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Donations for quake victims go undelivered despite desperate needs

Alec Baldwin on Capitol Hill

Latest on Fukushima: Japanese Nuke Professor suspects recriticality in No. 1

Let Them Eat Vouchers

Money earmarked to help the homeless must be used or will be taken back (Ohio)

A question for the media savvy . . . .

Proposed Republican slash to Medicaid of 800 billion equals amount of Bush tax cut for richest

Groups say asthma cases will rise if EPA rules blocked

Uneasy lies the fat head that wears a crown (or thinks he does anyway)

Police in Japan arrest nuclear witch doctors

Milwaukee Radio Station drops Glenn Beck

The government has to shut down Friday, and I know why!

GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment

Hash Bash No. 40

So have we turned a corner? Or are we still on the path to doom?

The third rail

The third rail

Rachel opens her program with Wisconsin

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Calls His State's Teachers Union 'Political Thugs'

Rep. Markey (D-Mass) releases redacted correspondence with the NRC on reactor core melt

Self-deleted by member

EXCLUSIVE: Syndicators Show Little Interest in a Glenn Beck Talker

glenn beck fired?

Damn I miss Keith Olbermann

Donald Trump interview. I don't know what to say. read it yourself.

yooo GO you George SOROS & Media Matters GO, BecKKK gone!1 yooo GO!1 n/t

wow, anyone see the show "extreme couponing"

wow, anyone see the show "extreme couponing"

Rachael is taking Paul Ryan a-part!!! Watch it later if you missed it.

Rachael is taking Paul Ryan a-part!!! Watch it later if you missed it.

How does the election of Kloppenburg affect the balance of the Court?

The Ryan Plan's Biggest Flaw

New 'Lucky Ducky' Comic:

New York City bus so slow, man beats it on a Big Wheel trike

Hey -- is the "Ed" show live? Chris Hayes is sitting in and said that Obama and

Trump Has Investigators in Hawaii

Scott Walker's 'Waterloo': 19 Counties Flip To Democrats In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Update me on Wisconsin, folks.

It's time for me to say a special thank you.

It's time for me to say a special thank you.

Obama: Energy policy is ripe for bipartisan cooperation.

i think the repubs know how to read polls and are watching Wisconsin

Universities come through in monitoring for radiation vs Gvt sources (article,Graph from UW Seattle)

Universities come through in monitoring for radiation vs Gvt sources (article,Graph from UW Seattle)

Japan plant town evacuees face hard wait

While the eagles sleep

KO: The First Guess

A guerilla artist in Maine fights back against Gov. Paul LePage's war on workers ..with a projector

Shut 'er Down - pics

Shut 'er Down - pics

Weiner on Rachel says GOP wants a shut down

A dispatch to Larry and Vicki on the front lines in Wisconsin

Chris Hayes just said Obama is going to speak about the budget

Head scarf angers Orland mall shopper

United National Anti-War Protests in New York City April 9 Bay Area April 10

Hey's that union-busty thing workin' out for ya?

Oh, one more thing for you lurking teabaggers

They already lost homes, boats — now they may not be able to fish

I got subpoena'd today

CBC: YouTube pulls Harper Imagine clip

Pssst... Gov: Kloppenburg Won About Half of the Counties and 84% of Her Support Came from Outside o

Pssst... Gov: Kloppenburg Won About Half of the Counties and 84% of Her Support Came from Outside o

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike!

The Prosser Victory Fund - They already have a recount site up and running

Rep Blake Farenthold (R-TX)

Regarding John Boner, green ties, and television lights.

Bookends drive

Subject: News Alert: Obama Meeting Fails to End Stalemate Over Federal Budget

There were some Duers who predicted Beck's demise in the manner this editorial describes

15 Facts About U.S. Income Inequality That Everyone Should Know

Breastfeeding Baby Doll Arrives in U.S. Markets

Republicans are chameleons

I would NEVER ask you to go to - but tonite - lolz - it's kinda fun.

Idaho house votes to declare state of emergency... Over wolves...

Allegations of campaign-finance wrongdoing tossed against Fiesta Bowl

In honor of Glenn Beck's departure from Faux:

Can we be lucky enough to get Palin, Newt, Bachman or Trump.....

Corporate tax cuts don't spur growth, analysis reveals as election pledges fly

President Obama’s Top 5 Broken Campaign Promises - RawStory

Taxes are the price we pay for being able to be rich free and alive all at the same time..

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Clinton to visit Japan late next week

Wisconsin - Our History and Our Future

Question here please, on the subject of "Tax cuts creating jobs"...

Anyone know a nice export cheese from a blue county of Wisconsin? I want to buy some.

Keith Olbermann vs Glenn Beck Cage Match: Who You Got?

Will Obama and other elected Dems leverage WI's stunning results

e-Cigarettes - just starting, love it, but have questions


I have a question about Republicans.

I guess this is how I feel about most things right now:

2-US officials doubted nuclear safety plans-watchdog

2-US officials doubted nuclear safety plans-watchdog

zOMG! - Bill O' Reilly seen manhandling himself!

Does Any DU Member Get Pharmaceuticals From Canada??

Even WalMart does something right now and then.

LA Times - "Doyle McManus: The choice between low taxes vs. Medicare benefits" - Great Article

Core of Stricken Reactor Probably Leaked, U.S. Says

Dang it!

READ QADDAFI'S LETTER TO OBAMA: "Our Dear Son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama"

Can public workers strike?

Cloppenberg winning is just shoe #1....

Wisconsin: All eyes on Stevens Point, WI. this am

My 1000th Post: The True Right to Life

Uterus is not a dirty word.. sign the petition for my friend Scott Randolph!

Darrell Issa: What government shutdown? My staff is essential

A musical tribute to Glenn Beck upon his departure from FOX

Glenn Beck: Fox News ‘one of the only places you’ll find truth’

Breaking: New Cable News Show.. The Beck Olbermann News Hour

So April 16 is IRS D day and may be a date covered by the shutdown if it happens.

I don't see Western Union complaining about immigration.

What's next for Glenn Beck? Mel Miller's speech has clues

FOX Milwaukee anchor criticizes Kloppenburg for declaring victory

FOX Milwaukee anchor criticizes Kloppenburg for declaring victory

Beating Disaster Politics, a WI lesson from two Ap 5th elections

You Cannot Have My State !!!

TV Box keeps saying federal workers will be paid after shutdown. Bullshit they will!

New Jersey Gov. Christie calls teachers union ‘political thugs’

This morning we come downstairs, turn on the TV to Pat Buchanan's face and my daughter says.......

Funny, isn't it?

Urinal/Sentinel reports Wisconsin DOJ uses LaFollette's name w/o his OK.

ADA lawsuit targets popular Davis burger joint

Looks like I have a more conservative position than our local rightwing radio nut

Just in case you missed Rachel last night

Just in case you missed Rachel last night

Shine a light on re-districting !!!

