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Alec Baldwin tossed off plane without a parachute ...

Alec Baldwin tossed off plane without a parachute ...

It's the culture war stupid (Newt)

Mr. Suckerberg, here is your openness...Private photos from Facebook hack...

Did Tweety mention his brother's arrest on his show? I'm looking

There's no honor among thieves......

GDP + GD is going to be (in my best John Stewart voice): nuuuuuuuuts!

Rev. Lowery is AMAZING

I have only one question about the new DU3 for the Moderators

Breaking news from DU3:

My post count is over 2000 less on DU3 than here. Anyone else notice theirs being different?

Where the heck is general discussion in du of 3?

Judge Rules in Favor of Occupy NOLA Protestors

So Mittens isn't going to Mudflap's hosted clown reunion.

Bill-O "African-Americans will only vote for a Soul Train candidate"

A question on volunteer emergency services rendered...

tried to log on to DU3 with my current password and it wouldn't let me

Why did KO's set go to black?

Great sequence of TV commercials

Dozens of demonstrators from Pennsylvania occupy the office of Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa


Michael Moore on Piers Morgan tonight. Up next on CNN.

On DU2, you lock posts. In DU3, posts lock you.

Pigs died of natural causes, sure they did!

Guess which presidents killed manufacturing jobs in the last 20 years? Their names are Bush

Duplicate Deleted

Duplicate Deleted

Ustream live- Occupy D.C. Coverage

Rick Perry: Obama’s support of worldwide LGBT rights is wrong, promotes an objectionable lifestyle

Lawyers for mom in 18-year-old abduction will 'fight tooth and nail' to free her

Murder-Suicide in Bayonne, New Jersey Leaves 4, including Toddler, Dead

Former Dem writes apology letter to President Obama - thanks him for her cancer survival

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Inside Syria: Daily Life Amid The Gunfire (Stuart Ramsay , most powerful report I saw from Syria)

Fast trains from Detroit to Chicago coming in 3-4 years

Inside Syria: Daily Life Amid The Gunfire (Stuart Ramsay , most powerful report I saw from Syria)

Couple in critical condition after 'Roid rage attack

Couple in critical condition after 'Roid rage attack

8-Year Old Boy Leaves Michele Bachmann Speechless

Walker Claims Recall Petition Circulators Are Being Paid...your "assertion" Scott?

KGO San Francisco, Cumulus & the role of OWS

Sow seeds, not greed: Farmers gather on Wall Street

Sow seeds, not greed: Farmers gather on Wall Street

Obama speech declares 'make-or-break moment for the middle class'

December 7, 1941 FDR Speech to Congress and the Nation

Oregon Blogger Isn't a Journalist Concludes U.S. Court--Imposes $2.5 Million Judgement

Mohammed Nabbous Receives Lyons Award

Mohammed Nabbous Receives Lyons Award

Oh noes! Fox News' Gretchen Carlson screws up and says 'Happy Holidays' on the air! (LOL)

Well just walked home from OccupySD, (ok an hour ago)

Dem seeks probe of police at NYC Occupy protests

Live Hearing On Whether Insider Trading By Congress Should Be Illegal

*Dan Quayle on C-SPAN now, road to white house, with mittens.

DVR last call: Michael Moore on w/Piers Morgan on CNN 3am ET

TX community having health problems post-plant explosion

DU3 looks good to me.

Is this WalMart?

DU3--O Lord! Not another completely new user interface to master!

Do NOT miss TDS tonight... Jon's take on Christmas is over the top. nt

Poll question

Language: A Key Mechanism of Control ~ Newt Gingrich's 1996 GOPAC memo

HILARIOUS "Women For Cain" site still up - with donate button!

It really looks like this guys has seen a ghost

Jay-Z Course Offered at Georgetown University

"I'm sorry I didn't realize that [President Obama] really has stood up for me and my family"

There are light shows

Anybody else not get into DU3 because security/password question was not

So far I am not impressed with DU3...........and I want

How healthy is your state ranked compared to the other 49? Click for interactive map!

What will happens to all high quality material on DU2

This is kinda cool! Lightning storms from space.

