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World won't end Auguest 2nd

Former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor: David Hicks' War Crimes Charge Was a "Favor" for Australia

No matter what happens or is said tonight just a little FYI

Do you own a microwave oven?

Tweety just made s strong pitch for Bill Clinton as Sec. of the Treasury.

Eric Cantor Admits That $1 Trillion In War Savings Counted In Ryan Plan

This chart should be included with every discussion of the debt & deficit

Bill-O says that liberal media is pushing the "right wing Christian extremist"

Bill-O says that liberal media is pushing the "right wing Christian extremist"

The President's Speech: The Nation is Stuck in Congressional Stalemate


Norway killer liked a post by rightwing nut Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

Russert Junior? Are you kidding me?

Just Got Home From Work (The Bar)... Anything Going On ???

So, what did President Obama say in his speech?

If the GOP was a movie...

If the GOP was a movie...

Will Boehner cry during his rebuttal?

Can we all just have the Republicans arrested for holding us hostage?

Enforcing the debt ceiling would be unconstitutional.

John Boehner was walking out on you! Not working with you!!

Both sides are dangerous.

Boehner briefed Limbaugh on debt plan

I am looking for president Obama to lay out how we got to this point as a country....

Amy Winehouse's parents visit the tribute outside her home

America, held hostage by an orange Boner, day 365

Glenn Beck - Right Wing is different in Europe than U.S. RW

Police arrest suspect in arson at Governor Dayton's former home in Minneapolis

Mr. President, as a #1 supporter - HIT THESE GOP FUCKERS IN THE MOUTH!

Tax the fugging rich Obama


self delete

don't you fucking invoke god's name for me, boehner

Ooooohh! He invoked Ronnie Raygun!!

Fugg that lying Boehner - the Texas drought should end shortly

A Well-meaning Chump vs. a Lying Bully..... Wotta choice.

He looks like the Irish Flag

From an E-mail: Unemployment and health care

In case of default, who would make money?

There's a huge orange glare on my TV screen

He's hanging it on the teabaggers' necks.

Um... What Happened To THIS Guy ???

Boehner's shitty response to come momentarily on C-Span, HERE: (LINK)

Oh, Boehner, I'm so sick of hearing of your small business in Ohio

Holy shit, the people on the White House Facebook app live discussion are pissed.

i'm not a violent person, but i would pay money to knock the orange

*** Official Fluorescent Orangeman Speech Thread ***

Both the Democrats and Republicans are using a $1 trillion cut in the wars in their baseline


What would a year with no taxes (and therefor no government services) look like?

Speaker Bonehead?! WHY???

How Does The President Deal With People That Lie......

So, does it all blow up tomorrow now that the world knows there will

Boner basically said no, blamed the President, and is an asshole, but you knew that

This is the only cut I'm interested in.

There's a conservatard oompa loompa on my teevee.

I may not like all Obama has done or said but Boehner is a lying sack of sh@@

For those at work/no tv/etc - link to live WH broadcast at 9pm:

"Let's cut defense spending at the Pentagon by hundreds of billions of dollars."

Scotland Yard called in over Breivik's claims he met 'mentor' in UK

Boehner: Obama wants 'blank check' (Hey Boner, Fuck You)

Why Is KARL ROVE Planning to Visit the Backwoods of ALABAMA?

Need a break from it? Jane's Addiction is playing live RIGHT NOW (link)

America's response to Boner, Boner, Boner, Boner, Boner in prime-time

President of the USA Number 1 Spoke followed by President Number 2!

What did you think of Pres Obama's speech?

Wal-Mart's Shirts of Misery from Bangladesh

TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's Speech on the Debt Ceiling - 7-25-2011, 9pm EST

Piers Morgan asks wussy-ass question to Grover Norquist then POOF

If you cannot get on the Congressional server -- check Facebook for pages for your rep


Heyyyyy...what happened to Rachel?

Some nights I love Ed Shultz

Breivik listened to Lord of the Rings music on his iPod to drown out screams of his victims

Boner asks for equal time, Boner gets equal time. When did fairness in media make a comeback?

Microsoft apologizes for 'crass' Amy Winehouse tweet

Why does msnbc give the tea party so much time?

Not ONE mention of the WAR!!! All the freakin money!!!!!

Breivik's injected his dum-dum bullets with poison to make them deadlier

Raise SS cap. Medicare for all. Tax the rich.

Boehner isn't just a lying sack of shit, but also completely incompetent.

Well the US House server is TOO BUSY

Well the US House server is TOO BUSY

Common Cause: Enough is Enough

oops, he said it again....(Boehner)

Kudos to Elizabeth Drew for telling it like it is

This Walsh guy coming up on MSNBC is the epitome of what is wrong

Website for both my Senators is down

"Obama calls for compromise and bipartisanship. Boehner responds with series of attacks on Obama."

It's not Boehner, Cantor, and the Tea Party that Dems have to play chicken with

This speech wasn't for you...

Full Text of Boehner's 7/25 debt ceiling speech. What did he mean by "outsiders" ?

Wow. I posted this on FB tonight, here is the reply. Just wow.

Ed Just Nailed It: They should announce a debate tomorrow

Ed Just Nailed It: They should announce a debate tomorrow

Third North Slope oil spill in a week.

Let's take the hostage taking analogy to it's real life counterpart

I thought the President's strategy on calling on the people for help

i'm trying to contact my republican senators

Dad dies saving his 10 year old son in Norway shooting.

Mano A mano in el Bano trending on twitter

US Senate web site inaccessible

Default and Social Security... Faith and Credit of the US

"When the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal."

BP reports another liquid spill in its North Slope facilities

boehner calls 'cut, cap and whatever' a bipartisan bill passed by the house

Personally, I thought Boehner delivered a better speech. Too bad that key points were outright lies

More young people joining volunteer fire fighting groups in quake-struck areas (JAPAN)

Because the GOP and their supporters, be they tea party or not, get all their

President Obama may be smarter than what some here give him credit for

Ahem, speech sucked.

Does anyone have republican family members/co-workers who want a default?

Jon Stewart just compared Congress and its inability to reach a deal on the debt ceiling to . . .

If Obama had any stones at this point

According to Ed: Boehner called Rush Limbaugh before making speech tonight

Govt to examine using debris as biomass fuel (JAPAN)

Boehner's tie is made of $100 dollar bills.

Boehner is a total liar. He blames Obama for the debt crisis. It is all the GOP's fault. They are

I'm in Joplin, MO. tonight, and I just drove across the path of the May 22 tornado.

The Boehner was pretty much a smarmy smart assed liar tonight

LOL! "Ok everyone that was political American Idol."

Service Unavailable


Is Obama wanting to just raise taxes on the brackets above $250,000 and NOT

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Well folks get them belts on

Lots of "server errors" huh, LOL. Your "representatives" do not care about you


How Japan's media sees progress on Fukushima nuclear crisis


If employment was ok in the USA and you could only do one other

David Frum (on Lawrence O'Donnell ) always looks like he took lots of Valium

U.S. administration starts new push on criminal cartels, including yakuza

Why not end this evening's speech

I Will Not Go Down Without A Fight!

17 times under Regan?!

Director of Public Prosecutions refuses to prosecute News Corp, gets hired by Rupert Murdoch after

Boehner delivered a speech that was basically a televised ransom note.

