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WOW. Just watched Al Gore, Climate Reality Project on...

We’re Not Stupid – The Jobs Bill Switcheroo Won’t Do!

Danes vote in a centre-left coalition led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt 1st female PM

Is climate change about to take out a country?

So if gov Perry can't be bought for $ 5,000....

So if gov Perry can't be bought for $ 5,000....

The Republican vision for America summed up in this National Geographic video

Riffing (Not Copy Catting) Off Of The Democratic Convention Site Thread... A Question...

What is a "Millionaire"?

Woman's dog shot to death by U.S. marshal

Dear Ms. Bachman - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' -

An idea for some theater in congress to stop the Rethugs drive to get rid of "costly regulations"...

An idea for some theater in congress to stop the Rethugs drive to get rid of "costly regulations"...

Help - Didn't they tell us that the Al Gore show was going to be at

Great rant Lawrence - dead beat dad Joe Walsh is a disgrace to the

Yikes... I Was Gonna Make A Funny About A Guillotine Franchise For The Workers... Then I Saw This !!

Lawrence O'Donnell Ripping Joe Walsh A New A$$hole

Bees attack farm, kill giant pig

Only 18 years for killing and dismembering a 10 year old? I don't get it

Oh, Lawrence...You GO my man!

Ed Show on in Ohio now with Sherrod Brown, firefighters and other union folks

Question re: going to presentations by VP

Cows' milk may cause ENT (ear, nose, and throat) problems

Wither America

Big Ed really has his Ohio crowd pumped up, or maybe they've pumped themselves & Ed...

Holy Shit !!! - Video/Article On Joe McGuinness On Sara Palin (Just Shown On Lawrence)

Supreme Court halts killer's execution in Texas

Made millions during his pro career, yet just a couple of years later he's broke?

In Rare Public Statement, God Tells Pat Robertson to Shut the Fuck Up as told by Andy Borowitz

Holy Flaming Heaps o'Toledo! Just noticed a whole lot o'folks here at DU disagree wi'm about stuff

Ok Rachel time to bring your show on the road

Russia, North and South Korea to build pipeline

On CNN Mitt Romney implied a government of his would help people. The teabaggers are going

Dog Named Muhammad' Comment Irks Councilman

If You Missed The Al Gore/Current TV Marathon On Climate Change, Go Here:

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Makes SF Talk Day After Plane Emergency

Can you call yourself a "(insert number here) Amendment Consultant" and not be a lawyer?

GOP Candidates Fight For Support of America’s Most Insane Racist

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

how many jobs has the 112th congress created?

Borowitz: In Rare Public Statement, God Tells Pat Robertson to Shut the F*** Up

You-BS pulls a S&P-sized error that is totally a "rogue" investment banker's fault

(Lewis Brown) Ex-Basketball Prodigy Dies on Streets Where He Lived

I oppose the execution of Troy Davis

Tacoma Strike Day 3: The Student Strike

It's Simple, Really... Are You On The Side Of Working People, The Elderly, Students, Kids, Soldiers

NV election results; 32K more Rs registered than Ds in R district

Anyone know of efforts to organize an unemployed march on Washington?

Tidbits from teabagville

Sept 15, 1829 President Vicente Ramon Guerrero emancipated all slaves within the Republic of Mexico

Really... What the fuck is wrong with Republicans?

CSM: On immigration, a Democrat (MD governor) has kind words for GOP's Rick Perry (VIDEO)

Is there some reason in the world that Obama doesn't have a good spokesperson?

David Sirota: University of Hypocrisy

Trump Tea-Party Dinner Series Continues with Bachmanns

Keith O's "Countdown" Show on line. Please see below;

Palin Camp Denounces Racy Biography

Approval of Congress Matches Record Low---12%

FINALLY! Changed my voter registration today

Rob Ford’s War on Toronto

All roads lead to Rome. Know why?

Jindal and Fuggie Todd

Does anyone remember when the Reagan administration was cracking jokes about people dying from AIDS?

America and Oil: Declining Together?

The impact of Irene and Lee on the east coast estuaries in pictures

Virginia the latest front on the Choice war

Tornado or waterspout spotted in Ocean City, Maryland

Another view on Libya and the leadership of Mahmoud Jibril.

Another view on Libya and the leadership of Mahmoud Jibril.

Geithner Ignored Obama's Orders Regarding Banks So The Questions Is...