No place like home: "Occupy Wall Street" targets foreclosures

No place like home: "Occupy Wall Street" targets foreclosures

Jose Sanchez lawsuit: $30K settlement in racial profiling case includes new police training

Would I be wrong in assuming you haven't read much Douglas Coupland?

Ever play Banking?

Well aparently not tied to OWS, but the tension

Why Does Vikram Pandit Still Have His Job?

This is what I said at the Burbank CC last night about December 7 1941

Mother Jones: Fukushima Fallout

Checked out DU3.. It's cool, but I have one question..

2.5 million Hondas, Acuras to be recalled over deadly air bag problem

Jim Rob is hosting his Freeper FU3 preview

Jim Rob is hosting his Freeper FU3 preview

"...another week of fun and games on Capitol Hill"... guess who said that.

Wisconsin: Groups accused of voter bribery cleared by DA's investigation

Wisconsin: Groups accused of voter bribery cleared by DA's investigation

Third elderly flier says she was 'traumatized' by search at Kennedy Airport security checkpoint

Third elderly flier says she was 'traumatized' by search at Kennedy Airport security checkpoint

Wisconsin: Kathleen Falk takes it to Scott Walker - "Walker has not been honest"

Wisconsin: Kathleen Falk takes it to Scott Walker - "Walker has not been honest"

Who's watching Jeopardy

Care to become part owner of the most successful franchise in it's field? All union labor!!!

Wisconsin: State, counties spread misinformation, may discourage many from getting voter IDs

Please text me your naked email URL, By Mark Morford

Please text me your naked email URL, By Mark Morford

Ok I actually HAD to buy something today at wally world

Unemployment rate in Greece hit 18.4 percent in August as people move their cash out of the country

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claims big win in parliamentary run-offs

Judicial Wars Flare As Senate Blocks Obama Nominee (payback for Democrats stalling on nominations)

Mugger Picks The Wrong Victim: An Ultimate Fighter

Citigroup to cut 4,500 jobs, take $400 million charge

The Nightmare that is Liberia: The Vice Guide to Liberia

Healthcare Execs Facing ‘Responsible Corporate Officer’ Strict Liability

This is what Libertarians actually believe

Valproate Exposure Associated With Autism, Lower IQ

What about the self-taught?

Director Faces Trial for Texas School (for the developmentally disabled) Fight Club

Entire Olympus board to resign over loss coverup

The full text of Teddy Roosevelt's "New Nationalism" speech, August 31, 1910

Rachel covers Obama channeling Teddy Roosevelt in Kansas (includes detail for dial-uppers)

I think a pushed the wrong button over there! I'm back!

Researcher takes on 'empathy fatigue' in workplace

Researcher takes on 'empathy fatigue' in workplace

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin."

'Gay apparel' back in song for Michigan students

Rick Perry has made me religious.

Disaster relief efforts push Japan public sentiment toward U.S. military to all-time high

Piece of history rescued from time

Samuel French Bookstore in Studio City to Close

In 2011, Fewer Laws and Fewer Confirmations

The "New Deal".. then the "Square Deal".. for 2012 it's time for ....

U.S. Spy Plane Shot Secret Video of Jamaican ‘Massacre’

New York Unveils Plan to Hike Millionaire Tax Rate

Just watching raid on OSF....the war on tents continues...lots of $ wasted. Lots of rights trampled

American beauty pageant contestant posts racist rant during visit to Philippines.

Freeper denied meds by his ins, asks other Freepers for advice on getting commie Canada meds

Men have a stronger reaction to seeing other men's emotions compared with women's

India suspends plans to OK retailers like Walmart

Budget shortfall could mean catastrophic Medicaid cuts

just got MSNBC

'animals' and 'savages'

Today’s Real-Life Example Of A Dark And Terrible Future

Does anybody have a link to the 'cost of war' running gif showing that each minute, we are spending

California and Nevada Attorney Generals Announce Joint Investigation into Foreclosure Fraud

