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David Shuster I think, in for Keith tonight

David Shuster I think, in for Keith tonight

EPI: Proposed NSD Spending Levels Dangerously & Unprecedently Low

David Shuster in for Keith tonight

Tom Ferguson: Austerity At Home & Abroad: Obama Sells Politics of Austerity

Murdoch: I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you, that gambling is going on in this estamblishment.

See? Lawrence says our loud, pissed-off objections WORK.

There is no credible republican challenger or potential challenger to Bernie. Not one.

POTUS presser; world markets watching debt talks; Rupert's empire - Charlie Rose tonight

GA Du'ers: I drove over and around Lake Lanier today. Looks pretty full. How low did it get....

DU just got several plugs on ESPN Radio!

N.Y. Republicans who backed gay marriage see coffers, criticism soar

Current TV will carry Murdoch live with Keith doing the play by play

Challenge to Oklahoma redistricting plan continues

J Visa Program Harms American Workers

Hacking scandal turns up heat on News Corp board

"This may bring down my presidency" - Obama

"This may bring down my presidency" - Obama

So . . . they've been at this for a while now . . . . but can *anyone* here cite the basics of . . .

Wow. Just looked up exchange rates online...

If Murdoch lies in his testimony to Parliament, Will Great Britain get him on that?

On Elizabeth Warren: From April And May Of This Year

Obama Eliminates Warren as Consumer Head - Bloomberg

What does DU think about the Zeitgeist Movement?

This vote suppression shit is deep

Michele Bachmann's Flaming Liabilty Marcus Digs Deeper Hole

Say no to corporate personhood

Russian Roulette...

It just dawned on me why I know such much trashy news and other such

Murdoch isn't an American he is a Corporatist who believes in his own rules.

Out of poverty, Family- Style

I remember when BushCo and Newscorp were BESTIES...and they had a lot of Saudi royal friends

GOP Presidential candidate to Marcus Bachmann: "Come out of the closet and debate me"

Gingrich campaign over $1M in debt

"I will draw you, Ayn Rand, as poison is drawn from a wound"

Warren under the bus?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

High Social Rank Comes at a Price, Wild Baboon Study Finds

Raising the Debt Ceiling is the JOB of Congress & does NOT have to be LINKED in ANY way to future

End all tax deductions. Make the rich and corporations pay their share.

As a Watchdog Starves, Wall Street Is Tossed a Bone

Dubai's residents run their air conditioning 24/7 taxing the power system

Anybody Here Remember Jiacinto ???

Governors reflect partisan divide in debt debate

Palin doc "The Undefeated" has a 0% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer

As a Watchdog Starves, Wall Street Is Tossed a Bone

"Why I Refuse to Vote Republican" by J. Carlos Jiacinto

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy Finally Gets Married

The Journal Becomes Fox-ified

MMA: Right-Wing Media Revive GOP Talking Point That Deficit

Financialization Era - how banking welfare captured our economy

Show and Tell

Obama says he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will go out on August 3

Bernanke warns Congress on debt default as China expresses alarm

DU vs Righthaven case covered on today's broadcast of

Some key facts from :Fact Check" for you to consider.

Okay, who here is an anagram champion?

Okay, who here is an anagram champion?

Ogden, UT teachers get take-it-or-leave it contract deal

No Matter How Debt Debate Ends, Governors See More Cuts for States

I Just Heard Today About Something Called Carmegeddon In CA...

Independent UK: Now we have the chance to purge ourselves of insidious shame

Independent UK: Now we have the chance to purge ourselves of insidious shame

Saturday Morning Sage.....featuring Maude Barlow

Fla Gov Rick Scott lived in public housing as a child. Now he just can't have any feelings for the

Public vs. Private

If Obama nominated Ralph Nader for Consumer Bureau Chief

IOKIYFN (It's O.K. If You're Fox News)

WaPo Editorial: The misplaced anger against Maryland’s Dream Act

Guardian UK: Will the last person to leave News Corporation turn off the lights?

Colorado 303-481-2016 Poll

Idea: I think a "binding commission" on entitlements should comprise of:

Man in Afghan army uniform kills NATO trooper

19 of the 50 Chicago city council members attend "The People's City Council Meeting"

You don't need no drinkin' water Rachel reports on the House vote to repeal the Clean Water Act

UK sends four more RAF Tornado jets to Libya

Syrian opposition calls for civil disobedience

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge and a bonus for you!