Guardian UK: Texas poverty figures challenge Rick Perry jobs record

Brazilian Police image shows "bags with cocaine inside the gastrointestinal tract of a 20-year-old"

David Horsey: Right wing disdain of federal employees goes Neanderthal

SHOCKING, UNEXPECTED turn of events: Todd Palin says Joe McGinniss' book contains LIES! LIES!

9/21 St Louis Park, MN: Protest visit from War Criminal George Bush, & candlelight Vigil for Victims

9/21 St Louis Park, MN: Protest visit from War Criminal George Bush, & candlelight Vigil for Victims

Has science advanced to the point where we can clone FDR?

Why don't they just make the Bush taxcuts permanent and get it over with??

N. Dakota oil rig explosion kills 2 workers - 3rd death since July 1

CNN's Carol Costello Is An Idiot.....

White House worried about Solyndra default

Is carville still a democratic strategist, and if so why. I have a lot of issues with Obama,

5 Things you do every day that are actually addictions

Serbs Given Go-Ahead by U.S. Court to Sue Defense Contractors over Genocide

A call to strong democrats to stay the course. The propaganda machine that has invaded is

Friday Toon Roundup : The GOP has turned into a monster

Tree Falls on Car in California , killing the driver

The Lost Decade

Chevron confirms fresh oil leak in Gulf of Death

Anyone out there with DISH? Dish time is "off"

If you ask for help after a disaster, be aware of the kind you may get:

BofA Keeps Countrywide Bankruptcy as Option

Having a weak candidate may bring us Perry

Is Sarah Palin going to be pissed at Donald Trump?

Radio Inside Scoop with Mark Levine (NOT Mark Levin)

They don't sense our urgency, do they?

The latest company to suck ass: Mandatory PS3 update removes right to join in a class-action lawsuit

Is Rick Perry dumber than Bush, or only as dumb?

DADT is ending in just 5 days

NY Daily News Article - Sarah Palin is the Kardashian of politics...

How does Obama win with 9% unemployment and 39% approval?

Leaked FBI manuals not only boost Anti-Muslim hate, but also boost actual Islamic terrorists

Solyndra: Advanced by Bush for 2 Years (Solyndra Timeline)

The effectiveness to the republican propaganda machine

Ever wonder why Medicare is "Going Broke"?

Perry Donor's Radioactive Waste Site Deal Scrutinized

Scientists: Bacteria spreading in warming oceans

The Sotheby’s Economy

"Dribble Baby Dribble!"

Executive Orders and the Tea Party

U.S. Supreme Court stays execution of Texas inmate

Throw the Bums Out

not a big deal thread, but wanted to shout out. 4 kids came to son saying they're leaning democratic

Oh thom hartmann IS on today!

Sign petition to get Free Speech TV on Comcast, Time-Warner and other cable systems

How does a RW legal foundation front group get top billing on Google News?

BLUE Dog Dems (repukes) support the JOBS bill, or I won't vote for you

Willian Greider (The Nation): Obama Backs Off Social Security Reform

12% Approval

New Silican Valley Christian conservative poltical group - funded by rich people

Syria: Crisis? What crisis?

NC on watch after jobless rate tops 10 percent

Ouch... MA Senate primary is in September 2012

Having Once Faced Execution Myself, I Now Raise My Voice in Protest

5 Central Banks Move to Supply Cash to Europe

A City of Glass Towers: A Hazard for Migratory Birds

Targetting Dissent

What percentage of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are Palestinians?

Friendly Fire?Jon Stewart Blasts Obama Administration For Solyndra Scandal +(Goldman Sachs involved)

The President proposes National health plan; Social Security suggested as pattern for program

Kweku Adoboli, UBS "rogue trader" arrested in London

Mods Delete my previous post

Progressives for Ron Paul

Why It's Unpatriotic For the RIch Not to Pay Taxes

Obama’s assault on health care

Friday Test - Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test

To all the people complaning about illegal immigrants taking jobs and not speaking English. I agree

To all the people complaning about illegal immigrants taking jobs and not speaking English. I agree

Wingnut Photo of the Day: Usually his followers just wear flannel shirts & hang out at USP

Judge blocks Fla. law restricting doctor gun talk

Ralph Nader appeared Thursday on Fox News to discuss a democratic primary

America: The land of poverty

Packaging Mix-Up For Birth Control Pills Prompts Recall

Republicans/TeaBaggers are stupid.