Japan to Head Off Hydrogen Blast

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Supreme Court candidates can raise unlimited sums for recount

CEO pay soars while workers face layoffs, stalled pay

CEO pay soars while workers face layoffs, stalled pay

Dems back bill to allow recall of Ohio governor

I could see Glenn Beck going over to the History Channel

Best line I've read all week.

JoAnne Kloppenburg's Press conference

1995 all over again

California do-not-track-bill could lead the nation in online privacy laws

Cleared for Release from U.S. Prison in Afghanistan, but not Allowed to Leave

Prosser is collecting money for the recount, but if I read these

The Day the Journalists Ran (Japan Crisis)

The Day the Journalists Ran (Japan Crisis)

The Government will shut down

Charter Schools Outsource Education to Management Firms, With Mixed Results

Ohio Senate OKs abortion ban after 20 weeks

NATO Fears War without End in Libya

My bet, we're staying in Iraq

Horsey Toon: Tax cut fallacies are creating a shabby, cheapskate country

LOL! Google just offered this "recycling tip" on my gmail page:

If someone like Bachmann wins the GOP nomination, would Trump run as a 3rd party candidate?

Bill to eliminate franchise tax goes to Missouri governor

RI weighs involuntary commitment for sex predators

Delta bans bulldogs on flights

They're letting Trump do the birther thing for at least 10 minutes

Just in case no one has said it: Scott Walker got Cloppered tonight!

Prosser's web site asks for help "preserving a victory" despite the fact that he lost

USDA Finally Approves Holding Meat and Poultry until Test Results are Received

ALEC has a YouTube channel, which includes a speech to ALEC by former member John Boehner

U.S. Policies Undermining Community Banks

Maybe MSNBC is just allowing Trump to hang himself?

Is Boehner afraid of the Tea Party?

In 1961, Mr Trump..small towns published ALL kinds of stuff..

For Japan, from Storm of Perception

Trump on NBC this morning.

HSBC Bombshell: Oil Will Run Out in 50 Years

Margaret Carlson: Union-Busting Payback Comes Four Years Early

FBI Releases data on 1970 UW "Sterling Hall" Bombing

This is what I'm guessing happened to Donald Trump and his attitude towards Obama and the birth cert

Camp Bad News

Budget-Conscious States Rethink Food Stamp Ban For Drug Felons

So. The Donald is a true believer birther.. And all this time I thought it

Why is NBComcast giving Donald Trump so much coverage

Bring back the Donut Hole!!!!1!!! Paul Ryan's Donut holes for Seniors!!

Wisconsin (and Wis. Lovers). Help me prepare for Joint Committee on Finance Public Hearings.

Peter Collins show w/Cliff Schecter: ALEC's "corporate-led radical Republican legislative onslaught"

Ohio bill would allow recall of governor, lawmakers

Students voice opposition to fragrance, smoking ban at Framingham State

Federal Taxes as a Percentage of GDP (chart to share)

Astonishing isn't it?

Harry Reid on Senate floor speaking about the budget/shutdown. C-SPAN 2 n/t

Scott Walker’s Election Nightmare in Wisconsin

Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Saudis: don't worry, we still support your tyranny

Tax Cuts do no create Jobs. Why Do Republicans push this myth?

Buh-Bye hate monger, even FAUX knows you is crazy

Teabaggers and Wingnuts drag out the "Dems Hate the Military" meme for one more run around the block

Kid Killer Jason Bush to Join Accomplice Shawna Forde on Death Row for Deadly 2009 Attack . . .

So, The Justice That Justice Prosser Called a "B**ch" Is Going To Oversee The Recount?

A Vortex of Death and Wealth

Libyan rebels say NATO airstrikes hit their forces

Boehner falling out of favor

Hey lurking teabaggers

Georgia man pleads guilty to tattooing 3-year-old son; tot's tat said 'DB' -- for 'Daddy's Boy'

1st it was Beck then Prosser...

new Quake raised to 7.5 from 7.4

C-Span shows just how bad the situation really is

Don't worry too much about Trump. This is all about "showmanship."

Chris Rock said it all years ago: "That Ain't Right!"

Chris Rock said it all years ago: "That Ain't Right!"

Terra Tweets

Huckabee takes a shot at tweety - on The Daily Show

Just when you think you have things figured out some weird shit happens

So if "dilution is the solution"

6.5 BIG shaker near Veracruz and 7.4 near Sendai...It is a shaky morning. Tsunami warnings issued.

The Chicago Tribune Tells Readers That Real Leaders Take Money From the Sick and Elderly and Give It

Brooklyn woman who presented herself as racist on jury questionnaire let off hook by judge

Brooklyn woman who presented herself as racist on jury questionnaire let off hook by judge

List of Regressive Party Presidential Candidates

Maybe the concentration of wealth is the end result of allowing too many mergers.

Saving lives, Japanese firefighter gave his

boner seems that he doesn't like his job.

Wisconsin -- while you're fighting, can you do the rest of us a huge Favor?

Chris Hayes said bank regulators were going to undercut the 50 states attornies general

Is this right? Less than 10 people working at Japan Nuke plant?

NAACP objects to MLK Drive location for Civil War marker

Closing Ranks: The NRC, the Nuclear Industry, and TEPCo. Are Limiting the Flow of Information 4/6

The Left's Win in Wisconsin is a BFD - Washington Post

The Left's Win in Wisconsin is a BFD - Washington Post

Conservative Pundit Sees Vote Fraud In Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Reid on shutdown: "It looks like it's headed in that direction"

Gadhafi's most public weapon: The ferocious anchorwoman of Libya's state TV

The NAR Apostles and Manifest Sons of God Theology: Training the Army of the Lord

Who Will Get The Credit vs Who Will Get The Blame......

Sorry, more Trump. But the most recent polls bring up interesting questions.

My husband is a WASP born in the U.S.--And has no birth certificate.

Medicaid fraud bill asks for palm scan device

Before Japan...nuclear? only far away. Now? I want a worldwide ban on nuclear power.

Based on the totality of Obama's run for office and his presidency to date, how do you think History

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

You Thought the Koch Brothers Were Bad? Turns Out They're Even Worse Than You Thought

Reid on shutdown: "It looks like it's headed in that direction"

Is America Addicted to War?

Kudlow rehabbed?

Watchng film clips of teabaggers

Beck wants host who called for Bush’s indictment to replace him

Cathleen P. Black Is Out as City Schools Chancellor

ThinkProgress: Koch Front Groups Americans For Prosperity And ALEC Have Taken Over New Hampshire

FBI Director Sheepishly Admits Agency Hasn't Solved Single Crime In 10 Years

FBI Director Sheepishly Admits Agency Hasn't Solved Single Crime In 10 Years

Take Your Trash To Boehner's!

This is so AMAZING! I just had to share.

Genetically modified fungus could fight malaria

Every single Talk Show should be flooded with Democrats

government shutdown

Should there be a sympathy boycott of big business during the Tea party shutdown?

Rachel was awesome last night connecting Wisconsin, Ohio and the Koch Bros.

