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Delaware AG Biden Joins AG Schneiderman, Intervening in Proposed BofA Settlement - FDL

Guardian UK: Global finance has dysfunction at its heart

"Earlier Downing Street said Cameron had no plans to cut short his holiday..."

New Tibetan leader sworn in as prime minister

My Apologies..... Posted story in error....

Lawrence is tearing S&P a new one

I don't think KO knows that the S&P head is a Romney supporter.

McCain is a useless idiot on all sides.

Lawrence O'Donnell is skewering Standard & Poors for their downgrading

God is not a male.

Damn! I miss the simpler times.

Remember the world doesn't end at the Pacific and Atlantic shores of North America.

Fascinating first hand reports on BBC Radio of witnesses to British riots

Israeli family can freeze eggs of daughter killed in road accident

Five Points About Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Not Yet in Mainstream Press

OMG Obama is bought and piad for by terrorists and bankers!!!

Tea Party T-shirt ! "I wanted a default....

And a big f--k you to Rush Limbaugh

THIS LAST JUNE: Social Security Privatization Called For By House Republicans

Water conservation

Tepco May Take More Fukushima Losses in Earnings

Chalmers Johnson, How to Sink America

Mitch McConnell - Government by Hostage

London Riot cartoon from the Independent UK

Separated at birth?

Death of the American Dream is marked by the weakest social safety net & largest prison population

It took a while but I've finally figured this out...we're living the movie "Trading Places"

Reverend Al Sharpton made the same observation regarding Rick Perry's prayer fest I made on DU.

By the time the stock market hits bottom, the rich are going to wish they had taken

Well, I know what IRA stands for...

Mr.Geithners advice for this evening...they mostly come at night...mostly.

A poor man never game me a job...


Anatomy of a Skewed News Story

Obama to congress: "Who forgot to pay off S&P?"

Oil price breaks below $80bbl

BREAKING ON MSNBC: Tokyo opened and dropped 3%

FOX News' Dana Perino Complains Blaming Bush 'is Getting Annoying'

Korean stock market suspending trading for 20 mins

Ann Richards - one in a long line of Texan women badasses.

The 1%ers ought to be wearing their colors in public...

It's tough being a democrat in the south

It's tough being a democrat in the south

When they're done stealing from the 99%'s

Rachel is fabulous.

Workin With Ms. T...


Asian markets down BIG again tonight

much as i appreciate the value of calling this the "tea party downgrade"

Obama, 2012, And Salesmanship...

Market Watch: Are we already in a recession?

Just read this on FB. Is it true?

95 yes!

Wall Street Analysts Initiate Coverage of Tea Party

Mass. Republican Sen. Scott Brown to seniors: Social Security, Medicare could be cut

Rick Santorum: Pursuing happiness means doing what God wants

How Bad Is News Corp.? The state of the Murdoch empire and its Mob-like structure

It shouldn't be the "Tea Party" Downgrade. It should be the Koch Brother's Downgrade.

I wish I was seeing more confidence from Ed Shultz. Hmmmmm

Bid Eddie yes ANOTHER president faced this

I Hope You Are All Watching Ed...

List of places where we have had uprisings going

"Poll: Will anti-Congress mood cause another 'wave' election?"

Police cuts, Fireman cuts, Youth Centers closed

People like the Koch brothers have gotten power in the USA and are running it. But they are

When I was a kid, we feared the world would end in an instant due to US /USSR nuclear weapons

Daily Kos radio on Sirius

ThinkProgress: Anti-Government Spending Crusader Rick Perry Accepted More Than $80,000 In Farm Subsi

What does it say about the economic structure of a country...?

Barney Frank on Rachel Maddow!

Infrastructure jobs a coming?

S&P & Tea

Asia Markets down another 4% tonight

That lazy welfare mother...

Senate Panel Reportedly Probing S&P Downgrade

Senate Panel Reportedly Probing S&P Downgrade

Heartwarming Ed show tonight

On Wisconsin - Good luck tomorrow fellow "Sconis"

Where is Dick Armey?

Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Working Sperm

Federal immigration-check requirement draws ire

Holy Shit !!! - Korea Is Down Almost 10% !!! (All Asian Markets Are WAY Red !!!)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

AnonymousIRC - Brazil Corruption Document

Dems TAKE ON Panetta For PUSHING Medicare, Social Security Cuts OVER Defense Cuts

Thousands turn out for job fair at Cleveland State University


Jon Stewart Evaluates America’s AA+ Credit Rating Disaster: ‘Are You F*cking Serious?’ - VIDEO


Tavis Smiley: Debt Ceiling Deal A ‘Declaration Of War On The Poor’

How can Rick Perry run for president when he already admitted that there's nothing he can do?

Forget about the middle class: When the underclass lashes out ...


TeaFarty "Whisteling in the Dark" as World's Economy plunges

Wisconsin GOP Chair Resigns After Drunken Car Crash

STOCK WATCH: Hong Kong down more than 6%, Australia (5%), S. Korea (Almost 8%...tripped circuit!)

Conservatives in Canada falling in the polls.

"Scotty, We're Coming for You" - Sing it loud; sing it proud - Election Eve singalong

So, London burns eh?

"In America you have the tea party, in England you've got this," he said.

"In America you have the tea party, in England you've got this," he said.

"In America you have the tea party, in England you've got this," he said.

Seoul down 9.6 Taiwan 5.35 Tokyo 4.4 Jakarta 5.6 Hang Seng 7.1

Seoul down 9.6 Taiwan 5.35 Tokyo 4.4 Jakarta 5.6 Hang Seng 7.1

Former GOP Senator Simpson: “Nuts” In Congress Who Can’t Compromse Should “Go Home” - VIDEO

Mix fundamentalism, hatred, and stupidity...

$1750 gold.

The Republicans hate President Obama more then they love their country.

It's not tomorrow anymore, it's TODAY, Wisconsin.

Sandy Pasche, Wisconsin: I'm Inspired

BBC live coverage of riots link.

Here's a question....

Why This Debt Crisis Is Different

Will London hold the Olympic games next year? (IMAGE heavy)

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Ratings Cut by S&P Amid Reliance on U.S. Backing

Tomorrow's Daily Telegraph front page

National Popular Vote Compact now has 49% of necessary electoral votes

Oil slips under $76,

Oil slips under $76,

Today's subprime American politics

I have been thinking about this for a while but have never put it into words but....

So is it time to go to Costco and stock up on some staples...

I am with you in spirit, Diana Nyad

Well,I got my second bionic eye today (cataract surgery). Thank you Tommy Douglas.

hmm intersting, Shanghai composite

Overnight Dow futures current -261

I just want to say good luck to the Democrats in WI tomorrow.

I might have to put some of my 100 year old gold coins on eBay. Noticed gold is almost $1,800.00 an

What do you think Grover Norquist gains from his alliance with Jane Hamsher?

Light a Candle and say a prayer and send positive energy to WI so they take back WI.

