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Archives: February 18, 2011

House defeats Heller bid to cut foreign aid (by 14.5% chosen to symbolize the UE rate in Nevada)

Charter School Says It Could Profit From State Education Cuts

The Impact of State Budget Cuts on Disabled Residents


STL Police Could Lose 60 Officers, Proposes “Historic” Pension Changes

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution

School District Cuts 778 Jobs, $24.4M In Anticipation Of Reduced State Budget

Alaska's governor SP v. 2.0 won't implement federal health overhaul in Alaska

Sara Palin answered some questions is what it cost to be there.

RI lawmaker proposes taxing high-priced clothing

It's important to remember, a threat to workers anywhere is a threat to workers everywhere!

Iowa human services to cut 236 jobs

Bahrain army clamps down after protests crushed

Not just NASCAR - McCollum proposes cuts to military bands, musical equipment, performances

In the propaganda wars, which side is winning?

Show Your Support for Embattled State Workers!

My Math Professor is a bagger and Indiana sucks...

My Math Professor is a bagger and Indiana sucks...

MiddleEast thread of the day: Libyans in USA allege coercion and some tweets

MERS Tells Servicers to Stop Foreclosing in Their Name - FDL

Nominee for 2nd Circuit Wins Committee Vote

The difference, IMHO, between Egypt and the US (re: protests)

Thirteen House Dems Vote With GOP To Defund Obama 'Czars'

WI Rep, Lena C. Taylor (D) will be on MSNBC Last Word tonight

This is what happens when a Democrat suggests cutting a favorite GOP program

How dare US ask for these rights!!!

Fox and the Republicans are afraid of the grassroots! That is what all this hatred is about!

All public employees throughout the US should wear a ribbon in solidarity

Orrin Hatch Makes Wisconsin His Latest Tea Party Rallying Cry

Thirteen House Dems Vote With GOP To Defund Obama 'Czars'

Cuts In State Funding Could Lead To More Auto Thefts

NY City to fire teachers, cut capital spending

OMG!! WI Dems go on the lam!!

WWII veteran Canadian drafted by the US Army passed away last week.

Facebook Group forming to Recall Scott Walker

Whoa - Coulter to join Lawrence O'Donnell live, coming up now!

Thanks for the Heart!

Two REPUB Senators reported to be missing, too!

Community action agencies face 50 percent cut in Obama budget

So, how do we change the discussion?

3 Orland Park men charged with vandalizing cars at auto show

mods pls delete, posting bug error

Jim DeMint: Bert, Ernie, the big Marxist yellow bird and their leftist pals must be stopped

150 protestors in Chippewa Falls this aft (pics)

Las Vegas: Man opens fire on girlfriend in freeway shooting spree

Reagan Democrats

Now HERE Is How You Protest The Government !!!

USC transplants kidney into wrong person

Finland has the best schools in the world and a very powerful teachers union

Kelsey Grammer's "Right Network" offers Samuel "Joe The Plumber" Weaselburger a show. USA! USA! USA!

Gene Sharp is the #1 most emailed story in the NYT

Stockton school district gives away unapproved learning materials costing $4 million

Guilty plea in newlywed crash death (under age DWI)

Asthma tied to bacterial communities in the airway

Police: Mom Kept Pills In Reach Of Kids

Turn on Rachel, she is covering the shennanigans

Rewrite the textbooks: Findings challenge conventional wisdom of how neurons operate

Anti-Walker Rally - Madison, WI | February 17, 2011 photos

DNC Expands Role In Labor Protests To Ohio, Indiana

Are there physical limits on stupid?

Defunding the Democratic Party -- Mother Jones

By far the best Rachel Maddow Show I've ever seen!

ChamberLeaks: PLAN Solicited By Chamber Lawyers Included MALWARE HACKING Of Activist Computers

What are we fighting for? The scraps. Yep, the scraps.

Ann Coulter? WTF?

Milwaukee - MPS may be closed Friday....

Cover of Madison Magazine...

Do Republicans know they are losing the battle for Wisconsin?

Fox News admits using 2010 footage of Ron Paul.Labels it "honest mistake # 463"

this is a brillaint site that follows Beck, please check it out

Albany’s Shirley Sherrod has sued Andrew Breitbart

JFK on unions: "Those who would cripple collective bargaining do a disservice to democracy"

Yeah Rachel! Wisc. doesn't have a $$ problem! The Go is lying!!!

Ramen noodle thief strikes

Wisconsinites need to call their legislators not just once, not just twice, but 10 times

Kids who skip school are tracked by GPS

Ed Schultz announced that he'll be in Madison tomorrow night, too

SD calls off open season on abortion providers.

Whoever just gave me a heart has a fine sense of humor.

Public workers by the numbers

Public workers by the numbers

Homeless man being booked by APD (Albany PD, GA)

Wisconsin teacher: ‘When you see injustice, you have to speak out’

Call your friends, your family and tell them to turn on MSNBC ED NOW!

FHA is raising it's annual MIP. So this sounds like a good thing, right?

Head's Up!! MSNBC "The Ed Show" from Madison , WI in 5 mins!!!

On the News Hour this evening, Senators Chambliss and Warner

I joined the 540,000 to See Scott Walker Out on FB. Please join the Recall Florida Governor Rick

URGENT: Public service workers are under attack (AFSCME Email & E action)

Does any else think Tweety is contemplating a trip to Madison tomorrow?

Another great progressive needs to hear from you - Bernie has a poll.

Here is A Million $$$ Program That Speaker BONER Should Defund

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher

The country wasn't "broke" until the Repubs took over and said we were "broke"

"I Stand with the Muppet Lobby!"

Walker seeks to roll back FMLA

Whomever you are, thank you.

So who will the Republicans send in to quash the Madison protests?

Nancy Pelosi just Tweeted Ed Schultz - She stands with the people in Wisconsin

Anyone watching Ed. Basically covering we are watching in WI the effect of

Glenn Beck's Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory

Wisconsin State Capitol, aka The Thunderdome!

Eau Claire County Board opposes Governor Walker's bill

damn those commie squirrels....

Watch Ed in Madison live online here:

Let me reach for the RW decoder ring

Remember this old tune?

Public sector in the crosshairs of anti-union politicians

I'm too close to this to judge. Does the rest of the world "get" what's happening in Cheddarland?

OMG! TDS is hilarious tonight...

Ed doing what Ed does best..... kudos

(Maryland) Gay marriage has the votes to pass state Senate

FIRST rule of DUI arrests: Do NOT take a swig of Scotch in front of the arresting deputy.

Meanwhile, over at the House...



My impressions of Scott Mubarak so far…

Rockford Tea Partiers show up in Rockford to harass Wisconsin Senate Dems

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Can there be a recall election in Wisconsin??

Seems To Me The Next Thing The People Of Wisconsin Should Do......

I am concern about Ed's safety tomorrow

ah naitonal leadership is getting behind the workers

Ray McGovern arrested for disorderly conduct (incident during speech by SOS Clinton)

Wouldn't it be great if this fourth attempt to reestablish whooping cranes were successful?

[POLL] Do you favor ending the collective bargaining rights of public unions? please hit this

Has The Daily Show Covered the Protests yet?

Jon Stewart Introduces The First Muslim Cosby Show: The Qu’osby Show! - VIDEO link

Sign seen in Madison

GA Legislator Wants to Create The Uterus Police to Investigate Miscarriages

AFSCME on Facebook (thumb up & comment please)

San Diego Labor Council Stands With Working Families in Wisconsin & Ohio

David Frum Pwned.

You know what would really hellp this country out?

The Absurdly Racist Fax a Congresswoman Got for Bashing NASCAR

I love how I know China is embarrassed about something when google news search is "Not working"

The WI thing? ..

The WI thing? ..

Okay, I gotta say it -- the "protest" Ed is covering looks very contrived.

