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Back to Building Seven - Comments please

So who shorted the airline stocks on 9/10?

Upcoming presidential debate...

Back for the Future

Sam Seder is hosting Countdown

State-Based Health Bill Loses Speed - Politico (Will This Mess With Vermont's UHC ???)

Man Assaults Neighbor Over Noisy Generator During Blackout

Targeted Killing Program Emblematic of How Disgraceful America is Ten Years After 9/11

All the PR That’s Fit to Print

Secretary of state plans fundraiser to help pay Larimer GOP fine his office levied

I find it very inronic that the same people complaning about the actions of the ILWU are the ones

Labor Day

AZ: Pearce recall election 3 candidates poised to be on ballot

Treasury loses five-year fight to conceal 40 names linked to collapsed bank BCCI

Treasury loses five-year fight to conceal 40 names linked to collapsed bank BCCI

Barney Frank: Republicans Don't Want the Economy or Obama to Succeed

Hacking Our Elections With Big Money And Power

The thing I remember most about 9/11 is all the obstructionism that went into finding out the truth.

Seattle poised to adopt mandatory sick leave law

Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes

9/11 Memorial Curators Decide Not To Display Swastika Formed By Twisted Girders Found At Ground Zero

Talking Points Memo is at while their main site is down

Talking Points Memo is at while their main site is down

3 Year Old is an Amazing Finger Painter

Heh. Want To Hear A 'Beat Obama' Rap?

If you don't love your fellow americans, you don't love america

Economic Roadkill

Economic Roadkill

SEC Won’t Appeal Decision On Shareholders (Pulling The Teeth On Dodd-Frank) - WaPo

Growing Anger, Despair and Frustration Across America; The Calm Before the Storm?

Fukushima Daiichi Mystery Man Steps Forward

This Will Hopefully Be My One And Only 9/11 Offering... '9/11 Children 10 Years Later' - CNN

Josh Marshall: I accidentally the whole thing.

Rumsfeld helped rescuers in the Pentagon parking lot on 9/11

CNN Beyond 911...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

During the debate commercial, Gov. Perry tried to intimidate Ron Paul

Tweety asked in his close... When did that sense of unity die?

You might be a conservative if......

OMG, a Rick Perry T-Shirt!

TPM finds temp site....apparently hacked by Anonymous....

TPM finds temp site....apparently hacked by Anonymous....

Congress's approval rating is at 12.3%. Why the fuck are the Republicans ahead in ANY generic

Is Bush going to "Ground Zero"?

BREAKING: Ohio Governor Kasich... "Waaaaaaaaaa...."

We need more artists willing to speak truth to power like this.

About That Payroll Tax Cut

Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Spur in Hiring

This. Is. Awesome.

The Patriot Ass

Hightower: "There would be no Rick Perry without the steady 'intrusion' of government into his life"

Michelle Obama at the Jobs Speech

BART protestors suspected in vandalism of Glenn Park station.

Nice list of (debunked) rumors associated with 9/11

Conservatives bemoan the lack of bigoted post-9/11 movies

Conservatives bemoan the lack of bigoted post-9/11 movies

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes writes open letter opposing marriage amendment to NC lawmakers

Where's Tony Hayward?

Muslims After 9/11: Children Cope With A Tragedy They Never Knew

Fact Check - GOP Debate - Job #s

Municipalities to start following Fla. gun laws

Who saw Letterman's first 15 minutes tonight?

Huntsman disses Obama's record

Did they decide to cut payroll taxes by 3%, because that's what they usually steal from Soc. Sec.?

Toward a New New Deal

FDL - Political Forces Lining up to Raise Medicare Retirement Age

Ratings by Media Training Insider--Passion: A+, Civility and warmth: A+.

Above The Law - USA (10 Sep 11)

Dennis G: Running for Jefferson Davis' old seat..

Tribute to those who we lost in 9.11. If you lost someone or knew someone, just list their name.