Stop Disastrous Debt Deal. Save the American Dream

Chess. Once again.

Can we agree to call it "Cowardvik"

Cornel West Tells It Like It is! West/Smiley on Poverty Tour: 8-6 thru 8-12:

What Americans Hold Dear

What Do Obama, the "Gang of Six" and Paul Ryan Have in Common

What Do Obama, the "Gang of Six" and Paul Ryan Have in Common


CBPP ANALYSIS OF BOEHNER’S PLAN="greatest increase in poverty/hardship by ANY law in modern history"

Boehner's Website down. Reid's is up plus more

Boehner's Website down. Reid's is up plus more

Jack Layton, New Democratic Party leader, has cancer again. Will

"I ain't blind and I don't like what I think see"

Tweet I just received: "Sigh. Remember when Obama's speeches were uplifting?"

Arguments on taxing the rich.

Dems challenge WA initiative curbing tax increases

Crash and burning ears

Just Got Off The Phone With My 87 y/o Mother And She Is Pissed At The Repugs........

petition to mayor cameron.

petition to mayor cameron.

US 3rd Circuit approves warrantless DNA search and seizure

Fukushima to provide life-time cancer checks (JAPAN)

North Korean official to go to U.S. for nuke talks

Sounds like Monday has not been productive?

Me cynic...

Tea Partiers - are you happy now?

Advice for Speaker Boehner

Winehouse's phone was hacked, reporter claims

Who can provide quote, source, or recollection for Limbaugh quote

Godhatesfags now redirects to

Study: Climate Change to Increase Yellowstone Wildfires Dramatically

Alarming ‘dead zone’ grows in the Chesapeake

The victims' stories: young lives cut short by a merciless killer

Hypothetical - In September 2007 Debt Limit Vote, Would You Have Supported Pelosi...

Interesting "bait and switch"

US, Europe urged to do more to ward off severe famine in parched Somalia

Chinese technology gets derailed in spectacular crash

Are Social Security and Medicare Rules Hard to Understand?

Please tell me why writing to a corporate whore mouthpiece will result in anything?

People are dumb. The President needs to use charts.

Close connection between the Oslo terrorist and Sarah Palin-one of his heroes is her minion

Naples Police unveil interactive crime map

SICK of CONS tying FUTURE spending to Debt run up by FAILED bushCO WARS & wanting to STEAL S.S. &

Directory of Representatives

Obama suggests contacting members of Congress

Searchable links to US House & Senate phone, fax, and email contacts HERE!

"I'm not leaving the table till the last card is played"

Here's Obama:

Here's Obama:

75 mph wind in Australia causes waterfall to flow backwards

If you happen to be feeling really, really, REALLY LOWDOWN.....

We’d much rather bankrupt the world than pay any tax, argue US Republicans

BP reports quarterly profit of $5.3bn (BBC)

AI: Released after five years in prison, Syrian human rights lawyer is finally being acknowledged

An immigrant saved 20 Norwegian lives

Afghan insurgents hang boy, aged 8

Croatia Set for E.U. Membership

Mass rallies for Norway victims {video @ link}

Glen Beck likens Norway victims to Hitler youth but doen't mention US 9/12 project children's camp

Boehner to America: give me what I want or you're all screwed

I wrote this on Joe Walsh's Facebook Page

Dr Matthew Feldman: Slaughter was killer's appetiser. It is the trial that is his main course

Definition: Cut, Cap, Balance

Email from MoveOn: Time to reach out and touch AT&T is NOW!

Anders Breivik's Roots in Right-Wing Populism

Yesterday reminded me of Carl Reiner's great speech in Ocean's Eleven:

while researching another thread

Who Are The 5 Dems That Are Allowing Boehner & The Repugs To Get Away With Saying CCB Was Bipartisan

Anyone know if the House and/or the Senate plan on leaving DC on Thursday night

President's dream of compromise has turned into nightmare...

Sarah Palin movie "Undefeated" tanks, heads to pay-per-view.

Sarah Palin movie "Undefeated" tanks, heads to pay-per-view.

Sarah Palin movie "Undefeated" tanks, heads to pay-per-view.

Where's Maddow?

John Boehner 3 biggest campaign cash funders are employees of three Wall Street investment houses...

John Boehner 3 biggest campaign cash funders are employees of three Wall Street investment houses...

A question on Eric Cantor--why

Norway Terror Suspect Wanted To Save Europe From ‘Cultural Marxism’

Norway Terror Suspect Wanted To Save Europe From ‘Cultural Marxism’


Juan Cole: Boycott Beck! Brands Child Victims Hitler Youth

What Do the Debt Ceiling and Climate Crisis Have in Common?

The Bully Pulpit

chuck todd and panel are trying to figure out how the republicans can get a majority in senate

Have you contacted your congress critter today?

Study confirms US funds in Afghanistan diverted to Taliban

Study confirms US funds in Afghanistan diverted to Taliban

Sen. Bernie Sanders: GOP doing everything it can to protect wealthiest Americans

Does Apple stock hit $400 today?

Does Apple stock hit $400 today?

Why no punishment for CEO greed?

Obama finally spoke to my sister

Do you think Boehner will give up the Speakership when this is over.

I think you are all prejudiced against Boehner just because he's colored...

Boehner & the GOP don't care about default or the USA.

Norway has an anti-fascism anthem: "For Youth"

My email to my teabagger congressman

I was drafted in the Trade War

New single-family home sales fall to 312,000 rate

Versace Bans Sandblasted Jeans, Double Win for Activists and Garment Workers

CHART: Oslo Terrorist’s MANIFESTO Cited Many ISLAMOPHOBIC Bloggers And Pundits

Don't expect much comment from the RWingnuts on O's speech until this afternoon.

Look at this new organization: "National Movement for America's Children"

Marsha Blackburn is ANOTHER fucking idiot congresscritter

Watch the Senate Finance Committee Discuss Debt Plans LIVE

NAACP Head Compares Voter ID Laws To Jim Crow

Quote on the National Debt

Is it time for GEITHNER (Treasury Secretary) to start listing who will not get paid after 8/2/11?

Stewart tells Congress to ‘get the f*ck out’

I just want to show my appreciation for Senator Reid

If your Congress Critter isn't answering your call

There were a few things I really liked about Obama's speech last night

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is a child...a terrible country hurting child...

The president did not even attempt to sell anyone on anything. He just repeated what he's said

Fundamentalism Kills - By Chris Hedges

Fundamentalism Kills - By Chris Hedges

Will people not be able to pay their mortgage, student loans, credit cards in a default?

I still cannot believe Toronto elected this man as mayor

House spending bill slashes environmental protections

IF a GOP president is elected in '12... do you think Dems would say...

Breivik met leaders of the radical EDL and Geert Wilders, the Dutch RW politician last year

I'm Sure If G.W.Bush Was President Now And The Tables Were Reversed He Would Not Hesitate To......

I'm Sure If G.W.Bush Was President Now And The Tables Were Reversed He Would Not Hesitate To......

Your quiet moment of thought for today

Men weigh in on love, money and kids

I say let the states choose.