School closings in Wis. should show teachers, police, firefighters and such what power they have if

Wisconsin Local Dems say they'll support recall for lawmakers voting yes on budget bill

On the repeat, Nicholls told Eddie that two

Why is the WI senate walk out worse than a U.S. senate fillubuster?

Bill would give Florida voters ability to recall state officials

Gov Walker was at the Capitol today

Is Gov. Rick Scott eyeing White House in 2012?

Download Gene Sharp's "Self Liberation" for Free Here and READ IT, DAMMIT.

Ok DU redditors, please get yourself over there and make your mark.

Coverage Of The SB 5 Protest In Columbus Today

What's happened to

This place is unbelievable, a guy forgot he has a gun in his pocket (lemme figure this out, that gun

those who have benefited the MOST from our Capitalist nation are not being

Governor Walker said he's received 8000 emails, mostly positive. Lets change that, DU.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is laughing at jokes and eating sushi and even spoke the word "better"

where are the "DEMOCRATS" regarding Wisconsin

That is all...

Why do people still believe in conspiracies?

Faith (and home schoolin') tells him not to

Military Chaplain: ‘It Must Have Been God’s Will for Her to Be Raped’

Do Something

Secret Negotiations Reveal Why Mel Gibson's Ex Turned Down $16 Million

Bahrain's Foreign Minister: "Violence was regrettable... but necessary..."

Which elected Democrats (national) have shown support for Wisconsinites?

Things that are kind of funny! Michael Bolton...head of steelworkers union.

Democracy: Only good if you like the outcome?

A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

MSNBC hiitng the top 5 on Directv "What's Hot"

Really, Lawrence? Ann Coulter?

From today's WTF File: Anna Nicole Smith Opera opens in London

Woo hoo! Pushback in Iowa...

Taxing pension income in Michigan

Tahrir Square Is Packed Again

Arizona's Stormy Senate Race: Why the National GOP Is Watching

Arizona's Stormy Senate Race: Why the National GOP Is Watching

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

PG&E wants consumers to help pay for San Bruno explosion

Planned Parenthood budget fight - NYT cites discredited "Live Action" video scam

In a nutshell, Walker inherited $127mil surplus then gave away $140mil in Tax Cuts

Rep. Mike Kelly Falsely Claims Social Security Checks Would Continue During A Government Shutdown

Gas Station Charges Nearly $5 In Orlando

Blood Runs Through the Streets of Bahrain

The world's military budgets grew by 50% in the first nine years of this century

The world's military budgets grew by 50% in the first nine years of this century

The world's military budgets grew by 50% in the first nine years of this century

Joe Scarborough trashing teachers! Not telling the story of busting collective bargaining rights!!

Good Morning America coverage of Wisconsin protests much better than expected.

The MSN has never been worse than it is about Wisconsin and Unions

Local charter school with budget trouble closes today (only open a few months, not making enough $$)

What would happen if all public workers that

Negative experiences can stop painkillers working

GOOD NEWS! Japan's whaling season ended today.

GOOD NEWS! Japan's whaling season ended today.

The Class War in “Progressive” Wisconsin (& video "We Will Fight Back")

Time for a break. Watch this for a little lighthearted fun

Fuel leak hits Norway's coast near nature reserve-Leak threatens bird sanctuary, marine park

U.S. budget proposes $5.50 fee for Canadian travellers

Key breast cancer 'driver' gene found

Kern County is losing a lucrative contract (immigration detention - 112 detainees per day)

Milwaukee Public Schools closed Friday...

Stop the Anti-Collective Bargaining Job Killing Bill in Ohio Petition Please Sign

Stop the Anti-Collective Bargaining Job Killing Bill in Ohio Petition Please Sign

"How'd it get so bad in Wisconsin" JUST heard on Morning Blo

Al Jazeera - English. We need you here!

To all the Freepers and Teabaggers going to the Pro-Gov Walker on Saturday please remember this....

We have a strike vote today.

The Five Basic Steps To Organizing a Union

Calif. Gov's Newest Ally? A 'Fur Ball' With Charm

CNN: States, GOP go after teachers unions in budget crisis

Wal-Mart, Unions Reach Tentative Deal For Possible NYC Stores

Class warfare on TeeVee this morning taking place on Morning Schmoe. Uninformed

Obama Budget Calls for Mining Companies to Pay Royalties for Use of Public Lands

What Walker is doing in Wisconsin is Reaganomics in microcosm.

"the right of the people peaceably to assemble,

"the right of the people peaceably to assemble,

Alvin Greene Gets 37 votes in his second political campaign

The Plum Line: The stakes in Wisconsin

The Plum Line: The stakes in Wisconsin

Jewish Labor Committee: Support collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin's public sector employees!

Counter rallies this weekend?

10 States Represented Only by Senators Born Elsewhere

You must make do with less so that investors can have more

"I’ll have to take Barbour at his word that he’s not a racist." - Eugene Robinson

Gawker Comment of the Day: What’s the Matter With Wisconsin?

Hey Joe Scum

"Why is that totalitarian regimes always start with eliminating labor unions?"

Thirteen House Dems Vote With GOP To Defund Obama 'Czars'

Aid Cuts Have Texas Schools Scrambling

38 Workforce Office centers to close in Iowa. If you are unemployed, you will

"Wisconsin Gov. Walker signs tax cut bill into law": Blast from the Past:

Now see, here is the way a Governor is supposed to handle budget shortfalls. Tax the wealthy

Walker gave away the surplus to rich, whines there's a shortage

Walker gave away the surplus to rich, whines there's a shortage

Sen. Jon Erpenbach Gives Reasons For Fleeing (WI)

Some live blogging from WI capital available at this link

Q: Why was now picked as the time to Shock Doctrine the USA?

DU constitutional experts: isn't there existing case law affirming the right of unions

Please Vote In this Orlando Sentinel Social Security Poll...No Cuts!

If you've been listening, you know what the repubs answer is to "Where are the jobs?"

Facing foreclosure without missing a payment...

Use the Force Luke!

Three years this week...

Dear America: You and Your Future Are Under Siege - FDL

CNN: Danger! Falling middle-class incomes

Report Shows Waiters Are Underpaid, Overworked, And Unequally Treated

Obama names Intel CEO Otellini to advisory council on Jobs and Competitiveness

The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology

Ha - I Missed This One. (Egypt Protest Photo)

If "everything is on the table", how about marijuana enforcement?

Russ Feingold: "Our Fight is not Over-Progressives Unite!!!"

The US Labor Movement and Its Achievements

Michigan, too: New guv gives $1.8 billion tax break to businesses on backs of poor, seniors

Attys: Kerrigan brother too drunk to waive rights

Maryland Senate committee approves same-sex marriage bill

Maryland Senate committee approves same-sex marriage bill

Maryland Senate committee approves same-sex marriage bill

Curious Why Conservatives Think This

Jan Brewer gives tax cuts to corporations

Jan Brewer gives tax cuts to corporations

Obama and Geithner Hand over Home Loans to Same Banks that Destroyed the Economy: Robert Scheer

Can someone give a quick primer on what's going on in WI?

No, Republicans, we are NOT trying to start a class war

'Police attacking protesters at hospital in Bahrain. Tear gas inside. Panic

'Police attacking protesters at hospital in Bahrain. Tear gas inside. Panic

When someone complains about Union Dues

Iranian Opposition Leader Missing as Tensions Rise

Revealing Her Own Abortion, Rep. Speier Criticizes Conservatives For Failing To Empathize With Women

WI--under Walker budget cuts UW Madison may be forced to increase tuition by 20%

Obey: Wisconsin Gov. Walker Is Channeling Mubarak

Amendment 1 Blues

WaPo's Robinson: Haley Barbour's silence speaks volumes

Might Tucson firefighter Mark Ekstrum have saved lives had he not refused to respond to Giffords?

Toon: so I hear you are a writer for Fox News...

A "Quiet Debate" on Social Security and Medicare? HELL NO!

Republican Amendment Would Strip Funds For Obama 'Czars,' Elizabeth Warren

Republican Amendment Would Strip Funds For Obama 'Czars,' Elizabeth Warren

Walker tell Obama to butt out

Walker tell Obama to butt out

Boner in english and spanish!

Issa Issues Subpoenoa to Bank of America; Good But

Issa Issues Subpoenoa to Bank of America; Good But

Gov. Walker’s Pretext

8 GOP State Senators In Wisconsin Can Be Recalled Right Now; Gov. Walker Can Be Recalled In January

8 GOP State Senators In Wisconsin Can Be Recalled Right Now; Gov. Walker Can Be Recalled In January

More Pictures From Wisconsin State Capitol On Thursday

Latest Pentagon Brainstorm: Nuke-Powered War Bases

Repukes Make It Clear: "Banning preex condition clauses is counterproductive"

Huckabee just said on Fox: 'unions have an "ungodly" influence on this White House & this president"

I have always admired Justice Clarence Thomas. The man is a rock

(Wisconsin) Faith leaders voice support for unions

I harp on this a lot, but I am sure Frank Luntz is behind the anti-Union push by the Repukes

TV reporter speaks about speech problem at Grammys

Stupid ignorant Freepers, you think the billionaires give a shit about you?

The submerged state - Sirota

Colin Powell's Own Staff Had Warned Him Against His War Lies

Excellent LTTE dismantles Tea Party fallacies

State troopers "go after" missing Democrats **Link to live updates**

State troopers "go after" missing Democrats **Link to live updates**

American Taliban Cleric, Mike Huckabee, calls public employee unions "ungodly"

Few states follow mental health gun law

Few states follow mental health gun law

Firefighter Refused Call to Giffords Shooting

How is Walker's proposed legislation in WI, not in violation of

Cuts to Community Health Center Funding Proposed by House Republicans Would Have Devastating Effect

Is the so-called "Rust Belt" in a state of permenant economic decline?

i can't turn on m$nbc without seeing chris christie

For Wi. and maybe a little for the rest of us....

THANK YOU, very belatedly, to whoever gave me a heart. I just now realized it.

What is the GOP Going to Demand in the Debt Ceiling Hostage Situation?

The political attacks and busting of trade unions is nothing new...

WIS Gov Makes-Up BOGUS National Ranking to Trash Wisconsin Teachers

Powell questions handling of Iraqi defector

Need help with a poll! Show some DU love.

"Unions aren't to blame for Wisconsin's budget" - nails it

Montana state Legislature has jumped off the cliff

Crowd descends on Ohio Statehouse to protest changes to collective bargaining

Student strike at University of Puerto Rico rocks island and sparks political crisis

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Note of Non-Support to Gov. Walker

Toon "We need to cut back"


Estero 'naked burglar' video released aka Mika "where'd he hide the sausage" Brezinski

Kasich is transfering Ohio tax monies to another bankster!

Rep. Flake Admits GOP Is Using ‘Funny Math’ When Claiming To Cut $100 Billion

Ed on MSNBC right now

8 Wisconsin GOP Senators are eligible for recall

Check out Russ Feingold's latest email:

Insult and Injury

Golly Gee Sarah - the lamestream media caught ya again!

GOP "Strategery" is underway in WI-OH-NJ-FL.... union busting

Government shut-down may drive APWU, AFGE, AFSME, NTEU and NLC into the mix.

Will Al Jazeera Cover What's Happening In Wisconsin?

Missing Dem Senators Seek Help to Stay Missing via Act Blue

Rachel reporting that Wisconsin unions that supported republicans are excluded from union busting

Someone gave me a third heart...

The easy way to cut $100 billion

20 killed, 200 wounded in clashes between protesters, security forces in Benghazi

Report calls quality of life in Texas 'abysmal'

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton thanks Scott Walker for Illinois marketing effort

A Brief Note of Non-Support to Gov. Walker:

Don't accept the premise

This says it all

DU these polls re: WI

Thank you to the DUer who just gave me a heart - You sure stole mine!

Protests force moving Madison's Winter Festival from Cap Square

NYC: Support Wisconsin Workers Tomorrow. Cheddar Revolution Rally is at 9AM at CNN!

Support the unions in Wisconsin!!

MoveOn Calls for Facebook actions in support of WI protests

Can recalls be filed

A very old quote that may even resonate with Freepers/Tea Baggers

Thank you for the hearts.

DU this CNN poll: what is your general view of labor unions?


Madison: National labor leader to speak here Friday; Tea Party plans Saturday rally

Glenn Prick says most Shia Muslims favor the anti-Christ

The ONLY obstruction to a complete Republican takeover are the Unions

FL GOP Legislature proposing to cut unemployment benefits from 26 to 20 weeks

Jim DeMint: Obama is not ‘the leader of our country’

Jim DeMint: Obama is not ‘the leader of our country’

How possible will it be to restore WI collective bargaining rights after this?

A Personal Story about A Union and a Company

General Electric is a Union Corporation, and they do pretty well.

By Leaving The State Do You Think The Wisconsin Dems Are Representing Their Constituents?

Steve Jobs at dinner with Obama

Castro Pot Bust Goes Awry and a Law Professor Threatens to Sue

The "script" of revolution...

LIBYA UPDATE: some vital information and a great picture.

Tea party, Americans For Prosperity launch efforts to back up FL Gov Scott's gutting high-speed rail

The newspaper headline in my hometown paper says the following:

Ouch-"Over Here We've Given Up On Both"

How about a new conspiracy theory - IMHO, the economy is just on the cusp

Democrats flee state to avoid vote on budget bill

New Mexico Democratic Sen Jeff Bingaman to retire

How are our FRiends reacting to the situation in Libya?

This is perhaps the most true online statement I have read in the entire week.

The Myth of Charter Schools

The Myth of Charter Schools

For My Friends In Wisconsin: Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (Carolina Chocolate Drops version)

Dem Rep Gets Death Threat For Saying Pentagon Shouldn't Sponsor NASCAR

Thank You Secret Admirer!!! & Thank You DU for tending your garden so well! nt

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it - Thank you for the heart dear DUer

Gracie Allen of Burns and Allen on Congress

My latest protest sign for Madison

Michigan Gov. Says He Won't 'Pick Fights' With Unions

Mom puts son on Tampa street corner to tell of poor grades

link to Madison news w/video of 4th day protesting in the Rotunda

Thanks to the rock star who gave me a heart!

Kid tells school others threatened him, gets beat, suspended

Where are the national protests in support of WI unions?

A belated but deeply felt Thank You to those who gave me hearts.

Belated Big Thank you for the heart

I got to say that every now and then Nora O'Donnell

MSNBC - why the hell

Senator: Wis. Dems to stay away for days, weeks

NYT, CNN, NBC journalists tweeting from Bahrain now -- see this list:

Winds of a recall swirling around Florida’s new governor (recall)

Hilarious Congressman Trying To Take Away Obama Teleprompter Funding

Union Thugs?

A Moral Assessment of the Attack on Social Safety Nets

Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

GOP Budget Amendments Would Destroy Health, Economy, Planet

Senator Bingaman (NM) to retire

Following in Jeb Bush's footsteps, Rick Scott insults black lawmakers.

Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care workers

My heartfelt thanks

Ed Shultz is the real thing...

Live Blog from Madison... A group on the ground floor in the Rotunda chanting in sign language

Committee passes bill changing Fla. unemployment benefits

Remember General Jerry Boykin? The "holy war" general...

5.1 Earthquake in Baja near AZ border 30 minutes ago.

"Women are being treated like slow children who don't know their own minds & have to be lectured to"

Wow. The Ben Bernanke actually standing up to international pressure.

The Tea Party and the red shirts -

madison wisconsin local teevee 'fox' poll

Who in the GOP can beat Obama??

'Wisconsin' is your fault.

You know - we may end up owing the Tea Party a debt of gratitude.

