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Archives: April 21, 2011

BP Marks Gulf Oil Spill Anniversary With Campaign Contributions

From Credo: Tell BP to pay its fair share of taxes.

From Credo: Tell BP to pay its fair share of taxes.

UMich Law School invites anti-LGBT Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) as commencenment speaker

BREAKING: Kloppenburg Files for Statewide 'Recount' in WI Supreme Court Election

online help for people who make tangible stuff, real stuff

Cost of War to the United States.

April 20, 1861: A fateful decision that has the largest impact on the Civil War.

21 mini FM stations helping survivors (JAPAN)

The Second Annual Legacy Dinner (Eastern Ne. Democratic Party)

The President was still on message today...

How many think these Trig conspiracy theory posts

"I hate my foreskin!" shouts 5 year old

Ohio & Wisconsin governors did not want it, Hooray for WA!

Sounds like trouble is brewing in Tea Whiner Land. Righties: Glenn Beck is mean to us!!!

Michigan state Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Weasel) still dodging questions about his ALEC affiliation

Anti-same-sex marriage groups violated lobbying laws, alleges complaint

"We've created a system where companies get massively punished for doing good things for humanity."

I was told today that China had 57 oil projects

If any CEO, corporatist politician,bankster or

WSJ editorial slams Ryan's "Reverse Robin Hood" budget cuts

Macs help Roger Ebert to speak again.

Beer fundraiser helps disaster-hit kids (JAPAN)

New Robotic Footage at Fukushima, Stills and Vids

How is Jerome Corsey not guilty of libel?

Defiant Japanese boat captain rode out tsunami (JAPAN)

Why do they use the word "charter" in charter schools? Would 'corporate schools' scare people too

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Comboverhairdude reminds of Joe Arpaio. Two peas in a fucking pod on

Minnesota bill proposes banning teens who quit high school from getting driver licenses

United Nations head, Ban Ki-moon, issues warning on nuclear energy plants

Nuke workers at risk of overwork death (JAPAN)

WTF? NYT: (Hidden) Tracking File Found in iPhones & iPad

Recount Update - We Need Your Support~ Kloppenburg

"Big government and big business are bedmates in a venture that impoverishes the rest of us."

Tea Party to Texas legislators: "Don't let Texas become another California."

San Francisco high school donates 500 school bags to Ishinomaki

So does Benton Harbor invalidate Godwin's Law yet?

Mobile eye clinic from Miami providing care to tsunami victims

Gay Marriage Opponents Now in Minority

Will Jerome Corsi promote his new Birther book by revisiting his friends on white supremacist radio?

Colombian soldiers indicted for 'false positives'

Montana AG investigating Greg Mortenson's Central Asia Institute: misuse of charitable funds

The Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics

The next time someone asks for Obama's birth certificate ask them, "WHY"? eom

Greg Mortenson to be sued by tribesmen he said kidnapped him

Is Andrew Breitbart just an opportunist out to make a killing by feeding conspiracies to tea baggers

Louis Farrakhan likes the Tea Party (but still doesn't like Jews)

Happy Anniversary! More than 3,200 Gulf wells unplugged, unprotected

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Speak Out

Labor: Lavish CEO pay still rising

Japan declares 20km "no-go" zone around nuclear plant

Keith Olbermann: Is he or is he not going on

Advocates question security after attack in Broward judge’s chambers

Foreign student exodus / At least 4,330 have left due to quake, nuclear fears

25 years ago: Soviet Union acceded to Libya bombing by US

12-year-old Michigan girl charged with attempted robbery, needed cash for family’s mortgage

12-year-old Michigan girl charged with attempted robbery, needed cash for family’s mortgage

This video from the Texas Democratic Party is pretty epic.

Former colonial powers send military “advisers” to Libya

Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market

In the Arab World, Butch "Boyat" Girls Are Seen As Having a Medical Condition

Prediction Thread::: Trumpster will not be renewed by NBC..he will be unemployed and unloved...

Nora thinks Trump and the birther crap is entertaining

Walker Does it Again!! Cronyism like you've never seen it.

Would legalized gambling ease Japan's economic woes?

Chesapeake Energy Suffers Gas Well Blowout on Anniversary of BP Spill

How You Can Have a Billion-Dollar Salary In America and Pay No Taxes

How You Can Have a Billion-Dollar Salary In America and Pay No Taxes

Dear IRS,

Dear IRS,

Serial Killer Who Tapes His Attacks Arrested In Illinois. Police Looking For More Victims

Hashmob in Toronto

Selling Out to Prove a Point: Morgan Spurlock on His New Film

Almost Dawn in Libya: Chris & Tim, Heading Home

Benton Harbor takeover tied to shoreline development

The New Corporate World Order: American Citizens Paying the Price for Tax-Dodging Companies

Luckovich toon- Ok, Who's thrilled about the republican candidates?

Map the Meal Gap

Police: Medical pot dispensaries seldom face violent crime

Consumerist awards BP "Silver Poo" trophy for "Worst Company in America"

Which of the following best represents "America" to you?

Beverly Hills firm accused of human trafficking

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel budget team heavy on corporate executives

Standard and Poor on Riskiness of US Debt

Re: Social Security.......

Provocative comment I heard today:

Steve Leser on Ayn Rand and the Objectivist Hoax

Steve Leser on Ayn Rand and the Objectivist Hoax

Marathon legend Grete Waitz (won the NYC marathon record 9x)dead at 57

How quickly they forget (on purpose)

How quickly they forget (on purpose)

How quickly they forget (on purpose)

Corporate Coup d'etat article ~ Please read!

shocking headline: Poll Finds Lack of Passion for Republican Candidates

birther book Number 1 most popular book on Author is of Kerry swift boater fame

Excellent analysis from Gen. Clark, w Spitzer, re: Libya, video:

Conservatives just can't keep their big medieval mouthes shut (Canada)

ProCro, SoBro, FiDi, BoCoCa: A Lawmaker Says, ‘Enough’

Hawaii Republicans -- and ALEC -- hold meeting about how to balance state's budget without tax hikes

What would you do about Social Security

Stoner (and hero of many on DU) who stabbed woman with pen after she asked him not to smoke speaks

Kyrgyz Parliament Expels 'Evil Spirits' (sacrificed seven sheep)

Portland Mailman Busted, Pooping in Yard

Vers la gauche in Quebec .........

