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New Leadership for Wisconsin (Jessica King)

Globe and Mail: Scatological attack on Stephen Harper’s record goes viral


Top 5 ways Obama has shifted to the right since the midterm elections

Laura Flanders: Cuts Leave Young People With No Future to Win

Woman charged animal cruelty after mutilating cat (used blood to attend Lady Gaga concert in).

CBO analysis: Spending 'cut' deal doesn't actually cut spending

Anthony Weiner debating some Gomer Pyle on the O'Donnell show

Does Weiner have any siblings?

U.S. judge sides with middle schoolers suspended for wearing 'I (heart) Boobies' bracelets

Reince Priebus gets a Vermont welcome

Ryan's Social Security Education????????????????????

Rachel implies that today's speech will be similar to his campaign stump

Thank you Rachel

Japan's crisis: one month later (The Big Picture)

Obama's "Read My Lips" moment?

Oh my gosh.. Rachel kill me

Goddamn right! Excellent remarks from the president!

I was wondering what Obama could do using an Executive Order.


12 Tax-Dodging Corporations Spent $1 Billion To Influence Washington Over The Last Decade

David Stockman, Reagan's budget director, on cutting taxes - video, audio & transcript

The Contango Game: How Koch Industries Manipulates the Oil Market for Profit

So anyway... on what you can do about the fallout

Nude bloody man tasered by police, dies

Nude bloody man tasered by police, dies

Barney Frank on The Ed Show NOW, talking about the GOP attacks on Obama's speech

Radiation in seawater drops but remains high

The one percent

Gov't orders 14 lenders to reimburse homeowners

"no cuts for current retirees" = the rest of us are screwed on Social Security...

"We are the progressive caucus" - Unveils the "peoples; budget" today. nice job.

Anyone else watching the History Channel special on black market uranium in Russia?

DOD block-grant?

NatGeo is airing a look at the disaster in Japan right now on the east coast

Translating Republicanese: waste

Walker and Prosser Crushed Regulations on Koch Industry's Phosphorus Pollution in Wisconsin

FAA: Sen. Inhofe 'nearly killed' airport workers by intentionally landing on closed runway

Lawrence O'Donnell just kicked some ass! Truth to power and all that!

General Motors CEO urged to address India factory strike

Obama’s Budget Plan: A “Kinder, Gentler” Corporatocracy

BP: Angry protests expected at annual meeting

Told the D-Trip-C to jump up my ass when they called me today..

Should Suprerme Court cases be broadcast on C-span?

The Long Racial History of the Tea Party’s Deficit Trojan Horse

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Senator Kent Conrad hails Obama's call for bi-partisan negotiations on deficit

Philly Gives Condoms to 11-Year-Olds

it's perfectly balanced (TOON)

So our water bill will be going up 9% this year . . . and I'm not angry at the local governments.

Feds: McDonald’s managers accused of stealing IDs

Every time I fly, there are other passengers ( usually young guys)

From the White House: Regarding President Obama and Social Security

When An Immortal Is Dying, WTF Are You Supposed To Do?

From the Nation --- Stuck in the Middle With Obama: The President Who Still Won't Take a Side

Trump soar lead poll for 2012

14 Democratic Congresswomen Will Fast To Protest Against Budget Cuts For Hungry Women And Children

Does SS, Medicare and Medicaid have financial problems?

Credit Rating Agencies Triggered Financial Crisis, U.S. Congressional Report Finds

Be careful when logged in to Yahoo

Fukushima's Hidden Fallout

duplicate, please delete

duplicate, please delete

2011 Goldman Prize for Africa:

Illinois is thinking of putting peoples' pictures on the food stamp cards.

It would be interesting to know how many rich people don't pay health insurance at all.

Say no to uranium mining in the Grand Canyon

Okay - this is creepy

The vast field of debris from Japan earthquake and tsunami that's floating towards U.S. West Coast

A single source for clean water and fuel

Pregnant Woman Attempts Suicide; Survives; Now In Jail Facing Feticide And Murder Charges

I admit I didn't help the discussion any when I said...

I admit I didn't help the discussion any when I said...

Senate panel slams Goldman in scathing crisis report

Its okay for TSA to pat down little children. Right? It is, isn't it? I mean, security and all.

What percentage of defense spending should be cut?

How can Fukushima crisis be rated as severe as Chernobyl?

Flame me as much as you want but

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson (1 day late)

"I missed lunch for this?" Who was that pinheaded

Fireworks expected as Gov. Walker heads to Hill to talk unions

Rachel was pretty average last night....

BBC: Cuba faces its worst drought for 50 years

Animal activist makes first appearance in federal arson cases (DUer?)

I applaud those who admit getting it so wrong on what Obama is going to cut

Trump endorsed McCain in 2008

Email from Alan Grayson points out the shortcomings of the budget "compromise"

One-day suspension for kindergarten teacher who had kids "oink" at classmate.

Vermont Senate panel unanimous on health reform

#notafactualstatement - HILARIOUS!

KO blasts Trump, others

I think we need to vehemently talk about the congress critters that want tax breaks want

Fireworks expected as Gov. Walker heads to Hill to talk unions

Something Smells In Waukesha County, Wisconsin– And It’s Not The Cheese - Forbes

Criminal Darrell Issa on CNBC: Governor Walker's Actions are Strengthening His State.

$1,347,412.48 per MINUTE (edited)

Oh Noos: Marijuana causes global warming

The only strategy Obama needs

Kindergarten teacher has kids oink at student who was messy

It's still JOBS STUPID

Holy shite Weiner is tearing Kingston a new one

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visit evacuation shelters

Tsunami - Before and After pictures

As in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states, Florida's public employees, unions are on the defensive.

Most Workers at Japanese Nuclear Plants are Contract Laborers

prosecute goldman sachs. drive them out of business

prosecute goldman sachs. drive them out of business

Breaking : Water near boiling point at Fukushima #4 spent fuel pool + atomic explosions possible

Are we too big to succeed?

High radioactivity detected in fish, vegetables

Rescinding ALL of the Bush/Obama tax cuts solves 75% of the near term debt

America's Know-Nothing Policymakers

President Obama’s Budget Speech: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Out of curiosity, if they raise the retirement age...

Now I'm even MORE pissed off if that's possible:

L.A. Times: 'Lack of primary competition gives Obama an edge'

Endless War and Empire: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Congress Slips Anti-Wolf Rule into Budget Bill…First-Ever Intervention with Endangered Species

I am so pissed off at the news media nowadays!

"Losing Ground" - youtube on soil erosion in Iowa

Court rules against NM Gov. Martinez in labor Union case

State Street gets $885m tax refund...despite bailout, $1.6b profit

Obama Violates Law of Pendulum Politics

Analyzing the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election (SSP)

Impoverishment of Americans is our issue.

