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Archives: December 6, 2011

Tonight on Countdown: Robert Reich, OccupyRochester tries to save couple's house

"I Know How to Beat Republicans": Interview With Former GOP Staffer Mike Lofgren

Cenk on with Alan Grayson on Current

This guys pulled a Walt Starr----

The Anti-union Network: Chamber Of Commerce

An obvious attempt at union busting, nevertheless these cops need to be fired.

Tea-Party Loves Newt---Do NOT Love Not-Newt

George Carlin - "We Like War!"--Way Ahead of His Time! (BIG DICKS)

George Carlin - "We Like War!"--Way Ahead of His Time! (BIG DICKS)

Occupy Omaha drops lawsuit

Why would Pelosi give gingrich and the repukes a warning? Sometimes I just don't understand how

FAA Administrator busted for DUI.

Illinois Adds 30,000 jobs, Wisconsin Sees Nation's Biggest Payroll Losses In October

Rural suicides linked to Medicaid cuts

Discovery Channel: Air the climate change episode from the Frozen Planet nature series

Chile Communists request poet Pablo Neruda's exhumation

The Fox News Candidate Is ... Fox News

Josh Billings had something to say about Newt Gingrich ...

#OWS is Clean, Newt is Dirty - OWS protests Gingrich at the Union League Club - pics

The Right-Wing Media's War On Obama's Christmas -- Good Company

See the little snake Howard Fineman try and compare the GOP clowns to Dems and Tweety said nuh, uh?

Luckovich Toon - O Holy Night...

Tim Pawlenty to be on TRMS tonight!!

District teens disagree with Newt Gingrich: They are ready to work

Any tech savvy DUers? I have an RSS feed of my 200 most recent comments....

Ed Shultz on the ReTHUGS implosion!!

Los Angles Times: A closer look at Mitt Romney's job creation record

just when you thought it was safe to be a woman in ohio. .

Here's An End Of The Year Story For You... 'The 11 Most Bizarre Foreclosure Stories Of 2011'

United Nations Envoy: The U.S. Federal Government Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights

Wall St. Plays Occupy White House - Joel Kotkin/Politico

The terrorists have won

Timely rerun, seeing as how . . .

TOON: Military Industrial Dinosaurs

The people of Troy, MI are speaking out against anti-gay mayor (live).

TOON: History of Europe Falling to Marauding Hordes

Has a War With Iran Already Begun?: Violent incidents between Iran and the West increasing

"This means someone who earns $1,000,001 would pay 3 and a quarter cents extra next year."

I have read more than a few posts about interest and what interest truly is...

This just in... new reality show being prepped for the end of the year...

Is Modern Capitalism Sustainable? - Kenneth Rogoff

Detroit Lion lied to police about accident.

Detroit Lion lied to police about accident.

Putin’s party suffers poll blow as Communists soar

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is The Fate Of Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign In The Hands Of A Reuters FOIA Request?

Biden’s gaffe stuns debt-choked Greece

Troy, MI student: Daniels' apology was accepted until she said that queer "is just a word,"

Toon- Trillions for Weapons...

Romneypotence (n.) - the ability to simultaneously believe everything in the universe.

Michele Bachmann Facebooks Barack Obama

Jobless Rate Drops, But Pain, Despair Persist In Weak Economy


Seen on FB: a wonderfully trenchant comment on the alleged "War on Christmas"

sen reid introduces legislation to strengthen ban on fgm

Obama's speech generating buzz in Osawatomie

Occupy Our Homes: Minneapolis Occupiers Helping a Veteran - FDL

Dec. 5: Sean Penn film "Gangsta Squad" filming at city hall, forces out #OLA General Assembly

The human drive for freedom wins - Kevin Rudd

Herman Cain's use of the banner photo of four women on his website was NOT legal

Clarity on the ILWU and the Dec. 12 West Coast Port Shutdown:

The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US

Make A Fundy's Head Explode: Gay Marriage Is Mentioned In The Bible

A tale of unemployment

School on the Hook for Outing Teen as Lesbian

The video kill me Thank you Elijah

*Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan discussed on C-SPAN now.