Wisconsin an "open carry" state... what will the TeaBaggers bring to Madison?

Anybody here watch RT? What do you think of it?

Congress is the army of your enemy.

To the sweetie who sent me a heart goes this vintage Valentine....

So what would it take to recall Walker? /nt

Army wants rapid-fire rubber bullets for crowd control

Need Something Else To Do? Call Boner and Ask Where Are the Jobs?

The guy is a right-wing nut!

The ReTHUG war on America is on in earnest

Senator: Wis. Dems to stay away for days, weeks

Senator: Wis. Dems to stay away for days, weeks

Lone Independent in WI assembly seeking compromise?

Radical States: GOP Forcing Their Nightmarish Right-Wing Vision on People Who Elected Them

MSNBC: "Bahrain forces fire on protesters; 50 injured"

FoxNews slams Wisconsin protests, cheered and supported Tea Party protests

Wondermark takes on the Banksters

Over 20 years ago, didn't some think tank predict exactly what we are seeing now?

Illinois Pension Bonds to Test Investors’ Faith

Good grief. Lawrence O'Donnell is having Ann Coulter upcoming on his show

Did anyone actually watch the Joy Behar interview with Helen Thomas on Wednesday?

I'll beliveve America is broke when........... vote question: What is your general view of labor unions?

Miami Herald: Is Gov. Rick Scott eyeing White House in 2012?

Miami Herald: Is Gov. Rick Scott eyeing White House in 2012?

Vanishing seats mean new rivals

Recall site for Sen. Alberta Darling (R) SE WI

Is anybody else watching Al Jazeera this morning?

Saudi prince Talal warns of uprising threat

Don't worry about Palin or Romney in 2012, look out for this guy...


did I hear correctly Jesse Jackson showed up with 7000 supporters at Wisconsin!!!1

Thanks for the hearts!

Bahrain update: At least one helicopter spraying fire on funeral mourners, journalists

Bahrain update: At least one helicopter spraying fire on funeral mourners, journalists

4,500 teagaggers in Madison?

Statement by the President on violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen

Wow, newly elected right wing teabaggers going nuts all over

Why is it Repugs can get away with murder (scarborough) or lying (all of them)

for New Mexican

WI Governor's Fake Budget Crisis: Gave Tax Breaks to Wal-Mart to Cloak His Real Agenda -- Union Bust

Already 8 schools closed for Friday in the Madison area.

Did High Speed Rail Get Killed In The Budget By The House?

Well now that I will be able to go to the solidarity rally


"Today Christians ... stand at the head of[this country..

Japan ends Antarctic whaling season

HEY, Boner Cantor and Company, it's day fucking whatever, WHERE ARE THE JOBS

Rally in support in San Diego

Obama Opposes The Republican Anti-Union Bill In Wisconsin

Military chaplain: Soldier’s rape ‘must have been God’s will’

Oh Oh Suez Canal workers join the strikes

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES House Votes to Defund 'ObamaCare

Poll (Pew): Support For Labor Unions Remains At Near-Historic Low

The Wisconsin Uprising

Awesome photo of 8 cougars on game trail

Maybe conservatives aren't so crazy

Boy Refuses to Wrestle Girl

Bi-Partisan Senators propose taxing employer-paid health care & ending home mortgage tax deduction!

Columbus Ohio TODAY!

Glenn Beck: Wisconsin unions in cahoots with Muslim Brotherhood

Hey, Repukes! "You Can't Take It With You"

Ex-aide: Colin Powell was ‘manipulated’ by Cheney into justifying Iraq war

Man discovers a knife blade lodged in his head

The internet wars have begun

Bachmann aides quit!!!!!

Making Collective Bargaining Illegal- How Is It Even Constitutional?

States should cut taxes for the rich some more to increase revenue. That will solve the budget

Strict Constructionist Comics- 2nd Amendment Version

I just saw the BEST sign ever!

Anti-Walker Rally - Madison, WI | February 18, 2011-->MASSIVE!

Ohio’s turn to revolt: Thousands flood statehouse over anti-union bill

Flashmob Foxnation

Maybe a Florida DUer can help me.....

Joe Klein: You always knew he was an asshole: Wisconsin: The Hemlock Revolution

My reply to RW'er tonight on FB (He said unions were bleeding us dry):

Senator Scott Brown's (R-MA) disclosure of sexual abuse

I was asked to speak Saturday to the protesters in Madison, Wi

Something tells me flag lapel pins would not be so popular with Republicans.

Q: Do we need to break out those second amendment remedies?

Which side are you on?

Forgive my ignorance here, but how can this end well for the Democrats in Wisc.?

Wikileaks says it will release 100+ revelations on Bahrain tonight

What is the meme with the Tea Partiers in the aftermath of the Tucson incident?

A renewed assault on public education

If Walker were governor of PA, the state workers would not be allowed to protest...

DU this poll, please Re: Wisconsin situation.

Teachers' Union In Bahrain Declares Sunday National Protest Day (FOX Heads To Explode With News)

They vote to defund health care, but they vote to keep the Army Nascar

Wisconsin Budget Law Would Put Governor In Charge Of Medicaid -- So He Can Stop Health Care Law

Help! I need some examples of conservative pundits.....

Watching Chris Matthews, I FEEL THE BLUE in Wisconsin!

Come on you all, please donate so that DU can reach its aim! If you need

Republicans Wave Bible; Why Not Democrats????

"The bill is already a compromise because we allow unions to exist"

Chaos! F--k the Recovery and Full Speed Ahead!

It's official! Conservatives hate everybody:

When you screw us, we multiply.

there are no words

What about a bill that does to corporations what they want to do to businesses

"truth" makes "reporters & spokesmodels will look ... as if they are speaking in Swahili.

The Nation: US Uncut Takes the Stage (mobilizing against corporate tax cheats)

Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Scott Brown

Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Scott Brown

The weather here in Wisconsin is holding tight! I think Walker

What's happening to the President's call to hire the unemployed?

Wisconsin: The First Stop in An American Uprising?

Join My High School Newspaper ...a note to students from Michael Moore

has anyone in the media reported that republicans have historically challenged unions?

Anthony Weiner Asks Republicans to Defund Their Own Health Care Plans

The Union Gizzley Can Eat the Tea Party Snake for Breakfast

SC: Pensioner mauled to death by Rottweilers who then turned on and attacked their owner

My mother is starting to see the light

Regulations Are Bad


I read many DU posts talking about govt. taking away this or that right in which the author

Inside the mind of Jared Lee Loughner:

They've pushed us too damn far

Bible Spice makes one of her most lucid and reasonable statements to date: (NSFM)

45 best protest signs observed in Madison

Everybody had some help somewhere.

All these Dipshit Conservative Governors are trying to Outdo Each Other

Obama’s new budget would make Big Oil pay for clean energy

BBC reports Libyan Army siding with protesters in Benghazi

Come on people -- don't just rec, reply!

Join My High School Newspaper - by Michael Moore

If Government Shutdown Occurs, Prepare For Much Collateral Damage Categories: Congress, Economy

Are You Watching MSNBC...Ed Schultz with Protest in Wisconsin?

Facebook Adds Same-Sex Relationship Statuses

Call on Twitter for protestors to bring loud noisemakers to greet the teabaggers in Madison tomorrow

John Boehner takes on government-funded jobs – unless they're in Ohio

save planned parenthood

Thom Hartmann: Muslim Brotherhood is Fox News trying to change the conversation away from the

It's a question of fairness.

If we had universal, single payer we probably wouldn't need unions as much

It is time to stop using "illegal" as a noun, referring to a person.

The walk out in Wisconsin is fun politics but what is more fun is trying to predict which Democrat

The "lesson" of the Wisconsin worker protests. You are suckers, waiting to be fleeced

Big Ed: "I knew this day was coming for a long time."

Big Ed: "I knew this day was coming for a long time."

His lips are moving....

Cut This!