Please sign this petition to save Jean Klock Park in Benton Harbor

Must See! Pastor Jack Schapp on women & their role!

Must See! Pastor Jack Schapp on women & their role!

6.3 shook Tokyo buildings.

Details emerge in case of subway smoker who stabbed rider in face with a pen

Luckovich 'toon: The potential GOP pres. candidates. Good one, Mike!

Why no streaming live webcam of the Fukusima Daiichi Nuclear Generating Station?

Question for Canadian DUers: Is the NDP's surge helping or hurting Stephen Harper in the election?

Eagle Feeding time

Pseudo-Agricultural Tax Breaks Save Money for Rich and Famous

Michael Kelly: Chernobyl's cost

OH NOooooooooooo: World Running Out Of Freedom Bombs

I'm convinced that FL is short for "FAIL!"

Last Supper 2012 - "Look At Me When I'm Talking To You" (Luckovich)

We are all his godesses now

Scott Walker hires another unqualified campaign worker

While you're sacrificing and cutting back, CEO pay rises by almost a quarter

Nissan to boost U.S. Leaf shipments after slow launch

Is there any way to track the Kochs, to let everyone know where they are??

On Cusp of Chicago Clean Power Vote, Six Arrested at Crawford Coal Plant

Breitbart accuses MSNBC of being controlled by Soros, Podesta, Ayers and Media Matters

Lobbying Push Targets New House GOP Lawmakers On Debt Ceiling Vote

Mr. Walker: Join Me in a Neighborhood Walk by Senator Kathleen Vinehout

Idea: a Wiki site that helps you shop for american made products

"If Dearborn practiced Shari'a law, would we have three adult entertainment bars.....?"

"If Dearborn practiced Shari'a law, would we have three adult entertainment bars.....?"

Gruesome crazy stuff in the news today. This one beats Helter Skelter.

How corporations avoid paying income taxes

Why doesn't anybody ask Ryan

You know personally I wouldn't care if the Corporations paid little to nothing in taxes.....

Oregon says no to condemned man's request to donate his organs after execution

Patchwork nation map

Patchwork nation map

Marijuana smoke odor in car not enough for police action?

Apple has least green data centres, Greenpeace says

Apple has least green data centres, Greenpeace says

Democrats still talking COMPROMISE on deficit reduction

Just got this in an email. Is this true?

Ex NM Gov POTHEAD Gary Johnson 2012 Presidential Campaign Launches

Once again, I can stop holding my breath.

Students defend male classmate - who wears heels to school

Carrying and Hiding Your Weed

D.Stockman, OMB Director, REAGAN ADM.: My party has amenesia.

California has 8 out of 10 cities with highest unemployment rates in nation

Wisconsin - Walker breaks law to hire crony!!

Tracking File Found in iPhones

Numbers Racketeers: The Obama-Gates Scam on Military Spending Cuts

Donald Trump in the shower...

All Clear (no hostipal for me)

Kloppenburg's Recount Press Release here - VIDEO (It's excellent!)

Earned Entitlements, Earned Entitlements, Earned Entitlements

Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People

Italy, France and England are going to train the Lybian rebels

Grist: You Don't Want to Watch This (factory farming brutality)

NH Senate passes right-to-work legislation 16-8

Has anyone heard from JitterbugPerfume...

The Rude Pundit-BP Oil Spill One Year Later (Part 4): Two Photos That Tell You What You Need to Know

Speaking of secession

Please sign in support of raising taxes on the wealthiest. Color of Change petition.

Americans disagree on causes of global warming.

Supermarket planned for inner-city Milwaukee to include produce section

Groups sue feds over sea turtle habitat

The damage done to workers' rights, women, the poor, middle class and

iPhone and iPad with iOS 4 records your moves

OBAMA: You & I Need To Start "Paying A Little More In Taxes" - MR. ZUCKERBERG: "I'm Cool With That"

Pot poll

Largest Fossil Spider Found in Volcanic Ash - w/pic

Cross Purpose: Religious Right Lawyers Secularize Christian Symbol To Get Utah Case Before Supreme C

A lesson just as relevant now as when Michael Moore wrote it in 2003 . . .

If it is OK for a State government to establish a position that can overrule local government,

If it is OK for a State government to establish a position that can overrule local government,

White House Visitor Logs Leave Large Blanks

Convictions overturned against Girouard (Soldier charged with negligent homicide of Iraqi detainees)

Grass Roots! Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel bloggers demand investigation of Fitzgerald family.

Now that that Homeland Security Color codes have gone away, I have to get rid of my duct tape

Every word you say, every game you play, every night you stay.....IPhone will be watching you

657 new islands discovered around the world

Royal Wedding

Humbly suggesting a new forum called "The Weed Patch."

Humbly suggesting a new forum called "The Weed Patch."

Wis. Dems To File Recall Signatures Against A FIFTH Republican State Senator

Thursday Toon roundup 5 Potpourri

Obama Continues to Hint That His Continuing Evolution on Gay Marriage Is Continuing

Allies Drawn In to Libya Conflict as Rebels Fail to Capitalize on NATO Aid

Another senseless murder. This one very premeditated.

Thursday Toon roundup 1 The republican circus

NYT: War in Libya Could Drag On: Military Analysts


Obama Calls Out 'Climate Change Deniers In Congress'

Sick grandma dropped in Arctic in botched rescue

In these times of deficit & spending reductions, should the Pentagon budget be sacred?

How stupid is the republican electorate?

Anyone else just see the ladies of The View pick Trump's bones clean?

Glenn Beck accuses Mike Huckabee of being liberal, Huckabee strikes back

Is Your Smartphone Listening?