Touré Calls Out Media 9/11 Nostalgia, Leaves Dylan Ratigan Speechless (VIDEO)

Scores die but many survive as ferry sinks between Zanzibar's main island


oil/coal/nuclear power reality check

It is scary when repubs begin to cooperate with this President. Makes you wonder what they

Congress may take only tax cuts from Obama plan


Ann Coulter - ‘I’m Starting To Dislike (Palin) Because Of Her Fans’

9/11 Last Man Out tells a different story

I have decided

10 years ago today - 9/10/01

Ahead of 9/11, Taliban vow to keep fighting

Egypt: Retry or Free 12,000 After Unfair Military Trials

Greenpeace launches hard-hitting ad against Obama

Question for parents with high school age kids:

Increase in Homeless Students Attributed to Bad Teaching

Really? The "VeteransToday" article on the 'Last Man Out'

People of the Lie

AP sources: 2 terror suspects may be US citizens

Not sure if this has been dropped here yet,

"As we go from Palin to Bachmann to Perry, I understand why Republicans don't believe in evolution"

Well, this is new.

The Hard Right Skewers Sarah Palin, Vindicates Kathleen Parker

WIS. DOT Secratary Mark Gottleib turning a blind eye on voter ID

Here is the beginning of the memo President Bush received on August 6th, 2001:

JPMorgan Pays $88 Million in Fines for Trading with Enemies

A Billion Dollars cost you $7, if you have a job.

The IWLU broke the law for heaven's sake and destoryed someone's property for heaven's sake

Hail to the True Victors of Rupert's Revolution

The War on Terror: an old psychohistorical fable

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

I know what I am watching tomorrow afternoon on the Tee Vee machine!

Mike Malloy audio from last night

Japanese Minister Resigns after Fukushima Comments

Luckovich-Replacing the twin towers

Duh! And this man is a front runner for the GOP?

In-N-Out is opening in Shanghai, Fall 2011...except it's probably not In-N-Out

Good bumper sticker

2nd time in 2 wks. broken sewage pipe spews in Reading, Pa. + more

Non Sequitur Toon- The Me Party

US Economy since WW II Plotted

9-11 10 Year Anniversary Question. GWOT when will it end?

Dick Cheney Did Not Shed a Single Tear on 9/11

You know all that Irene hype

Toddlers & Tiaras Mother to Auction Off Hooker Dress for Anti-Abortion Group

Mississippi voters can decide 'personhood' of the unborn, court rules

On 09/10/2011 Take Action And Tell Congress....Enough..

"See, Regulation is holding him back!"

Political Forces Lining Up To Raise Medicare Retirement Age - FDL

The Healthcare Lawsuits scoreboard - 19 to 4 ..... (11 pending)

still waiting...

W - Wants Credit For Killing bin Laden - TOO

President Obama Asks Congress For $500M In Disaster Relief, Cantor Does Not Object

Anti-gay activists involved in gay scandals:

Dick Cheney Did Not Shed a Single Tear on 9/11

Richard Trumka liked President Obama's jobs speech.

Homeland Security Studying Two-Hour Video from Wednesday Night: Borowitz reporting on Repube Debate

Turkey wants strong ties with Arab Spring countries

Global warming? Severe storm warning as Hurricane Katia blows towards UK

Human rights group protests imminent execution of Georgia man

Marseille lays bare G7 differences and lack of policy room

COMEDY GOLD: Clash of The Clueless: Friedman v. Santelli

2fer: Ron PAUL sez GOODHAIR didn't bully him up. & BONER chats golf to BIDEN before big speech

From August... 'Why Are We Letting Corporate Supremists Steal Our Democracy From Us?'

Was Bush II a liberal?

Empire Of Chaos: How 9/11 Shaped The Politics Of A Failing State

Forget Rick Perry - Mitt Romney is Perfect for the GOP - Tina Dupuy/C & L

National Council of La Raza calls off boycott

The Dead, the Dollars, the Drones: 9/11 Era by the Numbers

Congress - Now Isn't THAT Special...

Herman Cain: Crass exploiter of tragedies for political gain.

Alternet: How 'Small Government' Conservatives Raise Your Taxes

Deadly accidental shootings on the rise in South Florida

Income inequality is a recipe for Depression

You have to listen to this song !! 'Jobs Plan, You Better Understand"

Obama and racism: "It's a great time to be a racist"

The super rich are doing you a favor...

‘Credible Threats’ Made to US Government

Another Motorcycle Crash Takes The Life of a Soldier in WA State

DAML36: Democrat All My Life-36 years

Live: Dedication to Shanksville Flight 93 National Memorial, attended by Biden, Bush, Clinton

A very petty and trivial complaint about Obama's speech

Sea radiation from Fukushima seen triple Tepco estimate

The Ku Klux Klan, Ronald Reagan, and, for most of its history, the NRA all worked to control guns

He's been drinking a lot...