FORBES: Walker & GOP "Lost-& Lost Big" In Wisconsin

It is the usual GOP extortion!

Gov. Shutdown: what closes and what does not.

Is there a good link to a side by side comparison of budget proposals

Can we talk about Ted Rall?

Texas House Budget Amendment Forces Public Colleges to Promote Heterosexuality

Brazil: I hope the NRA is proud today

Save America, Hug a Tea Partier! Maybe they'll stop hating Americans!

Arkansas Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Anti-Gay Adoption Law

So now that Beck is gone, will

How The "U-Word" Exposes the Anti-Choice Movement

"Grab your member..."

OK, here's the REAL back story on Obama's birthplace!

if you question Obama's citizenship, you are questioning EVERYONE's citizenship

Former Congressman William Delahunt joins law firm as special counsel

President's Obama's friend Robert Titcomb arrested for being a john.

Juan Gonzales won another Polk Award

Hasselbeck is deep in the stoopid, isn't she?

Transocean- What is, and what should be

Elks & Humans... dangerous mix - The Human Planet

No tsunami expected for US from Japan earthquake

One small example how "gov'ment" helps us everyday in so many ways.

Would President Obama sign a budget bill that would

Rio school shooting leaves up to 20 children dead

The official meme of 2011

So this is the new tactic??

Meanwhile AZ discovers that some people don't even have

Alabama House shouts 'No!' to temporary pay cut (

Obama adm. blocks official visits to Bradley Manning by UN, Amnesty International and Rep. Kucinich

Montana State GOP Rep Celebrates: Gays Can't Act Gay In Public In My State

And that's it from me

"Mr. President, It's Pointless to Negotiate with Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity Fans"

Boner comes right out and says that there is "No daylight" between him and the teabaggers.

George Allen apologizes for assuming African-American reporter played sports

Procedural vote on Temp 2011 Federal Spending starting on CSPAN

Photos reveal tsunami desperation

What incentive dose Congress have to get a budget deal done?

can we just please pass LAST YEARS budget so we can move forward and turn

General Sherman's strategy--On the Ken Burns’ Civil War show last night,

Eaglets being fed NOW

The Nightly Nervous Breakdown Will Not Be Televised.

Beck's Brain

Election fraud allegations fly in close Wisconsin Supreme Court race

America's Dumbest Newspaper Columnist Strikes Again. Just. WOW.

Robert Parry: Paul Ryan's Free-Market 'Death Panels'

Maryland man glued to Wal-Mart toilet seat

Watching Congress debate the GOP/CYA Troop funding bill

"Stand firm..Hold your member".. (Michelle Bachmann)

Good thing Viera is leaving - interview with bill cosby on today show

Is Glenn Beck a paranoid delusional schizophrenic? Or is he just evil?

Latest conservative drivel making the rounds

Farmers struggle amid tsunami aftermath

Well who didn't see this coming - Now Obama is going to be on TV 24x7

I just heard on Ed Shultze Obama had agreed to 70 bill in cuts

Forbes: Scott Walker's Election Nightmare

Absent clarity and leadership on the Democratic side, the Tea Party Republicans may yet prevail

Absent clarity and leadership on the Democratic side, the Tea Party Republicans may yet prevail

The Resistance Has Begun

hmmm, proxy war for oil coming to Brazil next? Al Qaeda members hide in Brazil, raise money(Reuters)

Four abortion-related bills move quickly through Alabama Senate committee (

Alabama House passes Arizona-style immigration law (

Tell General Electric: Pay your taxes

Democrats in Congress on Paul Ryan Budget: "Aw, C'mon"

US: Uncut

An astonishing 17 Dems vote against clean air. Tell them what you think.

Do you think that prostitution should be legalized?

11 Ways The Tea Party-Inspired Shutdown Will Hurt The Economy

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck's Scalp Is a Small Trophy

I think/hope/pray the Republicans are about to get hit over the head with a cliche..

Deschane resigns from state job

100% resistant Superbug in India's drinking water may spread worldwide

Boehner: We have not agreed on a number nor on policy issues, but we continue

Glenn Beck Moves to Sci Fi Channel

Obama Defies Unions, Human Rights Advocates with Colombia "Free Trade" Deal

Sweet Home Alabama

Repukes on message: "Nobody wants the government to shut down" - media obedient

Overnight protest at the Capitol rotunda, in Olympia, Wash (protesting state budget cuts) - pics

Conservatives unveil alternative budget with $9.1 trillion in cuts

What tea fuckers in congress can we call to try and stop this craziness?

Obama job performance and challenge the GOP polls from Pew.

Mr. Fish: Must Wash Hands

Three Eaglets (pic)

We need to let our voices be heard regarding this budget.

Thank you- Anonymous...

Child-proof cap

Shock poll: 46% of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal

Here is a map of the state of WI--look how large Madison is!!

House passes measure to keep government open one more week

ACORN pleads guilty in Nevada voter fraud case

"White Children....Minority in 10 States"

If Fox News had existed throughout history - an oldie but a goodie

If Fox News had existed throughout history - an oldie but a goodie

Evangelical Christian Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money

Evangelical Christian Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money

George Allen asks African-American reporter "what position did you play" he never played sports

George Allen asks African-American reporter "what position did you play" he never played sports

Noted Detroit artist fills city block with shoes - story with pics

Harry Reid just said the issue is not over numbers at this point, but ideology.

Considering the shape we are in

Mike Pence slips on Faux news and tells the truth behind this budget showdown -

Do you think more people will believe the birther stuff

Wisconsin (and Wis. Lovers). Help me prepare for Joint Committee on Finance Public Hearings.

"Strengthening Medicare" by fucking over old sick people.

Conservatives all over the world just can't stop lying

There's been a vote-count change in Wisconsin -- Prosser is now in the lead

Nadler: GOP budget would ‘take us back to the 19th century’

US expels Ecuadorean ambassador

Why do so many people complain about MORNING JOE?

WI victories are incredible! Now Obama and the Democrats have the upper hand

If The Government Shuts Down Will Social Security Checks Be Withheld?

And remember: Republicans CREATED the economy problems!

In U.S., 1 in 4 Adults Have Government Health Insurance

Mama is feeding the babies and daddy is there too!

You know . . . . the real unemployment rate is still well above 20%

You know . . . . the real unemployment rate is still well above 20%

From the Florida House to national media, 'uterus' is runaway hit

Maybe it's just a fluke, but doesn't it seem like Speaker Boehner is the most ineffective speaker

Wow! Great photos of Egypt's Revolutionaries at Vanity Fair!

Las Vegas mayor: Proposed higher education cuts ‘draconian’

Scott Walker Blames Ruin of His Political Party On City Folk

U.S. Rep. Markey (D) moves to suspend all NRC licensing proceedings (new plants and re-licensing).

Winnebago County, which found the extra votes for Prosser, ran low on ballots & used touch-screen

Winnebago County, which found the extra votes for Prosser, ran low on ballots & used touch-screen

WI-UP and Down today but right now--Kloppenburg Lead Now Up to 206

What should be done about rising gas prices?

Leak: General Carter Ham Closed Testimony -- Removing Gaddafi coudl be a mistake!!

7.4 Earthquake in Japan AGAIN with Strange Blue Flash - April 7, 2011(video)

SHUTDOWN: Obama vows to veto short-term bill

NAR Study Finds Americans Prefer Smart Growth Communities

WI-Grothman claims voter irregularities, public employee voting muscle to blame for Kloppenburg.

London Daily Mail had a really important story about NeoBirther Trump a while back.

High quality care doesn't mean fewer lawsuits

Prosser: 'Nuclear Blast' and 'Still Standing'

So If Boner Went Ahead And Took The Deal That Is On The Table & Thumbed His Nose At The Tea Baggers.

Tsunami-hit towns forgot warnings from ancestors

Libyan rebels hit by NATO air attack ... again.

Ryan plan to slash Medicaid will cost the economy nearly two million private sector jobs

Speaker of the House John Boehner to deliver Spring Commencement speech at Ohio State

Speaker of the House John Boehner to deliver Spring Commencement speech at Ohio State

A vignette of Out-Of-Touchitude

How the budgets affect us locally

MILLIONAIRE Donald Trump!!!! (how we should refer to him) ... Are You With Me On This????

Self-deleted by member

Self-deleted by member

Wisconsin Progressives Collect 9,000 More Signatures Than Needed To Oust Republican

GOP Lobbyist’s Loser Kid Resigns Walker's Sweet Job

Please support "".

RadioShack stores in Montana, Idaho offer free guns

I'm pretty sick and tired of all the whining about how terrible the repukes are.

Gov. Christie says reforming teacher tenure, improving student achievement come before his political

Toon- Of Course You Can Fly!

Isn't that a "Soviet" thing? Heritage Foundation scrubs inconvenient numbers

Lawmakers May Still Get Paid in a Shutdown .

Republicans who claimed to want to shut down the government

GOP WI Governor: Only reason Dems won in state election was because they had more votes

The soot traps and regeneration systems that are destroying the vehicles from

Why Glenn Beck’s Show Was Cancelled [POLL]

They aren't news programs. They are talk shows. Entertainment.

Rep Eric Cantor - America is broke!!

Japan's neighbors alarmed over risk of radiation threat

Another One in the Hopper. Recall papers filed for second WI (R) Senator

Most Republicans believe Tom Robinson raped Mayella Ewell

Man sentenced for threatening Cantor

At Least We Can Still Go Broke - Alan Grayson

New law bans images on adult business billboards. One club is suing.

Sorensen comic: Lessons for Gov. Walker

Power did not change hands in '06 and '08.

Posting this separate--it looks like a net 7,000 vote swing to the R is about to happen in WI

We get our Medicare cut so the wealthiest 2% don't have to pay their taxes?!

We get our Medicare cut so the wealthiest 2% don't have to pay their taxes?!

What happened to the Media? When it was GOP complaining

AU: Hails Settlement In Case Challenging Religious Content At Calif.

What was it that Stalin said?

Hillary Clinton to Visit Jap

Hillary Clinton to Visit Jap

Where did I hear this?

Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, Jan Schakowsky and others to join hunger fast to protest Repug budget

" The spenders always show up,” said Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), a committee member."

Planned Parenthood funding shutting down government?

"It's hard to believe the gov will shut over Planned Parenthood..."

About Donald Trump

Speaker Boehner to give Spring Commencement Speech at OSU

More bad news for Wisconsin regarding collective bargaining lawsuit currently in Sumi's court

It's Bush v. Gore all over again.

Brazil shooting said to be first school massacre in nation's history

Here's a link to the live stream of the Waukesha County Clerk Press Conference

America Isn’t Broke But Republican Fiscal Morals Are Bankrupting Us

America's Class Problem - Robert Scheer/TheNation

Libyan Rebels Don’t Really Add Up to an Army

Ohio Gov. Kasich Wants to cut funding for senior in home care

Tina Fey Worried Second Pregnancy Would Make Her 'Unemployable'

Why don't Democrats fight for Democratic principles?

Obama Defies Unions, Human Rights Advocates with Colombia Deal

Diebold - Keeping America safe from democracy

VIDEO: Taiwan animation meets "Barefoot Contessa snubs Make-A-Wish kid"

Complaint alleges threat to Kansas abortion doctor

Exclusive: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations, ACLU tells Raw

Do "shut down the government" Repukes get PAID for days they shut it down?

The parent eagles take turns feeding and caring for the eaglets

Wisconsin 2011 = Florida 2000?

Japan before and after...PICZ! Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation

Japan before and after...PICZ! Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation

Mexican gunmen tap bus passengers in mass killing - 59 bodies found

Bradblog: Prosser Up by 7000+ in WI Supreme Court Race After 'Bookkeeping Error' Discovered

NAACP report: “Misplaced Priorities: Under Educate, Over Incarcerate”

Bad hair, big mouth, lack of awareness: The Donald flaunts his "Tea Party Ingredients©"


I think it might be time to give up.

Occams Razor and Wisconsin

Bankster of America seeks to dismiss foreclosure complaint

I'm Working at an elementary school: they are cutting out all the jobs

I'm Working at an elementary school: they are cutting out all the jobs

They need to re-do the WI election.

Let's get real here... the GOP wants a shutdown for one reason only

So, are we now on the same page about underestimating republicans?

Rand Paul: Regulating Black Lung Could Be Too Pricey For Big Coal

WI - Prosser VICTORY FUND??? WTF???

More backlash for KS Rep.'s feral hog, shoot the immigrants comment

The Repub spin is on and a (R) Congressman just blatantly lied on CNN -

The pending Government shutdown reminds me of a quote from Alan Watts about the Great Depression...

The pending Government shutdown reminds me of a quote from Alan Watts about the Great Depression...

THIS Is How "Fucking" Pathetic Our Congress Is...

Why would anyone, Democrat or Republican, be allowed to have total access

The County Clerk in Waukesha County has been criticized for election practices in the past:

Why Didn't Republicans Propose $7 Trillion In Cuts When They Were In Charge?

I think the magic 7000 'found' votes are to avoid a recount.

I just got home. What the fuck happened in Wisconsin?

Announcement coming on Waukesha County votes that could further tighten WI SC race

Anyone know were we can find the Wisconsin vote totals by precinct? All I can find is county results

7,000 "Found" Votes In Wisconsin

So when does covering pre-existing conditions supposed to start?

And From As Recently As Last January... (Re: Kathy Nickolaus)

Wisconsin, the votes have been counted & recounted. You can't recount until you get your result.

Self-deleted by member

Never thought I would say this, but at my age most likely I won't

A Government Shutdown Could Lead To The Biggest Protests This Country Has Ever Seen. You agree?

So let me get this straight: 19 counties switch from R to D and Prosser wins?

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickloaus

Look around you. Do know a teabagger voter or supporter?

Report: Seven States Where Republicans Are Ruining The Environment

Resident pot smokers.