Taiwan, South Korea Stock Slump Prompts State Buying, Increased Scrutiny

Say what you will about Ed Schultz

"We can cut police budget without risking violent unrest"

Page of BBC Radio & TV Coverage of British Riots

Alternet: 6 Shady Right-Wing Groups Pouring Money Into Today's Wisconsin Recall

Do you know more people on SS and/ or Medicare or more millionaires with private jets?

Dupe delete

Hugh Carey, Who Led Fiscal Rescue of New York City, Is Dead at 92

Comcast to launch $10 internet service for low-income families

Fed may react to market plunge and stalled economy

Fed may react to market plunge and stalled economy

Stop claiming food is safe, ministry told {japan}

So uh... When is CNN gonna report on the violence sweeping London?

There is a context to London's riots that can't be ignored

The England v Holland football friendly at Wembley

The Tea Party is not doing this for popularity, they are doing it to destroy the gov't

This is what THEY want the US to be like

China Inflation and German Exports Signal Global Slowdown

Just a joke about John Boehner and Michelle Bachmann :)

Cameron suddenly finds 10,000 cops to place on the street

Still Ugly

Ominous signs that the slide on Wall Street is just beginning

QE3? Expect, at most, QE 2.1 at Fed meeting

If Dems win in Wisconsin, can't Walker just veto their pro-union bill?

AlterNet: 6 More Reasons to Hate Airline Companies and Flying

USAction campaign to fight unemployment discrimination, asks sites to reject discriminatory ads

I live in an area with no recall elections, AFAIK.

DOW Futures up +281 ...

Breaking: S&P downgrades Tea Party to KK+

Beck really has nerve... as if that's news

NY Times: A Wave of Worry Threatens to Build on Itself

why no reporting in America re: London riots?

for the record, My partner and I are wearing these t-shirts in solidarity with Wisc today

Cramer: The 1 Thing Investors Need to Own Now

Barney Frank Pushes Back!

I remember in early May when Republicans said they were going to pin high gas prices on Obama

I remember in early May when Republicans said they were going to pin high gas prices on Obama

I remember in early May when Republicans said they were going to pin high gas prices on Obama

BREAKING NEWS: Libya recognizes UK rioters as official government of the UK

What would Standard & Poor's gain from downgrading our credit?

House kills congressional page program

House kills congressional page program

House kills congressional page program

Why Flagship Public Universities Should Stay Public

Anonymous strikes again, takes over Syrian Defense Ministry Web site

Drew Westen's Nonsense (Chait at the NR)

"Rick Perry Was a Horrible College Student"

Toles Rant - Let’s all hang separately!

there is nothing particularly admirable about rioting and looting and

Insane rantings from a local right-winger in the paper today. ACLU, Islam, voter ID and unions!

Tomorrow... Dow < 10,000?


Where has Romney been when the rest of the R candidates have been screaming?

Where has Romney been when the rest of the R candidates have been screaming?

Hey rich people!

U.S. Notes: The debt-free, no tax, no borrow, no inflation, jobs program

Wave of rhino horn thefts from UK museums

Banking-sector fears are back with a vengeance

Democrats Challenging Administration on Medicaid

Tangier Island fights for its very existence - island in Chesapeake Bay is losing 9 acres a year

Second piece of 18th-century ship unearthed at World Trade Centre

Video just in from Wisconsin

European Bank Stress Measurements Hit Levels Unseen Since Lehman Collapse

Columbia County GOP chairwoman resigns after drunken crash with children in the car

The S&P's Coup

Home ownership hits lowest level since 1965

5 Minutes into the market and its up 121 Points

Ed Schultz: Wisconsin a template for fighting Citizens United decision

Japan ignored own radiation forecasts


Watching London burn puts me in mind of the riots across the US in the mid 60s

A sad day for Republican congressmen.



Why do Republican congressmen never use bookmarks?

We're getting to see history being made, up close and personal

You can't hide your crazy eyes . . .

Wingers outraged at Bachmann psycho photo

The criminalization of poverty


Read my lips! Nothing will change until we tax the rich

Charles Wyly died in a car crash on Sunday,

Al-Sadr warns US forces to leave Iraq

Spirited protests in the street? You may get sympathy.

Just remember what conservatism is really all about....

UK riots not far from where I used to live

Horn bill meant to ban use of tax-funded school resources to lobby legislators unfair

DeFazio says gasoline tax renewal at end of Sep. to be next blackmail showdown with GOP

Looking at the whys is not optional

This rich person was just shown what people power is all about in England!

The New Era of Hostage Politics

From "Too Big to Fail" to "Too Big to Bail"

Go ahead...Read this and just shake your head in disbelief.

Sen. Manchin makes pitch for seat on 'supercommittee'

Colbert: ‘Yes we need God’s forgiveness, or at least China’s’

Call it what it is: a terrorist attack by the Tea Party

we need to change the tax code

Kurt Vonnegut library offers pupils free copies of banned book

Americans Support Bans On Food Allergens In Public Places

House Shuts Down Its Page Program

Blackberry Hacked for Cooperating with London Police

Ed is in Wisconsin - check it out. Big gathering of people who will

Ed is in Wisconsin - check it out. Big gathering of people who will

My Signature Line

The Left Coast Sports Babe on the Bachmann Newsweek Cover

Recall Rick Perry

How much does staying in Iraq and Afghanistan have to do with unemployment numbers?

Federal officials work to end HIV criminalization laws

Fugitive Sister Declares: I'm a redneck and proud of it.

You think Obama is regretting that he didn't do a better job of exposing

Rove + Koch brothers + electronic voting with no paper trail =

Facebook will remove inmates' pages

Separated at birth

Do you think that Pres Obama and his team are aware that he is being criticized as a weak president?

Toons- Perry and other pols

Gay ex-NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey mentoring female prisoners

what I would like to see from the fed tommorow

Watch: Iowa voter tells Bachmann about her ‘wild-eyed’ Newsweek

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

Here is a Google map of confirmed riots in London, updated frequently: (LINK)

Here is a Google map of confirmed riots in London, updated frequently: (LINK)

Fed under pressure to act as world markets swoon

Impunity cloaks abuse of girls in Jamaica

Impunity cloaks abuse of girls in Jamaica

Any updates on WI? When do the polls close?

"High Taxes Don’t Drive Out the Rich, Study Says" - WSJ

On Eve Of Recall, Walker Booed At Wisconsin State Fair

A Few Points about London

A Few Points about London

62% say debt ceiling deal benefits the rich, hurts the poor

July 2011 in Oklahoma: The hottest month in any state - ever.

listen to the hype on tv

Jon Stewart on S&P downgrade: ‘Are you f*cking serious’

ABCNews suggests eating out of a dumpster as a viable alternative to "spending"

Melissa Harris-Perry has a new book out:

BBC: Injured boy mugged during disturbances in London (VIDEO AT LINK, 48 seconds)

Well, as they say, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

If you have visited the US in the last few years, and the last visit BEFORE that was 30 or so years

The UK is hit by a tsunami of violence as copy-cat riots hit major towns across London & Birmingham

Facebook’s Privacy Issues Are Even Deeper Than We Knew 'able to identify a face in a crowd'

Do restaurants add water or milk to salad dressing to make it go further?