Here's a Legislative Action Center Email On Passing Senator Reid's Plan

"Sen. Lee (R): Obama’s ‘Class Warfare’ a Losing Strategy" - The Rich As A Protected Class

Obama stays mum on veto threat - Keep calling or risk a worse deal:

After Signing Law Disenfranchising ID-less Voters, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Closes 10 DMV Offices

United Airlines worker accidentally shot by passenger at New Orleans Airport

What our FRiends have been saying about the Topeka (White Guy) terror threat yesterday

Banks and credit unions that cater to federal employees are beginning to offer aid

Wealth Gap Between Whites, Minorities Widens To Greatest Level In A Quarter Century

Breaking: Finally! a deal has been reached! OMG...

No Surprise... Freepers Applaud Beck's "Hitler Youth" Statement

And now for the dominionist and how well they hide

Is America An Empire In Decline?

Interesting observation about current accessibility

Interesting observation about current accessibility

Congressional Websites Crash After Obama Urges People to Reach Out on Debt

My imagined first draft of Obama's speech

Who Needs Humans? (About robots taking people's jobs)

Tried to contact Az Rep Kyle. Server crashed. Post your attempts here.

COMPROMISE, it is at the system of government

Everything the Republicans are forcing the President to acquiesce to is designed to cause failure

Norway terrorist is a climate change denier

CBS Radio News, applauds Obama.

Clinton, Reagan, GW Bush, Nixon, LBJ, JFK, Truman, FDR

Uh oh! Social Security.

the republicans want to do this all over again in six months.

WorldNetDaily: Oslo Attacks Were a Left-Wing Conspiracy

July end of month Milestones now in the lounge...

tea party harasses members

I've sat down to write my congressman several times. But what do I say?

Rest In Peace, Dan

Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities

My eldest brother sent me this... he introduced me to Anne Richards

Anders Behring Breivik had links to far-right EDL, says anti-racism group

Self-deleted by member

GOP lawmaker admits he’s extorting Congress to rewrite Constitution

Rep. David Wu suggests he may not finish term as ethics probe begins

Like the man said

Default - Will it be a Disaster?

Fingerprint analysis tech aims to revolutionize drug testing

What do you do if you’re “lazy” and poor , but decide to get a job?

Kentucky A.G. Jack Conway doing good things.

2 teenage girls died and 8 injured in a detasseling incident in whiteside county illinois

OR-01: AP reports David Wu will resign

CNBC squawkers joke about "grandma in the snow" and those who can't afford college (re: pres speech)

South African man wakes after 21 hours in morgue fridge

wealth in America - Whites leave blacks, asians, hispanics far far behind

Roosevelt is DEAD

Med Jones, who predicted the 2008 crisis, predicts another in 2015

Tea Party Economics 101

Thom Hartmann is tearing it up today.

Americans Trust Obama More on Debt Talks:Voters Fear Debt Deal Will Hurt Medicare

Murdoch et al are pushing far right extremism

When did Luke Russert become a panelist? He sounds foolish in his analysis that John Boehner's

There is irony in this cirisis

Republican senator's canned response to critical e-mail re debt ceiling talks

Republican senator's canned response to critical e-mail re debt ceiling talks

i kinda liked this...

Bachmann almost calls herself ‘President O’Bachmann’

California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants

Tried to email Boehner

Who owns America? Hint: It's not China

One undeniable truth about media coverage, simple and obvious.

Blue-eyed blondes fear racial profiling in wake of Norway terrorism

It is wrong to say that "Boehner is having trouble with the tea party members". He has spent

The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions Of The Debt Ceiling

Education ‘failing to address inequality’

Glenn Beck's site uses DoubleClick for ads. DoubleClick belongs to Google. Hence, this e-mail:

Glenn Beck's site uses DoubleClick for ads. DoubleClick belongs to Google. Hence, this e-mail:

Which of the following are you more inclined to agree with:

Dr. Boyce Watkins; Racial Wealth Gap, Worse Than it’s Been in 25-Years…

Financially supporting President Obama's second term

I'd like to know why Chuckie on M$NBC leads off with a Puke every morning

Police begin releasing names of victims of Norway massacre

Nearly 3,700 post offices slated to close

Let's count: health care, repeal DADT, bin ladin dead. How 'bout a little fucking CREDIT here.

The Republcians need to be removed from office. Now.

The Republcians need to be removed from office. Now.

Headline of the day: Cool Obama meets hot Boehner in dueling debt ceiling speeches

Of these three, who do you hold in the highest regard

Cantor's a smug little prick,isn't he....

Breaking Now On C-Span Repugs Pushing A Bill To Pay Certain Items Should Ceiling Not Be Raised......

Dear Honorable John Boehner,

Lay out a scenario for how a 14th amendment option would work

Obama is Going To Destroy SS

Mom gets choice in hit-run case: New trial or probation

Are Republicans Still the Party of Corporate America?

Only one man can ask the GOP to raise taxes and get it done.

Gov. Brown Signs Calif. DREAM Act

For anyone who watches Al Jazeera, the reports

Navy gets OK to sink ships for targets in Gulf of Alaska

Job seekers continue to report facing discrimination against the unemployed

"Blank Check" - the LATEST Conservative Catchphrase Du Jour!

God Help Us! Martha MCCallum (Fos) just explained to the

Iraq and the debt

Rick Perry's racially insensitive pastor problem

Rick Perry's racially insensitive pastor problem

Up To Another 11 Million Mortgages Will Go Bad- Major New Report From Laurie Goodman

The people of this country are pleading for your help

so i just left a message for my republican senator

Norway victim's father recounts last words

BRZEZINSKI said it on Scabs: T-Baggers represent tiny minority. I call it treason.

NY Times Editorial: The Republican Wreckage

Glenn Beck Defends His Hitler Comparisons

Oslo Killer Posted On My Site

Oslo Killer Posted On My Site

Europol says it is updating database of extreme far right activities in Europe

"Help help, I'm being represssed!"

Colombian salsa legend Joe Arroyo dies at 55 - Radio Caracol

House GOP revolts against Boehner plan

WH/OMB has now issued veto threat on Boehner deficit bill.

Getting to a Majority

Getting to a Majority

GOP Senators on TV Lauding Their Pay Seniors Social Security in Default Bill

Video reveals bank ‘activity’ a requirement for Wisconsin voter ID

Republicans introduce ‘Kill the Economy’ plan (truth in satire)

Norway victims, a loss to the world

Wave of Teen Suicides Sweep Michele Bachmann's District

Things the President CAN do.

Recusal policy reveals oil industry-gov't ties

Podcasts, Do you listen? Who do you listen to?

Vote: Whose message was more effective, Obama or Boehner?

The first TARP vote failed and the markets sunk.

Fukushima updates July 26

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is Disappointed they Can't Deal with "Entitlements"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is Disappointed they Can't Deal with "Entitlements"

Our Army: Coming or going ? Some GI posted it

Yeah. We're fucked.

Bachmann paid Fox News makeup artist $4,700

The Republicans who want default are missing something.

Even Fred Thompson is telling the GOP to declare victory

Even Fred Thompson is telling the GOP to declare victory

MSN Money actually reported on the real cause of our

"Contact your Congressional Representative"...

FOX News Resents The Norway Shooter Being Described As 'Right-Wing'

Ezra Klein's interview of Larry Summers

How soon until Ratzenberger declares that Anders Breivik is an "atheist"? (poll)

Won’t you come home, Jim Crow? Oh, they wish we were in Dixie!

The bottom 80% control only 7% of the nation’s financial wealth.