NRC: Fragments of Nuclear Fuel from Spent Fuel Pools ... were Blown "Up to 1 Mile from the Units"

Bald eagle found beheaded

How about a McJob? Anyone????

Blast from the past(80's) - The Commodore 64(PC) gets a reboot

Pigs are flying. Michele Bachmann is on CNN right now making sense.

My father was just gushing with praise about Trump on the phone to me. UGGHH.

What can be done to verify the Waukesha results?

Medical marijuana: 'Barack Obama and Eric Holder are lying sacks of shit.'

Worst Honeymoon Ever Hits Six Natural Disasters

Kagan catches Scalia and Thomas intellectually napping

Gov't shutdown and military pay. What will happen?

"Obama is weak. He will fold like a lawnchair."

You won't believe what just happened in Wisconsin.

I think they were afraid of a recount in WI, so they "found" enough votes....

All three eaglets in full view right now!

Perhaps the shutdown has nothing to do with the budget

Paying taxes doesn't entitle criticism of teachers

Who, Not What, Is Behind GOP Medicare Plan? Private Insurance Industry

Found: 7,000 GOP Votes. Oh, Yeah, 2012 Is Going To Be Totally Legit!

I believe if Rachel Maddow wanted, she could be this country's first female President

AP IMPACT: Synthetic drugs send thousands to ER

I think I'm going to be sick.

They've done it once, they've done it twice, they've done it three times, and they'll do it again

This news from WI has made me physically sick.

Trump sends investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama?

Now that JoAnne Kloppenburg has won....she needs OUR support

Naked Man Shot SWAT Robot

"we’re trying to score a victory for the Republican people, for—for the American—for the Republican"

They did it again!!!

SO call me stupid.....the 7000 ballots, means no recount??

Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute

Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute

Study: US has 4M gay adults; 1.7 pct. of populace

"The Federal Budget Crisis Hoax" by Sally Kohn

ABC's Bachmann Special

Trump brings media blitz to NBC, ‘steamrolls’ Meredith Vieira on birther issue

Conservative Bible Project

Harry Reid is spot on (re: the shutdown)

Great quote by Harry Reid in AP story on budget ...

Here's those numbers I promised. Look at the dates!

What would happen in people could change their 'citizenship' overnight if they did not like

6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Veracruz, Mexico

Why are all these teabagger "conservative" types so opposed to illegal immigrants working in the US

My asshole neighbors! They just literally walked away from their house...

Commandments Crusade: La. Parish Ignores Court Rulings, Pushes Religious Display

Paul Ryan and the New Politics of Sadism

Paul Ryan and the New Politics of Sadism

LOL! Local Republican party cites Talking Points Memo in cautionary email.

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

Anybody else dubious of GOP claims that they found 7000 votes in a heavily GOP county in WI?

When wives are set on fire for their dowry

All Workers Have Benefited From Unions - Tom Clementi/PostCrescent

Dems need to interview the Dem representative to the Waukesha canvass board

It just struck me.....We have Officially Entered Crazyland. (Or maybe I'm just an old fart)

new talking point It's the Dem's fault for not passing a budget in 2009

Self-deleted by member

The Teabaggers will win. I see no choice for the Democrats/Obama but to cave in to their demands...

Andrea Mitchell snarked that the poor Senators will have to push their own elevator buttons.

Andrea Mitchell snarked that the poor Senators will have to push their own elevator buttons.

Andrea Mitchell snarked that the poor Senators will have to push their own elevator buttons.

Massive oil deposit located that will provide humanity energy for at least a billion years:

Brain structure differs in liberals, conservatives: study

46% of Mississippi GOPers think interracial marriage should be illegal

Dear Democratic Party: We Want You Back

$1500 stroller sells out before arriving in stores

Um... Found These Re: Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Through DailyKos

Let's close San Onofre now

NAOMI KLEIN's invitation to a mass movement ....

Budget Hunger Fast Goes Viral

Archeologists unearth first-ever ‘gay caveman’ skeleton

UPDATES for the Wisconsin Supreme Court - Prosser vs KLOPPENBURG

Hospital Errors Occur 10 Times More Than Reported, Study Finds

I'm going to say this just once. (Rant: foul language alert)

Robert Gates: US Iraq troops 'could stay longer'

Hey, History Channel:

When GOP needed 7000+ votes to steal Don Siegelman's Governorship they *found* them OVERNIGHT

Bradley Manning's Attorney: He Has Now Been Denied Visits by Rep. Kucinich and Amnesty & UN Reps.

Local Chamber of Commerce members just saw my video "Puppets of the Plutocrats" - by accident

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton tells Congress to "go straight to hell"

Why harry reid????

Editorial Comment on the "Bookkeeping Error" in Wisconsin adding 7000 votes to Prosser's total

President Obama, the Pukes are going to blame YOU no matter what, start playing hard ball

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes northern Miyagi, Japan

Huey Long.

Huey Long.

Will Obama Cave Again?

Are Republicans about to hand 7,000 votes to Prosser through electoral fraud?

I've seen so many smoking threads, I must say, I don't smoke, I'm a tobacco enthusiast.

How badly do you think Boehner wants a drink right now? Seriously, he's not cut out to be

Do you have a copy of your original birth certificate?

Senator Reid explains Democrats negotiation method with Republicans. His role model is Henry Clay

Cathie Black Is Out! The official schadenfreude and hope thread.

We trust earthquake scientists, we trust brain surgeons, WHY can't Nuke Science be trusted?

Texas House OKs hiking speed limit to 85 mph on some roads

The immorality of that a$$h0le and liar Donald Trump.

how the "u-word" exposes the anti-choice movement

"everybody must sacrifice" --if I hear that one more time, I will throw things.

Toles does Ryan

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

The last 5 minutes of Rachel's show tonight was absolutely awesome (must read)

Should prostitution between two consenting adults be legal?

Serious, real life bad asses that would fuck you up:

PHOTO: Cue up that Al Jarreau song about how we're in this love together...

Husband down

Time to put the blame where it belongs:

Gimme some Awwwwww or the cat gets it.

What book are you most looking forward to reading in the near future?

I love my BF DWB

Janet Jackson said that some Hollywood celebrities chew tissue paper to keep the weight off

Some music...

more cowbell n/t

Genesis (uncut):

Everybody knows, you only live a day

The refrigerator door SHOULD be a "Wall of Honor" for all your child's accomplishments.

The other monks told MFM, though he may be one with everything, he could no longer be one with them.

I watch Operation Repo on cable, don't know if I could handle the job.

1000 posts in 39 days.

e-Cigarettes - just starting, love it, but have questions

Old but stunning video: Tiger vs Python

Oh this is funny - When Harry Met Sally 2 (you'll love it)

My Stephen King story is getting published.

Call Me Wesley leaves me the sweetest notes (Part VII).

Most people don't know this, but in real life Kali is a LEETLE repressed. It shows up in her work.

Ew... ... ... your breath sphinx.

PHOTO: "Our schedules are wide open"

Do you have a family member (sibling) that is so unreasonable, you say/think "WHATEVER!"

Anyone else sick and tired of doing surveys?

Yeah, you ask yourself out, you know. Some class joint somewhere. The Burrito King or something...

Some men will say ANYTHING to get a woman into bed. MFM wonders why they limit themselves like that.

America... FUCK YEAH!!! Who IS that claiming we ain't got no culture?

OMG! My husband just sat here next to me and set up a three-way

It's time once again for "Penny Jar of the Day"

What happened to Matcom?

BREAKING: Board of Health shuts down MiddleFingerMom's "Waiters on Wheels" franchise over violations

HAHAHAHA - did you see the prank I played on MadinMaryland!!! He fell for it!!!

Seriously, who knew that giraffes could do this.....


I just got a wonderful, unexpected surprise from hippywife!

I like this song ...

Keith Olbermann vs Glenn Beck Cage Match: Who You Got?

Amazing video: Mongolians using eagles hunt wolves!

"Rat farts" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "rat farts".

Very skillful knitting

Waiter, there's something in my soup.

Anybody remember THESE?

You don't know this woman

Candy anyone?

Math question, probably simple

help wanted

Sad to see personal inscriptions in books in used book stores. & photo albums.

dog saves dog


A bread-and-butter pickle'll work in a pinch, but nothin' satisfy me like a dill do.

dog shaves dog.

speaking of westerns

I agree 100%! n/t

Photo: Pluto...for dogs, he's like Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Obi-Wan Kenobi rolled into one

Sharp, Heavy earthquake just hit here

PHOTO: "1 Day Since Our Last Workman's Comp-Related Accident"

Tonight: Cheez-It Chicken Fingers and Skillet-Braised Brussels Sprouts (recipes)

Photographic proof that "multi-millionaire" + "celebrity" can sometimes = "clueless fucking trash."

Freakin' Angry Birds!!!!!


Unbelievable story on Joe Namath in the Village Voice (1969)

I just ordered a new ass online.

My Donald Trump Infographic could use some DU love on Reddit

Rat Farts!!!

Stephen Colbert Fails Miserably At High Tea

Please, please, signal before you make your turn.

Could I get some of those Lounge vibes? My dog is very sick. (Dial-up warning for pictures)

Even people with peanut allergies would snuggle up to this little goober.

Call Me Wesley sends me the coolest gifts!!!

Is anyone else watching American Idol this season?

My kid's puppy has allergies

"Clue" for cats:

Photo: Neighbor Relations 101...the guy who wrote this is GIFTED.

OK, my pet peeve. UTCs. Unidentified Telephone Callers.

Mexicans march against drug violence

Teen Finds Campaign Worker At Back Door At 3AM

Gadhafi to Obama: Please end airstrikes

More than 40 bodies found buried in north Mexico area where 72 migrants massacred last year

Hey, would you look at that...I'm an "excepted" federal employee

Photo: Beautiful Golden Eagle.

Numbers of Children of Whites Falling Fast

Obama friend arrested for soliciting prostitute

Allegations of campaign-finance wrongdoing tossed against Fiesta Bowl

Darrell Issa: What government shutdown? My staff is essential

Americans Favor Budget Compromise Over Shutdown, 58%-33% (Dems lean compromise, Reps lean shutdown)

Obama to Get New War Policy Team

Senate rejects measure to stop EPA on climate

Cleared by DNA tests, Derrick Williams is released from prison after 18 years

Obama says shutdown would be ‘inexcusable’ (Wed. night budget talks)

27% of communication by members of Congress is taunting, professor concludes

RadioShack stores in Montana, Idaho offer free guns

Ian Tomlinson inquest hears barrister accuse G20 officer of lying on oath

Cornel West: America in the midst of a ‘radical democratic awakening’

Obama to play offense, defense in early primary states as Republicans fight among themselves

Update: Today an 8lb 4oz bundle of joy came into this world.

CEO pay soars while workers face layoffs, stalled pay

New Hampshire lawmaker apologizes for calling bishop a ‘pedophile pimp’

DC. lawyer charged in multimillion-dollar insider trading scheme

Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system

US atom smasher may have found new force of nature

Man surrenders to media; charged in Ala shooting

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/07/2011)

Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel

Colorado police pepper-spray misbehaving boy, 8

Hopper recall moves forward; rallies planned Thursday

Wash. Soldier in Homicide-Suicide Deployed Twice

Taliban attackers kill 6 at Afghan police site

US rebuffs Gaddafi letter to Obama

Libyan rebels near Ajdabiya 'killed in Nato air strike'

7.4 earthquake hits japan


Quakes in Japan and Mexico

Quakes in Japan and Mexico

Poll: Majority of Republicans welcome a shutdown

Exclusive: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations, ACLU tells Raw

Obama admin. says $675,000 is an appropriate punishment for sharing 30 songs

Aroostook County Republicans set up fund to buy labor mural

Earthquake shakes wide area of southern Mexico

Fighting flares in Gaza, shattering lull

Gadhafi paid millions to U.S. firms to polish his global image

Iron Dome intercepts first rocket

Wisconsin 2011 = Florida 2000?

When wives are set on fire for their dowry

Parties split as House panel OKs 2012 GOP budget

Donald Trump, wannabe President: I've sent investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama's citizenship

Hillary Clinton to Visit Jap

Reported pipe bomb explodes outside Jewish temple in Santa Monica [Updated]

any inspiring country songs out there?

Hopper recall committee expected to file signatures Thursday

General: 'Low likelihood' rebels could oust Gadhafi

Winnebago County vote-count change alters Supreme Court race

Obama threatens to veto GOP budget extension plan

Israeli Official: New Missile-Defense System Shoots Down Palestinian Rocket

The big chill? UW’s Cronon sees ‘intimidation’ in GOP records request

Denver judge critical of Righthaven lawsuit tactics

Senators urge gov’t to accept green card applications from same sex couples

House Votes to Bar E.P.A. From Regulating Industrial Emissions

House Votes to Bar E.P.A. From Regulating Industrial Emissions

NFL, Players Disagree on Who Should Oversee Talks

Obama: We must compromise on budgets, ‘but we can’t sacrifice our future’

Federal judge orders employer to reinstate three Memphis warehouse workers

Wisconsin corrects vote count, gives incumbent Supreme Count Justice David Prosser big lead

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, April 7, 2011

Libya former energy minister Shatwan flees to Europe

Garrido enters surprise not guilty plea in Dugard kidnapping case

Alleged Libyan rape victim thankful for support (in extensive interview with CNN's Nic Robertson)

Breaking: LGBT Victory in Arkansas

Chess cheat: how the French chess scam worked

Murray lawyer: Jackson killed himself

Suffolk: Scott Brown remains "untouchable"

House passes stopgap bill

Missouri Senate Passes Bill Restricting Late-Term Abortion

Rio school shooting leaves up to 20 children dead

GOP, defiant, blames Obama, Dems for potential shutdown

U.S. and Colombia Near Trade Pact

Construction industry is safer in states without 'right-to-work' laws, Univ. of Michigan study finds

Long-term ecstasy use 'raises risk of brain damage and Alzheimer's'

US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts

Researchers: Hawaii (& coastline from Vancouver to CA) may get hit with trash from Japan's tsunami

US General: Libya Stalemate More Likely Now

Tennessee House OKs bill shielding teachers who doubt evolution, global warming

Bahrain Hospitals 'Paralysed' By Unrest (Turned Into"Places To Be Feared" -Medecins Sans Frontieres)

Senators ask Holder for more pornography prosecutions

Syria gives Kurds citizenship after 50 yrs

BREAKING: Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits off Japan; tsunami alert issued

Prosser Takes 40 Vote Lead in (WI) Supreme Court Race

Oil tops $110 a barrel, hits 30-month high

Feds to Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us

Gates: Some US troops may stay if Iraq wants

Cathie Black out as New York City Schools Chancellor; Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott to take post

I just found out that a friend is an apocalyptic Christian

Wells Fargo cuts 1,900 jobs as refinancings slow

Whitehouse issues shutdown notice to Agencies

Court backs Wal-Mart in anti-gay case

17 arrested in budget protests at Capitol (Olympia, WA)

Franken introduces Pay for War Resolution

Video: Don't mess with mama cougar.

Trump hammers away at Obama's citizenship question

Prosser gains 7,500 votes in Waukesha County

Rep. Sanchez: I can't give up my paycheck

General: U.S. may consider troops in Libya

CPJ alarmed by wave of anti-press attacks in Honduras

NASA Telescopes Join Forces To Observe Unprecedented Explosion

Death of Medicare

What did Obama contribute to the WI victory & does he benefit from it?

French court: Reality TV contestants entitled to minimum wage

Tell Congress to Cut Pentagon Spending

Blowing Green Smoke

Just a warning to Wisconsinites and other states with Republican governors...

Again - Wisconsin fights back against the overlords.

VIDEO: Tea Partiers Clamor For A Government Shutdown; Will Boehner Cater To Their Demands?

Toon: Oh Darn, I'm Surrounded

Heritage Foundation pulls another set of numbers out of its ass

The Guardian: Government shutdown: two theories for Republican behaviour

WSJ Washington Wire: A Democrat Praises Koch Industries

George Carlin's

crying bone speak now

Dealing with the "unhinged" 24/7 would make me cry too.. Boehner

Political Wire: Cartoon of the Day: Paul Ryan's Budget Cuts

If the rethugs force a shut down there needs to be a serious march on Capital Hill

Ryan's Medicaid plan would cost 2 million private sector jobs

The Paul Ryan plan simplified.

Self-deleted by member

wow.. seriously?

Gung-Ho for Big Cuts in Spending, Less Fond of the Ones That Hurt Back Home

ASSHOLE rethug pundit John Fund sees voter fraud in Wisconsin

Next week House Republicans will commit political suicide

who blame for government shutdown?

Kerry LTTE: Senate has walked the walk on Medicare - response to claim that only Ryan had a plan

DEMAND Donald Trump present his.......

Ezra Klein on the policy riders: The barnacles attached to the budget deal

trump trump trump trump

Want to make Trump STFU? Its time to turn up the heat on NBC, his bosses. . .

did you watch CNN right now!!!!

Donald Trump... The Koch Brothers.... RUH ROH... could it be??

Trump brings media blitz to NBC, ‘steamrolls’ Meredith Vieira on birther issue

Would Boehner shut down the government over Planned Parenthood? (updated)

"...know better, I might think the Republican news network wants its viewers to be uninformed."

Forget Jobs, War and a Government Shutdown: The U.S. Senate Focuses On Porn

Senator Inhofe did missionary work for the Doug Coe and the Fellowship on Senate trips

President Obama isn't governing the way that would satisfy my policy preferences.

Imagine Being 80 and Owing 40K in Health Costs Under Republican Paul Ryan's Insane, Randian Plan

Can someone remind me how the government shut-down ended in 1994?

Obama Threatens to Veto House GOP Bill As Lawmakers Predict Shutdown (updated)

Van Hollen On House GOP: 'Speaker Boehner Is Not In Control'

I will be glad to vote for Obama in 2012.

Obama supporters don't really think that the only reason to vote for him is that he's not a Repub.

I Am The Kind Of Democrat Who Is ALL IN For President Obama

Fareed Zakaria is a perfect example of the media's absurd GOP-friendly posturing on Ryan's proposal

Dear NBC/MSNBC if you insist on running Trump's birther BS all day, then don't fucking. . .

Why Obama will Lose in 2012 (Objective Analysis)

Just a screenshot from a webinar I attended

The tea Party according to polls is to blame on the Budget

Republicans "find" 7,582 votes for Prosser

How would you handle stuff if you were in Obama's shoes?

Letter to Stephanie Miller

Obama's support among blacks and Hispanics slips to new lows

Who is this woman who is always standing behind Boehner and Cantor, but never says a damn word?

A chart to remind whiny Republican House Whip Eric Cantor what drives our debt and deficit

Obama isn't a sure thing.

Obama isn't a sure thing.

President Obama’s top 5 broken campaign promises

Has Chris Christie lost weight?

Fox News: Missouri Student Quits Talking for Lent

K Street's Favorite Dictators

Health Reform Hits Main Street: Cute Cartoon Explains the New Health Care Law

"Thank you" @ the Hawaii Slam w/ Kat - Makana & Kealoha katmcdowell

Scott Walker Gets Kloppenburg - ed!

Senator Bernie Sanders debates Neil Cavuto about Social Security

TRMS:GOP/Paul Ryan's bogus budget proposal

23 Things They Don't Tell you About Capitalism Pt.2

Attack on Public Schools (Wisconsin)

TDPS: Mission Creep Happening in Libya...What's Next? TRANSCRIPT

TRMS: Transocean: Don't Blame Corporations For Being Heartless Profit Machines - It's Their Nature

Bristol Palin's Big Payday From Nonprofit Teen Pregnancy Prevention Charity

The Young Cons - Obama, Reid, Pelosi

Kloppenburg Declares Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

The Libyan Intervention: Humanitarian or an Aggression?

American War PR Draws Hell With Friendly Colors

Young Turks: CBO Shreds (R) Budget Cut Plan

Pepper Spray an 8 Yr. Old? Gretchen Carlson Says Yes!

Tea Party Challenge

Trump: Birth Certificate Biggest Scam In Political History

GUNDERSEN -- Closing Ranks: The NRC, the Nuclear Industry, and TEPCO are Limiting the Flow of Info

Closing Ranks - The NRC, the Nuclear Industry, and TEPCo. Are Limiting the Flow of Information

Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk

Bail Till You Fail: 'Euro Collapse Programmed'

Afghanistan activist Joya tells MN what it happening people in Afghanistan w/ US tax dollars

Cenk: The Truth Behind Beck's Departure

The Republicans are Lying, Fascist, Beck-Worshipping RACIST KLANSMEN!

Bill Cosby On Donald Trump

Oregon State Legislature Rick Roll

Majority Report w/ Sam Seder is On The Air 11:30 AM est

Anti-Gay Archbishop Gets Pied in the Face

Alleged Libyan Rape Victim VeryThankful For Support, In Extensive Interview With CNN's Nic Robertson

Trump vs. CNN on the Birth Certificate

Dylan Ratigan and Cenk in a rant duet - Obama is with the Banksters

Kloppenburg Prosser

Senator Tester thinks he has enough votes to delay debit card fee limits for 2 years!

Sam Seder & Mike Malloy on Progressive Activism

Pence Lets Truth Slip: ‘We’re Trying To Score A Victory For The Republican People'

Baggers Say Yes/No/Maybe to Government Shutdown

Inside Fukushima evacuation zone

Bernie Sanders Cleans RNC Clock on Medicare For All – Bill Maher

Radiation Nations: Native American Calling show

Japan: Separating the Regulatory Agency from the Ministry in Charge of Promoting Nuclear Power

5 April 2011 Drought Monitor - Southern Plains Getting Fugly - Chunk Of TX Already In Level 4

March 2011 Atmospheric CO2 392.40; March 2010 - 391.01 ; March 2009 - 388.76

Peak oil notes - April 7

GOP Will Be Delighted - Shutdown Would End Key NASA Arctic Ice Field Mission - NYT

Washington radiation spike March 31, then out of service ... iodine-131 found in drinking water

Kyodo News Q&A: Fugu or Cesium? Points of caution in consuming contaminated fish

WHO - NDM-1 Gene, Which Transmits Antibiotic Resistence, Widespread In Delhi Water Supply - Guardian

Building Efficient Data Centers with the Open Compute Project

No Sign Bangkok Talks Anywhere Near Targets Needed To Hold Under 2C Global Average Increase

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant

Arnie Gundersen Update 4/6 on what NRC, TEPCO, + the Nuke industry are hiding

Judgment Day arrives for Ralph Nader's "Catch 22" on nuke waste

Onagawa nuclear plant loses part of outside power

Ranches With Wolves: Can livestock owners—and their cows—learn to live with the lobos?

Visionary GOP Leadership - Ryan Plan Would Eliminate All Alternative Energy Credits, Most Research $

Nitrogen injection ups pressure in reactor

Stern In Bangkok - US Will Oppose Any Climate Treaty That Doesn't Include Every Nation

Wind industry adding more turbines in 2011 Construction activity more than doubles to 5,600 megawatt

Freddie Mac: Tone Deaf at the Top by William Black

Greed is Not a Virtue: Profit-centered market fundamentalism has become a national religion

Supreme Court Declares Winner of Wisconsin Supreme Court: Bush!

U.S. and Colombia Near Trade Pact

GOP Attack on Planned Parenthood baseless and ignorant

Craziest Glenn Beck Quotes Ever

Ryan vs. Obama — Is that all there is?

Dr. Margaret Flowers: Ryan Turns Knife on Medicare, Medicaid

Wal-Mart v. Women

Ray McGovern: Military Tribunal May Hide 9/11 Motives

The choice between low taxes vs. Medicare benefits (LA Times Op-Ed)

The sweet smell of counter-revolution by Pepe Escobar

27% of communication by members of Congress is taunting, professor concludes

Into the Heart of Darkness: the Republican mind ...where the sun don't shine

Pence Lets Truth Slip

Cornel West: America in the midst of a ‘radical democratic awakening’

Only 25 % IT graduates readily employable: Nasscom (India)

Fox Drops a Demagogue

Fact checker: Nancy Pelosi’s absurd math on senior citizens losing their meals

The Broken Theory of Growth Through Austerity and Deficit Reduction

Hash Bash No. 40

Obama admin. says $675,000 is an appropriate punishment for sharing 30 songs

The Dalai Lama’s ‘Deception’: Why a Seventeenth-Century Decree Matters

Reason for war? Gaddafi wanted to nationalise oil

Ill-timed kickoff: Obama's re-election statement could have waited.

In 60-Second Ad, National Republican Trust Rewrites Recent History On Wall Street

Man stabbed, critically injured during home-invasion robbery

200 rounds later...

Yet another "MAIG" mayor involved in...questionable...behavior.

Judge who waved gun(in road rage incident) says action not misconduct

Brazil: I hope the NRA is proud today

CPJ alarmed by wave of anti-press attacks in Honduras

Uribe demands substitution wiretap scandal investigator

Cuban journalist survives 'hell' and emerges ready to fight

Correa's "lurch to the left" (U.S. Amb. Heather Hodges)

Obama kicks out Ecuadoran ambassador

A child doesn't need a "mother and father", a child needs a loving parent. Period.

Anti-Gay Archbishop Gets Pied in the Face

Are we serious about mending fences? Start here.

What about that gay caveman thread, Skinner? I have alerted on several posts,

Silence = death.

Sorry, I am on a rant tonight, I know. The gloves have to come off.

Prop 8 Judge Walker acknowledges to reporters he’s gay

Without commenting on the merits of the caveman threads

Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Adoptions

The gay caveman: 5,000-year-old is 'outed' by the way he was buried.

duplicate posting

Guess what I saw here in Rio on my bus commute?

Still on the theme of US-style nuttery making its way into Brazil.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 6)

Faitheist Wins Templeton Prize

So I guess we'll go 161-1 now

They had to paint the course

A little preemptive warning about the Barry Bonds case....

World's 1st comprehensive Buddhist museum opens in Kyoto


LeBron james' Mom Arrested for Assualt

Nice video tribute to former Michigan football player, Vada Murray

March Menace: GM Jerry Jones the one Cowboys fans love to hate

Juror Brings Baseball Glove To Barry Bonds Perjury Trial

The NL League West 1st place Rockies will descend on Pittsburgh tomorrow...

The last undefeated team! A real star...

Lest there be no doubt what kind of school Ohio Northern University is...

Bonds was either truthful or hiding his secret

Lest there be no doubt what kind of school Ohio State is...

Frozen Four begins tonight


The Debate that Changed Goldstone's Mind?

Jenin militant charged over theatre director murder

Palestinians charged in Jerusalem pipe bomb attack

Berlin refuses to recognize unilateral Palestinian statehood

Gaza militants launch projectile at Israeli bus; 2 wounded

Israeli Intimidation Brings Shift In Gaza Report

Fighting flares in Gaza, shattering lull

Iron Dome intercepts first rocket

U.S. envoy Rice doubts Goldstone report can be fixed

Israeli Official: New Missile-Defense System Shoots Down Palestinian Rocket

Hamas claims responsibility for missile strike on bus that wounded boy

Poll: One-third of Palestinians support Itamar massacre

Iron Dome works in combat, intercepts Grad rocket

Israel and Palestinians have conflicting visions for village's future

Israel's left needs to wise up to Middle East reality

Cafe culture blooms in West Bank's Ramallah