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the future looks bright...

Sunken ship of skipper who inspired 'Moby-Dick' found

This thread withdrawn for technical difficulties

FOX NEWS INSIDER: “Stuff Is Just Made Up”

House Republicans - Class of 2012

FREEDOM's speedbumps

Arithmetic and the Fannie/Freddie Fix

By the way there was a huge march in Raleigh North Carolina today

The cyberweapon that could take down the internet

Idaho Nullificationists Poised To Kill Medicaid In That State (14.4% of population)

Idaho Nullificationists Poised To Kill Medicaid In That State (14.4% of population)

Quick, non life-threatening medical issue this evening - please read

Mubarak won't be getting a gold watch for his retirement, but, he might get one of these!

S.F. tiger attack likely provoked, documents say

YAF kicks out Ron Paul

Fred Karger, gay rights activist and Republican, wants to run for president

Debt Ceiling perception/lack of possible poltical strategy

Early, Long Whip Race Will Test GOP Cohesion

The Market for Progressive Groups and Websites

WTF-WOLFOWITZ-Defender of Woman's Rights?!?

Fox was right -- we should be afraid. Egypt is going to be ruled by this guy:

At Best, America Killed Mubarak’s Presidency with Kindness

CNN finds new ways to suck

This one's for you, Malaise: YAF kicks out Ron Paul (Young Americans for Freedom)

Italy declares migrant emergency

Italy declares migrant emergency

Are there any conservative message boards out there?

A cool BBC Radio 4? What a turn-off

Radio documentary, Conflict In The Middle East from July 17, 1956

Weir Group Iraq cash to fund humanitarian projects (BBC)

Tinariwen, of the Toureg.

WI Gov. Scott Walker's "stealth legislation" to strip employee collective bargaining rights

Army and Protesters Disagree Over Egypt's Path to Democracy (Protesters Reject Appeal to Leave)

Anonymous creates anonleaks

L.A. County health officials investigating dozens of illnesses reported by visitors to the Playboy M

Mubarak's replacement makes his first public appearance:

Any "Fire O'Reilly" petitions? Or boycotts against Fox?

Congressman Allen West's "Nanny State"

70-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stalking Priest in Florida

Former Kennedy Space Center worker charged with stealing, selling shuttle tiles


Mr Smith Goes To Washington is on TCM. Is it a fairy tale?

Anagram for Sarah Palin

Is DailyKos down? All I get is a blank page when I go there.

SNL opening skit is the O'Really interview with Obama

Is this cute Fox News cooking segment subliminally sexist?

Bankers got carte blanche on pay and a free pass on lending. We got six pages of nothing

Bankers got carte blanche on pay and a free pass on lending. We got six pages of nothing

Huffingtom Post already screwing with us;

Rumsfeld’s Book

For Michele Bachmann, the meaning of Black History Month is "February."

Parents blame Polar Bear Plunge for daughter's 2009 death, sue 19 people involved

Ft Wayne, IN editorial: Immigration bill (Arizona-style) punishes students, state

Crude reality

Just talking with a Canadian last night. The only thing "superior" about American health care

R.R.’s Deadly Joke

Army recruiter in Charlotte faces sex charges

No hearts?

Allegations of a kickback scheme in Aquidneck Island’s defense industry reverberate from Middletown

RW Lawmakers And The EFV: Marines define future role amid budget cuts

Not everyone's sold on Michelle Rhee.....

What are the names of the Egyptian Generals who were in DC when the protests began?

Why I don't think people should have to be broken.

Last Thursday's 30 Rock sorta mocked birthers

Julian Assange: The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine 2008

USAF Scaled Back Vision for New Bomber

Mr Prez, Members of Congress: I have a suggestion for some deep cuts:

The poll's in my local right-wing paper never cease to amaze me.

From Obama's speech in Cairo, 2009

Sunday Talk Shows

Sunday's Doonesbury- An Alien on the show

The means justified the ends in Egypt

How The Mubarak Family Made Its Billions

the competing poles of "mainstream," American political thought are not north and south...

If Chauncy Gardener ("Being There") ran today, how would the birthers react?

Activists on Facebook need protection: senator

Toles toon: Presidential Calendar

Hey, Freepers: Perhaps if you'd joined us at the Camp Casey Iraq War Protests in '05 ---

Republicans propose cuts to US State Dept, UN

When will the" from Hosni - Help me get my money out" scam-emails begin?

SC Republican:“If at first you don’t secede, try again.”

Unlikely allies seek military budget cuts

Shanghai fake-marriage market, where lesbians and gay men find each other

Mubarik spotted in Madison, Wisconsin?

White House reiterates demand that Iran allow protests

Well, would you look at that....a sucessful revolution pulled off

What Russ Feingold had to say about Walker's ploy to destroy collective bargaining


What the Bible Really Says About Sex - New scholarship on the Good Book’s naughty bits

I have renewed ill will toward Donald Rumsfeld (re: CBS Sunday Morning interview on now)

History of using National Guard to suppress Unions

How To Help Egypt, For Americans (a great rant)

Johnny McCaine: Go to TeeVee Guest or Last Minute Fill-in TeeVee Guest?

Egyptians are returning to Tahrir Square

Half of Foiled Terror Plots in U.S. Detected by Public or Local Law Enforcement

A bit of backstory on the use of National Guard against Workers in Wisconsin

Self-deleted by member

Has the demopedia been retired?

So who do you shoot at?

So who do you shoot at?

Robert Reich: The last Republican with original ideas was Hoover

Man Kills 4 In Stabbing Rampage Across NYC

Declassified Ike papers show range of concerns

Egypt's military rulers dissolve parliament

Karl Rove is following me on twitter

"Winning hearts and minds": Ed deformers as an occupying power

What would Obama, Biden, the Senate, and the Congress do IF

Charlie Cook says Dems poised for a Florida Congressional surge in 2012.

Bravo, Wisconsin! Billionaires for Educational Reform

Holy Shite you have got to watch the interview with Tony Blair

Our independent judiciary - Brought to you by the Supreme Court's Tea Party justice

Savour that chocolate while you can still afford it

Farmers Oppose Immigration Legislation

also...Barton's Shite on the EPA

Krugman: The Republican spending cuts will 'eat the future'

on the Tail of my editor's masterpiece.. Hutchison's shite on Obamacare

"Late Ripeness"

for all you worry warts: STOP TRIPPING! 2012 will be the era of Magic!

Sunday morning: Mayor of Atlanta (D) to be on Meet the Press roundtable

Salisbury Steak!

People in Power Have No Reason to Change the System That Put Them There – Lessons from Progressive B

Stay Safe.....SEATTLE IS GETTING the SNAUT Blown out of them..

Can you live without a bicycle?

The weird, failed Planned Parenthood "sting"

Egypt in joyous song

Muslim Brotherhood=Al Queda v. 2.0?

N.Y.C. Stabbing Spree Suspect Awaits Arraignment

Dems: GOP spending cuts may jeopardize the nation’s safety

Astroforging Returns: Lobbyists Write Fake Letters in Support of Derivatives Rules

Late Night Political Humor without SNL

Late Night Political Humor without SNL

Katrina's ruins home to thousands of homeless

Coulter: Without Chris Christie GOP Forced To Nominate Mitt Romney And ‘We’ll Lose’

You're a phony, Mr. Gingrich

I propose that 90% of the voting population shall lose 71% of its vote.

Neil Cavuto Likens Federal Aid For Jobless Benefits To Narcotic Drugs

Wisconsin labor, student groups organize protests against Walker's public union plans

Lawrence ODonnells: "You just heard the NRA’s lie, now some facts".

Boeing outsourcing fail – fooled twice!

100 Dogs In Canada Killed After Business Slows.

About immigrants.