Autonomous Flying Robotic Bees Build Tower in France

Global Poll Predicts U.S. Economy Rebounding

NAACP Warns Black and Hispanic Americans Could Lose Right to Vote

OH GOP eating their own: DeWine confirms everything we said about Kasich and his lobbyist friends

Republicans block Obama appellate court nominee

OK. Why did we let an insurance company produce the best political

Paul Krugman, Carmen Reinhart, Joe Nocera discuss the economy (video)

Judicial Wars Flare As Senate Blocks Obama Nominee

Aide To Former Maryland GOP Governor Found Guilty Of Election Fraud

Baggage handler fired for helping sick dog offered her job back

Website makes WWII records available for free through Dec. 7

Believe me when I say to you, I hope the Russians love their children too.....

A Blogger Could Start Russia's Arab Spring

How Payroll Tax Cut Affects Social Security's Future

Citigroup to Cut 4,500 Jobs on Slumping Revenue

Dupe..have no idea why it duped.

Pearl Harbor from above, 1941-2011

Police dismantle Occupy SF camp in early morning raid

Professor accused of running meth lab with son is placed on leave by BU

World's top 50 anti-climate oligarchs exposed as Britons become less green

Toon: Let's Militarize Everything!


So now Newt is claiming his supply-side voodoo made Romney a millionaire. Go USA.

Occupy Oakland protesters focus on home foreclosure

McCain:Instead Tax Breaks For Middleclass,‘Why Don’t We Do’ A Tax Break For Multinational Corporatio

So yesterday Pelosi spoke to how Occupy 'is enhancing the Democrats' national message'

Longshore dock workers have not decided to shut down West Coast ports on December 12th

Has anyone been to RawStory in the last few minutes?

Occupy: on the move

Here's one e-mail chain letter worth passing along:

Well here I go. Cannon ball off cliff into DU 3. May never be seen again.

Cruise from hell: I was trapped on Scientology ship while Tom partied

Morning TV

Fallen U.S. Drone Nearly Led to Covert Strike in Iran

Ed on Obama's game changing speech

Dodge Dart is coming back

Toles Toon- Why we haven't been contacted

'60 Minutes' family receives new home

Black-Led Detroit Bridles at Control by Whites Under Emergency Manager Law

Mika had a real "gotcha" question for Boone Pickens today!

Michael Moore:The Winter of Our Occupation

Clinton in Geneva champions global gay rights

Interview w/ International Longshore and Warehouse Union members about D12

How believing in Climate Change will effect Newt: It makes him a witch to the GOP base

Is it just me or does anyone else think that

The Nation: Obama And GOP Obstructionism

Toon: Slowpoke - The rise and fall of the goatee (pepper spraying cop)

Understanding the Occupy Movement: Perspectives from the Social Sciences


The Pervy Barista

DA: No charges in Syracuse Univ. sex abuse case

In 2010, 4000 households with $1,000,000+ incomes owed no federal income tax whatsoever

NASA catalogs thousands of asteroids near Earth

California, Nevada Join Forces in Mortgage Fraud Probes

Two Gay Kids In Love

Social media makes anti-Putin protests ‘snowball’

News from the Front in the War on Christmas; Loudoun County Brigade

Visit to Birthplace of Syrian Uprising Finds Pervasive Fear ~ABCnews

EMILY's List donors hear of Republican Party's 'war on women'

US Gov launches "virtual embassy" for Iran. Link to the site here...

Moore: GOP thinks I’m ‘this mythical, scary creature’

If DU gave free backrubs

Not Learning Their Lesson: Fox & Friends Forgets What Happens When They Host Victoria Jackson

Hill Staffer Explains To The Unemplyed That They're Lazy

Cleveland City Council Endorses ‘Occupy Movement,’ Calls On Congress To Prosecute Banks

I've decided to join the Republican Party.

In Major Gaffe, Obama Forgets To Dumb It Down

Alan Moore to Contribute to 'Occupy Comics' Anthology

So only people with stars can post at DU3? Is it only for the 1%?