Should smoking be banned at the zoo? - story with pic

"The young president's authority was being systematically undermined or hedged by his ... advisers"

OUTRAGEOUS: FL Elections chief to outsource processing of absentee ballots

Shuler (DINO-NC) , others call for Obama to approve T-Mobile acquisition

TX inmate on death row gets last-minute reprieve.

Aide Interrupts Event To Inform Bush About 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies! -Ode to Scott Walker

Brown-Skinned Lady Sits Next To Two Indian Men On Plane,

New WTO Ruling May Jeopardize 'Dolphin Safe' Tuna Labels in U.S.

"But we live in a democracy, and at the end of the day, I can’t do this all by myself."

Old, selfish parents Gabriella and Luigi De Ambrosis to lose daughter - Turin court

Rick Perry's Former Staffers Made Millions As Lobbyists

"I was hungry": Man broke into restaurant, used microwave, had explanation, say cops

HIDDEN TAX: US Families Pay an EXTRA $1,000 Per Year To SUPPORT RELIGION

Beatles Refused To Play For Segregated Audiences, Contract Reveal

Why are there any Muslims living in Mecca?

Where $2 million gets you a double-wide mobile home

State’s top court weighs convicted rapist’s claim of torture by Lt. Burge’s crew

The next time that you hear whiny childish brats gripe about "socialism"--

11 Reasons Why the Unemployment Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Police State Update - NFL wants pat downs from ankles up at all stadiums

U.S. Military’s Inflated Brass is Burden on Taxpayers, POGO Tells Senate Panel

Time for some DU research: What is the cost of unemployment vs the cost of a new CCC-style program

Wall Street's Secret Oil Games - by Senator Bernie Sanders

Michele Bachmann - How Come...?

Free to Die

The Koch Brothers Invade Alaska: Nation, Guard Your Salmon (The Mudflats)

Judge puts temporary stop to Linn State's Drug Testing Program

"Tea Party Warns Heroes That Man Trapped Under Car Has No Health Care"

The Supreme Court stopped Rick Perry from committing another murder last night

Wonkette: FBI Raids Computers of Koch-Monster Scott Walker’s Henchwoman

Gulf War Syndrome Is Brain Damage Caused By Nerve Gas, Not Psychological Issues, UT Southwestern Stu

Gulf War Syndrome Is Brain Damage Caused By Nerve Gas, Not Psychological Issues, UT Southwestern Stu

Virginia Board Of Health Passes Strictest Abortion Clinic Regulations In The Nation

Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban

Michael Reagan considering Senate bid against Feinstein

Mom guilty of gambling with cancer benefit funds for ill son

They never saw it coming. Watch: The Vid

Toon: "Fundamentals are moving in my direction!"

he first wanted to see that they were good Christians and had money to prove they wouldn’t steal

"You got a get a DUI to get a taco".

"You got a get a DUI to get a taco".

I am just really sad about this...

Petition: Urgent: Innocent man about to be executed

Liberal protester douses GOP legislator in beer.

Bipartisan Group of 37 Senators urges Senate to "go big" with deep deficit cuts. Their names are ..

Monterrey casino arson attack policeman's family killed

I am not rich, yet I am a JOB CREATOR!!!!

The New Scramble for Africa


Miners trapped in Wales - one dead

Reposting this topic - 'Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness'

OK, so now we know Barry Manilow is a Ron Paul fan

Belize and El Salvador added to US drug blacklist

Question to James Carville regarding the word "Panic".

Question to James Carville regarding the word "Panic".

Cops: Pair took dead pal to strip club

The racist purge at DailyKos perspective from former loyalists at People's View

"Supreme Court Blocks Rick Perry’s Texecution of Inmate ‘Based on The Color of His Skin’"

Salon: "Joe Lieberman loves Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann"

The 1912 Bull Moose (Progressive Party) Platform that TR ran on...

Kids' Evolution Book, Shunned in US, Gets Award

UPDATE. Robbery Reported At Fashion Valley Jewelry Store

The Incredible Shrinking Megastore: Retailers Think Outside the Big Box

Locomotive engineers across the nation are holding a strike vote.

Any DU'ers in South Australia?

Any DU'ers in South Australia?

Latest sign of hardship: Families unable to bury loved ones

The Fed Bails Out Eurobanks Yet Again

Imagine my surprise! An unexpected IRS tax refund.

