Party Up

This Is The Greatest Financial Crime In The History Of The World & No One In Charge Has Gone to Jail

Number of entrepreneurs is way down in the USA? Are they all attracted

Breaking.... Tacoma Schools Canceled for Tuesday

Breaking.... Tacoma Schools Canceled for Tuesday

How many Democrats here are afraid of the "class warfare" issue?

Inside Amazon's warehouse .......

Coalition of liberal groups forms "Constitutional Progressives".

Gergen’s Arsenic Apples: Obama should not negotiate big because it is “political”

Keith Olbermann will be on Craig Ferguson's show tonight

Google has your email, your web history, your documents - now it wants your wallet

Whistleblowers: Drug cartels throw fundraisers for U.S. officials

Vote suppression in the US revs up

Vote suppression in the US revs up

Obama Medicare Cuts Target Providers, Then Beneficiaries For Savings

Heads up: Prince Turki al Faisal, Former Saudi Ambassador to U.S. on Charlie Rose

Michael Reagan wants to replace Dianne Feinstein

Teachers Spend $1.3 Billion Out of Pocket on Classroom Materials

If this is true, why aren't we doing it?

Solyndra’s Loan Guarantee vs. Military Boondoggles: A little perspective

Citing Fox News’ Demand That CNN Include All Serious Candidates In Debates, Karger To Release

Ed Rollins Says Bachmann is a One State Candidate

A long-time friend posted on Facebook

Why can't President Obama just say this:

There will be no tax increases with this Congress...

Send pizza to the Wall Street occupiers!

The Jewish US army translator who got to know the Nazis

Christie Said to Be Re-Thinking Presidential Bid

Clinton praises Cheney's political prowess

Tea Party Zombies Must Die

GOP Kingmaker Sheriff Tasks ‘Cold Case Posse’ With Investigating Obama’s Birth Certificate


Does anyone here still take Palin seriously?

Shocking - Inequality Map - U.S. Ranks Near Bottom on Income Inequality

Paul Krugman is tired of trying to reason with you people..

Paul Krugman is tired of trying to reason with you people..

Fugelsang: "Class Warfare is when the top 2% use the media to instruct you that slight tax increases

Melissa McCarthy won her first Emmy as Lead Actress in a Comedy series tonight

Why do you think Dennis Kucinich is not running against Barack Obama in the primary?

Why do you think Dennis Kucinich is not running against Barack Obama in the primary?

Andrew Breitbart Incites Violence Against Liberals, Says Military Will Back The Tea Party Up

Hint: the McGINNIS book is only $12 for Kindle, $14 with tax.

Pics from Harkin Steak Fry - includes Tom Harkin, Bernie Sanders, and Paul Begala!

Orly Taitz Mulling Senate Run Because She Speaks Spanish And Hebrew

The Occupy Wall Street protest - now on day 3

NATO Launches massive bombing raids on Sirte. No Civilians injured.

NATO Launches massive bombing raids on Sirte. No Civilians injured.

Record-High 86% Approve of Black-White Marriages

Is Breitbart advocating Civil War in this video?

World's biggest sperm bank, Cryos, tells redheads: We don't want your semen

Netflix screws up, Again!

“Walkergate” Player’s Link to Privatization point to Scott Walker agenda

A brief comment on the probable trim tab failure in the Reno P-51 crash

Some small good news.

OBAMA "He will veto any bill that takes one dime from the Medicare benefits seniors rely on..."

Why are republicans stupid?

DU this poll: Should Millionaires pay more in taxes?

Nader really is a crank, a tool, a fool. and arrogant as hell.

Oh GOD!!! Multi Millionaire only has $400,000 left over after expenses,feeding family

Corporate Jets Face $100-a-Flight Fee in Obama Deficit Plan

Thomas Jefferson's observations October 28, 1785

Could A $5 Catalogue Save America's Oldest Seed Company?

The Geithner mystery solved

Michael Moore: I went into the polls to vote for a black man and got a white man!

How Whole Foods "Primes" You To Shop - with fake rustic touches

CHAZ BONO Gets Protection From "Crazies"

Americans are pissed off. It's time we help them be pissed off at the right people

The Beatles banned segregated audiences, contract shows

I never could have imagined voting for a Democratic president only to find him cutting Medicare

If you saved a dollar a day starting the day you were born

Libyan Revolution Week 31 part 3

FINALLY, we have a President willing to stand UP for the middle class

I think that people who inherit wealth deserve it.

Emanuel Cleaver: If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’

Does everyone see how easy it was to put the Repubs on the defensive?

"By the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over."

Quaddafi loyalists claim 17 foreign mercenaries captured at Bani Walid

This president has a history

Rahm is carpet-bombing ALL unions in Chicago. Dems should protest

WH suggests : "Requiring $100 co-payments for home health care visits"

Toon: The 24 Types of Libertarian

Toon: The 24 Types of Libertarian

Emmy Fashions

It is now cool in my house. So cool that today I had to plug in

Caligula for President: Better American Living through Tyranny

kindle readers. .79 good read. WIRED by douglas e. richards

Some acting tips for the dead Brando and James MASON in "Julius Caesar"

Yup, it's "Song of India" n/t

Was Ferris Bueller a figment of Cameron's imagination?