Reports: Crystal Mangum's boyfriend dies of stabbing injuries

This is what happens when an individual without protection from

Wasserman Schultz:GOP budget puts senior citizen lives at risk(death trap for seniors)

Being a Right to Work State(Unions not welcome) gives

Great Speech

"Discovery launching network for rich men in Sept"

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Lets Industry Write Rules

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Lets Industry Write Rules

When speak of Medicare, Medicaid being too expensive, the

When speak of Medicare, Medicaid being too expensive, the

Mitt Romney's dad was born in Mexico

The other tax -- am I wrong in my reasoning?

Fukushima residents suffer discrimination at refugee shelters

Who's making the T shirts and bumper stickers from Rachel's multiplication

Alyssa Bustamante Update

WTF? TurboTax says I can have my refund sent to my bank account, or to a WALMART money card!?!?

Hedge Fund Gamblers Earn the Same In One Hour As a Middle-Class Household Makes In Over 47 Years

What's the difference between a baseball player and an oil company executive?

Spain: Train fares cut to save energy

Livestream -Walker (WI) & Shumlin (Gov of Vermont) testifying

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Draws Protest In Vermont

7 billion people!

Lock yo Doors! Lock yo Windos!

Remove health care and retirement entitlements from Congress

Daily Austerity Watch: The United States of Ireland

Walker pretends 9-year-old writes supportive letter.

Redistricting squeezes Rep. Joe Donnelly

Norman Solomon Launches Run for Congress in the North Bay

Good economic news! (But I have a question)

Whooping Cough Closes Down School of Non Vaxxers

Walker tells Congress his budget is "truly progressive"

Toles nails it! "Honey! John Boehner is here....."

Bryan Stow's(Beaten Giants Fan) Family Fires Back at Pittsburgh Columnist

Exporting Democracy Has Led to Shortages of it in U.S., Experts Say Wisconsin, Florida Hardest Hit

Racism Roots Identified in Monkeys?

Study reveals stillbirths as a global problem

The morning drinking game... not a good choice - WI

The good news keeps coming in for President Obama's budget plan (and speech)!!!

Obama wants $400 billion in defense cuts by 2023

"Sixteen Tons" -- A Song for our times.

A question racism and white supremacy.

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Enslaved in 1850

Record Unemployment Fuels Depression & Loss of Identity

Milton Friedman: Wealthy people do NOT INFLUENCE POLITICIANS.

He's in: Romney Seen Practicing Flip Flops in Backyard

Removing highly toxic water remains difficult task at nuke plant

The Rude Pundit - Barack Obama's Fiscal Policy Speech: Tryin' to Get The Feeling Again

North Dakota tea party launched

Seven out of ten of the most violent states are red states. Two are purple/lean red. One Blue.

Could Dogs' DNA Give Clues to Human Lymphoma?

Toon -- Nuclear Transformation

Pakistan: US Drones Are 'Core Irritant' in Terror Fight

Pakistan: US Drones Are 'Core Irritant' in Terror Fight

"Starve the Beast."

Republicans destroy jobs; Democrats ignore jobs

Feels Like the First Time

BBC: BP annual meeting sparks angry protests

Student loans and for-profit colleges: "They're worse than you think"

Toon: The Persecuted

ever notice pig Christie only targets women?

Obama Jilts the Jobless

Why aren't Birthers equal with their birther questions? (Quitter)

Does anyone know which senators have signed Harry Reid's letter to Obama re: the dream act?

House votes to kill preventive health fund

DU This Poll

Do most Americans realize a goodly portion of the 13-fold increase in the national debt since 1981

Ok. Looks like Joe wasn't impressed. On edit he was just checking out the inside of his eyelids.

Bolivia Set to Pass ‘Law of Mother Earth’

WALKER GET OFF KOCH - thank you Code Pink!!!

The house is voting on the continuing resolution on the budget now


Big Eddie "Live from Madison Wisconsin" Rocking it out!

Tepco Said to Plan for Three Months of Cooling at Fukushima

Greenpeace: Koch front groups ALEC and AFP attack RGGI, Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

100 Days with the GOP

Enough doom and gloom

NATO are bastards.

Apple Adds Do-Not-Track Tool to New Browser (leaves Google with the last major anti-privacy browser)


14 Democratic Congresswomen Will Fast to Protest Against Budget Cuts For Hungry Women and Children

MUST SEE: An interactive map on America's nuclear power plants

Obama's speech summed up - crying wolf again

Here is Dean Baker's response to the president's speech.


TSA focuses extra scrutiny almost exclusively on the different and the disabled

Being Kobe Bryant Means Never Having to Say Your Sorry

Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed the extremist republicans MMJ Repeal Bill.

"Obama's plan didn't work..."

Self Delete - double post

Have you heard about the J. Crew controversy? Jon Stewert talking about it now


Ryan's budget plan is a RE-DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH - we need to own this talking point

Bumper sticker I saw today

PSA: Best of the Net. Peter B with Andy Worthington & Robert Parry.

True Majority -- Not $1 more

So if you wanna vote for a businessman mentality then ya better be ready to think like a businessman

baby cheetah gets a new puppy pal

"Criticizing" the President on DU has become pointless.

We need to hold GE accountable for Fukushima

Since we are on the subject today, this is a pretty interesting read

A few facts for the tea-bag people to think about.

Let's get back to the basics of Democracy.

Chuck and Savannah serve up a heap of steaming tax misinformation

Chuck Todd's Math is Off

Shakira robbed ....... during a concert !!!!

Objectiveism and Libertarianism.

Scott Walker is on C-SPAN3 right now

MoJo: License plate seen in Congressional parking lot

Andrea Mitchell to Marco Rubio - "You would be the biggest threat to President Obama -

Andrea Mitchell to Marco Rubio - "You would be the biggest threat to President Obama -

Eric Cantor makes my Wife's gaydar go crazy

Poll: Floridians Have Strong Buyers Remorse After Electing GOP Gov. Scott

Poll: Floridians Have Strong Buyers Remorse After Electing GOP Gov. Scott

How many people here actually know anything about cars?

How many people here actually know anything about cars?

Another Rupert Murdoch Editor arrested for phone hacking. Now we know why Murdoch JR is being

Report says Goldman duped clients on CDO prices

Pres. Obama's budget is congressionally impossible. What's a more realistic budget that could pass?

Sheen invited to call Ontario’s quit smoking hotline by minister

Boss Hogs: Ed Schultz Calls Out CEOs

Hey Kochs? What do you suggest we do when the world melts?

