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Archives: June 28, 2011

How the Same-Sex Marriage Deal Nearly Collapsed

Train-crash trucker had string of traffic tickets

Does anyone have working link to KO's show

Watching "Countdown." So repukes want their president to be just like their stoopid relative.

Watching "Countdown." So repukes want their president to be just like their stoopid relative.

am I understanding this correctly, is the President going to allow the Bush tax cuts continue?

So we're taking up a collection to buy David Prosser a live hen.

Uh Mods...

Toon: How to come to grips with something that really disturbs you...

I find it funny. What some think they can do.

Forget the John Wayne shiny thing of the moment and get busy on

And we'll keep on fightin'............Keep fightin' Ya'll! I love this! We are the champions,,,,,,,,

Oops...unbleeped F-word on O'Donnell

Kids call mom from Barack Obama's limo

Rachel is covering the two nuclear plants next

Fiscal Conserative Bachmann has benefited personally from federal funds and federal farm subsidies.

Rachel's on a roll tonight!

Toles Toon: We have a problem...

7 year old drives car in search of his dad

I'm not sure where John Wayne grew up either.

Rachel Maddow chatted with Jose Antonio Vargas

Rachel Maddow chatted with Jose Antonio Vargas

Rachel is tearing ReTHUGS a new one on the debt ceiling

Thank G_d, the purple shovel has bit the dust!!! n/t

Rep. Woolsey officially announces retirement

Sinking Poll Numbers May Put Florida in Play

Charlie Sheen or Michelle Bachman?

Prosser coverage on liberal MSNBC this evening?

L.A. Times: Michele Bachmann confuses John Wayne Gacy with The Duke

Ever got the police on tape, intentionally or not?

John Nicholls will be on Ed shortly to talk about Prosser

A Republican history story

Fatal medical error drives nurse to suicide.

Fatal medical error drives nurse to suicide.

I must say that I'm still laughing about the John Wayne thing...

Rev. Al Sharpton is killing Brian Brown on marriage equality right now!

National Organization for Women National Conference Declares "Women need jobs, not budget cuts!"

Well mannered dogs?

Police investigating allegation that WI Supreme Court Justice David Prosser choked a fellow justice

Can drunk sperm harm an unborn baby?

I can't believe I share a country with these people.

Why wages in China are going up...too many jobs and not enough workers.

Financial Times: Majority of World Will Face "Years Of Stagnant Wages"

National Organization for Women Calls for Better Social Security Benefits and "Medicare for All"!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

What the President did not do on summer vacation.

Question: While Grover Norquist was busy being interviewed on the Colbert Report...

Prosser impeachment?

FL Gov Rick Scott again pursuing stealth attack on state parks

Fukushima starts health checks (JAPAN)

Please don't thank Combat Veterans for their service...

Great news for Dems in WISC recall elections!

9pm and a Process Server shows up at my house

Just watched "Hot Coffee" on HBO...a must see about corporations and tort reform.

8,000 Homeless Veterans on the Streets of LA

America Awaken

Rachel Maddow Show Today Was Awesome - Calls Out Republicans For Sabotaging Economy

I love Bernie Sanders

Michelle Bachmann...The clear choice

Government Regulation is Good for Business

Judoka tells of terrifying fight

Grover Norquist coming up on Colbert Report.

Texas lawmakers pass airport "anti-groping" bill

Criminal defense attorney arrested while trying to advise client who had been arrested, he claims

Two Japanese Governors say "No!" to Nuclear Power..

challenge: come up with a punchline to prove why Bachmann was RIGHT to admire serial killer

When deregulation takes place all the mid sized corporations are wiped out.

Colbert sets up a letter to the editor fill in the blank for you to print out on Gov Scott

Why Is The NY Times Helping Andrew Breitbart Lie?

