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Archives: December 8, 2011

We know that if the GOP win then large corporations will be allowed to

Chicago putting $1 million into microloans to spur small businesses

Ron Paul and the Dow

There are two types of News in America

Tonight on Countdown

Gingrich reveals pic for SOS but may have broken law.

Any links to the official sites that rank politicians treatment of veterans?

Time Magazine: The Top 10 Everything of 2011 - #1 Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread

Massey Mine Explosion Settlement Doesn’t Address Basic Problem: Company’s Anti-Unionism

The concept of DU3 confuses and infuriates us!

Will the same trolls live on DU3?

If by some fluke Newt becomes President, he will be impeached by a bipartisan Congress. Just

Some mental illness linked to infections and auto-immune response.

Great sign spotting

Any truth to the rumor that DU3 will be renamed "DemocraticOverLords"?

'Take Back the Capitol' protesters target Gingrich fundraising event

Dear stoopid fuckface TRUMP, I change channel to Rachel. n/t

Walker the Polar Bear on his third birthday - awesome and fun pics

Tennessee House Burning --very simple math

Right Wing Honors Pearl Harbor by Whining About Sasha and Malia’s School Lunch

Dear stoopid fuckface TRUMP, I change channel to Rachel. n/t

Liberal Forum

Denver PD texted each other dissing Occupy Denver.

Southern Baptists exploring changing name because of negative association with racism, Fallwell, etc

Sebelius overrules FDA?

To State Dept., WikiLeaks or Not, Secrets Are Secrets

Occupy SF beings raided as we speak. ABC live steam has cam (no sound)

Victoria JACKSON is with BEHAR commenting on Alec, what a dissonance

*State Voter ID 'scams' coming up on Lawrence show.

DU3: DU2 but with the kids cleaning up instead of janitors

Gingrich fighting massive debt racked up in campaign’s extravagant early days - WaPo

Are DU3 hosts simply selected on a first to apply basis or

Oakland settles police shooting suit for $40k, but victim was mentally ill and STABBED officer

*Cal. AG Kamala Harris coming up on Lawrence show.

Mudflix – Two Lesbians Raised a Baby and This is What They Got

Engineer spent workdays at movies, bars, and Air Force paid for it

Serious privacy concerns with DU3 (Don't miss this discussion over there.)

If a bank already has you paying 6% for a home loan, why solicit you to re-finance at 3.5%?

can your food processor help in the war on terror????

Alabama Agriculture Department Advances Plan To Replace Immigrant Workers With Prisoners

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Does #OWS have a welcomed home at DU3?

Hosts on DU should live in the US.

Cool suggestion for OWS

Corporate Tax Dodging Has Cost States More Than $42 Billion In Revenue

American Airlines Union Questions Bankruptcy Motive

MF Global and the great Wall St re-hypothecation scandal

GOP= Hubristic arrogant Bully Micro Managing the Small without knowing the ALL

did everyone see the beautiful google doodle today?

Yelling at Sallie Mae

Rachel has Newter's *sister* on!1 n/t

Rachel has Newter's *sister* on!1 n/t

A progressive friend just walked out of the Reuters building in Times square

Toon: Another gang initiation

Memorable, sobering photos

FL Gov Rick Scott's shell game budget

Rural Suicides Follow Medicaid Cuts

Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near mercury

Another Poet Withdraws TS Eliot Prize Because of Inv. Firm Sponsorship

Boeing union workers approve contract extension, will drop NLRB complaint re: SC

AFRICOM chief: U.S. wants to help Libyan forces

Gingrich wants Bolton as his secretary of state

Principal forced to retire amid 9-year-old boy's suspension for calling teacher cute

Freeper "savagesusie" does the math on the Sandusky scandal; re-defines "crazy as a shithouse rat"

Would you cross a picket line to work and feed your family?

Do you have some gay friends? Shannyn Moore has quite a few....

The Daily Show asked Gov. Voldemort about Pee in cup... OW!!!

Poll: Elizabeth Warren soars 7 up over Scott Brown

PLAN B: When You DON'T FIGHT, You Get Walked On Later

Austerity for Europe

Gay half-sister of Republican Gingrich backs Obama

It's December=It's hostage taking season for Rethuglicans in Congress

On The Road, Newt Gingrich Needs Two Loos

War drums are beating for Iran. But who's playing them?

Romney's Christie Mocks OWS Protesters , calls them 'joksters', tells them to 'work it all out'

Clueless fucking load Chris Christie thinks Mitt is Presidential because he "shows affection openly"

Who gets bullied at school?

Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged

Chevron Sanctioned for Abusive Discovery

Man sues Southern CA Edison, meters overbilled for 10 years

Gay half-sister of Gingrich backs Obama

City official with sex change fired again

McGraw-Hill to cut 550 jobs from education unit

Foreigners in China squeezed by pensions, taxes

Investors worn down by Europe's debt crisis

S&P puts European Union on notice

Syria: The Next Humanitarian War?

Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Back on Senate Agenda

Call it what it is: VULGAR (awesome FB status I saw yday) Please steal and add on to it....

Jury awards $1 million to woman forced to make payments on car she was never given title to

UMKC Student Says School Fired Him Over “Occupy” Support

Another Day, Another Batch of Polls Showing GOP Leaders are Out of Step with Public on Immigration

How Anticorporate Sentiment Might Just Have Killed the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Juan Cole: Fox Viewers think Mubarak Still runs Egypt

Billionaires with 1% tax rates

Inner city blues - makes me wanna holler

Maldives Suspends Dumping at “Rubbish Island”

Everybody should see this post: Republicans wasting time

The GOP reality show proving discouraging even to Republicans

Fast-food toy ban no aid to nutrition, study says

Survivor - Palin in the Wings - (almost a cartoon)

Food Stamp Fraud Targeted, but Not Bank Fraud

"OCCUPY" - Linguist Geoff Nunberg's 2011 Word Of The Year

Newt Gingrich's sister backs Obama for 2012

An Alabama teacher who accepts a Christmas gift could end up in jail.

Toon: Whose Roosevelt is it anyway?

Meet the new PM of Belgium...:Gay, socialist and born in a squatters' camp

PETA sues Utah officers over leaflet distribution

tom Tomorrow: A Brief Guide To Class Conflict In America

Bloated blowhard NJ governor campaigns in Iowa for Romney...

Does anyone else get Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh Confused ?

Toles Toon- Wait, that's OUR Roosevelt!

I can easily see the 1%'ers thinking this

Real Housewives of the Neo-Confederacy

Girl Posted on Facebook During 7-Hour Welfare-Office Standoff

The GOP is different...not the Same...Rudman the last decent GOPer...The New GOP is EVILLY SELFISH

L.A. housing agency spends lavishly--but not on its needy clients

"Support The Troops" (never fall for that shit, never, ever again...)

What Are Taxes Good For? The Case of User Fees in Fire Fighting.

TP: Republican Senators Push False Argument That Payroll Tax Cut Will Undermine Social Security

New Latin American and Caribbean Bloc Defies Washington

Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts

Rick Perry posts anti-gay video. He forgot to disable "like/dislike"

ROFL@ Huckabee's ad to repeal HCR

How long until OWS is accused of something along these lines;

Anyone else having OCCUPY EMAILS CENSORED? 2 Friends tried repeatedly to send Verizon & Yahoo email

Report: Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill

Wyoming, Jonah and Pinedale Anticline gas fields explosion

Questlove was ‘gunning for Bachmann’...

Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They Paid In Income Taxes

GM trims salaried workers

Bank of America CEO says layoffs underway

What some 5th graders are playing this week during recess in Davis, CA

Have you ever had someone lock onto you

Rick "Arrogant Fuckstick" Perry: Being vice president is not worth a bucket of warm spit

On Facebook: There's the Problem

Obama Administration Overrules FDA on Availability of Plan B--Slap in the Face to American Women

Woman Sues Neighbor Alleging Racial Slurs, Abuse

Well, this fun fact got my morning off to a weird start.

Ancient super-predator eyes found in Australia

Is it a given that the most offensive candidate gets the Republican nomination?

Koch Political Group Brags About Bullying GOP Lawmakers Into Denying Climate Science

Party that can't accept evolution embraces social Darwinism

Shocking news story, must watch!!!--you'll want to forward it to your friends and co-workers!!

#99inDC - Marching on the Capitol, now.

another edict from the religiously insane - women can't touch bananas, cucumbers

Pic of our Shrub-CHEENEE torture chamber (Bucharest)

Uh-oh... I just saw a sign that says "happy holidays" hung up in the building where I work

Obama's riffing

Years after immigration raid, Iowa town feels poorer and less stable

Fl. has a nuke plant event re: damage done by jellyfish

So the Federal Reserve is a law unto itself?

dear Mr. President. republicans want 'a significant adverse effect on our economy'

"gays can serve openly in the military but kids can’t celebrate Christmas/pray in school"

President to speak on blocked nomination of Cordray

Tomgram: William Astore, The Remoteness of 1% Wars

Adobe scrambles to patch Acrobat zero-day hack

Why is Bill O'Reilly now promoting the loony idea that Christianity is not a religion?