It is time to boycott Koch Industry's George Pacific

Grist: Ohio Gov. Kasich wants state to be ‘cool,’ fails to get what that means

Grist: Ohio Gov. Kasich wants state to be ‘cool,’ fails to get what that means

What Obama wants to do is turn America into a "Western European

wonderful Irish national telly panel discussion (Max Keiser included) on the banking crisis

Pat Tillman’s mother calls for McChrystal’s removal from White House post - Washington Post

I'm convinced that if the devil himself said that we need tax cuts and Obama was a Socialist that

Here is what the Tsunami looked like from street level

Dispatches from the Idiocracy

Goldman Sachs Misled Congress After Duping Clients: Levin

Calif. Senate passes bill mandating gay history

Japanese risk radiation to rescue stranded dogs

Rebels Hijack Gadhafi's Phone Network

Surprise!!!! Goldman Sachs accused of misleading investors

Exporting Democracy Has Led to Shortages of it in U.S., Experts Say

Some pictures from this years Fargo ND Red River flood

You know how local discussion boards...

So how about them Wikileaks, huh?

Florida advertising on School busses: Why stop there?

Fox News links Obama speech with student's suicide

How did I miss this new Palinism: 'squirmish'

Military to Iraq: Are You Really Gonna Kick Us Out?

After the speech, a question:

TSA gropes 8-year-old boy's groin, this time at PDX

2012 GOP hopefuls set to address Abramoff associate Ralph Reed's conference

Spanish Police Seize Massive Explosive Cache

Found Sign: Why the Internet is No Substitute for a Library

Found Sign: Why the Internet is No Substitute for a Library

Found Sign: Why the Internet is No Substitute for a Library

Which of the following is true about AZ Senator Jon Kyl?

Fukushima: A Month of Media Disinformation

Want safe air travel

***Breaking News****Budget Deal Passes House Vote

Palin is going to be at tea bag rally in Madison?

Missed MoJo this morning and was wondering if they gave much

Double Standard with how we treat male idiots vs female idiots

Kucinich blasts Gov. Walker at Hill panel - msnbc

Matt Tiabbi: "not so much that Tea Partiers are racists, but more that they're tremendous pussies".

Bryan Stow's(Beaten Giants Fan) Family Fires Back at Pittsburgh Columnist

Many people love to say what THEY would have done; how they would have been the hero.

It's a shame those of us who are staunchly Pro-union here are not given the same deference

It's a shame those of us who are staunchly Pro-union here are not given the same deference

Amid global meltdowns, what is the half life of the U.S. government's fiscal solvency?

Nancy Grace is an unwatchable POS

America's Captains of Industry, Poverty Baron Edition

America's Captains of Industry, Poverty Baron Edition

Redford: Palin benefits from 'how limited she is'

Variety reviews "Atlas Shrugged:" "a spindly toothpick of a movie"

Sirota -- The secret militarism of Obama's defense spending cuts

Is raising the retirement age for Social Security acceptable or unacceptable?

Woe to You, Legislators!

The new place to offshore jobs and pay poverty wages? Virginia

Fetid troglodyte mofos, aka Republicans, FAIL in effort to end domestic partner benefits in Michigan

Has any Representative or Senator ever just freaked out and been escorted off floor?

Hannes Alfven 1908-1995

C-SPAN Question...

Magical Kate Middleton jelly bean to be auctioned on Ebay

Taibbi on the Tea party and the bailouts

If you're happy and you know it fuck with me

Film Review: The Economics of Happiness

Another bubble? Gold and silver going through the roof

The Word Pussy Is Just As Blatantly Offensive As Faggot Or Retard

John Nichols: How Socialists Built America

New Reports Put Financial Regulators in the Hot Seat

Budget deal increases spending when war funding is counted

Key Senator Calls For Criminal Investigation Into Goldman Sachs’ ‘Shitty Deals’

The Uneven Senate Landscape of 2012 (and 2014)


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Fighting for a People's Budget

Io generates as much wattage as 1,000 nuclear power plants

You have the right to REMAIN SILENT...

Tina Fey: the donor that got away from Al Franken

Rep. John Mica, D-Fla needs a smack with the clue-by-four.

Conservadem /kanservadem/ Noun

Our plan to end nuclear crisis may fail, says safety chief

Let's hear it for Gov. Perdue: NC governor vetoes health plan, student loan bills

Let's hear it for Gov. Perdue: NC governor vetoes health plan, student loan bills

Did you know that FDR was attacked as being too close to Wall Street?

Dumb question on attacks on Social Security

This Dick Is Enormous

Fox News ties suicide to Obama speech

How I heard the speech

Teen girl separated from friend narrowly survives tsunami

The problem:

PALIN to be at Madison Teabagger rally this Saturday

twitter --

Self Parody Alert

Understanding Congress's solution to Federal deficit problem

Dear repubicans, can we at least agree to a term's meaning as we listen to your plans?

Glenn Becks stooge for the day gets his arse handed to him-Twice!

Brad Friedman: Something Fishy in Wisconsin

Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision ‘Doesn’t Save Any’ Money For The State Of Wisconsin

Half of evacuees have no means to support themselves

twitter continued --

Wall Street tells Boehner: Don't mess with debt ceiling or grave consequences will follow

Robert Redford On Sarah Palin: ‘Part Of Her Strength Is How Limited She Is’

Marijuana causes global warming, uses 1% of U.S. electricity

Arizona state senate has fallen off the deep end...

Too much rain, too much conservation: Water company seeks 54% rate increase over 5 years

Fox pronounces a stunning reality

'Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy '

Obama approval vs. Bill Clinton approval at this point in their presidencies

"And Tango Makes Three" is America’s most frequently challenged book

Consumer Politics, and the Snake-Oil Salesmen (and Obama's speech)

"America’s finances were in great shape by the year 2000."

'A lot of targets' – the liberal media' - Haley Barbour visits Gun Shop NH

Ultimate Teabagger hypocrite tells me: "So you're mooching off the govt tit these days."

A joke ( Sort of )

Here's a fun tax-time story:

Here's a fun tax-time story:

Clinton Cautions Against Rush to Exit in Afghanistan

Clinton Cautions Against Rush to Exit in Afghanistan

Statements released regarding The President's Fiscal Poliicy Speech

They are voting now on defunding the health care bill

Video -- MoveOn's 'Big Mike' breaks down the budget battles: Wealth vs. people

UW School of Education re: Walker Budget (The University is in open rebellion!)