#Occupy Long Beach (CA) tweet reception of a 10:00PM eviction notice

Why would Pelosi give gingrich and the repukes a warning? Sometimes I just don't understand how

Settling Overdraft Case to Cost PNC $15 Million

Keplar 22B, 2 1/2 times earth, 22 Celcius (balmy), orbiting a sun like ours. Only

Indians remember the 3rd anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attacks with Bolywood flash mob

Indians remember the 3rd anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attacks with Bolywood flash mob

Will Foreigners Decide the 2012 Election? The Extreme Unintended Consequences of Citizens United

I am AGAINST more taxis for the rich!

Richard Engel with an amazing segment on children working in gold mining on Rock Center.

Has the War with Iran Already Begun?

The Invisible Man

Cast Lead criminal probe still open 3 yrs on

Spotted another FOXISM on the ticker

Winnipeg paper: Canadians more tolerant of immigration levels as doors open wider: study

"Don’t underestimat Cains supporters. Remember, Noah’s Ark was built by amatures."

Drone that crashed in Iran may give away U.S. secrets

"I cried. He said, 'Maybe we shouldn't do this for a while.' So maybe he did have a heart..."

Begich and Murkowski - Alaska's Constitution-Optional Senators - THE MUDFLATS

Ann Coulter + Herman Cain + John Edwards + Rielle Hunter = WT effing F?

OWSGA Idea Re Brookfield Properties Zuccotti Park Tax Debt- please pass along:

Supreme Court to Review Cheney Confrontation

PETA names whistle-blower, and it could cost them

True Conservative Principles (toon)

GSK braces, plans for possible collapse of euro currency

Why School Choice Fails

First Half of 2012 'Will Be Difficult': Goldman's Cohen

As Iraq and Afghan wars end, costs mount on pace to rival Vietnam

Justice (Sotomayor) Writes To Student

Where was she in '00 & '04? Hillary says Russian election was rigged

UK Infuriating Partners by Obstructing EU Foreign Policy

15 eurozone nations face credit downgrade threat

Earliest years critical for good educational results

USPS following through on closing 5 state processing facilities

Regulators approve 'MF Global Rule'

Councilman Houghtaling lost pissed voters (I wonder who might pick them up?) updated with article

Cameron to sell NHS on eBay

I finally figured it out!!!

GOP Student defends UCD police tactics.

Italy's labour and welfare minister, Elsa Fornero, begins to cry as she announces changes to pension

law schools bring in puppies to ease the stress of finals

Penn State University shows no sign of lifting veil of secrecy

The Original Homeland Security: 'Fighting terrorism since 1492'

Banksy Caught On Camera

Banksy Caught On Camera

Occupy Birmingham: Immigrant Rights Are Crucial for the 99 Percent

I feel sorry for Herman, I really do.

Irish Pfizer Smiling

Trump is such an ugly man

FCC -- End the Big Broadcast Swindle

Does nature smell good to you?

Postal service to close Athens sorting facility

Suggestions for Replacement of Donald Trump with More Appropriate Moderator for Repub Debate.

Is it me or are the Republicons throwing Cain under the bus?

Gingrich & Hypocricy

How can any Republican participate in a debate hosted by a crazy birther?

money, money, money

American Airlines Now Charging Fees To Non-Passengers

Who else thinks that there is so much crap on Gingrich that will come out that he wont even make it

Before announcing, Rick Perry used work phone to call donors

Before announcing, Rick Perry used work phone to call donors

PHOTO: You KNOW these folks are staunch members of Bachmann's "base."

Mugger picks wrong victim: MMA fighter

Mugger picks wrong victim: MMA fighter

Postal plan: Slower delivery, 28,000 jobs lost

Swiss government: file-sharing no big deal, some downloading still OK

Mr. Obama to take off on 17 day Hawaiian vacation. This is a joke, right?

U.S. Postal Service Mail Fraud

Live Webcast From Moscow Protest Against Putin

For your reading pleasure: The infantile style in American politics

Dungeons and Dragons, a day in the roleplaying game of life (ie, a rant)

I am beginning to wonder about this Donald Trump deal

BP accuses Halliburton of destroying evidence following Gulf spill

Do you think Newt Gingrich is being an idiot on purpose or is he really this stupid

Putting the Republicans in office is like putting atheists in charge of a church.

"never again asking private investors to take losses"??!!

Mitt Romney backs payroll tax cut extension after suggesting he didn't support it at GOP debate

Apparently Santorum is a bit of a 'wimp'

Astrophysicists find biggest black holes yet

Senate Democrats' new Payroll tax cut plan keeps surtax on annual income exceeding $1 million

McCain says GOP conducting too many debates

Married Republican mayor in NJ resigns after being outed by male prostitute.