My Republican neighbor is willing to let the interest rate rise on his mortgage as long as

Jeebus. Juan Williams is on KPCC (Pacifica) Right Now...

Police: Longtime Ga. lawmaker found dead

Police: Longtime Ga. lawmaker found dead

Vets groups split on therapy dogs legislation

Lack of similar services means most Netflix customers sticking around

Boone County career center closes after meth residue found

Righthaven Says Amici's Challenge is an 'Effort to Advance Its Policy Agenda'

Righthaven Says Amici's Challenge is an 'Effort to Advance Its Policy Agenda'


Did anyone else notice how Boehner confirmed that the Super Congress is real?

Toon: Everybody do what I say...

WH/OMB has now issued veto threat on Boehner deficit bill.

BREAKING: Michelle Bachmann Opposes Boehner Plan

Far right domestic terrorism on par with foreign threat, experts say

Congressional Phone and Fax Numbers

Congressional Phone and Fax Numbers

Boehner's and GOP's complete misunderstanding of Govt. "I was amazed at how different Wash. DC ...

Poll: More trust Obama over Republicans in Congress on debt, deficit issues

Government Unemployment Watch: USPS To Close 3,653 Post Offices (one out of every 9) list included

Ron Paul Rides Jet as Money Flows to Campaign

I called my congress people and told them to vote against Obama's "Grand Bargain"

Check out the ALEC bill to establish Juvenile Bootcamps:

When little Johnny Bionger wants to turn on the tears, he thinks of his worst nightmare!

In 200+ Days The House GOP Has Voted To Kill 1.9 Million Jobs And Created 0

The Master’s as the New Bachelor’s (for getting a job)

Lesbian couple are Norway heroes (heroines)

The "media"is the opposite of "free press" and ...

The "media"is the opposite of "free press" and ...

I think I will dedicate my Obama campaign donation to all the Bachmann Democrats out there.

A (short) rant on misinformation & miseducation--

Curious . . . during the Bush Reign of Ruin, did you ever see a debt ticker on ANY media outlet?

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution

Debt talk damage has already been done

My favorite two headlines: House 'Deluged By Calls And Emails & Romney is no Profile in Courage

On anti intellectualism in the US...

NYT: Make Way for the Radical Center (Americans Elect)

What's Grover Norquist's phone number?`

End the wars, Roll back Bu$h tax cuts, and Close corporate tax loopholes.

Am I overreacting? Asking for personal advice regarding a friend.

THIS is how SENIOR CITIZENS deal with Congress Members!! Remember this? Dan Rostenkowski ...

Investors refuse to panic over debt ceiling; Aug 2 not in stone

Investors refuse to panic over debt ceiling; Aug 2 not in stone

Geez, it won't be over when it's over.

After seeing (R) SC Cong. Mick Mulvaney on MSNBC I checked him out & found this link to the Kochs...

Bojangles chain to get new owner

Bojangles chain to get new owner

Bernie Sanders: Statement on Deficit Proposals

"Absentee voting starts in (WI) Senate recall":

Curating online: Hobbies for the hipsters

God I hate Republicans

Mom spared jail time after driver hits, kills boy

Mom spared jail time after driver hits, kills boy

Alrighty then, "job creators". If you make more than 1 million you can either hire ten people

Not all right wingers are terrorists but all recent terrorism has been caused by the right.

Norwegians post their feelings at BBC website.

Huntsman building big NH team, changing tone

I could end the deficit in 5 minutes

If The Boehner is still Speaker a year from now...

Chickenpox Deaths Plummet With Help Of Vaccine

Muslim Group Can Sue D.C. Over Lamppost Law

Wal-Mart Goes Nuclear Over Chicken Necks; Newlyweds Lose House; Husband Deported

If there is no debt deal, NO PAYCHECKS FOR CONGRESS.

Civilization collapsing, a failure of a culture...

I still hate Republicans

U.S. Constitution debt option "not available"

Ching Chong Ling Long food delivery service run by students is accused of racism

Right wing guest keeps telling Thom Hartmann to shut up.

Did Jimmy Williams just say that Gingrich was Norquists butt buddy

Mr. President... Close your door...and don't answer your phone !

Outrage as 'arty' vicar burns 'vile' passages of the Bible

U.S. Rating Downgrade is Now ‘Base Case’: ISI

U.S. Rating Downgrade is Now ‘Base Case’: ISI

Boehner plan: "If enacted, it could well produce the greatest increase in poverty and hardship ... "

How are "both sides" to blame for the national debt?

If the USA goes down the tubes, whom should we blame?

A little Insider Information For Y'all

haha Just cracked 1000+ posts!

Bachmann Stays Silent On String of Teen Suicides in District

Alter: Boehner’s Response Is Work of Political Fiction

SAfrican man wakes after 21 hours in morgue fridge

DU Improvements!

'Tell the police to hurry. People are dying here!'

Pole dancing for 7 year old girls at the gym. Errr Pole Fitness.

A new, Poor People's Campaign

The same right wing ideological forces attempted to overthrow FDR's government in 1933.

Would the baggers be protesting outside of Speaker Pelosi's house now if situations were reversed?

Stop Disastrous Debt Deal. Save the American Dream.

Here is the third way's website.

Help: looking for a BBC documentary "Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" (Adam Curtis)

Shut Down the Airports, Mr. President!

Scripts for Fox "News" Immigration Rants found in 1952 Magazine

Sen. Franken's Floor Statement on the Debt Crisis

Is Limbaugh taking credit for the server crashes?

They're showing pics of the Norwegean terrorist - they're professional

Call Grover Norquist 202-785-0266

Not using your bank account "enough"? No Voter ID for You.

GOP plan produces lower-than-expected savings

Cameron's government was in bed with Murdoch

Crossroads Ads To Target Five New Democratic Senators (please spread the word)

What day do people bury their money?

Pat Buchanan lost a relative at Auschwitz...

Help Defend Left Thinking

Man in hospital after attempting surgery on himself with a butter knife

Post office ponders closing 1 in 10 retail outlets

The T-bagger approved future of health care in America

Dept. of Education "does not endorse the Dora the Exporer program"

Work on Vegas ATC tower halted: 130 out of work, $8500 a day from the taxpayers

Do I need to call my congresscritter RIGHT FUCKING NOW??

Americans ‘Disgusted’ as Politicians Bicker

So this is what it has come down to.

John Boehner is Full of It

Tampa General Hospital files $9.2 million claim for treatment

USE A FAX service, PSA... to those of you trying to contact

Perhaps someone can explain this to me I am confused

boehner....'i gave it my all'

Jerry Brown vetoes bill to help elderly, disabled .

They're willing to hurt millions of Americans to get Obama

Ahem. Speaker Boehner? A word please, sir?

Club for Growth Poll: Mourdoch 34% - Lugar 32%

Club for Growth Poll: Mourdoch 34% - Lugar 32%

What would keep the Democrats in the Senate from pulling a filibuster?

I'd love to live in a village of this type of house.

Its time for the tea party to resign rally held in Punta Gorda

New polling shows that Democrats are winning 3 Wisconsin recall elections, with 3 more very close.

A little levity in all of this: New Old Spice Guy proposes a duel with old Old Spice guy

What do you even say to people like this?

USDA Proposes New Rule for Labeling of Solution-Added Meat and Poultry

Obama should not have asked for air time unless he had news

Does anyone here have an idea about US Savings Bonds and

Police looking for serial butt stabber

Something I never realized. Casablanca. I always just thought of it as a movie.