Cenk's guest is P. J. Crowley

When it looks like a gamma ray burst and a little bit more

Taxpayer Tithes: House Speaker Uses Budget Deal To Fund Religious Schools With Your Tax Dollars

Democrats need to call Eric Cantor an idiot

Required Provisions for the ForeclosureGate Deal

Railroad Exec's Girlfriend Talks About Campaign Case (Wisconsin)

estimated 4 1/2 million gallons of contaminated water under reactor 2

Senate if voting on defunding Planned Parenthood, needs 60 ayes to pass

Ace Lincecum donates $25,000 to Bryan Stow Fund (San Francisco Giants)

Ace Lincecum donates $25,000 to Bryan Stow Fund (San Francisco Giants)

(US Naval) Academy expels 13th midshipman in synthetic marijuana investigation

Perfect: Trump to make 2012 announcement on season finale of "The Apprentice"

Cheap & easy way to handle the sleepy traffic controllers

Cheap & easy way to handle the sleepy traffic controllers

Milwaukee Archdiocese opposes opening books in molestation/bankruptcy case

I wonder what us Democrats will be doing while

I wonder what us Democrats will be doing while

U.S. sends water storage tanks, trailer to Fukushima nuclear plant

8 Hours Left to Vote Bradley Manning Times Magazine 2011 Person of the Year

Canadian Federal Court bans man for being a serial litigant

Gulf residents at BP meeting: We were treated like 'criminals'

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise; Inflation Pressure Grows

Milwaukee County has again pushed back the expected completion of its canvass

Two course that should be mandatory in high schools across the country.

Letting Bush tax cuts expire would solve 75% of deficit over next 5 years

So Dick Morris spoke to a Teabagger rally in Lansing, MI today to thems that got theirs.

So Dick Morris spoke to a Teabagger rally in Lansing, MI today to thems that got theirs.

Walker Under Oath: "I Don't Even Know Where Cali Is"!

Time's up - Thank you Vermont ! ! !

Robert Creamer: How Obama Seized the Political High Ground in Budget War (our progressive values)

Tea Party People Staying Home Tomorrow

After Fukushima, Groups Ask NRC To Suspend Licensing Plants Read more:

Time's solution to Trump's Birther Claims? Dick Cheney

WHO/IAEA: Japan nuclear accident no worse

Did JFK believe in ''trickle down'' economics?

Bernie Sanders: Wealthiest Americans and Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share for Democracy

Governor Walker admits it...

Thursday toons 1

New rule could require airlines to refund bag fee if luggage is lost

Fukushima nuclear power plant update: get all the data

Boy using candle to find dog destroys St. Petersburg home in fire, killing dog

It is instructive, I tell you.

No Budget Cuts for Federal Prisons

The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric

Thursday toons 2

Phillip Dennis on Chris Matthews:

Donald Trump is a "Closet Dem" he gives Heavily to Dems...He's a Good Guy????

Cancer patient's nude protest in pictures

The Infamous "Roger Stone" is a backer of "The Donald" Trump's Campaign!"

The Social Security Crisis Is A Hoax

Rick Santorum Borrows Campaign Slogan From Pro-Union Poem Written By Gay Rights Advocate

Trump: 'I have a great relationship with THE Blacks'

Japan Denies Withholding Evidence of Massive Radiation Release

MSNBC: yet another missing cute white girl

Exporting Democracy Has Led to Shortages of it in U.S., Experts Say

Are grades supposed to be privileged info?

Irony just blew out her brains. No work left for her in this world.

Here’s how to end our War’s For Profits”. Subsidize GE and the other war profiteers

Teabagger Puts Budget Deal In Terms Teabaggers Can Understand: McDonald’s

What is your general opinion of big business?

Obama's running again is all to the good. He can't help but criticize what the Repubs. are doing .

Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand worshipper... and the greatest gift to the Democratic party

Freepers/wingnuts doomed to high electric bills because of their ideology.

Palin Headed To Madison, Wisconsin This Weekend

She decided to kill her kids along with herself because her boyfriend was cheating on her

Hannity and other 'conservatives' are 'outraged' that Obama said their ideas are crap.

Hannity and other 'conservatives' are 'outraged' that Obama said their ideas are crap.

U.S. Drones Kill 957 Civilian Pakistanis in 2010: Report

Who works hardest? Answer may surprise you

THIS... Is Why "Movement" (See: Bowel) Conservatives Want To Dismantle The Social Safety Net

Wait just a minute - Obama invited Ryan, sat him down in the front row

Video: Barack Obama On The Birthers: I Was Born In Hawaii And I Don’t “Have Horns”

ForeclosureGate Deal - The Mandatory Cover Up

Insult on injury with my healthcare premium

New York’s Nuclear Future That Might Have Been: a reactor less than 2 miles from Times Square

Boy (falls) Cuts Throat At School; Officials Don’t Call 911

ROFLMAO !!! - Beware... Another DU GD Circumcision Thread... Arizona Edition

Banker-Controlled Government Can’t Figure Out How To Prosecute Bankers

Japanese Risk Radiation To Save Stranded Dogs :)

Michele Bachmann, on the runaway GE built reactors in Japan.

People....people, people please. Listen. There will be no atomic explosion.

I wrote to Ben Nelson telling him it was time to raise taxes on the wealthy. Here is the response:

Charles Krauthammer: "Obama's shallow, hyper-partisan, dishonest speech was an attack on Ryan plan"

Libyan Revolution Day 56

Tokyo bathhouse, musicians provide relief to quake victims

On Using Insulting Names and Terms... "Don't Laugh At Me", by Peter, Paul and Mary

Texas paper: Kochs mess with Texas, our minds and our future (Sometimes when you turn over a rock..)

What do refund lenders see when they look at poor neighborhoods?

It's too bad Best Buy only sells this in a few West Coast stores

Gov. Chris Christie Tells Reporters To ‘Take The Bat’ To 76-Year Old Widow Legislator

Band teacher with HIV allegedly had sex with 15-year-old student

Should presidential debates be required to host third party canidates?

The Mother and the General (The NYer)

The Mother and the General (The NYer)

Opi's Rant #358 THE Baggers is gonna ruin America with their misguided mission of extreme austerity

Opi's Rant #358 THE Baggers is gonna ruin America with their misguided mission of extreme austerity

More states restrict abortions; group says trend 'unparalleled'

The Woofer - turns your dog into a walking boom box

Democrats should be celebrating today...

Obama Exclusive: I Was Born in Hawaii and I Don’t 'Have Horns'

EU sets limits on imports from Japan

Languages Grew From a Seed in Africa, Study Says

Are you getting money back from the IRS this year?

Catherine Zeta Jones treated for bipolar disorder

Catherine Zeta Jones treated for bipolar disorder

OK so with information on the reactors now showing meltdowns, what does this mean?

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's "bad negotiating" is actually shrewd negotiating

Peter Thiel: We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education.

Yoko Ono refuses to let war-loving Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sing Imagine on YouTube

Duke lacrosse team murders NC man....

Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision ‘Doesn’t Save Any’ Money For The State Of Wisconsin

Should We Have A Billion Dollar U.S. Presidential Campaign?

Budget Deal Slashes Nutrition Assistance For Poor Women and Children, Boosts Defense Spending By $5

the U.S. military is conducting a war against the earth itself.