Sen. Al Franken demands answers from Apple

Wisconsin - State Election Officials to Investigate despite Prosser's "frivilous" charge.


It feels like the end of an era.

Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire

I tend to agree with this: "We tend to overlook a basic rule --

He's back, Ohio- Blackwell Eyes Senate Run

Walker proposes ending County government in Milwaukee

Walker proposes ending County government in Milwaukee

The Annoying Hypocrisy Trope

Mexico prez trying to crush labor unions legally

House Democrat files suit forcing donor disclosure

A History of Donald Trump's Net Worth (1988-2011)

Thursday Toon roundup 2 Crisis, what crisis?

Your iPhone is secretly tracking you all the time

Is the World Too Big to Fail? The Contours of Global Order

Wisconsin - 5th Republican Recall submitted - Alberta Darling

David Bollier: What School Bus Advertising Says About Who We Are

When Al Franken was a rock & roll star...

Thursday Toon roundup 4 Trickling Down

radioactive water rising in tower 5 + 6; and radioactive fish

Fifteen Biggest RW Lies about the Economy

What Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Animal Factories

What Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About Animal Factories

"I was just trying to light my blunt, and the b*tch wouldn't leave me alone, so I hit her"

Wis. Dems: We Will Challenge GOP 'Racket' Of Recall Signatures

14-year-old driver causes minivan rollover, killing 3

Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

The Hagiography of Paul Ryan

Need emissions expert on toxins in crematorium smoke

Making the rounds on Facebook...Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and Paul Ryan

In Silicon Valley, Investors Are Jockeying Like It's 1999

HELP! I need a tax chart

America's 10 Most Overpaid CEOs

Found! I think this is the Black that Trump was referring to

Meghan McCain-Trump Lovefest. He Loves Her Whole Family

Conservative activist: Net neutrality goes against God

Michigan's Emergency Manager Law

Anyone have info on birther Gary Kreep and/or United States Justice Foundation?

Lady Gaga approves Weird Al parody

VFP statement on Military Intervention in Libya

The BP Disaster: A War Against Forgetting

The Truth's Undeniable Liberal Bias.......

Gov Rick Perry (R-TX) declares "3 Days of Prayer for Rain in Texas".

Looking for: Secret emails about war for oil

Ratigan: Former NM Gov. Gary Johnson in the Regressive race for president

Hidden Handouts to Corporations Found in Walker’s Budget

The only Trump comparison I can think of

All that Arizona governin' sure builds up an appetite....


Democratic deficits are dangerous - Republican deficits are harmless...

RT and PressTV are no more biased than ABC, NBC, FOX or PBS

Diamond Don Trump runs a Pyramid Company (and other fabulous products!)

Reublicans and The Budget... They Never.....

Reflections on re-connecting with an old friend... a conservative.

Toyo Keizai Online - serious radioactive contamination levels beyond the 30km evacuation radius

Action Alert: Make the Rich Pay Too!

It's time to do something! Watch and make a difference!

Great program on greed coming on right now on History Channel.

Wierd Al / Lady Gaga song!


What ever happened to avian flu, swine flu, bed bugs, mad cow disease, West Nile Virus?

LIVE streaming of Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones's court hearing - 3pm EDT

County to fly Confederate flag at courthouse

Walker response to Recount in WI Supreme Court vote....

Rep. Gary Ackerman on the GOP's (Tea Party) License Plate Slush Fund Agenda (& bill he's planning)

Recount Observers Needed in Wisconsin

Mike Huckabee to Glenn Beck: Don't call me progressive

Outsourcing Government / Business Partnerships

Boyfriend Watches His Girlfriend Murdered Live on Webcam

(Four) GOP Reps Host Town Halls On Budget, Get Yelled At

It is official: I'm never taking another class from the School of Business again.

American Airlines posts huge 1Q loss on fuel costs

American Airlines posts huge 1Q loss on fuel costs

"Capitalism has always carried within it the seeds of excess."

Blown-out Bradford County well(Pa) 'stable but not killed'!

Jon Krakauer: Three Cups of Deceit (Greg Mortenson's story-telling)

Alabama Legislature apologizes to 91-year-old black woman for handling of 1944 rape

How Democrats and Republicans use the media (very differently)

U.S. Postal Service hemorrhaging money, running out of options

Protesters at Obama fundraiser: "Free Bradley Manning"

Nantes vanishing: Leg found in search for French family

"vaccine manufacturers are not required to test the safety of vaccines given simultaneously"

Critics Blast Jindal's Hush-Hush Health Care Privatization Push

Eyewitness on blunt smoker stabbing woman on subway

Drilling Permits should not be issued unless the industry submits a worse case scenario battle plan

Plunge in border crossings leaves agents fighting boredom (not the onion)

iPhones Fuel Rise in Subway Theft

Felon arrested on gun charge linked to taco stand protests

Politico just tweeted that John Ensign will be resigning his seat tomorrow (Friday).

Loss-hit Ishinomaki school opens (JAPAN)

Preachers to Trump: You’re a racist

BP Oil Spill Cleanup Workers: Gulf Coast Now More Toxic Than It Was One Year Ago

Terry Jones won't pay bond; jury to weigh protest

Robert Reich: EXTORTION POLITICS "In fact, it’s a giant game of highway chicken"

Birther Issue Hurting Republican Party?

Police: Tree-poisoning suspect attacked

When You Think of Ayn Rand think of her hero, William Hickman

When You Think of Ayn Rand think of her hero, William Hickman

Scrooge and the MI Budget - Lessenberry on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Kloppenburg campaign needs recount observers.

Kloppenburg campaign needs recount observers.

Thursday Toon roundup 3: Medicare, etc.

Ensign's gonna resign...

OK Kids, You Are Grossly Obese, But At Least You Are Safe.