Married Republican mayor in NJ resigns after being outed by male prostitute.

Can someone help me create a picture?

Health care law changing behavior

CNN Health: Smoking can make your nipples fall off

8-year-old to Bachmann: ‘My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing’

Is it appropriate for a White person to call a Black person --- Uncle Tom?

EPA Posts Secret Watch Lists of "Poisoned Places" After Story Published

8-year-old to Bachmann: ‘My mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing’

Adler: Why Huntsman can't win a republican primary.

Occupy Denver news: Denver Pigs created a fake Twitter account to harass Occupy protesters.

Artist finds animals hidden in Mona Lisa

Letter to the FCC: Make Diversity a Priority

'Water Poor' Will Suffer Most as Climate Change Hits Cities

Condo RICE's legs (bootless) are on The View. Elizabeth wastes time with her fingerbowl story.

'Obamacare' to the rescue

Ringling Bros. Circus Hit With Largest Fine Ever

Is sex-selective abortion rampant in the US?

‘Fastest flying human’ takes camera along for wild ride

Funders Behind NYPD’s Mysterious Private ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Foundation

Sword fights and sex abuse: only 1% of minors send explicit nude photos

World's Oldest Dog Dies

Trump, Gingrich team up to make poor kids their ‘apprenti’

Troy, MI council members blame blogger for "embarrassing" the city.

Proposal: (GA) State lawmakers should be drug-tested

On OWS and why anarchism

Audio: Wife Accepts Honor for Mohammed Nabbous

Wingers find their poster-child for welfare

The Evolution Of Riot Gear

The Evolution Of Riot Gear

FCC to set standards for mass disruptions of Americans’ communications

‘Perfect Storm’ debris floated to Ireland

When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids

Scott Walker Recall Campaign Gets Ugly As Allegations Fly

Did You Know There is a United Nations Climate Change Conference going on right now?

Today President Obama directed all federal agencies to 'protect the human rights of LGBT persons'

new du3 posting is pretty crummy IMO what happened to general discussion and

Huntsman Flip Flops On Climate Change

Memories most of us have Part #1

PROMISES, PROMISES: Securing US border impossible

Which Democratic candidate's loss hurt the most?

Aida Hillen: Lobbed Christian Pamphlet at Kid She Ran Over, Then Drove Away (Allegedly)

Aida Hillen: Lobbed Christian Pamphlet at Kid She Ran Over, Then Drove Away (Allegedly)

At White House press briefing, reporter asks if Obama approves of beastiality

Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records (2008)

"A.O.L." = "S.O.L." for Newt...L.O.L.! 90s Gingrich ethics report already "Available OnLine"

"I'm sure you're all familiar with the Obamas of Osawatomie"

Borowitz Rpt: Newt Gingrich meeting with Donald Trump is what science calls a full douchebag eclipse

DU 3 pictures and a warning!

"The Daily Show" audience... 98.5% white

self delete

Police Officer Stops Traffic to Help Trapped Ducks

Dennis Prager practically confesses to adultery in his latest column

Dennis Prager practically confesses to adultery in his latest column

U.S. Drone on CIA Mission Before Crashing Into Iran: Officials

Anybody have a new Kindle Touch($99) reviews please n/t

Montcalm County gets homeland security snow cone machine

"Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive"

Time for a real LOL: HMS Ocean crew lip dubs "All I Want For Xmas Is You" by Mariah Carey

Gov Rick Scott at 26% approval (worst in nation); Rubio drops to 40%

Local pundit on Fox station "He (Obama) is setting up Republicans to fail again"

Occupy Detroit members to protest local home foreclosures

GOP urged to curb attacks on Obama

Backlash erupts over Troy mayor's sneer at gays - Laura Berman, Detnews columnist

HuffPo: Occupy Phoenix the 'Mississippi of this Movement'

So Pawlenty is whoring to be Willard's VP

Robert Reich: Obama finally calling out GOP’s hypocrisy on tax cuts

The Best Quote From Good Will Hunting: 'I'm Holding Out For Something Better.'

