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Archives: December 9, 2011

Court slaps Branstad on Workforce Center closings as unconstitutional.

Unrepaired battery this message.

The Best 'Main Street V. Wall Street' Scene From 'It's A Wonderful Life'

The #occupied US Chamber of Commerce

Tonight on Countdown

America's chief executives tend to outlive their peers

This Hunter Thompson quote seemed appropriate.


How Australia treats refugees

Muppets turned me into a commie. Then GIJoe turned me into an assassin. Then I watched Dallas...

Prop 8 Trial Tracker

World Series of Protein Folding, instead of poker

"Thou Hast Been Judged and Ye Shall Be Hidden"...But seriously,,,,

Bondi (FL) pranks urine-seeking Daily Show prankster

Remembering John Lennon today.


The Hitchhikers guide to the Near and Middle East.

EPA: 'Fracking' likely polluted town's water

Why Is Donald Rumsfeld on This Package of Spicy Peanuts?

Fed links water contamination to fracking for first time

TIME: Not Beating Elizabeth Warren, GOP Admakers (Rove)Try to Join Her

Coroner: Former GA state Sen. Robert Brown Committed Suicide

Liberal woman attacked for admitting that the Affordable Care Act is doing some good...

Self-deleted by member

Buddy Roemer among those struggling for a slot in GOP presidential race

Does the US military want Afghanistan to get even nastier?

The New Democrat Network teams with the GOP in pushing for a corporate overseas profit "tax holiday"

How is the current system better than the jury system?

Which president did you LOVE?

Newt's gay half-sister backs Obama.

Marc Martel picked to star in Queen Extravaganza

Cyber-intruder sparks massive federal response — and debate over dealing with threats

Middlebury Student Ejected from Climate Talks while Calling for Necessary Progress

MIchelle Duggar has miscarriage

What are your predictions for the Senate "Secret Santa"?

Niall Ferguson of Harvard on his book “Civilization: The West and the Rest” - Charlie Rose tonight

Are some Occupy groups turning into Tea Baggers?

Chief Justice Roberts and his war on Christmas (according to Fox News)

Roaming bands of psychotic post-apocalyptic mutant bikers will wander thru DU3 killing your children

I attended another hydrofracking draft proposal meeting today

Just got this in an e-mail from Sen. Bernie Sanders

Nouriel Roubini: Europe is falling into a deep recession that will lead to a world financial panic

Just thinking, posit a thought, Zucotti park owners owe $139,000 in back taxes, can someone buy

Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC right now. nt

Fox News: Christian school children "ordered to stop praying outside the Supreme Court"

Defamation Case Tossed After Getting Away With Murder

Firefighters Say They Were Stiffed in Iraq- informed them that they were lucky to have jobs

Occupy Mission Bay: Ah tensions...and arcs of social movements...

Hitler Hears About The Collapse Of The Eurozone

Today’s word is CORPORATOCRACY - pic

On Snow Tires and Solidarity

Elizabeth Warren to be on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight!!

Has the funding source behind DU3 been discussed?

Two Americas - anyone else see this Current TV/Vanguard program yet?

Cesar Chavez's grandson arrested in Occupy L.A. closure


Former Charger Lew Bush passes away

Florida insiders expect GOP nominating contest to extend beyond state's primary

When I think of the families who wonder if their dead soldier family member wound up in a landfill

America’s Broadband Ranking Declines Again: #19 and Falling

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Allen West states that equality is against the Declaration of Independence's

Michigan music teacher scrubs TEH GAY right the hell outta "Deck The Halls." Fa la la indeed!

Tammy Duckworth vs joe walsh

Will we still be able to hunt trolls, freepers, and other varmints in DU3?

How are unionized hospitals around the country?

12/8 8:30pm Live broadcast of Panel discussion of Fresno City attacks on Homeless

Mayor's Graduation Speech (Invite to UNC-CH) Protested

Does anyone else browse Reddit?

School Webcam Took Nude Pics, Teen Says

Ron Johnson (WI) "answers" constituents...

Beauty as Their Business

What is best word for hypocritical Christian?

Manteca students face severe punishment for urinating in teacher's coffee

Does anyone want a Bank of America cap to abuse?