Peak oil will have an adverse effect on all economies

please review my editorial on homeless vets

Frosty the Conman

"Rich Man's War and a Poor Man's Fight"

Markey: GOP proposal to defund public broadcasting bending to 'extremist Tea

What is the least painful way to put out your eyes? I awoke to

Egypt Government Spokesman: "The main task of this government is to restore security and order"

Egypt Government Spokesman: "The main task of this government is to restore security and order"

Two takes on Egypt, but only one shown on American television; Al Jazeera English vs. Russia Today

Watching Al Jazeera via LinkTV - they are what CNN used to be back in the 80's.

Michigan has a rather large nuclear plant event

The jackboot neocons in the USA have taken down the PNAC website

From the ChamberPot: Number Two

Lady Liberty Writes the People of Egypt (TOON)

Beck Warns Against Those Darn Chaos-Loving Young People And Their Darn Facebook

Flashback: Keith Olbermann was target of Freeper threats in 2006

Let's go way back in 2001.

Cairo Newspaper Reports: Employees of Egypt's public banks in revolt on Sunday with mass protests!

Patriot Act roll call review: can you do more than talk?

Obama seeks changes to keep PELL grants at $5,500/yr rather than cut to $2500


Behind the Fox News Facade

Anonymous Claims Possession of Stuxnet Worm

Lookit Newtie addressing his base.

Republicans Begin Prebuttal of Obama Budget Plan

White House White Board: OMB Director Jack Lew on the President's Budget

Michele Bachmann aims for the 'triple clown'

Razing Arizona: Gov. Jan Brewer Sues Federal Government

As fuel prices rise...

Shirley Sherrod Case Information

Arizonans highlight economic cost of tough immigration law

I was wrong about the PELL grants, think am doing the Summer School numbers wrong

Bill O'Reilly vs Science - pics

Hummingbird watch

How Minorities and the Poor are Kept Out of U.S. Law Schools

Egyptian protest organizers call for a "march of victory" across Egypt on Friday

Egyptian protest organizers call for a "march of victory" across Egypt on Friday

Why the specifics of the budget matter

We need a name for the revolution in Egypt. velvet revolutionv #2?

Egypt's military rejects the demands of pro-democracy protesters. It intends to rule by martial law

Keep this handy for the President's speech on the budget tomorrow.

Mubarak in life/death state in Germany hospital

Pensions, Treasuries, Fannie and Freddie: Ponzi's one and all

I have noticed the term autocrat being used when describing

Hunting for Mubarak's hidden wealth will be enormous task; his official salary was $808 a month

Maine Op-Ed: Obama's drastic LIHEAP slashing must be opposed vigorously

Roubini’s Next Crisis Is Scary Food for Thought

Atlanta Police Department won't hinder citizens who videotape cops

Anonymous claims they are in possession of the Stuxnet Virus

Bird photography can be hazardous to your health (CONTENT WARNING)

Frank Gaffney Braves Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration To Warn CPAC About Grover Norquist

Al Gore speaking about Keith Oberman/ video

Cutting Community Service Block Grants in a time of high unemployment

New charges to be filed against Loughner

Men Thought To Be Gay Couple Refused Entry To Creation Museum

Is there anyway I can hide, automatically, posts with the name Bachman, Palin and

Getting Lucky In America (The New American Dream)

Chutzpah defined in one cartoon.

US Pulls Out of Pakistan Meetings (Countrywide Protests Over "Diplomat" Who Killed Two)

Quitting may save health and the job (won't be long until govt employees cannot smoke at home?)

The New Iron Curtain of Journalism in America: Banning Al Jazeera

Freelancing? Clinton tapped Wisner(GHWBman). Kerry had Obama's backing to counter Clinton/Wisner.

Massive Tribesmen March in Pakistan, Demanding Halt to U.S. Drone Attacks (Repost)

Have we no decency? Do we care so little for justice?

So, the escalation and surge worked?