Stewart: The Founding Fathers celebrated Christmas ‘like a 7/11 does today’

The GOP's Crackpot Agenda

House updates 1988 privacy law to allow online sharing of Netflix choices

CNN Video: Former OWS protester lands Wall Street job

President Obama angling to generate mainstream support for OWS concerns -- TR did the same

Bananas are better than oranges

Friendly Unctuous Gasbags

Rick Santorum Slams President Obama For Revealing Osama Bin Laden Died

Ok, the repukes know that whomever they pick, they're stuck with, right?

Obama, Clinton and Biden: The Wealthy, Wealthier and…Not So Wealthy.

Jerry Sandusky has been taken from his home in handcuffs by the PA Centre County DA

Who Earns Most? Ratio of Pay CEO-to-WORKER

Think Progress: Koch Political Group Brags About Bullying GOP Lawmakers Into Denying Climate Science

Plan B won't be available OTC to younger teens, HHS says

due plz delete n/t

Bernanke denies hiding size of crisis loans

Bernanke denies hiding size of crisis loans

Wingers keep tell me the Democratic Party has not proposed a federal budget.

Labor has been removed from the new topic forums listed on the new DU3!

Voter watchdogs: Republicans are the real election frauds

Yet another Christmas letter, with a photo of Rush Limbaugh

DU3 ... with a little help from Dr. Seuss ------>

Mayor Tin Ear Mocks Occupy Wall Street

Sargent toon: How will the GOP candidates ever handle all the invites?

Sargent toon: How will the GOP candidates ever handle all the invites?

Huge child trafficking network busted in China - 600 arrests, 178 children rescued but thousands

A Poll, "Catsup" or "Ketchup", which and why?

Great article by Dworkin on Citizens United.

Romney criticizes Obama for not yet visiting Israel...

The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union has 72,000 new members this year

"OccupySF Attacked by Police 10 Minutes Ago" Livestream

Rand Paul did somethiing GOOD

Japan using quake disaster budget for whaling aid

I've heard people worried that OWS would hurt

Police raid dampens Cannabis Cup: For smokers, the safe haven of the Netherlands is less so

Reid: Senate not leaving capital until payroll tax cut approved - says President Obama will stay too

LA Times: Jobless and hopeless in America

Tennessee Firefighters Let Another Home Burn To the Ground Over $75 Fee

#Occupy Los Angeles: Love Check!

So a pretty small number of people own half the world.

Pearl Harbor Day - what were we hearing?

Georgia Rep. (R, natch) wants gun permits to be VOLUNTARY. scariest commander in chief: Gingrich's foreign policy features violent grandiosity

Pot, narcotics OK to treat pain, UCSF study finds

$2.6 Trillion Is A Very Large Number

Actually I thought Obama's speech was more Woodrow Wilson than Teddy Roosevelt

Dog Put Down After Eating Hotdogs Stuffed With Needles; Neighbor Is Accused Of The Horrific Act

My mom is in the hospital with Pneumonia

Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian'

This is one of those mornings when MSNBC is vomit-inducing.

Gingrich "John Bolton will be my Sec of State" to Jewish GOP alliance LIVE on CSPAN3

'Millionaires' nickname stirs a new debate

Johnson White House Tapes: LBJ offers Thurgood Marshall Solicitor Generalship of US

Corporate Profits Recover, Taxes Not So Much

Man arrested for shooting mistletoe at North DeKalb Mall

Man arrested for shooting mistletoe at North DeKalb Mall

The Fanatics of the Center

Kathleen Turner to be cast as Molly Ivins...

The NEW 'New Nationalism'? What to call the progressive campaign theme Pres Obama outlined in KS yesterday

Rick Perry finds a new low

Government to receive archive of every tweet ever sent...

It's a Wonderful Life

American Express CEO: Pay attention to OWS


Marketwatch: Occupy takes aim at Washington lobbyists

Michael Buble wrote a book,says he doesn't believe George Bush did.

Nevada, California Team Up on Foreclosure Fraud Investigation.

Well after two months plus of OWS I need a break

toon: Running a lawnmower over the Constitution

Something to keep in mind as the Post Office gets massacred

Assif Mandvi asks Rick Scott to pee in a cup.

Has anyone else noticed that the airlines keep changing your flights after you buy tickets?