1-year-old boy shot in Oakland, Calif. may be removed from life support

In case you doubt that the wingnuts are totally out of their gourds…

The Guardian UK's Simon Tisdall sculpts a bogeyman that will keep the MIC up and running.

Wells Fargo now requires mandatory binding arbitration

William L. Waller...A Hero Has Passed...Honor Him As A Warrior For Justice

The Ed Show: Bernie Sanders calls out Republican obstructionism.

Deadline Passes for Occupy Boston Without Eviction

Ha! Rachel takes on Republican ads, shows Conan's spoof on Ron Paul. Hilarious.

Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Saving American Democracy Amendment today

A holiday tune for the GOP race to the bottom: "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ......

Wisconsin: Judicial panel deals setback to GOP in redistricting case

Milwaukee JS "fair and balanced" on protest restrictions

Micheal Steele argues so vociferously for rethug issues and he has conveniently forgotten

Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike

Household Wealth in U.S. Falls for Second Straight Quarter

EU Banks Must Raise $153 Billion of Extra Capital

Oil at $150 Becomes Biggest Options Bet on Iran

Very Simple Poll, Do you want Newt to be the GOP nominee?

S&P sinks 2% on EU worries

Said on the TeeVee

Grammar help please

Prop 8 Overturned: Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down In California

Britain battered by gales of up to 165mph

Batman Joker cartoonist dies aged 89

EPA suspects fracking linked to pollution

Boca Raton bans holiday symbols in public buildings

How does Glenn Beck get away with this???

Essay Sparks Campus Uproar

What Real Education Reform Looks Like

Navy extends leave of seaman bumped by Roosevelt's dog

Squirrel Sets Off Fire Alarm At Ellenton, Fla., Elementary School

Growing Justice in Food Deserts

Rachel dismantles the right's attacks on Elizabeth Warren

China shale gas discoveries major boost to supply

Big climate change could happen fast - and soon

We are the median: Carefully budgeting for food, health care costs

Balance (cartoon)

I find it very telling.

Michelle Bachmann doesn't allow her girls to call boys. Said they must wait for boys to call

Philosoraptor asks...

I always wondered where "jumping the shark" came from.

Why Merkel-Sarkozy pact is doomed to fail

Busting "Occupy" encampments is like cutting up starfish.

Corzine’s ‘Intent’ Was to Head Off Possible Claims: Lawyers

Can we just let THEM go and WE stay here? nt

Maybe I'm assuming too much, but

Immigration law places burden on municipalities

GOP Objects To 'Millionaires Surtax'; Millionaires We Found? Not So Much

Tahrir Square 22nov - 360 degrees

WTF...its a internet message board...

A message for all members of the Boston Police Department...

GOP seeks to cut unemployment benefits

High of 16 forecast for today. I'd better get bundled up.

Supreme Court to Take a Look at Arizona’s Immigration Law Friday

The word of the day appears to be Neophobic

as lewis and clark before me

#Occupy Phoenix are being raided AGAIN.

CIA 'secret prison' found in Romania - media reports

OCCUPY plans on picking on my coffee shop! This is no JOKE!

Poor neighborhood; poor working habits. NOT.

The private sector wants it all

LAPD: "We are very concerned for the safety of our officers and their families."

Wife: Jerry Sandusky didn't harm kids

Parcel Bomb Explodes at Rome Office, Injuring 1

Occupy Wall Street, Re-energized: A Leaderless Movement Plots a Comeback


Why The UK Trail Of The MF Global Collapse May Have Apocalyptic Consequences For Eurozone & Everbody

2 schools and a museum closed because of broken water pipes

Gingrich's best hope for now is that Trump cancels his debate in a fit of pique for being dissed...

Possibly hiring for the season, saw on FB:

a song for the season

GOP blocks nominee for consumer protection bureau

Perry ad on gays in military triggers backlash, especially online

Senate Blocks Obama Choice for Consumer Panel

Wall street + lax UK regulations = Lehman + AIG + MF Global

Public School Tells Students to Come to Jesus. Complain? "you need to get right with God"

‘At first it was just a hole in the ground’

Score One for Occupy Boston! NY press corps yuks it up with Bloomberg

Calif. - Sugarloaf Ridge is first state park to close (bad news)

LOL... Krugman is from Trantor; Gingrich ain’t

Conservative pundits turn down Newt

Blagojevich Was Railroaded And Why It Matters.