Follow up: UBS trader Kweku Adoboli charged with fraud

Army Times article says poll finds a souring mood among troops

Wealth report reveals richest states, poorest states

Activists Pursue Justice for Black Man Killed By Uncertified Georgia Cop

Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs

More than half of Somalis now face starvation

Vermont foliage road damaged by Irene reopens

Republicans are moronically short-sighted.

Is Ford airing an ad targeted to the teabags?

Just some thoughts

Chris Hayes' show tomorrow morning debut. I cannot wait.

Chris Hayes' show tomorrow morning debut. I cannot wait.

Spark Discharge Erosion

Spark Discharge Erosion

The single most dangerous moment of the nuclear missile age

Does DU have a meetup section for like minded individuals?

Congress 12 percent approval rating

"The White House Won’t Touch Social Security. Great! Now, about Medicare ..." He may be going after

Davis Mothan Air force base on lockdown/

Why a janitor ends up with a higher tax rate than a millionaire

Limbaugh Attacks First Lady Again, Says Obama’s Limousine ‘Weighs 8 Tons Without Michelle In It'

'I Wasn't Born at Harvard': Elizabeth Warren Meets the Voters

It is a single gunman in a building on that Arizona base. They hope he surrenders

Line-item veto?

Huge Defunct Satellite Falling to Earth Faster Than Expected

What I really expected from Obama--

Arctic ice shrinks to near-record low

Phish benefit concert raises more than $1.2 million for Vermont flood recovery

Phish benefit concert raises more than $1.2 million for Vermont flood recovery

The World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems

Appears the Netherlands have their own version of baggers called the Freedom Party

70 years later, Navy clears gay WWII vet's record...

Transgender girl, 10, tells of classmates' reactions

Don't let Republicans kid you. They're not opposed to raising fees:

Politics and the Prayer Warriors

How the GOP Became a Death Cult

Pennsylvania ponders Electoral College revamp

Pennsylvania ponders Electoral College revamp

Friday Toon Roundup : Fear and loathing in the Economy

Libya conflict: NTC forces driven back from Bani Walid

An email from Tom Harkin

Today's Doonesbury continues a great theme...and read "Today's Mudline" on Slate!

The euro zone shuns Geithner

" a black nationalist from Kenya smuggled into the United States to kill Sarah Palin’s baby."

The War on Christmas has begun, get your buttons now

Parched Texas Earth Swallows Puppy

TRUMP: "Well, I had dinner last night with JIM Perry, I was impressed with him,"

Cobb County (GA) Teabaggers cite terrorists as a reason to oppose Atlanta-area light rail plan

Amazing lost sketches of life inside Japanese PoW camp discovered

OMG!!! It is raining in Texas. nt

Cox In Court On Rape Charge

Pat Robertson suggests: man should DIVORCE his wife with Alzheimer’s & find ANOTHER Woman

A great quote from Steinbeck, that seems truer now than ever before.

As an accountant, I would highly recommend the documentary "Inside Job" as an education

OH SHIT: Obama’s assault on health care (Obama to propose massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid?)

Can I ask you two deeply personal questions?

John Galt is dead.

John Galt is dead.

NJ blogger acquitted of threats to Connecticut officials

Sharpton: 6% approve of Congress. 81% Democrats approve Obama.

How much does it actually cost for the Government to create a job?

Real Time with Bill Maher returns tonight. Says it is on a 11PM ET/MT. Has the hour

Executed man's relatives urge Texas panel to continue probe

Solyndra: GOP whining 'bout Private Investors being paid first - Politico

Michelle Rhee group spent $900,000 on ads attacking teachers in Michigan

11 Reasons Why the Unemployment Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

11 Reasons Why the Unemployment Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

I'm tired of not getting what I paid for!

Irony writ large: the Czar's secret police spread rumors about an INTERNATIONAL conspiracy ...

Paul Krugman: "'Free To Choose' Has Become 'Free To Die'"

The American Way

Hospitalizations for dirt eating nearly double in past decade Many cases linked to autism, although

Outside Magazine's best towns to live in list: (Some surprises)

Jeff Danziger: Christians and Lions

Homeless Taking Over Broadway's Pedestrian Plazas

Homeless Taking Over Broadway's Pedestrian Plazas

Obama has reduced revenues to the government by 654 billion with tax cuts for the rich

Leading House Democrats slam President Obama for going "AWOL" on the foreclosure crisis

Sculptor who shot dog for art film gets $750,000 for Central Subway art

Number of days since Clarence Thomas' crimes uncovered: 236 and counting.