Onagawa nuke plant suffers jolt greater than designed in aftershock

Should teens make circumcision decision?

Donald Trump has always had a good relationship with the blacks. Who are you good with?

Rhode Island based Feinstein Foundation to Partially Match Donations to Community Food Bank - Tucson

Marijuana Not So Green - big carbon footprint?

VIDEO- Speechless: Blasting Republicans without saying a word.



Just a quick reminder... If you haven't filed your 2010 personal income tax return yet...

Feingold speaks in Washington, blisters both parties

Donald Trump: "I have a great relationship with the blacks" With the blacks???!!!

Tax Day: Make Them Pay

Facebook Status Going VIRAL today

Chattanooga: Japan radiation found in local water

Congrats DU- YOU broke this story! Wisconsin Dems Call For Further Investigation Of 2006 Waukesha

My assessment of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Detroit's Robert Bobb left his own town hall meeting very upset. Cancelled later meeting.

"This is a Factual Statement!" Gillibrand Rips Into House Republicans.

Social Security: Shock Therapy

Why was the quality of American-made cars so bad in the 70's and 80's?

The Repubs are very angry at Obama this morning because...

When will someone ...

Shock Employment Figures: Fewer Than 46% Of Americans Have Jobs - RawStory

WI School Board Punishes Teachers Who Called In Sick During Protests

28 DC women on Medicaid were hung out to dry by congress this week- here's how to help:

Just another pretty speech - Obama is going to need to SHOW ME he has changed.

With his Budget Deal and yesterday's speech Obama has cleft the GOP in two

During Bush Presidency, Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion

We need reform in this country. And it needs to start with CONGRESS.

Introducing the People's Budget - Chris Bowers/DailyKos

Waukesha Follies: 97.63% Turnout in 2004? 20k More Votes Than 'Ballots Cast' in 2006? [New Details]

False pretense for war in Libya?

Dennis Miller on the disadvantaged... Let nature take its course.

M Crispin Miller & Jonathan Simon respond to NYT Nate Silver re WI, plus Lehto & Mitteldorf (TIA)- x

TEPCO Confirms Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Now An Uncontrolled, Open Air Fission Process

Why I am Pro-Choice

PROFESSOR: Sarah Palin Probably Staged A Gigantic Hoax About Being Trig's Mother

It's Time for a Mass March On Washington

Rally This Saturday, 4-16 Madison Capitol -Tea Party Counter Rally

Do you have Ubuntu (oo-BOON-too)

Glenn Greenwald: The Two-Tiered Justice System: Example After Example...

"It is a mean, nasty book and if I could make it nastier I would."

sarah palin/trig story: No better or worse than birther crap

CONTEST: This is not intended to be a factual statement!

Michael Ignatieff was effective when he said Prime Minister Harper

Michael Ignatieff was effective when he said Prime Minister Harper

Prof authors an academic paper concluding Sarah Palin is probably Trig's grandmother, not mother.

Limbaugh: Obama Base 'Savages,' 'Walking Human Debris'

Eternal Recurrence: From Bush to Bush to Bush, by way of Clinton and Obama.

Got your popcorn ready? Atlas Shrugged --- The Movie!!

7-year-old girl gets plastic surgery to "correct" (GASP!) larger-than-usual ears

Conservative's Brains are Wired for Fear and Anxiety


Budget Passes: NOW is the time to barage facebook and social media with

Is DU Civil?

Spanish Judge Drops Case Against Bush Lawyers

Julian Assange on History of Radical Press: What's New About WikiLeaks?

Who are the gang of six???

Groundwater radiation level at nuke plant rises: TEPCO + Japan may move capital from Tokyo

7 Dutch dead in mall murder. Guess what the Dutch NRA does?

Sugar: It Could Be Worse Than You Think

The myth/lie that foreign cars are better built

The Yes Men Fix The World, P2P Edition FULL MOVIE (2009)

TSA agent threatened parents of frisked 6 year old

Although MiddleFingerMom no longer drinks tequila, he hasn't given it up entirely.

Do I look like an idiot to you?

Okay, so I got a little hot headed today...and kicked the back of a car...

Shroomtrooper? Stormshroomer?

Female astronauts will DEFINITELY make space missions less sophomoric.


It was the cat!!!

Jethro Tull / "The Whistler"

Man arrested for creating fake army unit

What's everyone drinking tonight? I picked up some Mirror Pond Pale Ale, tonight!!

You woke teh Kitteh up!!

Don't let her fool you. Kali does QUALITY bodywork on her ranch vehicles when they get dinged up.


The theatre was my church. Arcade Fire, my preacher...

MilesColtrane has trouble meeting potential romantic interests.

Lost in Translation

Laugh now, but Kyl is pretty much assured to be the GOP VP pick in 2012

Dads -- they're pretty universally recognizable.

Not exactly the Ritz Carlton.......

Party animals:

My earworm this morning--betcha nobody ever had this song for an earworm before.


The Wilmington Parking Authority can kiss my ass!!!

Skittles has ALWAYS been a master of negotiation and compromise.

I want to wear some threads that never dye.

"Monster Quest" attacks History Channel again today.

The Personal in the Political

This is what happens when you laugh at everyone having to pay Delaware's exhorbitant tolls...

MFM doesn't like to toot his own horn (though he's TRIED... oh, how he's TRIED)... DIAL-UP warning?

Who are you?

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom works hard for a living, but knows the value of a few brief daily "catnaps."

You want badass?

Facebook question - I use Facebook to keep in touch with my kids.


PHOTO: And they say some people don't have what it takes to be good parents.


I think I'm goin' to Kathmandu

I received my CAT scan results today.


(((VIDEO))) Amazing Invention to Replace Tiresome Texting

I'd want my twitter feed on my desktop. I'm not a "power" user and don't tweet myself but I want to

Wow, Walmart sent me a $5 gift card to spent at the new Walmart by my house.

Olive Garden gives Fla. toddler sangria, not juice

There is no ham in hamburger, no donkey in Donkey Kong, and hot water freezes faster than cold water

I don’t know how the world can even contain so much grief.

Shakira robbed ....... during a concert !!!!

Check in if you're just a prisoner

I can't believe no one's taken the screen name "Shocking Meat Video"


ok heres a puzzle for you late night loungers

Waiter, what's this in my soup?

Hmmm, I wonder what's good for family fun night movie selection at Wal-Mart....

Click in here if you love Spartacus.

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders will finally take flight as a movie

So, I guess my doctor is not full of shit! For a couple of years he has been trying to get me to try

I think I'm having the most amicable divorce ever

This Dick Is Enormous

Wanna tick off some fundies?