Freeway Blogger Sign Left Up For Over A Month

'Pearl Harbor: 24 Hours After' History’s splendid doc shows FDR quickly set national tone

Pew Research: Illegal Immigration: Good news for path to citizenship & in-state tuition

Paul - not Romney - leads anti-Gingrich offensive

Testing: Pfizer Jury Awards $72 Million After Finding Prempro Caused Breast Cancer

Can't sign into DU3

Second student sues university for false allegations of sexual assault

Oklahoma teacher arrested for videotaping students wearing "Christmas-themed bras and panties"

Wall Street protesters to occupy foreclosed homes

Is Iran Preparing to Strike Back

Blago lawyer: Long sentence would 'break the hearts' of his daughters

ObamaCare to the Rescue

Obama's Gallup liberal Democratic approval rating for November 28th-December 4th is 81%.

So, who scares you more...?

Why Innovation Can't Fix America's Classrooms

Republicans block Obama appellate court nominee

Michigan Students to Don “Gay Apparel” After All

Will Jon Corzine be arrested for his role in the MF Global money

UK's anti-war movement warns against attacking Iran

Summit in Venezuela Opens 'New Phase in History'

ACLU sues over religious rally at SC middle school (attend rally or in-school suspension room)

The Guardian: NAACP petitions UN over 'massive voter suppression

China’s Hu urges navy to prepare for combat

Holy jumpin' possums!!! John F Kennedy Speech / Occupy ALEC 11-30-11

I take it all future "new" posts will go to DU3? I ask because I see

The Real Rationale for Irrational Rhetoric

Ok Admins I have to ask

FAA Administrator Randy Babbit resigns after DUI

Assessing the art of the Occupy movement

Fox Business Channel: The Muppets are brainwashing our youth against the rich!

N.D. has a intercontinental ballistic missile problem

Prescription Drugs Are About To Get Whole A Lot Cheaper In 2012

Ryan White's Fight for AIDS Awareness ( would have turned 40 today)

Calling ALL Occupiers - Your Postal Service and its workers NEED YOU!

No letup in US aggression following military withdrawal from Iraq

Journalist Yasha Levine Reports on His Legal Situation in Wake of OccupyLA Arrest

So , when will DU2 be put to rest ?

bodybuilder on steroids causes mayhem


U.S. opens ‘virtual embassy’ to enter Iran

ALEC Deems Kids Eating Rat Poison An ‘Acceptable Risk’

Iranians begin bank runs and stockpiling as threat increases for imminent attack

Iranians begin bank runs and stockpiling as threat increases for imminent attack

Cleveland Bans Phones Used to Riot

Another tweet creates a stir in Kansas

Mugging the wrong man

The real question is... When will we see DU4?

Airport worker fired after refusing to load dog

Researchers call for monitoring of arsenic levels in rice

Amazon leveraging consumers

If I was as thick as a Rethug, I'd support second amendment reform to keep myself safe.


Live Hearing On Whether Insider Trading By Congress Should Be Illegal

Goodbye old DU! Snivel.

Social Security 2011 – Another Bad Year

Grayson: FL is becoming multi-racial, multi-lingual, and unfortunately for the Republicans,

Growing Up Sideways In The Straight And Narrow South

Atheist display: Skeleton Santa nailed to a cross - destroyed

House Republicans Push Bill To Ban Abortions Based On The Race Or Sex Of The Fetus

Urban Food Self-Sufficiency - The Myth

Briton denied visa after buying $300,000 vacation home.

Where can I find today's Obama speech?

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Kleefisch attacks collective bargaining in new ad

Rick Perry attacks President Obama for fighting LGBT discrimination

More propaganda and misinformation on DU than in the M$M?

I never hear too much from Michael Moore's mouth: Heads up for tonight

National Organization for Women (NOW) Urges Obama Administration Not to Cave in to Catholic Bishops

(Jewish Labor Committee) Marching with NYC’s "March for Jobs and Economic Fairness"

Fox Chicago news anchor tells kids: “There is no Santa!”

Melbourne police strip Occupy protester of her costume.

World 'heading for 3.5 C warming': study

Firedoglakes OccupuSupply program

Insider information - a toppling french bank provoked last week's emergency central banks action

Insider information - a toppling french bank provoked last week's emergency central banks action

Study finds 10% of tweens, teens have 'sexted'

Study finds 10% of tweens, teens have 'sexted'

Republican mayor quits over gay sex scandal.

Republican mayor quits over gay sex scandal.

Photos: biologists surprised by world's biggest leopard in Afghanistan

Is this true. . .supplements to become illegal in 2012. . .?

61 days after expiring, violence against women act reintroduced

LA Times article: As bulldozers near, homeless ministry hangs on in Fresno, CA

What is your political identification?