57% of Americans say they will not contact Congress. You can vote here.

GDP per capita falls for first time?

Where is Maddow?

It started with . . . .

Veterans groups summoned to White House on debt ceiling impact

A song for the times -- and the sign said long haired freaky people

NYT: How the Deficit Got This Big (Concludes "TAXES HAVE TO GO UP")

Tonight on Countdown: Robert Reich and more

Oh... THIS Is Rich... 'GOP Demand Obama Protect Social Security, Cut Something Or Other' - TPMDC

This is surreal... listening to Tweety

The owners of this government have decided

Must Read -Norway's corrective to our post 9/11 terror myth

Politifact is starting to post results from last night's speeches

Worst case scenario: the US defaults. So what? Most of us

To Geller,Buchanan and the rest of your ilk - I hope you rot in hell for what you have wrought.

FLASHBACK: Republicans Never Voted On A Balanced Budget Amendment

Tea Party Terrorists obtain taxpayer funding in "broke" Wisconsin

President Obama has asked for our help. LET'S DO IT!

Large fire erupts in Fairfield, Calif., near Travis Air Force Base

Phone hacking: Piers Morgan admits publishing articles based on phone tapping

I wonder how the Congress would react if their checks were the first held up on August 3rd?

Well, I emailed Portman and got the same old same old back

Repubs think Obama wants a tax increase...

57% won't call their reps, according to a CNN online poll

The Bush Deficit

Let's cut domestic spending to the lowest level it's been since Dwight Eisenhower was President.

If someone from the Obama campaign calls me, I'll thank them for volunteering.

Branstad is upset because the Post Office will be closing rural locations in Iowa but

Americans ‘Disgusted’ as Politicians Bicker Over Debt

Breivik's lawyer is holding a news conference - live on BBC International

How to find the truth?


What the Norwegian teenagers were singing on Thursday night

"Liberals Balk at Medicare, SS Cuts" - CNN

Americans Elect: Can an Internet-Powered 3rd Party Transform 2012?

Guest List on Ed Show Tonight

Suppress'n the Vote: How NOT to get Wis. ID

I am so in love with Melissa Harris-Perry

email to my congressman....

NYC hospital worker admits stealing $1.2M in toner

CNN TV Breaking - Boehner will rewrite his plan to add more cuts!

Sofia VERGARA's Rethug boyfriend wants to be senator from Florida

Looks like both President and Speaker have given up.

Fukushima Residents to Officials: Test This Urine!

Bernie Sanders Poll - weigh in if you haven't already

Slowly going back to school. Just a life update. Rambling post.

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell 4.5% in Year

People Actually Believe The Laffer Curve

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from Senator Mike Johanns

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from Senator Mike Johanns

CorpoMedia© is pushing race hatred HARD by miss- stating the meaning of some numbers.

Job listings say the unemployed need not apply

A couple of weeks ago I was scared, now I'm fucking pissed!

Debt TOON Roundup: Which one is your favorite?

Boehner: You elected us to destroy government. That's our job as your elected government officials.

More dismal poll numbers for Obama and the GOP on debt crisis

Soros to End Hedge Fund Career, Return Money

Derf: Zombie Reagan Arises!

Tonight I got a phone solicitation call from Obama's money grubbers

U.S. dollar dives to record lows against select currencies on debt impasse

Information on Christian Reconstructionsim and Dominonism

The news tonight was that John Boehner made an total ass of himself.

Study: Marijuana compound helps mitigate cocaine addiction in mice

TPM:We're playing chicken and one of the cars doesn't have a driver in it

Closing soon near you: a post office

What I'll never understand about divided government

Obama's Speech -- Values?

Stop Funding the MIC Nancy! US Austerity???

Wow: The One Chart That Should Accompany All Debt Ceiling Discussions

HALF of America pays NO taxes. Zero. So they're happy for tax rates to be raised on the other half

FBI Investigates Taped Beating By Tennessee Police (Darrin Ring)

Microsoft paper proposes using 'cloud' servers to heat homes

Contacting Senators

Norway's corrective to our post 9/11 terror myth

Norway's corrective to our post 9/11 terror myth

Just had a private chat with a (D) Congresswoman...

I think I have something in my eye, anyone have a Kleenex?

Okay, I'm out of he loop. Why did Cenk get fired?

nytimes: The Republican Wreckage

Glenn Beck: Norway camp smacks of 'Hitler Youth'

"President Obama Doesn’t Understand the Origins of the Deficit" /Dean Baker

When Congress set up Soc. Sec. trust fund, did they INTEND not to repay what they borrowed from it?

Is your local Post Office on the endagered species list

The Repugs pledging allegiance to an individual rather than to the USA is

WTF happened? I was out for a couple of hours, came back to all the headlines about Boner losing his

The RWers have labeled unions, Obama and even ACORN as "Economic Terrorist."

I don't think people are as alarmed as they should be about the Super Congress.

I don't think people are as alarmed as they should be about the Super Congress.

Kudlow talking to S&P

The Fourth Turning

Is Tweety the canary in the mine?

Regie Rockers You got money you gonna pay

IMF Chief Says U.S. Must Raise Debt Ceiling, Warns Of Threat To World Economy

Why are Asian stocks UP right now?

Arkansas High School Decides to Appoint White Co-Valedictorian Because Actual Valedictorian Is Black

Norway responds to Glenn Beck when asked by a reporter

Norway responds to Glenn Beck when asked by a reporter

Boehner proved Obama wrong and it was a gift to Democrats

Alabama county faces biggest US municipal bankruptcy (AP/Dothan Eagle)

Alabama county faces biggest US municipal bankruptcy (AP/Dothan Eagle)

*** Check in here after you've written your Representative ****

Lawsuit against the school system in Bachmann's district

Long Island Mom Left Baby In Car (And In Sweltering Heat) While Shopping

Judge: Barking not protected speech

Judge: Barking not protected speech

Obama's Ambush on Entitlements -- Under the Cover of 'Crisis'

Senator Wu resigned..

Canukistanian doctors doing alright, eh?

Okay, time for a few Democratic oaths?

Just a minute. If you have a fixed rate mortgage now,

The Rude Pundit: The View From Across Oceans on Our Debt Ceiling Idiocy

If you can, do an act of kindness today.

From 1946: "What's Wrong with the Airlines"

Does everyone realize how well and truly fucked the 99% are?

I am NOT ashamed of this president.

The truth about poverty in America

The truth about poverty in America

Biggest difference between the speeches? Obama asked voters for help, Boehner

Big 3 networks bidding up to $1.5 Million for Casey Anthony interview

2.16 Billion in US trucking funds end up in Taliban hands

Boy, that Mika girl has spunk.

WorldNetDaily: Oslo Attacks Were a Left-Wing Conspiracy

Taking it to the streets (or sidewalk) in Anchorage

Taking it to the streets (or sidewalk) in Anchorage

Taking it to the streets (or sidewalk) in Anchorage

New Court Filing Reveals How the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Was Hacked

Now everyone's jumping on Buchanan. Ease off, Pat lost a dear relative at Auschwitz.

Sick: Pat Buchanan: Norwegian Right-Wing Terrorist ‘Breivik May Be Right’

If no deal comes on debt limit, President Obama needs to invoke 14th admendment

Michael Medved: "Don't Punish the Rich." Here we go with this again.