Released lobsters retaken, group says

The new version of the food lines of the Great Depression?

Does the US Government have the Consent of the Govern?

Go Wisconsin!

Dry ground wreaks havoc on ETX pipes

Bill Maher: 'Liberals Need Their Very Own Mel Gibson'

I Appreciate The Effort - But like the rest of us, the NYT is pissing in the wind.

Eric Cantor's glaring conflict of interest

Broken Water Pipe Leaves 20 Customers Without Service

Sign Verizon Petition

To those voting in the recall for Wisconsin today...I beg you...

A picture worth a thousand words? Yep!!

My, Willard has a thin skin.

Downgrade TOON roundup, part 1

A national war on terrorism?


I seem to remember some a$$holes flew airplanes into occupied buildings in NYC in 2001

Remember when Texas took all that money when the space shuttle crashed?

the mystery orange things in Alaska are eggs

Mitt Romney Criticized for Campaigning from Bed. 'Still to weak' to Take Political Stands

Second Recession in U.S. Could Be Worse Than First

Los Angeles Times article: Political leaders unwilling to address economic fix: a new stimulus

Chance of US recession rise to 1-in-4: Reuters Poll

Labor Unions unite in opposition to amendment banning gay marriage in Minnesota

Slouching Toward A Double Dip Recession, For No Good Reason by Robert Reich


Tim DeChristopher Goes To Jail For Trying To Save Our World

Looting 'fuelled by social exclusion'--no reason to obey social norms (influenced by elites?)

Public Transportation Meltdown Yesterday

Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Background of KMBC Liveshot

“The Times They Are A-Changin’”

What I Would Do If I Were President Obama

Please Explain To Me How We Can Cut Wasteful Government Spending and Pay Less Taxes

A brief London riots clean up video

Obama-Boehner Duel Shows Compromise Not Near

Obama-Boehner Duel Shows Compromise Not Near

The D's Have The Donkey - The R's Have The Elephant - The TB's Need Their Own Mascot

Obama Cancels Schedule to Meet Returned Bodies of Fallen Soldiers

"Batshit Crazy Michelle Malkin" attacking Smithsonian website

Bors Toon: Haiti, the US, and the TP'ers

Polygamist leader gets life in prison for assaults

NYT: It used to be that entering Mexico from the US was a cakewalk; but that has changed.

So Eric Cantor Will Keep Promises to Billionaires but Not to Seniors on Medicare...Sounds Right

Tea Party's 'historian', David Barton, admits it: I'm not a historian

Contract for the American Dream???

I got it. I know how to fix the problem. How to break through the impasse.

Does anyone recall "tort reform?"

Sometimes It's Not Good To Be Hot

Jessie Jackson's interview with Der Spiegel on Obama

Why not tax the wealthy? What are they gonna do, MARCH ON D.C.? RIOT?! Boycott the YACHT industry?!

FL Gov. Rick Scott prays for wisdom, jobs in message for Gov. Rick Perry's day of prayer

Vermont Homeless Shelter Grants Announced

"The Economic Illiterates Step Up The Attack On Social Security and Medicare"

Self-deleted by member

Heartbreaking story on NBC news friday night.

Is the Tea Party truly a grass roots movement as so many of its pundits claim?

Will Mormons Save the GOP from Xenophobia?

Don't get confused, in London - it's ALL about looting

‘London riots facial recognition’ group forms on Google

Democratic Party Platform 2008

A good guy spy in the ALEC annual convention shines more sunlight on the ALEC vermin

Marcus Garvey On Education

Latest right-wing meme..."Food for votes."

Latest right-wing meme..."Food for votes."

Texas Rep. tells crowd Obama impeachment ‘needs to happen,’ but fails to say why

Will the recall election (if all repukes are kicked out) reinvigorate

Anyone else wonder if stock market crash could help Dems/hurt incumbents in WI?

Newsweek Cover, "they made a crazy person look crazy."

I Do Not See Any Crowds Of Republican Voters In Wisconsin

Trojan T-shirt targets German right-wing rock fans

Sales of Aluminum bats up 6,541% on

Madison: Strong turnout, no problems so far at polls

Financial Crisis 2.0: Could Bad Mortgages Derail the Economy Again?

Should the quacks at S&P be charged with malpractice?

Carly Fiorina has a nice session of face time on the CBS Early Show, raises big question:

Carly Fiorina has a nice session of face time on the CBS Early Show, raises big question:

Wisconsin DUers: Is it realistic to expect a "Total Recall"

11:53 AM: WI Clerks: Turnout steady to near presidential levels

"Three Good Reasons To Liquidate Our Empire"

Time to get ORGANIZED - Wisconsin is the model. Time to push it nationaly

Nursing homes squeezed by Medicare cuts

hey s&p: ‘Thanks For The Downgrade. You Should All Be Fired.’

Recall Rick Perry

Recall Rick Perry

Well Lookee here! "Romney Irked By Democrats’ Prepared Attacks"

Wachovia Executives lies About Health of Stock Leads to half a Billion Payoff

What do Republican members of Congress gain from the Grover Norquist pledge?

Dysfunctional General Hospital

Federal Reserve to make announcement at 2:15 PM ET...

(C&L) London: The 'Toxic Mix' of Social Deprivation, Unemployment and Austerity

The 50 Wives of Warren Jeffs:

Nancy Grace, give it a rest already! Move on!

Let's *Brainstorm Ideas* on how to play hardball with the GOP/TEA PARTY.

New State Law Issued For Splash Parks

Small eye pupils can indicate drug use. Compare Michelle Bachmann's to NICD's chart

If teabaggers were a character in a film they would be cast as the bad guy

Federal Reserve press release -- just issued

U.K. sales of aluminum bats up 5,000%

Did Gov Walker Stage Wisconsin State Fair Race Attack?.... Interesting twist...

Wall Street spins on Fed statement

Dan Rather: "Still Betting on the U.S.A."

Salon: Why London exploded last night

Strange, isn't it, that the head of government would state, "Government is the problem."

Strange, isn't it, that the head of government would state, "Government is the problem."

This is what the Republicans DON'T get:

The newest Progressiveway Pod Cast...

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is politics?"

The Fed just admitted that they don't expect the economy to improve until mid-2013.

Have you ever seen an itemized invoice for your hospital stay, or

Quinn blocks law letting people collect roadkill

Today is Wisconsin's Great Day! I hope Wisconsin's Democrats will

Do shop owners in the UK have the right to defend their shops?

Long-reviled Hannity Forums admin would vote for Obama over Ron Paul. Site implodes.

Apple passes Exxon as most valuable US company

GA teabaggers - out to block transportation investment in GA

Wisconsin is a barometer for the future of the Democratic Party.

Newsweek releases out takes of crazy Michelle:

Bin Laden Turned in by Informant-Courier Was Cover Story-Saudis Paid ISI For bin Laden's Shelter

European Central Bank chief urges swifter action on bailout

Maybe the cops in London just shouldn't have shot that guy.