SHOCKING.......No same sex couples allowed at the

mentally ill prank caller sentenced to 18 months in prison

With the attacks on teachers and all, why is there never any studies or stories on school boards?

What Do Y'all See/Think When "Reverse Mortgage" Commercials Come On Teevee?

Is anyone watching Woodsongs on PBS and if they are

No They Can't©...The Audacity© of Graduate Students Facing Higher Debt Under Obama's Budget Plan

"As a leader, don't you bear some responsibility to stand up to this kind of ignorance"?

Many Repubs that I know are on the government dole...

Progressive Strategy Handbook -- FREE download and invitation to crowdsource revisions

Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

Oh Great!.. Our bathtub faucet handle broke.. American Standard, Hah!

Oh Great!.. Our bathtub faucet handle broke.. American Standard, Hah!

Oh Great!.. Our bathtub faucet handle broke.. American Standard, Hah!


Upon a challenge from other DUers

Have you become more or less "radicalized" since Obama took office?

King Tutankhamun Statues Missing as Intruders Break Into Egyptian Museum


PIC: Wall St broke America, make THEM pay to fix it!

Reuters: Egypt's New Military Rulers To Ban Union Meetings and Strikes!

Stupid people are ruining America(video)

Grocery store CEO resigns after arrest in child prostitution sting

Young Activist Faces 10 Years in Prison After Trying to Save Public Lands From Oil and Gas Companies

CALLING OUT The National Guard? GOP Governors Begin Their COORDINATED ASSAULT On State Union WORKERS

CALLING OUT The National Guard? GOP Governors Begin Their COORDINATED ASSAULT On State Union WORKERS

CALLING OUT The National Guard? GOP Governors Begin Their COORDINATED ASSAULT On State Union WORKERS

GOP's Gary Johnson: Obama Too Slow Ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

How much of your after tax income do you save/invest?

Chilean miners smoked weed.while trapped...

For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results

Florida's proposed immigration bill weighs heavily on busine$$ community

No Argument: (Clarence) Thomas Keeps 5-Year Silence

Alaska warming at three times the rate of the lower 48

Has there ever been a comprehensive study done comparing Canadian and American health CARE?

AP Source: Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

AP Source: Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

I'm not a soccer fan, but this is an incredible goal.

No Argument: Thomas Keeps 5-Year Silence

Information Gathering Thread: Who Pulls The Strings In Washington?

Please DU this Wisconsin poll

Obama to cut heat subsidies for poor

Lady GaGa interview coming up on 60 Minutes

Signs of the future across America

Cops Beat Crap Out of Rutgers Students

Another "No child left behind" pimp defects

Enrollment in a pre-existing condition health plan increased 50% in 3 months

Enrollment in a pre-existing condition health plan increased 50% in 3 months

i was so much older then

Rep. Giffords Regains Ability To Speak

Any spending cuts without a tax increase on the rich is a joke!

Call to action Let's hit the streets 4/9, 4/10 (reminder)

No Valentine's Day Fundraiser?

February Thaw in Minnesota, and Ice Dams are Everywhere.

Shirley Sherrod sues Breitbart over that video -- and he gets served papers right at CPAC.

Baby murdered with hair dryer

focus on the family wants abortion rights advocates to make abortion less common

Union-Made Valentine's Day Sweets

"moon trees"

It's a FARCE

The war between the Right and the Center

Unitarians turn tragedy into lesson in tolerance

Why are our jobs being outsourced?

A New Gold Mining Venture in the Bodie Hills

A New Gold Mining Venture in the Bodie Hills

Is it going to get any better?

San Mateo County may ban foam takeout containers

Up close and personal - Showing you my treasured rock from Egypt

Et Tu, Wisconsin?

If you haven't done so, Please attach your name to this form letter to protect your social security!

Anyone else here suffering post Egyptian revolution depression?

Poor People's Campaign (King's Unfulfilled Dream)

Bush, Rumsfeld and Iraq: Is the Real Reason for the Invasion Finally Emerging?

Unlike Ronald Reagan turning 100, very few people remember her.

We want our JOBS BACK!

I've had enough.

High-fructose corn syrup could become 'corn sugar.'

High-fructose corn syrup could become 'corn sugar.'

Actress/comedienne Betty Garrett dead at 91

Give the Republicans a reality check

Mubarak's illness rumored last summer...

Mubarak's illness rumored last summer...

GOP 2012 presidential candidates. And the scariest is …

Proof that corporate-conservative groups are CONSPIRING against public workers

What have you learned from the Egyptian uprising and toppling of Mubarak regime?

But we turned away. We let it go. The moment passed. "And the war came."

Group to beam FREE internet access across the globe from space!

CONFIRMED: Obama's Budget seeks deep cuts in domestic spending

The example of Frank Wisner, Jr. shows how the National Security State only benefits the well-off.

What about starting our own HuffPo-type community blog network?

How I despise these people

Army Told Units to Destroy Gulf War Troops Records

No food stamps for college students..

Boy Without A Cerebellum Baffles Doctors

As Obama and the Republicans cut domestic spending - a reminder.

My editor deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his editorial on Public Education today.

Look at all these countries calling for their own protest now:

Look at all these countries calling for their own protest now:

Doonesbury confuses an illegal alien...


Congressman Ron Paul booted from conservative group for anti-war views

BBC: Is California the most miserable US state to live in?

Veterans are 15% of the Homeless Population

"60 Minutes" top story tonight?

Today's college students learn less than those of previous decades-

Pardon me

Pardon me

FZ - "Black Napkins," from the "Baby Snakes" film

Speaking of smelly........

Oh, Avalon raisin pecan bread, why can I not resist you?

What's left of Yes performs "Starship Trooper" in São Paulo, November 2010

For those that don't know.

All's fair in love and psychobabble witchcraft.

So Do you think the hearts will be turned on at midnight???

Comments on "The Superficial" RE: Kevin Bacon in "X-Men First Class"

Italy declares migrant emergency

(NY Labor Dept) 2 Safety Violations for ‘Spider-Man’ (Musical)

I should explain this.

Nigeria presidential rally ends in deadly stampede

Before it is too late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Abe Lincoln!...

There’s No Money in Integrity: An Interview with Steve Kilbey of the Church

L.A. County health officials investigating dozens of illnesses reported by visitors to the Playboy M

Bankers got carte blanche on pay and a free pass on lending. We got six pages of nothing

Sudanese women call for release of sons, protesters

Arrests spark protest (Kashmir)

Egypt State TV Switches Sides As Mubarak Falls

Rights groups warn of jailed Syrian activist's deteriorating health

Tunisian foreign minister resigns - official media

Palestinian Leaders Suddenly Call for Elections

Miley Cyrus to Host Saturday Night Live. Think it'll ROCK or SUCK?

Taliban fighters kill at least 19 in attack on Kandahar police headquarters

Obama to cut heat subsidies for poor

Self-deleted by member

HEY! Whaddayathink of this artist?

d = mc2

Army and protesters disagree over Egypt's path to democracy

McConnell says Obama agenda is `over'

Egypt Comments Slip Past China's Web Police .

Timing is everything.

Who wants some Valentine Day Wallpaper?

Thai "reds," "yellows" rally on Bangkok's streets

Egyptians focus their attention on recovering the nation's money

Abortions would be costly, more difficult to get under new bills (Ohio)


Egypt shutters banks after new protests from employees, police

Baby loves Betty White.

Oh, GEEEZZZ!!! I saw a guy squeezing and fondling his bag today... ... ... IN PUBLIC!!

Adding insult to injury

Iran names bomb attack survivor as nuclear chief

Assange hails WikiLeaks role in Middle East revolt

Republican: Auto recovery could make Sen. Stabenow harder to beat

Iran opposition to hold demonstrations despite government warnings

Screwed by DirecTV - what are my options?

What is The Purpose of Capitalizing Every Noun on New Posts?

Clashes in Algeria as opposition plans new protest

Tahrir Square protesters defy army to keep Egypt's revolution alive

Abbas' cabinet to resign on Monday: sources (Pakistan)

Egypt's military begins clearing Tahrir Square

I just saw a TV commercial that sang "Poop there it is"

Song A Day #770: The Red Panda Hop


Big cat drama in the Venation household tonight. Jesus Christ.

Music for a great Sunday night..."Sleepwalk", the 1959 hit, covered by the Ventures...

What's the best beverage for rehydrating or keeping hydrated?

Tom Cruise in Final Talks to Star in "Rock of Ages" FIlm

Anime cliches you can't stand...

SUV runs over two cars in Boise parking lot

PUPE n/t

I love this photo for lotsa reasons -- I'm sure it's young men shipping out for the Army during WWII

Sunflower Market CEO resigns after sex-sting arrest

Anyone watch Sunset Limited on HBO?

RIP little star

Ron Paul Wins Conservatives' Straw Poll Again

"At the end of the day"

Swiss vote on tighter gun controls

Egypt's military rejects swift transfer of power and suspends constitution

Leaked e-mails embarrass German far-right party

Birds... I fucking hate them

Grocery CEO resigns after arrest in child prostitution sting

Young Protesters Revolt in Yemeni Capital

Borders Bankruptcy Coming Next Week

Yemen police disperse protests, make arrests

Egypt's New Military Rulers To Ban Union Meetings

Words... I fucking hate them

Bahrain's king gives out cash to families

In U.S. Signals to Egypt, Obama Straddled a Rift

King Tut statue among missing Egypt treasures

Italy: day of protests in 200 cities against Berlusconi

Gunmen kill eight in Mexico City suburb drive-by attack

FARC to Release Three Colombian Hostages in Effort to Initiate Peace Talks

Shirley Sherrod Sues Andrew Breitbart

How did cats get to be such a such a lounge mainstay?

AP Source: Obama to seek changes in Pell Grants

Arab Media Reports: Mubarak Seriously Ill

Valentine chocolates.

Chimes of Freedom - Dylan

Jesus Christ, it's 46F out in FARGO, in FEBUARY!!!

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!!!

Truth in labeling

Egypt's military dissolves parliament

Barack Obama to unveil $1.1tn cuts in US budget over next decade

Pajama Jeans - I got mine!

Mister Buddy Guy is great.

You may find this disgusting and sick, but MiddleFingerMom has this Girl Scout fantasy.

Never eat anything bigger than your Mom's head.

Anyone here get chocolate crosses for Easter?

White House to Iran: Allow opposition demonstrations there

what are your favorite records/albums/cds you always neglect or forget about??

Brett Favre fans.

Egyptians Can Claim Mubarak’s Stolen Billions

Lets' see some THE Rolling Stones covers!

need good DU vibes here

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Valentine's Day Awwfest Edition

ok, lounge, this time you will have plenty of time.

We brought Poppin (chihuahua, think Taco Bell Dog)home today.

Republicans Propose Zeroing Out CPB Funding

Officials: 105 dead in Southern Sudan clashes

Need Advice on relatives "Saying Mass" for ailing relative. (I'm researching it too on Google).

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - the definitive - the Concert for George

Lady Gaga arrives at Grammys in giant egg borne by litter-slaves.

Airline pilots are cheap bastards.

Memories - Barbra Streisand

President Obama: June 4th 2009. Cairo, Egypt. "A NEW BEGINNING"

President Obama: June 4th 2009. Cairo, Egypt. "A NEW BEGINNING"

Hilarious Video Tantrum: The Democrat Party is Responsible for All This Guy's Problems


HB Gary Holiday Video Card

This Guy and his 12 Views are going to CURE US ALL OF OUR LIBERALISM!!!

PBS Newshour: Shields and Brooks on GOP Candidates' Plausibility, Egypt's Bottom-up Revolution

Glenn Beck meets George Washington

the Omo tribus

Aaron Barr's New Look

Bill Maher Feb. 11, 2011 - Anti-Porn??

Evgeny Morozov: The Dictator's Dilemma

Barack Obama is Coming For His Guns

Ron Paul's Full Speech at CPAC 2011

The History of Military Dictatorship in Egypt

Egypt: Obama Reacts To Strategic Blow

CrossTalk Egypt Special: After Mubarak


We Get It, GOP. You Hate Women. We Get It.

Victim of DTE: Wanda Scott tells her story

PUSHIN' BACK THE LIES: An Anti-war Love Song

TDPS: FBI Agent Played by Ryan Phillippe in "Breach" hates Wikileaks, shut down during interview

John Boehner Won't Stop The Fake Birther Talk-"Not My Job"

TDPS: Supreme Court increasingly corrupt, first Alito, now Clarence Thomas & wife - TRANSCRIPT

Using Nature's Genius In Architecture

Young Turks: Plan To Attack WikiLeaks, Assange, Greenwald And Others Exposed

Young Turks: Fox News Insider Tells All To Media Matters

MD: Cancer is going to "SURGE" over next few years in area impacted by oil disaster

Cleanup Over? "Football field" of submerged oil found in Florida -- "Oil washing onshore everyday"

Michele Bachmann Founding Fathers Revisionist Rap!

Palestinian Leaders Suddenly Call for Elections

"I think they've handled what is a very difficult situation, about as well as it could be handled"

What do you think Robert Reich means by middle class?

"How can you complain about him over this?" a top Republican warrior moaned. "It's no contest."

What *won't* Obama do to get Republicans to vote for him?

Boston Globe sees Egypt as Bush's work

Speaker Boehner: “It’s Not My Job To Tell” Americans That Obama Is Not A Muslim

Obama's budget to call for slashing oil tax breaks, boosting clean energy

National Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Service Corps Kick-Off in Philadelphia

Obama to Seek Changes ($100 Billion Cut Over Ten Years) in Pell Grants

As we ready to review the New Budget, we "should" keep in mind....

President Obama keeps promise, creates "first major federal antipoverty effort in decades"

NYT: Obama went against Clinton, Gates and Biden

Bill O’Reilly’s Tidal Skepticism Launches “You Can’t Explain That” Meme

Would you trade Social Security reform for Higher taxes for the rich?

Why aren't the Democrats proposing raising taxes?

New Studies Produce Projections Worse Than Thought For Southwest, Esp. For Groundwater Withdrawals

Thad Allen - Coast Guard Cannot Respond To Poss. Arctic Oil Spill - 2 Of 3 Icebreakers "Do Not Work"

Will sewer fees push some out? (Clean Water Act to cost Omaha 1,000s of jobs?)

Harrison Schmitt Withdraws As NM State Energy Boss - Denier Would Not Submit To Background Check

Livestock boom risks aggravating animal ‘plagues,’ poses threat to food security and world’s poor

Administration to Push for Small ‘Modular’ Reactors

Oil Still Leaking out of Gulf Seafloor, EPA Blocking Action

Paradox: Linchpin Of The Long Emergency

Crude Reality (Is the US economy less susceptible to a major oil disruption than we thought?)

Latest on the Sedona Sweat Lodge deaths

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Dirty Little Secrets of Search, NYT

Jihadist groups watch revolution pass them by

"Palestine’s Great Book Robbery"

How the hippies really did help to change our world

Straw Poll at CPAC Won by Tupac

The Insurers' Real Agenda for Change By Wendell Potter

"Spiritual Fitness" is Christian, Says Professed Co-Author of Army Leadership Manual

Dominionism's Threat Against Indian Country

Christian Flag Folding Ceremony Reveals Official Sanction of Church-State Violations in the Military

Freedom Falsehood: Religious Liberty Isn't Under Attack In America

Anonymous hack reveals HBGary plan to destroy WikiLeaks

What Egypt Can Teach America

Los Angeles Basin Long Overdue for Major Earthquake

Airborne Prions Make for 100 Percent Lethal Whiff

The last time the National Guard was used against public workers was 1968. Sign Petition to stop

Small part of brain itching for a fight

"Louis" tells why Baptists need review boards

Swine flu gives its survivors supercharged immunity

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

Commentary: Time to shut up

Deploying the Wisconsin National Guard is Wrong

WikiLeaks Springs a Leak

Lie of the Month: Social Security is Insolvent

Wikileaks - Saudi asked US to stop oil lawsuits

Egypt needs an ECONOMIC revolution, and the U.S. could learn from its unrest

As Egypt Calms Down, So Do Israeli Nerves.

Have Saudis overstated how much oil is left?

Paradox: Linchpin Of The Long Emergency (Carolyn Baker)

The Big Society: a cloak for the small state

Don't be blinded by the web. The world is actually stagnating

Colorado Sanctuary Ready to Receive Record-Breaking Lion Airlift

White House to Iran: Allow Opposition Demonstrations There

Reagan and gun rights: In 1986, he signed the Firearm Owners Protection Act

Poll: Most Utahns oppose designation of state gun

LaPierre vs. Reagan: Different Lessons on Guns

Crime Scenes: City leaders press for tougher gun laws (MD)

Gun Registry Supported by Norwalk Police Chief (CT)

Pentagon Fingered as a Source of Narco-Firepower in Mexico

Swiss reject gun control measures

Go to this link every day......very informative!! Bookmark it!

(Republic Rich) Lowry gun crack at CPAC

U.S. Justice Dept. says gun claim is bogus - repeat bogus

City, county mull gun bans (Johnson County, Iowa)

Man Pulls Gun in Bar Fight, Lands Behind Bars

Does New Jersey Need Even Tighter Gun Control?

Gun rights group to appeal ruling against guns in church (GA)

Cops vs AK47 video

Police: Man kills 4 in stabbing rampage across NYC (Not having a gun didn't stop this madman)

So who do you shoot at?

Egypt "proves" that a government with a monopoly of force will abuse its power,

Feds urge Houstonians not to help in arming of criminals in Mexico

Need quick entry into Texas Capitol? Just get a gun permit

How many of you actually believe the 2.5 million yearly US defensive gun use number?

Swiss Vote to Keep Guns at Home

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Doonesbury?

FARC to Release Three Colombian Hostages in Effort to Initiate Peace Talks

Colorado Sanctuary Ready to Receive Record-Breaking Lion Airlift

Cuba dissidents Hector Maseda and Angel Moya released

Question about tariffs and the difference in the worth of labor around the world.

Venezuela: Sanitary Napkins to Powedered Milk Shortage

Bill Murray / DA Points win AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Tommy Morrison still insists he can box and doesn’t have HIV

Baseball is a better sport than football. Here is proof........

The JR Chess Report (February 13): Le Seeks Repeat Title in Aeroflot Open

Gay Republicans backed CPAC write-in campaign for... DONALD TRUMP?

"The Left is Trying to Co-Opt Gays"

I think some of the people at GOProud are straight people pretending to be "gay."

Rumsfeld: "Time Has Come" To Allow Gays To Serve Openly

"Palestine’s Great Book Robbery"

March 8 hopeful Camp David pact follows Mubarak

Prepare the ground for a real transition to democracy

Palestinian government to quit Monday: top official

Egypt's military moves to dissolve parliament, suspend constitution

Palestinian Leaders Suddenly Call for Elections

Prosor named Israel's UN ambassador

Gadhafi: Palestinian refugees can use Mideast unrest to pressure Israel

some of you may be interested in this site:

Societies worse off "when they have God on their side"

Secular humanists, check in.

Refuting the myth that Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were atheists.

Is Venus Geologically Active?

Newly Discovered: "Planet-Eating" Stars

SpaceX heavy-lift launch vehicle: 5 years, $2.5B fixed price

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