Tennessee woman smothered her newborn twins, police say

Terri Schiavo's supposed "spiritual adviser" suspended by Bishop for "mismanagement" of million$

50 years ago in Key West

Can we get a seperate Toons Forum? So many great Toons I hate to miss a day. I like to share them

Poll: Americans optimistic about Hillary Clinton presidency (34%)

Seattle school board asked who paid $4000 fee for each TFA recruit. They got no answer.

The seven dwarfs

Latest sign of hardship: Families unable to bury loved ones

I'm Loving It !!! - The Koch Brothers Are Getting Booed On National TV !!!

Blogs that print verifiably false statements five times should be banned from other liberal sites.

Above The Law - USA (16 Sep 11)

Above The Law - USA (16 Sep 11)

Human touch trumps self service for Mass. supermarket chain

Let's get something straight. Demand creates jobs

Former Senator Bob Graham Urges Obama to Reopen Investigation into Saudi Role in 9/11 Attacks

James Carville: Obama needs to fire people, and start prosecuting Wall Street crime!

ABC reporter makes a real boneheaded mistake.

RLOL... oh lordly, FUNNY TOON

Red State

The civilized America we have known may be about to end

Help Stop the Army From Poisoning Monkeys!

This Is What Happens When You Have A Right-Wingnut Supreme Court.

Jobs bill would create 70,000 New York jobs: congresswoman

OMFG - solar bottle lights in the Philippines

FBI searches home of former aide to Wisconsin governor

Survey: Americans don't know Constitution, civics

Muslim Man's take-out burger from Petrol Station in Houston on 9/11 contains unexpected surprise

Muslim Man's take-out burger from Petrol Station in Houston on 9/11 contains unexpected surprise

Why a Working-Class Revolt Might Not Be Unthinkable

Oh lordly another funny one!

"Lexus Lanes" - HOV Toll Lanes

Woman Who Watched Her Brother Die From Lack of Insurance Delivers Powerful Rebuttal to GOP

What ended the Great Depression.

Keith Olbermann on Bill Maher tonite

get your "irony" for the day here:

Thread to express solidarity with those who will be occupying Wall Street tomorrow

Want a handy printout of our Constitution?

Libertarians should quit using our socialized currency, and make their own currency.

Have they been named yet? Those who cheered for "let him die". (edited for clarity)

Insurance companies just upping premiums to cover "wellness exams?"

Major discovery: a purpose of the war in Afghanistan

How is the War Economy working for you ?

Support your local library, please.

H m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m . . .

Good god...when Dems won a special election in a GOP district, no big deal...


Michelle Rhee's Michigan group spent $900,000 on ads attacking teachers

Silicon Valley gives conservative Christians a boost

new Right-wing Rasmussen 9/15 poll - Obama 46% Perry 39%

Stop the Murdoch Cover-Up! Don’t let Rep. Issa sweep the Murdoch scandal under the rug!

Matt Taibbi: The $2 Billion UBS Incident: 'Rogue Trader' My Ass

Atheist group to rip Bible pages in H.B. Saturday

Physics Nobel Resigns over group claim that the science is "incontrovertible"

New Orleans charters see reading, math scores rise faster than traditional schools

Are red areas of the country really still red...

Seriously? Starting price $35-$40 per lightbulb, stabilizing at $20?

Progressive Rally in D.C. this Fall?

Scotland Yard and the UK Guardian- unprecedented!

Ron Susskind Book: Geithner Ignored Obama's Order to Dissolve Citigroup

U.S. Tax-Evasion Probe Leads To Israeli Banks

Who do you want to run for president in 2016?

Who do you want to run for president in 2016?

Here’s your Friday Afternoon Challenge! “Cool threads, Dude!”

Gang of 38???

U.S. seeks to ban electronic cigarettes on airplanes

U.S. seeks to ban electronic cigarettes on airplanes

U.S. seeks to ban electronic cigarettes on airplanes

Can someone please tell me what Obama's values are?

Can someone please tell me what Obama's values are?

Ford TV Ad Slams Obama Auto Bailouts

Join the GMO Right2Know March Oct 1-16, 2011

Well, I just got out of the hospital after an emergency admission...

Well, I just got out of the hospital after an emergency admission...

I am sorry but I am having a hard time abt the Geithner "disobeyed me"

Geithner ignored an order from Obama to dissolve Citigroup. WTF?