Big talker Ryan has been a non-achiever in 12 years in the House

Remember BP's Tony Hayward?

Thank you, Ayn Rand

How did we get to this place?

How did we get to this place?

NAACP calls for an end to the war on drugs

Email to my Republican Congresscritter...

Email to my Republican Congresscritter...

Tonight we heard from the Center/Right and the Hard/Right.

Bloomberg reports that Boehner and Republicans voted for all the Debt they now Blame on Obama

Nancy Pelosi is tearing the GOP a new asshole..

Parents Say Schools Won't Stop Gay Bullying Despite 4 Student Suicides in a Single Year

Parents Say Schools Won't Stop Gay Bullying Despite 4 Student Suicides in a Single Year

Which teabagers are most vulnerable?

Called my Congresscretin. Told him no cuts to SS or Medicare, raise taxes on the wealthy.

The anger, disappointment, and despair are reaching a dangerous level.

Why I'm Calling Congress Tomorrow

Here are the People That Would Create an Economic Crisis:

why I believe in the death penalty

Job listings say the unemployed need not apply

Why the Christian Right Becomes More Extreme As America Grows More Tolerant

Detainee Abuse Photos: Fighting for Transparency and Accountability

A question about Obama's honor

A question about Obama's honor

The Happiest Gay Marriage Photo You Will Ever See

Veteran Actor G.D. Spradlin dies; played Senator Pat Geary in Godfather II

I hate that arrogant bastard joe walsh, why is he on MSNBC again

Michael Hudson: Mr. Obama’s Scare Tactics to Get Democrats to Vote for His Wall Street Plan

The Help-Wanted Sign Comes With a Frustrating Asterisk

Open Letter to Congress and the President

GWB on the lamb? (Gotta see the pic in the link)

Debt Is A Crisis

Representatives Who Voted To Cripple CFPB Received 83 Percent More From Banks

Pick up the damn telephone..

Dylan Radigan - ufo's ?

I was proud to be a Conservative Democrat.

No more!

Bachmann AWOL - Has skipped 37% of votes, won't consider forfeiting some salary

Okay. We know what's coming. How do we organize a national

The GOP's racism has driven them mad

This political revolution has been brought to you by Twitter

Blogger: I Have Recording PROVING Piers Morgan KNEW About PHONE HACKING

Drivers can disregard red-light camera tickets in L.A.

Have you noticed when the GOP talks about cutting "entitlements", they never say the word Medicare?

The Best FB Status I have seen in a long time...

Against Despair, or, the Default Party

Bachmann ally, Bradlee Dean, sues Rachel Maddow for 50 million for playing his comments on air

Scott: Federal shutdown impact minimal

How much do you trust Obama and Democratic Party leaders to look out for your interests?

Paul Krugman: The Cult That Is Destroying America

Has anyone posted this article on 2004 election before now?

3 Ways Around The Debt Ceiling

Why should we all be asked to sacrifice?

If Obama does do a deal with the 'Pugs, he needs to withdraw from the re-election campaign

Gov. Christie "wins hearts" at Iowa education summit.

I caught the rainbow

Here are the "job creators" the GOP is protecting

So This Is Despair

Here they go again..calling liberals "elite", saying we have no leverage over Obama.

Dalai Lama: Happiness, Compassion and Mosquitos (funny video...1:51)

My subscription to the DU ran out. I'm seeing lots of ads. But does my computer have to run so slow?

Stephen Colbert was just talking about those new "Summer's Eve" ads.

Need a break from it? Jane's Addiction is playing live RIGHT NOW (link)

The light at the end of the tunnel?

David Plouffe needs a better haircut.

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

Wonderful to find genuine Democrats with savy.

It's almost time to water the garden...

OMG I'm drunk on a Monday night - don't ask me a GD thing!

I'm *really* sorry I missed this concert....

Anyone else glad that they're childish?

You know, Beagles are the goofiest dogs in the known universe

A young man and woman were chuckling about the Japanese mouth robot

My morning so far...the dogs and the heat detector.

What I believe in:

What kind of non-microwave oven do they use at restaraunts?

What kind of non-microwave oven do they use at restaraunts?

Screw Harry Potter! Those flicks should be about the instructors!


HIBBY - Have I Been Banned Yet

RIP Dan Peek (America)

Suprise! Jesse James calls off wedding to Kat von D

Anyone else glad that they're childish?

Where can I find a DU Mentos?

Where can I find a DU Minto?

Where can I find a DU Minturn?

Nyan Cat... Orchestrated!

Anyone else watching Design Star?

"Bull Durham" is on AMC right now.

Narwals Song

Gratuitous pictures of my kayak trip in PWS Alaska.

Am I overreacting? Asking for personal advice regarding a friend.

Where can I find DU's best impersonation of an A$$Hole?

haha Just cracked 1000+ posts!

Sir Mick Jagger turns 68 today.

Do you own a microwave oven?

Slaughtered sparrows simile wins 2011 bad writing contest


Last weekend was tough. While burying my dad at sea, 3000 miles away my 14 year old cat died in my

What are your best poor dope's coffee lovers tips for making the best brews

Man Uses Goat, Pizza & Darth Vader Costume To Test Limits Of Apple Store's Hospitality

Are collard greens good for you?

Have to get the oil changed and radiator flushed in the van today. FORTUNATELY...

I'm posting a list of ALL (I think) of the threads pertaining to MFM's hospital adventures.

Just finished watching The Walking Dead

PHOTO: Time to play another EXCITING round of "What Is Johnny Depp Thinking?"

VIDEO..."Lady Rebukes the Devil in CVS" (because we know it's Satan's drug store of choice)

Where can I find a DU Minotaur?

I rescued her from along side the road, feed, walk, clean up after and she ends up a mamas girl?

Any "Project Runway" viewers?

Vespas & other scooters

have you EVER seen Kool-Aid served in a restaurant??

I live in ________, and the nick name for the state police is ______

"Once I made you rich enough to forget my name" (Econ . 101 from Bruce

The semi-annual obligatory "EYES" thread. Post a song with "EYES" in the title.

What was your favourite non dessert food as a kid. I like canned Chef Boyardee

In Cantor, hedge funds and private equity firms have voice at debt ceiling negotiations

Ryan Crocker sworn in as ambassador to Afghanistan

Dupe please just delete

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # JULY MILESTONES # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 2nd edition...

Sugar workers fear lockout in Red River Valley (1,500 workers in 3 states)

Officials Suspect Others Assaulted at LA Stadium

China suspends 2 of 5 fake Apple stores in 1 city

Police investigate bloody incident with red heart balloon at Capitol Read more: http://host.madison

Guatemala Las Dos Erres civil war massacre trial begins

For all you Doubting Thomases and Thomasinas...

John Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan May Still Trigger S&P Downgrade: Report

Obama: Halt '3-ring-circus' of debt-limit debate

Tell me about a 'localism' in your state

House Republicans Take Aim At Environmental Regulations As Debt Crisis Looms

Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities, report says

U.S. trucking contracts funded Taliban, source says

Colombia elections vulnerable to corruption: Report

Ex-Wife Charged In 2002 Sisco, Harkness Killings

After Signing Law Disenfranchising ID-less Voters, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Closes 10 DMV Offices

A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns

Glenn Beck: Norway camp smacks of 'Hitler Youth'

Plunder complaint filed vs ex-Philippine president

The Help-Wanted Sign Comes With a Frustrating Asterisk

Sales of new one-family houses in June 2011 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 312,000.