Human Rights Watch: "no evidence of mercenaries being used in eastern Libya"

Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto to Protect against Contamination

Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto to Protect against Contamination

In letter to Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn mayor says city not ruled by Islamic law

MLB to take over Dodgers operations (Mets cash strapped too)

Tunisia rules that political parties must have equal number of male & female candidates in elections

Please!!! help Troy Davis...

Honest Corporate Logos

Did anyone see the HDnet World Report on...

Why gas is so expensive, when oil isn't

Why is speculating on a commodity like oil not the same thing

Rest in Peace Little Winston

President Obama failed to seek a declaration of war before ordering US attacks on Libya/The Nation

If you go to any town halls, find out how much your rep makes and throw the stupid

In AZ, MFM says, "They can have my open-carry weapon when they pry it from my cold, 'faced fingers."

When will we have a Democratic Party purge?

Sweet Jesus I hate the Kochs

It is snowing in Vermont. Obviously this means

Apple Is Tech's 'Least Clean' Company: Greenpeace

Fascinating: "Open-Source Blueprint for Civilization"

Fascinating: "Open-Source Blueprint for Civilization"

A galactic rose highlights Hubble's 21st anniversary

Capitalism is failing the middle class, say capitalists

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahaha Copa del Rey football trophy run over by bus in Madrid

Earth Day is coming - 2010 the hottest year ever. Do something.

AZ: Brewer vetoes Birther and Guns on Campus bills. Dare I say she isn't as bad as I thought...

CNN: Ensign announced today that he will resign May 3rd

Manning Protesters Sing to Obama: "We Paid Our Dues; Where's our Change"/Video

Gary Johnson announces presidential run (For GOP)

How To Disable Your iPhone's Creepy Tracking Feature - MSNBC

Search for missing teenager, Phylicia Barnes ended today, not well.

Turn on Rachel right fugging now

What do you do if your insurance company denies a procedure?

This ad cracked me up, series!!11!!1!! pot meet kettle

Koch Brothers ...Tell... Employees How to Vote

Asking my friends for prayers and positive vibes one last time- a good thing,this time....

victim of poverty that needs assistance or a criminal that needs the book thrown at her?

Fuck it.

Am I missing something on the iphone issue?

Ed Shultz says there will be big news out

Patients Are Not Consumers - By Paul Krugman

Pride in Wisconsin

A soil crisis in the offing?

If You Missed This... Factory Farms: What You Need to Know About Minnesota's Anti-Whistleblower Bill

Russell Pearce (AZ Senate President nazi coddler crook) gets testy with reporter re production of

Even sperm delivery is eco-friendly in Denmark

Weigh in on new Federal policy on the oceans.

Protesters draw Obama’s attention to Bradley Manning — in song

WI Elections - Paper ballots & chain of custody - Kevin Kennedy

Baby in iconic tsunami photo safe with parents (JAPAN)

Do you take public transportation for your commute?

Is it wrong to teach liberalism as the correct ideology?

One time I saw a guy pissing on the tracks

Texa Gov. Rick Perry begs for more federal aid, asks state residents to pray

The Republican nightmare for America: "Beyond the Welfare State"

Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market

Fracking Blowout Causes Massive Spill in Pennsylvania

Houston Police Dept. plans extensive layoffs, KHOU report says

Another quiz: who said this?

Free trade then - free trade now.

Free trade then - free trade now.

This should be tattooed backwards on the foreheads of the

Suppose you work for a Koch Bros. Industry...and...

Kloppenburg alleges Prosser had a one-on-one meeting with ..Walker on the day after the election...

What do you do when someone starts to light a cigarette on a NYC subway train?

I can't believe I ever thought Dennis Miller was either smart or funny

Startling Statistics - Post these graphs everywhere.

The Curious Republican Definition of “Small Business”

Photo of the day (JAPAN)

Would you like to see an end to Fox News?

You do realize that Trump is nothing more than a non-entity for the 2012 election

You do realize that Trump is nothing more than a non-entity for the 2012 election

Stop the presses! A photogenic blond white girl is missing!

U.S. Flying Armed Drones Over Libya: Sec. Gates announces

Student gives teacher some of her mom's weed

WTF WI GOP Petitioner holds "Shots for Signatures" at bar (CAUGHT ON TAPE)

walking the dog this morning

Yadayadayada: Trump blasts Seinfeld pullout

Failure across a dimensional level

To all of my loving friends

Which Republican candidate would be the strongest contender in 2012?

Hmmm... What's This? Wisconsin Agency Sues Over Supreme Court Election Recount

What Will Happen If Gay Marriage Is Legalized?

(Wis.) Deal reached for hand recount in 31 counties for Kloppenburg Prosser race.

Early 2012 Electoral Map from Larry Sabato

Why is nobody stating the obvious when it comes to sleeping air traffic controllers?

Citizen veto! What if we put the power to make law back into the

Slavery comes to TX, MS, HI and WA

What financial struggle? WALL STREET has the best year in last THREE!

Customer Catches Best Buy Breaking Law, Gets Banned From Store

Customer Catches Best Buy Breaking Law, Gets Banned From Store

GAB: Partial Hand Recount in Waukesha County, Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Self-righteous smoker stabs person in face when reminded of the law

Agreement between Congress and the White House to virtually eliminate money for high-speed rail

What Jan Brewer DID sign:

Florida GOP Legislature pursuing clampdown on voting rights (WAKE UP, FLORIDA)

Borders Long Beach CA closed on Thursday... and my daughter still doesn't have her final paycheck!

What!!! BP is getting a $13 Billion tax credit for destroying the GOM?

Unhinged: Trump slams Jerry Seinfeld and singer Rihanna!

Unhinged: Trump slams Jerry Seinfeld and singer Rihanna!

Ion Sancho, Elections Supervisor of Leon County FL, criticizes new voter-suppression bills from ALEC

GOP Claim That Tax Cuts Raise Revenues Rated ‘False’ - RawStory

GOP Claim That Tax Cuts Raise Revenues Rated ‘False’ - RawStory

"Financial Martial Law" should be the most-discussed topic here.