Falling in Polls, Romney considers Adultery as a Remedy. Love Advice from Andy Borowitz

National Defense Authorization Act spurs uprising from left and right on detainee provisions

Total Eclipse of the Moon Dec. 10, 2011

We Are Occupying Our Homes

Ha Ha! Dubya sends his regrets re invitation to speak in Switzerland

"Simply Does Not Know Where The Money Is" - Presenting Jon Corzine's Complete Testimony To Congress

President Obama 'looking' at recess appointment for blocked consumer bureau nominee, Cordray

Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Iowa Ad Divides His Top Staff.

Consumer Watchdog Asks Justice Department, FCC To Investigate ‘Spyphone Scandal’

LIVE: Hillary, Google chair and Dutch minister Rosenthal discuss internet free speech

U.S. Extreme Weather Costs: $1 Billion Per Week in 2011

Why smart conservatives suddenly hate Newt - By Gene Lyons at

AP Exclusive: Inside Romania's secret CIA prison

Newt’s Secret Ally: Jon Huntsman

Feds probed role of Gov. Brewer in son's Social Security benefits

Walker claims Wisconsinites act like Ohioans...

unacceptable answer.....

San Mateo pays family of boy pepper-sprayed by cop (7-year-old special education student)

Bankster's lament or, how NOT to get a second date..

Scotland's Hurricane "Bawbag" trending on Twitter

California penal code against the abrogation of Constitutional rights?

Parody ad: ‘God does not believe in Rick Perry’

My login info went poof on DU3, still found in DU reg! What gives?

#Occupy City Halls

Why doesn't the US have an automatic destruct device on spy planes or other military

Bachmann's Book Bombs

Cornel West leaving Princeton

Another shooting at VA Tech. Cop shot.

Ignore list at DU3?

I think DU3 just had a major melt down.

Thom Hartmann not on noncom stations due to flooding/internet outage in Washington DC

SEC and Well Fargo settle municipal bid-rigging case for $148 million

"By Imbeciles Who Really Mean It": Lost Verities and Dirty Hippies

Russia votes to reinstall Communists?

Comic: Begging for Handouts

What planks of your personal platform are non-negotiable?

Independant Police Reviews of police incidents. This is something we need in all cities.

Do or die summit on the Eurozone! This doesn' t make one feel to optimistic about the outcome.

Could somebody explain DU3 to me using small words...

House Passes Bill To Grant Congress Veto Power Over White House Rules

Protesters to target Boehner's office

Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy

The Jury system in action - My latest Jury results

Seems like a lot of people are preparing for their imminent demise on DU3.

Rick Perry wears jacket from "Brokeback Mountain" while filming anti-gay ad

Romney says he's turning to 'closing argument'

VA Tech - possibly more shots fired

Labor Union

Shots fired at Virginia Tech. MSNBC reporting.

When innovation meets irrigation- James Dyson Award goes to biomimicry anti-drought tech

The Saudi Arab Spring Nobody Noticed

My GOP dream team presidential ticket: Gingrich/Trump 2012!

China’s ‘Gay’ Penguins Allowed To Adopt

Michigan mayor loses day job after anti-gay slur.

Jon Stewart Hits Obama Over Indefinite Military Detentions

The War on Weed Originally aired November 28, 2011

I just saw a story about Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin on Facebook ( Roll Call)

D'oh! Duplicate!

CIA 'secret prison' found in Romania - media reports - BBC

Former prisoners: Blagojevich faces rude awakening

Incident in Radford, VA might be connected to VA Tech

Please DU this poll.

Citizens Against Citizens United

Air Force Dumped Remains of at Least 274 Bodies in Landfill

Elizabeth Warren leads in Massachusetts Senate race

List of Conservative Celebrities ...

just started the Tweet thing...

Bernanke is bailing out Europe that the Fed Reserve job

Going Viral Now: A Fabulous Hillary Clinton Graphic On Human Rights And Gay Rights

How to convince your teenager (or anyone) to never drink and drive

Has anyone seen or heard from Cali?...

Starbucks general counsel retires to work on Obama campaign

JP Morgan, to prevent a Comex default, stole MF Global funds before PM physical delivery happened

Radford U has been on lockdown for a while.

Is Siri HAL's devil spawn?

Emma Goldman Occupies Wall Street/ The Nation

City pays out 55K to family. Cops pepper-sprayed 7 year old to get him off bookshelf

Newtie's Big Fat Head

Progressive Holiday Songs

'there's something wrong with this country when gays can openly serve in the military'

the latest on our prison slaves

Ooops! Looks like no one wants to paticipate in Donald's debate now that Rick Perry says

Know Before You Owe RE: Credit Cards

DU3: New, Simpler and Best of All No Bureaucracy or Cumbersome Procedures! BBI

Iran Shows U.S. Drone on TV, and Lodges a Protest

"Tea Party members get behind Gingrich." That headline pertty much writes its own joke, doesn't it?

PETA knocks W.H. over bestiality

BREAKING NEWS: Va. Tech: Police officer, 1 other killed BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — Virginia Tech offic

Who are the "Terrorist Apologists"???

I am sick and tired of the dehumanization of gays even more so for political gain

Woo-hoo! Apparently the Occupy alliance has shut down K Street!

CNN: Stop telling people we are stupid!

Bill Donohue: Adopt An Atheist (Because they stand for nothing, are good for nothing)

Aw - C'mon - can we use a little common sense here?

'Drift Away' Singer Dobie Gray Dead at 71

Additional remains sent to landfill, Air Force acknowledges - CNN

U. S. Rep. Rick Larsen fires three staffers over revealing tweets

Gas 3.19 costco Ready 4 Gas to be under $2 again - don't they have enough money now

The White House's Flawed Attempt to Crack Down on Food Stamp "Fraud"

And...Trump says he'd talk to Iran and OBAMA wants to start a war...

I'm re-reading "Tell Newt To Shut Up!" by David Maraniss and Michael Weisskopf.

Some perspective: Newt 31% of PA republicans

Locating the signal from the Higgs incredible!!

‘Gay’ Penguin Pair Adopts a Baby Chick in China

PA Liquor Control Board to teens: Rape is your fault, and your friends’ fault!

Series of Emails between Rick Perry and His Campaign Manager, November 2011

The Newtie's WIKI page has been through a deep-clean

St. Pete College baseball coach drove to Orlando for sex with teen

My one holiday tradition

GOPers Trickle Down JOBS ploy didn't work...did it? I wonder wha hoppen?

Corporate Tax Dodging In the Fifty States

Go Ahead! Take Your Vacations!

Interesting bag interrupts boring interview

Newt’s Erroneous Ethics Alibi


Boeing sets another ROUND THE WORLD flight record, this time with 787

Being accused of '"whining about DU3"

Which of these Iran scenarios is most likely in the next six months

I think they need to start a Newt-ist colony on Mars...

Oakland hires private security to keep Occupiers from occupying Oscar Grant Plaza

Rick Perry disabled comments on his homophobic ad on YouTube!

Patrick Meighan, Writer for Family Guy Arrested at Occupy LA

DU3 can now be found in

A friend on mine posted this on Facebook

About that 1%. ...

Mormon university says skinny jeans don’t meet dress code

Just saw the CBS News report on the super pac ads....abetted by the Citizens United decision.

Here's DU3 in ONE QUOTE: "I think it's because those who are playing games here

Occupy Melbourne calls for worldwide tent protest

Patience people- patience.

Perry’s jacket in anti-gay ad? Heath Ledger wore it in “Brokeback Mountain”

"white collar prisons"? Blagovitch to one. Any diff from the usual tennis club type for VIP's ?

Corzine: 'I don't know where the money is'

99% rolling out the red carpet for Speaker Boehner

President Obama answers charges of 'appeasment': "Ask bin Laden"

Jesus was a capitalist???

My feelings on DU3...very unimaginative

Gingrich Says He'd Tap Bolton for Secretary of State - Dupe?

Women's Groups Outraged by Obama Administration Ruling Against Morning-After Pill

Imagine a brokered republican convention

Skinner and Administrators appreciation thread

A friend's video response to Rick Perry's latest ad...

Damn this new ad with Reagan on fair tax policies is brilliant

Time lines: The 'mouse tracks' of gamers as they play PC games - for hours and hours

Republicans push to allow robocalls to cell phones

Batshit Florida! Florida senator wants school holiday renamed 'Christmas Break'

All good things eventually jump the shark it seems. Is DU3 our jump the shark moment?

Occupy Wall St. Joins Fight Against Foreclosures

Lennon, you magnificent bastard!

Obama: Ask Osama If I’m An Appeaser

Anyone on DU familar with, and is it a reliable site? Thanks. n/t

Is Newt Nuts?

Please DU this poll (about Occupy Boston eviction)...

Smart car maker to unveil tiny pickup truck

Change is good. 11 years at this joint and its progressively gotten better.

Disingenuous Karl Rove Ad Smears Elizabeth Warren, Implies She Facilitated Bank Bailouts

DU3 found in ground water in Wyoming.

Dec. 8: John Lennon Shot, Killed 1980

Crystal Cox, Oregon Blogger, Isn't a Journalist, Concludes U.S. Court--Imposes $2.5 Million Judgemen

The GOP has reverted to a pre-potty-trained state. A 50-year-old essay explains why

Kids Eating Rat Poison Is an "Acceptable Risk" for ALEC

Seems the new DU3 will be controlled by the party so upon its monopoly, I'll take my leave.

O’Reilly: Will Obama reach out to blacks by going on ‘Soul Train’?

Why no computer in the world should ever be turned off or left to sit idle EVER!!!

Buzzfeed: The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011

Trigger happy DU3 "hosts" and "impartial" jurors. A recipe for the destruction of DU

Mike Thompson toon captures the essence of the GOPer debates...

DU3 Clarification: Why tell me who has me on ignore?

This is GD

A major misconception about "hosts" at DU3

Social Security has never beaten the stock market for returns and my portfolio is proof.

JOHN LENNON ... remembering today

Trump calls Obama's handling of Libya Stupid.

Hey old time Duers I have a question for ya..

Feds Force Hundreds of California's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Close

The Obama administration doesn't trust teenage girls with the Plan B pill but,


I'm not sure I'd want my daughter getting Plan B at 12 years old

The most amazing Christmas lights ever (hint, Slayer fan)

"Rick Perry: Strong" Video Likes/Dislike Numbers on YouTube...

Will AG Holder go down in flames today?

Late Night DU2... Soon To Be 3... Love Y'All !!!

DU3 - Who will see which Alerts?

Mysterious planet-sized object spotted near mercury

Bees reach consensus by headbutting dissenters

Engineer dupes airforce for 5 years - spending days at bars, amusement parks, movies


Fuck fuckedy fuck fuck

Tonight it was great to stand with people willing to die on their feet.

9 things you can do with the moon.

I am left-handed. Teachers used to get on my ass about my handwriting.

War? Is that what we really want?

#OccupyLA: Skylight Books Introduces 'Unlawful Assemblers' Discount'

GM / NHTSA withheld info re: Volt fire safety issue to prop up sales.

Liberal Democrats avidly support Pres Obama - its the Sanders Socialists who do not

Senate GOP Chooses Big Banks Over Consumers, Blocks Cordray Nomination

omg, seriously? The paranoia over DU3 is off the chart.

*Elizabeth Warren on Lawrence show tonight!

This is a first for me. I have reported an inappropriate Youtube video (pic)

WATCH: Protesters Occupy Posh Newt Gingrich Fundraiser

Wisconsin: Man charged with defacing Walker recall petition

MF Global client's funds were not lost, but appropriated as part of a mass Wall St manipulation

Props to nadinbrzezinski,

Correcting three common misconceptions about "Plan B."

Want to get a better understanding of being a Host on DU3?

Christ... And Once Again... Not Hippie-Punching, So Much As, Woman Beating...

Radiation expert back from Japan: “Situation...rapidly spinning out of control"

As bright as my two grandchildren are, their handwriting is

Wisconsin: Scott Walker signs "death penalty for burglars" bill

Iams & Other Dog Food Recall (Mold)

Mark my words, this "new and improved" Obama

"Progressives Must DIE! SHOOT Nancy Pelosi!" ?????????

The Duggars suffer a miscarriage of their 20th child

Hillary Clinton is the Conscience of this Country

Notice the jacket in Perry's homophobic ad.

Anondora: FOX News Caught Using Fake Video Of Riots

Host, jury, and. . .?

Right-wing Listserv Coordinates Smears of Anti-Semitism Against Israel’s Critics in the Blogosphere

Right-wing Listserv Coordinates Smears of Anti-Semitism Against Israel’s Critics in the Blogosphere

Experts Are Baffled by These Mysterious Ancient Markings Found In Jerusalem

Just found out the love of my life- the one that got away- got married last month

How crazy is Glenn Beck? This crazy:

Eric Cantor Crushes Insider Trading Bill

Michigan teacher takes ‘gay’ out of ‘Deck the Halls’

#Occupy Boston: Mayor Menino Issues Midnight Deadline to Leave Dewey Square

Just a reminder: This is what 270 looks like

DU3 Questions and Answers

Rats are caring creatures. Will free another one from cage & share chocolate


Class of Homebuyers Claims BofA Found a New Dirty Trick

What's your trust level about DU3 and free speech at this point?

A 9 yr DU journey...going from too moderate to too liberal to fit in.