Friday LOL's - pics

The decline and fall of the American middle class

The Saudi 9/11 Connection

RACHEL talking with JIMMY CARTER. Gees she is gorgeous

Ralph Nader: Hero of progressive values, or complete douchebag?

Good ol' reliable GD...

Careening on the edge, soaring to great heights, taunting yawning chasms...

Even at a young age, Amerigo Vespucci displayed a passion for...

More lightening

Anyone seen "Inside The Actor's Studio" Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Sean Penn or Russell Crowe?

self-delete. sorry. nt.

Rolling Stones had the best rock band run ever (1968-78)

I have been watching Father Knows Best on tv, James Anderson seemed to make a nice living.

I went for a drive in the country yesterday. I was thrilled to see all sorts of solar panels

Rick Perry at the texas State Fair will be all over those Fletcher corny dogs like MMMFFGAHMMF

What is the best gangster movie?

Gift ideas for a 77 yr old woman?

Anyone read Hesse's Steppenwolf?

Your face... it is my home.

Your sunglasses..Yeah, they make you look cool... but do they make you look MEGA-cool?



The hazards of cheerleading

Famous TV trademarks - post them here

The ultimate 'spelling nazi having some fun' on Facebook;

Boy, did we ever squander an opportunity in NY09

Please, some vibes for my cousin's husband. He's fighting a superbug and has been for 4 months.

Broccoli -- it's back... and this time it's got a ATTITUDE!!!

Post a music video about autumn..

Well, summer seems to be in its death throes since I woke up this morning

What, that's not a real mustache?

5 Places Never to Use Your Debit Card

Alpaca meets kitten. Cute overload video!

Geddy Lee: Worst Bass Player Ever?

Geddy Lee or Tiny Tim?

The cure for love is pain.

PHOTO: Kids bring joy to their parents, and they also come in handy on housework day.

Cops: Pair took dead pal to strip club

Never played on AFN in '71, banned, topical and updated

My favorite part of my morning exercise walk is the CROWS.

My group just reached 7500 world wide members today

Bppppptttttttttt. What a week.

Cowboys suck - enough said

Wanted: DUer in Mobile Alabama with a boat

This day in music history: 1977: RIP Marc Bolan

One of Bucky's students yesterday insisted to him "Helter Skelter" was a Beatles song

I met Aasif Mandvi today (also, follow-up to Issa stealing my hot dog this summer)

One of my students yesterday insisted to me "Welcome to the Jungle" was a Guns & Roses song

I you could have one room from your dream home what would it be. Me, I'd build

New and Improved Bird defense against cats - now with lasers....

Good news from the world of Hepatitis C treatment.

Breaking: Place In France Orders Women To Wear Pants

Vibes Requested

I had run out of stuff to do so I looked over at the On Demand and discovered Torchwood...

MiddleFingerMom's incessant taunts of "5:00, 5:00, 5:00" earned him the title "office clock teaser."

This man has the easiest job on TV. Maybe in the whole world.


Breaking: Place In San Francisco Orders Men To Wear Pants

Just watched The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. A reminder of why I left home at 15 and

We have new pool tables in the lounge!

Someone should post this in GD every morning!

Dramatic animals - even more cute-overload

The Greatest taxidermy commercial EVAH!

La Cuba Libre Recipe

Any ideas on how I can make my kitty feel more secure. She lost her companion two months ago.

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro ..... (best eyewitness interview ever!)

OOOLALA WHOA!!! True Blood Hottie Werewolf breaks off RL engagement

buying quarters to do laundry? .... question

I munna let you finish...

If Rush is the greatest band in Canada, then that must mean that ALL bands must

Ok... I haven't slept in 2 days, and I'm having conversations with people that aren't in the room...

Some cool shadow art


Would you pay $400 for a Lego set?

Survivor: Not looking good after one show

Bake: Worst Taste in Music Ever?

The James Gang Live 1971 Walk Away/40 years flies by.

Thank god... The drugs are kicking in

So Fall just showed up here in the Mid-Atlantic

Tick Tock Post a Pic of a Clock

Dying by Inches: My Star-Specked Liver

PHOTO: "Shut the fuck up, Donny..."

I'm all out of captions

Ok is this the weirdest request that anyone could ever have in regards to their pets

Everything is a file: The UNIX system applied to life

PHOTO: "Here, kitty kitty kitty...NICE kitty...yes you are! You're a..."

What did you use to 'sneak' when you were a kid. My mom had no candy or goodies in the house. I was

I'm exhausted and this close to burning out. Lounge vibes, please.

Neil Fucking Diamond

The French know how to live. Stopped into a grocery store in Quebec last night. They

Electrical rates?

Senate approves FAA, highway funding extensions

(Secure Communities) Deportation Program Sows Mistrust, U.S. Is Told

Detroit school computers, cash stolen; 2 ex-DPS employees, 8 others charged

Swissair crash may not have been an accident: ex-RCMP

UN approves Libya seat for former rebels

Approval of Congress Matches Record Low

Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer

Premiums will drop for private Medicare plans, Obama administration says

FBI searches home of former aide to Wisconsin governor

State House OKs bill to stop employers from offering domestic partner benefits

Poll gives Linda McMahon early lead in Connecticut GOP Senate race

Snake salesman pleads case against regulation (GOP Spokesman)

Bioethicist Bets Bachmann $10,000 on HPV Vaccine Link to Damage

Congressman: America's Future Uncertain

NYC appeals judges put Chevron lawyer on defensive over $18 billion Ecuadorean judgment

Latest sign of hardship: Families unable to bury loved ones

Justice Ginsburg calls for equality for gays

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, September 16, 2011

Authorities expand search for armed, on-the-run soldier in Otsego County

SoCal Grocery workers 'paving way for a strike' give 72-hour notice

Reports: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on Lockdown

Wisconsin teachers retire in droves after union loss in bargaining fight

Tiffany's foreign sales set to exceed U.S.

Welsh mine tragedy: Fourth Gleision miner found dead

Study: Gulf War Syndrome Is Brain Damage Caused By Nerve Gas, Not Psychological Issues

IRS Announces That Tax-Cheat Forfeitures Total $2.7-Billion -- Much More to Come

Dems rip White House for going 'AWOL' on mortgage crisis

Armed man barricaded at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Miami man jailed 50 years for $205 million health fraud

Jeb Bush forms new company and gets into 'privatized' disaster response business

Obama says reelection odds are better now than 2008

Governor Says He Had No Knowledge Of FBI Raid

Panetta: DOD cuts could up jobless rate by 1 point

Planet like Star Wars Tatooine Discovered Orbiting 2 Suns

LightSquared Rebuts Pay-for-play Charges (with Obama administration)

British tourist kidnapped in Kenya

China Consolidates Grip on Rare Earths

Feinstein weak in poll, but no GOP challenger yet

Comcast offers discount Internet access for low-income youth

Jimmy Carter wants Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee

Huge Defunct Satellite Falling to Earth Faster Than Expected, NASA Says

This is not an accomplishment.

Some ways Obama can win next year

Because it worked just so well the first time, Mitt!!

NYT editorial: Bipartisanship of the Wrong Kind

Krugman: Free to Die

Perry: Cut aide to Palestinians over U.N. vote

What Is The Most Important Problem Facing America?

As an accountant, I would highly recommend the documentary "Inside Job" as an education

NRCC Chairman No Fan of Pennsylvania Republican Electoral Scheme

AFT Members Join the Push to Get Jobs Bill Passed

Poll: Just 12% happy with Congress

Remember, remember, the sixth of November

Another collage for y'all.

Gov. Martin O'Malley: GOP will block jobs if Obama would get credit (VIDEO)

Help Mitt Romney relate to middle-class voters (ha!)

GOP congress at 12%. Obama at 39%. President would be higher if WH advisors STOPPED appeasing GOP

Sen. Mary Landrieu: “Maybe it’s just for his election, which I hope isn’t the case.”

'Republicans think protecting children from lead is "job killing" '

AP Exclusive: World War II vet, ousted for being gay, finally receives ‘honorable’ discharge

Why does this statement not encourage me?

Al Sharpton promises to call out the "Crybaby Caucus" on his show

Obama signs 1st major patent law change since 1952

Just so you know the right wing & their media friends will turn Solyndra into Obama's Whitewater

PPP: Obama behind but competitive in state of Missouri

Barry Manilow, Paulbot

Robert Shrum: The Democrats' Self-defeating Crybaby Chorus

"Couple comes face to face with reality of 'Obamacare'"

James Carville’s Flawed Advice for Obama

Hollywood Giving Obama the Cold Shoulder?

Is Rick Perry Barry Goldwater Or Ronald Reagan?

Axelrod: "12,000 individuals applied to volunteer summer organizers, more than in 2008"

So if President Obama doesn't win

Rick Perry: The File. Weekend Ed. (A categorized list of links to stories on his transgressions.)

Just proudly gave, what I can give, to Obama's 2012 reelection campaign

Just proudly gave, what I can give, to Obama's 2012 reelection campaign

Suskind book: Female advisers in Obama White House sidelined and ignored

TYT University: Student Loan Debt & Going Bankrupt

Ron Paul - Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect

New Book On Palin: Sex With BBall Player And Cocaine

#TooMuchDoubt: Petition Delivery (Troy Davis)

Thom Hartmann - Brunch with Bernie Sanders (yes today bc Thom's off Friday)

Greenpeace Video Celebrates 40 Years Of Activism

9/21 St Louis Park, MN: $3600 for Hors D'oeuvres with George Bush or FREE Protest!

Can Obama Motivate Students To Vote?

Thom Hartmann: Flying while brown! (airline racial profiling case)

Resident Evil: Zombie Banks!

Mike Malloy - The Pedophile Cover Up

Is Poverty a Death Sentence?

Thom Hartmann & Jim Hightower - a Texan's view of Governor Rick Perry

A Breakfast Delivery for Bank of America (clever muffin protest)

Thom Hartmann: Crazy Alert! Eel Wriggles into Man's Penis

Sarkozy and Cameron´s Libyan PR stunt

Rachel Maddow: Elizabeth Warren, from consumer advocate to candidate. Part 1 (of 2)

Papantonio: America’s Income Disparity Explained

Mike Malloy - Freak Of The Day: Sally Kern

Mike Malloy - Republican Christianity Equals Insanity

Rick Perry's Deep Thoughts Corner

One Man, One Votge - Joe on PA's Electoral College Changes

Ian Millhiser: GOP attempts to manipulate electoral college

Sam Seder: The Future of Libya

Majority Report: FBI Investigating Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?

US threatens Syria

Sarah Palin Makes me Sick

September 11, 1941

Rachel Maddow: Pres. Carter Interview

Lawrence O'Donnell: Teabagger Rep Joe Walsh Missed Child Support Hearing Because...

Perry Kills an Innocent Man & Covers it Up/ Free Troy Davis katiehalper

TYT: Obama Should 'Panic', Fire Staff - Carville

Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup - God's Away On Business

Rachel Maddow Takes on GOP Proposal to Change PA's Electoral College Vote

Hideous, loathsome troll Liz Cheney argues with O'Reilly over that greeted as liberators thing

TDPS: Tea Party GOP Debate Embarrassing Propaganda...CNN should be ashamed

SURPRISE! Nader plans Obama primary challenge to “hold his feet to the fire.”

Lagarde warns IMF could withhold Greek loan

Chain-Reaction Revolution: How Government Blunders May Trigger Mass Unrest

Republicans rewriting state election laws in ways that could hurt Democrats

Loan Was Solyndra's Undoing

Learning About Food Consumption from the French

Book Revue: LA Times, "Sara Palin Vs Joe McGinniss: cocaine, infidelity and anonymity"

Serving US Poor a Cold Cup of Bitter Tea

Has American-Style Conservatism Become a Religion?

When Sexual Liberation Arrived By Mail

The law and Justice Clarence Thomas

Making Tyrants Do Time

Joe Conason: Preserving Life (Unless It’s Uninsured)

The new normal: Fighting state laws that defy common sense

Why We Left the United States - a Must Read

Rick Perry, Death, and Hypocrisy

What is the US up to in Iraq?

Robert Parry: Cheney’s Unintended Admissions

Georgia prepares to execute possibly innocent man...

Yahoo - 'Let Them Die' -- Latest Tea Party Slogan?

Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if

Largo man refused tacos at drive-thru, calls 911

Organic Seeds Growers are Suing Monsanto – support them

Has American-Style Conservatism Become a Religion? by Joshua Holland

Robert Scheer: One Betrayal Too Many

Former Senator Bob Graham Urges Obama to Reopen Investigation into Saudi Role in 9/11 Attacks

America and Oil: Declining Together?

Outcasts: Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Car

Peak oil notes - Sept 15

Drumbeat: September 16, 2011

Installed Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Declined Significantly in 2010 and 2011

Fukushima clean-up may require removal of 100 million cubic meters of soil

Hurricane Maria rushes towards Newfoundland

Cities Gobbling Up Huge Land Masses (by 2030, twice the land area of texas to be added)

New Device Generates Energy from Small Vibrations