Radiation levels of several dozens of sieverts possible near No. 2 reactor + much more

Let UK, France, and Italy deal with Libya, Obama needs to not get us involved there.

Obama heckled at fundraiser by Bradley Manning supporters

What If the Banksters KNEW That They Were Creating a Bubble Economy That Would End in Recession?

Toppenish teen fakes pregnancy as school project

CEO charged in huge human trafficking case, big GOP donor,already fighting deportation to Israel

14 year old tea partier reacts to Wisc hecklers

Manny Goldstein - enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! Thom Hartmann discussing your thread on his show!!

Speaking of the 'coming' Apocalypse, I was listening to an old Jean Shepherd

trying to decide if i can retire in 6 years

Wisconsin GAB prepares to DESTROY EVIDENCE before the recount. What???

Libyan Revolution Day 63

What just happened?

U.S. To Fly Armed Drones Over Libya

Read Comics, Go to Jail.

Kohler's lux toilet is $6,390

Lawsuit: Campbell's "Regular" And "25% Less Sodium" Tomato Soup Both Contain 480mg Of Sodium

Obama to supporters: I understand your frustration

The work of Chris Hondros

Hitchens unimpressed by royal wedding or monarchy.

Social Security: the little secret that's fooling even most DUers.

What Bridges Are Crumbling?: Find out what bridges are "structurally deficient" where you live!

So is anyone keeping an eye on these 5/21/11 apocalypse nutters?

Sick grandma dropped in Arctic Sea for 8 minutes in botched rescue from cruise ship

Tell Obama, Senate: We Need Fair Budget, Not Robin Hood in Reverse

Madelyn Pugh Davis, Writer for ‘I Love Lucy,’ Dies at 90

Advertisers boycott Wonkette over Trig Palin post

Pot is not the Olive Garden of drugs. Pot is not the soda of the poor.

"I'm Outraged" ...

"I'm Outraged" ...

While we were out: Bahrain's secret terror

The War in Libya: Race, "Humanitarianism," and the Media by Maximilian Forte

UK woman dropped into sea in botched cruise rescue

So when they say President Obama "has spent 2 million" to hide his secret muzlim birf certificate

<<<<< April Photo Contest Preliminaries >>>>> Theme: "Negative Space" Poll 1

<<<<< April Photo Contest Preliminaries >>>>> Theme: "Negative Space" Poll 3

<<<<< April Photo Contest Preliminaries >>>>> Theme: "Negative Space" Poll 2

<<<<< April Photo Contest Preliminaries >>>>> Theme: "Negative Space" Poll 2

IF the baby is hers she broke SEVERAL of the Right Wing Anti-Abortion laws.

New Noxzema jar has 2 fewer ounces bonus false bottom

Report Exposes DeVos/Koch/Scaife Plot To Destroy Public Education

Rick Ungar, Forbes: "What Is Walker Not Telling Us?" - 2009 VIDEO: Walker: "eliminate county govt"

US farm companies charged with human trafficking

The budget battle is growing ever more desperate for the poor!! Please help by

Is Gold A Good Buy At $1,500 An Ounce?

Beyond ForeclosureGate - It Gets Uglier - Michael Collins/TheEconomicPopulist

Take 5 minutes out of your day

I just watched american Idol late. What did Stephen Tyler say that was blacked out?

Only lonely:

CMW & Heidi enjoy an occasional game of "Erotic Marco Polo"... though Heidi doesn't play fair.

Strike a pose!

On the Passing of Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen

Where is your dog now?

"Yeah coming right at me" IT IS A TORNADO Steve Hoag (114 seconds of stupid)

The International Space Station will be the second brightest object in the night sky

Do you know anyone who refers to other people by their eccentricity?

Fiona Apple is the shit

MFM's classic "How was I to know they meant taxidermy?" defense failed MISERABLY in court.

OK, folks, Scarlett O'Hara DID NOT SAY "As God is my witness, I will never wear pants again."

God what a mess

Yowayowa Camera, a blog full of levitating self-portraits of a woman

Do you know anyone who refers to other people by their electricity?

Reservoir birds:

Misery "loves" company.

The most anxiously-awaited flip-side album sequel in recorded history:

MiddleFingerMom -- Call him when your so-called "Revolution" is ready for its leader.

Carrying and Hiding Your Weed

Gear heads, enjoy!

Ain't no pain on the Blue Train... Blue Train... Blue Train... Blue Train... Blue Train...

Why there are no nerd heroes in real life:

Royal Wedding

self delete

Help settle a bet.


Finally saw the movie "Milk".

Q: A police-car parks in front of a drug-dealing neighbor's house...

I COULD be wrong, but I sense "tickling the penguin" is heading for the dark side of our lexicon...

OK, the "mayhem" guy on the Allstate commercials is hilarious.

Today, I got the results of the CT scan. What did we learn today?

delete me

PHOTO: In his early college days, MiddleFingerMom's lucky t-shirt became legendary at Delta House...

Marillion, "Neverland" live 2007

Epic version of "The Weight"

Silver State Hospitality

"The Sopranos" or "The Wire"?

Little Feat w/ Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jesse Winchester - "Dixie Chicken," Midnight Special 77

MiddleFingerMom wants you to bear him a child. (If no takers, can he just BORROW one of yours?)

this is both awesome and sad at the same time

Grateful Dead, Shoreline Amphitheatre 06/21/89..."The Other One"

Wanna See A Huge Jelly Fish

Last rites: KK Downing quits Judas Priest just before farewell tour

Buck Owens - "Kickin' In"

Poll: Have you clicked on this thread yet?

Raw, uninhibited, nihilistic, passionate sex...and the accordion. Can't have one without the other.

Where is your God Now?

Holy Thursday

A Divine Image

The Edge

House Of Mirrors

Has anyone else seen this ad?


Job advice please! More money in a not so great town or less in a better town?

I don't recall why this picture is in my Photobucket account

Yet another pot poll!

Should I just buy a new belt, or should I buy new pants too?

Suggest ways that the final two films of the "Atlas Shrugged" trilogy could be improved.

Turner Classic Movies channel is airing a tribute to Sidney Lumet tonight

Cat swims New York Harbor (likely thrown into the water by weekend storm) - w/pic

Have you ever named your cars?


Practical Tip #37 for Kali and her Dial-Up:

Military to pursue first capital prosecution against terror suspect (USS Cole bombing)

God reschedules end of the world

Obama targets youth, tech crowd at Facebook town hall

Protesters rally against U.S. Chamber, Congressman Upton (R-MI)

Dear God,

"Restrepo" director Tim Hetherington killed in Libya: doctors

Tell me about your secret, hopeless pet project to make the world a better place.

Ever had one of these days.

Irrelevant but true:

Oklahoma is fourth state to ban abortions after 20 weeks

Going to France tomorrow. Am I pumped!

Markey: Spillcam was game-changer in BP disaster response

Wildlife at Risk Face Long Line at U.S. Agency

Internet 'Right to be Forgotten' debate hits Spain

They're remaking "Total Recall"?

Haaretz WikiLeaks exclusive / Chinese company selling nuclear equipment to Iran

Large private company may become factor in Muskegon County jail option

Eaglets ... ok, we were warned

Libya: Attacks On Misrata 'May Be War Crimes' (UN Commissioner For Human Rights)

Netanyahu Invitation Puts Obama on Spot on Peace Plan

Colombian soldiers indicted for 'false positives'

Labor: Lavish CEO pay still rising

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go

Argentina orders intense search for missing witness to bishop’s death during dictatorship

Rest in Peace Little Winston

Major fracking spill happening now in Pennsylvania

well tomorrow is the annual guys day trout fishing day

Fracking Blowout Causes Massive Spill in Pennsylvania

Big bomb found near Indonesia church; 19 arrested

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/21/2011)

2 Amtrak accidents in one day kill one, injure 7 in Louisiana

UK software firm seeks naturists to work in nude office

BP sues rig owner for $40 bil; blames it for Gulf disaster

Six weeks before hurricane season starts, forecasters monitoring system in Atlantic

National Latino Museum Plan Faces Fight

Well, we're going to be dyeing our easter eggs today.....

Radiation levels of several dozens of FULL sieverts possible near No. 2 reactor + much more

The Ultimate TV Theme Poll

GE profit soars 77% in first quarter; shares gain

Idaho governor blocks federal health care reform law

Woman sues Target over debt collection (Seeks class action-using false affidavits)

Head of OC GOP says email sender should resign

Ex-N.M. governor Gary Johnson announces for president

Final results: Pop star declared Haitian president

GOP Talks Deficit Reduction, But Top Republican Would Spend $270 Million On Art

Van Hollen files challenge to FEC rules on election spending

Apple Is Tech's 'Least Clean' Company: Greenpeace

Groups sue feds over sea turtle habitat

TEPCO estimates 520-ton radioactive water into sea

BP hits Halliburton in latest oil spill claim

Angry Birds meets Star Wars....

For those who have teenagers, what age did you allow them to be on facebook?

Japan Earthquake Today: 6.3 Magnitude Temblor Hits Off Coast

"Torture" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "torture".

657 new islands discovered around the world

Obama may order contractors to reveal donations

Karachi blast kills 13, injures 35

Toyota recalls 2007-08 RAV4s, 2008 Highlanders for air bag defect

Obama pokes fun at Zuckerberg

Obama Calls Out 'Climate Change Deniers In Congress'

Sick grandma dropped in Arctic in botched rescue

Greg Mortenson to be sued by tribesmen he said kidnapped him

NFL, Locked-out Players Wrap Up Talks for Now

Most Americans can't name a single 2012 GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump most visible: poll

Nantes vanishing: Leg found in search for French family

(Jerry) Brown cracks down on cash advances left uncollected

Earth may have more Crude Oil than we can imagine

Group submits third recall for state Democrat

Baby Joseph returns to Canada

I received the hand drawn originals of these two pics in the mail today.

Conservative group submits second recall petition of Wisconsin Democratic Senator

Gary Johnson 2012 Presidential Campaign Launches

Bratz doll maker MGA wins court battle with Mattel

Switch to cheaper meds could jeopardize mental health of inmates, critics say

Federal agency accuses Beverly Hills company of trafficking Thai farmworkers

Colombian citizens continue to be victims of demobilized AUC: OAS

Prenatal pesticide exposure linked with lower IQ

Army making up for slights to Oregon National Guard soldiers

Libya: (Thousands Of) Mountain Villagers Facing "Starvation"

High gasoline prices prompt Justice Department to eye energy industry

Kingsford Man Accused of Plotting to Blow Up McNamara (Federal) Building

NM ex-gov. announces 2012 presidential bid in NH

China to cut tax for low earners to boost stability

Russian software tycoon Kaspersky's son 'missing'

Why do I torture myself with Salt & Vineger potato chips

Montana judge rules against gay couples seeking rights

Gates: US to use Predator drones in Libya

6.0-magnitude earthquake strikes off east coast of Honshu, Japan, less than 2 hours after 5.8 shaker

Become a citizen at boot camp: Army's new deal

ABC News apologizes to Crenshaw Christian Center founder for misleading video

BFD... that's not even 70 mph.

PG&E's top exec resigns ($34.7M retirement package)

Sonoma County Vintner Jess Jackson Dies at 81

Nuclear dilemma: Adequate insurance too expensive

New York man convicted in Veterans contract scam

FBI has person of interest after pipe bomb, propane tanks found at Southwest Plaza (Columbine High)

Google’s Android Faces More App Attacks in New Security Frontier

Tunisian gender-parity 'revolution' hailed

No deal on raising debt ceiling

London trader faces Interpol over Greek debt email

Senators pass right-to-work proposal 16-8

Gold roars to all-time high for fifth straight session

Obama administration eyes energy markets for fraud

Amazon failure takes down sites across Internet

Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers

New guidelines issued for travel to Cuba

After 67 years, Ala. lawmakers apologize to woman

Judge orders Terry Jones to post bond for protest

Japan seals off no-go zone around nuclear plant

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ugandan Food Protests Grow Violent

U.S. to supply Pakistan with 85 mini-drones

Would the roof of a modern car hold up if an adult climbed on top of one?

Turkish Kurds welcome poll decision

Ensign to Resign

Public strongly supports Obama’s deficit policies, but disapproves of his handling of issue, anyway

Obama OKs use of armed drone aircraft in Libya

Rioters torch Australian immigration centre

Libya: Col Gaddafi 'has spent £2.1m ($3.5m) on mercenaries'

Operation Mad Dog is a go

Einstein's granddaughter dies

Canadian law bans tweeting or Facebook posts about election results

9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI's Terrorism Watch List (EXCLUSIVE)

Al Franken To Steve Jobs On iPhone Tracking: I Want Answers

0RPHAN TEARS featuring Wax

ACLU defends New York students suspended for protesting budget cuts

CDC Predicts Smoking Bans in Every State by 2020

Today was Hitler's birthday

Protesters at Obama fundraiser: "Free Bradley Manning"

Army, Navy add citizenship option to boot camp

Best sci-fi films never made

People who say that Glenn Greenwald is a a PUMA media whore who draws hits by attacking Pres. Obama

"The president is still dealing with people throwing rocks at him..."

Get Thee To The Pulpit

Foreign Aid budget hit hard

Should We Take Any of This Seriously?

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Kagan Absences No Big Deal

Obama pens "Time 100" entry for Gabrielle Giffords

Does anyone know if there's a live stream for Obama's fundraiser in CA starting now?

I didn't think they could sink any lower than with Palin but

What Health Insurance Does Cover, and Doesn’t

Obama speaking now in Nevada Town Hall Event

Krugman: Choices Must Be Made

"I think it’s fair to say their vision is radical.No, I don't think it’s particularly courageous"

Robert Reich: Beware the “Middle Ground” of the Great Budget Debate

PolitiFact acknowledges GOP proposal would end Medicare 'as we know it'

The Obama Adm. are on list 100th Influential people by Time

Ensign will resign his seat tomorrow. Gov. to install Heller, setting up special election for NV-2.

This is why Republicans like Donald Trump have a venue for their idiocy.

"...they don't believe in the federal government....So, why would anyone put them in charge of it?"

Do you realize Ryan's Medicare plan is more progressive than our overall health care system?

Wis. Dems: We Will Challenge GOP 'Racket' Of Recall Signatures

An primary challenge is a nonissue

Obama Makes It Plain At Facebook Townhall

(Yawn) New Poll: Obama and Romney neck-and-neck

Obama: 'Change Turned Out to Be a Lot Tougher Than Expected'

Hey Big Ed, WAKE UP ! Fuck Trump ! Obama/DEMS have already created jobs and have a plan for more.

Lessons from Manning's transfer out of Quantico

Obama in FULL COURT to shoot 3 pointers in a single bound

Most effective Obama protests have happened at fundraisers

How do all the DU Big Ed fans....

I was kinda hoping that the Arizona birther law would pass

Trump China Talk...."I know how to talk to them"....China Response: Gonna use FishMonger Wife ...

Okay, Who Plays Obama's Mother in the Movie about Her Life

The English Defence League´s finest

Draconian Michigan Bill Promoted by Major Corporations

Obama Heckled at Fundraiser by Bradley Manning Supporters

Bachmann Concedes To Birther Issue "It's Settled"

X-post: Another call to contact congress about the budget crisis and its affect on the poorest of us

97th Anniversary of the Ludlow Colorado Massacre

'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' Trailer

Thom Hartmann: Largest wild salmon fishery wiped out corporate greed?

Thom Hartmann: Debt - Am I Going to Have to Kill You?

Burned voting Machines, SKETCHY?

1 Yr. Later: BP Buying Republicans

Thom Hartmann: It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's...someone without a job?

Smart Remarks: Feel the Trump-mentum!

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Con Job - Texas Gov. Wants $ For Wildfires

Steve Leser on Ayn Rand and the Objectivist Hoax

Thom Hartmann: Is a new ''cyber ID'' proposal a slippery slope?

TDPS: Republicans set to go after contraception and THE PILL next...yes, the pill - TRANSCRIPT

Grating, Creepy, Restraining Order-Worthy Vid by Bachmann-Obsessed Weenie Toot Sweet

"Our country is not going to survive if we continue this War on Men!"

Greg Mortenson's first global TV appearance on CNNi - July 2003

Young Turks: iPhone Users Being Tracked

The Funniest Fox News Promo Ever

Arnie Gundersen + Dr. Steven Wing: Is there a safe amount of radiation?

Is Andrew Breitbart Hallucinating?

Rachel Maddow on Tea party weakness, Democratic base strength

Papantonio: Pap Attacks Fox News Over Flat Tax Lies

AJE: The deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Misurata

Now I know who Sarah Palin reminds me of . . . .

Hotspots with Max Keiser - Ireland (1/2)

NEW VIDEO FOUND: Scott Walker In 2009: We Have To Look At ‘ELIMINATING County Government’

It's Time for TRUE Gun Control/Reform!

Did FBI Target Wrong Man As Anthrax Killer?