Disaster declaration signed for Texas - Less than a day after submitted by state.

A new and more accurate way to report the monthly change in unemployment

Quick question: Has Dick Morris ever made a prediction that came true?

Health Care Reform or Repeal Health Care Reform,--the Premeims

Health Care Reform or Repeal Health Care Reform,--the Premeims

Was the target the US Capital or the White House?

David "Diaper" Vitter complains about having to vote instead of going to a football party

Bush Interview with Irish Reporter - raises talking points to an art form

Florida set for big role in GOP presidential race

Analysis on Donna Rice and Gary Hart and how it could hurt his chances.

Chemical warfare is not healthy for children and other living things

"BIRD - DOGGING TORTURERS in NYC" observations by Ray McGovern

OMFG - M$NBComcast is actually attempting

Good Speech, Biden

Phish to host benefit for Vermont flood victims

"Free and fair elections" - No more. Welcome to Tea Party America

Bush's Tragic Legacy: How 9/11 Triggered America's Decline

Bush's Tragic Legacy: How 9/11 Triggered America's Decline

I recently watched Toure on the Dylan Ratigan show.

Feds Visit Homes of Solyndra CEO, Execs

Millionaire Marriott hotel president's 25-year-old son wins $107m lottery jackpot

Anyone getting tired of the whole "America is the greatest country"

The Vermont Way

What is it with 20-something, 30-something men these days?

Fuck you name removed.

Couldn't do it.

Permanent Enmity

Cutting the Payroll Tax is a bad idea, period.

Do you like Barack Obama more...?

Biden, Bush, Clinton laud courage of Flight 93 passengers, crew

DU Poll about Obama

Did anyone congratulate Lawrence O'Donnel for quoting the Bible to the GOP?


Is it time for not just a couple Constitutional Amendments but a fullblown Constitutional Convention

I discovered on the internets (the tubes) the reason why the right hates Obama! In code!

either way - Obama Wins...

Just returned from the annual town festival and it was depressing.

U.S. endures hottest summer since 1936

'Heart Of A Soldier': An Opera At The Heart Of Sept. 11

5K run/walk for ovarian cancer - it's that time of year again...

Answers to the Friday AFternoon Challenge: the back story!

An essential difference between Dems and Pubs

Romney Advisor: Perry’s Desire To ‘Abolish Social Security’ Is A ‘Disqualifying Position’

US GI in Afghanistan died from *rabies*?!? WTF!

How many of our Big Corporate Money Billionaires would join Flight 93's

How many of our Big Corporate Money Billionaires would join Flight 93's

Should we have kept Bin Laden alive?

The Bernie Madoff of campaign finance treasurers

My Grandmother fed Coxey's Army

The President and First Lady visit Arlington National Cemetery - pics

Economic equality equals happiness.

WikiLeaks Has No Blood On Its Hands

Let's honor the victims of 9/11, including the casualities of wars born of lies

Listeria Outbreak CO, TX,- Wash Cantaloupes Before Cutting

New York Times article targets post office workers.

And the good news is.... NYTimes columnist Gail Collins on what's wrong with the economy

What's making Pennsylvania's floodwaters toxic? New York's DEC is concerned.

Orrin Hatch - Rips On President Obama's Job Speech Because Its Not Focused On Debt and Deficit

It's so hard to celebrate my birthday on the 9th.

Homeopathic leak threatens catastrophe

holy cow...where did all the trolls come from all of a sudden??

Somebody wanna do me a huge favor and make a DU approval poll of Obama?

While McConnell Opposes Infrastructure Investment, Major Kentucky Bridge Shuts Down

Mitt flier: Perry 'wants to kill Social Security'

Haruki Murakami's cult trilogy 1Q84 poised to take the west by storm

Glenn Greenwald: Orwell, 9/11, Emmanuel Goldstein and WikiLeaks

Two Decades of Spills

Officer allegedly Proposition Woman after arresting her (same one fired for sex on car)

Bush's Tragic Legacy~How 9/11 Triggered America's Decline

EQUALITY NC - fb page

In Rick Perry's Texas, Firefighters Forced To Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel

Postal Workers: The Last Union

End of the Post Office and Seniors

US First Responders Not Allowed to Attend 9/11 Memorial Service But GWB Is

Obama is such an ineffective president

Do you feel betrayed by Richard Trumka now that he said he likes President Obama's jobs plan?

Do you feel betrayed by Richard Trumka now that he said he likes President Obama's jobs plan?

Anti-Immigrant New Mexico Governor Reveals Her Grandparents Were Undocumented Immigrants

Anyone See Maher on Jay Leno Last Night?

World Suicide Prevention Day-September 10, 2011 (that's today...)

Rachael Maddow & Richard Engler are on now...5:00 reporting now on their excellent Documentary.

Rachael Maddow & Richard Engler are on now...5:00 reporting now on their excellent Documentary.

LOL !!! - Can't Resist... Caption THIS !!!

My Enduring Memory Of 9/11? Bunnypants.

If you are not looking you need to tune in to MSNBC and the broadcast of "The 9/11

Obama is coming for your first born

Rick Perry Orders Texans To Use Wildfires To Burn Books

Thankfully not watching the MSM in this "TERROR ANGST" about the "9/11 Generation."

3,000+ people are going to die today...


I'm grateful EVERY day for PBS - and extra grateful today!

I heard something on the radio that absolutely sickened me today...

Horsey cartoon about Gov. Goodhair...

Medicare Part D is flawed, but Medicare shouldn't face any adjustments


"The Man Who Knew" now on One of the most compelling post-9/11 docs ever...

Rolling Stone: Congress Investigates GOP War on Voting (ALEC implicated)

I can't watch 9/11 coverage...

Toon - Unpleasant Anniversary Activity Guide

Targeting Bin Laden on now

you can help gay equaility in NC

Here is a great site if you're a data nerd like me

CMS (Medicare) consultants to take over Dallas hospital

Hail did $9,000 in damage to house & my car

On Eve Of 9/11 Anniversary, Cantor Insists On Massive Cuts To First Responders

GOP Presidential Candidate Hair Swaps (PICTURES)

Securing A Food Future In Cities: A Case Study In Repurposing Military Bases

Senate Approves $500 Billion Increase in Borrowing Authority(900 trillion added debt in last 30 days

Exactly How United WERE We After 9/11?

I am choosing to "Live Free or Die", to not rest on the moment...

Yahoo - "More Republicans skipping Obama’s jobs speech"

Does anyone recall anyone who could be described as a hippie calling themselves a hippie?

My little review of "The Help."

Kansan dies after being infected by brain-eating amoeba

Did anyone see Chimpy on that CNN 9/11 documentary last night?

NY Mag - "Chambers of Doom: Is This the Worst Congress Ever?" - The Historically Bad 112th Congress!

Natural Gas Bombshell: Switching From Coal to Gas Increases Warming for Decades

September 10th

If you can't stand the Toby Keith/Lee Greenwood version of what to think on 9/11,

Obama's desperation

Good grief! Be careful what look you have on your face if you go to the mall:

Aaron Brown

Venezuela protests US sanctions, demands 'proof'

Venezuela protests US sanctions, demands 'proof'

It's a tradgedy alright

Key Parts of 1 World Trade Ctr outsourced to other countries

Can we drug test the rich before they get tax cuts?

Ten Years Later: Surveillance in the 'Homeland'

Jon Stewart and Diane Ravitch on $$ "school reform" movement.

Sorry but we're sick of hearing about 9/11

The Man Who Knew - John O'Neill was blocked from investigating bin Laden.

Our unique 9/11/01 experience....spent NOT in the US.

The most obvious way to commemorate 9/11/01 this weekend

Now THIS... Is My Kind Of Sermon !!! (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Molly Ivins)

Now THIS... Is My Kind Of Sermon !!! (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Molly Ivins)

The militant Longshore Workers protest is in the patriotic tradition of the real Boston Tea Party

for the millionth time...TAX CUTS DO NOT CREATE JOBS!

Sunday Talk Shows

I am reluctant to even say this, but I am cautiously hopeful about the payroll tax cut.

Sen Cornyn (R-TX) Demands Air Force Answer to Him for Pulling "Jesus Loves Nukes" Training

Seriously, where does this bullshit come from?

Applauding executions...a dark and scary moment in US history

America Falls into the Afghanistan Trap

Wife is in the hospital with vertigo, headache and nausea since Thursday morning.

Louisville: Ohio River bridge closed indefinitely due to structural crack

Louisville: Ohio River bridge closed indefinitely due to structural crack

911 rescue dogs

Labor on the wane? Not in L.A. - Los Angeles Times

Wouldn't the Repugs love to kill the Post Office

I will never understand the relationship between GWB and America after 9/11.

Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?

Ten years ago today....

The First Family prepares trays of gumbo for the needy - pics

Andy Card: "I was really glad the president stayed in the classroom and did what he did"

Ohio mother charged with raping infant son

George W. Bush on 9/11: "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

We need more hatred

Where were you?

I'm political by definition and I'm thinking of a few things -

Screw you Ford.

OK, Feds, there's a "credible threat". STFU and deal with it

Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel's 'Day of Destruction'

How can THE VIEW stump Cheney?

Obama: Gut Social Security Now, Don't Wait Till The Election

"mankind must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing" --Frederick Engels

Got news earlier today at my dispatch hall: Lies being fabricated about our union (ILWU)

Obama is Coming to Cut Medicare

Took decades for our government to admit they had lied to us about the Gulf of Tonkin incident

To advocate raising the Medicare age is to advocate mass murder, period

Today I memorialize the ELEVENTH anniversary of my prediction ...

Never Forget Bush: "All right. You've covered your ass, now."

Remember this? "Hey, did you see that article about the Iraq WMD's in the NYT?"

We're totally doomed.

Libyan Revolution Week 30

Libyan Revolution Week 30

Egyptians break into Israeli Embassy in Cairo

Americans learn to live without debt

MI law lets one man fire public officials, end contracts, privatize services, shut down schools.

Holding off buying new stuff because you don't want the old stuff in the landfill?

I have to pat myself on the back for this one

You just want to get on the roof and scream when you see what has been done

Rick Perry “accidentally” sent sex videos to a bunch of teenagers,

Troy Davis Set To Die... Just Us In America

Anonymous suspected of bringing down Talking Points Memo

AFL-CIO online petition - America wants to work

Greece braced for mass protests as austerity cuts bite

"Do you get what Republicans and the wealthy are doing? If not, continue reading,"

TPM: Nikki Haley 'So Wants' To Drug Test People Applying For Jobless Benefits

Since Florida began testing welfare applicants 96% have proven to be drug free

Woo Hoo!! The Hemp Bill Passed the CA State Leg.!

Cutting the payroll tax by 50% DISMANTLES the 75 year struggle that STRENGTHENED Social Security &..

Doonesbury on Palin

The new meme: You can be happier with less!

do the hustle

Is anyone else watching Fashion Police or Chelsea Lately?

(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty

All out of that exquisite ambrosia, Midas Touch. Cracking open a Rainier instead.

I just saw "Hall Pass". Done by the farrell brothes. Not nearly as good as "There's Something About

am I in some kind of karmic limbo or what?

Fawning over you

But mom, all the kids are doing it ...

a confusion of chetahs

Ima boop you head!

Families come in all shapes and sizes

NOW I can afford it!

Hoffa visits Puyallup and I never heard a word about it!

The September meeting of the Solipsists Association will come to order!

skip this

Eye of the tiger

Confucius did not say .............

3 Year Old is an Amazing Finger Painter

I need a good reason to not share a desk at work

My son played basketball tonight...

I think the percentage of DU'ers able to solve this puzzle will be MUCH higher,

Today's College Football Thread

Radiation Therapy Studio Diary - Track 4: Rock n Roll

two thoughts..both involve country music

Helpful PSA

satellite positions

Adult pleasure products -- I wish I could thank the genius who invented the plain brown wrapper.

Amir Sayoud does the worst penalty kick ever

The September meeting of the Antisocial Personality Disorder Support Group will begin

I've only recently discovered the spoon

What is the best way to eat cheese? For me it is brie, on a cracker with red pepper jelly. Yummy!

can't prove a negative.

So, have you actually ever known anyone who won something from Publishers Clearing House?

Bearly speaking

A math problem for you:

Anybody else besides me have this problem?

Marijuana -- part of a well-balanced education.

September 10th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

my turn for "I'm back!!!"

How do you clean an old cast iron skillet?

Fuck you name removed.

Flashbacks. Not always the most convenient or considerate things in the world.

Young love

I'm still trying to get over this kidney thing...

Heart's Ann Wilson — no Auto-Tune, please!

A question for you Loungites.; Should I make an announcemnt in GD about good news in my life?

5 Democrats and 5 Republicans

Some days I just feel like half a bird

There are certain projects which just should not be awarded to the lowest bidder.

I watched a flick on TCM that was 58 years old. Now, if I had watched

Gotta' buy a wedding gift for someone who has everything.

So... what totally inappropriate song would you have played at YOUR funeral?

Feeding time on my porch: more birds

Egyptians Tear Down Israel Embassy's Security Wall

Canada unprepared for Arctic oil spill, group says

FHFA working with White House to help troubled homeowners refinance

U.S. Readies Papers v. Swiss Banks on Tax Evasion

Huntsman Reports Assets of as Much as $71 Million in Disclosure

Obama campaign sets $55M goal in combined fundraising through end of September

New evidence links Saudi Arabia to 9/11 hijackers: Graham

Senator Threatens to Walk if Debt Panel Hits Defense .

Regulators Shut Florida Bank

Regulators Shut Florida Bank

9/11 audio recordings provide vivid picture of that fateful day

Florida set for big role in GOP presidential race

Florida Forces Towns to Pull Local Laws Limiting Guns

Greek police fire tear gas at protesting cabbies

China's Trade Surplus Narrows

Libyan rebels enter Gaddafi stronghold

Sherman Minton Bridge Closed Indefinitely After Crews Find Potential Weakness

After 20 Years, Missing CEO Reappears (accused of tax evasion)

Guinea adopts new mining code boosting state share

Ohio mother charged with raping infant son

SEC decision not to have David Becker on Madoff scheme is under scrutiny

AUDIO: U.S.-Canada border needs more action, Tom Ridge says

Nearly 200 Dead as Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania

Abducted Afghan contractors found dead

President Obama: Thanks 'our extraordinary 9/11 generation'

Reservists plan mass-casualty training exercise for 9/11 weekend

Zanzibar ferry disaster: Scores die, many more missing

AP Review Finds No Threatened WikiLeaks Sources

Greece on verge of default as doubt grows over €8bn bailout

High school football player dies in Mississippi

George W. Bush to narrate 9/11 anniversary intro for Fox pregame

Fresno St. players tied to welfare fraud

14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from Fort Bragg

'Hundreds of thousands' protest in Yemen

ManorCare to lay off 'several hundred' in US

(UK) Benefits cap 'could make 80,000 children homeless'

Employers Say Jobs Plan Won't Lead to Hiring Spur

Deal Reached on Dialysis for Immigrants

Kinde Durkee 'Nearly Wiped Out' Loretta Sanchez's Campaign Fund

Tony Blair knew immediately that 9/11 terror attacks 'changed everything'

Egypt on alert after Israel embassy stormed in Cairo

Radio journalist killed in Honduras

Rick Perry = Little Ricky

can i claim credit for this breaking news?

Obama jobs plan heartens frustrated blacks

I am very curious as to how Bush will be treated and displayed this weekend

Rick Perry Needs to ‘Tone Down’ His Rhetoric, Says Kim Jong-Il

Latest Health-Care Ruling a Double Win for Obama

Not good! Obama Speech seen by at least 31 Million, GOP debate by 5.4 Million!

Texas officials seem to rule out wrongful-execution inquiry (of that guy that Perry let die)

Texas officials seem to rule out wrongful-execution inquiry (of that guy that Perry let die)

Nikki Haley: I want drug testing before anyone can get jobless benefits

PSA: Basic economics, or how a tax cut can reduce unemployment

GALLUP: Obama daily approval at 43/48.

The NYT is pushing the GOP business logic hard.

For 9/11 anniversary, Obama honors war dead at Arlington

Presidents Bush And Clinton Address Crowd At Flight 93 Memorial Dedication (VIDEO)

President Obama, security team review anti-terror efforts

Huffington Post is getting just as bad as Drudge when it comes to Obama

Perry-Palin GOP ticket 2012

Luntz gives credit to Bush/Cheney for keeping America safe but not Obama

Bill Mahar gives some advice to President Obama

Political cartoonist Tom Toles nails Rick Perry

Businesses respond to jobs plan: Lower taxes on businesses do not create jobs

GOP Reps. Dismiss Tax Cut For Working Americans In Favor Of Giveaways To Corporations

The pundits naysaying the President's proposal as not enough in spending are out of reality.

I posted this on Huffington Post in response to an article on Bachmann's troubles

'Perry's not a perfect candidate.We only had one perfect candidate & we crucified him 2,000 yrs ago'

Businesses complain about regulations. What are those regulations?

Perry picks up another endorsement

everyone knows


I had an interesting exchange today on my local Rag's comment section ...

From the White House Blog, an Op-Ed written by

Is this MOTHERFUCKER!!! serious or joking

“Instead of relying on science, President Obama appears to have bowed to pressure from polluters"

US Post Office looking to lay off 120,000 employees to be saved

Fire fighters in Texas forced to pay for own gear to fight fires

Memo To Gretchen Carlson: Economists Say Cutting Payroll Tax Would Boost Employment, Economy

I'll Ask Again, In More Plain Words

Social Security is in no danger of being weakened by a payroll tax holiday.

Who is this Barack Obama anyway ?

kind of sad when you think about it

kind of sad when you think about it

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 9 - Analysis, with Ryan Grim

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 10 - Analysis, with Keith Ellison

'Brunch with Bernie' on Thom Hartmann

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 5 - Analysis, with Eliot Spitzer and Jeff Madrick

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 6 - Analysis, with Raul Grijalva

Citizen dresses down Bush -96 seconds - not great audio/visual but worth a look

Free From Nuclear Power Plant / Seihuku Kojyo Iinkai

Keiser Report: Passing Fiat Cash Grenade (E182)

David Pakman: Can Republicans Ever Appeal to Young People?

They weren't invited on that day in 2001, either - they just "showed up" and became our heroes

Young Turks: Drug Testing All College Students

Weekly Address: Coming Together as One Nation to Remember

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 7 - Analysis, with Markos Moulitsas

A tribute.

Papantonio: Republicans Continue to Fail on National Security

Papantonio: How Republicans Fail on National Security

Countdown with Keith Olbermann 09-08-2011 8 - Analysis, with Bernie Sanders

Evil Dick: I still worry, more than anything else, of the possibility of...

Sam Seder guest-hosting Countdown, segment on Post Office

Jobs Plan Tax Cuts Threaten Social Security

Protesters Interrupt First session Of Super Songress

Clinton Address At Flight 93 Memorial Dedication: We must remember 9/11 forever

Fahrenheit 911 - The full length movie

The Late Late Show: Irish witness to 9/11 recounts his experience

Thom Hartmann vs Matthew Vadum - Is Registering the Poor to Vote Un-American?

Euro Zone Done? 'Collapse closer as politicians bargain'

Paul Ryan Labor Day Parade or Paul Ryan vs his hometown.

Screw you Ford.


David Cameron: UK lost some 'moral authority' after 9/11

Wisconsin Wire: State Employee Fired for Informing Public About Free IDs

Is Dodd-Frank the Original ‘Jobs Bill’?

Living with legacy of this dirtiest of dirty wars

Al-Qaeda's roots grow deeper in Pakistan

The Misuses of 9/11

Egyptian schools are breeding grounds for rebellion

The Trick to Creating Middle Class Jobs: Stop Destroying Them (Dean Baker)

My Take: Muslims should stop apologizing for 9/11 By Aman Ali

Empire of Chaos: How 9/11 Shaped the Politics of a Failing State

Dominionists Deny They Want a Theocratic State: Don't Buy It

How to put America back to work (Joseph Stiglitz)

A Huge Housing Bargain -- but Not for You

Friday Talking Points (180) -- Give 'Em Hell, Barry!

Cantor Insists On Massive Cuts To First Responders In Exchange For Emergency Disaster Aid

M$M consistently implies Demcrats are just as responsible for 'DC comix' as Repulicans - Bull!

A Closer Look At NY-9 (TPM)

China water resettlement: 'Honest folk have lost out'

Another perspective on the economic viability of alternative energy

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists asks, "Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources?"

Mutually-assured energy independence

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Went 18 Months Without Functional Backup Cooling System!

Giant crocodile Lolong not eating 'due to stress'

Japan PM (physics major) "thought country would collapse" because of Fukushima reactors