Leap of faith - riot photo has the world buzzing.

Moderates try to push GOP toward center in Calif.


CNN Poll: Time to clean house in Congress?

CNN Poll: Time to clean house in Congress?

Gilbert Brown, Famed Green Bay Packer, Urges Wisconsin Voters To Recall

I Don't Get It

(Greg Palast) Me and Piers Morgan: Hacked and Attacked

So I can count on you guys to start sharing exit polls here once they come out in WI, right?

Dow back up 184 . It's like watching a yo-yo!

Airplane banner calls for S&P officials to ‘all be fired’

From The New Yorker on the debt deal, S&P & the ReTHUGS: THE BUSINESS OF AUSTERITY

West Virginia redistricting plan easy on GOP

Whole Foods: "We Should Not Highlight Ramadan"

Obama campaign mulls attacks on Mitt Romney’s religion

Is there a real conservative utopia anywhere in the world?

BBC reporting new trouble tonight in the UK

WI Capitol: Scotty coming for you (twitvid)

Father sues city, county after mom drives kids to death

Proof that commercial air travel has become batsh*t insane


DOJ sues for-profit college group for $11bil financial aid fraud

You all might just as well go ahead and sell this board to HuffHo. They have a really crappy

Question for Wall Street types.

Wyoming bills would crack down on shell companies

Dylan Ratigan blowing a gasket now MSNBC.

Map of all reported incidents in UK riots/violence

Wisconsites... if you need Pizza

Brazil deputy tourism minister Costa arrested

Dow ends wild day of trading up 420+ points. More ...

McClatchy-Marist Poll: Americans see debt deal as bad for nation

The Big picture (from my POV, anyway)

CalPERS portfolio has lost $18 billion in value since July 1

The only way we can take the House back in 2012 is for our candidates to run as populist rebels

Why PeaceNikki and other election watchers are so critical in Wisconsin

Presidential Turn out per Big Eddie in all six districts

Liberals outline stimulus agenda in 'Contract for the American Dream' (The Hill)

How Republicans Crashed the Market

Did They Show All They Flag Draped Caskets as The Came....

Democrats launching Iowa campaign

Some munis can have higher ratings than U.S.-S&P

Riots vs. Uprisings

Did Governor Perry change his mind about seceding from the Union?

70-80% turnout expected in Fond du Lac!

Yet another this bothers me post

Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan: Another Disaster Waiting to Happen

WI Recall: Political site handicaps recall races.

Rachel Maddow: Republican arsonists

As much as it pains a Wolverine to utter these words.......

11:53 AM: WI Clerks: Turnout steady to near presidential levels

Don't forget your local elections this year, as whoever wins the mayoral race...

The U.K used to spend £41 million on Youth Centers that they cut.

Interactive map shows the gay couple next door

Why is it that Americans do not RIOT? This was a worthy question

The event on Saturday (Perry) was a bold, in-your-face slap at the separation of church and state...

America has lost a true progressive hero (one you might not have heard of)

this has the makings of a very interesting day

S&P SQUARELY blamed the Republicans for the downgrade and the President didn't use it against them?

Amazing graphics show you London streets before and after the riots

Dear capitalism

Sarah Palin a grandma again! Son Track's wife of 3 months gives birth to baby girl

How to stop the terrorists from taking more hostages

Q: is high turnout good or bad for our side in Wisconsin?

Dylan will be gone, saying the truth, giving it to TPTB. n/t

Live on BBC: No evidence Michael Duggan fired on police

Stonewall was a riot that lasted for 6 nights. Gay people fought the police.

the wild and crazy markets: my view after 20 years on the floor

Select your song to cheer on the Wisconsin Democrats today

Thank you President Obama for going to Dover

A movement of non-violent non-compliance...

well... Harry was 2 for 3.

Blind rioting is unacceptable. Instead, it's time non-violent, COERCIVE, direct action.

I want to congratulate Wisconsin

How's it looking Wisconsin?

Manchester got hit tonight.

Manchester got hit tonight.

Chinese wages average about 75 cents per hour.

I was in the UK in 2006 and 2007 after not having been there since 1967

I was in the UK in 2006 and 2007 after not having been there since 1967

ESPN analyst Craig James eyes fall decision on Texas Senate run

Wisconsin: Victory Celebration on the Square Tonight

Limbaugh says Obama is a "hater"...

Michigan Dumps 30,000 College Students From Food Stamps Program, Saves $75M

Government Spending More Than $12 Billion on Hospice Care

Contract for the American Dream -

The people in Wisconsin could teach this country a thing or two for sure.

Reuters also reporting: Baucus, Kerry and Murray

Ohio woman falls into recycling bin, dies inside

Anybody think we were the patsies of Wall St. & S&P........

Looks like riots still continue in London. Great coverage on

I Stand In Solidarity With Real Democrats In Wisconsin, And Around The Globe !!!

The antidote to Verizon

The antidote to Verizon

DU Remember this?

Further riots in London as violence spreads across England

Reid appoints Kerry, Bacus, Murray to super congress.

Brownbackistan staked out for ChurchCo/"Faith"-Ba$$$ed Initiatives, cost? $31.5 million

Brownbackistan staked out for ChurchCo/"Faith"-Ba$$$ed Initiatives, cost? $31.5 million

Brownbackistan staked out for ChurchCo/"Faith"-Ba$$$ed Initiatives, cost? $31.5 million

Dozens Of Coal Factories Forced To Shut Down In Response To Strict EPA Regulation

Using Social Media in Business

Last winter's Heroes of Madison East High School

Last winter's Heroes of Madison East High School

Chinese wages average about 75 cents per hour.

Get Live Wisconsin Recall Updates Here! - HuffPo

This is too good not to share. Sherriff Joe's Watergate!

Bristol Palin Interview Accidentally Reveals Mother's 15 Abortions

OxyMoron: London rioters = Obama voters

Americans For Prosperity ‘Running On Empty’ Rallies Are, Well, Running On Empty

I was roundly flamed for suggesting Reid and Pelosi MUST BE removed from leadership

If there is a "political message" behind the riots in the UK it is being lost.

Scott Walker Signs Redistricting Bill On Day Of Recall Elections

Wisconsin: Ballot machine malfunction delays voters in Fond du Lac

Harry Reid is a sorry excuse for a democrat.

Harry Reid is a sorry excuse for a democrat.

My wife was scheduled to roll over her 401k for her teacher retirement this month. Guess what?

Self-deleted by member

So "Stop Obama" comes up on the caller ID

Congressman McDermott and wife to divorce

Democrats outraise and outspend GOP challengers in advance of Aug. 16 recall election Read more: ht

Don't want this to get lost as the Dylan Ratigan thread is so long

Don't want this to get lost as the Dylan Ratigan thread is so long

Bernanke: Interest rates to remain low. No QE3 announcement. DOW goes from 180 to red in minutes

Michelle Bachmann promoted a PRO-SLAVERY book on her website

Mayor Michael Nutter (Piladelphia) Issues Curfew to Curb Flash-Mobs

Mayor Michael Nutter (Piladelphia) Issues Curfew to Curb Flash-Mobs

Watch live coverage of the London riots

Watch live coverage of the London riots

Excessive radioactive cesium found in Fukushima fish: Greenpeace

This from the same suck asses that cry about..

The British Govt and the Police had to have been blind,deaf and dumb not to see what was coming

Harry Reid's contact page. Let him know you're PISSED about Baucus!

"Not since the Blitz has London seen so many fires!" BBC quote

U.S. Drug Companies Save Money by Testing New Products on Poor Foreigners

Wisconsin Ho!

The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor

Brian Beutler's (TPM) analysis of Reid's Super Committee picks

Tonight on Countdown

Civics Help Requested: Does the Defense Budget also include Veterans Affairs

Verizon reports sabotage as workers continue strike

For all those who are concerned that Baucus will be on the super committee

"Think the politicians won’t care if you don’t vote? History proves you wrong."

"City clerks: Recall turnout could rival gubernatorial election":

Will the London riots ever stop?

Feeling like I did watching Katrina disaster (after the storm) unfold on television

Max Baucus = Fuck You, America; Fuck You, Democrats

Dear Jon Bruning, I am a welfare recipient...

'Thanks For The Downgrade. You Should All Be Fired'

Clerk predicts 70 to 80 percent turnout in Fon Du Lac county - Hopper Country - Is Hopper Toast?

pizza for madison wisconsin!

Let's see. Our joke about Bush was "How much is a Brazillion?" What's the right's joke about Obama?

Let's see. Our joke about Bush was "How much is a Brazillion?" What's the right's joke about Obama?

Max Baucus voting record on Health Care issues.

I intend to go with this financial plan:

Buy hyperbolic smears or see for yourself: Kerry's debt deal debate for those who missed it.

Sarah Palin: We need to get back to the values of our founding fathers.

If Obama doesn't...

Long Island Bus Driver Fired After Rescuing 3 Police Detectives During Hail Storm

The only reason Americans don't riot like Euro countries is fear.

The only reason Americans don't riot like Euro countries is fear.

Harry. Hey, Harry. C'mere a second.

A huge solar flare ...

UPDATE.....Judge Halts Renton Police Cartoon Search Warrant

If we turn things around in Wisconsin, do you think the Congressional Dems will fight harder?

Voter turn out high in Oshkosh

Don't let your 4 year old out of your sight at 7:30pm

Sucker Rally or Dead Cat Bounce?

Cornel West: Obama punts on the first down

Santorum’s Message To People Who Can’t Afford Health Care Costs: Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

John McCain On Tea Party 'Hobbit' Criticism: 'I Am Not Sorry For What I Said'

I asked BofA to lower my APR and instead they lowered my credit limit

BBC: London rioters: 'Showing the rich we do what we want'

Gov. Rick Snyder signs redistricting bills designed to give GOP political edge

When 'Enough Is Enough' Becomes The Nation's Mantra, Isn't It Time To Pivot, Mr. President ???

I haven't turned the television on in a while, I didn't realize real people are blaming S & P for

Downgrade TOON roundup, part 2

Tonight on Countdown - Eliot Spitzer

If Obama did not want this to happen, it would not happen...

Paul Ryan to plant a flag in Iowa...

Poll: Most Americans think their member of Congress doesn’t deserve re-election

Michele Bachman: “the Lord says: be submissive, wives; you are to be submissive to your husbands.”

"Leap of Faith": The New Yorker on Bachmann

O.K. it looks like the Republican obstruction is starting in Wisconsin

U.S. Rep says impeach Obama to stop him from pushing his agenda


Well, She LOOKS LIke That!

Everybody chill out, Baucus has this motherfucker!!!1

If you aren't breaking the law why care about warrantless searches?

Romney & the dog story.

Kerry will be no better than Baucus.

Psst - over here. Gold just hit 1742 and still climbing

The problem is NOT too much spending. The problem is rich fucks not paying taxes!

Upper-Class People Less Empathetic Than Lower-Class People: Study

Question for Wisconsinites : Are there any polls

Koch's WI Front Group Front Man Behind Deceptive Mailers Exposed

warren in prison

I like and agree with Keith Olbermann, and Larry O'Donnell gives me the willies. SO why do I....

LONDON RIOTS RUMOR: A Breakdown In The Drugs Trade Caused The Chaos

there is no inflation, people! Except in your noggins!

I getting very tired of these Fred Thompson Reverse Mortgage commercials.

Get live Wisconsin recall updates here!

A Starbucks Card for the Entire Internet

Police overwhelmed amid 'total anarchy' without cause

Police overwhelmed amid 'total anarchy' without cause

Police overwhelmed amid 'total anarchy' without cause

Why I Choose Giving Obama My Vote But Nothing Else

Why I Choose Giving Obama My Vote But Nothing Else

First feedback on Olsen Turnout in Ripon @3:00 1500 votes cast, will surpass Supreme court turnout.

Yes THEY can!

Settlement Reached in Case of Gay Couple Told to Move to Back of Bus

A modest proposal : instead of the Federal Reserve trying to boost the economy

Anything is possible..

repubs are upset cause dems called romney 'weird' .

repubs are upset cause dems called romney 'weird' .

Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie

Nixon resigns August 9, 1974; Wisconsin set to recall crooked GOP state Senators August 9, 2011

Many are just beginning to face reality..

Your not going to believe this! Ann Coulter: Self-Proclaimed "Queen of Fabulous"

Will the teabaggers "put it on the line" in the next election?

Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’

Max Baucus, Patty Murray & John Kerry named to "the Gang of 12"

Wisconsin Recall*** Live Blogging*** updates and links @ The Madison Ithmus Daily Page

Have you seen the Dow today? >>

The truth about 2012

Great Bertrand Russell quote via John Dean - pay attention

Sarah Palin was asked today how she felt about the S&P 500. Her response:

Fuck you teabaggers!

Cops use creative tricks to catch dead beat dads

Cops use creative tricks to catch dead beat dads

Before the coup d'état in Chile, the US, with the help of the banks, wrecked

My R congressmen are such fools I get tired of contacting them. I get

Why History in America is a Four Letter Word

Ok... DU Oldsters And Newbers... Which Beloved DU Poster Is Busy Working In Wisconsin, And Who...

The British riots, in a broader context...

I want to get this out of the way early; I have no faith in the integrity of the Wisconsin vote

Great...A Senate Democrat Says Young People Won't Miss Social Security...

So Baucus, Murray and Kerry are going to be on that super committee...

Poll suggests 2012 change in power in Washington

The London rioters

Why aren't the Baseball, Basketball and Football unions not openly

Regarding the tea party, will someone answer this for me?

NASA: DNA Found on Meteorites Indicates Life May Have Originated in Space

How is the cheering on of London rioters on DU any different than the TP's hardon for "revolution"?

The Rude Pundit: President Obama's Imaginary Friend

The Rude Pundit: President Obama's Imaginary Friend

Ever notice how the Republicans are becoming the party of the insane?

Dylan losing it now on MSNBC...

Dylan losing it now on MSNBC...

Dylan losing it now on MSNBC...

Just read a book about Andersonville Prison Camp

Just read a book about Andersonville Prison Camp

Leap of Faith (The transformation of Michele Bachmann)

Leap of Faith (The transformation of Michele Bachmann)

This week's New Yorker cover says it all

What issues do you think the left and right could unite behind?

300+ million people send 535 people to DC (plus president/vp)

If the PTB could "install" Obama as their flunkie why not McCain/Palin?

Let me get this straight. Voter fraud is why we need these bills in Ohio, Wisconsin,

Sarah who??

Evolve already, Mr. President!

This picture will help make certain London message is lost

DOW UP 429

Here's a 50/50 bet for you

Here's a 50/50 bet for you

With statements like this, does anyone think the US' wars will ever end?

Policy: How do we get to 20% of electricity from wind in 20 years?

6 Shady Right-Wing Groups Pouring Money Into Today's Wisconsin Recall

My recall vote this morning was historic, I voted against Replicant Party State Senator Dan Kapanke

Al Gore: "‘This climate’s not getting warmer.’ Bullshit!"

Republicans continue to lie about the reason protest started~Wisconsin

Caller in Wisconsin on Bill Press show just reprorted:

Kerry and Murray signed a letter calling for "ENTITLEMENT CHANGES" Based on Bowles-Simpson...

Will Obama oppose cuts to HIV/AIDS programs in deficit reduction?

If people rioted for shits and giggles you'd see a lot more of it.

There is a way toward a more liberal Democratic Party that doesn't involve letting Republicans win.

The S&P Downgrade is an Excuse to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Whoa - Google Map of London Riots

Injured boy mugged during London riots (Video)

The Crime of Nagasaki: "The most racist, nastiest act by this country, after human slavery..."

Ralph Nader: "Congressional Tea Partiers are anything but rebels against power "

There is nothing noble or admirable about what the recreational rioters are doing in England

Obama administration denies immigration benefit for married gay couple

Reid installs Baucus to the committee of six. The question is: who leaned on him to do this????

A fearless West Indian woman in face of #Hackney... gone viral

U.S. Senator Proposes Renting Out Foreclosures

Cenk Uygur: "Can anyone name Obama’s principles? Something he will not bend on?"

Bloggers: S&P is an arm of GOP

Grayson petition needs help

Man denied breast cancer care

***** Polls Open for Wisconsin Recall Vote ***** LiveBlog *****

The London riots ARE political and as such

The USA turned its back on my people

Max fucking Baucus? Really Harry? That's the best you could come up with...


He's not weak. He's not overwhelmed. He's not just lacking a Democratic Congress.

Michael Moore: "Matt Damon For President"

Michael Moore: "Matt Damon For President"

this democratic voter of forty years has never felt so.....

London Riots: Before & After Photographs

This GOP ad is misleading, but our party leaders left the door wide open for it.

Republicans, God and Politics

Rick Santorum: Marriage Is Like a Napkin, Not a Paper Towel

This is who owns Baucus.....

This is who owns Baucus.....

Uranium Safe to Eat With a Spoon!

VIDEO: Grandma threatens to call the Internet Police (or someone)...

I *luerve* these peeply from Pennsyvanita, like, Erie, or (I suppose) Pittsurg

U2 on the Tom Snyder show - 1981 - 9:30. "I willl follow" starts. Interview,

Anyone else out there like French band Dionysos?

My mom died 5 years ago today.

Best cat video ever

America has lost its fucking mind

The most interesting man in the world.

The long awaited return of Coyotespaw's drunken poetry corner...

I have a new neighbour. I live near the downtown and have only a tiny little lawn. Tonight I have my

Diana Nyad is...

Of all the musicians I miss, I think I miss Michael Hedges the most.

Ok, Can we take away Hollywood's right to make movies now? The Thing is getting a prequel

E-Trade baby loses it.

Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell...

I will sell my gold to you for cans of soup.

Design Star. ABC

Rationalization... schmationalization!!!

Rationalization... schmationalization!!!

yipee ki yo ki yay

What supplements do you take? I take a multivitamin and vitamin D.

She's an atheist. He's a fundy. On the 15th they celebrate their 30th anniversary.

"Battlefield Earth" Would you let your middle schoolers watch this movie?

1974 AMC Gremlin

Damn anachronisms

What can 2 electric cellos do?

My upstairs neighbor made a LOLcat pic of Boomer

$23,000 for this cat??!!

Anyone remember this?

For those who forgot or that were unaware re. London riots

VIDEO: "I'm gonna hit him in the ****s. As hard as I can."

OK, I'm willing to listen. Tell me about it.

PHOTO: Creative Oriental Crafts Kingdom really, realy wants new customers.

Can we all agree now that there's nothing we can all agree about?

Songs for aging rock stars:

B.C. man to live at Vancouver airport for 80 days

Kali's yard sale

Archie Bunker called the 1980 election for Reagan.

How long before a movie comes out

How long before a movie comes out

Musicians & Audiophiles. Can you recommend a good set of headphones?

Breastfeeding thread (but no Olive Garden)

Amrchair travel: books set in other countries - any suggestions?

Damn! Jerry Falwell was an evil man

Damn! Jerry Falwell was an evil man

Uh-oh! DU3 to add a "wanker" smilie!!

Palin's IQ downgraded to 1

DU3 Wish List - what smiles would you love to see the admins add to DU3

CONFESS!!! Strangest Crush you ever had!!

"His own penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "his own penis".

Do restaurants add water or milk to salad dressing to make it go further?

Help needed. Joke failing miserably in GD

Whoever invented the "glossy" laptop screen should be horsewhipped.

I'm getting strange symbols in my junk e-mails.

I Might Need Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

Oh, now I want this

Speaking of hickeys, when was the last time you had one?

What song title sums up America on August 8, 2011?

What was your best antique/junkshop buy? I once walked by an old house

Here's What Steve Buscemi Would Look Like With Michele Bachmann Eyes

TV's Best Nerds

WHAT is the deal with Bristol Palin and neck scarves?

Time to finish this debate! WHO is the best Doctor?

"Starship Troopers" movie question: Was the asteroid that hit BA self-inflicted?

"Starship Troopers" movie question: Was the asteroid that hit BA self-inflicted?

the 12th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is later this week

Syfy cancels "Eureka" - no 6th season

Hugh Carey, Who Led Fiscal Rescue of New York City, Is Dead at 92

UK riots (live and spreading to Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, etc etc)

Appeals court upholds campaign finance ban on foreign donations

Controversial Budget Increasess Pass in Shawnee Mission KS School District

Asian markets tumble after share sell-off in the US

FDLE opens probe into Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado’s campaign finances

Record-setting money flows to Wisconsin for recall elections to test GOP agenda

Report: 81 congressmen going to Israel on break

Lee's Summit mom says son's painful rash healed after Facebook friend suggested switching car seats

Obama plan: Destroy Romney

London riots: conflagration and carnage in the capital and beyond

Marshall Grant Dies at 83; Bass Player in Johnny Cash's Tennessee Two

House ethics punts Waters’s ethics case to outside counsel

A green giant passes: Ray Anderson, sustainable-biz pioneer, dies at 77

Europe's Leaders Play Tennis While Markets Implode

Judge rules Memphis city schools to merge with county

Stocks Turn Lower, Dow Drops 150 After Fed

U.S. musicians call for safe energy in concert for Japan

Stocks Gyrate, Then Spike, as Traders Take In Fed Move.

AP Exclusive: Calif. high-speed rail cost soars

‘Poverty tour’ stirs debate about whether Obama policies have helped African Americans

UK Riots: Growing Calls For Army to be Deployed on Britain’s Streets

Poll: Will anti-Congress mood cause another 'wave' election?

Diana Nyad Forced to Abandon 103-Mile Swim from Cuba to Florida

Labor unions protest at Boehner’s office today

Ariz. man accidentally shoots himself in crotch while putting girlfriend's gun in waistband

Treasury borrows at record-low rate for 3-years

ESPN analyst Craig James eyes fall decision on Texas Senate run

ESPN analyst Craig James eyes fall decision on Texas Senate run

Philly mayor: 'No excuses' for flash mob attacks

RNC Chair: GOP’s Historic Unpopularity Shows Americans Are Upset With Obama

Dissident Chinese Artist Tweets Criticism for First Time Since Release

Prosecutors allege Dominican hotel owner orchestrated slaying of muckraking journalist

(California) Governor signs bill for popular presidential vote

Self-deleted by member

Brownback: Kansas to Return $31.5 Million Health Exchange Grant

Mark Duggan did not shoot at police, says IPCC

O’Malley, archbishop at odds over same-sex marriage, letters show

In Baghdad, Closing a 5-Star Retreat

Levin rips Snyder after gov signs new legislative district maps

Warren Jeffs gets Life, plus 20, to be served consecutively

Fed May Strengthen Stimulus Pledge on Recession Concern

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For-Profit College Group Sued as U.S. Lays Out Wide Fraud

S&P Cuts Ratings on 11000 Muni Issues

#RiotWombles on the march: After yobs devastate London streets, Twitter-inspired community clean up

UK riots: trouble flares in Salford, Wolverhampton and West Bromwich

Sheriff Arpaio's misspent jail funds could exceed $100M

London riots: 450 detectives in hunt for looters (CCTV images posted online )

(NLRB) Board holds that Supreme Court decision forecloses backpay remedy for undocumented immigrant

Apple Passes Exxon As Most Valuable U.S. Company (actually, in the world)

Apple Passes Exxon As Most Valuable U.S. Company (actually, in the world)

Ballot machine malfunction delays voters in Fond du Lac

Dow rallies after Fed statement, up 429 points

AP Sources: US to tell Assad that he must go

Marist Poll: Most Americans think nation is moving in wrong direction

Nebraska AG Jon Bruning Compares Welfare Recipients To Scavenging Raccoons

US Rep Rivera, exile groups protest Milanes show

Random Taunts

Obama Announces Fuel Rules for Heavy Vehicles

Politico reports Reid's three picks are Murray, Baucus and Kerry for super committee

Democrats Challenging Administration on Medicaid

London: Rioters arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

British Far-Right Group Leader Says 1,000 To Take To Streets To Deter Rioters

Dem official: Sen. Patty Murray to be named debt panel co-chair; Baucus, Kerry also tapped.

Resistance heroine who beat the Nazis loses final battle

North-Colombia Peace Community says 10 members murdered in 2011


Waste of billions in Afghanistan in nation building

You know what?

Romney backs Social Security changes in N.H. meeting

"We can compromise with reasonable Republicans about restricting entitlements."

CNN poll taken since downgrade shows President Obama's approval dropping...

How would you grade Republicans' success at bringing bipartisanship to DC?

Send Congress a message. Sign AFL-CIO Petition: America Wants to Work

"Hey it's an Obama store!!"

Lee's Summit mom says son's painful rash healed after Facebook friend suggested switching car seats


The Pres is the Last Man Standing

The GOP set out on a course to destroy, but what are they achieving?

Cantor pushes intransigence, hopes to prove S&P right

Anyone know why?

Anyone know why?

How about this meme? That the stock market is doing well because

Romney vs. Perry -- Battle of the Empty Suit Twins

Mr. Cool turns cold

August 2010 was the 75th Anniversary of Social Security. President Obama's proclamation

TX Gov. Rick Perry fined $1,500 for bad disclosure report

This is going to sound inflammatory...

President Obama's Imaginary Friend:

Middle Man!!!! (This Modern World)

Mr. Roosevelt on Stilts (1933 TNR editorial)

Obama announces historic manned mission half way to Mars

Obama plan: Destroy Romney

Republicans playing political games with unemployed

How would you grade Obama's success at bringing bipartisanship to DC?

The RW/media is really going after the NLRB

Do we know who is running against these folks yet?

MSM Got The Perry Talking Points - Texas Miracle

Salon: If Rick Perry is seriously a presidential front-runner there's something wrong with all of us

Tea Party Cheers America's Downgrade!

We should primary Obama, start a 3rd Party, Not Vote, Elect Republicans.....And I want a Pony

I found these Wisconsin photos look at the passion these people have

TOON: Tom Tomorrow on Debtpocalypse deferred!

OMG! Are you listening to Ryan Lizza discuss Bachmann on "Fresh Air"? OMG!

President Obama Announces First Ever Fuel Economy Standards for Commercial Vehicles

CNN Poll: Democratic Party, favorable 47%; Republican Party, favorable 33%

Don't count on Perry trash-talking Romney

We are in the internet age

In all this talk about the economy, why is no one talking about unemployment?

Creative solutions to the jobs problem?

Are we getting a clue yet?

McCaskill: NO jobs bill this year

Whats with this Chris Mathews bashing the President for a second day in a row

Obama surges to lead against generic Republican


With the incredible heat wave scorching the Red States, why in the world isn't Obama talking about

Krugman on Pawlenty: "I mean, as far as I can tell he’s Sarah Palin in a suit"

The progressive-liberal movement vs The conservative-neoliberal movement by Michael Lind

Baucus: “We cannot cut the deficit at the expense of veterans, seniors...and hard-working families."

Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie

Brown to seniors: Social Security, Medicare could be cut

The current economy is why many of us were upset about the Bush/Obama tax cut extension.

Who the hell leaked the Obama Romney strategy?

Did anyone notice how the Republicans have stolen one of Obama's campaign talking points?

SF GATE: S&P Blames GOP For U.S. Credit Problem, Associated Press, Politico Cover It Up

Obama Visits Dover to Honor Troops Killed in Crash

Vote Vets: Call on Congress to Stand Against Further Military Involvement in Iraq

Obama Administration Reforming No Child Left Behind -- With Or Without Congress

Wisconsin polls close in 2 hours. (8pm)

Texas' Rick Perry's budget management means pushing taxation to local level

Politifact: Create a community college partnership program - Obama campaign 'promise kept'

POLL: Views of Tea Party Supporters in Congress Grow More Negative (from +9 in Jan to -7 now)

Today, Obama blinked (in his struggle against Social Security)

In my opinion LEFTS biggest mistake was not getting Obama an 83% + dem congress since FDR type....

Is voting in a Republican Primary Unethical????

GOP Less Popular Than the Clap

Answer Claire McCaskill: Sign this 'Contract to Create Jobs' from Van Jones and 'Rebuild the Dream'

Senator Kerry: “Under no circumstances should benefits be cut to try to balance the budget"

IMO, one of President Obama's biggest mistakes has been him sucking up to Republicans since Day One

20/20 vision

Bachmann's Views On Slavery Are Worse Than You Thought

2012 Election:

Sens. Murray, Baucus, Kerry named to debt super committee

Oh lovely!

The UGLY truth, Afghanistnam stats...

Post crash, how many Cubans went homeless, teachers fired/schools closed, or lost their health care?

We're Not Living in 1937

A Democratic majority in the House would have focused on passing the President's agenda

Someone asked me "who do you want to replace Obama with?"

Thomas Jefferson - a true Patriot...

As fucking impressive as her long list of accomplishments is, CaliforniaPeggy...

MFM self-update:

In the hazy, weak days following his open-heart surgery, MFM believes that he went to an AA meeting.

When's the last time YOU were this happy?

On the trail of Guatemala's drug gangs

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for the Tar Sands Action

Mike Malloy - U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded

Maher To Liberal Panel: Do You Have Any "Buyer's Remorse" With Obama?

James K. Galbraith: Crisis in Europe Driving the Crash

Ed Show Live from Madison WI: 'America, Watch Wisconsin...'

Paul Krugman in PBS NewsHour discussion about stock market and possible global recession

Wisconsin! Get Out The VOTE. RECALL THEM ALL!!

Thom Hartmann: Boehner got 98% - Americans got another Recession

London Riots - Protesters Overtake Police

Thom Hartmann: 666 is the name of the S&P Beast

Olbermann: Wisconsin Vote Largest Recall in U.S. History (Good Overview for Today)

Thom Hartmann: WI is the testing ground for Citizens United


London's Burning

Keiser Report: False Flag Finance (E171)

Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action Speaks at Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) Benefit Concert

Truly Extraordinary Speech By Fearless Black Woman In Face Of Hackney London Rioters - A MUST SEE

Wisconsin Special Elections, Great British Riots, etc.

Wisconsin Special Elections, Great British Riots, etc.

TYT: Stock Market Drop Not Caused By Credit Rating Downgrade?

Jim Rogers on S&P's downgrade of the US

Sam Seder: Jobs Missing From Washington Conversation

'Killing civilians part of NATO war strategy in Libya'

War Is A Lie

Michele Bachmann Saves America Ep.2:

Obama reacts to US AAA downgrade (parody of 'Confessions Part II' by Usher)

Young Turks: White Teens Murder Black Man In MS (Graphic Warning)

The Schadenfreude Show!

Mariachi Band Serenades a Beluga Whale

National Nurses United presents the New Face of America

TYT: Obama's Republican Policies Slammed By GOP

Roseanne Conner (BARR) Joins The INFOWAR

The Alyona Show: Cenk Uygur: I'm 'Done' With Obama

London Riots. (The BBC will never replay this. Send it out)

London Riots - Heartless Scum Steal From Injured Boy (Disturbing)

Thom Hartmann: How bad will things get in AA America?

Nebraska attorney general compares welfare recipients to hungry raccoons

Interview with UK Riot Clean Up Volunteers (Now these are my kind of people!)

Olbermann: Obama orders assassination of US citizen

Get the Right Horse for the Course

Standard & Poor's Seeks to Make 'Poor' the Standard

David Korten: Are You a Culture Worker?

Barbara Ehrenreich: America's Tragic Decline -- Resistance Bursts Out All Over the World, Not Here

Thinking outside the laws of thought

Syrian tank assaults reportedly kill 30 as Turkey joins world reproach

China could fill Af-Pak vacuum left by U.S.

Death of the American Dream is marked by the weakest social safety net & largest prison population

After Downgrade, Americans Must Drive Tea Party From Power - HuffPo


Secretive Corporate-Legislative Group ALEC Holds Annual Meeting to Rewrite State Laws

CNN: Where are the Democrats' ideas? (Obviously, they should read DU!)

Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

Riots spread across U.K. on third night of violence

GOP Causes S&P Downgrade, but Republican Candidates Blame Obama

A Setback for Obama’s War on Whistleblowers by Scott Horton

A bit of perspective on the credit rating downgrade

CNN Poll: Kick the Bums Out and Re-strain the Tea Party

8 yrs In Prison for a Prank? Handcuffed for Doodling? The Increasing Criminalization of Students

Chomsky: Public Education Under Massive Corporate Assault — What's Next?


How the Tea Party Exploits Liberals’ Weaknesses (and how to fix that)

Tomgram: Barbara Ehrenreich, On Americans (Not) Getting By (Again)

Panama Trade Deal Would Undercut Efforts To Get Rich Americans To Pay Taxes - HuffPo

DHS Tells States: We Don’t Need Your Approval for Secure Communities

Spiegel: "Dashed Hopes: How Obama Disappointed the World"

S&P downgrades U.S. credit. What happens? U.S. Treasuries go UP in value.

Loan cuts hurt grad students, future

McCain questioned by bagger about UN plan to "take our farms"!

Recalling Randy Hopper - I knew the State Senator up for WI GOP election

66 Years After Nagasaki: Danger and Decadence in the Atomic Age

The Bad Deal (Galbraith)

Krugman doesn't think the Obama team can correct their course

OPEC sees growing world oil demand

Peak oil review - Aug 8

Wow! Bachmann Wants to Conserve Energy at EPA Offices

An Economist for Nature Calculates the Need for More Protection

Union of Concerned Scientists: Cartoon of the Month

Record low sea ice in July

Excessive radioactive cesium found in Fukushima fish: Greenpeace

Japan tsunami battered ice shelf in Antarctic (BBC)

Parents facing tough decision to move children out of Fukushima amid radiation fears

To avoid carbon debt, CRP beats fields of corn, soybeans

Peak Oil & Public Health: Political Common Ground?

A mighty wind

Oregon's Public Universities Plan To Go Solar—New Program Could Get One Campus Off The Grid

Wind Power Gains as Gear Improves

Phone losing charge? Technology created by UCLA engineers allows LCDs to recycle energy

Why you should not trust popular news media on scientific issues

Report suggests reactor #3 at Fukushima plant went through meltdown twice

NYT: Authorities hid radioactive plume forecasts to avoid evacuations - Mayor says akin to "murder"

Hybrid Solar System Makes Rooftop Hydrogen

A Winning (LED) Light Bulb With the Potential to Save the Nation Billions