What philosophy do these facts, trends and policies add up to?

Jerry Sandusky = Nosferatu

TIME: 2011 Top 10 U.S.-News Stories - #1, Occupy Wall Street Protests

I'm very suprised 'blacklist' was the word chosen for the new jury feature

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan

Toon: Please vote for me anyway

Just read and researched the National Defense Authorization Act l NDAA

The GOP has jumped the shark.

New U.S.-Canada border deal aims to cut bottlenecks, but at a price

Warning to United/Continental flyers: if you're on a flight and you get delayed in transit,

Discovery Channel's 'MythBusters' misfire sends cannonball through neighborhood, hits house

That’s not your purse; it belongs to the TSA

Sacramento Co. supers essentially ban medical pot shops

Roy Orbison's Widow Dies 23 Years After Him. To The Day.

Okay, I'm good with the new DU3..You guys can turn this one off now

There are 25+ locked threads on the front page of DU3's "Soapbox" forum

Pakistan president Zardari in Dubai for treatment as coup rumours intensify

Gingrich or Romney risk vs reward

CNN Earns The Understatement Of The Year Award

If you know anyone wondering what the OWS movement is all about, have them watch

Mother Jones magazine saying nice things about Darrell Issa

Daily Show reporter asks Gov. Rick Scott to pee in cup

Barney is on with the Rev. nt

Gingrich Leads in Three Early States

TV program's host makes fun of a murdered 16yr boy with mock Scottish accent

Rick Perry's war on Christians ad

School Cop Disciplined for Dressing Up as Gynecologist "Dr. Harry Beaver"

poor Jamie Dimon, so misunderstood

Wow - Martha Coakley was just on w/Dylan. Remember how

Breaking: Blago gets 168 months (14 years) in a federal pen

Twas the night before the primary. Rick Perry style

In Memorium - Please unrec the shit out of this!

We won't recall Scott Walker

Redistricting putting Progressives Donna Edwards & Raul Grijalva at risk

What do you want to see happen to the Occupy/99% movement?

Anyone else have a problem logging into DU3?

State: Mom who shot kids, self denied food stamps

South Florida Cop Convicted For Lies Caught On Dash Cam Video

One that got away from Mythbusters

Caption this pic

We watch as our Bill of Rights is suspended. This is the direct

OK my beloved GD

This is sad...Harry Morgan has passed...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Calls for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Release

breaking news! Some kids' cereals may have way too much sugar, up to 55% by weight

Any DUers old enough to remember Pearl Harbor?

Freeper "John 3_19-21" celebrates the "talent" & "diversity" of Newt, Perry, Bachmann, Romney & Paul

20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America

Hackers hit supermarket self-checkout lanes, steal money from shoppers

LMAO! Go to and see where it takes you!

Potawatomi Tribe plans $18.5 million biomass energy project

sally bradshaw on hardball lies.

"He shot himself, and then he just quit breathing."


Trump Debate - Bring Long-Form Birth Certificate

Jon Corzine gets third congressional subpoena

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets

Imagine if my child wanted to openly celebrate Ramadan? I wonder if Perry would be OK.....

Is Obama Embracing OWS?

Adding solar panels could cause the cost of electricity to go up

Have you gone to DU3 Preview?

President Obama: 'On the whole, and in the long run, we shall go up or down together.'

President Obama: 'On the whole, and in the long run, we shall go up or down together.'

Conyers: U.S. attorney general reviewing Michigan emergency manager law

C&L: Wingnuts Fight Back Against Imaginary Obama Plot To Take Their Guns

UPDATE on my mom in the hospital

With last word, Blagojevich to ask for mercy

We are the median: Living on $50,000, military-style

Some perspective on the locked threads in the DU3 Soapbox

Immelt, GE and Obama

Very Simple Poll: DU2 or DU3?

Newt Gingrich Would Name John Bolton Secretary Of State If Elected

Seven Diseases Big Pharma Hopes You Get in 2012

Alleged victim says cries for help from Sandusky basement went unheeded

My God My President Is Black

The BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!! "We Still LOVE DU 1.0 but we got over it" thread

"The Most Important Economic Speech of His Presidency" Robert Reich

Patrick Fitzgerald succeeded in criminalizing politics today

Help! I'm trapped in jury service!

