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The "journalists" asking the President questions made me pretty mad today.

Russia Cannot Support Further Sanctions On Iran – Lavrov

Question for the mods ---

I planted my potatoes last weekend

News from Egypt: Police 'claiming' to have been forced to torture, updates and details.

The most bizarro-world reporting on foreclosures that I've seen

A cartoon strip

Congressman Weiner is on O'Donnell at 8

AP: GOP plans Sioux City debate (week before the Feb. 6 caucuses)

Majority of Republicans Now Birthers?

"Sorry, your last transaction could not be completed" (DU Donation page) .. WTF?

It's Libya's turn now. (Al-Jazeera will cover this one) PROTESTS AT 3am local, BBC NEEDS CONTACTS

An 'English goddess' for India's down-trodden

Obama Veto Threat Of GOP Spending Bill Ratchets Up Talk Of Government Shut Down

WikiLeaks Row Intensifies As US Makes 'Privacy' Move Against Twitter - UKGuardian

Protests and Revolt where famous people go! Jay-Z, Mariah Carry, etc

William Jefferson Obama

William Jefferson Obama

Sen Lee... how many jobs do you think will go away

Critical Question: Does Boehner Have the Rabid Animals Under Control?

Obama, GOP steering onto budget collision course

Republican attitudes about Obama are worse than I thought.

McClatchy: Obama says he'd stop adding to debt, but that's not true

Independent UK: Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

Independent UK: Chevron's dirty fight in Ecuador

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

Toon: Comparing Wingnut responses

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

Obama Needs to Buy a Mirror

Red State governors are pressing union busting in WI, IN, and Penn.

Is this what they need the ''Patriot Act'' for?

Thanks so much to the folks who gave me hearts

Republicans want to turn America into the Sobeit Union

Has atheism ever inspired cultural works in any meaningful way?

Rachel is exposing Orange Man's lies from today

Addendum: 'The Last Time Wisconsin Called In The National Guard...'

Danziger raises a good point!

How was it Reagan managed to raise taxes 7 out of 8 years.

WaPo Op Ed: Workers Toppled a Dictator in Egypt, but Might be Silenced in Wisconsin

Obama asks for science boost; Republicans look for cuts

You're right, Orangeman! We're broke.....

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remembering feb 15, 2003, when millions around the world protested the upcoming war in iraq

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Obama's Budget, What Does It Include?

H.Res.92: zOMG!!1 Martial law declared!!!

Democrats criticize Kansas lawmaker’s comments about ‘olive complexion’

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Are there any DUers we haven't seen for a while?

John Boehner's state may get $450 million extra in new budget.

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You all almost made me cry

DN! EXCLUSIVE: Authorities Search and Copy U.S. Journalist’s Notes, Computer and Cameras

Caboodle Ranch, a village for hundreds of homeless cats - story and pics

United grounds jets upon finding inspections overdue

From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud (NYT)

Obama's education budget would spare Pell grants, increase spending 11% overall

Balding in 20s could hint at prostate cancer later in life

My friend's blog and her commitment to a year of volunteering, great idea...

Is Jeopardy a game show....?

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Iran protests 'going nowhere', says Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Daily Kos has a petition to draft Elizabeth Warren for MA Senate in 2012 --

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The Time has come,said the walrus...

Baltimore to Buy Cheaper Teachers...

Holy smoking Kenyans!

California governor Brown freezes state hiring

Toon: Eerily Quiet

Haley Barbour will no longer denounce racists

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fuck the god-damned mine field

Wisconsin Governor Threatens To Replace Union Workers With National Guard - HuffPo

Watson blows away the competition tonight,

I just noticed my heart - thank you so much

Can't we use the initiative process to lower our representative's salaries to

Anybody hear the argument that NPR is unconstitutional?...

Defense dept. denies Patreaus leaving Afghanistan

Curverball lies about WMD. Charge Bush crime family with war crimes.

Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet

3rd Party Candidate

Davie (FL) paying officer to not work — for 7 years

Fast Eddie just said Walker put the National Guard in Wisconsin on alert.

Robert Reich: Why We Should Raise Taxes on the Super-Rich and Lower Them on the Middle Class

I proudly use my first post

Do you live in an earthquake fault zone? Find out with new online maps

Four-year-old Iowa girl Averie Carrion walked quarter-mile in snow, cold to save mom, brother

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Republicans are and always have been big spenders.

Thanks for the hearts!!

Mahalo for the hearts. I am touched

What's next, "Obama request repeal of Voting Rights Act"?

Fusion Centers Map, Locations, Contact Information

Thank you to the two people who gave me hearts!

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer...

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer...

What if Mubarak is shot? Do you believe that he suddenly has cancer?

Well, YouTube Just Went Down

Panel Review Questions FBI Theory in Anthrax Attacks After 9/11

the other side, is REALLY creepy...

Report details birth control sabotage....

I am soooooooooooooo grateful! Thanks for the heart, secret admirer! n/t

LA Times: California Supreme Court to consider key issue in battle over same-sex marriage

Obama really pisses me off!

3 States Challenge Federal Policy on Storing Nuclear Waste

100% PROOF U.S.A. has tested DIRTY RAIN to infect AMERICAN CITIZENS! 15 years ago!

South Dakota: highest rate of forcible rape 76.5 per 100,000

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Senators urge baseball to ban smokeless tobacco

What did the US and Britain know prior to the July 7 London bombings?

The resignation of German Federal Bank President Axel Weber

Prisoners stole millions from the IRS in 2009

Iraqi defector 'Curveball' Janabi denies WMD claims

Senate votes 86 - 12 to pass Patriot Act extension

Jeff Flake's Immigration Problem (R-AZ running for Kyl's seat)

I have 10 hearts that need a home.


When we take to the streets in protest, it's going to have to be for the long haul.

Even if (especially if) you hate Joe Scum, this is a good morning to watch.

NASA craft snaps pics of comet in Valentine fling

Is any network reporting about the protest about the governor's attempt to break the unions? nt

New Bumper sticker

MSM hypes Libyan protest

My good friend is a union member in WIsconsin

Texas Denies Compensation to Man Released from Death Row because Document Lacked Word “Innocence"

Ecuador Court Fines Chevron $9 Billion in Rain Forest Pollution Case

Veterans say rape cases mishandled, "did not act like a rape victim"

Medical Insurance +7.92%, Fed Tax +4.6%, Pension +0

Teacher sick out in Madison, WI

We need to RAISE taxes, not lower them! Why are we continuing failed Reganomics?

Are you watching MSNBC More, Less or the Same since Keith left?

When Rick Perry of TX becomes President......