Buses to Madison Saturday

Wisconsin Budget Law Would Put Governor In Charge Of Medicaid -- So He Can Stop Health Care Law

Naomi Klein on with Chris Hayes

Baltimore issues over 2,000 red light camera tickets with dead officer's signature

top tweet on twitter

Cenk Uygur Had A Great Show Tonight! His ratings seem to be great too.

Join My High School Newspaper ...a note to students from Michael Moore

Join My High School Newspaper ...a note to students from Michael Moore

Dear private sector employee,

Fox "news" currently "reporting" democratic law makers in Wisconsin should be charged with fraud

THANK YOU to whoever gave me a heart--what a wonderful way to start my evening.

Special Thanks to the person who gave me the heart!!!!!

I spotted GrovelBot! Anyone else? Do I win something? nt

Hosni Walker about to speak

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Ginned Up Budget Shortfall To Undercut Worker Rights

Obama's FY 2012 Budget Is A Tool Of Class War

Walker is giving "The Tools" speech

House votes to stop FCC funding for net neutrality

This is great news - Delaware looks like they will soon approve same sex civil unions

Ray McGovern, 27 year CIA hand: Thank you

Tunisia - Egypt - Madison, Wisconsin

The fallacy and stupidity of right wing thinking when it comes to unions

!!!Oops!!!: Fox News Airs Chants Of "Fox Lies" From Protesters In Wisconsin

Jam Walker's Phone Lines.

Bahrain: Royal Horror.

Keep in Mind It Would Take the 5th Fleet About 15min. to Show Bahrain's Emir the Door

LA Times: FCC investigating Fox over its operation of WWOR-TV

From a 12-year-old

Military, spook and corporate plans to deploy "personas" (sock-puppets) on Internet: New examples...

I just sent the following LTTE to my local rag. Wonder if they'll print it?

This sounds like a man who is afraid.

Koch Industries Slashed WI Jobs, Helped Elect Scott Walker, Now Orchestrating Pro-Walker

Totally blind senior had his sight restored as he talked to a photo of his deceased wife.

Wisconsin story has gone international!

George Soros fires back at Glenn Beck - Rupert Murdoch is the Real Puppet Master

George Soros fires back at Glenn Beck - Rupert Murdoch is the Real Puppet Master

Iowa High School Girl Wrestler Loses in Second Round

I saved a life. To celebrate,I'll sponsor 2 more DUers who need stars

Question: Is There Anybody Here, Who Still Thinks There Is No Class War ???

Walker is NOT a college dropout, so stop saying that.

Berlin divided over 'Ronald Reagan Strasse'

Right Wing is screwed, and they know it.

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... Peach state edition

What has organized labor done for you?

THANK YOU to my Secret Admirer

Thank You Dean Baker !!! (Re: Wisconsin Fight)

BBC: Gaddafi acts on increasing unrest (shuts off internet & electricity)

Sorry, But This Just Upset Me (What They're "Whining" About In Wisconsin)

Intel Building $5 Billion Plant in AZ

This is important for Americans to understand regarding Wisconsisn

Jackie Speier delivers a personal response to GOP's war on reproductive rights

Is the left here in the United States of America in a Run Boy Run moment....

Dems Closed Much Larger Budget Shortfall In Wisconsin Without Destroying Worker

Russ Feingold Rallies Protesters In Madison

Wisconsin Protest Signs

Mika Brzezinski on Unions: "They cripple the system that makes a company work."

So, here's the thing about unfunded pensions....

So, here's the thing about unfunded pensions....

The Republican war on women and on...breast pumps?

Do Deficits Matter?

Do Deficits Matter?

Rockin' and rollin' in Arkansas

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Funded by the Koch Bros.

Dylan Ratigan show has been Foxed up

Follow LibyanYouthMovement - @ShababLibya - on Twitter, for breaking news

Cindy Sheehan characterizes the anti-war movement as a "no balls" effort.

Many on-air "personalities" are union members..Here's what THEY have

Mother Jones: Wisconsin: Tea Partiers, Breitbart Coming To Fight Unions

Speaking of thugs,who the fuck is this guy?

they're ffreaking out in Freeperville

Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care workers

Corporate welfare paving the way for new nuclear reactor construction

Chris Hays is on in Cenk's place...

GREAT tweet about what folks are doing for the marchers

OMG, Permafrost Melting Fast & Irreversibly says NSIDC, Huge CO2 Source

Please Help Out Ohio Anti-Union Senate Bill 5 Contact Senators "On the Fence"

Unbelivable propaganda on "Fox And Fiends"

Perry Moore Dead at 39 - Author of "Hero" and Executive Producer of "Chron of Narnia"

What a sick joke the "no inflation, no COLA for 2 years" has become on our seniors

Inspiring Video from Madison: On Wisconsin

Can someone explain the logic behind union busting to me?

Freepers and lurkers please check these little facts out.

Toon: Another Hotspot of unrest...

Toon: Another Hotspot of unrest...

Does anyone know what WI public employees pay for benefits now, and what it will go up to?

Found "Harlan County, USA" on my Comcast cable guide - 3/1 at 9:15am on IFC

Found "Harlan County, USA" on my Comcast cable guide - 3/1 at 9:15am on IFC

The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator: Fair and Balanced Paranoia, Delivered on Demand at:

The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator: Fair and Balanced Paranoia, Delivered on Demand at:

Firefighter refused call to Tucson shooting spree scene

The National Guard would never fire on their own people

PHOTOS: Sorry, folks...I'm simply out of adjectives for this one.

PHOTOS: Sorry, folks...I'm simply out of adjectives for this one.

If you sat on your hands on election day last year or

Secretary of State Clinton is Deeply Concerned About Events in Bahrain

Secretary of State Clinton is Deeply Concerned About Events in Bahrain

Stand up Democrats! The wealthy need to pay more taxes.

Goldman-Sachs Newsletter is very upset America is letting riff-raff in Wisconsin get out of hand

Goldman-Sachs Newsletter is very upset America is letting riff-raff in Wisconsin get out of hand

Which Side Are You On?

Why are some liberals now beginning to bad mouth Unions and promote charter schools?

One question for President Obama--and it is a defining one

Well, well, the Wisconsin Club for Growth

This is it - the fight between Corporate powers and the workers has begun. Let's see how this

This is it - the fight between Corporate powers and the workers has begun. Let's see how this

Every now and then I have to reread this very old clipping.

Times of India suggests American arrested in Pakistan was running US drone program

House votes to defund Planned Parenthood??

House votes to defund Planned Parenthood??

House votes to defund Planned Parenthood??

Over 1 MILLION protesters in Azadi Square Iran.

Heads up: Teabaggers coming to Madison to combat "union thugs"

Would you attend The Super Bowl if (drunk) fans were legally allowed to bring their guns?

Iran's Revolutionary Guard tell Iranian Government they will not open fire on their own people.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard tell Iranian Government they will not open fire on their own people.

Manuscript of former Palin Aide Frank Bailey's book leaked

Support Wis. and Other Embattled Workers (Change your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures)

Here's what the House did today: Blocked all funds for Planned Parenthood and defunded the Health

WI--Walker cutting $900 million from public education--prevent rise in property taxes to cover

Repukes might have more problems, now that they are going after the haves.

sigh. email I received from Tea Party Patriots. on Wi.


just look at the obvious....the deficit was not mentioned during the bu$h* years

Rep. Chris Murphy Announces Bill To End Supreme Court Immunity To Judicial Ethics Law

Neighbors video of man regular beating his dog leads to 4 year prison sentence

Wisconsin police hunt Democratic leader...

Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

Is the internet killing empathy?

Is the hit out on Al Jazeera now?

Is the hit out on Al Jazeera now?

House Dem reveals abortion on the House floor

A updated protest sign my daughter helped with...Steal me!!

Do you support the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?

D.C. Protesters Picket at Boehner’s Apartment

…and now for something entirely different: Herb Kohl wimps in to the crisis

Here's a look at Wisconsin's budget ..yeah you guessed it

What hath Walker wrought?

Vote on this CNN poll "What is your view of Labor Unions?" Need your input!

WSJ Poll: Hit it for Workers!

Photo shows Obama at dinner with Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

I'm screwed, so I want you to get screwed too.

The right is getting really, really ugly about Wisconsin

Science condemns GM crops

What is it with hordes of psychotic right-wingers at newspaper web-site comment pages?

"Most of the headlines you see about (Wisconsin) are wrong" --Rachel Maddow

Protesters push boycott of Walker's supporters

Ok younger DU'ers, come over, and listen up

Koch brothers and CFL light bulbs? I noticed that recently the Tea Party

The fabulous 14 Democrats who are inspiring a nation:

Well I am off for the rally here in San Diego

Green car book disses the Chevy Volt, and GM isn't too happy

War has been declared.


Are there other unions striking with AFSCME in WI?

Any word on Bobolink?

How come it's always China that is kicking our ass? How come it's never Germany?

How come it's always China that is kicking our ass? How come it's never Germany?

Sockpuppets Sockpuppets Sockpuppets Sockpuppets Sockpuppets

Pelosi says she's 'proud' of Wisconsin Democrats who fled

So let me get this straight, Breitbart is bussing teabaggers to WI to protest FOR the government?

What this is about? Why is this such a big fucking deal?

Wisconsin Is A Battleground Against Billionaire Kochs' Plan To Break Labor's Back

Anonymous targets

I need a gun and advice, in that order. Don't criticize until you read the post.

A question for TN Duers

I STAND WITH SCOTT WALKER RALLY (organized by American Majority)

Justin Bieber: Rape "is really sad, but everything happens for a reason."

My rant to a Beck-ite Facebook friend who was whining about the evil teacher's union

The "deficit" is a Republican-generated crisis...

Ever wanted a mobile version of DU? Unlimited edit time? Unlimited time on your My Posts page?

Glenn Beck is not crazy.

Glenn Beck is not crazy.

RW is emboldened to attack public pensions because Dem policy is almost the same.

Breaking News: Obama administration rescinds key parts of federal

CNN poll on Unions. 54% to 27% AGAINST UNIONS. Please hit if you want...

Welcome to the Friday Afternoon Challenge! The Bloody Crossroads: when art is condemned!

They Only Lock Up Heroes in Quantico

Firefighter refused call to Giffords shooting (*&&&^&*%%$$%$% right-wing $%#&&##**)

Hackers Group Warns Westboro Baptist: You Will Face Our Vicious Retaliation

Kids in my community who don't perform on standardized tests...

You want the "Big Lie?" HERE'S the "Big Lie":


Josh Marshall: Look at the Map, How many states have collective bargining

Thank you for the heart!

Is it wrong to make my kids starve because I bought this big ass gun?

List of Walker contributors for boycotting

List of Walker contributors for boycotting

I found the motherlode of union songs!!! AUDIO Check it out!!

Republicans seek to quash ‘net neutrality’ rules

Stanford sues FBI agents – and the US government

Oh...WTF...I do this every few years here on DU...just to annoy folks.

doh! why didn't i think of this before.

Obama on sideline as senators tackle entitlements

Did you ever camp out in the Lounge?

Sen. Brown of Ohio Comments on Senate Bill 5

Whatever happened to that guy?

Madison city council extends collective bargaining agreements

Grass Roots: Catholic bishop echoes support for labor (in Wisconsin); what does your faith say?

Japan ends Antarctic whaling season

Public Employee Union Protests Spread From Wisconsin to Ohio

Next time you're "stuck in traffic", think of this:

NFL, players’ union agree to mediation (NFL UNION fights for their RIGHTS))

NFL, Players' Union Agree to Mediation (Two weeks before a potential lockout)

Best Album Pairing. I say Rolling Stones "Exile" and The Clash "Sandanista!"

DU this CNN poll: what is your general view of labor unions?

Cairo braced for 'victory march' to mark Mubarak's fall

MiddleFingerMom's first dance recital picture. NSFW

Yay, team trivia win!

Culinary union workers arrested during protest

A break from Scott Walker...with music by Scott Walker

NLRB Amendment Beaten By GOP, Dem Coalition

"Jersey Shore" star Deena Cortese: "I think I dress a little bit less slutty now." USA! USA! USA!

WikiLeaks Brings to Light Suspected Baby Trafficking from Egypt to Canada

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart today.

Be careful if they're not willing to buy you dinner FIRST.

If you like mellow jazz, Jazz with Joe Parlocha is on now at JazzFM 91

Judge Tells Government to Resume Permits for Drilling

Teacher Shortage Closes State's Largest School District

France: global imbalances risk causing new crisis

Fed may reconsider plan to limit debit card fees

Bahrain protests: Thousands attend funerals

Type alt 259 into the body of your thread and you'll get a heart.

One good thing about being a supra-genius: idiots on facebook only debate me once.

Key cleric wants house arrest for Iranian opposition leaders

I saw a video, it was about a guy that does multiplication in his mind.

Half past February, and it's 37 and raining

Disco Goat

Wis. assembly speaker plans vote on union bill

In France, U.S. advocacy for Muslim rights raises more than a few hackles

Pardon me, but do have any Pink Poupon?

FBI urges Congress to expand Internet wiretapping

Libya protests: 'Mass gathering' in Benghazi

How NOT to Commit an Armed Robbery

Tourists in Southern California charter boats to go out MiddleFingerMom-watching.

Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Introduce Afghanistan Withdrawal Legislation

FINALLY! A pick-up line I can use in a bar!

Wisconsin Is 'Ground Zero' For Battle Over Unions

666 donations...

Knife removed from man's head after four years

U.S. Extradition Claims Revealed by WikiLeaks Site

Bahrain troops shoot at protesters: ex MP

AZ Patient's life hangs in the balance over budget balancing

U.K. cancels plan to sell forest land

'Anonymous' Hackers Help Iranian Activists Fight The Regime

Some GOP senators say bill goes too far (Ohio)

OK, admit it

Have I mentioned today that I fucking LOVE Detroit??

ChamberLeaks: Plan Solicited By Chamber Lawyers Included Malware Hacking Of Activist Computers

Since so many loungers are obsessed with what we are eating,

Man, I could really go for a big slice of hoe cake right about now.

The things that make you go hmmmm.

Faith No More - Zombie Eaters

Today, I *rocketed* through the Hoary Krummholz

Kali has WAY too much time on her hands out there on the ranch.

An Appropritate Song for this Fundraiser -- Bonnie Raitt's "Have A Heart"

The absolute greatest rock and roll album ever made - or ever will be made

The absolute greatest rock and roll album ever made - or ever will be made

Anybody know .php and how to customize DCforum +?

How to make a Lady Gaga track greatness

In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

A certain well known DUer asked if I had any photos from the 2003 Philly party....

Thank you... from me and all my sock puppets.

I know somebody on DU made this video...

Egypt Agrees To Let 2 Iranian Vessels Transit Suez Canal

Conservatives Lose Effort For Deeper Spending Cuts

Sen. Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico to retire

CONFESS!! Which one of you bad boys or gals gave me my Evil DUer heart?

IFJ Condemns ‘Unacceptable' Threats against Journalists in Colombia

Radio Flyer Car

Kucinich must pay $50,000 for improperly using campaign expenses

Some streak: Belgium marks 250 days with no government

Hillary Clinton urges Taliban to reject al-Qaeda allies

Firefighter refused call to Tucson shooting spree scene - Cited "Political Bantering"

God's gift to women.

Bahrain royal family orders army to turn on the people

Bahrain Crown Prince pledges inclusive dialogue

Australia asks Sweden to give Assange fair hearing

Thank you!

Protest violence in Yemen kills five demonstrators

probably silly question about Vicodin

Northern Lights: Solar Flares May Disrupt Power Grids & Communication Systems ..( like China)

Libya protests leave 24 dead

Military chaplain: Soldier’s rape ‘must have been God’s will’

Strickland denounces ‘tyrant’ Kasich

Amnesty says 46 killed by Libyan security forces

Jailed Puerto Rican nationalist is denied parole

Wis. protesters buoyed by delay on anti-union bill

You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a cattender. (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Kuwait and Djibouti in the mix as list of protest-hit countries grows

Kuwait and Djibouti in the mix as list of protest-hit countries grows

Who wants some updoc?


Amish Man Charged with Running $33M Ponzi Scheme

In Amman, protesters clash with government supporters

My Maker's Mark barrel has been filled and will be ready for drinking in seven years or so.

NASA picks Thurs. for Discovery's final launch

Iran seeks beat sanctions with pipelines

Save planned parenthood

Fresh protests hit Iraqi cities (Reports of deaths as 1000s rally against corruption & bad services)

U.S. fines Delta Air $2 million over disabilities rules

Ohio Executes One-Time Neo-Nazi Who Killed 3

Thousands of Aristide backers march in Haiti

Iran's Revolutionary Guard pledges to hold fire

Colombia: Entire villages flee as drug gangs move in

Things Fred Mertz did in the Ricardos' apartment while they were out of town

SUV, check- Sled, check- Young Girl, check-

Omanis rally against corruption, low wages

Funny football play.

Somewhere in this world, there is a cat very aptly named "Doofus". (MAJOR dial-up warning!!!)

Kasich On Senate Bill 5: 'I Am Very Optimistic'


Banks told to stress-test for 11% jobless rate

House votes to block EPA's global warming power

Bahrain troops open fire on demonstrators

Will someone please explain "never let me go"? SPOILERS

Public Worker Protests Spread From Wisconsin to Ohio

James Burke should do another Connections series.

Pretty bad when a 5.1 quake about 100 miles away gets so little respect..

Has Janeane Garofalo ever been specifically "anti FBI?"

Someone gave me yet another heart...I am very appreciative, and almost embarassed...

Ex-aide: Colin Powell was ‘manipulated’ by Cheney into justifying Iraq war

Gasoline hits a high for February

Doctor, all I remember is -- during our argument -- my cute neighbor telling me... (DIAL-UP warning)

Thank you...

Went for some lab tests and visited the University of Arizona campus today.

Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care workers

Jeff Bingaman (D) to retire

I got a heart that says "EVIL DUER."

Wis. GOP sends state troopers after Democrat

Rush the Band appreciation thread.

Is he seducing her? He's seducing ME!!! He's seducing HER!!!

Prisoner voting: High Court blocks compensation bid

Obama joins Wisconsin's budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

House blocks federal aid for Planned Parenthood

Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) is the new Wonder Woman

Bill targets teacher collective bargaining (Tennessee)

I'm going to let you in on a secret about my Fiancee......

Setback for conservatives as many Republicans reject sharply deeper cuts

my cat is very sick

4 thrown to deaths from bridge in southern Mexico

Ferret face:

I've heard of bowling.

Does anyone here want some updog?

Social Security Agency: GOP Spending Cuts Could Force Furloughs Of Social Security Workers

Puppy was spayed today :(

Wis. GOP sends state troopers after Democratic senate leader

Few States Following Mental Health Gun Law

Government shutdown is likely, Pelosi aide says

nom nom nom nom nom

Today I had a professional organizer help with organizing my house - all I can say is AMAZING

Besides me, is there anyone that only have hearts that were given out by admins?

Who wants to join my internet band?

In Blow To Rule Of Law-Court Dismisses Lawsuit To Hold Former Gov Officials Accountable For Torture

Somali pirates hijack US yacht: NGO

Army Trains For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

House votes down bill to ax military sponsorship of NASCAR

Walker peeved by Obama's meddling

The Drunkest Countries In the World

U.S. Vetoes Palestinian Bid at UN to Halt Israeli Settlements

Texas Census Paints Evolving State Portrait of Old Anglos, Young Hispanics

I find the Trojan Vibrations commercials disturbing. "WE GOT 3 OF THEM!" "SWEET!"


Egypt protest hero Wael Ghonim barred from stage

5 Evil DUer Hearts were given to me because I made fun of Rush (the band)

(German defence minister) Guttenberg Seeks to Wait Out Plagiarism Scandal

Wis. governor rules out compromise with unions

Progressive music is not dead!

After Nasser's Death Sadat Turned Egypt Into A US Client State

MRN: Cavs Beat Lakers = Freedom In Bahrain

Finland's education success BBC

Ray McGovern confronts Rumsfeld

Ohio Senate Bill 5 Protesters

Ed Bus for mayor of Chicago (parody)

MSNBC: Cenk w/ Congressman on President Obama Budget Cuts

We Need Jobs: MN AFL-CIO Day on the Hill

Rachel Maddow: Jon Erpenbach in undisclosed place Walker Protest

In Wisconsin, “Everything’s at Risk”

Ed Schultz, John Nichols in Madison, WI: huge crowds protest 'puppet' Gov. Walker

ED SCHULTZ Massive backlash to anti-union WI governor

Obama Budget Pushes States Into War With Their Unions

11 Wisconsin State Senators From An Undisclosed Location Cheered On By Protesters

Anti-Walker Rally - Madison, WI | February 17, 2011

Ed Schultz Show | Madison, WI | 02-17-11 | View from the Crowd Part 1

There is Power in A Union--Billy Bragg

Dylan Ratigan Force Feeds Congressman Issa Facts On Wall Street Crimes

ED SCHULTZ Ed in Wisconsin

We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel - WITH LYRICS

Which Side Are You On? Dropkick Murphys

Wisconsin State Assemblyman Robin Vos vs. Howard Dean on CNBC

Young Turks Debate: What Should The U.S. Military Be Doing?

Student Speaker at Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Rally

Bread and Puppets Circus Explains the US Economy

U.S. Military's Rape Epidemic Lawsuit

TRMS: Union-Busting and Renegade Wisconsin Congressman.

Revolution in Wisconsin!

Protest downtown Madison 2/16/11 #wiunion

Proof That Lies Led To Iraq War - Colonel Wilkerson w/ Cenk on MSNBC

Urgent Message from Libyan; Under Attack being murdered now

Bahraini Doctor pleads for help

Tweety Weighs In on Republicans Who Refuse to Denounce Birthiers

4th Day of Protesting in WI Capitol Rotunda

Eyewitness Report from Libya (warning-graphic)

Worker's Song - Dropkick Murphys

Weiner on GOP Congress: If Republicans Are Legislating, Then It's Chilly In Hell

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Good Morning America


If you want a job you'll have to lie, at least a little...

New Theme Music for the Republican Controlled House

Scott Walker TV Ad: The Subliminal Message

Do You Care?

Anti-Walker Rally Outside - Madison, WI | February 18, 2011

Protesters can topple Saleh: Yemeni analyst

Anti-Walker Rally Firefighters – Madison, WI | February 18, 2011

Michele Bachmann: What Is America's #1 Vital Issue In The Middle East?

Dropkick Murphys ~ Workers Song

Mr. Potato Head Joe Scarborough: Wisconsin Public Unions Are " GREEDY ", Free Riders.

Mock the Dummy- EGYPT

TDPS: Scott Walker's Attacks on Union Fundamentally Attacks on Democratic 2012 Funding

Bahrain's army deliberately kills peaceful protesters with live rounds (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Anti-Walker Rally Inside The Capitol – Madison, WI | February 18, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell Brings Ann Coulter on Olbermann's Old Time Slot

TDPS: Net neutrality hearings a sham, GOPers in charge paid off by Comcast & others

Jesse Jackson comes to Wisconsin

Monckton Bunkum #1 - Global cooling and melting ice


TRMS: Don't Kill Big Bird! (On Funding - Big Oil or NPR/PBS?)

Look for the Union Label

Judge Napolitano WikiLeaks Rant

Rachel Maddow: PROTESTS In Wisconsin Are About the SURVIVAL Of The DEMOCRATIC PARTY

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) In Opposition to the Pence Amendment

Who is Ray McGovern?

Sanders: Throwing Little Old Ladies Out in the Cold

WISCONSIN: We're Not Gonna Take It Any More

Thom Hartmann vs Rep. Steve King - aren't you embarrassed for America?

Thom Hartmann calls out Montana for declaring Global Warming beneficial

Wisconsin Protesters So Loud They Drowned Out FOX Reporter

Making Fortune on Poverty: JP Morgan's Big Food Stamp Business

Iowa Grandmother defends gay marriage...

Young Turks: Talk Show Host Destroys Conservative! (Teresa Strasser Vs David Frum)

Weiner Calls On Republicans to Defund Their Own Health Care Plans

DemocracyNow: Ray McGovern Beaten, Arrested for Silent Protest at Clinton

The Stimulus Turns Two: How Obama Quietly Changed Washington

Panel: BP questioned Halliburton Co. cement work years and hours before Gulf blowout

I love how Obama is always 2 steps ahead of everyone else

President's job approval rating up in Pennsylvania, poll finds!

oops thread is a dupe

Paul Krugman: Willie Sutton Wept

"This is a watershed moment unlike any that we have experienced in our political lifetimes."

US allocating non ODA aid to Egypt

Pelosi: "I stand with the students and workers of Wisconsin!"

The GOP and the Tea Party lose on Jeopardy to...

Organize, Organize, Organize

Self-deleted by member

Poll needs some DU help!

Moving closer to a train wreck: Republicans ignorant of consequences of shutting down government

Today's featured Wikipedia article: "Bring Us Together" (Nixon '68 slogan)

The nativists are restless, and reached a new level of vileness in Colorado.

Eugene Robinson: Whistling Dixie—Again

Reagan served as President of "the nation’s largest labor union representing working actors"

How can Obama do this to people w/ a deadly disease. This I just don't understand

****HEADS UP****Obama to remark on education, jobs, and the economy at Intel in Oregon

Ouch. That's going to hurt....

A $17.5 Million Hole In K-12 Education-So Walker Can Slash Corp Tax By $187 Million?!?

Sherrod Brown Backs Dems In Wisconsin -- And Encourages Hardball In Ohio

Please DU this poll?

In Wisconsin, the cry should be "How does taking away rights equal a balanced budget?"

Bachmann and Boehner slam Pres. Obama over Wisconsin...

"Schaitberger said the president has always been an advocate for collective bargaining rights"

Obama should fight against Union-Busting as hard as he fought for tax cuts

I wonder how many of the Wisconsin protesters voted Republican?

Rumors via Twitter have the Secret Service in Madison. . .hmmmmm

An Achillies Heel in the Fox/GOP attack message against public workers

Gavin Newsome looks huge compared to Obama.

Washington Post: Obama joins Wisconsin's budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill

Obama voted against the debt ceiling?

With a governor in Wisconisn like Scott Walker, it's no wonder all the happy cows are in California

Repealing healthcare law would cost $210 billion: CBO

TIm Kaine running for Senate would be genius. Anything to get him out of the DNC

Obama Can Revolutionize Rural America with Broadband, FDR-style

8 GOP Senators from Wisconsin are eligible for recall

Will Obama go to Wisconsin and rally for the public employees? n/t

Krugman: "Mr. Obama...has done more to rein in long-run deficits than any previous president."

PPP: Obama improves his standing in TN since '08, but still loses to most GOPers

PPP: Obama improves his standing in TN since '08, but still loses to most GOPers

Joe Scar on right now ......blathering about unions and their "unfair positions"

between 2016 and 2020, Texas will turn Blue

Let's say it's Romney who is the GOP nominee...

Obama is being criticized from morning to night on MSNBC re: WI situation

Wassup with the impending 2 billion dollar Presidential campaign? Isn't anyone...

I Hate Republicans.... the tune

U.K. Start-Up Aims to Cash in on Small Fusion Reactor

The Breakthrough Institute pushes right wing myths and partners with right-wing organizations

TreeHugger Detained by Police at Greenpeace Anti-Coal Protest

American Voters Want EPA, Not Congress, to Set Standards

Peak oil notes - Feb 17

Drumbeat: February 18, 2011

Climate change in black and white

Fishing down food web leaves fewer big fish, more small fish in past century: UBC research

Economic Slump and Energy Efficiency Drive U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop

Yeah! Take THAT! Whitfield (R-KY) Strips $1.5 Million From Energy-Efficiency Plan For US Capitol

From The Dept. Of "NO!!!" - Dems Score High, GOP Low On 2010 Environmental Voting Records - LCV

Demand for uranium threatens Grand Canyon biodiversity (and LA’s drinking water)

News Release : Pollution Triggers Genetic Resistance Mechanism in a Coastal Fish

Climate skeptics grill Barack Obama adviser

Republicans Are Using the Budget to Wage a Massive Assault on the Environment

China’s drought threatens global food security

Climate: Putting people over money

Cape Wind Still Waiting: Key Massachusetts Officials Urge Federal Government to Approve Loan Guarant

Hyundai Unveils Tucson Ix Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle at Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy 2011

Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies on Earth, says CU-Boulder prof

House Rejects Proposal To Close Lake Michigan Locks To Block Asian Carp

Throwing Little Old Ladies into the Cold

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Pa Rock's Ramble has a great op ed on Wisconsin:

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Trickle Down prosperity then and now.....

Thanks to my fellow DUer who just gave me my second Valentine Heart.

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The solution in Afghanistan: Get out

WikiLeaks: US wanted 'derogatory' information on Bahrain king's sons

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Firefighter refused to respond to Tucson massacre 'cause of "political bantering" at firehouse..WTF?

Rep. Jackie Speier Admits To Having Had An Abortion In Speech On House Floor

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Labor's Last Stand

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Trial postponed for 20 in alleged gun smuggle ring

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Columbia Falls (republican moran) lawmaker wants guns allowed on school property (Montana)


Boy shot after Apple store dispute dies

NY prosecutor charges 9 Long Island gun shop owners/emloyees in assault weapons case

...Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport

For those who wish to reinstate the AWB... (warning: some pictures)

Few states follow mental health gun law

Texas Lawmakers Aim For Guns On College Campuses

Va. Tech shooting victims oppose campus guns bill (Texas)

This place is unbelievable, a guy forgot he has a gun in his pocket (lemme figure this out, that gun

Backpacking heat -- Concealed weapons on campus

I went to a gun show last weekend. One vendor's product intrigued me, and I ended up buying...

20 Arrested As Feds Bust Major Gun Ring - 300 AK-47s Seized Before Making Way To Mexican Drug Cartel

Educators oppose letting teachers carry firearms (Nebraska)

Capital Area District Library gets restraining order on open gun carriers (Lansing MI)

River of Guns Winds Through Some Interesting Spots

Who can believe that Chavez will build 913 homes per day?

Housing Minister quizzed over house-building timetables and projects

Colombia: Entire villages flee as drug gangs move in

IFJ Condemns ‘Unacceptable' Threats against Journalists in Colombia

Colonel accuses ex-congressman of paramilitary ties

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Jailed Puerto Rican nationalist is denied parole

Thousands of Aristide backers march in Haiti

Auburn: Toomer's Oaks


Terrified Ray Allen Discovers Celtics Lab Containing Thousands Of Test-Tube 'Big Babies'

Contador Cleared Of Doping By International Cycling Federation's Doping-Clearing Board

Black Folks Love the NBA All-Star Game

Former Bears player Dave Duerson found dead...

Visitation OK'd after same-sex relationship ends (Arkansas)

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Date Night in the Garden of Eden - Creation Museum denies admission to perceived same sex couple

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Pope John Paul's coffin to be exhumed for faithful

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Would you change, or at least pretend to change, your beliefs for money?

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