I just want to say that I love this stuff

Proof that kids and drugs just never work out well.....

Kafka Is Currently Playing QB for the Eagles

OK...this is kinda funny. "Hello Furious"

Gobsmacked (and I'm not even British)

So, is now the time to tour Chicago?!1 Not too hot/cold.

Have you ever hypnotized a chicken?


dang it! once again, no rain.

Good lord, someone gave me a star. Isn't that the coolest thing ever!?

On the shelf

Breaking Bad - Spoiler!


Office Romance?

Does this ever happen to anyone else while "non-porn surfing" the Intertubes?

GOOD cookies have the power to really really REALLY make someone's day!!!

A rare candid photo of Kali -- smuggled out from the ranch last week:

Mountain top ___________.

Meowing frog (part-kitteh?) discovered

Head 'em up, Move 'em out ... rollin', rollin', rollin' rawhide

Everything's gonna be alright...

Dogs are SMART --- S-M-R-T smrt!!!!

Best Monk episode ever on ION right now

I had NO idea you didn't have to TOAST pop tarts!1 I'm scarfing them now, RAW!1 n/t

I had NO idea you didn't have to TOAST Pop farts!1 I'm scarfing them now, RAW!1

Miracle anti-wrinkle moisturizer:

Worst comb over ever

Anyone seen the movie "Incendies" by denis villeneuve? Was it good?

Artist question

Happy Emoticon Day! :-)

Peter Dinklage!! YEEEHHHAAAAHHHH!!!

Ye Olde DMV:


No more SPF3 for me

Breitbartz claims sr. military officials ready to join civil war?

Pirate translator here. (Swashbuckler translator here.)

Bear power

Moody Aquarium, Galveston, TX

Guiness world record doggy jump-rope

The silver voice of water falling

What? No sheep door?

CRASH TEST - 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air VS 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

Sweet, sweet rain in Dallas.

A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.

End Stage Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

The emmys "In memoriam" section forgot to include Jeff Conaway...


Seriously, who dresses Christine Hendricks? That person should be fired

The great Dropbox-Twitter-Facebook mashup arrives

VIDEO: Foo Fighters w/ Bob Mould, "Dear Rosemary" LIVE on Conan O'Brien

Funny historical Facebook updates:

Hi - anybody know how Priceline works? (Is this the right forum?)

Avast ye skanky swabs, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, yarr!

A touching interview between Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt

DJing in the Cowpunk room. Come hang out. Now playing Mojo Nixon: Tie my Pecker to my Leg ♫♪

Oh yea. I'll be there.

Recommendations please for noise canceling headphones. Prefer on/over ear.

Any musicians out there have a favorite software drum machine?

George Lucas made another controversial change to Star Wars

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera

PHOTO: Hmmm...sounds like it could be WORTH the 200 mile drive.

MiddleFingerMom's neighbors've got some fucking nerve!!!!!


Anyone care to share their experience traveling by train in the last few years?

Anyone care to share their experience traveling by train in the last few years?

International Talk Like A Pirate Day ahoy

I have PERFECTED my "I Love The 80s" Mix CD to the point of PERFECTION. I've posted VIDEOS for each.

Awoke to the sound of thunder and rain in Houston at 4:30 this morning...

And the winner is the puppy - by da nose (bight a nose)

Test your DU intelligence quiz: Question #2

Is there a song that you can't stand to hear--because of what it says to you personally?

PHOTO: Now THIS kind of mime I can handle. GO, "invisible wall," GO.

I realize that now, late in life, I am not a guitarist. I am a Bassist.

Anyone live with someone who HATES sports and esp. that you watch it (or something else you watch)?

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's "side jobs" continue to help pay those hospital bills...

With 11 days left in the month, my landlord tells me my rent is going up

I got my ROCKMAN BASS ACE today!!!!

I got my ROCKMAN BASS ACE today!!!!

Need some of those patented Lounge vibes.

You know you had a good day

Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails

PHOTO: It's FREEPER FENG SHUI! Got these 4 things and you GOT IT ALL, baby.

What is your favourite drama currently running on the tv? What network is it on?

Post YOUR best animal pics!

Tucson Sept 19, 2011 4:30 AM -- For the first time in MANY months... I wake up CHILLY!!!!!

Was there a "big box" store you were fond of when you were young?

First songs you heard that involved a people, or a cause that really influenced you in some way?