Michael Hudson -- Europe’s Deadly Transition From Social Democracy to Oligarchy

NYT: A C.E.O.’s Moral Stand (stands up for working people)

World’s Biggest Polluters Stymie Agreement at Durban Global Warming Talks

Woman Arrested For Making Meth Inside South Tulsa Walmart

Trumpster-diving with the Sloth and the Froth!

Apple’s ‘Blood iPhone’ Subject of Viral Campaign Launched by Congolese Man

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The rest

Land of the Free, Home of the Hungry

L.A., Calif. over 30 water pipe leaks in one week

Rick Scott's budget will devastate Florida hospitals.

U.S. Publicly Shifts Climate Stance in Face of Widespread Criticism — Then Quietly Backtracks

Today, I am a very proud Grandfather!

Gas-Fracking Chemicals Detected in Wyoming Aquifer, EPA Says

If Santorum and Gingrich debate, Santorum could end up the nominee

NPR exclusive : GOP exposed as BIG FAT LIARS! (re: "job creator" surtax)

Party That Won't Tax Millionaires Proposes Slashing Unemployment Benefit Weeks

NY mayor: Call for Occupy probe is 'ridiculous'


Imitation Occupation Begets the Real Thing (NYC)

Verizon CEO's Broadband Bunk

NY’s Tax Overhaul, Said to Raise Taxes on the Rich, Actually Doesn’t

Limbaugh lies again.

DU3 safari Font problems using toolbar

Labor Board Drops Case Against Boeing

So the deadline passed in Boston...

Mercs May Run Air Missions on Afghan-Pakistan Border

Rogue regulation: Pa. must fall in step with legal drilling oversight

Can you think of any person you'd rather have as President than Bernie Sanders?

Dottie Sandusky plays the "My Husband Wouldn't Do That©" card, denies ignoring rapes

Netherlands apologises for 1947 Rawagede massacre in Indonesia

Great day to watch Morning Joe...

"The Morning After": regrets...I've had a few...

The economic stagnation, in large part,...

The One Day Water Experiment

Gas leak detected in PRP after a concerned son calls WHAS11 News

Blind Horses, Dogs Cheat Euthanizers, Find Sweet Life on Farm

GOP State Representative Beats Mentally Disabled Son

FLASHBACK: After OK City Bombing, Gingrich Tried To Hold Disaster Relief Hostage To Spending Cuts

Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged

What? Really!

Some millionaires made a video and this is what they said...

School bans tuxedos and dresses from future proms to avoid LGBT requests

If you missed Elizabeth Warren on Lawrence's show last night...

There is NO Women's Rights forum on DU! (I guess this is where I get banned)>

Rubio avoids meeting with FL constituents waiting for three days inside his DC office

Police and Rose Parade Officials negotiating with Occupy-the-Rose-Parade before the parade

Workers on strike in Manitowoc, WI

I am so grateful that Current TV is on the air.

Ann Coulter On Marcus Bachmann: ‘Why Can’t You Have Heterosexuals Who Kind Of Seem Gay?’

Who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ?

BREAKING: GOP Leaves Town plan to skip town tonight without voting for the payroll tax cut extension

Occupy Boston eviction imminent....* LIVE STREAM*....

Woman,buried alive by her fiance,digs self out

Health update. I'm still dying but not as fast. I got some help.

E-Cigarette Bans Are Absurd

Who could have known?

Nadler's letter concerning OWS to Eric Holder can be viewed here:

GOP State Representative Beats Mentally Disabled Son, Kicks Him In Ribs Outside Restaurant

FL charter school gets praise and high ranking..yet sent 12.5% of students back to public schools.

The Friday Afternoon Challenge: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Trump and the 7 clowns

The Roots Must Clear Music With NBC After Michele Bachmann Incident

A modern true horror story: Dr. Lauretta Bender

Blagojevich gets 14 years, but what about these guys?

Paralympian, paralyzed from the hip down since age 13, regains use of legs after bike crash

Have you been to DU3 today?