WorldNetDaily: Oslo Attacks Were a Left-Wing Conspiracy

Congressman Resigns in Sex Scandal.

Czech bounced: president denied entry to Parliament

Middle school boys admit to sex attack

Would it be possible for Obama to rattle Boehner

Two Chinese fighters 'pursue' US spy plane

MSNBC: Oh poor boy Luke. He is sweating like a pig.

Threat of Downgrade Looms

EMILY’s List endorses Marshall in special election race for CD 2

Norway killer praised Australian conservatives

Oregon Congressman David Wu Says He's Resigning

Drivers can disregard red-light camera tickets in L.A.

Obama: Default Would Be ‘Reckless And Irresponsible’

Mom spared jail time after driver hits, kills boy

Chinese 3-man submersible makes its deepest dive

What is Boehner saying????? He is talking fast and talking without focus.

GOP-leaning group targets Senate Democrats

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5.9 quake rumbles under Gulf of California

Obama: Default Would Be ‘Reckless And Irresponsible’

stupid me - i thought he

Dollar takes brunt of Washington debt deal battle

Where are the mass protests in response to our government's actions?

GDP figures mean Britain will miss its economic growth targets (Tories' Austerity Experiment Fails)

President Obama: "a balanced approach is

Jerry Brown vetoes bill to help elderly, disabled

Ohio issue against federal health care measure will go on fall ballot

Palin’s ‘Undefeated’ tanks, heads to Pay-Per-View

Center on Budget and Policy Statement on Boehner's new budget proposal (Robert Greenstein)

Jerry Brown nominates Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court

Bad News For The Boehner Plan: CBO Says It Only Cuts $850 Billion Over Ten Years

FBI Targets 12 In Koch Industries Online Assault

Clinton Seeks to Reassure China Amid U.S. Debt Stalemate

(Jerry) Brown signs private-scholarship part of Dream Act

Screw "balance" if it means we go to hell faster

Boehner Plan Faces G.O.P. Resistance and Veto Threat

Norway: Police ponder new Anders Behring Breivik charge

New York Challenges U.S. Defense of Marriage Act

Ohio tea party activists rally for US speaker (Boehner)

Obama vs. Boehner: A Pair of Nothingburgers (Kevin Drum(

Howard Fineman being a dick tonight saying not a good sign the speech keeps getting longer

Boehner Plan Would Lead To Downgrade Of U.S. Debt, Reid Plan Would Preserve AAA Rating

The speech that I wanted to see, more or less:

In Debt Address, Obama Asks Americans to Raise The Roof

It sure sounded like Obama had cuts to SS, Medicare and Medicaid on the table

Is this the roll call Boehner referred to? (LINK)

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: The Tea Party 'Backup Plan'

Religious Groups Set Prayer Vigil for U.S. Debt Deal

Obama was talking to the American people tonight, not just us here at DU.

GE moving X-ray business to China

US: bin Laden death ups terror risk for Americans AP

House GOP to rework budget plan after new estimate

Republican Leaders Voted for Debt Drivers They Blame on Obama

Joan Walsh: Obama fights full-tilt Tea Party crazy

Obama Put Out the Call, And They Answered - A selection of angry letters that people sent to congres

We need to educate each other on how other wealthy nations take care of their people

The drivers of our debt

Cantor to GOP: Quit whining and vote

What is the thought about using Twitter as a tool to blast messages?

So - have any of the Republican Presidential candidates produced a Birth Certificate?

Four Republican Senators Reject Boehner Plan

A Call for Strong Action for....What? A Balanced Approach? Yowza I'll go for that.

Tweety says that Boehner lied about there being a bipartisan agreement.

I take it Obama didn't go with the Constitutional option

Tweeted back at Luke Russert about his posting

Why does it have to take a statement from the President for people to become active?

Fineman just said many Congresspersons' websites are down because people are contacting them

Anyone, even Republicans w/small brains, should realize that tax breaks for the rich are killing us!

Obama tells people to contact Congress and it crashes the Hill servers

Holy Crap! Is anyone Really Buying this Boner Bullshit?

NOPE! Top House Conservatives Says Boehner Lacks Sufficient GOP Support To Raise Debt Limit

The Club for Growth is opposing Boehner's plan

**** Official Obama Debt Ceiling Speech Thread ****

John Boehner lied. A bunch

House GOP revolts against Boehner plan

Program won't cover 9/11 responders for cancer

Norway attacks: Anders Behring Breivik appears insane, says his lawyer

WH/OMB has now issued veto threat on Boehner deficit bill.

Ed Kilgore makes a good point

Don't forget, this is exactly the WRONG time to cut back on govt spending.

Obama's Narrow Tightrope (Kevin Drum)

Bad News: Can't get through to my Senator. Good News: Can't get through to my Senator

why the FUCK do they ALWAYS get a response. They OWN the media. WTF????

Former Interior Secretary Babbitt calls GOP land proposal a ‘giveaway of our great outdoors’

More Americans unhappy with Obama on economy, jobs

I want Obama to use the 14th amendment.

More dismal poll numbers for Obama and the GOP on debt crisis

Small Town Post Offices Threatened

Why didn't Obama praise Clinton for a balanced budget by

Who the hell is Alex Wagner

Teabaggers in Congress are simply bullies who have no use for democracy.

Watch Nixon's first inaugural address. He would be called a "raging liberal"

Let's stop replaying the Primary

Would righites support school vouchers going to Islamic schools?

White House Administration Officials will hold "Office Hours" to answer your questions

I think the President is boxed into a corner he may not escape.

India and Pakistan prepare for peace talks

Obama’s and Bush’s effects on the deficit in one graph (from NYT)

Obama acts like a Senator not a president.

BSkyB Faces $4.2 Billion Payout Quandary on Murdoch Scandal

Boehner: Number of JOBS bills voted on in the 112th Congress? A big fat zero

Boehner Plan Falls Short of Advertised Cuts, Says CBO --- Now says he will "rewrite" bill.

any polling out on the speeches last night?

I was hoping for a "barn burner" of a speech from BO last night BUT

Some speech viewers may have realized for the first time that all this affects them personally --

I tried to contact my congress critter and

Mr. President, They Hate You and They Do Not Want To Work with You No Matter What

Republicans have abandoned Christianity.

Magnanimous: (((Crosspost from GD)))

Interesting Gallup editor in chief comments - Obama "out teflon's Reagan"

What'd you think of Pres Obama's speech

I did what the President wanted!

Dems plot endgame: Let Boehner plan crash and burn, then dare GOP to let Reid plan fail

The Republican Wreckage - GOP "has pushed the nation to the brink of ruinous default" (NYT)

Kyl on Fox: Clinton worked with Republicans, Obama won't.

Logic Lesson of the Day: False Dilemma

No end in sight for FAA shutdown

CNN finally gets a clue -- "Political extremes calling the shots?"

Boehner briefed Limbaugh on debt plan (don't you just love it)

I HOPE YOU ALL HEARD THAT BATTLE CALL! Obama clearly instructed

Boehner overheard leaving Capitol:

Get it straight!! It's Boehner's fault if Congress defaults, not President Obama's!