Christina Hendricks wants to play Wonder Woman

Fed Runs Risk of Doing Less Than Investors Expect

Andrew Breitbart Incites Violence Against Liberals, Says Military Will Back The Tea Party Up

Obama’s new debt-reduction plan to draw contrasts with Republican vision

Yet another first in my life (pics)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: sex with maid was 'moral fault'

The Beatles banned segregated audiences, contract shows

Obama Deficit Plan Aimed at Democratic Base

Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue

Death toll in Burundi gun attack rises to 36

Iran arrests 5 people for working for BBC’s Farsi-language service

New Obama Deficit Plan

Anders Behring Breivik held for further eight weeks

Tony Blair 'visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan

International Talk Like A Pirate Day ahoy

Turkey Predicts Alliance With Egypt as Regional Anchors

News International to Pay $4.7 Million to Settle Hacking Case

Child abuse increased as economy crashed, study shows

Tommy Thompson close to joining Wisconsin Senate race

Moroun ads target presidential hopefuls; poll shows support for public bridge

Grocery strike averted as deal reached with Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons

Greeks to vote on future in eurozone?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, September 19, 2011

DOJ: 2 Texas voting maps don't meet federal law

Order barring Ecuador from collecting $18B vacated

News International offers Milly Dowler's family £3m settlement

Dolores Hope, wife of Bob Hope, dies at 102

The Daily Show Scores Two More Emmys

Georgia parole board hearing last-ditch appeal from death-row inmate (Troy Davis)

Italy's sovereign debt rating cut by S&P on growth fear

Cyprus, Turkey spar over oil drilling

(Citizens United) A Blockbuster Case Yields an Unexpected Result

White House threatens veto over House attack on EPA pollution rules

Phone hacking: Milly Dowler's family offered £2m-plus settlement

Taliban Claim Attack on Pakistani Police

"Missing" Global Heat May Hide in Deep Oceans

Grocery strike avoided; deal called 'win-win' for both sides

anybody going to adobe max?

Federal Judge: Prop 8 Trial Tapes To Be Released

Elite, All-Male University of the Wild West To Go Coed

Court says Padilla terror sentence was too lenient

White House wants banks to pay for auto bailout losses

Yemen protesters storm elite military base; 50 die

Schumer: We Want A Vote On The “Buffett Rule” To Tax Millionaires

White House calls for federal employees to increase contributions to retirement plans

Brazilian police arrest suspects in Amazon murders of environmentalists

Orly Taitz considering challenging Feinstein

Germany's Pirate Party Celebrates Historic Victory

Netflix Separates DVD and Streaming Services

Buffett Says He Stands By President's 'Buffett Rule'

Poll: 64% opposed to pipeline (Keystone oil sand & Senate poll on Ben Nelson)

Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts

Liberals pan benefit cuts in Obama plan

Tea party Rep.: Only $400,000 left after ‘I feed my family’

Nevada Air Race Crash Death Toll Rises(10th & pilot may have been unconscious)

Obama: This Is Not Class Warfare; It’s Math

O.K., signing off tonight, I love my DU family, MUSIC!1

So Where Will Obama Be Taking His Job Bill Speech This Week..

Obama Deficit Plan Delivers Bold Clash Of Visions

"Remind me, who’s engaged in “class warfare” and “dividing people”?"

Do you support or oppose Obama's debt reduction plan, which includes the following provisions?

10:30 EDT: President Obama Speaks on His Vision for a Balanced Approach to Reducing Our Deficit

NYT: Fill in the Blanks

Millionaire Tax: White House Talking Points Go After Republicans

Jared Bernstein: Class Warfare, My A__!

This blows out of the water any claim that the TX plan is better than Social Security

Daryl Cagle: Class Warfare Cartoons

He's beginning to believe

While we argue over whether the President is liberal enough, an innocent man is about to be executed

Obama Tweaks Signature Health Law In Deficit Plan, Shrinks Biologics Exclusivity Window To Seven Yea

If making millionaires, billionaires pay their fair share is class warfare, guess who's won the war?

Obama vid - inspiring

Send a penny to Rep. John Fleming (R-LA)?

"Obama and his team aren’t playing by the same rules anymore."

Bloomerg Editorial Board: GOP "Uncertainty" claim is B.S. This surprises me that they

'Don't ask, don't tell' fades away

GOP Trolls are not even bothering to hide themselves.

Laugh of the day - Tea Partier: ‘John Boehner Is A Socialist’

President Obama Will Veto Super-Committee Plan That's All Medicare Cuts And No Tax

Obama: "It's not class warfare, it's math." LOL! Take

Our Mission, if We Choose to Accept it...

Newsflash: Obama’s gambit isn’t just about appeasing Dems

Tomorrow, Obama will NOT call for raising Medicare eligibility to 67, will threaten veto

Wow! Obama's speech RIGHT NOW!

TPM: DOJ: Rick Perry's Texas Congressional Redistricting Map Violates Voting Rights Act

The GOP has the ability to sell shit to a sewer worker.

I'll REALLY believe it when I see it in action (and no crazy capitulation) , but it looks like he's

Multi-Millionaire Rep. Says He Can’t Afford A Tax Hike...Only Has $400K A Year After Feeding Family

Boehner is not happy

Stiglitz: "It's not class warfare to ask everyone in the country to pay their fair share."

Schumer: PUT IT ON THE FLOOR! We Want A Vote On The “Buffett Rule” To Tax Millionaires

The Hill: Google chairman calls lack of new stimulus measures 'ludicrous'

He needs our HELP, and he needs it now ...

The problem with "it's not class warfare, it's MATH" is...

MUST READ! Rove email!

Primary Challenge to President Obama

"It seems as if the plan was designed to piss off Republicans."

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