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Lawrence O'Donnell: "Michele Bachmann's Husband...

This Guy Has The Weirdest Face In All Of Mediawhoredom.

This Guy Has The Weirdest Face In All Of Mediawhoredom.

Did Marcus Bachmann test his gay to straight therapy on himself?

Would you like a side of peas with that?

Lawrence - Michelle Bachmann's husband sure knows a lot

LO is looking like the proverbial kitteh that swallowed the canary tonight.

I'm Loving Olbermann's new Gig

Wendell Potter: My warning for the NHS

There's no way that's natural

Now that the President has the IrCP on the ropes, should he hit them with

Most dangerous job - nurse's aid

A modest proposal re: the debt ceiling

Soooo, why does everyone think that this checkmate maneuver

Rachel Maddow has a white flag prominently displayed on the set tonight!

Rachel Maddow has a white flag prominently displayed on the set tonight!

Six years of gay marriage and Canada still has better beer and health care then us

It's Now Official: The GOP is a Party of Sixth Graders (No insult to actual sixth graders intended)

The McConnell Debt Proposal Scoreboard (Naional Review) --BOOM!

Remember this? Keep Your Goddamn Government Hands Off My Medicare!

If I may, an Email from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Rachel just reported the latest numbers from WI primaries. Link inside.

Mitt Romney Rejects The Family Leader's 'Marriage Vow' Pledge

Freepers recent comments on the budget battle (throwing in the towel?)


The McConnell Proposal, and Real Contradiction

The McConnell Proposal, and Real Contradiction

Rupert Murdoch facing BSkyB defeat as parties unite in call to drop takeover

Criminal? Scandalous? Sick? A simple guide to a very messy affair

New Hampshire joins the organized attack on Planned Parenthood

New Hampshire joins the organized attack on Planned Parenthood

Raising Medicare to 67? Black men, enjoy your two years of coverage!

Wisconsin Senate primaries: Real Dems dominating Republican plants!

As long as we're reading tea leaves....

After 8 Years, U.S. Officials Still Recklessly Lying To Troops In Iraq

AP article calls out the fake Wisconsin dems

ABC News Looks into Marcus Bachmann's 'Pray Away the Gay' Clinic: VIDEO

Rodney King arrested on suspicion of DUI in Calif.

Going to bed: Way to go WI!!! Fuck you Cantor/McConnell/Boner, you PUNKS!

Daniel Hernandez throws out 1st pitch at All-Star Game

Milk industry back with those mysogynist "males dealing with PMS women" ads.

I just made a pledge to my three children

Michael Irvin is on the cover of Out magazine

Ireland's debt junked as euro crisis spreads

Key lawmaker ( Sen. Rockefeller) urges US probe of News Corp hacking

AFT teachers union to defend educators in cheating scandals

The Green Party ran a candidate against Ned Lamont in 2006.

Republican vandalism. I guess they think they can get away with anything.

Could someone explain to me how fake Wisconsin Democrats

Freeper "screaminsunshine" wants a Palin / Bachmann ticket because "they fight like girls."

Attention freepers, teabaggers, and right wing fuckwads!

Union Chief Faults School Reform From ‘On High’

If Obama accepts MM's proposal, can it also be used to increase revenues?

IMPOSSIBLE to shut Bachmann UP, except for that gay barbarian fixing thing. She's silent on that.

Thank You, Serious Adults

Why is there never an accountability crisis?

Democrats win first round in Wisconsin recall primary Party-backed candidates win all six districts

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif! Laser Maru?

If SS was at risk for not being funded, why would the WH give an exclusive to one network

Opening Results for CA-46 (11 PM EDT)

Ohio Bishop Bars Support For Breast Cancer

Drudge is lying again. Post this into your Facebook status... let's stop web this meme cold!

Rift between Boehner and Cantor on debt negotiations? And Obama gets snippy (in a good way)

Discovery of Lung Stem Cells May Herald New Treatments

Discovery of Lung Stem Cells May Herald New Treatments

True Or Not... Remember When Our Country Used To Think Like This...

Mitch McConnell is looking especially turtley this evening.

one of the dumbest conservative posts ever

Jon Stewart is rocking the house with a piece on not raising taxes as GOP religion.

Any results for the special election in California (CD 36)?

What's The Story With These Pledges/Vows That Repugs Are Asked To Sign.......

Fox News: Boehner Assures Republicans He Won't Cave on Tax Hikes

FFS, Obama Did NOT Threaten To Stop Social Security Checks!

Collinsville Illinois Bans Baggy Pants, Mayor 'Very Disappointed' (VIDEO)

Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference with Women Members of Congress

Our problem right now is a lack of common sense

An Eye-Opening Adventure in UK Socialized Medicine (the big lie that is the US health care system)

K&R if you are getting pleasure out of watching the media worm Murdoch squirm

The real Pledge of Allegience, as printed in a yearbook from 1940...

Newest Line of Business for Big Banks: Slumlording

Before Social Security: Please Add Info

McConnell, Boehner increase criticism of Obama

'Pinging': how phone hacking targets were located with help from the police

Radioactive meat circulating on Japanese market

Huey (R) concedes to Hahn (D) in CA special election.

Perhaps when pushing to regain the House we push REAL populist "moderate" Democrats...

By the way, David Broder is a fucking right-wing hack

Anyone know why Barbara and Laura Bush didn't attend

Hahn appears to be winning CA-36 in special election

If your SS is electronically deposited, you'll get your money.

California special election: Hahn has early lead over Huey

Work from @reuters reporters forces Fed officials to stop selective leaks to investors

was Grayson blackballed much like Keith>

Duplicate, Self-Delete!

Drought Spreads Pain From Florida to Arizona

Panetta ties war in Iraq to 9/11 attack

WI State Senate dem primaries: All six FAKE dems lost! The six REAL DEMS WON!!!

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator (1940)

(UN Secretary General) Ban urges effective mechanism to apply responsibility to protect principle

Dear Mr. Bachmann, ever hear "Physician, heal thyself!" ?

i think I'd like this guy

Debt Ceiling, do you care about 'Me, Me, Me! Now! Now! Now!'

Sen. Mitch McConnell Plans His Day

Protesters shout "SHAME" at Governor Walker

Question for Movie people (maybe older ones?)

Khalilzad: US Troops Likely To Stay

Cameron to investigate if 9/11 victims targeted

Do you think McConnell's plan is a victory for Obama?

Firestone wins Liberian child labor case in U.S.

Okay, I've taken my meds: David GERGEN is a right-wing hack!

Feds: Louisiana Not Providing Voter Registration Forms, officials suing the state

One of the best questions raised re the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal

Climate change could kill one in 10 species by end of the century

Polls closing in WI recall live or sites to check...

Scientists: Stinky sock smell helps fight malaria

Will this make national news too? SEIU members found not guilty of assault on Tea Partier

Heads up.....Netflix to increase fee from $7.99 to 15.98 for streaming + physical DVD plan

Taliban deliver hammer blow to NATO

Toward Simplicity and Toward the Truth

" I guess it's our turn."

I've figured out what the Tea Party is for...

Will McConnells plan mean that House Dems will have some leverage?

Slavery (vs gay marriage) comment stirs uproar

ReTHUGS and Teabaggers go on display

If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling so they are forced to make cuts...

Righthaven Accused Of Avoiding Paying Legal Fees Owed

Old Spice Carl Sagan

Teabagger Disgraces FDNY Sues Over Hurt Feelings

UN report paints mixed picture of global progress on MDG goals

Twitter Meme: #WorldsMostInterestingNative

Boehner's plan: Show your plan - so the left gets angry.

National drought could rival Dust Bowl days (NYT)

National drought could rival Dust Bowl days (NYT)

Has anyone tried smokeless tobacco sticks? If so, tell about your experience.

fox news does not report news!!!!

83-Year-Old Woman Raped, Beaten and Murdered

Pirates of the Caribbean: Offshore corporate cash hoard1 trillion $

The 'Tequila Party' Hopes To Stir Latino Voters

Tea Party 0, Rational Policy 1 (energy efficiency standards for light bulbs)

Khalilzad: US Troops Likely To Stay

Zbigniew Brzezensky was pretty funny today on Morning Joe.

GOP grows deaf to call of the wild

"Political Malady"

Larry David On Groat's Syndrome, The Bald Community And Curb's Eighth Season

'The Watchdog': House Committee Wants To Drop Proposal To Expand Offshore Drilling Oversight

'The Watchdog': House Committee Wants To Drop Proposal To Expand Offshore Drilling Oversight

Democrat Hahn Wins California Congressional Race

Pigeons no longer considered pests

Rockefeller Urges Probe Into News Corp. For Phone Hacking

Britain: Supreme court bans use of secret evidence to hide torture claims

Please protect the innocent conjugal sex fruit, By Mark Morford

Paul B. Farrell: War is hell, politics is hell and I’m mad as hell

Toon: The Tea Party Tango

Supreme court bans use of secret evidence to hide torture claims {guardian}

Rebekah Brooks hired accused murderer -- intentionally interfered with the investigation

Ron Paul not running for House reelection

My rep Randy Hultgren is holding a town hall meeting in 2 hours. Need some question suggestions!


Whoa, not so fast. Before we declare "Victory over GOP Day", did you look at the details?

DU investigators

And it starts: "No More Blank Checks" ad. Who's worse, KKKarl's group or FireDogLake?!1

There's a Job Opening In Barker, New York

Shouting 'Fire' in a Crowded Room

Shouting 'Fire' in a Crowded Room

Poll CNBC -Murdoch: Villain or Hero?

Breaking: Rupert Murdoch bows to pressure and is withdrawing bid for BSkyB

Toon: Dr. No

TeaParty about to be Minimalized ?

UN torture official accuses US of rule violations

Critics upset over Arab network (Al Jazeera) speaker at Rockland (Maine)fundraiser

Full Faith and Credit of the US Government : Violated

Full Faith and Credit of the US Government : Violated

Bachmann / O'Donnell 2012 HAT TRICK: End porn, teh gay, AND masturbation. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

NewsCorp just withdrew its bid for BSkyB

McConnell Offers Debt Ceiling Out, But Obama Keeps Focus On Deficit

US declares bankruptcy, finds out it's subject to 2005 'bankruptcy reform' law

Am I correct in pointing out that since the November elections

It's Time For Another MrScorpio's Complaint Of The Day

TELL The Department of Justice To INVESTIGATE Rupert Murdoch NOW

Tell The Department Of Justice To Investigate News Corp.

Julian Assange extradition appeal hearing – day two live coverage

.... the cigar goes off in McConnell’s face

Dem. Janice Hahn won Tues surprisingly competitive special election for California’s 36th district,

Nike Faces New Worker Abuse Claims In Indonesia

Why does the Senate Chaplain make $150k and have staff making $129k, $86k, and $52k?

SoCal Conservatives Push For Own State

Iran Prepares For Nuclear Work In Bunker: Sources

Hot Coffee, Cold Cash and the Tort-Reform Con

Key senator urges federal investigation of Murdoch media company

The highest-paid state employee in California last year

Republicans Consistently Vote against their own policies... because...

Republicans Consistently Vote against their own policies... because...

Iraq-U.S. Security Committee Formed to Define U.S. Troops Needed to Stay in Iraq


Oops! Supreme court bans use of secret evidence to hide torture claims

I thinkSocialSecurity should be mean tested.


mitch mcconnell's words.....

Girl found dead after hide-and-seek game

Who has actually read "The Audacity of Hope"?

Obama defeats GOP Domestic Terrorists holding the nation's economy hostage

Congressional Panel to Study Proposed ‘News Corp/NSA Merger’

There are complete idiots, and then there's Marsha Blackburn.....

Bernanke: QE3 is on the way...

US SMALL/MIDCAPS-Stocks climb on Bernanke boost

Egypt to sack 700 police over killing of protesters

San Francisco weighs protecting ex-cons seeking homes, jobs

Dump Obama, run Nancy Pelosi for president

Clinton Foundation to investigate shelters in Haiti

Shutdown forces MillerCoors to pull beer from shelves

Called Senator Gillibrand's Office

Whatever the outcome of the manufactured "debt crisis", no matter

Didn't we have Medicare, Medicade, and Social Security the last time we had a balanced budget?

I don't get Current. Who is blackmailing Keith? n/t

Have people actually read Obama's stated political disposition?

“The truth is God, God has designed our eyes to, you know, to be attracted to her breasts.”

McConnell Debt Ceiling Strategy: 'I Refuse To Help Obama Reelection'

The Rude Pundit: The McConnell Debt Ceiling Cave Has a Bear Trap Inside It

Scientific American: The educational value of creative disobedience

Was Bin Laden Vaccine Plot Worth All the Risk?

USA v France - Women's World Cup Semis

Want to know one of the reasons Obama put Medicare and SS in play?

Vatican Reverses Stance On Gay Marriage After Meeting Tony And Craig

Awesome New Site: ALEC Exposed

Awesome New Site: ALEC Exposed

Wisconsin: Courtroom Solidarity Friday when Protester's hearings are scheduled!!!

Proof repugs imploding:

US builds a bunch of no bid Jails across Afghanistan-

If we don't touch social security...

Bomber kills five French troops in Kapisa, Afghanistan

"As your congressman on the House floor, I will do anything short of shooting them."

SF Supervisor calls for inquiry into saggy pants incident at SFO

A Delightful Case Of Schadenfreude -

What are the odds of no debt ceiling deal.

HRW Calls For Criminal Investigation re Bush Officials. Obama has legal obligation to investigate.

I just figured out what's wrong with Michelle Bachmann. She really is a victim of the government.

Prime Minister Cameron under pressure - live Question TIme

Obey, Democrats blast GOP redistricting plan

Does anyone know if a deal has been reached on the debt limit ?

So what's happening in Minnesota

Wisconsin: Please help recall the Republicans

I believe the WI Primaries yesterday sent a very strong signal about the mood of the state.

Nike faces new worker abuse claims

OK for suspect to view child porn in Tacoma jail

For those who think seniors are scared to death...what

The Tea Party & Fox News

I'm thinking of starting a PAC, who wants to join (STFU PAC)

When this all started, the Obama administration said they wanted a "clean" debt-ceiling increase

Search for bodies continues in tsunami-ravaged town under scorching heat (JAPAN)

Minnesota running out of booze, cigarettes due to government shutdown


Senate Dem Pitches Tax Haven Abuse Bill As Deficit Reduction

Casey Anthony to be retried?

Police Adopting iPhone-Based Facial-Recognition Device, Raising Civil-Rights Questions

Woman jumps in front of express train; body propelled into station (JAPAN)

Republicans Love Communist China ... to Hell with US Troops, Vets and Families

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity (BBC News)

All he has to say is: "If you don't increase the debt ceiling, I will be forced to end the wars, and


The Future of Animal Rescue - The National Rehabilitation Center for Animals

Bachmann Holds Big Lead in Iowa

Michelle "Batshit Crazy" Bachmann is a paranoid whiner

Do you believe that Murdoch's U.S. Media Holdings, ie Fox News are using the same M.O.

Amnesty International Responds to News Reports that the CIA is Involved in Secret Detention Site

Amnesty International Responds to News Reports that the CIA is Involved in Secret Detention Site

What the Hell was that? The GOP trying to see how much of SS and Medicare they could steal?

Thanks Teddy Kennedy - USA into the FIFA world cup finals

This is the awesomeness of Amy Goodman. (Somalia)

Lawsuit: Chase Bank declared Fla. woman dead

Putin brands US as 'hooligans' for printing money

US Begins Drawdown of Troops From Afghanistan (1,000 to Leave This Month)

Bachmann, Gohmert, King: Obama's Advisers Lied About Debt Limit

Sen. Menendez Sends Letter To DOJ Requesting INVESTIGATION Into NEW CORP's HACKING Of 9/11 VICTIM

Speaking of age discrimination - this is funny.

The Tea Party Christian Patriot Gazette

From the files of my own stupidity

So, if I understand this correctly

madinmaryland's Visual Guide to Commonly Overused Words: Issue 1

SEIU activists found NOT guilty of assault on tea partier

The August "Harpers" just arrived - two things in the Index

Question : How is China's Corporate Tax Rate less then USA's

Woot! Japan Beats Sweden 3-1 in womens world cup, and next up...

Take your time, we know it's hard.

U.S. Senate bill targets Offshore Tax "trickery"


Somebody doesn't want to talk about her husband's goverment-paid "gay therapy" practice!

Lipless Mitch's Debt Ceiling FATWA: "I refuse to help Barack Obama get reelected"

Be careful of what McConnell is proposing...

Naked Cult-y Couple in Splashy Tappan Zee Rush Hour Death Leap

Cheaper Than Cash: or why the US government should borrow more, right now

Murdoch's "low tastes & trashy standards that wounded my newspaper in one of his drive-by shootings"

In Cuba, reforms bring cheers but also jeers

No Crazy Like God Crazy - Rachel exposes Rick Perry's Prayer Meeting

"I must keep my face wrinkle-free, dahling...or America will lose jobs!"

I now have to accept 3rd Party Cookies to view YouTube.

Such binary thinking here, it's amazing some people can tie their shoes in the morning

This is for all of you who have hung Obama out to dry:

New Poll: Bachmann opens up double digit lead in Iowa

Escalating vandalism at Florida Museum of Natural History

Ruh roh - Miller-Coors can't sell alcohol in Minnesota now!

US Women's soccer team wins "birth" in finals.

McConnell's plan would not allow for tax increases. Only spending cuts and borrowing could be

Anti-Trade-Deal PAC Buys Radio Ads Vs. (House Ways and Means) Camp

New Port Richey couple says TSA search went too far

The GOP's Sick Priorities

Wife Chops Off Husband's Penis, Throws in Garbage Disposal

Wife Chops Off Husband's Penis, Throws in Garbage Disposal

rep. joe walsh calls President Obama a liar.

Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are still on the table (CBS)

Cuts to Social Security and Medicare are still on the table (CBS)

Name the Murdoch stable Tweety

Name the Murdoch stable Tweety

Car chase in Dallas--woman kidapped two kids

I haven't watched Tweety in a while, but right now he's going buck wild on this nutcase

It's sad that people are still talking about C.Anthony jurors, when on Frontline last night,

Sheriff selling pink underwear with Spanish print

How many of the professional left have apologized to the president so far?

Meme of the Day 110713

Meme of the Day 110713

Premature celebration? White House's Carney: Obama Wants 'Balanced' $4T Deficit Deal

Rockefeller's "Bet"-NewsCorp Investigation Will Turn Up "Criminal Stuff"-"This Will Be Huge"

Mitch McConnell "we tried elections, they don't work."

AUDIO, from 2004: Bachmann says gays aren't funny, they're sad, and...PART OF SATAN!

Man Named Casey Anthony Harassed on Facebook

Bernanke says if the debt ceiling isn't raised, the US will stop Social Security payments

Quite a choice the GOP is giving seniors:

Congress hears outcry from business lobby on debt ceiling and deficit

Foreclosure fraud investigators forced out at Florida attorney general's office

I know who should play Casey Anthony in the new movie:

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 4

JetBlue offers 'Carmageddon' flyover: Long Beach to Burbank for $4

Sherrod Brown Needs Our Help

The "Pardongate" of Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman continues

Rupert Murdoch Bleeding Cash To Save Plummeting News Corp Stock

Tax cuts are incompatible with GOP economic dogma

NYT.... Drought Spreads Pain From Florida to Arizona

I don't know what happened to Cenk...But I love AL SHARPTON

CBS Reporting Sir Rupe has wthdrawn his bid for BSkyB, but . . . .

Bronze age Mutant Ninja Turtle now wants to abolish elections.

Russian Roulette

Tea Party congressman wants the PResident to meet with him?

CNN Catches FOX - Hiding NewsCorp In The Hen House

Name one thing you like to make a climate change denier do...

God that Crossroads GPS ad is getting on my last nerve.

Sharpy, as my husband and I affectionately call him, needs a permanent show

S.F. considering making ex-cons a protected class for renting / jobs

Moody’s Puts U.S. Credit Rating Under Review

Past 4 Years News Corp Generated $10.4 Billion In Profits, Received $4.8 Billion BACK In Tax Rebates

Marcus Bachmann wants to 86 your 69. Check out this photo of his clinic door.

I'm hearing Murdoch to abandon all his Newspapers in England,

WaPo: Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

To PeaceNikki and other Wisconsin DU members.

The News is the Weather. Again.

What kind of a cynical, blow-dry sleazebag partners with a cult to position for the GOP nomination?

Today we are going to cover paraprosdokians - Lesson 1

"Give em Hell Obama"


With Murdoch's stock prices going down will investor be wary of investing with creeps in the future?

Good summary of MN budget negotiations

Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy

Delete (and wow)

I Have A Question Or Two... I've Watched MSNBC For My News For Quite

Pot-legalization question: should the FDA be able to inspect and regulate it?

Most GOP Voters See Need for Revenue Increases

Mosque near Ground Zero Clears Legal Hurdle to Build

I just effing love Joe Walsh, so do you, first one is a keeper.

Spanish city lets you trade in your car for a lifetime pass on public transit

FBI Has RAIDED Mississippi CHOCTAW Gaming Facility

Saw a good bumper sticker: "Vasectomy Prevents Abortion"

Saw a good bumper sticker: "Vasectomy Prevents Abortion"

"There will be dire consequences if this limit isn’t raised."

I Just Emailed Sherrod Brown...And This Is What i Said....

For those that Think Obama's Social Security Check Threats Were Good...

JetBlue to fly drivers over LA's 'Carmageddon', $5 fare for "planepools"

JetBlue to fly drivers over LA's 'Carmageddon', $5 fare for "planepools"

Will The US Default?

Low Registration Sinks Tea Party Convention

Repubs want the President to take ownership of all the debt...

How did Murdoch fast track his US citizenship?

Let's HOPE He's Wrong: Robert Reich: "Why Mitch McConnell Will Win the Day"

Without Rupert Murdoch What Will Become Of Roger Ailes?

I learned today that Minnesota is running out of beer and cigarettes

Tonight on Countdown

In the Real World!

In the Real World!

Pension reform measure workers caught lying to get signatures

Union grocers stuck in California pressure cooker

Cantor: Obama abruptly walked out of debt meeting..

I figure that allowing gays to marry will threaten only ONE hetero marriage in America...

I figure that allowing gays to marry will threaten only ONE hetero marriage in America...

We don't LIKE peas.

I'm mad. You should be too. We need to do something like take to the streets.

I am astonished.

The Teabagger TEST: Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Could the US could ever become essentially a left wing power?

A question for DU's supply siders:

New reports finds Vatican abetted cover-up of child rape scandal in Ireland

All we are saying, ..... is give peas a chance.

Can you believe this? Almost 3/4 of Repubs. disagree with their own GOP demands on debt solution!!

Michele Bachmann's Church Says the Pope Is the Antichrist


Rick Perry Supporter Claims the Statue of Liberty Is Demonic

Cloud studies in color (captions only)

Quite seriously, is it possible that Rick Perry is having a manic break

To those who watch FUX here - Is the Murdoch stuff being reported?

GRIFTER "O'Keefe: I've Got Evidence Public Employees Helped Fake Terrorists, Drug Smugglers"

Is it time to thank Hugh Grant for not backing down to Murdoch's Madness?

Manchin only Democratic senator to get money from conservative Koch brothers

Obama Seems Like A DU'er Who Goes To Freeperland & Attacks From The Right

Police: Ride workers knew Iraq vet had no legs - died when thrown from coaster

"Democratic support and defense of Barack Obama is a sad joke. This guy is no liberal."

UMich professor (Juan Cole) sues CIA, FBI for information in alleged smear campaign

There is no US federal debt crisis

Now Romney is picking on kids who get close to the campaign office.


Total taxes paid by NewsCorp/FoxNews for 2006-2010: NEGATIVE $4.8 BILLION

Why Prosecutors Don't Go After Wall Street - NPR

After hours of are the Phone Hacking Scandal updates for your reading pleasure....

You did notice that when Obama mentioned no Social Security checks

I just took six years of a man’s life.

Keith Olbermann: I was blackmailed by Fox Sports

BREAKING: Moody's says it may downgrade US credit rating.

60,000 Billion Times the Output of the Sun

Choice: Bourbon/Rocks w/Boehner, or $350 wine w/Cantor.

Mary Bono Mack: Another Republican with an unwed, knocked-up daughter

Bachmann: Schiavo was Healthy

The county in which we live banned smoking outdoors . . . .

Obama Cracks Down On Medical Marijuana

CNN: "Rupert Murdoch's media empire suffered a double blow Wednesday..."

Republican: Leave agiculture subsidies alone, cut food stamps!

If Obama pushes for a 4 trillion dollar debt limit deal and the GOP scuttle it does the GOP lose

The Republican Pledge Fetish

I don't support the bookstores I love

Rep. Cantor as Least Valuable Player in Congress in Budget Negotiations

Obama snaps at Cantor: “ Am I dealing with him, or am I dealing with you?"

Has Anyone Here Ever Purchased (or Considered Purchasing) a Franchise?

Apple Stops Distributing Pedophile Mascot

So here's what makes me curious about the UK phone hacking scandal.

My 23 step solution to the nation's budget. 21 spending cuts and 2 revenue enhancements.

"Italy’s borrowing costs soar"~~~Berlusconi to appeal for...“sacrifices.”

WiFi-hacking neighbor from hell gets 18 years in prison

WiFi-hacking neighbor from hell gets 18 years in prison

Inbreeding is the cause of birth defects around Coal Mines

US more unpopular in the Arab world than under Bush

Could we PLEASE stop disrespecting the First Lady?

Scott Walker Gets Drowned Out At Gateway Technical College

"We cannot elevate nature above people. That's against the Bible and the Bill of Rights."

OMG 16 lb baby born...seriously? The doctor didn't see this coming?

So what happens in a default?

Scott Walker is a Douchebag

Father gains custody of Duke lacrosse accuser's children

playing politics with people's lives and health....

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Crazy chick cuts her husbands penis off and throws it in a garbage disposal

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 5

When did age discrimination start to run rampant?

ALEC exposed, and it ain't pretty

Police: Mom Left Kids In Hot Car, Beat Good Samaritan

I went to the town hall meeting for my congressman, Tea Partier Randy Hultgren

PSA: For those in high dudgeon over MineralMan's spelling threads ....

A horrific murder of an eight year old

Surprisingly high turnout in Democratic Senate primaries (WI recalls)

AG Holder, investigate News Corp. NOT medical marijuana users

Michele Bachmann - Tax Collector

Bernie Sanders to Obama: Keep your word on Social Security

The cover girl reappears

WW3 Fearmongering on the 'Net, Discussion Thread.

What's wrong with the California State Universities?

I think they should allow Japan to resume commercial whaling

"Anyone who worked hard can never be poor!"

Seriously, I am fucking TERRIFIED that my SSI check might not come nect month.

Are you wikkid smaht? Quizz: if nothing is done at all, how many years will it take...

Are you better off now than you were in 12/08?

Are you better off now than you were in 12/08?

JAMA report: Parents should lose custody of super obese kids

Obama Vs Bachmann

Education reformer's "blunt talk freaks out almost everybody.” Illinois teachers were sold out.

Fukushima to decontaminate entire city (JAPAN)

Picture of Mitt Romney everyone needs to see

For those in your sixties and think you're at death's door...............

In Case You Missed This... 'WTF ???'

Is North Dakota Really a State?

WTF? Scalia's son is a partner with the firm that represented Wal-Mart before SCOTUS?

beloved 130-year-old tortoise dies in South Dakota

Obama 2012 campaign breaks goal, records

Question-- is there any public database showing who is receiving disability . . . .

The repugs in WI have redrawn the election map to cut out some of the Dem. candidates next month...

How the monied gleefully force schools into privatization

Juan Cole: Is Murdoch’s Media Empire a Cult?

Mr. President, you're playing with fire. Social Security and Medicare are not bargaining chips.

Cheerleading case stirs up dispute (ADA violation for girl in wheelchair?)

Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology.

tell me, how is it that defense spending still remains virtually untouchable...?

tell me, how is it that defense spending still remains virtually untouchable...?

Libyan Revolution Week 21 part 2

Our Poisoned Democratic Message

Over a Fifth of Navy Ships Aren’t Ready to Fight

Over a Fifth of Navy Ships Aren’t Ready to Fight

Have we reached “Peak Capitalism”?

Have we reached “Peak Capitalism”?

Mom Arrested For Yelling At TSA Over Daughter's Patdown

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 2

MineralMan's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 3

Mineralman's Visual Guide to Commonly Misspelled Words: Issue 1

My 3-year-old was the first in our group to die.. we buried her and kept on walking.

Rockefeller Urges Probe Into News Corp. For Phone Hacking

Wife Chops Off Husband's Penis, Throws in Garbage Disposal

Rupert Murdoch facing BSkyB defeat as (all political) parties unite in call to drop takeover

Violent clashes in Belfast as loyalist marching season ends

Dissident Chinese Writer Flees to Germany

Sen. Jay Rockefeller Seeks U.S. Agency Probes of News Corp. Phone Hacking

Brewer calls Nov. 8 recall election for Pearce

Obama gives Social Security warning in debt debate

(WI) Waukesha County clerk Nickolaus plans to use more secure ballot bags

Schools Chiefs See a Path to Proposing Their Own Accountability Systems (countering NCLB)

Now Senator (John Rockefeller) calls for investigation of News Corp

China’s Economy Slowed a Bit in the 2nd Quarter

Alert status lifted at Cooper reactor

Gaddafi regime 'ready for talks' on transition of power to rebels

Facundo Cabral, Argentine folk singer and messenger of peace, shot dead

Witnesses Give Details of Ahmed Wali Karzai’s Last Minutes and His Killer

News Corp Withdraws Bid For BSKYB, Sky News Says

White House, in Shift, Turns Against Syria Leader

Calif. woman denies aiding Pakistan nuke project

NTSB faults Coast Guard for fatal boat crash

Romney rejects gay marriage pledge

British Prime Minister Says He Will Investigate Whether Murdoch Hacked Targeted 9/11 Victims

GOP grows deaf to call of the wild

Multiple explosions in Mumbai, India

AP sources: Feds eye CIA officer in prisoner death

Death of Afghan leader's brother leaves power vacuum

GOP Sen. DeMint frowns on new Obama debt powers

Israel Bans Boycotts Against the State

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Sen. Graham: Republicans Should Accept Tax Revenue Increase

CSU hikes tuition, and boosts a president's salary by $100,000

Rodney King free on bail after arrest on suspicion of DUI

Porn mogul James Mitchell convicted of murder

Fukushima cleanup recruits 'nuclear gypsies' from across Japan

Murdoch's Australian company to review expenses

9/11 families call for U.S. probe of Murdoch

Climate change hurting national parks near Great Lakes, report says

Tea Party Cancels Autumn Rally In KCK

Pakistan may free doctor who helped CIA track Osama Bin Laden

Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy

House Homeland Security chairman wants investigation of News Corp.

Top Democrats laud GOP debt-limit move; Fed chief warns of ‘calamity’ if U.S. defaults

Blogger Sues To See If Government Kept a File on Him

Egypt hit by new wave of protests as military postpones election

Protesters drown out Walker at Gateway event (WI, Repug Gov)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White House's Carney: Obama Wants 'Balanced' $4T Deficit Deal

Exclusive: News Corp Withdraws Bid For BSkyB

Canada's income gap widens, report says

Judge Junks Suit To Halt "Ground Zero Mosque"

GOPer wants FBI probe of Rupert Murdoch

Appeals court: No forced meds for Loughner

Obama's record-smashing $86M haul

Team USA beats France 3-1, scores World Cup birth

Lori Klein Explains Pointing Gun At Reporter

Congress hears outcry from business lobby on debt ceiling and deficit

James Brown Miso Soup commercial

The Doctor?

Wis. Dems: GOP should pay costs of recall primaries

Three bomb blasts in Mumbai, 15 injured

Democrat Janice Hahn wins Calif. US House race

Does your city have an all-bacon food truck? San Francisco does!

Damn... Another evening thunderstorm in Denver


Anyone else having trouble with hotmail? It has only been working half the time

FOOD PORN: Shrimp and Deviled-Egg Salad Rolls...WITH BACON!

I love Alan Grayson, but the thread title "Im in, are you?" makes me think of Frank Zappa

See a police traffic check? No problem, light up a joint before hand!

One thing I love about YouTube - if there's a song you haven't heard in 25 years....

Curtain Rods

Producer Alphonso 'Fonce' Mizell dies

Police confirm "serious incident" at industrial estate in Boston (Lincolnshire, England)

For people who like Cheap Trick and mariachis...

Roger Clemens jury selected; perjury trial opens Wednesday

The Standells are playing live...

Phone-hacking: US senator requests probe (into News Corp.)

Nancy Pelosi: Some In GOP Would Pay China Before Seniors In A Debt Default

Health Food

Lost Where I Belong


What the hell is wrong with some people?


Love me some Morford today

Kid Joins the Dark Side at Disney Star Wars Academy

Could someone please save me a little time? What happened to . . .

If you're playing a cassette tape and hear a metallic sound, is there anything

It's Time For Another MrScorpio's Complaint Of The Day

PHOTO: "If he keeps exercising like that, he'll be all tough and stringy when we eat him."

Revalations 6:7 = 13 isn't that cute? do you believe in bullshit?

Black and White TV and a Hot Eighteen Year Old Girl

This will get a lot worse before it gets any better.

PHOTO: "Look, for the last have to buy your ticket with CASH, not MILK BONES."


Two Gentlemen of Lebowski: A Dramatic Interpretation

CBS Has New Drama This Fall, "Person of Interest"

PHOTO: "This happens EVERY time I eat popcorn! EVERY...DAMNED...TIME!"

Texas' debt growing at faster rate than federal government's

Help. There's a DU on my Dildo. And it's purple.

Pastafarians want Kansas kids to learn their version of creationism.

I just made an offer on a condo and it was accepted!

She was mumblin' to some HOWLIN' wolf...about some voodoo healin'...where's my HEAD, baby?

Help. There's dew on my DU Dildo. And it's purple.

John Taylor pork roll. How do you serve it???

Should severely obese children be taken from parents?

Who here has mastered nature at least once in their life. I'm talking adrenaline!!

Dismembered remains of missing NYC boy Leiby Kletzky found

Help. There's a Dildo on my DU. And it's purple.

Dems: Issa Scrapped Hearing On Financial Commission Because Docs Wouldn't Fit His Narrative

Mumbia? Really NBC? Mumbia?

Puppy update (Jama turns 5 months)

Colleges to counteract dwindling ranks of high school graduates

What is your favourite herb or spice? I like tarragon these days. I put it on lasagna. It goes great

Our policy has always been to let the members post in whichever GD forum they want.

One by one, bars get tapped out

What is your dream lifestyle of the moment? Me I'd love to live in either france or Italy. Somewhere

Got a good word for when it's just barely raining?

Van Halen: Finished recording, now mixing new studio album with Roth

Hey Lounge, when you're on a diet, what's your favorite food or snack?

Anyone here with hip problems or artificial hips? I was out walking today and all of a sudden

Obama Walks Out of Tense Debt Meeting: Aide

No charges filed in sagging-pants saga (Deshon Marman)

Shutdown forces MillerCoors to pull beer from shelves

Japanese whalers returning to Southern Ocean

Moody's puts U.S. ratings on review for downgrade

Would you live in a house where a murder, or mass murder had taken place?

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Elevator Ettiquette for all you dumbasses out there

How's this for an action figure?

There's one thing that Indiana does right - Hot Beef Sundaes!!

MMMMM...MORE Food Porn! "Classic Thai Fried Rice"

What was your favourite tv show as a kid? I loved the Beechcombers and Walt Disney.

Pet Peeve..."God Bless America" at the 7th inning stretch...

Bernanke: U.S. would pay bondholders after August 2

My OCD kitten has been trying to get in the oven for days since feeding her chicken breast. (vid)

Seriously Netflix - call it what it is! It's a price increase. We smart enough to know how to add!

Movie mutts only. Post a pic of a movie mutt.

My doggie in a raincoat last night after going out in the rainstorm:

Does anyone know if Eisenhower won the Triple Crown?

Robber broke into hair salon, beaten by its black-belt owner, kept as a sex slave for 3 days

(All 6) Fake Democrats lose in Wis. primary recalls

What's the technical term for the hatch that covers a car's gas cap?

Mitch McConnell: We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’

What's your favorite mixed drink?

Substitute any thread title with "chops off husband's penis"

Do you believe in kitty karma?

Ohio Senate passes statewide abortion limit

Need parenting advice

Drawing a blank re: Star Trek TOS

Poll question: The FIRST thing you do AFTER you GETCHA MORAN RUNNIN'?

Libyan Rebels Accused of Pillage and Beatings

What is your favourite HBO show? I am liking the Wire these days. Also Real Time.

Video games. Lovem em' or hate em'?

How do you "maintain" your weight?

Favorite WILSON!

Stuff you do now that you're old that you never did before?

Police charge mother in Nashville airport altercation -Woman refused to let officers screen daughter

What feature would you like added to DU3?

Landmark Agreement Moves 757 Species Toward Federal Protection

Got bored and started googling Fox News "scoops". Here's the first one I found:

Krugman: Thugs of the World

WSJ's Washington Wire: Grover Norquist Issues New GOP Marching Orders

Could the debt ceiling issue be Obama's liberal trump card?

Just a thought about the McConnell proposal...

Pelosi digs in to the left of Obama in debt battle

ABC News is finally making the connection: Bachman's "ex-gay" fraud = gay bashing = teen suicides

GOP Reps: Obama "clueless," "liar," $4 trillion plan "nickels and dimes"

Never Let Them Know What You Are Thinking (a continuation)

Romney rejects gay marriage pledge

GOP fracturing good for Bachmann?

"This is the dumbest story ever written in all of human history."

POLL: Romney 25, Bachmann 14, Palin 12, Perry 10 - Obama beats them all (+6 Romney, +12 Bachmann...)

Right-Wing Media Downplay Default Risks By Accusing Obama Of "Threatening" Social Security Benefits

Damn good day for D's: Obama raises $86 mil., Hahn wins CA, Fake Dems SPANKED in WI.

Obama's Secret Wars: How Our Shady Counter-Terrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism

Okay, I'm glad Obama has psyched out the Republicans. But the fat lady hasn't sung yet

Laughably Bogus Poll Tries To `Prove’ Obama Is Losing Jewish Support

What will the U.S. be in 2017?

Wisconsin Democrats Defeat "Fake" Candidates

Dems Push Back At Republican Claims Of “Scare Tactics”

Michele Bachmann should use the failure of the GOP leadership to her advantage. Here's how/why:

Reid praises Rep debt ceiling proposal - 3 "Installment Plan"

Nate Silver says that the odds of a divided government again in 2013 are 'going down.'

American mainstream rejects GOP debt line

Steve Benen: American mainstream rejects GOP debt line

Voter Theft/Voter Suppression---Wisconsin laid the ground work for a dangerous game.

Democratic Leaders Positive on McConnell Plan

Rick Scott has a 27% approval rating

Mr. President don't listen to Ed Schultz

"The plan is childish, petty, and more than a little pathetic..."

What would life be like without FOX NEWS?

Booman: I'm Almost Sad for the Tea Partiers

President Obama raises more than $86M for campaign, DNC

just got a call to join a Santorum forum - what do I ask?

Boehner’s uncomfortable pause

McConnell warns default could ‘destroy’ GOP brand

Tweety Eviscerates Steve King (Repugnant - IA): "I don’t trust the words of any source" (VIDEO)

My prediction for the republican upcoming Presidential primary.

"Today was the most tense meeting of the week." -- POTUS wants decision on debt ceiling by Friday.

74 Percent Of Republicans Think Deficit Reduction Should Include Tax Increases And Spending Cuts

In poker terms, the GOP bet $2 trillion, Obama went all-in, and the GOP folded.

Last night Rachel Maddow mentioned a letter signed by 400 CEOs

Why don't we just take McConnell's deal?

Who is Joe Walsh? Another TOAD calling the President a liar

Obama to Cantor "Am I dealing with Boehner, or am I dealing with you?”

WSJ backs McConnell plan (and a ‘bipartisan’ deal)

May I feel some Obama love around here tonight ?

ZOMG there's no way the base will donate to Obama after all his betrayals.

I am so SICK of hearing about independents. Read this

Christofascist candidates will make government bigger than you can possibly imagine

OH SHIT: Social Security and Medicare are still on the table?

Is Senator McConnell the Charlie Sheen of the Senate?

POTUS: "Eric, don't call my bluff...I'm going to take this to the American people."

I advocate replacing Cenk or (the best option) giving Rev. Al Sharpton his own show!

Just a note: when the smoke clears Obama will have backed a cut in SS and Medicare.

Official "Call Out taterguy" thread. Check in here!

Eric B. and Rakim sum it all up re: Obama "Don't Sweat the technique"

Papantonio: The Potential Fall of Murdoch’s Filthy Empire

Papantonio: Will The D.O.J. Investigate Murdoch's Potentially Criminal Activities? - Part 3/3

Boehner Does Damage Control For McConnell (how cute)

Keiser Report: Ratings Racket, Post-Carbon Community (E163)

Papantonio: Will The D.O.J. Investigate Murdoch's Potentially Criminal Activities?

Scott Pelley interview with Obama on debt deadlock

Moody Blues: I'm a Melancholy Man

McConnell's Plan To Give Obama Power Stuns GOP

Chile police use water canons on mine protest

AARP: Protect Seniors from Social Security Cuts

George Galloway speaks to dumb supporter of Rupert Murdoch

SEIU Not Guilty Of Fake Claim By Teabagger

Obama 2012 Campaign: Q2 Fundraising Results ($47m for Obama 2012, $38m for DNC)

Thom gets Republican Gretchen Hamel to admit raising taxes is good!

Papantonio: Beginning of the End for Murdoch?

Thom Hartmann: Murdoch - Rot at the Top?

Thom Hartmann: Important! Newt is right about the Supreme Court

Clinton Foundation Accused of Sending Haiti Shoddy Trailers - Democracy NOW!

Keith Olbermann on Citizens United v. Federal Election 2010

Papantonio: Murdoch and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Thomas Roberts & Wayne Besen On Bachmann's Controversial Clinic


The Ed Show - Inside The Bachmann Clinic

GOPer Rep. Allegedly Vandalizes Desk On TNGA House Floor

New RNC Ad Goes After Obama on the Economy

News Corp withdraws bid for BSkyB

Ann Coulter thinks we bombed Egypt!!!

Syria's Christians live in fear

Gov Scott Walker heckled at Tech College

RevolutionTruth - WikiLeaks and a Truth Revolution

Dems want DOJ to Do More to Stop Voter ID Laws

Human rights activists demand investigation into George W Bush

Keith Olbermann Explains HOW He was Blackmailed

My Conservative Brother

TYT: Hedge Fund Mgr Called Out On MSNBC!


Nightline - Michele Bachmann's Family Business Exposed!

Thom Hartmann: Has capitalism hit the fan in Europe and America?

Funny Video! Nice to be able to laugh at the insanity out there: The Ironic News

Worst Job Creation Since The Depression Under The Theory That Tax Cuts Solve Everything - DeFazio

Shocking Fact About Rich Americans

A Bit of Fry&Laurie: If Rupert Murdoch hadn't been born...

Marcus And Michele Bachmann Explain Marriage (Second City Parody)

Hollywood Embraces Obama's 'Groundhog Day'- Debt Negotiation Comment

Most Minnesota lawmakers still accepting paychecks during government shutdown

WaPo criticizes HuffPo's corporatization

The fiendish brilliance of Mitch McConnell

Grover Norquist, the anti-tax enforcer behind the scenes of the debt debate

Obama: 'Eat Our Peas;' Pea Council: Please

Higher Ed's perspective: The dean of pot growing comes to town

Apocalypse Investors: How Wall Street Bets on Catastrophic Breakdowns That Destroy Lives

Calls Mount to Investigate Bush Era Officials for Torture

Robert Scheer: The GOP’s Sick Priorities

Zapatero laments German input in deepening euro-zone debt crisis

Amazon's position on state sales tax is unfair and unethical

Faltering Economy Needs More than Political Games

Sign Here, and Here, and Here

Hemingway's Madrid, 50 years after his death

The Foxification of news

Fake Wisconsin Dems Fake Orgasm in Faking Win

California Counties Talk of Cutting Ties to State

IMF urges Italy to enforce spending cuts

Age of austerity to continue for decades, warns OBR

Another Dead Journalist

Historical Source of Tax Revenue as Share of GDP - Tax Policy Center

US Pessimism Deepens on Rising Economic Concerns

The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes

US Default Inevitable: Fund Manager

Will the feds investigate News Corp. over phone hacking?

McConnell’s Debt Plan Gives Split Signals (Bloomberg)

Green Tech jobs grew at 8.3% in 2003-2010 vs 4.2% for other occupations

BUSH tax cuts, a Decade of Failure - Media Matters

Deficits and Family Values: A Point of View

Grand Inquisitor Issa cancels grilling of FCIC chairman as docs reveal questions re GOP FCIC members

Teabaggers vs Manatees.

Jim Hightower: Tracking US Recession with the RPI (Regular People's Index)

News Intl. threatened retaliation against Gordon Brown; New York Post facing similar

GOPers bringing out Big Lie that ending Bush tax cuts would hurt small businesses

Party leaders unite against Murdoch

McConnell Warns of Risk to Party, and Country, of Default.

Inside the October Surprise Cover-up

Is News Corp infested by a culture of corruption?

Access to grocers doesn't improve diets, study finds

Kudos to Egypt for Ditching the IMF

Does Health Coverage Make People Healthier?

Poll: Obama’s ratings plummet in Arab World

Salon: Rick Perry's ties to the neoconfederate movement "may be deeper than previously known"

Murdoch Shaped British politics for 40 Years

Research Assistant wanted

Nigerians collecting rainwater

Task Force Recommends Improvements for Nuclear Plants

EU Fisheries Reforms Aim for Sustainability

Drumbeat: July 13, 2011

Nuclear Roulette: new book puts a nail in coffin of nukes

BP Urges Government To Halt Gulf Oil Disaster Relief Payments For Future Losses

Oil demand set to increase in 2012, IEA says

Indonesia, World's #1 Tin Producer, Can't Produce Enough - Expect 2011 Deficit (4th Of Last 5 Years)

NASA - January Lows, July Highs Both Higher, Separate 30-Year Dataset Show

On Experts and Global Warming

House GOP fails to repeal light bulb efficiency requirement

Light bulb phase-out offers new role for unsung heroes of electronics revolution (LED’s)

Countering nuclear industry propaganda about renewable energy.

AFP/Koch's Boy On The Hustings: It's All A Conspiracy, Because I Say So! - NYT

Heatstroke Deaths Quadruple as Japan Shuns Air Conditioners to Save Power

Green Tech jobs grew at 8.3% in 2003-2010 vs 4.2% for other occupations

Climate Adaptation of Rice

Bold new approach to wind 'farm' design may provide efficiency gains

Yet again, sea ice: How low can it go...

Japan's Prime Minister Kan holds press conference to call for a phase out of nuclear power

Research update: New way to store sun’s heat

Germany Could Restart Nuclear Plant to Plug Energy Gap (and will add coal)

If God was a car...

Rachel M shows us: What more pure proof does one need? Teavangelists are servants of Mammon.

Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity

Someone left evangelizing leaflets at the ATM. Speaking badly of atheists. I say -- GOOD.

Religion can become empty, too