Deaths reported in Pakistan drone attacks

173 hospitalized in chlorine gas leak at Tyson chicken plant

Greece faces general strike, more cuts planned

dupe. nt

Circulation system tried on reactors

Circulation system tried on reactors

Weirdest freeper line ever (and anti-Romney nonetheless)

Michelle Bachmann doubles down on the "Founding Fathers"

NATO is running out of munitions to use in the Libya conflict

Wallace Encourages Fox Viewers To Remain Misinformed On Climate Change

If Bachmann Wins Big in Iowa . . .

If Bachmann Wins Big in Iowa . . .

Hartmann went further into the prosser scandal

My prediction for the 2012 GOP platform

My prediction for the 2012 GOP platform

Refugee group finds 250,000-plus Afghans displaced

David Dayen, FDL: The Selling of the World: Privatization Schemes Proliferate (ALEC's involvement)

Snort! Rachael just now talking about Bachman who said John Wayne was

Colbert Looks at Gay Marriage Through O’Reilly’s Bestiality-Obsessed Eyes

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Praises Gov. Cuomo on Legislative Victories

Slowpoke Toon: Welcome to Ball*Mart

Two Drone Attacks Kill 27 in South Waziristan

Breast Milk Arrest

Bachmann launches White House bid by machine-gunning a pig

What trickery is scott walker using to create surplus?

Michael Steele: "Michelle Bachman did not get hyperplexic."

The First Amendment, Upside Down

Strange but true: Tea party activists said Sen. Orrin Hatch's record is too liberal.

Supreme Court 2010-11 year in review

Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) Will Not Seek Another Term

Palin-loving freep-holes react to Fox story "Bachmann Launches Presidential Campaign"

Congress looks to tackle abusive e-waste exporting

Burma Deports Hollywood Star Michelle Yeoh


Guardian UK: The fiscal case for legalising marijuana

Pawlenty: Victory in Afghanistan is remembering what we went there for

Ohio Deputies: Breast feeding mother sprayed us with her milk

Rove's Shadowy Crossroads GPS Plans $20 Million Ad Assault on Obama


So, what it is it with Michelle Bachmann and serial killers?

Greek Riots-First Day of General Strike-Just heard gunfire

Maddow: 'Given the choice between Evil/Disgusting-I would rather think of them as just Disgusting'

Reincarnation cocktail

Chief Justice John Roberts' Plutocratic Ambitions

Inside Rick Santorum-Linked Universal Health Services Facility: Herpes, Porn and Drug Dealing

The Virtue-less war of the 'Nintendo bomber' - al Jazeera

The Virtue-less war of the 'Nintendo bomber' - al Jazeera

So let's say Obama refuses to budge on the debt ceiling, and we default.

Gay marriage fans talk of Cuomo presidential bid

Young D.C. principal quits and tells why

Are you surprised so few Repubs are switching Parties??

Republicans have agreed to raise the debt ceiling

WARNING: Morning Intern Killer Is about to host another criminal, Scott Walker.

Congressional staff bonuses: "from under a $100 per staffer up to $16,000 and $17,000 a piece."

Los Alamos lab calls in special team to track levels of plutonium and uranium in air

I think this movie's a remake of one we saw a year or three ago.

Just wondering: was Pawlenty governor of MN when that bridge fell down?

Hastings Woman Given Other Options

The [Bill] Clinton Doctrine: Always be Attacking

just WRONG...

Dilution of radioactive materials at sea is no solution to nuke-plant crisis

Poll: Are there certain issues that are out of any presidents control?

If you were going to make a donation in Wisconsin, who has the best chance? Who sould I donate to?

Take A Moment And Consider This Passage Regarding The SCOTUS AZ Campaign Finance Ruling

A few funny videos to remind us that President Obama is human (Warning: NSFOH!!!!)

Harrisburg Mayor Hopes Religious Fast Will Make Budget Deficit Go Away

Why do Republicans pronounce it Noonited Snates of Numerica?

The most important DECISION for Obama is coming

Sign Bernie Sanders' letter to the president

Richard Engel's opinion of TSA measures when he just returned to the US:

First Amendment Dominates Court’s Latest Term

It'll be a Romney -- Bachman ticket. Anyone want to wager?