Hello, sinner! What are you guilty of today? By Mark Morford

Tennessee Education Association says GOP retaliating over donations

We are not ready for a revolution.

Our problem is the lack of JOBS not the deficit.

Bridget Butterfield: Let’s begin process to recall Walker

Aw Fuck...

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Wal-Mart Security Employees Fired for Disarming Store Gunman

BBC: Bernard Madoff says banks knew of Ponzi scheme

An amazing video of a leopard and a baby baboon

I predict by friday Milwaukee school district closed. RISE WISCONSIN!!

David Korten: A Real-Market Alternative

surprise! another deregulation FAIL....Texas' electric deregulation cost is tallied in study

I would like to thank the person that gave me two hearts.

Wow. Jeffrey Sachs takes Morning Joe's arguments for the last several weeks and destroys them.

DFA petition re; GOP cuts-Boehner:if many lose jobs, "So be it".

Debunking Deficit Hysteria

Do we have any Wisconsin State Workers on DU?

Tuberculosis: Canadian Arctic tragedy, growing global threat

You can't keep a good superman down. Russ Feingold.

General Insanity: Former Army Officer Launches Salvo Against Islam And First Amendment

House GOP Rejects Requirement That Patriot Act Surveillances Be Conducted in Compliance With the Con

Our Revolution

Lara Logan Suffered 'Brutal' Sexual Assault In Egypt

Lara Logan Suffered 'Brutal' Sexual Assault In Egypt

Home Sweet Wall Street

Regime Change: USA vs. the People

“If some of those jobs are lost, so be it.”

When Protest Becomes a Crime

Given the level of discontent we've seen here against the current administration...

The Leadership Vacuum

GOP Budget Amendments Would Destroy Health, Economy, Planet

Obama is waiting for the Republicans release their own ideas

Warren Buffett sells stake in BofA

Glenn Greenwald: New Scientific Report Casts Serious Doubts On FBI'S Anthrax Case Against Ivins

Wisconsin REVOLUTION twitter list.........

Right-wing hatred continues...

The Real 3rd Party (revised edition)

Present, former Packers say they back AFL-CIO

2.3 Billion. President Obama, axe the DEA

Hypothetically speaking, which GOP candidate would be your favorite?

Hypothetically speaking, which GOP candidate would be your favorite?

Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet

Noob question about free market and bailouts

WOW Shocking Moderation - 2 Repubs oppose children starving and old people freezing to death.

There Is Still No Such Thing As Social security medicare and medicaid

THANK YOU to whoever gave me my heart--what a beautiful way to start my day.

Dear Pugilistically Poised Pointless Pervaricating Pontificators

Name some GOPers that you like and respect, ones you think are good leaders

Bill would undo Missoula's equality ordinance

Obama Budget Briefing Met with Questions, Not Acceptance (by liberal bloggers)

Thanks for the heart.

A budget question..

Russ Feingold Launches 'Progressives United' To Combat Corporate Influences In Politics

Obama's Anti-Populist Budget

Peter King, (R-naturally) to introduce anti-Wikileaks legislation

Cartoon for February 16th, 2011: But It’s Cold

Bachmann Blasts First Lady And 'Nanny State' -- For Promoting Breastfeeding

New cyclone threatens Australia -Carlos dumps record amount of rain, eclipsing Yasi

3 hearts and thank you

Pro-life? Justified to kill a doctor

Would a McCain Presidency have been better?

The mentality of conservative voters

What sort of agenda would benefit from making it seem like Obama's critics are Obama's opponents?

Iraq's Curveball: I'm proud my WMD lies led to war

Feds say it's okay Arizona - go ahead and drop 250K from medicaid if you want.

John Sinclair: Das Hemp-Kapital

Pandora radio presented me with this song this morning, I feel it's appropriate to share

Amy Goodman - Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor

We may end up being grateful to Scott Walker

GOP's CR budget would shut down Social Security

Electric dereg. cost TX consumers $11 billion

Thank you Mods!! That was getting old.

(fmr) Senator Simpson was on NPR this morning complaining

House Republicans Target Consumer Bureau Funding in Budget Bill

Fox's Carlson: The Constitution Is Too Old To Deal With Terrorists

Thank you so much for the hearts, oh mysterious ones.

Mean Jean Schmidt Faces Ethics Investigation

Salon: The Powerful Law Firm At The Center Of The WikiLeaks Plot

Salon: The Powerful Law Firm At The Center Of The WikiLeaks Plot

Wisconsin's pharaoh tries to silence unions

GOP Gov. Barbour refuses to denounce license plate pitch honoring KKK leader

Spy Games: Inside the Convoluted Plot to Bring Down WikiLeaks

Walker Plan: Kill Unions, Threaten Transit Funding, Add $40 Million to State Deficit

So, The Donald wants to buy the Mets?..What will he call them?

So, The Donald wants to buy the Mets?..What will he call them?

CNBC/MSNBC message of the day. Housing is back.

President Obama's proposed budget calls for increasing the number of oil, gas inspectors

Morning Joe and my comcast

The next time a winger whines about increasing taxes on the wealthy.......

Chet Uber Contacted HBGary - BEFORE - He Publicized His Role in Turning in Bradley Manning

Issa's agenda: condoms, yoga, pot

Progressive Wisconsin legislators show their solidarity with the protesters

Progressive Wisconsin legislators show their solidarity with the protesters

Nir Rosen Apologizes After Joking About Lara Logan's Assault On Twitter

Toon: Cutting me would compromise my ability to protect you...

Madison School District Closed due to Teacher Protests of Walker Budget

Madison schools close as teachers protest bill

Democracy NOW: Wisconsin Governor Launches Attack on Public Sector Employees and Unions

May He who is without Pension cast the first stone

"Battle In Seattle"

Poll: Birthers Now Make Up a Majority of Republican Primary Voters

From the junkyard to the clothes rack

Breaking on MSNBC - 3 US marshalls shot in WV - suspect killed


There's one item curiously let out of the Cut the Budget Mania

There's one item curiously let out of the Cut the Budget Mania

Clicked my hearts away!

Cool! I got a Valentine heart!!!

Anti-Government Protests Break Out in Libya

Bills would change Maine abortion laws

I want to thank the dear souls who gave me hearts!

"way past disgusting."

Hearts ablaze

Sic the National Guard on Union Workers (take a page from Egypt and go out on a general strike)

Dog Killer Sentenced To 8 Years

I *heart* the dear hearts who gave me hearts. Thanks, guys. The "Took"

Scott Walker, pop culture phenomenon

Someone tell me how taking away collective bargaining rights saves jobs?

What I'd love to see Russ Feingold do next - run for governor of Wisconsin

Pa. teacher strikes nerve with 'lazy whiners' blog

"...knocked overboard by a rogue wave survived a six-hour swim to shore.."

Go Wisconsin! Is anyone using Twitter, etc. to call "flash protests"?

Giffords not yet told the trauma of that day

What kind of services do these Reps who live in their DC offices get? 24-hour room service?

I have never felt this kind of love before!

'House' Actress Lisa Edelstein Stars In 'Coat Hanger' Abortion Ad

'House' Actress Lisa Edelstein Stars In 'Coat Hanger' Abortion Ad

Mike Pence’s war on Planned Parenthood

New Palin Chief of Staff gave green light to 2008 clothing spree.

I criticize Obama's policies.

Caption please

Bill O'Reilly vs. Science: O'Reilly's Top 8 Science FAILs

Heads up - Thom Hartmann's 2nd hour today: Will the Republicans win the Wisconsin war on Labor?

Milwaukee school caught so shorthanded by the absences - Security Guards substitute teaching

Gov. Rick Scott to African-American legislators: “You guys”

Gov. Rick Scott to African-American legislators: “You guys”

Rand Paul doesn't get to be Russ Feingold yet

Obama gives Poppy Bu$h "Medal of Freedom"?

Santorum man on dog Talks About Longtime Google Problem

Feingold's new Progressive United site having trouble keeping up

NARAL message

Florida might try to be first state to withdraw from Medicaid

Growing crowd faces off with Walker's (R-WI tea-party gov) home in Wauwatosa

WI Collective Bargaining Rights Protest Update - Day 1 & Call Line Info

Would You Like Horseradish on That Bullshit Sandwhich?

Censorship In America: Al-Jazeera And PBS

Students in Wisconsin show solidarity to their teachers

An American Trade Unionist in Egypt: "We All Know Our Way Back to Tahrir Square"

I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party - by MinistryOfTruth

I want a Goddamned DEMOCRATIC Party - by MinistryOfTruth

Good Grief: Haha, it would have been amusing if Anderson Cooper was also sexually assaulted

Good Grief: Haha, it would have been amusing if Anderson Cooper was also sexually assaulted

thank you secret admirer for the heart

If Egypt Can Overthrow Its Ruler, Why Not Iraq?

Turns out the refugees from Tunisia are mostly bad guys fleeing

Sea Shepherd Activists Force Japan to Suspend Whaling

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Judge Scalia Spans the Time/Space Continuum!

CNNFN: "How the middle class became the underclass"

Iranian Govt. Calls for Friday Rally to Show 'Hatred' for Opposition

Georgia Republican brushes aside Dems' redistricting worries

Ali Velshi on CNN just reported there are "hundreds" of protesters in Madison, Wisconsin

Journalists, a lawyer, and parents indicted in Amanda Knox case.

How the middle class became the underclass.

Do we need more Nuclear Submarines?

LOL re: "anti-elitist" Republicans excited about Donald Trump

Toon; Utah's Name Games....

Neo-Cons for Human Rights? Cracking the Conundrum (interesting look behind many of the 'peace' NGOs)

Neo-Cons for Human Rights? Cracking the Conundrum (interesting look behind many of the 'peace' NGOs)

Thank You For My Valentines Day Heart!

It's a whole new game.

Another attack piece on Public Employees

Lawyer Geek starts foundation to keep Big Brother out of your intertubes

Thanks for the hearts to my secret admirers! nt

Hope for this sick, sick country of ours.....

Note of Thanks

"Obama starts drive for medical malpractice reforms"

"Fair and Balanced" Faux News is covering Chris Christie as he blasts the Democratic legislation in

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

Man faces 20yrs in prison. Modified video of himself singing to kids (put in sexual sounding lyrics)

"Terminator's Terminator" is pushing Rick Scott's supply side budget that even scares Republicans

As protests continue, Walker says he's forging ahead

Do you think we can get Aljazeera to cover the revolution in Madison Wisconsin?

Electrical Device Plugs Directly into Trees for Power

Another heart!!! Thank you, thank you secret admirer!!!!!

How sick is this country?

Is there going to be a revolution in Tennessee?

Doctors - the Next GOP Target of People to Hate

What Is Bi-Partisanship?

Does anyone ever remember a Republican President asking for consensus?

thank you secret admirer for the heart

Firm in WikiLeaks plot has deep ties to Feds

Lawrence O'Donnell got Joey Scar to back down on his "cut Social Security" rant today!

I wish Anon. would go after the health insurance industry

Too bad the US Government doesn't think the American people deserve the same!


Republicans Attempt To Hamstring Consumer Protection Bureau In Spending Bill

Borders files for bankruptcy, to close 200 stores


Why are House Republicans feeding their base?

Why are House Republicans feeding their base?

Teachers Under Fire: At Least Nine States Propose Stripping Teachers Of Collective Bargaining Rights

To show you how much things have changed,

To show you how much things have changed,

Hey GOP, where are the jobs you promised us??

Meyerson of the WP calls Hosni Walker a "cheesehead pharaoh"

9 Pictures Of The Extreme Income/Wealth Gap Not a single homepage word about the Union busting Gov. in Wisconsin

The good guys, and bad guys, join to win one for the people.

What can we learn from professional sports?

US Gov Pursue Assange/Wikileaks For Telling Truth-"Curveball" FREE To Start Political Party In Iraq?

No Electronic Cigarettes Allowed On Flights, Rules The DOT

DCCC brings in $4.4 million in January

You're losing the Class War Suckers!

Excellent video on how the Egyptian revolution was organized, by a handful of people.

Live feed for Bahrain protest

Hey ANONYMOUS! How about going after FOX News and Rush Limbaugh?

I just got a call from Maryland urging me to call my WI legislators.

listening to Big Eddie on the delay

Signs of waning support among Wisconsin republicans?

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

Could Japan reverse its position on killing whales and dolphins?

823 Detroit school workers will lose their jobs to privatization soon.

Tom Tomorrow (in light of the Huffpo/AOL merger) a cartoon from 2009 on the future of journalism

The reality for Ron Paul

The Sun Erupts: Largest Solar Flare in Four Years to Light Up the Sky

GM Recalls 50k+ Cadillac Vehicles to fix loose joints.

The Insurance Industry... In A Nutshell...

The Insurance Industry... In A Nutshell...

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Reiterates That The ‘National Guard’ Will Be Used

OK! I've got hearts, and I'm not afraid to use them!

Scott Brown says he was sexually abused as a child

Michigan's new Republican Governor Rick Snyder plans to raise taxes on retired

Politifact on Doonesbury

Bachmann Blasts First Lady And 'Nanny State' -- For Promoting Breastfeeding

Gracias por el corazón

Gracias por el corazón

Gracias por el corazón

Will the KOCHs send thugs to Wisconsin in order to turn it violent?

No Justice From California For Dead Farmworker (remember Maria?)

NEW R budget pretty much defunds the NLRB

VIDEO: Ohio Governor John Kasich Says Cop Who Pulled Him Over Is An Idiot

Just realized the purpose of Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, and crew.

John Nichols says ten of thousands in Madison on Tom Hartman's show

OOOOPS! Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog unhappy with the way his name comes up on TEH GOOGLE.

Thank you for my heart!!!

Classic political pictures 1936-1964

Are The Republican Battles Becoming Too Public?

Some traumatic tweets coming out of Iran

Scott Walker

Republic of Money: The Koch Brothers

Michigan's new Republican Gov Rick Snyder plans to raise taxes on the elderly

Just an observation about the students' arrival at the WI capital rotunda to protest union busting

Protect the fetus, but once it's born, and if it's non-white, meh.......Republican child care.

Cowardly Republicans Now Hiding Behind Deficit Commission

"Peak Oil and a Changing Climate" - Bill McKibben

Sometimes offensive posts should remain

TODAY take action! Tell Congress to DEFUND the DRUG CZAR!

Self-deleted by member

Mayor of Rust

Many Thanks For The Heart

Asked about WikiLeaks, Breyer gives away little

Tweety goes for Orange Man's 'So Be It'

Deficit Hysteria: The gov't is not like a household. It doesn't have a checkbook to balance

Do corporations pay too much in taxes in the US making us less competitive?

Call me bloody furious: Why can't I email Paul Ryan?

I despair of being able to prevent Social Security cuts

If Assange was in China


PRO-LIFE: "A man ejaculates, and the rest is romantic comedy. Starring J-Lo, of course."

Black bear orphans get help returning to wild

Robber interrupts cop's lunch

FDL: Debate Over Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Gets Heated as Republicans Waver

12 yr gets highlights in hair. That's a suspension.

How CBS's CSI franchise nurtures American gun culture

Israel says Iranian warships near Suez

The Republican Party has gone down the rabbit hole...

Rep. Keith Ellison Rips the 'Republican No Jobs Agenda'

The Right's Painfully Stupid Approach To Budget-Cutting

How the middle class became the underclass

It doesn't get any worse than this. Industrial accident severs penis.

"Struggling Through the Recession: Letters from Vermont"

APD undercover officers drank shots just before Eagle (gay) Bar raid

10,000 Stray Dogs To Be Shot In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The F Word: The Culture War On Jobs

It's time...

White House To Rick Scott: We'll Spend Florida's High-Speed Rail Money Elsewhere

Libya update of the day: Attacks on media continue across Middle East PROTESTS CONTINUE

Madoff from prison: Banks ‘had to know’

15,000 people marching in Madison, Wisconsin

Nadler, Polis Push Today to Cut Deficit by Trimming Empire

thank you secret admirer for the heart

In 2008, LIHEAP spent $487 per household to help keep them from freezing.

I am the luckiest person, someone gave me a heart!

Commander of Central Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team charged with drug dealing

It's official, Tweety is a moron

Protesters Gather In Dubai

Robert Reich: Budget Baloney...Why Social Security Isn’t a Problem for 26 Years...Best Way to Fix

Dallas Green recalls granddaughter, laments gun laws at Phillies camp

Pregnant woman kicked and punched to death

Pregnant woman kicked and punched to death

The other shoe officially drops, but the public doesn't care anymore...

Restoring Economic Sovereignty: In the Last Month, Three States Join the Movement for State-Owned Ba

Six Things Everybody Knows About Deficits (That Are Completely Untrue)

The Bramaged one is humbled by his gift of hearts, thank you very much

Time to organize a Liberation Square at SCOTUS until Thomas resigns.

massive failure for speaker boehner...House Votes to Cancel F-35 Jet Engine Program

Ken Mars, star in two Mel Brooks films, and in many others, died Monday.

Gov Abercrombie will sign same sex civil unions in Hawaii

When "Good" Dictators Go Bad

Castro (SF) Pot Bust Goes Awry and a Law Professor Threatens to Sue

I gotta get this off my chest... Tweety YOU WERE one

Some Upsetting Hypocritical Contrasts .......

Thank you to the heart giver :)

Sea Shepherd Activists Prompt Japan To SUSPEND Whaling

Sea Shepherd Activists Prompt Japan To SUSPEND Whaling

FCC's Copps calls on agency to address decline of 'real journalism'

Congressman Thompson (D-CA) attempts another try at an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights

Wisconsin Labor Awakes—Governor’s Overreach Sets off a Firestorm

People! Why do you keep demanding that Obama do something about unemployment? That's not his job

Are we teaching our kids independence?

Do you all realize that we are marching backward..right into the Victorian Era

SB 222 Missouri

RWr Debbie Schlussel blogs that Laura Logan's sexual assault "warms her heart"

Do you want President Obama to succeed

The Rich Suffer Too, Shouldn't we consider their pain?

<<>> Joanne98 I can't thank you enough (you get my last heart)

With public employees under attack by Republican governors, I have some questions.

Rick Scott, you bastard...

America's Book Banners Are Back in Force

CNN is covering protests in Madison, Wisconsin...

Critics: Goldman should give back $2.9 billion to taxpayers

War on labor continues: AFL-CIO head fighting to kill resolution to lower minimum wage

Why are republicans so cowardly when it comes to cutting spending?

Seriously, people, this is down-right scary! Nothing is sacred or private anymore!

Katie Couric: Gov. Walker (R-WI) wants state employees to pay a larger part of their ...

Katie Couric: Gov. Walker (R-WI) wants state employees to pay a larger part of their ...

All these governors pissing off the working folks are waking the Sleeping Giant...

From the UFW, to my Wisconsin AFSCME, NEA, etc fellows, to the NFLPA,

Kasich-R (Gov/Ohio) Called Police Officer an "Idiot" After Getting a Ticket

Coca-Cola's Top Secret Recipe Revealed

CREDO and progressive phone companies

Gates, Rumsfeld SUED Over U.S. Military's RAPE EPIDEMIC

Santorum Presidential bid dogged by Google reference to, er, frothy mix,

America’s Income Inequality Worse than Egypt, Tunisia, or Yemen (Chart)

America’s Income Inequality Worse than Egypt, Tunisia, or Yemen (Chart)

Colin Powell demands answers over Curveball's WMD lies

Please help if you can-from The Ohio AFL-CIO re: public employees

Journal of Christian Nursing: - Should the Affordable HealthCare Act be repealed ?

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

What not to say about Lara Logan

Russ Feingold Launches 'Progressives United' To Combat Corporate Influences In Politics

MA Senator Scott Brown says he was sexually abused as a child

Vt. panel mulls amendment: Companies aren't people

US government accidentally shuts down 84,000 websites during child porn raid

How soon before Wisconsin can recall Walker?

Russ Feingold on Rachel tonight!!!!!!!!!

School Life: Popular Kids Most Bullied, Bullying

Should public employee unions in Wisconsin call a General Strike?

Fight To Feed Homeless Back In Court

Hickenlooper Massive Cuts in Education

Clarence Thomas Fails to Disclose 1991 ($100,000) Citizens United In-Kind Contributions

Message for Gov. Rick Scott

The top 1% control about 38% of the wealth and the bottom 40% control less than 1%.

The Rude Pundit: Your State Sucks Because Your Government Is a Bunch of Morons

Dear low-income American,

What not to say about Lara Logan

Who's watching the Westminster Show???

Who's watching the Westminster Show???

Protests Against Wisc. Governer's Cold-Blooded Proposal Pick Up Steam

5 Ways Hi-Tech Retailers Are Secretly Screwing You

Clarence Thomas is an unethical scumbag and should step down

Worker found in cubicle 24 hours after death.

I would like to share a little history of politics in WI (well, Milwaukee)

Russ Feingold's new facebook page: LIKE!

He's not my favorite MSNBCer but...

Congressional Black Caucus "Cannot Accept" Obama Budget Cuts

Duct-taped baby pic stuns police

What Obama owes us.

wow tweety is calling for hearings into iraq war!

Toronto pizza restaurant shut down after community complaints about drug dealing

Toronto pizza restaurant shut down after community complaints about drug dealing

Computer is spanking humans on Jeopardy

Conservative writer Debbie Schlussel on sexual assault of CBS reporter: "it kinda warms my heart"

Obama bestows Medal of Freedom on elder Bush

OK there is something I don't understand....

OK there is something I don't understand....

Anarchism and the religion of lower taxes and free market

Where are the filmmakers? The story-tellers? Why aren't they shining a bright light

Stephanie Miller gets the Cheesehead Meme of the Week...

LOL- Hillaryis44 is still going strong ...

Apple's 2011 Supplier Report Reveals Child Workers, Bribes, Unsafe Conditions

"Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?"

My daughter told me that she and a bunch of friends were hanging out

In Wi this morning 2 R's flipped on anti-union proposal after huge protest yesterday!

Chemical dispersants & GE bacteria STILL being used, illegally, in the Gulf

Why I'm Right About Raising Taxes on the Very Rich (and why my liberal critics are wimps) | R.Reich

Justin Bieber Shares Political Views, Reveals He's Pro-Life

Alan Dershowitz to join WikiLeaks founder Assange's legal team

Is it just me, or is the new GOP reveling in their ignorance and hatred?

Obama to Rick Scott: Bite Me

Police chief: hospital tried to aid dying man (Portland Adventist Hospital)

CA Supreme Court decides it will answer question from 9th Circuit regarding Prop 8 standing

Obama's $36 Billion Nuke-Powered Giveaway

11th Grader says he beat mother, put her in oven over a Playstation

Dear Poor People, Thank You for Going Without Heat So We Can Buy Another Week of War

While the poor freeze, the ethanol producers GET a one-year subsidy extension worth $6 BILLION

Obama lauds 'Beautiful Mind' Barbara Bush as remarkable.

Iraqi Proud of His WMD Lies That Led to War

Finally !!! - A REAL Democrat !!!

Vital programs for low-income seniors face harsh reductions in proposed budget cuts

Is Coca-Cola's secret out of the bottle?

tomorrow Russ Feingold and Bernie Sanders on Thomas Hartman

Geithner: Cut corporate tax rate substantially

Wisconsin Protest Photos

I call "Bullshit" on Tweety....

Common Cause President coming up on Tweety to discuss Clarence Thomas'

Republican Cuts Could Destroy One Million Jobs - "So Be It"

Teacher fired for bumper sticker fired by Imagine Charter management, not principal.

Matt Taibbi: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?--- "Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail."

I am just disgusted... disgusted with republicans.. disgusted with

Hey ANONYMOUS! How about making Kucinich president?

Before contributing to Progressives United you must confirm the following statements

Barbour announces he won't denounce KKK leader license plates

People of the world are sick of being pushed around & it's catching on here.



Rick Scott KILLS Florida's high speed rail and 24,000 jobs, AND gives up $2.4 BILLION

MSNBC is SHOWING the protests in Winsconsin

Berlusconi toon (warning graphic, but funny)

President Obama's Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness (updated)

Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor by Amy Goodman

Green Bay Packers football players support Wisconsin public workers

We are the media; Re Winsconsin

My lord, right now we have a RIGHT WINGER on the thom Hartman show

The Death of the Station Wagon...

What Do You Think About Obama Budget's Raising Taxes On Wealthy?

Family of woman accidentally shot at restaurant wants criminal charges filed

Was Jack Kervorkian ahead of his time? Is it the time now? (Serious question)


So I killed two people last week. But I was really nice to a bunch of others.

At least 13,000 people standing up for Wisconsin workers in Madison (warning: images)

E-Mail: Hunton & Williams Expected 'Huge Gains'

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

OH SHIT!! Female anchor goes after her co-host manhood

Killer cop not to be charged, may be fired. Birk vs Williams the woodcarver. SHAME

Sociocide: Iraq Is No More

Although I appreciate the "Good-old-days" Threads to a certain extent:

Woman feeding homeless violating food code? (City says she should pay $240/mo)

Republicans are using the midwest state as a testbed for radical right policies. It's not pretty

Next Wave of Globalization ---Lowering American Living Standards

Six Things Everybody Knows About Deficits... That Are Completely Untrue

Resurrecting the Neocons: Marc Grossman in … Richard Perle & Douglas Feith in Queue

It just occurred to me that one never hears that much about nuclear energy from the american left.

I don't know what to say anymore

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

There are just no words. (Pix heavy)

The Nazi Criminals Who Became German Spooks

The first test for Egypt - bring those responsible for attacking Lara Logan to justice

It's time for another DU3 Preview! Check out future software for Democratic Underground!

"I have mortgaged my life and my children's future for an education ..."

pro-choice button I just found: "if you cut off my reproductive choice, can I cut off yours?"

Things that younger DUers may not know

House Budget Protects Oil Companies, Jeopardizes Americans’ Health

Greeks protest over public transport sector reform bill ahead of parliament vote

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold

WikiLeaks: Egypt’s new man at the top 'was against reform'

Hundreds gather for protest at Walker's house

Gov. Brown Orders Hiring Freeze

Iraqi Defector Fabricated WMD Intelligence: Report (Curveball Admits Lies to Guardian)

Clinton Demands Net Freedom Abroad as Domestic Restrictions Loom

Branstad (R-Ia) gets salary, pension (while laying off 1,500)

WikiLeaks row intensifies as US makes 'privacy' move against Twitter

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

Union protests at Indiana Statehouse on GOP proposals

E-Mail: Hunton & Williams Expected 'Huge Gains'

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO leaders oppose key governor priorities

O.J. Simpson Beaten Unconscious In Prison Attack: Report

USGS Watching Mount St. Helen's Volcano Following Earthquake Swarm

Clashes at funeral of Iran protest victim: TV

Iran opposition leader 'ready to pay any price' for change

Obama lauds Medal of Freedom recipients

Senate passes extension of Patriot Act provisions

Gunmen kill US agent, wound another, in Mexico

(Thousands of) Bahrain protesters gather in capital for third day (& mourn 2nd protester killed)

Bahrain Opposition Expects "At Least 50,000" At Rally Saturday

Yemenis protest amid crackdown

Libyan Gathering Flares Into Antiregime Protest .

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announces Australian Multicultural Council

Ivory Coast rush to withdraw bank cash

Phila. homeowner wins judgment against Wells Fargo over mortgage fees

Madison Schools Closed Wednesday as Teachers, Students Protest

Fake $1 million bill circulates in elementary school

Rising star German politician accused of Phd plagiarism

Three killed, dozens injured in Iraq protests

Pakistan Gov't: US Murder Suspect Has Immunity

California Supreme Court to consider key issue in battle over same-sex marriage (Prop 8)

Dick Morris Pens Anti-Rahm Emanuel Ad

'House' Actress Lisa Edelstein Stars In 'Coat Hanger' Abortion Ad

UPDATE 1-Florida governor rejects US high-speed rail funds

Montana Gov. Blocks Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

Southern Sudan Considers Building Oil Pipeline

Cuba develops new arthritis drug in face of U.S. embargo

Cuba develops new arthritis drug in face of U.S. embargo

From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud

Justin Bieber Shares Political Views, Reveals He's Pro-Life

Somali Pirate Who Attacked U.S.-Flagged Ship Sentenced in NYC to 33 Years

Thank you Secret Admirer

Hope I don't have to go on strike.

On a scale of 1-10 please tell me how funky this song is...



On WPT: Pioneers of Television: Science Fiction

Choose what to do

Justice minister joins sit-in to demand Dakamseh's release

Libyan Gathering Flares Into Antiregime Protest

Prosecutors won't charge Seattle officer in woodcarver shooting

Westminster on USA Network now.

If they had a heart that said "I love scat" I'd buy a gazillion of them

Egypt: Death toll put at 365 as strikes continue

$3 billion battle over fighter jet engine heats up

Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton to leave White House

Move against Wisconsin public employees booed in Minnesota

Three California Members Endorsing Hahn

DEVELOPING: Multiple reports of explosions at a military camp in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Iraqis attack government offices

Belgium Weighs New Coalition Proposal .

To whom it may concern... Thanks for the heart!!

Tech question.

IBFTL on that GD thread on old DUers. Found a couple of oldies, including TROF.

Is this guy a keeper or what? (story involves a kitteh)

Hey, Lounge! What's for dinner?

U.S. Indicts Alleged Armenian Gang Members

Hearing on Wis. union plan finally ends

Outer limits story idea !!!!!!!!!

I lost my job this morning.

South Sudan chosen as name for new country

D.U. is my Valentine this year

What's the word on cooking old sneaks?

Fifth project!

Labor packs Ohio Statehouse, protests union limits

California Supreme Court will decide key issue in same-sex-marriage legal fight

Riots break out in Libyan city of Benghazi

Obama to Rick Scott: Bite Me

House votes to kill pricey jet engine

my dollar store animal crackers appear not to depict animals so much as Mayan glyphs

Madison Schools Close Due To Teacher 'Sick-Out' After Walker Budget Hearing

The Lounge behavior cartoonified:

Tuna in the Sky with Diamonds...

FreedomWorks Memo To Boehner On Health Reform

This cat thinks it's your older brother.

Do you think the US government would give progressives their own state?

TIA would face barrier to Cuba flights with Rubio amendment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Citizens Must (pic)

Lil' Mozart

Which is harder on a cell phone's battery, to leave it on all the time or to constantly turn it on

Should MFM jump on a Cliff?

Curveball could face jail for war-mongering, says German MP

Ohio: Battle over collective bargaining bill resumes Thursday

I predict the Scottish Deerhound will win Best in Show @ Westminster

Righthaven appealing fair-use ruling in copyright infringement case

Scottish Deerhound!!!!

Probation for assisted suicide

Someone fixed the street light in front of my house! Ask me anything.

The 10 Most Irritating, Least Helpful Parenting Tips

I try not to objectify or judge people by aesthetics, but GEEZ... this chick's a real DOG!!!

DU3 back up for a while! Avatars! whhheeeeee!

MiddleFingerMom has never had too much luck meeting women in bars... or perhaps he's had TOO much.

Alvin Greene soundly defeated in bid for state legislature seat

Schwarzenegger back for Terminator 5?

If political party membership is public

Anyone love no limit Texas hold-em??

Hi, my name is Brigid and I'm a Blackberry addict.

Screaming Tomatoes

Anyone seen the movie "Howl"? Was it any good?

How to Pay off Your Credit Card Debt

I planted my potatoes last weekend

Can of whoopass-- mostly refrigerate after opening?

CONFESS!!!! What is your musical dirty secret?

Monica Lewinsky joke:

What sound do prostitutes make when they're bored

UPDATE: (Wisconsin) Republicans To Offer Changes To Anti-Union Bill

A cat burglar is on the loose in San Francisco!

Feds Says More To Come From Ted Stevens FBI File

Ben & Jerry's Bush Ice Cream Flavors Bush & Obama jokes.

I guess we're doomed

Libyan police stations torched

What is the best show you have ever seen. Me I would have to say the Mikado

Russ Feingold Launches 'Progressives United' To Combat Corporate Influences In Politics

I am glad Arcade Fire won the Grammy.

A humble thank you for the hearts, and an unfortunately serious reason I can't reciprocate this time

Real men use duct tape for everything!!! ... ... ... ... EVERYTHING!!!!!

California Republicans `Wish List' Targets Public Pensions in Brown Budget

Does anyone have experience with a cat grieving?

I found my lost furry boy.

Mother proud her 14 year old daughter gives oral sex.

Japan to 'quit' Antarctic whaling

My close encounter with a teenage deer today.

VIDEO: Reporter Mocks Co-Host's Manhood Live On Air

U.S. deserves ‘total control’ of northern border: lawmaker

Bristol Palin: Abstain fom sex, or you'll have to go through what I did.

No charges against Seattle officer who shot woodcarver

Parents Sue Hospital, Claiming Its Delay in Treating Daughter's Strep Resulted in Amputation

Hawaii Legislature approves same-sex civil unions

TSA Workers Stole $40K From Checked Bags at JFK: Cops

2011 Westminster Best in Show Goes to Hickory Wind, Scottish Deer Hound

z.o.m.g. talk about your epic fail. where were you guys?

I played a country song backwards.

I just got a sucky job


Chipotle registers new brand name: ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

What percentage of the population knows the difference between hardcore and metal?

Borders files for bankruptcy, will close 194 stores

The Sweetest Valentine's ever


Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You

Extreme weather getting worse - and climate change to blame, studies say

"Refrigerate after opening" - Mostly just CYA?

So, I just signed the boy up for baseball

In defeat for Boehner, House votes to eliminate funding for second F-35 jet engine

can anyone help me think up a great name for a rock band?

Anybody here ever have problems with PayPal?

Possibly the most unnecessary remake since 'Psycho':

I haven't been a regular poster for months

Gov. Rick Scott to African-American legislators: “You guys”

Israel says Iranian warships near Suez

3 U.S. marshals shot serving warrant

(Florida) Governor Rejects Federal High Speed Rail Money

Sen. Scott Brown says he was sexually abused as a child

Friend needs a music video query answered, anyone here have an idea what this was?

I'm not posting here again unless at least half a dozen people secretly admire me

University of Maine student charged after urination stunt

The Great Gatsby Game (for NES)

Maybe Justin Bieber ain't all that bad. Even he knows USA healthcare sucks

What music are you listening to these days? Me, Marvin Gaye best of CD.

My best friend dated this really abusive asshole. Really ruined her self esteem

Feingold 2.0 (with respect to PATRIOT act)

Thom Hartmann: A 99'er Welcomes Death

CodePink Cairo, Tahrir Square Pro Democracy Demonstration

TDPS: People actually PAYING for DVD with Palin & Bush speeches available free on YouTube

John Boehner, Tobacco and Fairness

Obama's Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Programs

Right-Wing Smear Machine Goes Into Overdrive On Planned Parenthood

Tea Party Patriots & High Priced Consultants Exposed by Tea Party Activists

In Baltimore City

SCHULTZ Why Wisconsin union fight matters

SCHULTZ John Nichols in Wisconsin_ on the radio with Ed

American Rights

Glenn Greenwald Being Targeted For His Reporting On WikiLeaks

Wisconsin Gov. Attacks Public Employees & Unions

Barbara Bush to Crying Husband "You Could Be Speaker of the House"

O'DONNELL Progressive pushback

Madison Wisconsin FREEDOM SQUARE!

AFL-CIO Ad Against Walker's Union Busting Bill

Lies that launched a war

2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony

Wow. Beautiful Wisconsin rally for teachers and public workers. Powerful!!

Nancy on America Live 2-16-11 discussing IRS agents and health care

Speculation And The Frenzy In Food Markets

Sanders Calls for Infrastructure Investment

"A War on Women": GOP Bills Target Abortion & Family Planning. Planned Parenthood Responds. 1 of 3

TDPS: Fascinating interview on masculinity of Presidency, political sexism - no MSM fluff here

Young Turks: Boehner Ok w/ Americans Losing Jobs

Anti-Walker Rally - Madison, WI | February 16, 2011

Papantonio: The Chamber of Commerce is Spying on YOU

Rally to Stop Scott Walker's Power Grab - Day Two

Riki Ott: Dispersants & gentically engineered bacteria still in use; Cease & desist orders needed

Cenk & The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Obama's 2011 Budget

Rachel Maddow Strong indications John Boehner is bad at his job

You All Are Going to Love This!

Australian (ABC) Documentary: 'Manning - The Forgotten Man' David House Says Gov't Offered

Thom Hartmann deploys the guard on Seton over union busting in Wisconsin

Russ Feingold announces launch of Progressives United PAC

Sanders Challenges White House Budget Chief on Fiscal Priorities

' Curveball' Iraqi Defector Fabricated Weapons of Mass Destruction

SCHULTZ Workers rally in Wisconsin

Arizona bans KARMA?

TYT:Disastrous Obama Entitlement Program Comments

Madison Wisconsin THE STUDENTS ARRIVE!!!!!!!

Beck Says Progressives Will Kill Obama...Beck's Stochastic Terrorism Campaign Continues

Anatomy Of A Conservative Hit Job (Planned Parenthood Targeted) TYT

Thom Hartmann: A 99'er trashes the American dream and welcomes death

Thom Hartmann confronts card carrying Conservative Muslim if he infiltrated CPAC?

How Arizona Sheriff Babue Deals With Immigrants!

Hacked and Now Vandalized, HBGary Pulls Out of RSA Conference (Anonymous Leaves Sign at Booth)

BREAKING: There are not enough 'harsh critics' of Obama in GD:P

The gop, birthers, and sarah palin...

Petraeus Quitting??

The strangest segment on Tweedy...Morning Scar on and pontificating about the

Robert Reich: Why I’m Right About Raising Taxes on the Very Rich (updated)

Obama's dog is in Best In Show!

Photos: "The Best of Who We Are." (The Obama Presidency, Day 757)

Republicans getting away with attacks on the middle class

It is flat wrong to think that Obama is a Reagan acolyte

Thousands of Wisconsin union workers protest budget plan!

Good Gawd - I am sick of them idolizing DimSon's Dad

Facts about the budget

Phony "deficit" noises...

Pathological liar Michele Bachmann attacks Michelle Obama with untrue smear!

The first gobble-to-grovel, fully televised nervous breakdown. Please CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Join twitter for Wisconsin "solidaritywi"

Burton, Sweeney to leave White House- form political and strategic consulting firm

Where the Rogue Things Go: A Political Nightmare

Thread for calling on Democratic leaders to support American workers in Madison

Follow Up: South Carolina announces site of new SC Currency Mint

Krugman on the President and Social Security (updated)

Obama pledges cuts in entitlement programs

"Babble-On" at the board. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Not content with abolishing child protection laws, Tea Party Terrorists abolish employment rights

I wonder how many of these GM employees will vote GOP in 2012? Just curious

When is the White House Presser on the American Worker Revolution in Madison?

After Running Against Govt. Spending, GA Republicans Whine About Not Getting $105 Million Port Grant

Senate Democrats unveil agenda

SANCTITY OF CONTRACTS: Wall Street execs vs. Wisconsin public workers

President Obama honors "the remarkable Barbara Bush"

Justin Bieber: You (United States)people are EVIL

LA Times: New credit card rules helped consumers without raising rates

Ezra Klein: "What Most people want is the President to act like Jed Bartlett in 'The West Wing'"

President Obama says he's doing Better than Eisenhower!

Paul Begala: It's Time to Defund Kentucky

Dear Al Jazeera, Will you please cover American protests? We're having trouble...

reconcile these two things: the ''sanctity'' of Wall Street bonuses and federal worker pay freeze

Kennedy won't run for Senate

Big Ed: 15,000 workers are marching in Madison Wisconson and there's no media coverage

CBS POLL: Obama approval at 48/41. Among Democrats it's 82/11.

My Wife's Idea of a 5% solution - everyone takes a pay cut.

Grist: California to green its grid with energy storage

LNG-Tanker Rates Doubling as Ship Glut Erodes

Thank you Sea Shepherd and Captain Watson

(New Zealand) Gas prices hurting families

Ted Rall Toon

Powdered rhino horn as expensive as street cocaine

Conservation of whitebark pine may hinge on preservation of ponderosa

Thawing permafrost likely will accelerate global warming in coming decades, says study

A billion tons of biomass a viable goal, but at high price, new research shows

Interactive map of every ongoing disaster on Earth in real time

OKAY PEOPLE! Comments Needed: U.S. National Forest Service’s New Plan

New Material Provides 25 Percent Greater Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency

Global warming may reroute evolution

It's the Shoreham (not China) Syndrome That Discourages Nuclear Investment

Economic Hitmen - How the world works

Vanity Fair: When Irish Eyes Are Crying

Curveball and the manufacture of a lie

Majority in Arab world backs Wikileaks

In Connecticut, Governor Malloy Tries to Manage Costs His Way

Wikileaks on the US and Peru: Spying on Indigenous Groups, Defending Mining Companies

Wisconsin Students Protest Governor's Attack on Unions

US strategic stake in Bahrain

Wisconsin's pharaoh tries to silence unions

Amy Goodman: Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor

Robert Scheer: Home Sweet Wall Street

Administration's letter to poor people: thanks for the sacrifice

Clarence Thomas the Beneficiary of a 'High Check Cinching'

Tens of Thousands Protest Move by Wisconsin's 'Dictator' Governor to Destroy Public-Sector Unions

Anti-Austerity Alliance Wins in Illinois

GOP Rejects Requirement That Patriot Act Surveillances Be Conducted in Compliance With Constitution

Libya not immune to winds of change

The House that Jack's Bank Took

Tea Party Crashes: The Most Unpatriotic Act

Clinton: We Love Net Freedom, Unless It Involves WikiLeaks

Don't F*ck with Anonymous

For Real Patriots Like John Boehner, Money is More Important than People

For Real Patriots Like John Boehner, Money is More Important than People

Kasich's anti-union mindset

Michael Lewis: All You Need to Know About Why Things Fell Apart

Dean Baker: The President as Storyteller-in-Chief

Economist:: The Shoethrowers' Index - an index of unrest in the Arab world

Firm in WikiLeaks plot has deep ties to Feds

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Faces Backlash For Threatening Public Workers

Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might be silenced in Wisconsin

Dean Baker: Brookings’ “Heckuva Job, Brownie” Moment: Greenspan’s Keynote Address

Wisconsin Governor Makes a Cold-Blooded Threat to Sic the National Guard on Union Workers

Rep. Peter King introduces anti-WikiLeaks legislation

Cold Equations, the No-Win Scenario, and the United States

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

"Grapes of Wrath" Holds Lessons for Survival" (Minyanville) A Good Read!

GOPers want more deficit reduction... HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR THEM! Reduce deficit $100 Biln in 2 yrs

Today in "Well this is a surprise....not!"

Conservative Group Confirms: SBOE ‘Manipulated’ and ‘Politicized’ Texas Curriculum Standards

30 Steps to Better Government

Why we need to raise taxes on the super rich and lower taxes on middle class - Robert Reich

Desperate times, desperate measures: I want to put you ALL out of work

Who is Influencing Obama’s Budget Proposal? Follow the Funders (New Deal 2.0)

New Billion Dollar Crop!

Gun culture is hurting American sociey

The Truth About Mexican Drug Cartels’ Arsenal: Follow the Grenades

Nevada - CCW permit requirements under review by state Senate Judiciary Committee

South Carolina lawmakers may loosen concealed weapon rules poll, over 75% don't want restrictions of magazine ("clip") capacity.

Reaction to 30 round magazines being banned

Video: Self-Defense or Attempted Murder - Jury says Self Defense

Why I carry a gun

Color me unsurprised: Gun controllers want a blacklist

Running count of gun deaths goes on against illegal guns

Caricom chairman doesn't see problem with Aristide's return

NGO: Press freedoms threatened in Latin America

Peruvian Presidential Candidates Debate Same-Sex Marriage

TIA would face barrier to Cuba flights with Rubio amendment

Ecuador court clears Correa referendum plan

Report: Obama could ease more Cuba sanctions

Ban Ki-moon commends Ecuador's efforts on democracy

Venezuelans, French seize 3.6 tons of cocaine

Haiti. Aristide to return to Haiti before election

Price freeze threatens the Venezuelan drug sector

Cuba develops new arthritis drug in face of U.S. embargo

OK. This year's Westminster is totally unpredictable.

Jeff Kent joins Giants as spring instructor..

Brewers, Weeks agree to extension

Judge in Bonds case will allow recording

LeBron James: 'Not To Rub It In, But Do You Sort Of See Why I Left The Cavaliers Now?'

Anyone wanna join me in a class action lawsuit against Auggie?

Sources: No Albert Pujols Deal

I dissent.

A Bear Hug & Kiss For The 3rd Heart!

I Risk Being Thumped For Another Post... But Thanks Indeed For The 4th Heart...

Target's Talking Gay: 'We Felt Really Good' About Bigot Donation Aftermath

thank you who ever gave me a heart

Hawaii Legislature approves same-sex civil unions

Indiana House Passes Constitutional Ban on Marriage (and civil unions) for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London

Israel troops may 'have to re-enter' Lebanon

U.S. pushing Palestinians to drop UN resolution on settlement construction

How Religion Can Remain Relevant in 21st Century

Has atheism ever inspired cultural works in any meaningful way?

World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold

Crater on comet 'partly healed itself'

Reflected Glory (big space pic)

A Galactic Petri Dish

Beer Batter Is Better

Ecuadorean Villagers May Hold Secret to Longevity

Earth’s First Plants?

Fly sniffs molecule's quantum vibrations