Is it harmful to a cell phone to clean it with hand wipes? nt

Healthy breast cells police for cancer

Bradley Manning needs consular visit, mother tells William Hague

The Who's show-stealing "Won't Get Fooled Again" from 2001's Concert for New York City

House votes to kill preventive health care fund part of health care law

Marijuana ruling lights path to legalization

More Yemeni officers, soldiers defect

Arizona Senate passes Obama birther bill after boost from Donald Trump

NBA fines Kobe Bryant $100,000.00 for anti-gay slur.

Vibes needed - Our block was just evacuated due to a gas leak -

Catherine Zeta Jones treated for bipolar disorder

I defy you to find a more gorgeous man and I get to sleep with him every night

dolphin & kitty? deer & goose? Pshaw...I present Monkeys in cowboy hats riding dogs and herding

Tornado Warnings Here

Santorum announces presidential exploratory committee

"Jewish BBQ"???? Anyone have any idea what this is?

I write the songs that make the whole world singing

When discussing regulation.

Spain drops case against Bush officials

The movie "Agora" (again)

Libya Rebels Seek $2 Billion Loan, Allies Ponder Next Steps

Update on lymphoma dog Jessie

N. Korea Says It Is Holding U.S. Citizen

FAA Head of Air Traffic Operations Resigns

U.S. shuts down massive cyber theft ring

BRICS nations oppose use of force in Libya

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (04/14/2011)

Small ND town hopes aging dam can hold back river

Small ND town hopes aging dam can hold back river

Fishermen and women hit by the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster denied entry to BP's London Meeting

(Montana Gov.) Schweitzer takes veto brand to Republican bills

During Bush Presidency, Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion

Check in here if you love to cast asparagus.

Resistance to Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Grows in India

TVA settles with N.C. over coal plant emissions

Syria's President Announces New Cabinet

Pakistan militants killed 2,500 in 2010, report says

Food prices: World Bank warns millions face poverty

UN: 34 killed in Iraqi raid on Iranian exile camp

Scott Walker is on C-SPAN3 right now

Hundreds of tortured detainees released, says Syria rights group

Third British Journalist Arrested in Hacking Case

Dispute heats up over BP’s $20B oil-spill fund

U.S. Says Iran Helps Crackdown in Syria

Ron Paul likely to enter 2012 race in May

Man allegedly stabbed by woman in (Duke) lacrosse scandal dies

Speaking of vinyl records, I found heaven at Hollywood & Sunset in 1965.

Phone hacking: senior News of the World journalist arrested

Spanish Police Seize Massive Explosive Cache

Military training facility on Indian reservation is revealed

(British PM) David Cameron says that immigrants should learn English

16 police officers arrested in connection with Mexico mass graves

16 police officers arrested in connection with Mexico mass graves

Playing with a new camera ... Koi getting a snack in slow-motion (youtube-link.)

Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision ‘Doesn’t Save Any’ Money For The State Of Wisconsin

Spain says no to torture probe of Bush officials

Japan emperor makes first trip to disaster zone

Man ‘Engulfed In Flames’ At San Francisco Porn Shop

Shelter seeks help for cat injured escaping fire

Judge Sumi dismisses Dane County's collective bargaining lawsuit

Boy using candle to find dog destroys St. Petersburg home in fire, killing dog

anyone watch abc soaps?

Band teacher with HIV allegedly had sex with 15-year-old student

Walker defends Wis. collective bargaining law, calls it "progressive"

Legislature votes to overturn Milwaukee’s wishes on sick leave

Goldman Sachs, Rating Agencies Blamed in Crisis Probe

More States Restrict Abortions; Group Says Trend 'Unparalleled'

'Underground town' of migrants found in Moscow

More states restrict abortions; group says trend 'unparalleled'

China bans time travel on the tube

House Passes Compromise Budget Bill

The Senate votes 81-19 to pass the budget measure for the rest of the FY2011

'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' canceled

ok. i wanna have website for my sideline drafting business i want get going again

(US Naval) Academy expels 13th midshipman in synthetic marijuana investigation

'King of Heroin' sentenced for smuggling drugs from Mexico into California

Ron Paul likely to enter 2012 race in May

Cyber spying: China vs US (China steals sensitive US Data)

White man convicted over black church fire to protest Obama win

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex

Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni abducted in Gaza

(UK) Kettling of G20 protesters by police was illegal, high court rules

Gov. Rick Scott to rescind order to cut payments for disability services

Suicides rise and fall with economy: CDC report

Michigan's 7 Catholic bishops urge state leaders to remember needy

Experts fear another oil disaster

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, April 14, 2011

I was in the cd store looking for something from the 70s & 80s. I bought the Essential

Judge dismisses (one of three) lawsuit(s) challenging Wis. union law

BREAKING: House passes 2011 budget deal

Japanese risk radiation to rescue stranded dogs

Protesters dragged from BP annual meeting

Gulf fishermen travel to London to chew out BP

Britain Bans Exports of Execution Drugs to US

Berlusconi won't seek another term as PM

Wisconsin Republican Party drops recall worker cited in Lambeau Field theft

Independent groups expected to rake in hundreds of millions

Gay Man Claims He Was Wrongfully Terminated By Rev. Jesse Jackson

ABC News Exclusive: Pat Tillman’s Mom Wants General Stanley McChrystal Removed From White House Post

Feds indict 8 on allegations involving fraudulent billing for hemophilia medication

China bans time travel for television

New report causing GOP confusion, and concern about defections

FBI Snatches Alleged Pirate Inside Somalia

Check in here if you DON'T have Bake on "Ignore"

Briton 'beaten to death' in a Dubai police cell after being arrested for swearing

Check in here if you love asparagus.

Mediation Resumes in NFL, Players Dispute

Inspired by another thread in GD... what was the most idiotic dangerous thing you did as a teen?

102-year-old Japanese man kills himself as evacuation looms

State Farm No Good Neighbor to Rep. Castro

Facebook account suspended over nude Courbet painting as profile picture

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Best Lead Singers of All Time (what, no Kip Winger?)

Senate rejects measure to defund Planned Parenthood (42-58)

Texas lawmakers: NASA, we have a problem

Cilantro. Yes or yuck?

Ford expands recall of F-150 pickup to nearly 1.2M

National Day of Prayer ruled constitutional

Shortage of ADHD drugs sends parents scrambling

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cleaver’s Statement on President Obama's speech

What would Teabagger do?

Pelosi and Becerra statements on the President's speech

McCain defends Obama from critics....... WHAT??????

McCain defends Obama from critics....... WHAT??????

Transcript of today's speech available???

" President Obama made a promise in his speech today."

I finally realized who Paul Ryan reminds me of... anyone else remember Heavy Metal???

Broken record brigade begins: Gingrich: Obama tax plan a job killer

Whose deficit reduction plan do you prefer? CNN POLL

Lawrence O’Donnell breaks down President Obama’s speech today on the deficit reduction.

Just a quick reminder... If you haven't filed your 2010 personal income tax return yet...

Some Lines in the Sand ... that was some Speech.

Good Night everyone

In some ways I really don't care what he Obama said in his speech

Facebook Fun: Vote in this poll

very good speech

Congress is cutting the aid budget it once loved

NYT Editoral: President Obama, Reinvigorated

The Grown-up In Charge: Obama Talks About the Deficit

"the gop plan is a disaster and ill chew my arm off before i sign it."

E. J. Dionne: At Last: A President, Not a Ref

"Obama Speech Defends Liberal Principles"

"Obama speech frames a 2012 choice for the country"

NYT: Comparing Republican and Obama Budget Plans

I watch Ryan talk about budget.. he says

Ezra Klein: Does the Obama budget raise taxes? Or cut them?

12 level checkmate.

Maddow: “A benchmark day in the Obama presidency”

I think Obama has finally heard us

A CARBON TAX should be on the table too.

DCCC posts big fundraising haul - $19.6 million in the first three months

It's all about leadership.

Bolivia is drawing up a draft UN treaty which would give Mother Earth the same rights as humans

Cavuto: "We Could Do Worse Than Donald Trump. We Already Have"

Say it Republicans: "for millionaires and billionaires"

House Leader To Invite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu To Address Joint Meeting Of Congress

The latest wingnut Obama obsession... He looks like an old Soviet secret police chief...

You know how everyone claims the GOP gives the Tea Party what they want? How does demanding $100B...

Don’t Call It a Stimulus: 2012 Election Spending Likely To Top $8B

Open Letter to Un-Reccers

I can and will vote to re-elect President Obama

Obama Deficit Speech: Lots of Flowery Talk About a Major Distraction

New Jersey voters are not buyimg the Christy for President bandwagon

Here's my plan for cutting Medicare spending without reducing quality:

Pleased With Speech...Holding My Breath

Rachel is SO fired up about Obama's speech! And I got a (new)

House budget vote now on CSpan

I'm a happier Fred this morning.

One thing I've noticed about Obama's critics from either side. . .

Pelosi Suggests Dems Won't Let Government Shutdown If Republicans Abandon Boehner

Tom Toles on Paul Ryan's Budget

CBPP statement on speech: "this plan is...significantly to the right of the Rivlin-Domenici plan"

Why Does Obama Want a Debt Ceiling Fight?

Tell me again who won the budget fight?

Plouffe reiterates that President Obama will not renew the Bush tax cuts

Priceless: GOP asks Hoyer for aid on budget vote

What is that thing that lives on Donald Trump's head?

My conclusion on the budget deal

88 Thousand Former Obama Supporters Pledge NOT to Help in 2012 if Medicare/Medicaid Are Cut

Senators Graham, Lee and Paul launch RW-attack on Social Security

**BREAKING**: CBO Says Budget Deal Will Cut Spending by Only $352/353 Million

What's this? Only 352 million actually cut this year???

Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1) just announced she is running!

Arizona ‘Birther’ Law To Accept Circumcision Papers As Proof Of Citizenship

CSpan2: Senate passes 2011 budget by a vote of 81-19

Trump to make 2012 announcement on ‘The Apprentice’ (AP)

The BEST part of the President's speech: SLAMMING REAGANISM

"Wow. The president basically got Paul Krugman to shut the eff up and applaud."

Obama's Job Approval Among African American Voters:

Now it's up to Congress to turn the President's vision into a reality.

Does Boehner seem a bit defensive?

How hard will Obama fight for tax increases? Obama aide dodges question

Ed Show: He said President Obama championed progressive values

Which Republican was/will be a more of a challenge: Dole vs. Clinton or Mittens vs. Obama?

"They" think we're all fools...

Huff Po: Tea party activists are mad, VERY mad at GOP over budget

Heh - Gawker: Paul Ryan ‘Irked’ As Obama Shreds His Budget Plan

Cut the guy some FUCKING SLACK!

Who is trying to mess with the 2012 primary elections here in New York State?

List of 59 Republicans who bailed on Boehner (updated)

Boehner, "...we were expecting an olive branch..." and you got one


TPM says that the budget vote was a 'stunning blow' to Boehner's leadership.

2012 GOP are so clown!!!

A Laughable Response To A Credible Proposal

"Obama's "base" problem doesn't actually exist"

Donald Trump: 'I've Always Had a Great Relationship With The Blacks'

If Republicans really cared about the deficit

Why not just say: "Who you think you're talking to, boy?!"

Nice article on Ed Shultz as a former rethug

Meanwhile, at the Church of the Almighty Dollar...

Busby: 400,000 to develop cancer in 200 km radius of Fukushima

My Chemical Romance - Sing it for Japan Charity Project

James Rucker on Economic Boycott Campaign Against Glenn Beck on Fox News (Democracy Now! at NCMR)

Where was "this" Obama for the past two years?

President of Czech Republic steals pen (Václav Klaus krade pero v Chile)

Interview With Maya Soetoro President Obama's Sister pt.1

Scatological attack on Stephen Harper’s record goes viral

Obama Delivers Republican Arguments

Wonderful World?

Chin Up Progressives, Things are Happening! 5 Ways To Jump in and Get Involved

The Morality of Medicare

MSNBC: Cenk, Sirota & Milbank On Obama Budget Speech

Progressive Budget Vs Conservative Budget

The Political Scientist vs Donald Trump

Anthony Weiner PWNS Congressman Kinston

How to Avoid Paying Taxes

CIAo! Black ops, drone deaths push US-Pakistan tensions to edge

Americans United for Change TV ad : 'PSA: The GOP, Big Insurance Are After Your Medicare'

Thom Hartmann: America is being left behind in the global economy

Matt Lauer gets a batshit crazy teabaggin' as Michele Bachmann graces The Today Show

Elizabeth Kucinich tells Thom Hartmann stupid policies and big corporations are killing us

Nomi Prins - Why the Banks Should Be Made Much Smaller

Thousands March against Obama's Wars in NYC

Arizona's Senate passed a bill that would keep me from being president

Ex-CIA officer: 'Obama fools himself, Muslims see US bombing Libya'

Rachel Maddow On Obama's Budget Speech (Hint: She loved it.)

Scott Walker: "I Don't Even Know Where Cali Is"

Underwater Microphone Captures Honshu, Japan Earthquake

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Sen. Sanders Reviews Obama Budget Speech

Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist: Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Facility is a "Ticking Time Bomb"

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Admits It

TYT: 6-Year-Old Girl Pat-Down By TSA

Rep. Crowley (D-NY)- Speechless

Judge Judy on gay marriage (prop 8)

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) Claims FDR was a Communist on Floor of the House

Military spending disaster

Thom Hartmann: President Obama finally puts Reagan in the grave - Thank you!

Rep. Bruce Braley puts the screws to Scott Walker

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Questions Governor Scott Walker before Congressional Committee

Big Mike Breaks the Deficit Down

IceBridge Overflies Fastest-Moving Glacier (large photo)

More signs of fuel rod damage at Japan nuke plant

OK that's it. Cesium and Iodine in Arugula sold in Berkeley

Fracking . . . anyone?

Sierra Club: Why Do Sea Turtles Need Solar Panels?

Police search for bodies near Japan nuclear plant

New relief plan should provide secure shelters, proper care to evacuees

Peak oil notes - April 14

102-year-old Fukushima man facing evacuation commits suicide

Hydro and Wind Duke It Out in the Pacific NW

Reactor makers draft 10-year decommission plan

Emerald Ash Borers Cross The Mississippi - Confirmed In South Minneapolis

White-Nose Disease Confirmed In Kentucky - Infected Colony Euthanized, But May Not Stop Spread

Study Links Indonesian Deforestation To Election Cycles - Logging Concessions Common Paybacks

Rick Scott Announces $30 Million Tourism Marketing Grant From BP, Thanks Them For "Stepping Up"

GOP Marks Oil Spill Anniversary With Drilling Push

Opposition Growing To Mekong Dam - Would Likely Doom Dozens Of Fish Species, Block Nutrients

Spain: Train fares cut to save energy

TVA Settlement for Clean Air Act Violations Includes $3 To $5 Billion in Pollution Control Upgrades

thought on radio ad about "taxing per mileage, not gallon" ...

Most spent fuel not damaged at No. 4 reactor

TEPCO to improvise spent fuel removal – Large-scale engineering effort to construct cranes

Tuvalu Delegate - Climate Talks "Going Around In Circles", Asks Extension Opponents To Leave Room

Insult on injury with my healthcare premium

Greer - Alternatives To Nihilism, Part 1 - A Dog Named Boo - Energy Bulletin

Large Fires in Northern Mexico

Utility CEO "Coal under attack" "Push nuclear"

Pumped 8cm (660 tons) of water contaminated by highly radioactive substances out of #2 tunnel but..

The Planet Strikes Back: Why We Underestimate the Earth and Overestimate Ourselves

Radiation surges above 4's fuel pool

Fukushima: A Month of Media Disinformation

Pandering to Christian Right, The Donald Builds A Trump Tower of Babble

The dichotomy of tax policy

Wisconsin want politics out of hunting, fishing, land and water issues

Reviving Ghosts of a 'Free-Market' Past

Drones shatter US-Pakistani trust

Robert Parry: Pity the Poor Tea Partier!

Naming Culprits in the Financial Crisis

Sen. Carl Levin: Goldman Sachs Misled Congress After Duping Clients

Koch Industries gains from pollution law delays (WI)

Promise and politics in President's speech on debt reduction

Nuclear neighbors: Population rises near US reactors

.Discovery launching network for rich men in Sept

Boehner, GOP prepare for fight regarding debt ceiling

Alterman defends Dylan from Dowd

Dr. Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians - studies on authoritarian personalities & their followers

Woe to You, Legislators! (Jim Wallis)

Canada: a fearfully parochial place

Salon: The Donald - "I've always had a great relationship with the blacks"

Asia Times: Presidential folly persists in Obama By Andrew J Bacevich

Bjorn Lomberg on the Necessity of Nuclear Power

18 years after Waco, Davidians believe Koresh was God

TEPCO Confirms Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Now An Uncontrolled, Open Air Fission Process

Self delete

Orlando Mayor Dyer, police Chief Demings participate in gun violence rally

Sports venues exempted from (stupid Republican Arizona) gun bill

Boy dies in Houston apartment shooting

(Stupid republican) Illinois Gun Bill Fails

Brady Board Members In The Tank With Threepers And Oathkeepers

Proponents see growing support in for concealed carry

Gun rights group's planned 'open carry' dinner moved to different restaurant after publicity

Gun Shop Visit underscore's Barbour's Pitch -> Liberal Media = "targets"

Gun Owners Must Take Center Stage

Bills would allow concealed carry of guns on ASU campuses

Woman Dies In Accidental Shooting In West Nashville

Restaurants' opposition might stop guns (in bars) bill in House (OH)

Armed burglars shoot dog, homeowner shoots burglars.

Democrat Portantino's "open carry" ban sails through committee, pro-gun groups plan protest (Calif.)

It seems to me that there is an increasingly dedicated effort to squash any discussion here.

OUR OPINION: Why mess with success since gun laws are working?

Rep. Davidson takes some heat for comments about guns

7 Dutch dead in mall murder. Guess what the Dutch NRA does?

If you are NOT pro-gun, is your main issue Concealed Carry or guns at home also?

Gun shop owner expressed concerns early on in "gunwalker" scandal

LGBT immigrants abused, neglected at detention centers run by Homeland Security

Right-Wingers Still Pushing Myths About "Gay Indoctrination"

Stand up for your GLBT friends

After big-name Victory Fund brunch Sunday, Annise Parker to kick off re-election campaign

Policy Changes Slow In Coming In HUD Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Did The Verizon Guy Just Come Out?

California Senate Passes Landmark LGBT Education Bill

Ok gang, I need some advice or something...

CA Psychiatrist: We Need To Protect Kids From Being Exposed To LGBT People

Buddhist priest trying to help quake victims, drawing on 9/11 experience

Is Christianity an Asian religion?

Cooperatives in Venezuela Promote Solidarity, Equality and Dignity

Venezuela: Fugitive Rosales “Regrets” Having Signed Coup Decree in 2002

It's official, Venezuela wins the Makled sweepstakes

Venezuela: What to do with big toxic ag businesses

Santos' press secretary accepts job with US TV channel

Fugitive ex-minister under Peru's Fujimori surrenders

Uribe's sons respond to 'parapolitics' accusations

For D.U. members interested in Colombian paras in Venezuela,

Protests in Bolivia against Morales

Ambassador Hodges leaves the land of incredible birds (Ecuador)

Terry Bradshaw: Memory loss affecting him in Fox TV role

The best record in baseball!

Official Barry Bonds Convicted Felon Thread

NBA Playoffs

Should Prosecutors retry Bonds on the perjury counts?

Can you equal my perfect score in this baseball quiz?

Let's win two!

Why is there only ONE thread about the CONVICTED FELON, Barry Bonds in here?

Venezuela doubles GDP, and is set to raise the minimum wage

Terrorist group in Gaza kidnaps Italian rights activist

Co-Authors Stand By Goldstone's Gaza War Report, Blast Campaign To Rescind Its Finding

Gaza group threatens to execute abducted Italian

Hastings' board pulls UC brand from rights meeting