Weath Gap Widens Between Whites, Minorities

Obama’s and Bush’s effects on the deficit in one 'graph'

MSNBC pundits must of all had there marching orders to talk negative about the speech

Obama is so to the right that he/ his administration have now done THIS:

Pres. Obama's Mathematical DC Challenge

The nation is about to default and your interest rates are going up b/c the President is Black...

Why is it that more Democrats don't see that Obama is trying to destroy America?

Kucinich accuses the President of concealing plans to cut Social Security

Glenn Greenwald "Obama and the Left: a problem for the WH?"

Tea Party Freshman Finds Voters Uneasy About Stance on Debt - Bloomberg

Two books pulled from Republic Missouri school library shelves

I was driving today and saw a bumper sticker for Eric B. Dick for city council.

Mike Lee Admits Extortion

TNGA Reps. Dale Ford, Matthew Hill Speaking On House Floor Against Nursing Board

Ratings Agency Source: BOEHNER PLAN Would Lead To DOWNGRADE Of U.S. DEBT

TEDxHamburg - John Perry Barlow - Enantiodromia

DHS Video Warns "Anyone Could Be a Terrorist"

O'Reilly Pissed Bomber Was A Christian Extremist, Blames Liberal Media

Good comedy routine on politics and the federal budget, 2011

President Obama Addresses the Nation on Dangers of Default (July 25th)

Renewable Energy Revolution Sweeps Into Bolivia

TNGA Rep. Tony Shipley On House Floor Ranting Against State Nursing Board

Ali Esbati, Eyewitness To Norwegian Massacre, Recalls Gun Attack At Utoya Island Youth Camp

Renewable Energy Solution of the Month: Efficiency

Obama's Speech Tonight On Debt Limit Plan

Why I Will Be There

Erin Burnett: S&P Says Reid Plan Will Avoid Downgrade, Boehner Plan Will Not

Olbermann: American Right-Wing Sources for Norway Shooter

Boehner: We Tried To CON-vince The President

A Brit explores WalMart

Papantonio: Murdoch's Pathetic Testimony Didn't Fool Anyone

YOU Can Resolve the Debt Ceiling Standoff!

News Corp and US Chamber Conspire to Weaken Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Keiser Report: Mass Psychosis (E167)

The other side of the Jar Part 6

Saudi Arabia Donates $1bn To Boost Jordan Economy

TYT: Tiger Congressman Sex Assault Claim

Brian Williams Does His Impression of Regis Philbin for David Letterman

Jobs: You Wynn Some - We Lose Some

John Boehner vs Old Spice

TDPS: Cenk Uygur Great Interview: Truth About Why He Left MSNBC

Glenn Greenwald: Norway Attacks Expose U.S. Media's Double Standard On "Terror"

Olbermann: 'Let's Face It, Glenn Beck is a Seriously Disturbed Human Being'

'In Gitmo I got 30 days in darkness for feeding iguanas' - ex-detainee

Dispatches: How Murdoch Ran Britain

TYT: 2 Debt Ceiling Options - Which Is Worse?

Reid unveils $2.7 trillion Deficit Reduction plan. Dares Corporate Lobbyists to vote against it.

DPP was warned hacking was rife at Murdoch paper

An Interview with Chris Hedges -

What Obama Was REALLY Saying in Prime-Time Speech

"Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to Wisconsin" We miss you Sen. Feingold...

Glenn Beck hits 'new low'; compares Norway victims to Hitler Youth

The Kucinich Plan for Economic Reform and Recovery

41 disqualified H-1B employers

Protect access to birth control. Tell Secretary Sebelius: Protect women's health by designating

Rupert Murdoch Global Media Empire - Oh #@!!%

Berlin's guerrilla gardeners cultivate rebellion (BBC)

"Government Can’t Help? Tell That to the South Bronx" (NYT, Michael Powell)

Washington Post: The Senate’s gimmicky debt plan: The best of a bad choice

Who wins? Boehner vs. Obama?

Are We Being Had?

David Korten: Every Great Social Movement

A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns

US unemployment: The bad news the US jobs figures hide (BBC)

The Blue Eyes of Terror

Picture thread: Norway in mourning

Norway attacks: Terror from the right

Race and the Wealth Gap

What Candidates Should Republicans consider before voting for Michele Bachmann? The Top 5 and Why:

Analysis: Companies churn out profits but jobs don't follow

None Dare Call It Privatization

Norway Killer Targeted Writers & Lit Professors in Manifesto

The Good Life, Italian Style

Chris Hedges: Fundamentalism Kills

Glenn Beck: Young Norway victims like 'Hitler Youth'

Republican Leaders Voted for Debt Drivers They Blame on Obama

The Trade Deficit is the Most Important Deficit (New Deal 2.0)

John Boehner’s “blank check” lie

Chamber of Commerce presses House Republicans to back Boehner's plan

November 12, 1989, New York Times PERESTROIKA GOES SOUTH

Jonathan Turley with Olbermann on the 14th Amendment (vid link)

Consequences for Student Financial Aid if Congress Does Not Raise the Debt Ceiling (Grants and Loans

Apparently- human foreskins are big money for Cosmetics...ahh

Walmart: Our customers are running out of money

Boehner pushes spending "binge" Big Lie in Deficit Reduction diatribe on Obama

ABC News comment page on Deficit Reduction.

Josh Marshall: Not Leveling with Viewers

Paul B. Farrell: Pity the Super Rich, miserable lost souls

Court filing reveals how 2004 election stolen

Hurtling toward economic chaos

Scott Walker's creeping voter suppression

In U.S. politics, the independents have it

New York Set to Close School for Troubled Teens After Simple Clerical Error in Budget Request

Kucinich: The White House Now Conceals Plan to Cut Social Security

Senator Kerry Address the Debt Limit on the Senate Floor

More big Yellowstone fires predicted with climate change

Royal honeymooners' 'erotic' Seychelles souvenir (BBC) {coco de mer}

Row rages over calls for cull as wolves spread across France

Emails Show White House Promotes Genetically Engineered Crops in Wildlife Refuges

Radioactive beef scare widens - Areas far from Fukushima plant directly affected by nuclear fallout

Aging Genkai nuclear reactor may have faulty vessel: study

South Korea and India sign nuclear deal

ABC News Correspondent Gets It Right: "Climate Change Isn't A Religion. Climate Change Is Science"

Entergy Places Fuel Order For Vermont Yankee, Despite License Expiration In March 2012

Elwha & Glines Canyon Dams Draining; Serious Demolition Begins 17 September

PV system powers up at West Hawaii Civic Center in Kona

Top 10 most polluted places in the world

Here’s what an hour’s worth of ocean trash looks like

Detroit Becomes First City in Michigan to Ban Fracking

An interesting pair of graphs of liquid energy production from The Oil Drum

(Eminent scientist) Frank Fenner sees no hope for humans

Germany Passes More Aggressive Renewable Energy Law By Paul Gipe

Vietnam sends ailing dissident priest back to jail

How soon until Ratzenberger declares that Anders Breivik is an "atheist"? (poll)

And Billo Reilly trots out the No True Scotsman fallacy

NASCAR Pastor Prayer

American Atheists object to WTC cross - ask for equal treatment

Jim Wallis throws gays under the bus

Atheist Film Festival

What are atheists?

Why are you angry that I don't believe in God?