Work 'Til We Die

Work 'Til We Die

Lance Wallnau: Satan Hand Picks Our Government Leaders (Seven Mountains Dominionism)

Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold

1970s Anti-Marijuana Commercial

Northern US Forest Soils Contain Up To 16X Mercury Of Southern Counterparts - Chem/Eng News

U.S. Engineers Cite Lengthy Cleanup in Japan

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

NASA - MODIS Imagery Reveals Depth & Extent Of 2010 Amazon Basin Drought - Worse Than 2005's Record

Wind industry sees big potential for little turbines

Transparent solar cells

Workers at nuke plant complain about handling of radiation exposure data (Japan)

NRG ends project to build new nuclear reactors (Texas)

Drought Monitor 19 April - Slight Relief S. OK - Dallas; Extreme (D3) Spreads To CO, KS, Northern TX

The Nuclear Renaissance: Still Dead

Does Moore's law apply to solar cells? SA Guest Blog

Federal Court Mulls Safety of New Jersey's Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

Record number of right whales in Cape (Cod) waters

Japan Declares Exclusion Zone Around Nuclear Plant

Radiation Over 100 Microsieverts (per hour) Detected 2-3 Km From Troubled Plant (last month)

Over Six Years, Arctic Ice (Ex. Greenland) Lost Enough Volume To Nearly Fill Lake Erie

W. Switzerland's Drought As Bad As 1921, 1884 Episodes - Fish Being Transferred From Drying River

Woods Hole Hectare-Scale Map Establishes 2000 Baseline For Woody Biomass, Carbon Across U.S.

Paul Ryan, Booed By Constituents At Town Hall, Radically Revises Medicare Plan

Somalia - "Worst Drought In A Lifetime" - NGOs Water Efforts Run Dry As Residents Eat Cattle Food

What A Surprise - Pickens Defends Safety Of Natural Gas Fracking

Laser Sparks Revolution in Internal Combustion Engines

New York to curb dirty heat, use landfills for solar

U.S. Department of Interior approves Cape Wind's Construction and Operation Plan

Big Finance Is a Monster That's Consuming Our Economic Security

Ocean Power Technologies Awards Wave Energy Project Contracts

Student Debt Keeps Rising. Is There an ‘Education Bubble’?

Don’t Get Fooled Again: Writing Our Own Economic Future

Republicans can’t meet their own deficit and spending targets

Exiting the Crisis – New Publication ( Joesph Stiglitz )

Noam Chomsky: Is the World Too Big to Fail?

Carp Sounds Alarm

Unauthorized Immigrants Pay Taxes, Too (nearly $11 billion in 2010)


The Rush to Criminalize Teen Sexting

EPA data shows Fukushima Uranium in California

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Lures Panasonic With $100M Tax Break

"Is The Holy Spirit A Guarantor Of Palin's Eventual Election As President?"

UN chief: More nuclear accidents are likely

Reactors, residents and risk (Nature News)

Extinction Rates For Great Basin Pika Populations Up 500% In Decade - Half Of Losses Post-1999

Climategate: What Really Happened?

In France, opposition to nuclear growing

Solar on the Water

New EPA data shows iodine-131 in Los Angeles tap water

NatGas Blowout Spills Toxic Fracking Fluid into Susquehanna River

Silver lining in sight for makers of solar panels

Barbour says everyone in Mississippi has access to medical care, but 18% have no insurance

Japan agency admits ‘melting’ of nuclear fuel

The age of resentment

Study: Algae Could Replace 17% of U.S. Oil Imports

Salon: Fox stars battle over Michelle Obama's liberty-crushing plot to make our kids play outside

Obama Administration Announces $25 Million in Aid to Libyan Rebels

Earth may have more Crude Oil than we can imagine

Why Your Stitches Cost you $1,500 Dollars!

PA - State Doesn't Control Mineral Rights For 80% Of State Parks; 1/3 Of Public Land Already Leased

Nuclear dilemma: Adequate insurance too expensive

Anti gun groups coach mentally insane to commit mass shootings

Felon arrested on gun charge linked to (racist) taco stand protests

The Buzz: Open-carry advocates(/gun intimidators) target (Democrat) Portantino

FYI - The Kindergarten shooting - gun didn't fire when dropped

So Many Guns, 6-Year-Olds Now Threaten Life

Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers

Gun rights group ripped for comparing gun owners to Nazi victims

Dem bill aims to curb gun trafficking

New bill to allow returning military to register NFA "trophy" weapons

Equality Forum to honor Choi, Murphy

Karger to Debate Romney?

Gay kiss picture removed from Facebook after user is accused of displaying 'abusive material'

Save our history, before it’s too late

Thomas Dekker Open to Dating Men

Is Obama shifting on gay marriage?

Tea Party Going Soft on Gays?

Michael Lucas on the Israeli Flag at Gay Pride

Transgender: religion and cultural biases - a question, please?

Graph: Guns per 100 citizens world wide

Fundamentalist Nut Tries To Enforce Ignorance in California

On the role of women in the Christian religion.


Spanish atheist march banned in Easter Week

An interesting creates god.

In the realm of yamabushi ascetics and ancient living Buddhas

NFL talks adjourn until May 16

Real Madrid Wins Copa Del Rey, then drops trophy from

How Donald Trump's ego killed a pro sports league

Jerry did it! The Dallas area sports fans' least-liked figure of all time!

Who should Bud Selig appoint to take over the Dodgers?

Harvey Updyke, Jr. (Auburn tree poisoner) wooded at gas station after hearing.

"Inexorable" Movement to Expanded Playoffs

NHL Tonight!

Principles or pragmatism? Well, for Bud Selig it's ignoring the honor of the game. ->

Helen Thomas cancels participation in anti-AIPAC event

Israeli activists establish new settlement in wake of Itamar massacre

Israeli leftists call for Palestinian state

Red Cross official: Gaza isn't experiencing a humanitarian crisis

Palestinians ask Subaru to act against spoof ad

Rattling the Cage: Kids are innocent, settlements aren’t

WikiLeaks and the Goldstone Report

Landau: Israel should annex W. Bank if PA get statehood

Left and right clash at Tel Aviv rally to support Palestinian state

As the Palestinians Pursue Statehood, Israel Won’t Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer

Colombian citizens continue to be victims of demobilized AUC: OAS

Colombian soldiers indicted for 'false positives'

Bolivia accepts financial aid offer from US to monitor coca eradication

'South America is priority for Brazil's foreign policy'

Argentina orders intense search for missing witness to bishop’s death during dictatorship

New guidelines issued for travel to Cuba