DU 3 haiku

Michele Bachmann predicts Shock and Awe in Iowa

Experts stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings

CDC's proposed guidelines for transplants say two sex partners is too many for top-notch organ donor

Soda's Evil Twin: The Dangers of Fruit Drinks

Here's why I don't like the overlying concept of DU3

Mom kills self and shoots kids in welfare office...

DU3 shows who recced the thread

Georgia Democrat proposes drug testing for lawmakers

Jon Stewart Takes The Fight To Fox News And ‘Officially’ Declares War On Christmas - VIDEO

#Occupy LA, Dec. 6, Occupy Foreclosures (Poss. Dial up Warning)

beautiful tit pictures. great set of tits. thanks so much du3 for setting up a playground for boys

Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with Newt for the next 8 years?

Asteroid Named after Christopher Hitchens

Should a new group be formed called DU3

Should a new group be formed called DU3

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

What If Everyone Saw This Facebook Status?

Christian Right flips over Obama's fascist oppression... to stop imprisonment, execution of gays

Daily Show Crashes Rick Scott Presser and asks him to pee in a cup

Something I found as I was looking for a Document on my old computer…

I live in the county that Tweety's brother is commissioner of (do you like the sentence structure?)

On CNN's website Gloria Borger actually asks the question "Is the GOP race becoming a circus"?

What's with the BS about raising the retirement age.

A Christmas Movie Recommendation for You All.

Why no financial crisis prosecutions? Ex-Justice official says it’s just too hard

The RW candidate that the left hates most is what wingnuts want to vote for...

Paterno’s Payback? Penn State Football is No. 1 in Academic Bowl

Is anyone else guessing that Santorum will be the next GOP flavor of the week once Newt implodes? - The GOP's Crackpot Agenda

Beyond DU3 instruction/explanation, would a statement of its purpose and advantages...

New Arrest in British Phone Hacking Scandal

Woman Who Attacked ObamaCare Apologizes After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

RIP, Officer Gannon/Col Potter...

UPCOMING: #OccupyDC plans march on K Street, White House & Supreme Court later. LIVE coverage

There appears to be a matter of concern to one aspect of DU3

Whaaaa...I want my Model T back.

War drums are beating for Iran. But who's playing them? (Terry Jones, MPFC)

When a company sucks it's customers into thinking a demo is a beta test

Who is this racist Ahole on Al Sharpton

Discourse on Inequality

PSA: Remember to use the word "pseudointellectual" when describing Newt Gingrich.

In your view are DU posters intolerant of other posters with different views?

World Nut Daily: Is there biblical precedence for electing a woman president?

We have a family friend that works at Walmart

Did you ever have prayers at your public school?

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan (Family Guy writer)

Column - Detroit’s budget: Not something Batman can fix

DUer Wiley50 has passed away.

DU3 - The Review

The George Carlin Clip Every American Needs To See

US plane monitored Tivoli operation

A concern about having "Juries" in control of posts.

So what do you think about "The Pledge of Allegiance" in public school?

Santorum - "I'll cut $5 trillion in first 100 days"

Family Guy writer arrested at Occupy, exposes the big ugly

What exactly is a "Hard Line Communist"?

Any civil political junkie should be able to post at DU

Here's the winning T shirt in E. Warren's T shirt contest!

You look at President Obama's speech yesterday -- then you look at the GOP candidates

Sebelius Overrules FDA on Allowing Teens Access to the Morning-After Pill

Thought Experiment: What if ALL drugs were legalized?

The mood of DU3 to me - "Watch what you say, be careful"

Do you like DU3 as well as or better than the current version (DU2)?

DU2 We Love You!

For the record I haven't liked any changes at DU since landing here in 2001

The new DU

fight fire with fire

The "...this web site is not affiliated with the Democratic Party" disclaimer is gone in DU3.

The new DU. Hygenically sealed and peanut safe area that you always wanted.

To all those men who don’t think the rape jokes are a problem: