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Need parenting advice

The job of the opposition party is to burnish its image of having principles that they don't possess

SO!!! Cantor managed to pi** off the Prez bad enough that he (the Prez)

Loving Lawrence O tonight

How America's Legislation Is Really Written - ALEC Exposed

The WayBack Machine, 2/15/09: Obama on working with the GOP: "I'm an optimist, not a sap."

The WayBack Machine, 2/15/09: Obama on working with the GOP: "I'm an optimist, not a sap."

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Birther website claims all federal taxes are now illegal, urges readers to stop paying them

Aren't these, "pledges" every republican is expected to sign juvenile?

Jobless man offers to be human prey for hunters for 10K, 2K more for nude hunt

New tweet from Russert

260, 000 new donors to Obama

The Ransom of Red Chief...

8-year-old Brooklyn boy is killed and dismembered

Can someone do a photoshop of this? Add Cantor and Boehner's heads?

The Right, The Left and the Middle have come out swinging against a common enemy.

Do teabaggers in Congress and state government believe they have a mandate?

56 Connecticut state troopers receive layoff notices

After the Republicans took over I said... they will do all NOT to raise the debt ceiling

Victory: Union Members “Not Guilty” of Assault Against Kenneth Gladney

Hawaiian union grown coffee sale extended to July 31st!

REVEALED: Cantor’s Secret Memo For $350bn In Cuts from Medicare & Medicaid

REVEALED: Cantor’s Secret Memo For $350bn In Cuts from Medicare & Medicaid

Chipping Away at The Right To Choose: Abortion Restrictions At Astonishing Record High

Murdoch and his ilk: Waaah....we want to be able to legally bribe!!

President Obama to Cantor: "All right you little pissant ...

Almost 3/4 Of GOP Voters Disagree With GOP Demands

Senate stops Reid's millionaire tax measure

“Right to Life” robocalls from D.C. tell Wisconsin recall voters to stay home

Fox Reports That Sens. Boxer And Rockefeller Called For An Investigation Of News Corp. Over Hacking

Pelosi: Cantor is a lying sack of dog mess

Pelosi: Cantor is a lying sack of dog mess

Pelosi: Cantor is a lying sack of dog mess

Love Liberally...

President reaches limit because of Cantor's interruptions.

So how does an economy slow down? Uncertainty...

Wall Street Remains Wary Of News Corp. - LATimes

Fun to see -- here's Bachman's (gay) step-sister, talking about

I've been watching Fox "News" a little just out of curiosity because of the scandal

Japan Women's World Cup team thanks world for post-earthquake support

Japan Women's World Cup team thanks world for post-earthquake support

Ex-'World' Staffer: Stories Made Up

Should Morbid Childhood Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse?

Lawsuit: ACLU, Univ. of Michigan professor seek documents from CIA, FBI

I can;t believe it! Rachel just said Mn. shut down means no BEER!

If you agree w/Obama's refusal to budge, please e-mail and let him know!

TOM THE DANCING BUG, Fat Earl and Judge Scalia Have a First Amendment Throwdown Over a Nipple

2036 Medicare eligibility raised to age 67?

2036 Medicare eligibility raised to age 67?

OMFG Bernie Kerik was a close ally of Murdoch,

How does a major news agency NOT cover one of the biggest stories of our time?

Rachel great tonight, on Repug unforced errors!!!

Frame for debt limit behavior by Republicans

The President’s Jobs Plan (Not) by Robert Reich

Rick Scott's cuts destroy one of Florida's best community colleges.

Issa seeks DNC records of White House meeting

ATHEISTS File LAWSUIT Against Gov. Rick Perry Over Christian Prayer Summit

What's the *worst* that could happen?

Didn't Murdoch/News Corp By Up 'My Space' ??? - And How's The Trust Factor Now ???

Didn't Murdoch/News Corp By Up 'My Space' ??? - And How's The Trust Factor Now ???

Citizen Kane -> Randolph Hearst -> Rubert Murdoch... Discuss...

After today, Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, McCarthy (House whip) & Kyl compete for leadership: Twits

By going for the 4Trillion dollar debt reduction could Obama get not just fiscal conservatives to

Obama to Cantor: "Don't call my bluff"

Darling turns down Pasch debate invitations (WI Senate recall)

The Courier News - "GOP rep. says Obama ‘lying’ about debt ceiling"

Stewart and Seinfeld on Mr. Michele Bachmann

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!


Pelosi: Some In GOP Would Pay China Before Seniors In A Debt Default

Seeking Compromise, Boehner Proposes Gay Tax

The Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Lie - Its An Anti-Tax Amendment

What is your opinion of the McConnell plan on the debt ceiling?

Can someone tell me what Obama's current position is r/e debt ceiling?

Tucker Carlson knows who to blame for Murdochgate...

Tucker Carlson knows who to blame for Murdochgate...

Dear President Obama, and any other Dem who still feels working with the rethugs...

I don't understand business.

I'm In Earnest Here... This Weekend, Consider Renting This Double Feature...

In 2014, small business health insurance costs will plunge

Breaking News: Tweety wins his Timeslot on Tuesday BEATS Fox NewsCorp

Ex-Aide Claims Congresswoman Jackson Lee Is Insensitive And Derogatory

Rick Perry belongs to Neo-Confederate group

Post a "what if" pic to describe your view of Eric Cantor

Slowpoke: Post-Debt Ceiling Threats

this has not been a good night for anti-Obama folks

Freepers go after a light-bulb poll.

Why isn't CONGRESS not getting THEIR paychecks?

What does Adam Smith have to say ?

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, shall not be questioned

Austrian Atheist Wins Right To Wear Spaghetti Strainer As Religious Headgear

History Repeats - Parallels between The Blitz and GOP actions oday

Wall Street Journal - "Karl Rove: Obama Owns the Debt-Ceiling Fiasco"

Ramblings of a brainwashed citizen from the propaganda mill...this is why this country scares me

Reasons to Doubt the Taliban Killed Karzai's Half Brother

Robert Reich: The President’s Jobs Plan

Violent storms, 117 heat index, and no power now for 5 hours.

Did Syria doctor this odd photo of Assad?

Robber who broke into hair salon is beaten by its blackbelt owner and kept as a sex slave for 3 days

2/11 Repost - EASY ACTION - Write newspaper editors with help from Committee To Preserve SS/Medicare

Facts are indeed stubborn things..

“No Politician Left Behind,”

LOL! Eat your Peas!

Spelling mistakes 'cost millions' in lost online sales (BBC)

"I have reached the point where I say enough,"

How did Japan build an air-tight “safety myth” around nuclear power?

Can the President have a Supreme Court Justice arrested?

UN sees Latin America growth but price bubbles 'a risk'

"Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.."

The details of Obama's $4 trillion dollar deficit reduction package don't actually matter. Never did

Could there soon be free travel between the EU and Russia? a step closer to that with negotiations..

The Other View. The Early Berlin Wall

ACLU sues Montana State Prison over English-only mail policy

Dear Republicans - eat your own damn peas for awhile!

I think this is so cool.

Detailed investigational video of what happened to Deep Water Horizon BOP

In LA, dire warnings as freeway closure looms

Post your predictions on the unnecessarily complex budget/debt standoff:

Prescribed Failure

Is that an Otter Pop in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Armor Holdings pays fine for 'bribing UN official'

Self delete....bad rumor....thank goodness...nt

Self delete....bad rumor....thank goodness...nt

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Giuliani heads to NH to explore presidential bid

Police reports show different side of Michele Bachmann

Cry me a fugging river Pat Toomey

OMG, Lindsey Graham just totally capitulated!

Sophisticated IEDs used to trigger Mumbai blasts: Govt

Hey McConnell "smoke and mirrors" is how we got into this mess

Buy American Mention of the Week Saving America’s Superpower Status

The angry black man....

In Shadow of Death, Iraq and U.S. Tiptoe Around a Deadline

Salon: Finally, Rupert Murdoch Gets His Due

Wal Mart for Teabaggers

WaPo - "Grover Norquist: Obama using debt ceiling debate to expand government"

Murdoch and the Brazilian murdered by police

cut off spending to all GOP districts

The President saying this: "Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here?" to Cantor is reminder that Reagan

David Gergen is displaying his Republican colors loud and proud tonight.

Just another reason NFL owners are parasites


Moody's warns it may downgrade US credit rating

Lindsey Graham just said this is an issue

When earth passes gas

President Bartlet shows how to be hold the line against republicans

Manchin only Democratic senator to get money from conservative Koch brothers

Heard it many times now, from Libertarian types: Post-defaulto, we will be forced to live sans borro

Nicholas Kristof - The Opposing Party

Wrap 'em in Flags: A quote from the RNC playbook, straight from an RNC chair and a US Senator

Happy Bastille day, you enraged bourgeoisie!

Happy Bastille day, you enraged bourgeoisie!

Obama May Call Lawmakers to Camp David

The Great Missouri River Flood of 2011 (photos, photos, and more photos)

Its clear that the base of the GOP will be satisfied with nothing less than a dogmatic ideologue

dealing with evil mental midgets: Michele Bachmann’s defaulty logic

Chuck Todd standing up for Murdoch? Asks what has Murdoch done that TMZ has not done. Seems to

What's the better place to protest in support of Obama?

Kenny condemns Vatican response to allegations {ireland}

Hey Mitch - Marley dedicated this one to you

Kennedys at odds over compound

Dem senator: Exempt Social Security from debt limit, if necessary

Liberal organization links Wisconsin bills to Koch-funded group (ALEC)

Did the CIA fake a vaccination campaign? (incredible article)

Talk Radio’s Stephanie Miller :: Out, sexy, liberal & at a theater near you

I wonder where the GOPers concern for the deficit was when...

"Field of Dongs"---Jon Stewart's bit about Marcus Bachmann last night was comedy genius.

Marcus And Michele Bachmann Explain Marriage

Angry Obama: The GOP's Latest Miscalculation

Transcript shows Perry likening office to pulpit

Alan Grayson on MSNBC at 10, support for campaign 75k first 48 hrs

James O'Keefe: e-panhandler

New WI Poll: With Recalls looming Walker approval falls to 37%

From the AP: Reid: Cantor should not be in debt limit talks

4 more Montana medical marijuana providers charged in federal crackdown

Debt Ceiling Talks: Republicans Their Own Worst Enemy

Cheez E. Chainsaw's Violent Video Games from Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug

Lyon County District Attorney Releases Bonta Police Report

THOUSANDS apply for rental assistance in Dallas

Senate Republicans officially say million dollar earners must not contribute anything to deficit fix

Do you think the rich and our corporate masters are

Why Cantor is negotiating in bad faith

This guy knows the difference between birth and berth

No, Mister President, it WON'T bring your presidency down

Scott Walker Critics Say Effort To Recall Wisconsin Governor Likely To Prevail In 2012

Florida GOP effort to boost Scott's image not working according to Sunshine State poll

Iran oil bourse inaugurated

Gore launches new Climate Reality Project and huge event on 9/14

Debt talks reveal the Republicans’ apocalyptic war on government

Conrad Black on Rupert Murdoch - this is fall down funny

The Bacon Uprising: How China's Top-Secret Strategic Pork Reserve Is Burning Down The Amazon

If you subscibe to Netflix, your rates are going up...just in case you missed the memo.

No difference in women's and men's self-esteem in youth and early adulthood

Please Sign this petition at Media Matters--Immediate US Investigation of Phone Hacking

The Diane Rehm Show - grover norquist is the guest

Back in 2006-07 many Democrats talked tough about defunding Bush's Iraq War

Leon Panetta: Open Mouth, Insert Foot - Junge Welt/Germany

This article alleges with a default, the SS checks might not go out....

India says no leads in Mumbai bomb attacks

Surge Fails to Curb Afghan Civilian Deaths (Civilian Deaths at Record High)

Jon Stewart Mocks Marcus Bachmann, Gets Help From Jerry Seinfeld With 'Comedy Repression Therapy'

OK DUers where are the Fox goons like Ailes and ReTHUGS meeting

OK DUers where are the Fox goons like Ailes and ReTHUGS meeting

So, has anyone seen how Fox is covering the Murdoch scandal. I have flipped over there

On Rick Perry running for President.

Murdochs Resist Calls to Appear Before Parliament

2011 the most expensive year for natural disasters in history

How do you spell the color grey or gray? Bet everyone likes this answer

Today is NATIONAL BUDGET CALL-IN DAY! Call for free.

Teabagger Prayer-off Throwdown

Casey Anthony to live in disguise, as if in witness protection program

er... reports that Niell Wallace (just arrested NoTW frm exec) was.... a police consultant last year

Rupert on the run: News Corp's UK future in doubt as MPs turn on Murdoch

Mired In Scandal, News Corp Seeks New York State’s Signoff For $27 Million No-Bid

This is what DU looked like to me after Mitch McConnell said republicans should cave

Should parents lose custody of obese children?

Murdoch Is Like A James Bond Novel Villain.....

Casey Anthony Admirers Sending Cash to Jailhouse Bank Account

Nasdaq OMX Raided in Sweden by Competition Agency (Verizon implicated too)

The Rude Pundit: Republican Intransigence, as Revealed Through Republicans in Conservative Media

Hate crimes against GLBT rose 13% in 2010

Danziger Toon- Rupert Makes The News

Carnahan's fundraising indicates he'll run for office again

Obama’s “Big Deal”: Wallowing with Pigs in Search of a Grand Center-Right Coalition

Latinos Surge but May Not Win Equal Political Clout

My Friend Just Got Ohio's Sex Offender Retroactive Redesignation Law Overturned!!!

California Runs Out Of Money Again, Comes Begging To Wall Street As Moody's Threatens To Go Nuclear

Tom Ferguson: Banks Refusal to Take Haircuts Stokes the Euro Crisis

Breaking - the Murdochs are now available for Parliament

Breaking - the Murdochs are now available for Parliament

Does DU need a Murdoch thread or section? This criminal mess will be

CNN exposes ‘terror expert’ as a fraud

nyone understand the foreclosure business?

Comcast Bans Seattle Man From Internet for His Cloudy Ways

"Undefeated" begging for "mobilizers" to buy 5 tickets to Quitter's stupid movie & give them away

Apparently the only second hand quotes from Obama DU can get worked up over

anyone remember Scarlet Woman's great thread on the threat to Social Security

Unaired ad from 1994 highlights Romney's Bain record

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating plunges further (now 27%)


Another Murdoch editor is arrested. Les Hinton @ the Wall Street Journal must be sweating bullets

US MUST investigate hacking. Why? Because the British Police and Govt. are full of Murdoch's minions

My Rupert Murdoch/Rick Perry karmic fantasy

Please, please tell me that the Cheney on the US soccer team is not related

Voters Still Blame Bush for the Economy

What do you think of this Lawrence O'Donnell notion that Obama is winning the debt ceiling fight?

And the mother of the year award goes to....'Mommy kept putting dust in her nose and throwing up,'

Vatican Reverses Stance On Gay Marriage After Meeting Tony And Craig

Righthaven learning it can't change the facts after it sues

From the WH press briefing yesterday,

The republicans have too many "Masters."

Hey RATpubliCONs - I found that $1.6 Billion your looking for

Bancroft family members regret sale of Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch

A new poll shows BAD NEWS for Scott Walker. Here are the highlights:

South Dakota Boarding School Survivors Detail Sexual Abuse

NPR - Why Prosecutors Don't Go After Wall Street (Our Justice Dept.!)

Sherrod Brown petition: Join the Fight to Save Social Security and Medicare!

Luckovich- This Just In!

The President "Playing chess" "Rope-a-dope" and other nonsense

So last week the price of gas here in Austin was $3.35...

Fannie Freddie Phooey

Reuters BREAKING: Debt Ceiling Talks: Republicans Their Own Worst Enemy

Whaling commission bans suitcases of cash

I am strongly in favor of a progressive income tax because....

McConnell says refuses to help Obama get reelected & that he refuses

The USA: We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us

Dayton: Will concede to GOP to end Minn. shutdown

House Dems Slam 'Racist,' 'Rovian' Voter ID Laws; Says DOJ Isn't Doing Enough

A pic I think sums up our situation nicely:

Bank Delays May Push 1 Million U.S. Foreclosure Filings to 2012

Guardian: Detectives have told a cousin of Jean Charles de Menezes his number

Amidst Horror Of Mumbai Bomb Attack, Twitter User Creates 'World's Most Moving Spreadsheet'

Edmund Burke Against Grover Norquist

Looks like FDL,

Phony accountability in Rhee’s D.C.

We need a decontamination room!!!

The Budget Process is where cuts and taxes are debated. Period.

The Budget Process is where cuts and taxes are debated. Period.

In a "NUT"-shell, the real problem with today's Repuke Party...

We're nearing the closing act of "The Debit Ceiling Crisis of 2011."

Minnesota Hindsight 2020: Shutdown Responsibility in Three Paragraphs

I didn't donate to the Obama campaign in 2008, but I might in 2012.

Tourists saw Calif. man fall into Maui blow hole

Dear Eric Cantor:

Nancy Pelosi Must Be Getting A Laugh At The Way Cantor Is Now Being 'Pelosied'

Fox is running this headline: Ratings Agencies warning Democrats

HEY! Rick Perry! If we "just hand it over to God," you can blow the presidency out your sick ASS.

HEY! Rick Perry! If we "just hand it over to God," you can blow the presidency out your sick ASS.

Toon describing the Repubs attitude Perfectly!

I haven't said this yet today, so please forgive my negligence...

Chicago Sun-Times: Braggart (Edelman) angers teachers' union after ...

Report: You Know You Are A Fucking Idiot, Right?

Clueless Fox News sock puppet Eric Bolling says "no domestic terrorist attacks during Bush admin"

I sometimes think of our Democracy as a simmering Civil War

A Bastille Day Miracle: My wife just lost her job AND got offered a new job within minutes.

Job creation by US companies inside the US and outside the US

Mitch McConnell Offers New Strategy In Debt Debate: Blame President Obama (UPDATE)

Zut Alors! It's Time For The Bastille Day Edition of Bad Cop, No Baguette

Fake Dem wins in Mequon (affluent town in Darling's WI Senate district.)

Questions re: Eric Cantor support...

Ten Reasons Why Even American Liberals Should Root for the GOP

I am outraged that Jane Hamsher would call me one of the "dumbest motherfuckers".

Fox's Eric Bolling: "I Don't Remember Any Terrorist Attacks On American Soil" Between 2000 And 2008"

Once again a Fox News host forgets 9/11 happened under Bush

Utility Shelves Ambitious Plan to Limit Carbon

Utility Shelves Ambitious Plan to Limit Carbon

White House asks GOP to go for the 'holy grail' in deficit package

McConnell's "Capitulation" is a Farce...Read the FINE PRINT

I'm glad we here at DU can all agree that there is never any excuse for vile language against women.

There is no question the media gives a disproportionate amount of time to the republican view verses

eric cantor is doing exactly what the republicans want him to do

eric cantor is doing exactly what the republicans want him to do

AP: The FBI is opening an investigating into News Corp.

Tensions Escalate as Stakes Grow in Fiscal Clash

I think that Fire Dog Lake should be a banned source for calling out Obama supporters.

White House offer to increase age of Medicare eligibility could save $125B over 10 years

Team USA invites Obama to World Cup

Wisconsin Recall Elections 2011: Upcoming recalls beginnning July 19

I don't understand... If you're not an "Obamabot," why do Hamsher's words offend you?

Has the user id "Dumbest motherfucker in the whole world" been taken.

The Lost Story in the News: "Obama threatened to take it to the American People"

Dial-a-Crowd Battles Spanish Banks Trying to Repossess Homes

Give It Up Cantor--You're the Wrong Religion for the Freaks!

Study: Minorities more likely to get tickets, have vehicles searched

Gay GOP Candidate Calls Bachmann A LIAR, 'HYPOCRITE And BIGOT'

GOP Senator: Maybe We Shouldn't Have Tied Debt Vote to Deficit Deal

Michigan Senate passes 48-month limit on welfare, raises wage cap

Michigan Senate passes 48-month limit on welfare, raises wage cap

Oh Oh! Murdoch paid lobbyists who oppose US anti-bribery law

Waaaah! Jane Hamsher said bad things about me! Waaaaah!

Rick Perry apologizes for Motherfucker (2005)

I like her

I never thought I would see so many hamsher threads

Tell those TeaBaggers, THE FIRST PAYMENT^ must go to

OMG...WTF is this? We no longer call businesses "business" but "job creators?"

Casey Anthony admirers sending her cash in jail

Fukushima July 14; radiation, cesium, rejection of MOX, nuke power etc.

roots action link

Today in the NY Post

9/11 Hero George W. Bush Shilling Autographed 9/11 Baseball Cards

Judge declares mistrial for Roger Clemens.

Judge declares mistrial for Roger Clemens.

Would you want a function here at DU that allows you to block posts by keyword?

They raised the prices of candy in the vending machines at work from $.65 to $.85

Lou Dobbs thinks President Obama is 'beneath contempt' for debt-ceiling warning

Dodd-Frank Provision: Human Rights Groups Call On SEC To Finalize Rule

In 2004, I was 100% convinced that BushCo was wiretapping Kerry's campaign's phones, now Murdoch is

How have we not passed a budget in 800 days?

Poll: Public Would Blame GOP In Event Of Default

Why aren't most people connecting the dots with Cantor making $$ off default?

Washington DC in the 1920s (photos)

Hey, DUers! Polls suggest that GOP would be to blame for the default, not Obama!

"I want what I want when I want it."

Charges filed in death of girl, 11, hit by bullet on July Fourth

Charges filed in death of girl, 11, hit by bullet on July Fourth

I thought that the comment about Ronald Reagan was a nice touch.

Here's the man who wants the government to shut down...

Karl Rove given credit for turning entire Alabama court system Republican.

My dad just now: "It's a reflection of his mother" re: Cantor interrupting Obama 3 times

Watching the Wee Little Fox Die................

Metro Pastor Resigns After Breaking Church 'Moral Guidelines'

Can someone please explain to me why a nasally voiced yard gnome like Norquist is still relevant?

What makes someone an "ardent" Obama supporter these days?

I've decided to come out as an Obamabot.

Does America Have A Financial Calamity Coming?

Obama: Enough is Enough in Debt Talks, ‘This May Bring My Presidency Down, But I’m Not Yielding’

Perry says those who oppose his prayer summit are "intolerant"

Eric Cantor is 48. Who does he think he's fooling

Is it a bad idea to teach babies / toddlers to read by sight?

Is it a bad idea to teach babies / toddlers to read by sight?

Murdoch PHONE HACKING Scandal: Is CNN's Piers Morgan NEXT?

Beef Contaminated by Radiation Intensifies Food-Safety Concerns in Japan

Pledge Signing Fetish???--Umm, Isn't that Un-American???

Confirmed: FBI PROBING NEWS CORP. Allegations

"Apologetics of terrorism" - Fox News commentators

Happy Bastille Day!

Has mandated insurance ENABLED the attack on Medicare?

Glenn Greenwald: Lamo Told Manning "None Of This Is For Print;" Wired Hid This Fact

Austrian Man Wins Right To Wear Pasta Strainer In License Photo

Rumsfeld Gets his Junk Checked by TSA at O'Hare

How Is Keith Olbermann's Ratings Now?

I'd call Eric Cantor a douchebag but.....

I'd call Eric Cantor a douchebag but.....

This is how crazee these repubs are... on Ratigan right now

Births, not new immigrants, push US Latino growth

Lawyer named to investigate Nickolaus (Waukesha County clerk) complaint

Lawyer named to investigate Nickolaus (Waukesha County clerk) complaint

Poll: Americans blame Bush for bad economy by wide margin

Armor Holdings charged in U.N. bribery scheme Sounds like what Murdoch did.

Pelosi and Boehner don't want to go to camp

Sorry Eric....He's Cool and you're...

So if Debt Ceiling were not raised, would that one fact stop the Wars?

In January 2001, CBO Projected an $889 Billion Surplus by 2011.

FBI to open 9/11 victims 'phone-hacking' investigation (BBC)

Trying to get a clear view of our priorities: Cut SS/Medicare or not?

Blackwater’s New Director: Bill Clinton’s Lawyer Jack Quinn

What's the better place to protest in support of Obama?

I'll say one thing about these past few weeks on DU.....

So, when you all get done with Emmanuel Hamsher, who next for the 2 minutes hate?

Sharpy is taking it to Buchanan!!! Go Sharpton!!!!

Notice something interesting, the TONE... of even tweety

“Obama lit him up. Cantor sat in stunned silence,”

Where does the name of the blog "Firedoglake" come from?

The Invisible Army (More Than 70,000 “Third-Country Nationals” in Indentured Servitude for US)

The Invisible Army (More Than 70,000 “Third-Country Nationals” in Indentured Servitude for US)

Darrell Issa Steps in It, Inadvertantly Reveals Improper Use of Congressional Funds to Serve AEI

4 Jewish Summer Camps Sell "Fracking Rights" that Endanger Drinking Water, Food, Health & Climate


"Republican Candidate" Extends Lead vs. Obama to 47% to 39%

the word 'obstructionists' has been deleted from the media vocabulary

Raising Medicare entry age? Why not cost controls on MEDS in medicare? We STILL don't have!

GarbageGate! Freeper undies in a mass bunch over Harry Reid's critique of Palin!

What Was He Doing Standing On The Mass Grave With A Bullhorn Again?

Pentagon declares the Internet a war domain (The Hill)

"Who is this hamster, and why do people hate it so bad?"

Toon: A Newscorp product...

Comic relief: the latest Dennis Prager column

ColorOfChange protesters picket Murdoch’s New York home

Anybody know: Does Google AdSense read your cookies?

On whom would you put your money?

I Think We Found John Boehner's Shot Glass

So how do we prepare for the next phase of this?

McConnell outlines new proposal on debt ceiling

Ponds on the Ocean (big pic of Arctic polar melt)

"Murdoch’s Sham Investigation" - He is investigating himself!


Californians await 'Carmageddon'

This Made My Day: Murdoch Threatened With Jail

I dunno . . . I *like* Dave.

David Cameron is really in big trouble

Scott Walker had to sleep on the floor at DIA because of hail storm.

Yep, we've been "sold out" by the President and the ACA:

Tonight on Countdown

Thank You David Stockman...

Vermont gov: Let states buy local food for schools

Lesson learned, so maybe its time to reopen the questions of Single Payer, and Bush Tax Cuts

Gov. Brown signs gay history education bill

Lawrence explains why the normally disciplined Congressional Republicans are now in all-out panic.

Wisconsin: Where Walkers "Democrats" lose

Downgrade could also affect Fannie, Freddie, and even some muni debt...$16 trillion worth!

Critics Call for US Lawmakers Bankrolled By Murdoch To Return Money!

Guilty With No Opportunity of Being Proven Innocent

FINALLY!! Tim Pawlenty is receiving *some* scrutiny for leaving MN in a mess!

Chinese Fascist Weddings (Holy F*ck!!)

Mike Thompson toon on lightbulbs and the tyranny of big gubmint

Mitch McConnell is a Turtle-American.

satan caught on camera...

satan caught on camera...

Birther issue resurfaces, but now Democrats are the ones raising it

Think Progress: Private Insurers in Health Insurance Exchanges Stand to Gain $200 Bill by 2019

FDIC Chairwoman: Mortgage Industry ‘Didn’t Think Borrowers Were Worth Helping’

"Walking out of a meeting with top military advisors, Kennedy threw his hands in the air and said...

What the GOP wants/needs, is "A New Pearl Harbor"

Holy Shit!! Tweety just told everyone to call their congressman RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

7 illegal immigrant students get arrested in Calif. street protest to test deportation policy

I Cannot Believe Cantor Interrupted President Obama THREE TIMES During The Meeting.

Koch Industries Backing Bachmann For President

Where does funding for Fire Dog Lake come from?

Where does funding for Fire Dog Lake come from?

Fox News' Eric Bolling: 'I Don't Remember' Any Terrorist Attacks During President Bush's Term

Teachers Prepare For March On DC, Hoping For A Lasting Movement

Michele Bachmann's Aide Hides $10 Million Secret

FUCK YOU Jane Hamsher you lying POS!

The Rhythm of Time

Rep. Ted Poe LIED about rescuing raped KBR contractor -- was TOTALLY uninvolved.

IF I default on my mortgage, the lender doesn't ask what I spent or didn't spend on other things.

So Jane Hamsher thinks I'm the dumbest Mother Fucker in the world?

What I Just Saw On CNN

its time to prepare in case of a debt default

Why Mitch McConnell Will Win the Day by Robert Reich

Wow, Authorities Really Dropped the Ball on Loughner

Vast Corporate Conspiracy to Mold State Legislation Unveiled

Cantor has $15,000 in a fund that is short bonds = pure corruption

Voices Of The Long-Term Unemployed

Nancy Pelosi: Entitlement cuts worse for women

Tweety say sto call your Congressperson

Tweety say sto call your Congressperson

Consumer Bureau Under New Attacks by Republicans

If you were given $10 BILLION to solve one issue, what would it be?

Hacking Scandal: Key Figures

John Mica, P(rick)-FL, demands that Amtrak privatize the Northeast Corridor

Father and son split on tactics in Murdoch family drama

Obama isn’t out of danger in debt-ceiling debate

I worked at a school which cheated

Sarah Palin is reloading—again

School bans bottles of sun screen...with predictable results

Americans Don't Want Medicare Cuts in Debt Ceiling Deal

Anonymous hacks Monsanto computers;

Captain Anti-America!

Every single taxpayer should be outraged by this...

So How Did We Get Such A Huge Deficit?

Joe Scarborough : This is George W. Bush and the Republican Party’s debt.

look at what the republicans are putting Obama/america thru over something they've done routinely

The GOP tried to destroy President OBAMA by attacking his base in organized labor

K&R if you like Obama.

Charlie Rangel asks WWJD about the debt ceiling

How Bachmann Could Win

I sure hope Al Sharpton

While it's been obvious for awhile now, Pugs are babies

Presidential Kabuki Theatre Update: When Obama Says Social Security Checks Might Not Go Out......

For any financial gurus out there -- I have a question...

FBI to investigate if Rupert Murdoch's News Corp had hacked into 9/11 victims' phone records.

Moment of silence needed DUers. Mitch McConnell lost his dad :(

Financial warfare being waged against Italy

9/11 Survivors Will Not Be Allowed to Attend Ground Zero Commemoration

Noted Progressive Economists Discuss Obama's "Debt Ceiling Doublespeak"

underfed pet 8ft python strangles toddler in crib. Parents found guilty

Chuck Todd: "Why is what TMZ does legal but what Rupert Murdoch does illegal."

Ted Strickland: Dems' Concessions On Debt Debate Are 'Very Troubling'

Wisconsin Democrats say likely to recall governor in 2012

Republicans want $55 million in federal dollars for security for the Republican National Convention

Why do some people think it is impossible to get rid of capitalism?

‘Pastafarian’ religious headgear gives new meaning to ‘cookware’

Murdoch Has Blood on His Hands

Murdoch Has Blood on His Hands

David Sirota: The new "Let them eat cake!"

Progressive Democrats to demonstrate at Obama Chicago headquarters

Progressive Democrats to demonstrate at Obama Chicago headquarters

Progressive Democrats to demonstrate at Obama Chicago headquarters

Dead Peasant Insurance: How to Find Out if a Policy Exists?

Are the spending-cuts happy Repubs demanding cuts on the military industrial spending?

Rating and

CEO's Girlfriend Found Dead at His Home

FDR: “Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle.”

Roger Clemens Justice is served

Because of Constitution Error North Dakota Is Not A State (and never has been)

Hartmann just announced that Dayton caved completely

Candidate time machine... how many people believe that Rick Perry will have a

Toon: Not so fun, is it Mitch?

50,000chickens die in heat wave in NC

Krugman: "Obama is extraordinarily eager to make concessions."

52 years together and now one is dying...

Experts differ on age kids should walk alone (after murder of Brooklyn boy)

Obama Gives Firebaggers 86 Million Reasons Why They Don’t Matter ~

In the next room, right now, a Tea Bagger is deciding my fate

Chrysler Auto Workers in Trenton Caught Smoking and Drinking During Lunch Breaks

Radiation data from Seattle-area may be withheld by Feds for national security purposes + much more

OBAMA: “I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.”

How a charter school can "counsel out" a student after just a few days.

"It also works the other way -- the poor have no idea what real rich people are like"

i am voting for obama in 2012. am i an....

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 6

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 6

I'm sorry, I don't trust ANY of this debt limit stage show. I'm not going to get all tingly over

Kucinich: Debt Political Theater Diverts Attention While Americans' Wealth is Stolen

Perhaps now's a great time to walk down memory lane & see what Hamsher & Norquist collaborated on.

Which President do you blame for the recession?

Which President do you blame for the recession?

The Chessmaster Cometh?

Tough Alabama immigration law convinces some to move

Why is it the rethugs are so loopy about the verdict for Casey Anthony?

Why is it the rethugs are so loopy about the verdict for Casey Anthony?

The Joads Were Luckier Than Us

The Joads Were Luckier Than Us

Surprisingly high turnout in Democratic Senate primaries (WI recalls)

How America's Legislation Is Really Written - ALEC Exposed

Liberal organization links Wisconsin bills to Koch-funded group

Tensions Escalate as Stakes Grow in Fiscal Clash

Obama shatters fundraising goal with $86M

Democrats in CA hold House seat after tough race

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Sex offender gets 4 months for threatening senator (Feinstein and Boxer)

Nelson (D-Ne): Corps lacks repair funds (floods)

Brady, P. Manning, Brees: It's Time for NFL Deal

Moody's sounds note of caution while Bernanke promises support for US economy (QE3)

House, Senate GOP leaders divided on debt-ceiling deal

Tighter U.S. nuclear safety rules proposed

A second Burmese diplomat defects

US politicians demand phone-hacking investigation after 9/11 claims

Judges Defer Decision on WikiLeaks Founder's Extradition

A look at the sorry state of the Federal Protective Service

(California) State sees gang ties in prisoners' hunger strike

(California) State sees gang ties in prisoners' hunger strike

Self-deleted by member

Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks must (be"frogmarched"&) give evidence, says (Deputy PM) Nick Clegg

NY immigrant advocate, tortured during Chile’s dictatorship, faces deportation in asylum bid

Pentagon to unveil cybersecurity strategy

Mumbai blasts prompt further questions over Indian intelligence

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (07/14/2011)

Gov. Walker, lawmakers fare poorly in poll

UN condemns attack on US embassy in Syria

Rebels Briefly Lose Control of Western Libyan Town

Chevron to pay six-figure settlement for decades-long oil leak in Hampden (Maine)

Italian Senate Approves Austerity Package

Colonel returns to Colombia to face trial for bombing civilians

McConnell outlines new proposal on debt ceiling

Egypt Purges Mubarak-Era Police Officers

Armor Holdings charged in U.N. bribery scheme

Colombian colonel sentenced for faking civilian murders

Latinos Surge but May Not Win Equal Political Clout

National Nurses United To Flood U.S. Senate With Calls Opposing Cuts In Social Security, Medicare &

Murdoch refuses UK summons

Suicide attack hits memorial for Karzai's brother

Clemens Judge Declares Mistrial

Borders on Brink of Liquidation

Ten Reasons Why Even American Liberals Should Root for the GOP

24,000 Pentagon files stolen in major cyber breach, official says

News Corp-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Leading Campaign To Weaken Key Anti-Bribery Law

Holy fuck! We are being pelted with some big ass hail in our nightly thunderstorm

Britain suspends aid to Malawi

David Letterman and Regis Philibin Are Hilarious!

Phone hacking: Murdochs agree to appear before MPs

Ah, I see GD has fed.

Rupert Murdoch Under FBI Investigation: News Corp. Reportedly Targeted Over 9/11 Victims Hacking Sca

Opposition leader found guilty of spreading false information

Mormon sings "I am a Child of God" In Klingon...

More squeeeeee!!

Libyan rebels capture demoralised Gaddafi troops

Tug pilot charged in deadly duck boat crash (Was on cell & laptop at time)

Biotech Company Monsanto Confirms Anonymous Hacker Attack

Group sues to stop Texas governor's prayer day

Navy violated own policy over WikiLeaks suspect

Killer Bear Owner Chokes to Death on Sex Toy

Colombian ambassador to Peru investigated for paramilitary ties .

Rob Grill, Lead Singer of The Grass Roots, Dies at 67...

PHOTO: This matador got a little too cocky and didn't realize he'd been FOLLOWED from the bull ring.

‘Pastafarian’ religious headgear gives new meaning to ‘cookware’

Big Contingents of Players, Owners for NFL Talks

In honor of the final Harry Potter film I have 2 questions for those who read the book (spoilers!)

Is that an Otter Pop in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Wiretap victims will not be allowed to interrogate Uribe directly .

Argentine torture trial ends with life sentences for ex-military leaders of notorious prison

Campbell adds salt to spur soup sales

Former Wall St Journal owners: 'We wouldn't have sold if we had known'

Character actor Roberts Blossom dies - he was Doc in "Escape from Alcatraz"

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't keep paper copies anymore?

Has the user id "Dumbest motherfucker in the whole world" been taken.

Why is at home winemaking considered artsy, beer making- crafty, but whiskey making

Betty Ford's funeral procession just passed by my office.


True Religion to Report Second Quarter 2011 Results on July 28, 2011

I never thought I would see so many hamsher threads

Netflix Alternatives

(GOP) Financial Crisis Panel Commissioners Leaked Confidential InfoTo Lobbyists, Report Alleges

Vilsack has $420K to challenge King (R-Ia)

Colombian unionists 'gunned down in broad daylight': US representative

Man accused of child rape allowed to watch child porn in jail.

The high cost of being an a**hole......

A Randomthought

Movie butts only. Post a pic of a movie butt.

Roswell Crash incident: Massive government coverup or proof of alien abduction plots?

Congrats to Actor Peter Dinklage for his Nomination for the TV Series Game of Thrones

Don't watch this with liquid in your mouth.

Summons Issued to Murdoch and Son After Refusal to Attend Committee

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

I've had it with the pee'ing and I'm getting tile floor. Can you get tile that looks

"Why Netflix's Price Hike Doesn't Bother Me"

Colombian colonel sentenced for faking civilian murders

Breaking News: Mistrial declared in perjury trial of pitcher Roger Clemens

Doorway Ettiquette for all you dumbasses out there

Obama urges Republicans to follow Reagan example

Favorite JOHNSON!

Pentagon Cites Largest-Ever Loss Of Defense Data In Cyberattack

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bin Laden Plotted to Attack U.S. on 9/11 Anniversary .

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Fell 0.4% in June

Arrested News of the World executive was employed as Metroplitan Police adviser

Gov. Cuomo nabs 71% approval rating from New Yorkers but shouldn't seek White House yet: poll

Phone hacking: Family of Jean Charles de Menezes targeted (Brazilian man shot dead by police in 05)

(Jay)Nixon to let new abortion restrictions become law

Your favorite anything/anyone - Only Post Your Favorites

Obama to GOP: 'Don't call my bluff'

Obama: No, I Didn’t Storm Out Of The Debt Ceiling Talks

They raised the prices of candy in the vending machines at work from $.65 to $.85

Amazon Takes On California (Internet sales tax)

Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy

Dogfish 75 Minute IPA

If you, the lounge, was given $10 billion to solve one issue - what would you pick!

Former NM mayor admits to gun smuggling

Gas driller halts distribution of coloring book

Study Links Birth Defects to Mountaintop Mining

Dayton offers to take GOP budget offer, with conditions, to end Minnesota shutdown

Murdochs Ordered to Testify or Be in Contempt

Judge: Righthaven masquerading as a company

Border security bill would allow DHS to bypass dozens of environmental laws in Maine

Mike's mutant tuna melt

Silver Bullet? Reid, McConnell Hatch Plan To Avoid Default

Reid: Cantor should not be in debt limit talks

AP source: FBI investigating News Corp.

Gaddafi Has ‘Suicide Plan’ For Capital: Russia Envoy

NY man accused of killing, dismembering boy is "hearing voices"

(NY Gov Andrew) Cuomo Says Curbing Public Pension Benefits Will Be His Top Goal in ’12

China Expresses Concern at Prospect of U.S. Default

DU List of the Day: Best Gay Character in TV/Movies played by a RL straight person

Clooney's Satellites Capture Piles of Bodies, Mass Graves in Sudan

the biggest thing I hate about being unemployed? People don't respect my time

US soldier caught boarding flight with explosive

Calif. Gov Signs Gay Education Bill

Tell me about Trader Joe's. (two are opening up in my city)

I like her

AP sources: Obama abruptly ends debt meeting, walks out

We can really kickass in 2012 if we want to. eom

Now is the time for his FDR moment. Now is the time to take it to the people, full throttle.

The President doing badly with independents in NC

Do you believe the President when he says he wants a deal to cut 4 trillion from the deficit?

White House releases VIDEO of President Obama at today's "negotiations"...

Critic of Venezuela's Chavez sentenced for remarks

"Are you willing to die on that hill?"

Leaving aside theatrics, what were the substantive policy differences today? Details here.

What I think of when Cantor is involved.

Must Read. Nicholas Kristof spells it out: The Opposing Party

Help Expose Discrimination Against Unemployed Workers in Hiring!

Cantor to the Woodshed - POTUS "monstered down on Cantor...this is so refreshing" (Joe Klein)

Romney Likely to Cede Iowa to Bachmann

Poll: Obama tops GOP on economy

GOP pretends Obama is the hostage-taker

Unaired ad could haunt Romney

Obama needs to know we have his back

WTF!!! Obama just emailed me his juvenile a**

“This may bring my Presidency down”

I agree with Nancy Pelosi: President Obama has more patience than Job!

So Lindsey Graham just admitted this whole debt ceiling crisis is manufactured bullshit

sending $100 to Obama campaign tonight

Why I Would Rather Have a "Short-Term" Deal

Obama May Summon Lawmakers to Camp David to Salvage Debt Talks

Anyone remember Kent cigarettes with the "Micronite" filters?

DUers in open primary states, if you vote in the GOP primary to make trouble, don't complain. . .

So which is it?

Gallup is desperate for headlines; says "The republican candidate" leads Obama in a poll

Republicans pledge fealty to Grover Norquist, not to U.S.

Reuters: Bernanke: Deep Spending Cuts Could Derail Recovery

There is a reason why the GOP will fold....

I'm loving Al Sharpton!

Obama Threatens Veto Over Cuba Provisions in House Bill (Take that Miami repukes!)

CNN just reported President "stormed out of the room saying, 'This may bring my presidency down.'"

>>>>Beer Recomendation Thread

Reid: Cantor acted ‘childish’ and shouldn’t be at the negotiation table

Cantor.. undermining the process itself by pouting for the cameras.

McCaskill: Republicans look like ‘hot, sloppy mess’ -- "Mitch McConnell, frankly, has lost his mind"

“Obama lit him up. Cantor sat in stunned silence,”

Why does the press keep referring to Cantor as "young"?

Eric Cantor's High School Yearbook Quote

POTUS to hold news conference Friday at 11:00 ET.

As promised, POTUS is taking his case to "the American people". Media blitz starts today.

Democrats shouldn't even bother trying to be "pro-family" or "pro-business"

So How Many House Seats Do The Repubs Lose In 2012?

I think I know where Eric Cantor went wrong.

OH MY GOD!!! anyone just see this jackass Judson Phillips on Ed's show

DUers in open primary states: Would you consider crossing over to vote for Bachmann for nomination?

I fucking HATE Eric Cantor and his Teapublican buddies.

As Immigration Audits Increase, Some Employers Pay a High Price

Bill Would Ban Discrimination Against Jobless in Hiring

Lindsey Graham let the cat out of the bag

Just made my mid-month contribution to the President's campaign...

Eye doctor puts drops in your eyes

Keep it classy FDL, Jane Hamsher calls Obama supporters "dumbest motherfuckers in the world"

Who do you think it's going to be? TX Gov Perry or Fmr MA Gov Romney (it's gotta be 1 of 'em)

Man with racist signs arrested after gunfire

Urban Farming Gains Popularity in Beijing Outskirts

July 13th 2011: The Day In 100 Seconds


Budget Deficit Discussion Snippet from RT's Crosstalk Gingrich: Call Obama's bluff

UW-Madison School of Education Dean Julie Underwood Discusses ALEC

Thom Hartmann & Alan Grayson: Elections haven't worked?!?!

Thom Hartmann & Lizz Winstead - GOP following the Taliban Path?

Bryan Fischer Promotes Ex-Gay Therapy

Huey Long: Share The Wealth

The Corporation, Part 4

The QQOQQ award 2011 (Bill O'Reilly) HILLARIOUS!!

Bickle: Gay Marriage Is From Hell


Richard Branson Speaking About NEWS INTERNATIONAL

PBS NewsHour: Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Leaves Logistical Challenges

Harry Potter and The Deathly Debt Ceiling


Rep. Cooper on "Rude and Disrespectful" Treatment of Warren by Oversight Committee

Rep Duffy's district director receives 'return receipt' for Duffy's govt. healthcare

Smart Remarks: These cuts are gonna hurt

Thom Hartmann: Has health care become America's Apartheid?

Banks Refusing a "Haircut" Behind EU Financial Crisis

Papantonio: News Corp Could Be Another Enron

Thom Hartmann: The Supreme Court has become a cancer on our Democracy

Murdoch Scandal May Prompt U.S. Criminal Probe - Democracy NOW!

ANONYMOUS it's our time now

Bruce E Levine: Get Up, Stand Up.

All You Fascists are Bound to Lose

Getting Away with Torture: The Bush Administration and Mistreatment of Detainees

BLUNT: 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox News Uses to Brainwash Americans

AAA at Risk? 'Moody's got no clue, US downgrade long overdue'

Hugh Grant "I Feel Personally Violated By The Murdoch Hacking Scandal"

Thom Hartmann interviews Alan Grayson: Running to get his congressional seat back and why

US blows budget on Libya while facing economic crisis

Reid calls Eric Cantor " CHILDISH "

Young Turks: Split California Into Two States? (Liberal Vs Conservative)

Dennis Kucinich: " Stop Playing POLITICAL GAMES With SOCIAL SECURITY "

Wall Street Greed and Endless Wars are to blame for our Budget Crisis! - Marcy Kaptur

Dr. Paul Farmer Responds to New Exposé on Clinton Foundation - Democracy NOW!

Fox News on the Murdoch Investigation...

For our friends in France!

Scott Walker Shouted down at Gateway College

Bernie Sanders "They Already Have Obama Making Far More Concessions Than He Should Have!"

Scott Walker shouted down by teachers

All Getting Along Over Pizza Pie - Joe the Plumber from NJ

Ann Coulter: "Republicans Will Be Hated By Voters & Voted Out Of Office Because Voters LOVE SS!

Keiser Report: Oligarchy Propaganda (E164)

Liberal organization links Wisconsin bills to Koch-funded group

Fired IT workers file lawsuit claiming H-1B workers replaced them

Michael Winship: The Real Scandal of US Justice

"ALEC’s fundraising, which puts the lie to the idea that ALEC is just a loose affiliation of

Joseph Stiglitz loses in court

Increasing Longevity by Chaning the Alzheimer's Gene - VERY exciting work

Horn of Africa drought: Kenya row over Somali refugees

Ai Weiwei accepts Berlin lecturer rol

Panetta's folly: New Secretary must accept that U.S. is leaving Iraq

Richard Reeves: I Missed My Chance to Pee on Rupert Murdoch

Debt-ceiling debate goes nuclear with accusations over Social Security

In Pictures : Formerly incarcerated women

As phones jam, Twitter, Facebook save the day

As the News of the World Turns

News Corp-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Leading Campaign To Weaken Key Anti-Bribery Law

Salon's Peter Finocchiaro on the Scorching Southwest's Top 10 Climate-Change Deniers

Mumbai rocked, Pakistan suspected

How the US Props Up Criminals and Murderers All in the Name of Our Catastrophic Drug War

Who's Your Doctor's Daddy?

Collateral damage from the hunt for Bin Laden

Berlin Opposition Livid about Saudi Border Deal

Nearly $2 Trillion Purloined from U.S. Workers in 2009

Politics Give Some U.S. Subsidies Staying Power.

Dodd-Frank Provision: Human Rights Groups Call On SEC To Finalize Rule

Wired publishes the full Manning-Lamo chat logs

returning to Clinton era tax rates for those making over $200K would return $800 Billn ovr 10 yrs

Murdochs agree to give evidence

China Urges U.S. to Protect Creditors by Raising Debt.

Matt Taibbi: Greed, Excess and America's Gaping Class Divide

Who Will Suffer if There's No Debt-Ceiling Deal

The US Jobs Crisis

Murdoch Gets Rich Off High-Profile Evangelicals

Children of War - Iraq

NY immigrant advocate, tortured during Chile’s dictatorship, faces deportation in asylum bid

'Ex-terrorist' rakes in homeland security bucks

Greek Olive Grower Squeezed Dry By Crisis

The Great Republican Sacred Cow

Great letter in the on-line edition of "The Chicago Tribune", regarding J.K. Rowling!

Ruh Roh- New Video Indicates President Obama Directly Involved In “Project Gunrunner/Fast & Furious”

Thom Hartmann vs. Peter Ferrara: America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb

Economists Find Flaws in Federal Estimate of Climate Damage

9MW New Jersey Solar Roof Will Be Biggest in the USA

Battered West Coast a lesson on warming, study finds

delete dup

Cooper nuclear plant exits emergency status as flood waters recede in Nebraska

Coal Industry rebels against EPA rulemaking because of cost

Tomorrow's Smart City will be completed in 2014 (Kashima, Chiba Prefecture, Japan)

Coal industry lobbyist: Mountaintop removal birth defect study didn't look at inbreeding

Widening scandal at Japan's Kyushu nuclear firm

Peak oil notes - July 14

Lost rainbow toad is rediscovered

Acidifying oceans could hit California mussels, a key species

Japan continues to pursue dream of solar power harvested from space

Professor Stephen Sweeney writes on the latest developments of space-based solar power

Germany to fund new coal plants with climate change fund cash

Nuclear Industry rebelling against NRC recommendations because they cost too much...

7/12 Drought Monitor - Band Of Level 4 Condtions GA To AZ; S. Plains Cotton, Corn, Grass All Failing

Fox news celebrates Pirates Hindering climatic scientists research

Bob Zubrin and Al Globus on VASIMR and SBSP

Utility Shelves Ambitious Plan to Limit Carbon

Manson man runs pickup truck on apple ethanol (note: they're waste apples)

Penguins take to the air

2011 the most expensive year for natural disasters in history

The World's First 24/7 Solar Plant is Up and Running (Video)

Resolved: nuclear power can meet all our energy needs

On target for January cold shutdown - Reactor 3 set for injection of nitrogen

"All you need is ignorance and confidence

"In my father's house are many mansions"

Catholic Leaders Challenge President Obama, Congress as Deficit Reduction Talks Heat Up

Buddhism Rebounds in Russia Despite Opposition

Early books Holy writ

Church Fight!

Wearing a turban in the face of hate

Being incapable of faith...

Atheists sue to block Texas governor from promoting Christian prayer rally

Bachmann denies Pope is the Antichrist --again.

Which gospel came first?