July 17, 2003

NY Times: No Matter How Debt Debate Ends, Governors See More Cuts for States

none of my business, but.....

The Basics

Must Read -Down Memory lane with Newt Gingrich, Murdoch and Mother Jones

CBS calls it a DEPRESSION and blames Obama

When people rant..... The mistress's shame

One Idiot bans Another Idiot

Obama presses for debt deal as clock runs out

Obama presses for debt deal as clock runs out

Victoria Jackson has gone off the deep end, completely.

"Uh-Oh, They can Hear Me Now!"

Flash Mobs Battle Spanish Banks to Halt Foreclosures

In cricket terms Cameron is really on the back foot

TOON: Countdown To Default

Elisabeth Murdoch: "James and Rebekah fucked the company."

What are we going to have to do to protect children from predators like the recent one in New York?

The necessity for tax increases.

Can Obama Pull a 'Clinton' on the GOP?

If we are going to "means test" anything, the very first should be taxes..

Judge Fines Righthaven $5,000

If SS or Medicare is cut....

Robert Reich: The Rise of the Wrecking-Ball Right

How much did the FICA tax cut add to the deficit?

Murdoch apologizes. Will that stop the investigations?

Newt, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and pay your bills, deadbeat.....

Joe Barton

Oscar Grant's best friend shot dead in Hayward

Plan for Nuclear Bomb Detection Device Is Buy Now, Test Later

Pro-skateboard's sponsor says he's not racist cuz screamed 'n**ga', not 'n***er'

Rupert Murdoch Expulsion

Soccer: Storybook Cup win will hurt in long run

Illegal immigrant working inside nuke plant arrested

Anyone else feel like Lawrence O'Donnell is lecturing you?

In Women's World Cup, hard to root against Japan

16th day of the CA Prisoner Hunger strike.. they are dying. They need our help

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' To Remain In Place, 9th Circuit Court Rules

If Elizabeth Warren weren't nominated to fhe CFPB post, who would you trust with the job?

Ha! Mutt Sludge caught in another lie

Nixon, Roger Ailes and Fox news - ReTHUGS and Murdoch!!!

well looky here...

Revealed: Cameron's 26 meetings in 15 months with Murdoch chiefs

What the World Needs Now

What the World Needs Now

Ahhh shit...the next big scandal about to hit for the media to distract...

Inslee worried AT&T deal could cost jobs

Sarah Palin needs to change that title from the "Undefeated" to the Unattended

hey did you guys see this Cantor FB flashmob going on now?

Sarah Palin needs to change that title from the "Undefeated" to the Unattended

Sarah Palin needs to change that title from the "Undefeated" to the Unattended

FSU faculty approves right-leaning Koch Foundation deal, with caveats

RFK Memorial poster (and more) on special sale

GOP asks for waiver of fines

So, Apparently Obama & Boehner Had Secret Meetings (not good)

LA's KFI 640 has cancelled all shows today to cover "Carmageddon"

Oak Park Drops Gardening Charges Against Julie Bass, Goes After Her Dogs

Join Avaaz in going after Murdoch's reign of fear

Latest on the Murdock Scandal.

U.S. drone attack kills 6, wounds scores in Yemen, officials say

What Obama's Richest Donors Tell Us About His Campaign

This guy sure knew the right place to troll for suckers

L.A. County does not have to require condoms for porn actors, court rules

Got Patriotism? Bumper Sticker

Internet Explorer 9 utterly dominates malware-blocking stats

anyone else getting email from Rebuild the Dream?

I find it scary that it has to be explained to the Republican freshman the consequences

News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal May Spread To Australia

Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black

Wisconsin Senate panel passes GOP redistricting plan

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 8

Oh gawd....check out this 'audience' review from Quitter's movie (rottentomatoes)

New post on Facebook ...FYI

Atlanta Schools Created Culture of Cheating, Fear

What exactly happens if the debt ceiling is not increased? n/t

10 Economics and International Relations Links for thought

Italy and the Euro - On the edge

How to calculate and the meaning of our federally unfunded liabilities for Social Sec and Medicare.

Some Members Lash Out Against Cuts to Their Own Budgets

Limbaugh's head needs to roll, not, like he said, Obama's.

DADT: Five Steps To Messing Up A Good Deed

Voter ID Bill-Sponsoring Ohio Politician video of arrest for drunk driving

Paul Krugman: The Political Economy of the Lesser Depression

Question for the SS Experts

Question for the SS Experts

Question for the SS Experts

Harry Chapin Died 30 Years Ago Today

The federal debt is only 57.9% if GDP

Results? of the Illinois tax increase - anyone have info?

Patrick Kennedy weds NJ schoolteacher in Cape Cod

A Few... Calm Questions, Regarding The Status And Future Of Elizabeth Warren...

A Few... Calm Questions, Regarding The Status And Future Of Elizabeth Warren...

So Much Potential, So Far to Go for Young Basketball Prospect

Sarpy County Democrats Honor Fallen Soldier

Sarpy County Democrats Honor Fallen Soldier

Haslam defends subbing home care with group homes

For whom were Breitbart and O'Keefe hacking/wiretaping?

CNN ticker: Obama campaign working to recruit the grassroots

The 5 Weirdest Things That Control the Global Economy


News Corp scandal divides US along party lines

Census Bureau: GOP Budget Guts Economic Data

Census Bureau: GOP Budget Guts Economic Data


F*ck you, Ali Velshi

A Superpower divided against itself...

So Nat Geo Channel is a joint venture with Fox Cable Networks ...

Have you ever posted at a RW website as a Tea Partier and bashed GOP?

What job do you believe righteously earns $100,000/month, $1.2 million dollars a year?

A math teacher in Wisconsin?

This should be a joke site

Short bio on likely newly appointed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief

The lack of accountability is the elephant in the room

No Thumbs Up - Critics pan Quitter's film

Rupert Murdoch's empire must be dismantled – Ed Miliband

An idea- Care Packages

About the whole Elizabeth Warren blow-up on DU

India's Tata group to launch 'world's cheapest homes' (BBC)

1888 Edison recording may be 1st talking doll try

Obama urges compromise, 'shared sacrifice' on debt

Minnesota Wi-Fi hacker gets 18 years in prison for terrorizing neighbors {& politicians} (Yahoo)

First, they changed the language...then they came for us!

Police: Miss. woman shooting at dog kills husband

UnFUCKINGBelievable !!! - 'Obama to Nominate Consumer Bureau Chief Next Week' - WSJ

Obsession over test scores created culture of corruption in Atlanta schools

Murdoch's "Journalists": "We used to talk to career criminals all the time. They were our sources"

Oscar Grant's best friend shot dead


Would you support eliminating the payroll tax?

Why"setting an inflation target is one of the most important goals [for] progressives and liberals"

Why"setting an inflation target is one of the most important goals [for] progressives and liberals"

Israel's High Court condemns racial profiling at Ben Gurion airport

Jude Law claims Newscorp hacked mobile phone in US.

Actually, the anger that we progressives are feeling over president Obama's

DU this, please: Should Congress raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit?

Do you support the People's Budget?

Poverty and the National Budget

California DREAM Act (first half anyway) Passes Senate, Moves to Governor’s Desk

Why I think Obama wants a BIGGER deal, and I don't agree

The McConnell/Reid plan . . . or is it the Reid McConnell plan? Is this a good idea?

How are we ever going to raise taxes for the wealthy when we have a repub majority

Today's News On Warren...

11 things the richest households can buy that you can't

Ever heard of "Mock the Dummy"? Hilarious videos and they've just released a new one....

The PCCC has made me more determined to get more people to donate to the Obama campaign.

New Bumper sticker

50,000,000 senior citizens in America today...

Oscar Grant's best friend shot dead in Hayward

Oscar Grant's best friend shot dead in Hayward

Fukushima updates; Japan deserves better than this

Anti-psychotic medications--ploy by big pharma?

What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?

Can someone help me identify where this lie came from

Perry 2012 run likely, Iowa gov says

Not just jobs but good paying jobs...

"Fierce Advocate" Wants Court to Reconsider Immediate DADT Halt

Goldman Sachs: Jobs Crisis Will Continue for Foreseeable Future - FDL

Dear Members of Congress. Any talk of budget cutting should include cuts in YOUR pay, too.

I think I'll hold off judging Obama until the actual deal is announced.

Growing signs Social Security, Medicare changes will be part of debt deal

Can we just talk today about the crazy price of coffee? Dialectic Alert

Can we just talk today about the crazy price of coffee? Dialectic Alert

Bachmann Cartoon

The Amygdala Strain: Michele Bachmann as Psychological Pandemic

Debt Ceiling Rift: GOP Voters As Divided As Candidates On Deficit

Can progressives trust a "binding commission" on entitlements to do the right thing?

CNN Poll: Should Bush Tax Cuts Be Allowed To Expire in 2013?

World's cheapest homes

Carmageddon: Bicyclists declare victory in race with JetBlue flight

The House on Haunted Hill sales for a bargain $4.5 million

An idea - Limbaugh for president

IT'S OFFICIAL: The Whole World Thinks Republicans Are Dangerous Maniacs Threatening Everyone

"Chris Murphy (D-CT) has introduced a bill in the House that will institute ethics rules to oversee

Murdoch: We are very sorry.......

Who said this today?

Romney: Jobless Americans Have To Bear Burden Of Budget Cuts Because Corporations Need A Tax Cut

Why is the Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part of the Deficit Discussion?

Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks

Campaigners seek arrest of former CIA legal chief over Pakistan drone attacks

Strengthening Social Security, do you support

Gee, I sure hope the President's Big Plan wins the day so we can slash the safety net.

Gee, I sure hope the President's Big Plan wins the day so we can slash the safety net.

Jim Hightower Is National Treasure...

Arise America! Take to the streets and let your voice be heard

Elizabeth Warren is one of a kind.

Exodus Intl. Head Alan Chambers Compares Homosexuality to Obesity

I'm going to my first "Obama for America" meeting today.

US soldier killed in southern Iraq, fourth American fatality this month

50%, 51%, 65% - Who Knows what it is, who knows what it is who knows who it is?

Joint Chiefs say :Defense Budget cuts could force a return to the draft

AG Holder reviewing "POSSIBLE" News Corp investigation.

Here come the British Sunday Papers -Rupert Murdoch empire 'exploding and unravelling' in US

Les Hinton sacrificed, but the worst is yet to come for News Corp (a very, very good article :0)

Les Hinton sacrificed, but the worst is yet to come for News Corp (a very, very good article :0)

Judge Says Feds Have ‘Misled the Public’ on Controversial Immigration Program - ProPublica

Judge Says Feds Have ‘Misled the Public’ on Controversial Immigration Program - ProPublica

This is one bad ass chick

Commissions: Have past results been actual better govt.... OR the provision of political cover?

Sometimes a single picture does a better job of illuminating the situation than 1000 words.

Tell Michele Bachmann: Quit the Bigotry

I'm thinking that when FDR broadcast his economic bill of rights to a beleaguered population

Once Again, "Compromising" to The RIGHT.

Hugo Chávez Promises Two Million Homes For Venezuela's Poor: Real Hope Or Just Hot Air?

About PCCC, that Hamsher woman, and who's REALLY the dumbest...

Buh bye Cenk, hello Rev. Al, Sharpton rumored to replace emoprog Uygur

Why it is a conflict of interest for the DEA to determine drug scheduling

On Warren: “By waiting so long, they guarantee a director-less agency for the foreseeable future”

GOP FAMILY VALUES: Pete “Stripper” Sessions Finally Starts Divorce Process

How incompetent are Republicans?

Palin movie debuts to empty theater in Orange County. 20 seconds past her 15 minutes.

Larry Flynt Righteously Scolds Rupert Murdoch

Stop Making Lame Excuses As To Why Elizabeth Warren Wasn’t Appointed CFPB Chair - DailyKos

Wipe that clothing store dummy smile off your mug Erik Can't-or-won't

BEYOND FED TRANSFERS AND DEBT: 95% Of Americans Are Getting Poorer Every Year

Couple Sees Jesus In Walmart Receipt

Breaking: RESIGNATIONS IN THE NEWS: Taco Bell Employee Quits in Best Way Possible

Obama : 'Professional Politicians' Understand Debt Crisis Better Than 'The Public'

Bicyclist runs red light, badly injures pedestrian

Northeastern Florida and Georgia Coasts - 20% chance

Kucinich ROCKS!

Those who kill innocent people.

Atlanta Schools Created Culture Of Cheating, Fear, Intimidation

I will be attending a meet-up for the Rebuild the American Dream

Is having no manned launch vehicle like Space Shuttle like superpower wearing sweatpants?

It's raining trillions

Red Tail Hawk unable to carry off 15 pound cat (but tried)

Toon: Who would you save?

The Women's World Cup Final

Waukesha County Clerk's (Nickolaus again) Latest Snafu Nearly a $1 Million Mistake

Which part of "Social Security has *zero* to do with the debt" do DUers not understand?

Surprise! Elizabeth Warren has a husband.

Dog days of summer! Puppy playing in his wading pool after frisbee!

61-year-old Colorado woman arrested for sexually assaulting TSA agent

first when '09 downloaded on my machine, my front page refreshed. NOW, i dont get the color change

The big lie. Don't lose sight of it.

Have you noticed all the restaurant chains going out of business? My question is

Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint

Well, QVC drops a segment with Jane Fonda because a couple of callers

Should stores be allowed to restrict the use of coupons?

Gee, I wonder why this guy had trouble cashing a stolen check?


TSA: so...let me get this straight. They are wrong to do searches. But if they don't and a bomb gets

Paul Krugman: Obama's budget deals are far to the right of what the average American voter prefers

Obama's RW appeasement: cut progressive programs now so you can propose progressive programs later

Obama's RW appeasement: cut progressive programs now so you can propose progressive programs later

Single mom loses car using it to secure $700 title loan to pay son's dorm fee

1993 "An Appeal To Grandma And Grandpa" by Jon Cowan, now Third Way president.

1993 "An Appeal To Grandma And Grandpa" by Jon Cowan, now Third Way president.

"Taking it to the American people". The People's Budget.

Libyan Revolution Week 22

Reminder: Obama would be banned from Democratic Underground.

What am I doing this Friday night? Why hanging out in Ten-Forward with Guinan of course!

Vivian Thomas.

Self delete

Obama fundraising report signals juggernaut campaign

Introducing some Visuel Kei music that maybe new to some of you..

Every Heart - BoA (performed by Kyle Landry)

Every Heart - BoA (performed by Kyle Landry)

delete until I can get a larger pic

GM to pour $300M into Flint assembly plant, keep or add jobs

Harry 7B ***Some spoilers!!!!***

Random Lake

Medical Marijuana: A Science-Free Zone At The White House

Turkey charges 14 militants with anti-US plot

Obama presses for debt deal as clock runs out

Bachmann quits church

Royal wife begs rescue from abuse

Steelman Spends More Than Raises in Missouri Senate Bid

Wildwood [New Jersey] Police Investigate ‘Whites Only’ Sign Posted At Hotel Parking Lot

6 soldiers and 2 police officers detained for murdering civilians (U.S. ally Colombia)

Exodus Intl. Head Alan Chambers Compares Homosexuality to Obesity

Court: 'Don't ask, don't tell' will stay in place

Ninth Circuit Keeps Bar on DADT Discharges In Effect While Considering DOJ Motion on Stay in Log Cab

Rupert Murdoch Expulsion


Peru: Former Officer Extradited by U.S.

Michigan industry defends 'fracking' process

Just another day at the mall...dealing with other peoples little bastards

WSJ publisher quits amid scandal

Okay, who here is an anagram champion?

Impossible that Uribe did not know about phone hacking: Durant (U.S. ally)

35-year Michigan Congressman Kildee announces retirement

In Britain, phone hacking sullies famed Scotland Yard

Randy Quaid extradition request denied by U.S.

After Colbert Mocks, Gas Driller Stops Making "Friendly Fracosaurs" Coloring Book

(I-405) Los Angeles Freeway Is Closed and Life Goes On

A high school friend wrote:

Union Yields on Benefits in Agreement With Cuomo

What has happened to the price of Ruffles?

Obama holds talks with Dalai Lama despite China protest

Do you know what the "ballplayer's play" is?

Spotify Sucks

Anybody gone on a Mediterranean cruise before?

Final Episode, "Friday Night Lights"

Final Episode, "Friday Night Lights"

Obama Publicly Backs Means-Testing Medicare

A math teacher in Wisconsin?

KEEF! & the Ex-Pensive Winos, "Take It So Hard," LIVE in Boston 1993

The most dangerous profession: Teaching in Wisconsin

Misfits on TCM tonight.

Court of Appeals affirms federal injunction against Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki

Chavez to return to Cuba for cancer treatment

If Tom Waits and Marilyn Manson had a love child

MORE KEEF! & the Ex-Pensive Winos, "Gimme Shelter," Köln, November 1992

Texas inmate set to die for hate crimes in 9/11's wake

Rebekah Brooks in line for Ł3.5m pay out as News International slaps gagging orders on chief execs

Hillary Clinton Slams Turkey Over Media Freedom

None of the uncles showed but the aunts were everywhere!

OK, I realize this isn't the car forum - Hybrid owners -- please tell me the good and the bad news

How much would you hate Mr Potato Head if your name happened to be Spud?

Ex-Iowa first lady running for Congress

started rolling my own cigs today...pretty cool

Judge tosses Safeway lawsuit over S.F. tobacco ban

Jude Law claims he was victim of News of the World phone hacking in US

Pastor resigns at Raytown MO church

Fallback Moving to Fore as Talks on Budget Stall

Argentina military doctor extradited from Paraguay (Argentina's right-wing Dirty War)

Revealed: Cameron's 26 meetings in 15 months with Murdoch chiefs

Dropped moist cat food in the stovetop stuffing.

Which one loads faster in your computer? Firefox or Google Chrome?

What has happened to the price of Duffles?

House Republicans brace for compromise on debt

Saturday, July 16. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

How much would you hate Frito-Lay if your name happened to be taterguy?

Where'd You Get Your Cat?

I just watched "Gainsbourg: Vie Heroique"

Duane Allman being acoustic............

Today I ate my first solid food since learning of the tragic JLo / Marc Antony divorce.

introducing lounge lizard buddy

Obama Eliminates Warren as Consumer Head

Do you remember Libbyland frozen dinners ?

House Votes to Hamper a Law on Light Bulbs

More illegal immigrants from India crossing border

Why isn't caffeine regulated like a drug?

Favorite cheap mass produced American beer?

How much would you hate Jenny if your phone number was 867-5309?

‘Pastafarian’ religious headgear gives new meaning to ‘cookware’

Is it me or.........?

Lawrence's "if you never have been in the room" refrain was on point . . .

After This is Over

Have you ever been banned from craigslist?

Politicalwire Cartoon of the Day: 'Countdown to Default'

Steve Benen: In 47th Place

Name a bad idea that's a good idea if Obama proposes it

WEEKLY ADDRESS: A Unique Opportunity to Secure our Fiscal Future

This cartoon says it all . . .

Crooks & Liars: Rep. Ted Deutch spins 'GOP Wheel of Misfortune' on House floor

Boston DU Meetup: Next Saturday!

Flashback: Fighting to Protect Consumers by Elizabeth Warren

President Obama's campaign working to recruit the grass roots

Haley Barbour: Grin and Bear It on Debt Bargain

Eugene Robinson: Make My Day

Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children. Gay people are attracted to people of the same sex.

10 Inconvenient Truths About the Debt Ceiling

Obama: "Oil wars have cost us $1Trillion" -- he's off by about $3Trillion

Why is the meat of the debate over cuts to Social Security and Medicare, not the military?

The DOJ apparently lied, in court, to get DADT reinstated

Some very good news indeed for Democrats .. Christy Vilsack is running

An argument FOR raising Medicare eligibility age

July 15, 2001, NYT Dealbook Portraits: Elizabeth Warren

Could this be a reason why Obama is bypassing Warren for the Consumer Bureau job?

If Obama were dealing with old-timer Repubs. like Goldwater, Taft, ...etc....he

Rep. Jackson Lee Suggests Race Is Behind Congressional Debt Crisis War With Obama - VIDEO

Is Obama really raising the Medicare age to 67?

Warren: Consumer bureau 'in reality is much better than the dream ever was'

Obama bypassing Warren for consumer bureau, officials say. When will he learn that

I was counseling my friend to vote for Obama in 2012, yesterday at lunch

Regarding President Obama's Federal Judiciary Appointments

I started Weight Watchers last wednesday

Don’t Blame Obama: Only 6 Democratic Senators Voted To Fund Closing GITMO

Scahill: US is making enemies in Somalia

Egyptians push for 'total revolution'

2009: Murdoch smacks down Fox News anchor for bringing up scandal

Weekly Address: Securing Our Fiscal Future

'US picks wrong allies again, cannot accept defeat in Libya'

Weird Al - Whatever You Like

How Business Worked Before Reagan

Bachmann conversations with God- Recorded at her church 2006

Congressman Blumenauer Explains How Murdoch Media Has Already Broke American Law

Mitt Romney: 47th Place in Jobs

CrossTalk ft. Jim Rogers: Euro Jitters

CIA Facility Prison in Somalia as U.S. Expands Covert Ops - Democracy NOW!

What Does News Corp's Second Largest Shareholder Think About The Hacking Scandal?

Bill O'Reilly Joins TYT (satire)

"I Don't Know What To Say" C-SPAN Callers School Congressman Carter pt.1

TYT: Fed Chairman Debt Ceiling Warning

Who Is Smarter? Apes or People?

President Obama: Don't Destroy Social Security, Medicare

50th Annual CONGRESSIONAL Baseball Game

July 15th 2011: The Day in 100 Seconds

THOUSAND CUTS / narration by Bernie Sanders

PBS NewsHour: Calif. Faces Tough Choices on Overcrowded Prisons

"Murdoch Is Gonna Go Before Parliament & That Is Going To Be A Disaster!"

Obama Sells Politics of Austerity

TYT: Americans Want Baby Boys, Not Girls - Poll

TYT: Funny Chris Christie voicemail

Arlo Guthrie/ Live at the People's House

ALEC Exposed: 1-2 State Bills by Secretive Corporate-Lawmakers - Democracy NOW!

TYT: (Lawrence) O'Donnell Wrong About Medicare Cuts

Grounded News Presents: Save Compassion Farm

Dennis Kucinich: Debt Political Theater Diverts Attention While Americans' Wealth is Stolen

The Final Nail in Rupert Murdoch's Coffin? Hacking Harry Potter

Wisconsin Recall Elections 2011: News & Updates From The Badger State

Moral progress and animal welfare

Hillary Clinton circumnavigates a sphere of diminishing US influence

Best Cartoons on the GOP Presidential Circus

Dead or alive? US indecision over killing Bin Laden

Revealed: Cameron's talks with Murdoch executives

They, Too, Sing America

A life in writing: Slavoj Žižek

Is Tiger Woods Running out of Money?

UN says 'condemnation is insufficient' for atrocities in Sudan's South Kordofan

For Strauss-Kahn, 2 Concerts, and a Stay, in the Berkshires

US interests in Iraq: Like a good neighbor, Turkey is there

Yemeni protesters announce shadow government

With ALEC Exposed, Common Cause Demands an IRS Audit of Corporate-Funded Group's Gaming of State Law

Friday Talking Points (173) -- Obama 2.0?

The secret war in Somalia

Secret Tape of Marcus Bachmann Reveals His Favorite Showtune

News Corp scandal divides US along party lines

Seeking a society without nuclear power generation: Japan should stop nuclear fuel cycle policy

Election Cycle Emerges as the Year of the Pledge, but Some Candidates Resist

Oneida Indian Nation and Navajo Nation Leaders Launch Discussion on Indigenous Issues

Dadaab: the largest refugee camp in the world — audio slideshow

Thank you, Elizabeth Warren

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The saddest freeper "vanity" post of 2011 (so far): 26 reasons why Obama does not want to face Palin

Two Navy Ships That Cost $300 Million Are Headed To The Scrapyard

Obama appeals to American public as Congress seeks debt solution

Drive-ins roared into L.A. County, but only one remains

Obama’s “Deficit Now, Jobs Later” Strategy Doesn’t Seem Sound

What hope is there for us if America is driven to the brink of meltdown?

Medical Marijuana: A Science-Free Zone At The White House

The Language of Shared Sacrifice

Guardian UK: Will the last person to leave News Corporation turn off the lights?

For God's Sake: The Idiocy of "Divine Inspiration" In Politics

Michelle Bachman's Law "degree" is from the unaccreditted Oral Roberts "University"

Soylent Greenbacks: David Brooks Wants People to Die for Debt Reduction

Feds back up N.Y. AG's view on nuclear plant

Will Inverters Compete With Storage? Will They Take Over the Grid? (cont)

Climate Change and Comfirmation Bias

Dramatic Climate Swings Likely as World Warms: Ancient El Nińo Clue to Future Floods

California exempts tribes from fishing restriction

China evacuates 500,000 as flooding breaks worst drought in 50 years {video @ link}

BP promises safer drilling, without admitting flaws

Typhoon Ma-on heads for Japan

Unholy Green Alliance

Alaskans smuggled walrus tusks and polar bear hides (BBC)

Japan suspends talks with buyers of nuclear plants

Intermittent nature of nuclear generating technology threatens electric supply.

Monju reactor project faces the ax

Pacific Ocean trash patch mystery: How many fish eat plastic?

Giant hogweed spreading across New York

Uproar means the end of 'Fracosaurus' coloring booklet

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