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Shouldn't this be in the lounge? Well it isn't, not yet anyway. For those of you who are so

Social Security and Medicare work

24 hours of reality

Israel evacuates Jordan embassy ahead of protests.

For those interested, Gore's 24 Hours of Climate Reality is on now.

For those interested, Gore's 24 Hours of Climate Reality is on now.

Romney Is No Better Than Perry on Social Security

Until the Congress is reformed...and that means throwing out some dems too...

Issa: We Won’t Investigate News Corp’s 9/11 Victim Hacking - We Don’t Want To Pick On The Media

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Rick Perry worships Jesus, a man who was executed by the government."

I wish Rachel would just smack Mofo GOODHAIR & let's get over it!1 n/t

How to pull off a coup, Pennsylvania style

Elizabeth Warren coming up on Rachel

'Naked' scanners may soon be on the way out

Anybody In Charge Here ??? - White House Still Pushing Full Jobs Package Despite Brief Confusion

HUD: evicted 101-year-old Detroit woman going home...

The Richest Members of the US Congress 2011 - CNBC

Apple Bans App That Shows Electronics' Blood Trail

UPDATE: 24 Injured in Structural Collapse at San Ysidro Border Crossing

Widening European debt crisis raises global recession risk

"All corporate taxes should be raised so that these companies have less

The GOP's Genius Plan to Beat Obama in 2012

Prosecutors: Man killed mom after spat over Avril Lavigne concert tickets

Constitutional Progressives Take Critical Fight to Tea Party


Ed Show in Ohio on now (broadcasting from Ohio again tomorrow Thursday)

Postmaster General Donohoe threatening massive closure of USPS...

Big Ed is in Toledo tonight.

Rep Joe Walsh must resign.

This board is unreadable if it decays into useless infighting. But it also becomes useless

Peace out? ... Center for Peace and Conflict Studies hangs in the balance

If your ideology can't produce a super-hero, you are a Libertarian, Republican or Teabagger.

New York Times' Jennifer Steinhauer caricatures Peter DeFazio as "near shrieking"

Greece 'integral' to the eurozone, say European leaders

John Dingell statement of FAA extension

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnell just asked Republicans to think about what Rick Perry would have done ...

If Democrats in special elections ran on hot issues, they'd win...think Kathy Hochul

Judge tells Rep. Walsh he must prove he paid $100,000 in child support

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Kevin Zeese joins Mike

A Declassified Huntsman Clarifies China's Gold Ambition

As Marco Rubio embraces national spotlight, he draws tougher scrutiny

Elizabeth Warren

"I can be outspent, but I can't be outworked."

Joe Walsh is a United States Congressman, and should not have to appear in court

Venezuela gov't in contact with Carlos the Jackal

Family of alleged hate-killing victim opposes death penalty in case

Immigration Advocates Split Over Arizona Boycott

Libya NTC head Abdul Jalil wants help battling Gaddafi

Libya NTC head Abdul Jalil wants help battling Gaddafi

Efraim Halevy: Obama Showed "Leadership Of Historic Dimensions" To Save Israelis In Cairo Embassy

When Do Unions Start Supporting Each Others

Obama’s North Carolina campaign throws gays ‘under the bus’

Oh Shit... 'Field Poll: Californians Sour On Obama' - SacBee

Iran denies decision made over jailed US 'spy' hikers

I was enjoying viewing Ed's rally in Ohio until he was so rude to one of the ladies

Indian state of Tamil Nadu gives laptops to children

How was Jon Stewart tonight?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart: Anthony Weiner’s C*ck Lost NY-9 To The Republicans - VIDEO

Oh! OH! Did you Hear? Sarah Palin Banged a Basketball Player!

Oh! OH! Did you Hear? Sarah Palin Banged a Basketball Player!

As job growth stagnates, Obama’s re-election hopes may rest on painting opponent as even worse

K & R if you don't care that Sarah Palin slept with some basketball player.

Regarding the rebels in Libya - (the ones that have hearts and a sense of decency)

There are message boards for dedicated Democratic partisans out there.

TOON: History repeating itself

Armed pirates kidnap 23 sailors off West Africa, maritime officials say

Any poll good or bad is useless at this time

Juan Cole: (Egyptian) Muslim Brotherhood Rebukes (Turkish PM ) Erdogan for Advocacy of Secularism

I didn't think they'd do so well selling our jobs for $16/hour and buying a boat, but look!

Michaele Salahi was not kidnapped -- she ran off with Journey's Neil Schon

Thousands of walruses haul ashore in Arctic Alaska

Nausea for Atlanta DUer's: Sean Hannity to broadcast live from Atlanta

Yeah Huh ??? - Poe's Law (Not Edgar Allan)

A question for any republican that might be reading this ...

they say we have the highest poverty rate since 1993

Which political websites are on YOUR 'look at as soon as I wake up and get on the computer' list?

Judge Says Hedge Funds May Have Used Inside Information

America Held Hostage - Day 987

Congress is working for 400 people.

Michael Moore on Colbert (video)

Here is a job plan:

Here is a job plan:

Democrats prefer to lose

Cargill's antibacterial wash-resistant bacteria

CNN Poll: More Americans trust Obama on economy over Republicans in Congress

CNN Asking The Question Should Congress Take A Pay Cut.....

After marriage question, NC Legislature goes home

Worry About Unemployment Surges


A glimmer of hope

A glimmer of hope

Jim Hightower: Obama's jobs plan is more Walter Mittyish than Rooseveltian.

Franciscan clinics to request prepayment from uninsured

Crazy is as crazy does: Bachmann courts 'America's Bully Sheriff'

morning pledge

Obama as Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Above The Law - USA (15 Sep 11)

Magnitude 6 quakes hit off Cuba, Japan and New Zealand

7.6 million children under-five died worldwide in 2010, down from more than 12 million in 1990

Thursday Toon roundup- The Rest

One might not rest so easy if exposed to Texas justice

The Whole Financial Community, The Corporations, The MSM And All The Repugs.....

Have you ever noticed how greedy a typical republican crowd looks like?

Corporations don't kill people. People kill people.

Corporations don't kill people. People kill people.

6,6,6.2 earthquakes

Tacoma Teachers Vote To Defy Judges Order......

Is The Atlantic Magazine finally catching up with James Howard Kunstler?

Is The Atlantic Magazine finally catching up with James Howard Kunstler?

I Sense... A Tense-ness In The DU Force Tonight... Anybody Else ???

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz

IMF's Christine Lagarde urges global action as G7 meet

Thursday Toon roundup- The Death Party, con't

America: the land of poverty (100 million Americans actually living in poverty?)

Big Corporations Pressure Congress to Stop Taxing Overseas Profits

Obama: "If you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill!"

Birmingham church marks anniversary of bombing that killed 4 little girls

Thursday Toon roundup- Jobs and Poverty

Thursday Toon roundup- pRick Perry

Netflix question. Is there anyway to do subtitles on the Streaming service?

Obama needs to summon up his oratorical skills

Just in case someone missed it, an eel crawled up some guy's peener.

Mom Jailed Because Her Baby LOLed in Library

Jim "Crude" Cramer just went for it on Morning Joe.

Murmurs of GOP Opposition to Electoral College Changes in PA

Lucky me...

Before Medal of Honor, beer with Obama

Need advice re: Roberts Rules

Need advice re: Roberts Rules

Judge Rebukes DEADBEAT DAD JOE WALSH For MISSING Child Support Hearing: ‘He’s No Different Than Any

Two killed in Norway cruise liner fire

Lawyers for death row inmate sentenced on basis of racist testimony in 11th-Hr. plea to Perry

Send us your puppy photos—or the planet gets it!!! (Grist) :)

"Christian" Conservative's Bible.....

Playing fire with fire are there any GOP states where Dems can threaten to change allocation of EV?

Lana Brooks then gave the envelope to her husband, telling him “take this and do not lose it.”

I see the convention being in Charlotte as similar to the Dean 50-state strategy.

Boehner: Tax increases off the table for debt supercommittee

Palin doing blow off an oil drum somehow strikes me as entirely credible.

How long?

New floods in Pakistan kill 226

which is more important? which is the priority?

Unemployment claims up to 428,000 initial claims this week

Karen(paid analyst) on MSNBC just made a good point. The democratic base panics too much from

Wisc. protesters arrested for filming lawmakers

Amy Senser Charged in Hit and Run

Amy Senser Charged in Hit and Run

Kucinich to run against Kaptur in newly redrawn Ohio district

2012 Election: New Slogan for Activists

2012 Election: New Slogan for Activists

I challenge Keith Olbermann and the brains behind Currant TV to be bold and

The 11 craziest things in Rick Perry’s ‘Fed Up’ manifesto

N.C. Congressman Opposes Antigay Amendment, Will Cosponsor DOMA Repeal

Where's the Golden Voice? He's speaking for Homeless at Bluestone Columbus OH 9-15 Thursday

Which state will be the first to secede

Delay DADT Repeal? Pentagon Says No

"There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm."

Thoughts on Bachmann and "retardation" vaccinations.

Colo. cat, missing 5 years, is found on NYC street

The Sports Forum

Are we ready to fight yet?

The Rude Pundit: The US Day of Rage Takes a Trip Into Right-Wing Conspiracy Land

Bush admin pushed Solyndra loan guarantee for two years

Obama's Economic Policies: One Betrayal Too Many

Can John Boner BE more boring?

Ta-Nesihi Coates calls out Progressives to get busy.

Seven reasons single-payer health care will be great for Vermont business

President and Mrs. Obama at the Hispanic Caucus Gala

Well, I Guess I'll Just Take My Business To Another Soulless Multinational Corporation

Croquet anyone? Tonette Walker throws fundraiser to rehab governor's mansion

boehner says it...only spending cuts and entitlement reforms

As Johnny COCHRAN said to Quitter PALIN, "If she don't SUE, it must be TRUE!1" (she dint sue LEVI

Could it be that the push back from the left on these cuts ACTUALLY worked?

You know, Louie Gohmert is a real scumbag.... check out his "jobs bill"...

"If you've been following the news lately, you already know what the super committee and the jobs

it wasn't 9/11 that changed the world

How is it possible?

List of ways that CONS have WEAKENED our U.S.Gov.,

FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’

Help with a link re: Postal Service Pension Funding

"We’ll get married when everyone can."

A Guide to Being a Terrible Online Board Commenter

Obama to shield Social Security in deficit-reduction...

Sushi On The Cheap By GEICO Insurance

Courting the disgraced, Birther liar vote: Rick Perry holds NYC meeting with Trump

Do you feel confident there is at least one Liberal Ideal that is safe with this Administration?

In two successive years I 've been 100 pts pessimistic and 400 pts optimistic on DJIA crystal ball.

Professors offer more than $10,000 for proof that Bachmann’s story about HPV is true

Amen, Mr. Wise, Amen. "... life is precious and fleeting, and not promised us for even one more day"

Amen, Mr. Wise, Amen. "... life is precious and fleeting, and not promised us for even one more day"

Folks, the reason that the GOP is making it's push now is

Colorado cat, missing 5 years, is found on NYC street

Disabled Man Forced to Stand Barefoot in Ant Hill

Top Air Force Official Issues Religious Neutrality Policy , . . . . .

Central banks act as economy hits 'dangerous new phase'

Jesus' dialogue with the GOP...

CSM: Today's election in the Netherlands "a litmus test for Europe's far-right politics"

If Sarah Palin and Todd thought Joe McGuiness was a creep, why would she be out in the yard

Waxman: 'The Most Anti-Environment House In History'

Remember White House crasher Michaele Salawi? She's run off with

Could Obama’s jobs bill help end jobless benefits as we know them?

Ex-TV meteorologist pleads guilty in case of phony assault report

What fugging shackles of Washington Boehner?

Who’s Above the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap?

It seems to me that in the end there will only be one way to bring back sanity

What Will Counter-Earth Obama Do To Get Sun and Wind?!!

Henry Winkler, the Fonz in Happy Days, appointed OBE

Black clergy demand ‘justice’ in redistricting proposals

Ex-Marine who saved dozens to receive Medal of Honor

Heard this quote "Conservatives don’t care who they kill as long as they save the fetuses"

That medal of honor would look better with a darker ribbon. The light blue seems a little off. Who

It appears the republican strategy is working..

Pat Robertson says Alzheimer's makes divorce ok..

Bruce Dixon on the "Black Wall"


Chinese premier Wen Jiabao calls for more democracy

Concerning netflix,does anybody know...

Sep 15 - 3-yr anniversary of the Lehman Bros bankruptcy and Wall St collapse

Elizabeth Warren's Web Site

Lapdancing takes off among students struggling with fees

Sen. Brown urges Gov. Patrick to back illegal alien measure

UBS trader Kweku Adoboli arrested over 'rogue deals

NYT: Survey - Americans Now Considering Asia More Important Than Europe

New species of dolphin discovered

Sarah Palin's husband Todd attacks biography for 'lies' Mrs Palin has not yet commented on the alle

Why does the Republican base behave that way? Republicanism IS their religion.

Here we go again. Still. Yet.

GOP-drawn congressional map clears Ohio House

Neb. - Water from broken main floods downtown businesses

Lawmakers relay disaster relief assurances, concerns to FEMA chief

Boehner: ‘Hell, no! I’m not having any fun’

To the folks that think our days are worse than the days in the past ...

Dylan Ratigan is not toofar from being like Moaning Joe. He can be an arrogant know it all

House launches full scale assault on the National Labor Relations Board

Nurses Sick over ‘Let Him Die’ Moment at Republican Debate

Ok...I agree we should let Obama...

Montreal university students don blackface (and display Jamaican stereotypes)

Christian Right leader: Perry is better than Bush, he doesn't have his education or "compassion"


Political poll from the Madison, WI area......

Pat Robertson is a mean, insane, crazed fuck and poor excuse as a representative of Christianity

Pat Robertson is a mean, insane, crazed fuck and poor excuse as a representative of Christianity

Bernie Sanders On One Of The Biggest Killers In America

Cherokee tribe retreats from effort to oust some members

Demonstrators shout, 'What do we want? Jobs! When do we want them? Now!' - pre Boehner speech (pics)

Pat Robertson says it's okay to divorce your spouse if they have Alzheimers

The Latest Republican Plan to Steal a Presidential Election May Just Work

Tweety on Perry's pay to play Texas

Real-life 'Star Wars' planet seen

New CNN Poll: GOP divided over tea party movement

SSDI payment amount question

Is lgbtiq equality a states rights issue? Or is it a national issue

Teen accused of taking $17,000 in donations for cancer hoax

No Thanks... And... Are You Fucking KIDDING Me ???

No Thanks... And... Are You Fucking KIDDING Me ???

Netflix expects a million fewer subscribers in wake of plan change

Just for fun...

Things may have gone too far when I agree with this POS

Rogue Trader hits UBS for $2B...

Colombia imprisons ex-spy chief Jorge Noguera

Colombia imprisons ex-spy chief Jorge Noguera

Cook County Judge Raul Vega wins the "who's your daddy" game against Joe Walsh’s attorney

Anybody seeing Boehner's speech? That does it - they're not

Norman Goldman's take on NY-9

Did you know that campaign finance reform is a "leftist" concept and that it stifles free speech?

Obama to exclude Social Security from deficits plan.

Texana Hollis, 101-Year-Old Evicted Woman, Is Getting Home Back

In my most humble opinion...

In my most humble opinion...

MSNBC - "The liberal disaffection myth" - Points Out The Beltway (Corporate Media) Narrative

Legislative brew-ha-ha: State Rep gets beer dumped on head

so Boehner said no. Fine. we now run on this exclusively for 13 months.

Health Expert Offers Bachmann $10,000 If She Can Provide One Case Proving

So Boener, predictably, said "no" -- this is the part where Obama uses the bully pulpit and says...

Struggling Postal Service announces 'new reality'

The Dumbing Of America

Why does M$Greedia allow these ReTHUGS to get away

Scarlett Johansson nude photo leak investigated by FBI

The most frightening words for conservatives:

Michael Moore, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clash on ‘The View’

Does anyone here agree that Canadians are being cheated in buying meat?

I know it's a cliche, but we really do need President Obama to win because of Supreme Court...

You want to see a clearly written set of Priorities? Look at Elizabeth Warren's

Ohio changes name to Iraq to get federal help, Virginia to become Afghanistan

Okay, so since Boehner (and McConnell previously) essentially

Michael Moore, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clash on ‘The View’

BREAKING Libya conflict: Anti-Gaddafi NTC forces enter Sirte

President Obama to deliver jobs message in Boehner's backyard

Some Graphics For You All

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Don't Raise Social Security Retirement Age. Raise the Pension Retirement Age on

Update: 'Is White House Really Backing Away From Push For full Jobs Bill?' - WaPo

Slowpoke TOON- Entitlements

Would God Be A Republican Or Democrat?

Bush’s Toronto appearance cancelled

Obama sticker led cops to shooting suspect

Now that 9-11 is over, I want a monument on Wall Street to

UNBELIEVABLE Capitol Hill building Ditching Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Barack Obama's Blue-State Blues - Politico

Occupying Wall Street on September 17: Hacktivists, Anarchists, Students--and You?

15% flat tax?

15% flat tax?

LOL - Chris Matthews call Rick W. Perry a "redneck" We need more of that

Journalists protest Obama admin's shutdown of bad-doctor database; HRSA threatens reporter.

Is there anybody in San Diego...

No, Angela you are absolutely wrong.

Democrat blames NY loss on sagging Obama popularity

Security cameras captured images of Norway killer

Chris Matthews calls GOP nomination campaign "Battle Of The Planet Of The Apes."

Living in your parents’ basement? So are lots more young adults

In Case You Missed The Carville Piece Being Discussed On Hardball, Go Here:

the only way to stop what PA wants to do is to overwhelm Harrisburg

Boehner is full of shit - the private sector is NOT creating job

SAT scores hit record low

Bob Turner: Another glorious victory of "Who the &@#$ else ya gonna vote for, chumps?!" politics

Boehner to Call for Bipartisan Action to “Liberate America’s Economy”

I have to laugh because it sounds so familiar today: Hubert Humphrey on JFK

I have to laugh because it sounds so familiar today: Hubert Humphrey on JFK

French Report: Radioactivity 10 times normal — linked to explosion at Marcoule + much more

French Report: Radioactivity 10 times normal — linked to explosion at Marcoule + much more

California could pose problem for Obama's healthcare reform

Repugs to bikers and pedestrians: Get a car or drop dead

APWU Denounces USPS Plans to Dismantle Mail Processing Network

Final three hours for the Climate Reality Project!

Friday class canceled; Tacoma teachers' strike carries on

Any ideas on good local laws for dealing with aggressive dogs?

One more time, the issue is NOT who is in the White House in 2013....

White House 'rushed' loan to solar firm Solyndra

Is George Bush planning a library?

Jimmy Kimmel Skewers Palin...

"Pan Am"..."Desparate Housewives of ****", and now

Probe surrounding Wis. governor apparently growing

Probe surrounding Wis. governor apparently growing

I don't agree with the panic part but Carville is correct re

"The vagina is becoming big business."

Michelle Obama applauds Olive Garden announcement

Last week, I went to a Cleveland Indians game…

President Jimmy Carter On Rachel Maddow Tomorrow Night...

How 'Small Government' Conservatives Raise Your Taxes Through Stealthy Back-Door Fees - AlterNet

Some Democrats balking at Obama's jobs bill

"Job creator" hands out 40,000 pink slips

Justin’s Grieving Mother Visits Michele Bachmann’s Office Today

Cat last seen in Colorado 5 years ago found in N.Y.

American exceptionalism for Who ?

Majority of baggers are college educated

Obama jobs plan: Raise taxes on health care (for those making over 200 grand)

Fortunately For 101 Year Old Ms. Hollis---The Evil-Freedom-Sucking Gov Took Pity & Decided To Help

GOP Zero Sum Sham: No Jobs Bill Unless Obamacare is Repealed

A 9-11 story you might not have heard...500K rescued from lower Manhattan in epic boatlift

American Infrastructure Is Being Built By The Chinese, NOT Americans

What are your family living arrangements?

Mitt Romney: Dick Cheney Is 'The Kind Of Person I'd Like To Have' As Vice President (VIDEO)

Union Denounces USPS Plans to Dismantle Mail Processing Network

What are the wealthy people in your area doing with their money?

DU tends to idolize a handful of congress critters: Sanders, Kucinich

DU tends to idolize a handful of congress critters: Sanders, Kucinich

Hey BOEHNER;there have been NO tax increases in over 15 YEARS;SO WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

Obama Team BLAMING Jewish Vote For LOSS Of Weiner House Seat Dems HELD for 88 Years

When someone puts themselves out there as a pinnacle of piety....

Libya: Cameron and Sarkozy mobbed in Benghazi

Coyotes romping in backyard of california home (video), alternative ways to deter them sought

Texas drought worsens from 'abysmal'

GOP Gives Corporations “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

Nancy Grace Slams Chaz Critics

Minnesota professor offers $1,000 for Bachmann's HPV vaccine victim

The attacks from the left on Obama are getting more desperate.

All in favor of moving the Democratic Convention out of North Carolina say "aye."

In the absence of the CAFE standard, would Detroit ever have

For the GENERAL election...

All those who can't get Olbermann on TV, here's info from Koko: You can get it on line at:

Where Did All the Male Teachers Go? France Worries That Boy Students May Be Suffering

Alameda raid mistakenly targets TV reporter's home

Why do we have so many people in jail?

Leonard Peltier moved to Florida prison

Berlusconi calls Merkel an "unfuckable lard-arse:"

Are the Chinese Using Predatory Pricing to Knock America Out of Solar Manufacturing?

Extraordinary colour photographs reveal 1940s life in the Big Apple in all its glory

Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

Took my cats to the vet today.

California politicians seeking permission from White House for severe Medi-Cal (Medicaid) cuts.

As both a Democrat and as a musician, Boehner talking about Gibson being treated unfairly

Will Windows 8's new interface herald full-screen scareware?

Exceptional for Who?

Michelle Obama Decrees Olive Garden And Red Lobster Will No Longer Make You Fat

Picture worth a 1,000 words

It's All Greek To Me... But I Think This Is Good News ???

What a bunch of BS

Right-Wing Lip Readers Take Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome To A Whole New Level

Michael Moore To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "THE WAR IS OVER-What Are We Afraid Of?-Looking Like Wusses?'

Mexico avocado price sparks fears of unrest

The Great American Economic Lie

Unemployment applications "unexpectedly" rose last week to the highest level since the end of June

K&R if you don't care if Sarah Palin slept with thousands of walruses in arctic Alaska.

The Global Economic Death Spiral Has Begun

F-16 pilot Heather Penney was ordered to fly a suicide mission on Sept. 11, 2001

Bill to Prevent Congress from Collecting Pensions Until Reaching Social Security Retirement Age

Bill to Prevent Congress from Collecting Pensions Until Reaching Social Security Retirement Age

SF - the clothing optional city

SF - the clothing optional city

Well, Al Gore is scaring the pants off me

"Krugman and the Firebaggers"

Kepler discovers "Tatooine-like planet" orbiting a binary star system

Tight standards make mortgages tough to get

Tight standards make mortgages tough to get

Hurricane Marie - watch out Newfoundland Canucks

I got what I paid for.

Old Waitress says, "Don't Raise Medicare Eligibility Age!"

President Obama awards the Medal of Honor to former Marine Corps Cpl. Dakota Meyers - pics

CA: HEMP Farming Bill One Pen Stroke AWAY!

Three things I most value...Social Security, public education, Medicare..are being undermined now.

Hey guys! Keith's TV rating has dropped to a new low. Now is the time for us

If you were running for President, would you get caught in a pose like this?

Grandparents with webcam become new online stars

Note: Elizabeth Warren is looking for 10,000 donors in the first 100 hrs.

George Clooney is better than us

Is North Carolina a theocracy?

Libyan Revolution Week 30 part 4

Libyan Revolution Week 30 part 4

Cherokee Indians: We are free to oust blacks

Stop Cursing the Darkness and Light A Match -- Donate to Elizabeth Warren's Campaign

Settle a disagreement between my wife and me...

I can't get over how awesome this guy is (Townes Van Zant)

Is it tasteless for Martin and Charlie Sheen to participate in a satire of

Dupe - deleted

Musical .. ahem ... Talent???

Who would win this fight?

Survivor season premier is starting now. (nt)

Is my daughter's CONSTANT Skyping slowing down my internet?

New Video

Up to a little music?

Dream Theater---New album.

Post a geek joke

In hard times, advertisers need to adjust their tone...

Y'all Come

well, I may not know how to work one of these newfangled laptop thingies

GOP proposes selling off the Great Cheops Pyramid brick by brick

can't sleep, so I got up and made some hot green tea...morning ramblings

Once Upon A Time In Australia: Daddy Cool

MiddleFingerMom picks up a little extra income by giving riding lessons at Kali's ranch.

Dudeism: The Big Lebowski, and the Dude, Abide

Celebrate your "little" daily accomplishments!!!

News Anchor Mocks Kardashians

The Moody Blues - Question

Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (Live at Royal Albert Hall)

Dancing naked with a salad shooter.

Scarlett Johansson latest photos

Hottest pair of hooters EVER!

I'm listening to 'Johnny Cash at San Quentin.' Fucking A! This was BOLD!

I drag this out every once in a while. I do believe it's my absolute favorite cartoon EVER!!!

Saw what I thought was a harvest moon tonight. It was low in the sky and orange. On the news

Typical Facebook argument

Firefall - Strange Way

JESSICA ALBA - Totally naked - REALLY shocking pictures.

Happy Accidents with food. I was eating a salad with a balsamic vinagrette today.

There are damn good reasons why MOST men should not be entrusted with superpowers.

MiddleFingerMom has learned that, outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog...

More Cowbell

'Web Cam 101 For Seniors' Turns Oregon Oldsters Into YouTube Celebrities

I thik the hot/humid weather is gone for another year...

If your significant other DESPERATELY wants sex and you're just too tired,...

When you feel really depressed, what do you do?

Things we say today which we owe to Shakespeare

OK, you preverts. There are leaked naughty pics of Scarlett Johansson

Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time


Swimwear competition, 1922

New product for trouble with bad breath and know-it-allism

Now you've got it!

How to save the US Postal Service...

Fishing around

Bear flower

Most of us know that Kali has a dog named "Dumbass", but you should see her damn cat!!!



Up to the clouds

WIN !!! ..... Now pour me a drink.

Dear kitty Deer kitty

Go away, kid, ya bother me - W.C. Fields et al.

If recent events have taught MFM anything... it's to relax, enjoy and SAVOR every aspect of his life

Hula Hoop

Yoga kitty

LAPD detains man in SpongeBob SquarePants outfit

Kung Fu

Man riding mortorcycle without a helmet

Moon over San Fransisco

Eleven days into the South Beach diet all I want to do is get a Big Mac


CDC joins the fight aginst zombie apocalypse (seriously)

Split peas. The package says no need to soak.

I know, but these pants were a birthday present

Breastfeeding in Public; Why People are Opposed to it.

Anybody here have a missing pube?

Weird. My PTSD gets going when I'm in a car moving these days. But I started playing with

The World's Biggest Swing - Nevis Swing in New Zealand

Eleven days into the Breastfeeding diet all I want to do is get a Big Mac

Has anyone ever tried the e-cigarettes in an effort to stop smoking?


Oliver Stone had the best director's run ever ('86-'95)

Like a bridge over troubled water

Zion National Park

Prejudice against men who do parallel processing, rather than serial processing

Dude! Free weed lying on San Jose street snatched up by bystanders

Escalante River, Utah

A line in a story I never expected to see.


PHOTO: Since being released from the hospital, MiddleFingerMom faithfully takes his medication...

Tattoos, piercings and facial hair on guys.

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults

'Life is precious' - let's start with that

PHOTO: Now THAT'S what I call a couple of PALS.

Beastfeeding in Public; Why People are Opposed to it.

Dunlop Rockman Bass Ace. Anyone have experience?

I want nothing but true, serious, fully 80s movies in this thread.

13 dogs jump rope at the same time.


Midlothian named one of America's 10 perfect suburbs

Stikin' together

Man I LOVE the Bass! Playing along to The Stooges' "Fun House"

Today, I found what (so far) seems to be a GREAT classic movie-streaming site.

Itty bitty birdy

"Breastfeeding" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "breastfeeding"

If you could date any TV Character throughtout history - who would you pick

My new bird friend, Buddy.

Nicholas Cage awoken by naked man with fudgesicle:

The cure for pain is love.

U.A.W. and Auto Makers Near Midnight Deadline in Contract Talks

Mom Jailed Because Her Baby LOLed in Library

Rep. Gohmert Introduces the American Jobs Act of 2011

On jobs bill, White House bets on Boehner's support

SAT scores for Texas high school students drop sharply

Carville condemns White House inaction, demands shakeup

(FL) State teachers union sues to block merit pay

Immigration Advocates Split Over Arizona Boycott

Iran’s judiciary says U.S. hikers not being released

Disaster relief could complicate short-term funding measure

Dutch Court Orders Compensation for Indonesian Massacre Widows

Obama hardens tone in push for his jobs bill

Dutch state found liable for 1947 Indonesia massacre

UBS discovers $2 billion loss in unauthorized trade

Judge blocks Florida law gagging doctors' gun talk

Teachers union sues state over "unconstitutional" merit pay law

UAW extends Chrysler, GM contracts after deadline

Syrian forces ‘storm towns near Turkey border’

Secret Service preparing for a busy 2012

Nebraska Ends TransCanada Sponsorship

Huskers drop (Canadian oil sand) pipeline ads

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (09/15/2011)

PTC: Indecency Regs Not Unfair Broadcast Restriction

Republican Louie Gohmert Blasts American Jobs Act For Banning Unemployment Discrimination

Bill to Prevent Congress from Collecting Pensions Until Reaching Social Security Retirement Age

House to vote on bill targeting Boeing labor case

AUC founder gave orders to El Tiempo journalist: Letters (Colombian narco/death squad war lord)

US vows action against Pakistan-based insurgents

Uphill struggle to patch Greek budget holes

European debt crisis: leaders ponder fiscal union

Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya

U.S. officials play down Taliban attack on embassy

New Hampshire gov. not expected to run in 2012

Australia says it will offer 3 gender options on passports: male, female and indeterminate

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao calls for more democracy

"Reports of a meteor in the Southwest"

Shell May Face Prosecution for Spill

City rogue trader arrested over $2bn UBS loss

EMILY’s List Backs Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts Senate Race

Alameda raid mistakenly targets TV reporter's home

Google Copyright Talks Continue With Publishers, Authors

English city riots involved 'hardcore' of repeat offenders, first analysis shows

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, September 15, 2011

US 'to sell 18 F16 jets to Iraq'

Obama Plan Won't Include Changes to Social Security

U. of Iowa Apologizes for Bachmann Tweet

Poor Are Still Getting Poorer, but Downturn’s Punch Varies, Census Data Show

U.S. Urges Citizens to Leave Syria Immediately

Romney praises Cheney before AZ crowd

House Clears Bill Restricting N.L.R.B.

Phone hacking: 7/7 disaster victim's mother to sue NoW publisher

Boehner to Call for Reforms in Taxes, Entitlements

Swissair crash may not have been an accident: ex-RCMP

Denmark votes new government, first woman leader

Deal near on more US military access in Australia

Vietnam rejects US State Department report on religious freedom as ‘biased’

House Republicans Seek Auto Industry Cuts To Cover For Disaster Relief Funds

Killer's Execution On Hold While Until Court Rules On Appeal

Sarah Palin's husband Todd attacks biography for 'lies'

Obama Plants His Flag On Boehner’s Bridge

Obama Plants His Flag On Boehner’s Bridge

Leaked Documents Reveal Major Speculators Behind 2008 Oil Price Shock: Hedge Funds, Koch, Big Banks,

Dinosaur Feathers Found in Amber Reinforce Evolution Theories

FTC's Proposed Changes to Web Privacy Rules Give Parents More Control Read more: http://online.wsj.

Postal Service releases list of proposed facilities to be shut down

Cruise ship with 262 aboard evacuated off Norway

Libya: Cameron and Sarkozy mobbed in Benghazi

HHS awards Affordable Care Act funds for organizations to become community health centers

(Bob Turner) Just Elected to Congress, and Already Talking of Staying

Mortgage default warnings surged in August

Praying in Paris streets outlawed

Former Aide To Gov. (Walker) Speaks About FBI Search

University of California seeks alternatives to 16% tuition hikes

Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users. Graphic Photos

Governor Scott Walker Lawyers Up for Growing Corruption Investigation

Pres. Obama on stage NOW

Blue dogs want to focus on deficit and not jobs Independents say jobs is number one

Delete my account

delete my account

Obama below 50% approval rating in California

Perry Supported by Repubs in Poll Showing Plurality Reject Views.

Conservative Democrats Strike Again (Updated)

the politics of the White House's shift on regulations

Is there a way put Americans back to work without creating jobs?

Obama in OH and NC this week: STELLAR. Just EXCELLENT. SUPPORT HIM !

Tammy Baldwin's path to the Senate just got a bit easier. Rep. Kind is not running.

Most Blame Republicans for Ineffectiveness - 45% versus 19% for Democrats and 20% for Obama.

I think we are in a whole lot of hurt, come Nov 2012. Looking at the loons on the right and the

There is a lot of panic currently in the Democratic base

Rick Perry’s Social Security Tourette syndrome -- "Ponzi scheme...criminal enterprise...broken..."

James P. Hoffa: Union fight against GOP will continue

CA POLL: Obama 54, Perry 35. Obama 51, Romney 38. Oh noooooes... We're doomed!

Obama to highlight 'urgent' bridge repair in Boehner’s home state

Obama to highlight 'urgent' bridge repair in Boehner’s home state


Polls show Obama up by just 7 to 10 pts in California

Quinnipiac Poll: Tight race for president in Virginia

"...this is just what Democrats do whenever any idea is put on the table — they start complaining."

Unfavorable polls about Obama are misleading!

Obama begins with a base of 15 states and DC for 196 EV--how to reach 270

GOP Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Proposes Rigging . . . . .

The Hispanic Caucus Gala welcomes President and Mrs. Obama

Fundamentalism In NY-9 Wins Republicans Another Seat In Congress

TPM: Pelosi: Dem Opposition To Obama Jobs Plan Trivial

Carville wanted Howard Dean fired from the DNC after 2006 midterm triumph

Democrat blames NY loss on sagging Obama popularity

Obama vs. Bush: Who’s the Bigger Tax Cutter?

Obama Plan Won't Include Changes to Social Security,May Exclude Increase in Medicare Eligibility Age

NBC's First Read: A trap for Republicans?

Efraim Halevy: Obama showed "leadership of historic dimensions" to save Israelis in Cairo embassy

Haaretz: New York's District 9 hands Obama a Jewish 'thumping'

I'm a supporter...but would never buy this....

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Perry and the GOP’s Feckless Establishment

Does Obama have to meet with Boehner at some point?

Rigging the 2012 Election

Wouldn't it be great if Elizabeth Warren wins the seat for senator, does

Obama Plan Won't Include Changes to Social Security

'I Wasn't Born at Harvard': Elizabeth Warren Meets the Voters

Chris Matthews on Hardball and guests are hammering Rick Perry on

Is there any way Obama can take pork projects out of GOP districts

"The latest Repub. plan to steal a presidential election may just work."

Best title: Obama Plants His Flag On Boehner’s Bridge

Sam Stein: Obama takes Social Security off the table

Don’t Be Fooled By the Solyndra Bankruptcy Circus — Solar Is Booming

Please enlighten me. WTF is 'venture socialism'?

Obama Grabs a Beer With Medal of Honor Recipient

The Nation: Obama Backs Off Social Security, Medicare Reform

Carville condemns White House inaction, demands shakeup

Wanna Tear Apart the Country?

AttackWatch Gains Over 100,000 Sign-Ups In Less Than 24 Hours

Hood NPR: Repub Historically to Blame for Poverty & Debt

Constitutional Conservatives vs. the Constitution

A song dedicated to whomever you secretly want.

TYT: NY, NV Special Election Results

What do peanuts have to do with terrorism?

Taking An Abandoned Factory Off-the-Grid

Is Max Keiser also Satoshi Nakamoto ?...Creator of Bitcoin.

TYT University: Why College Is So Expensive

War profiteers escalate their war on jobs

Rebels blow stuff up in Tripoli

Midwest/Meteor/Fireball - Howard County Sheriff

I Am Troy Davis

WTC 7 new footage (visible explosions)

RIGGING THE VOTE, with Ian Millhiser - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

How Taxes Affect Hiring Decisions

Thom Hartmann: The Good, the Bad, and the very, very Funestly Ugly

Kitteh Energy Technology of Tomorrow

Papantonio: Soulless Republicans Will Never Sign Onto Jobs Bill

Missile Offence: US shield real aim to cordon Russia & China

Unemployment Longer For Older Workers

Papantonio: The Chamber of Commerce At Odds With Reality

Mark Fiore - Bipartisansh#*!

Keiser Report 184: Financial War

America Needs Jobs: Cats Need Tribbles!

Thom Hartmann: If you don't have a job - you're not free

Thom Hartmann: Republicans unfazed by 15% of all Americans now poor

Naomi Klein: US is so damaged_ even tiny steps are seen as progress

Robert Reich Debunks 6 Big GOP Lies About The Economy

Keiser Report: Debt Carpet Bombing (E184)

Wisconsin - A Typical Day in the Capitol

Thom Hartmann: Troy Davis - could another innocent man DIE?

Anne Elizabeth Moore Discusses Cambodian Grrrl

2.8 Years in Pictures.....

Scientists Develop The 'Michele Bachmann Vaccine' For Mental Retardatio­n

John Sinclair: Let It Grow: Fighting back for freedom on two continents

What might have been; A glimpse into an alternate past - Lessenberry

Oil and gas development: Does Norway do a better job than Alaska?

NYT: Can Israel Survive Without a Palestinian State?

Gay marriage bill a divisive distraction (Hendersonville NC Times-News)

Iran set to release US hikers

Megyn Kelly defends transgender AND gay people...didnt see that coming

We wanted a war for jobs, but we got a culture war (Asheville Citizen-Times)

Don't abuse the wine drinkers

11 Reasons Why the Unemployment Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Climate Reality Project : 24 Hours of Reality

America and Oil: Declining Together?

Norway Moves to the Center After Attacks

Ron Paul's chief strategiest died due to healthcare policy pursued by Paul and Tea Party

Deputies: Mentally disabled man forced to stand in ant beds

Perry's Fundamentalist Backers 'Rename' D.C., Rip Lady Liberty

I wish they would stop saying we r greatest country in the world !

What has happened re the political incarceration of Don Siegelman? Last I heard USSC ruled appeals

Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans. The Weather Channel

Ex-Rep. Grayson seen talking with former colleagues on House floor

Obama: 'If you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill."

Robert Parry: On Libya, Now They Tell Us

Obama’s misleading pitch for the jobs bill

Columbia University Warned Over Students’ Dinner With Ahmadinejad

Update on Vermont Yankee Lawsuit

24 Hours of Reality

9/13 Drought Monitor - "TX Conditions Continue To Deteriorate What Little They Can From Abysmal"

New Oil Sheen In Gulf, Coast Guard Report Faults BP for Deepwater Horizon

A liter of light for the poor

Bottled water plants suck

In 2008, TX Forest Service Built $20M Plan To Cut Fire Risk - Still Only Half-Funded Today

Safety Starts with Recognizing Risk: Rethinking the Nuclear Plant Accident

Scorched Earth: The Past, Present and Future of Human Influences on Wildfires (4x since 1970's)

Fukushima disaster: it's not over yet

Wow, Shocking - Main Sea Lice Pesticide In Fish Farms Becoming Ineffective - Globe & Mail

Have you heard of the milestone we pass on Oct. 31 2011?

New fuel cell can supply 70% of (Japanese) household demand

Synthetic lint ends up in oceans

TEPCO spraying water directly into No.2 reactor

NSIDC - 15 September - Arctic Sea Ice At Minimum Extent (Preliminary)