Secret Service visits Salina man

Chicago Police Sergeant investigates murder scene and finds stepson dead.

Gingrich is peaking too soon. Media is repeating the same mistakes.

A classy gesture by Americans to Canadians!

Woman in fatal fall at Queen Mary (Long Beach) had been drinking, police say

Just announced on Current...

Who would you vote for if this was the General Election Ballot?

Top Ten things that I've learned from DU:

Okay...This is as good a time as any...

If Newt is the Rethug nominee,

I support the Democratic Party candidates most or all of the time because...

The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US

Chris Matthews’ Republican brother arrested for perjury

Confused and ned help about DU3

Greenwald: NPR’s domestic drone commercial

You Just Can't Keep That Obama Guy Down

Ed reformers reveal tactics: "needle" unions with bills, use "fear and anger".

"So they don't become pimps or prostitutes"???

Supreme Court Bans Displaced Church From Having Services At School

If Repukes are doing this to recall petitions in WI today, can you imagine what they will do to the

Top 10 Healthiest States in the Nation

President Obama To Echo TR's 'Square Deal' In Call For Giving Americans Fair Shake

Bernie Sanders -- 2.6 TRILLION

Vermont supporting kale artist in Chick-fil-A fight

Rick Scott hits a new low in polls - worst governor in the US

9-year old student suspended for calling teacher "cute"

Paypal: You can use it to raise $ for sick cats, but NOT POOR PEOPLE

Photos: Hundreds Occupy East New York For OWS Foreclosure Tour

PSA from Boots Riley regarding the ILWU and the West Coast Shut Down

Santorum: Americans don’t ‘die because of lack of health insurance’

Cuomo caves to protesters, will hike taxes on rich New Yorkers

When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids

LBN: Michael Steele continues to be an ass....

Ann Coulter calls for murder of OWS protesters and doctors who perform abortions

Brooklyn home 'liberated' by 'Occupy' protesters; cops hang back

Secretary of State Clinton delivers historic speech on LGBT rights at U.N. in Geneva

Devastating ad!!--(I remember)

model / blogger walks into plane propeller - horribly injured, lost hand

Alec Baldwin tossed off American Airlines flight from LAX

Woman denied food stamps kills self, shoots children

mitt says no to trump

DU3: It's hard for me to get used to technological changes,

no senate vote on lifting ban on military abortion coverage for rape and incest

Woman stripped and SEXUALLY assaulted by Victorian Police files official complaint

Al Gore Here at the Current Studio with Cenk

Please read this story from the Wisconsin Capitol

Bank Of America Sends Internal Email Exposing Where The "Occupy" Movement Is Hurting It Most

Harold Ford Jr. Calls Newt Gingrich a 'Serious Thinker'

How Abuse Changes a Child’s Brain

People have no idea the havoc a health care situation plays into one's daily life ...

So they're going with Newt? Should we remind them...

Check it out! Worker's Power interviews an ILWU member

Michele Bachmann confronted by boy who says: ‘My mommy’s gay but doesn’t need fixing’

Tennessee Firefighters Let Mobile Home Burn Because Couple Didn't Pay Protection Fee

Austerity in Europe.. what would you do

Republicans are anti-choice JUST to punish women for having sex

If Obama has 81% approval among liberals, why does DU not reflect that?

POLL: Higher education should be available to everyone who wants it.

Would someone please explain the U.S. War on Drugs to me?

Effin' bright yellow banner at the top is giving me a migraine.

What should the Occupy movement occupy next? 3 suggestions and a poll

Go to DU3!

Noam Chomsky LIVE on a 1hr Bob McChesney call-in show - Sunday 2pm EST

What did OWS do?

Down and Out on $250,000 a Year

Durbin admits: " Gov. has been using Soc. Sec. funds to pay for other programs".

Cannot access DU3--at all.

Blagojevich Is Innocent

I do not like the new DU3...Am I alone?

Bill Gates gave ALEC $376,635 to push education reform.

Obama in Kansas "Banks who cheat customers are opposing our Financial Reform efforts"

Thanks Occupy Wall Street For Inspiring the Youth With Your Tired Model of Revolution

Thanks Occupy Wall Street For Inspiring the Youth With Your Tired Model of Revolution

DU Needs Your Help -- Visit our new DU3 software preview and start posting!

Bringing the ‘War on Terror’ Home

If you've had a chance to examine DU3, I have one question