The Rude Pundit: A Note to Rep. Todd Akin on How Much Liberals Hate God

Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains

USA=37th --- In The World For Health Care -"Not Even Close To Having The Best"

BS Reuters media: "Bachmann facing scrutiny as top-tier candidate"

3 months after disaster, kids in northeast Japan still not getting full school lunches.

Wow, MSNBC showed a teen that was beaten by a group of teens

Meet Loukanikos, The Greek Riot Dog (Dial-Up Warning)

Company selling cases for skipjack tuna back in business after tsunami(JAPAN)

Fox News Host Apologizes for asking Bachmann a question .."Are you a flake?" (it was Cris Wallace)

Fox News Host Apologizes for asking Bachmann a question .."Are you a flake?" (it was Cris Wallace)

3/11 quake triggered flash flood, destroying Fukushima farm reservoir, houses (JAPAN)

Eric Cantor's glaring conflict of interest

Is there really that much difference between John Wayne Gacy and a president?

Proposed Budget Cuts To Medicaid Could Kill Jobs And Short-Change Seniors

Chris Hayes On Rachel... WOW !!!

Shareholders slam TEPCO at heated general meeting (JAPAN)

...a simple (?) finance question...

I just got email from Boner!

Bachmann leads GOP field in new polling from Oregon and Montana

Concerned Citizens for Nuke Safety hacked after reporting fire close to nuke dumpsite

Obama Serves Lobster and Beets Not Justice to `Fat Cats’: William D. Cohan

Sarah has made up her mind about 2012

I believe the GOP has resigned to the fact they can't beat Obama in 2012

Has the media taken the day off?

I become depressed listening to Bernie

More GOP governors RSVP ‘no’ to Perry/AFA prayer rally

Guardian: Violent video games, California and the ambiguity of freedom

Amy did a great deconstruction of Bachmann's Bizarro World today.

Newport Beach lifeguards to have generous pensions scaled back

Michelle Bachmann's former Chief of Staff: Bachmann is -so- not ready for presidency

Michelle Bachmann's former Chief of Staff: Bachmann is -so- not ready for presidency

Technology Poll: By Your Guess, How Many Years BEHIND Are You?

Technology Poll: By Your Guess, How Many Years BEHIND Are You?

Admiral Expected to Lead US Special Operations Says Small Commando Force Should Stay in Iraq

June 28 Fukushima updates

President requests the Congress stay in session until debt limit crisis is fixed.

Bachmann/Gacy 2012

Lieberman, Coburn Unveil Medicare Plan ('something for just about everyone to dislike')

Los Alamos Lab calls special team to track levels of plutonium & uranium in air from fire +much more

Christine Lagarde approved as new head of IMF

Norma (Duffy) Lyon, the ‘Butter-Cow Lady,’ Dies at 81

Obama - Best of times worst of times, no?

In Response To Choking Allegations, Fox’s Van Susteren Calls On Female Chief Justice To Resign

Teabag idiot challenges Cong. Keith Ellison

Look at this 2007 picture of a pipe at an aging nuclear facility about a hundred miles from my house

Get $15 in Rice Krispies class action settlement (no proof of purchase required)

Bridge Comes to San Francisco With a Made-in-China Label

Question: Who is responsible for passing a new debt limit?

Anonymous Declares War On The City Of Orlando

What will be on the menu in Tampa 2012?

DU Group Effort. It is time to fight back. Let's fight derp with derp

Hey MSNBC.... Can We Listen To the POTUS

Loneliest place at a Rush concert - women's bathroom

Where was the concern about "government spending" when no-bid contracts were awarded?

Not good news for credit unions in Wisconsin.....

Wisconsin Policy Research Institute fellow, gives inside info on Prosser "chokegate"

Ethics Group Says Richardson Made Staffers Cross Line Into Political Work

Alleged Wisconsin Supreme Court 'Chokehold' Incident Could Be Decided By...Wisconsin Supreme Court

Tell me what is wrong with this picture (RE: Dodgers bankruptcy)

"John Pistole, head of the TSA, Screw You Buddy"...Keith Olbermann

Ron Johnson Ducks TPM Questions On His $10 Million Payday: ‘It’s A Private Company’

What in the HELL is "Groupon" and why I am I being redirected to it

Yet another bizarre animal cruelty story from Oakland. This time it's falcons.

How sad...Margaret Tyzack has died...79

Hosting the Olympics: is Greece is a cautionary tale?

N.J. has a nuke plant event

Devo Say 'Stupid' Sarah Palin Proves Their Theory of Devolution

Dems Push For DREAM Act Without GOP Support

Breaking explosion at intercontinental hotel in Kabul

The Transformation Of The World’s Worst Building

Google Introduces New Social Network For Us All To Forget In Six Months.

DreamAct protesters in front of GA capitol, police.

artificial sweetener-sucralose does not seem to break down in the environment

Dear Freepbaggers, please choose Michele Bachmann as your candidate

Teenagers arrested for throwing dry ice bombs at vehicles.

Borowitz: In Major Gaffe, Bachmann Confuses Ass, Hole in Ground

Anonymous to attack Israeli Knesset, Dumps Docs Anguilla, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australian Governments

Give it up for New York !!!

BUSTED: Israeli govt. creates FAKE GAY HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST for video "discrediting" Gaza flotilla.

What to Pack for Disaster—And What to Leave Behind

Anonymous Declares War On The City Of Orlando

Photo Web Site "The Chive" raises $17K in 2 hours for 3-year-old with Smith-Magenis Syndrome

John Kasich meets with Koch Brothers?

Tim Pawlenty Flops In Foreign Policy Debut

A timely reminder of whom Obama is dealing with


VIDEO: Cat paralyzed after being hit by a car learns how to walk again with the help of hydrotherapy

Maddow: Kansas GOP Plan to Ban Abortion Entirely

Texas GOP Takes Drastic Measures To Defund Planned Parenthood

JPMorgan Represented by Former Senior SEC Officials in SEC Settlement

If anyone goes to Sarah Palin's movie tonight, don't tell us how it ends

Is check spelling acting weirdly on DU for anyone else. It comes up

Is check spelling acting weirdly on DU for anyone else. It comes up

Jon Stewart Uses Chris Wallace’s Own Words To Call Fox News ‘Crybabies’ - VIDEO

Everyday Items at Boeing Company Prices

Private Prisons Spend Millions On Lobbying To Put More People In Jail

Documents Reveal Details of Alleged Labor Trafficking by KBR Subcontractor

Does anyone know of the exact savings of Single-Payer?

Shell game: The house that's home to 2,000 companies

America’s Financial Priorities

'Make or break day' expected in Los Alamos fire Town remains evacuated, lab closed;

What would you do if you found a small cooler sitting on a bench outside at a strip mall?

Righthaven Begs To Be Put Back Into DU Case That Judge Dismissed, Claiming It's Fixed

NH is burdened by a plague of locusts called Free Staters.

Post-Gaddafi Libya 'must learn from mistakes made in Iraq'

CNN: Republican mayor in the South becomes unlikely advocate for immigrants

Planned Parenthood Fights Kansas’ Move to Cut Off Funds

"The Sweden Democrats demanded increased border controls ... within the EU."

New Orleans police go on trial over Katrina shooting

Looking for a good link... or ten

Found a great Newt cartoon from 1989

Caregiver closes doors amid federal pressure

Sheriff (will not be “palace guard” )Mahoney is right lawman to probe allegations against Prosser

Ohio House votes to ban abortion

1.5 Million Californians To See July 1 Health Insurance Premium Increases, Some As High As 92.5%, St

If you don't like Gay Marriage...

Q2 2011 Ratings: MSNBC’s Primetime Up, But O’Donnell Down Compared to 2010

The despicable racist right-wing never gives up do they.

someone has tried to edit Wikipedia to make John Quincy Adams a founding father

Worldnutdaily Columnist Calls for Theocracy

Michele Bachmann: Flake, Joke, or To Be Taken Seriously (poll)

AMA: Stop Photoshopping models' bodies

Obamas returning to Vineyard in August

So Ratigan has Trump on to talk about trade agreements....

Top 10 Reasons Outsourcing is Bad For Business

Top 10 Reasons Outsourcing is Bad For Business

sen. sanders to obama. don't give in to GOP.

6 young illegal immigrants arrested in Georgia protest

A rebellion against second-class status

We must make the MSM focus on Bachmann's voting record, not the crazy..

Anyone in Kirkland, WA know what's going on with the power

Fact or Fiction - the ooze from inside blisters caused by poison oak/ivy/sumac spreads the rash

In First Week on Current, Keith Olbermann Beats CNN in Target Demo

Ironic... The Best Democrat, Is An Independent From Vermont

Want To Give Righthaven's Backers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine?

Lady Gaga

Terrytown man found with pipe bombs was only having fun, according to family

Seattle police leave rifle unattended on cruiser

What do you think of this policy?: Homework Counts For Less For LA Unified Students

Chris Christie signs bill requiring unions pay more

Newly launched LocalLeaks

anyone here notice how democrat candidates never get cease and decists

The BIG Ohio give away - Ohio Senate approves budget bill

Adviser: Obama acting lawfully on Libya

Tonight on Countdown

Revisting "Born Rich" Documentary

I have been noticing a bit of Faux Moral Outrage on DU lately

Who do you suppose gives Obama political advice?

Barack Obama is way better than Bernie Sanders.

Income tax increase on NJ millionaires passed by Senate committee, awaits decision by Christie

KS physicians file lawsuit to stop abortion clinic restrictions

Lawmakers uphold Maine gov's vetoes

States That Cut The Most Funding Lost The Most Jobs: Analysis

Its raining in the Monterey Bay..cant ever remember this so late in season

Gilley: Ala. casinos grossing millions on big days

Los Alamos: Fire 3.5 mi. from 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste in fabric tents

So if we brought all the troops home tomorrow, how many homeless shelters would need to be built?

Repeal DOMA Petition

200 Active-Duty Military Members To March In San Diego Gay Pride Parade

Hugo Chavez should step down for health reasons.

Goldman Sachs Is Firing Employees In The US So It Can Hire 1,000 In Singapore

I had a VERY interesting weekend talking public policy, thanks to MacNeil/Lehrer!

Who among our legislators stands firmly against the current defense budget, the mic, and the wars..

Do you really personally know anyone who supports these wars?

Financial Reform Destined To Fail, Top Federal Reserve Official Says

The New Cayman Islands: Cheyenne, Wyoming?

Miss USA contestants respond to a question about whether evolution should be taught in schools.

The girl in the painting

Anyone else remember the President saying in Dec. that he wouldn't let 'em hold us hostage again

Toon...'Because no one pulls a fast one on me'

Rule of thumb: if someone says ''I'm all for X but...''

Derf Lays Out the Details on the "New American Security State"

Sinking Poll Numbers May Put Florida in Play

Bachmann fans float Wikipedia edits to cover candidate’s recent gaffes

Snark. Murdoch losing his shirt over MySpace.

Was told yesterday I have emphysema so I'm going to be here alot.

Everyone please read this, an amazing easy effortless way to help scientists defeat cancer, aids,

A List of Completely Wrong Assumptions About Technology Use in Emerging Economies

Top Economist: Even Brief Default Will Cause New Recession And Blow Recovery

Tom Petty to Bachmann: STOP Using My Song

how is it mathematically possible for obama to have lost

Who's your favorite person ever born in New Orleans?

Spread This Video Far And Wide: 'Chris Hayes: Are Republicans Deliberately Tanking the Economy ?'

Spread This Video Far And Wide: 'Chris Hayes: Are Republicans Deliberately Tanking the Economy ?'

GOP on verge of allowing Military cuts instead of tax hikes.

Docs turn baby girls into boys - (the war against all things female continues)

The Candidate of Change

Alien encounters 'within twenty years'

Another Politician Caught Sending Underwear Photos

Cat Burglar steals 600 items from neighborhood gets no jail-time

After Taking A $10 Billion Bailout, Goldman Sachs Announces It Will Outsource 1,000 Jobs To Singapor


Homosexuality: "It's not natural."

Homosexuality: "It's not natural."

Beating the elderly-Rape-bludgeoning of women-Ultra Viloence....

Half of US twenty-somethings have no landline

Chart: LGBT Equality In The U.S.

EFF: Protect Your Computer and Phone from Illegal Police Searches

"Gay marriage" does NOT mean that churches would be forced to marry people.

Glenn Beck just walked by...

Photo Of The Day

Street Pianos! "Play Me, I'm Yours" Art Projects Puts Pianos On Streets Of NYC.

Are we hard wired for gossip?

Are we hard wired for gossip?

I've been reading and ranting on DU for years. So have many of you. And in all that time . . . .

Teacher Grades: Pass or Be Fired

NYT: (Obama's) N.L.R.B. Rules Would Streamline Unionizing

Live Streams From Athens Riots, Situation in Syntagma Square Being Described As Worse Than 15 June

Clarence Thomas, Clarence Thomas, Clarence Thomas

Doctors in U.S. Turning Away Insured Patients on Low Payments, Study Finds

Principal Criticized For Delivering Graduation Speech In Spanish

Hats and head coverings are prohibited while working at Abercrombie & Fitch

Outsourcing a job means the job is no longer here. How hard is it to understand? Outsourcing and "most American car": 1. Camry, 2. Accord, 3. Malibu, 4. Explorer ...

The birds, the poor little birds.

The Diaper Dilemma

Malaysia Airlines: No more infants in 1st class on jumbo jets

If it's Obama vs. Bernie Sanders for the Dem nomination in 2012 how would you vote?

IMAGE: Michele Bachmann DOES have the spirit of John Wayne Gacy

GOP shows no interest in DREAM Act

Impossible DREAM? Dems push DREAM Act again

Bachmann Flubs History Again, Insists John Quincy Adams Was A Founding Father

There was no chance this would hit the Earth

Oh Boy... 'Obama/GOP Trade Deal Looks Set' - FDL


Stop Cutting the Cheese, NY Tells Farmers' Markets

debt ceiling votes under bu$h*

The Made in America Store--for the interested.

The Made in America Store--for the interested.

Los Alamos National Lab Posted This Story On Their Site On Friday

Obama ducks the fight and states that Gay Rights are "best addressed by the States".

The Future of Bike Sharing Schemes in the United States

The Future of Bike Sharing Schemes in the United States

Are You Fucking Kidding Me ??? - SEC Financial Regulatory Powers Might Be Handed Over To Wall Street

Can you believe they let children buy this?

Can you believe they let children buy this?

On alien life, and whether it is possible

Please sign Bernie Sanders' petition: Make The Rich Pay Off The Deficit

50 Things That I'm Not Allowed To Do On DU...

42 Years Ago Today, The Stonewall Uprising: It's Still Getting Better

CNN in a nutshell...

Another resounding success by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

This June 30 is the last episode of Glenn Beck on Fox Nooze.

Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

A conservative with an AK47 leaves tragedy in his wake


Krugman: If Obama concedes to Republican blackmail now, it’s "the end of the presidency"

Hey, Washington! Tax those who've benefitted most from 30 years of Trickle Down Voodoo Economics...

I fear the President is taking a big part of his Party for granted.

I can see the Anthony Weiner issue as one regarding discrimination against women.

Republicans and Democrats - a parable.

Waxman to Obama: “And if you’re going to cave, tell us right now.”

Help me out here: who are the meanest, toughest, baddest advocates for the 95%?

I took this picture at WalMart (where else?) in St. Clairsville OH

Bernie Sanders May Be An Independent, But He Is More In The Model Of An FDR Than...

Bernie Sanders May Be An Independent, But He Is More In The Model Of An FDR Than...

70% of stocks traded are held for an average of 11 seconds

70% of stocks traded are held for an average of 11 seconds

Memphis lays off nearly 100 vocational tech teachers but will hire 100 TFA recruits.

Glenn Beck Tearfully Recounts Last Nights's ‘Hostile Situation’ Bryant Park Movie "Almost Lynched"

Duers! Why are Republicons allowed to lie?

Eric Canter has a short bet - a bet that bonds will go down in the market right now

Syrian media quoting Kucinich: 'Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians'

California: Why can't EVERYONE just learn Spanish?

"Spanking" is a special word. If the act was done to an adult, it would be called hitting, slapping

I find it funny. What some think they can do.

Are there any zombie experts in the lounge?

MFM's physical therapy center seems to fit his personality.

What Tau sounds like

Can drunk sperm harm an unborn baby?

I guess my parents could have been worse

=3 is now the #1 most subscribed to channel on youtube..

revenge is best served above a large crowd

PHOTO: "Yes, go to the kitchen and get the ketchup. I'll watch this for you while you're gone. YES."

Man run over by two trucks within 30 Seconds

I told you, no anti-capitalist slogans!


This gawker post about 'Go the F*ck to Sleep' nearly killed me

Band names that instantly label the listener as an asshat...

Jennifer Aniston Gets Her First Tattoo

VIDEO: Cat paralyzed after being hit by a car learns how to walk again with the help of hydrotherapy

Loneliest place at a Rush concert - women's bathroom

CAsey Anthony Trial ---why was Lee crying about Casey's pregnancy?

A consulting firm for these times......

Does anyone else still enjoy Tim Burton's BATMAN movies?

PHOTO: When MFM was in the hospital, "Hygiene" wasn't just what he said to interns named Gene...

'Brady Bunch' mom Florence Henderson admits ex-mayor John Lindsay gave her crabs in one-night-stand

The good news? A Cleveland DJ just won a million-dollar lawsuit.

What kind of kid were you? I used to daydream. I mean all the time. Once

The women's bathroom is a lonely place at a Rush concert

Hey, do you guys like the Muppets?

Do you eat your meals in the dining room?

UFO Mothership over London video

Can one black hole eat another black hole?

Bachmann cites wrong John Wayne, praises notorious serial killer

I'm not sure where John Wayne grew up either.

B.C. man nabbed over 1983 U.S. murder

What do you call your father?

Supreme Court upholds $270 million award to smokers

To quote a good sentiment from Christopher Titus

Do people from New York City like or say the nickname "The Big Apple"

In other news, here's the World's Ugliest Dog for 2011

The compost dude in Concord

What is the strangest or most embarrassing time you have ever fallen asleep?

Libya rejects ICC arrest warrant for Muammar Gaddafi

Anonymous Declares War On The City Of Orlando

States That Cut The Most Funding Lost The Most Jobs: Analysis

Gabrielle Giffords Makes First Public Appearance At Space Center Houston

White House challenges GOP in deficit talks

NRC chief: Risk 'very low' (flooded Fort Calhoun nuclear plant)

NNSA Radiological Assistance Program to lend hand

Mountaintop Removal Mining Birth Defects: New Study Suggests Controversial Coal Operations Linked To

If my dog could talk_________(fill in the blank)

Cameron to urge public sector staff to call off strike

Green tea. I can't be the only one suspecting it has a negative side.

Russian double agent sentenced in absentia to 25 years in prison

Los Alamos lab calls in special team to track levels of plutonium and uranium in air

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Makes First Public Appearance in Front of a Crowd Since Being

AP Sources: Reps for Owners, Players in Minnesota

Venezuela confirms arrest of siege prison governors

Nuclear Plant’s Vital Equipment Dry, Officials Say

Alien encounters 'within twenty years'

Gadhafi could face rape charges, international prosecutor says

Investors may fund social programs

ADULTS who refer to their food by using BABY TALK.

Tim Pawlenty Flops In Foreign Policy Debut

Maine has highest state rate of casualties in Afghanistan

(Socialist party leader) Martine Aubry launches French presidential election bid

Syrian media quoting Kucinich: 'Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians'

Senate Panel Approves Libya Resolution

Italian envoy in S.F. accused of forced labor

Post-Gaddafi Libya 'must learn from mistakes made in Iraq'

Philip Morris fights Australian (no-logo cigarette) packaging rules (Contains Graphic Images)

Bachmann fans float Wikipedia edits to cover candidate’s recent gaffes

No abortion clinics have met licensing requirements, state says

China told to reduce food production or face 'dire' water levels

Los Alamos nuclear lab to remain closed as New Mexico wildfire nears

Libyan rebels seize massive weapons depot

Christine Lagarde named first-ever female chief of IMF

China's economy isn't the only thing getting bigger

Florida Highway Patrol almost disbanded

Fischer begins US Senate bid to oust Ben Nelson

United in Campaigning, Tea Party Divides Over Governing

Jerry Brown, Democrats agree on new budget plan

Former North Carolina State Star Lorenzo Charles Dies in Bus Crash

Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show (funded by ExxonMobil)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top hotel in Kabul attacked by suicide bombers - police source

Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change

Tom Petty Reportedly Issuing Cease and Desist Letter to Bachmann


Everyone who does not have me on ignore..

Uganda and Burundi to get US drones to fight Islamists

Political world reacts to Nunn plea

CREW Requests FBI Investigation into Rep. Laura Richardson

Salem Unit 2 nuclear reactor shuts down after cooling pump failure

US state department concerned by lack of UK help for abused embassy staff

Income tax increase on NJ millionaires passed by Senate committee, awaits decision by Christie

FL Gov. Rick Scott attends secret Koch brothers meeting in Colorado

Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

Pope praises Jesus in first Twitter message

Latest Guantánamo prison camp suicide was ‘indefinite detainee’

White House Announces Deal With Congress to Extend Trade Agreements

North Carolina's reparation for the dark past of American eugenics

Congress Is Said to Move Closer to Approval on Three Stalled Trade Accords

Glenn Beck Says Family Harassed In Bryant Park: 'It Was A Hostile Situation'

My current Most Annoying and Overused Phrase or Euphemism On DU

Mahoney says he won't take direct role in Supreme Court (WI) investigation

Athens in chaos as new cuts debated

What was the loudest concert you ever went to?

Unlucky camel finds Libya's largest minefield

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's new puppy does his best "MFM impression." The resemblance is UNCANNY!

NY Times: Rick Scott's 29% approval rating = Blue Florida in 2012?

Poll: Obama ties Perry approval in Republic of Texas

NY POLL: Majority (54/40) supports law allowing gay marriage. 70% of young voters support it.

TPM: Dems reportedly offer 4 to 1 spending cuts to revenue increases. Republicans say no.

Political cartoonist Tom Toles on the Budget Negotiations

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"The SCOTUS is on a rampage against any form of progressivism. "

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Senator Sanders tells Obama: Don’t let Republicans blackmail you again

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"Fukushima & Nuclear Power: Can we live without it?" free webinar tomorrow 3PM EST

Feral Cat Resolution on Hold in Hawai'i's Kaua'i County

Toxin-Hardy Crabs, Fish W. Abnormal Neurotransmitters Among Denizens Of Long-Polluted NJ Creek

Since 2002, Bulk Of Willie Soon's Funding From Koch, Southern, API; Denies Mercury Health Effects

Algae Species Extinct In N. Atlantic 800K BPE Now Back, Thanks To Free Flow Through Melting Arctic

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Department of Energy Awards Nearly $7.5 Million to Help Develop Next Generation Wind Turbines

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What are your favorite Pauline myths and what do you think those


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offensive billboard in Columbus removed after complaint

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Obama White House sticking with the Dixiecrat, no strike that, DEMOCRATIC policy position

Lil Kim Skips BET Awards To Celebrate Gay Rights In New York

New England Methodist Clerics Join National Movement to Marry Gays in Defiance of Church Law

Anti-Gay Group to Devote At Least $2 Million to Unseat Pro-Marriage NY Lawmakers

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? about gay marriage