Remember That Liberal Media?

So, Notice of Pendency of Class Action In re: Chase Bank USA, N.A. "Check Loan" Contract

Chicago mayor aims to aggressively privatize schools

Wow, you really can get everything at Wal-mart...

Looks like David Cameron should join DU "ME, NOT WE!!"

is the lesser evil by default


Were you aware of Plan B prior to Kathleen Sebelius' decision to overrule the FDA's rec?

The Rude Pundit: Rick Perry's "Strong" Ad and Queer Desire

I'm being a little factious, but what do you do with three AAA batteries

Well monday will be fascinating

Failing NPR 'Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up Challenge, Republicans Can't Produce ONE Millionare Job Creator

Rick Perry - "Weak" (funnyordie parody)

Malawi to review homosexuality ban after Obama US aid threat

Daniel-The Polydactyl Cat - Rescues US Animal Shelter

I think I won't be coming to du much anymore. I can't afford

What Really Happened Aboard Air France 447

Excuses Don't cut it in Air Force's Dumping of Dead Remains.

Are Psychiatric Medications Making Us Sicker?

Republicans tie unemployment benefits extension to Keystone pipeline approval

Can someone talk me off the ledge?

Conservative Women’s Group Applauds Senate Decision To Deny Military Rape Victims Abortion Coverage

Hollywood shootout: Gunman fired randomly, hit motorist in the head

Here's the trouble I have with Jerry Sandusky and his 'showering with kids'

Occupy SF rally for homeowner who used her home as a piggy bank - paid $215K, borrowed 664K

20 Ways the Obama Administration Has Intruded on Your Rights

Italian cat inherits €10m fortune

Occupy and Tea Party Working Together?

On MSNBC NOW: Lady Rothschild & the Henry Jackson Society? WTF? Red flag Alert!

#OWS: What's wrong with this picture?

This man belongs in jail...

Of Newts and Yurts and Fermented Mare's Milk Spoketh He...

To all friends and allies of OWS

Study On Swipe Fees: Consumers Paying More At Retailers, Not Less

Q: Will President Obama be more liberal in his policies during a second term?

Over 5,000 messages to Fox, telling them to "lay off the Muppets!"

Grasping at straws: GOP trio: Report of Volt fires delayed

Jesus responds to Rick Perry's ad

Not Sick Enough

'Obamacare' To the Rescue

Why bullshit attacks against Elizabeth Warren won't work. At all.

I think the majority of issues with DU3 have a lot to do with unresolved issues on DU2

Woman Arrested for Cooking Meth Inside a WalMart

For *me* 2011 is symbolized in *ONE* image:

Another awesome DU3 feature: Super-quick feedback on alerts.

Even Michele Bachmann rejects Donald Trump's debate

US House Republicans unveil bill that links Keystone XL pipeline to extending the payroll tax cut

Elizabeth Warren slaps down Karl Rove, latest attack ad

Recall WALKER: 93 Yr Old-Former Military-Lifelong Republican: "They Would NEVER Have His Vote Again"

Newt Gingrich the Galactic Historian

Walker recall workers strike back at bird-flippers

Sheriff's Department in Kentucky Offering People $100 To Wear A Wire

UC Chancellor Robert Birgeneau shouted down

"Wall Street Part of Town," in Support of Occupy Wall Street - Ry Cooder

A real Christian on Rick Perry's anti gay ad.

Uber-Vultures: The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President

Tweety's brother's arrest...toldja it was complicated...

Secret Santas pay strangers’ layaway bills at Kmart


Ron Paul: Bush administration felt ‘glee’ after 9/11

As he campaigns, Gingrich also works for profit

LA Times - "A closer look at Mitt Romney's job creation record" - Mr. One Percent!

(Gov.) LePage's (R-douchebag, ME) cuts would hit seniors hardest, advocates say

We've all heard of racism

The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing 'Civilian Detainees'

This caption under a picture in the boston seems to try and make the Protesters look bad.

Some Fukushima residents exposed to up to 37 millisieverts of radiation

Intellectuals and Politics

A Petition to Support the Saving American Democracy Amendment

Proposed Obama Policy on Endangered Species Act Is Recipe for Extinction

City Postpones New "Prove You're Homeless" Policy Until Next Month

Thai workers from flooded Japanese factories arriving in Japan

Utah scientist charged with stealing drug recipes


Experts warn against eating cookie dough

Diamond dropped into US Salvation Army kettle

The Misplaced Stuff: NASA loses moon, space rocks

Virginia Tech shooter identified

#OWS Children's Anti-Bullying/Police Brutality March and Statement

2011: The Year in Photos (The Atlantic - In Focus)

Some architects somewhere designed a "twin towers" that looks like 9-11

The Current TV Documentary on Gene Sharp and his Einstein Inst. Was Soooo Great That,,,

90 year old remains calm during armed robbery

Herman Cain surprise (NOT)

How we end the voter restriction nonsense..forever

The magical grape: Wine dregs improve cow milk

We MUST capitalize on this opportunity. We CANNOT let it slip away.

Today would have been my Mother's 90th Birthday.

Don't robocall my cell phone! (please sign petition)

The Occupy Movement has Already Succeede

Paralympian eyes Olympic glory after "miracle" crash

AP refers to Donald Trump as "The Donald"

Door-to-door stock broker/financial planner

Friday TOON Roundup 3- 1%ers and Pepper Spray Guy

Found this on Grover's web site.

Listening to Ed rip the newt today

Spare a thought for the folks in Scotland

Joseph Farrell, Creator of the Movie Trailer, Has Died

self-delete: dupe

AL counties return to former criteria for issuing car tags following AG's advice on immigration law

Tell Fox: "Lay off the Muppets!"

Why Is Donald Rumsfeld on This Package of Spicy Peanuts?

Syria forces 'poised for assault' on protest hub

"OWS is moving, evolving" Rachel updates the state of the movement

Elder Poverty and a GOP Sucker Punch - NOW Will Democrats Pledge to Defend Social Security?

The Human Toll of Fracking

Tyler Clementi's Roomate Rejects New Plea Deal

Israel mortified over Lieberman quip on Russia vote

K&R if You Support a Woman's Right to Discuss WHATEVER ISSUE WE WANT TO DISCUSS>

I need some info on the European debt crisis - how much is it due to the

Would love to see a DU mobile... (posted from my android).

Friday TOON Roundup 2- more election follies

Bank donates foreclosed house to homeless agency


Oh, crap. "Republicans basically in favor of payroll tax cut, but just want to save face."

Some predicting a housing rebound next year.

Uh, guys, DU3 is really great.

Helen Thomas: "I don't think I've ever seen our country so bereft of ideals and ideas.'

I don't understand the objection to having Plan B available over the counter to minors...

Riddle me this. If the point of DU3 is to silence opinion

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte Proposes Law Aimed At Banning Occupy Encampments

You know, I'm really sick to death of people spouting the "lesser of two evil" stuff.

It's Official! OH's GOP Voter Suppression Law Now On Hold, Will Face Referendum on 2012 Ballot

IMPORTANT: If you don't know your DU password, UPDATE IT NOW

Occupiers Crash Chamber Of Commerce Holiday Party With Human Red Carpet(pics)

'Bean Dipping' In Schools Causes Concern

AP sources: Obama makes push to change terror bill

Somebody please explain to me why are corporations hoarding cash. How is that good for them.

The twenty most-played Christmas songs

HHS: Let's Treat ALL Women Like Children

Try Not to Think of a Newt

This is how I see it...go ahead, tell me what I got wrong

Rick Perry getting hammered in Likes/Dislikes. Pile on DU!

"Can you spare any change for food?"

The Final Indignity, the Last Insult, the Real America

So, is Stating that Failure to Support Obama Could Result in Republican Victories 'Extortion'?

Mr. President, my apologies for attacking your health plan ~ Spike Dolomite Ward

O'Reilly whining about having ambush interview tactic turned on him, invokes John Lennon's murder

"We Can't Make It Here ANYMORE" -- A country song about the USA

There are times when I love my hubby & times I want to savage him with affection

Device tested to translate oyster 'language'

Requiem for a Train - High-speed rail is dead in America

Here's the current DU3 smilies list: