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Borowitz Report: Gingrich says he would leave Afghanistan "only if it has cancer."

Borowitz Report: Gingrich says he would leave Afghanistan "only if it has cancer."

Big stand off at Occupy DC as protesters attempt to build a structure.

Borowitz Report: Gingrich says he would leave Afghanistan...

Prosecuting Wall Street (Part 2) now on Sixty Minutes.

Astonishing accident involving eight Ferraris 'world's most expensive car crash'

#Occupy K-Street, DC, have an Amish barn-raising

Borowitz Report: Gingrich says he would leave Afghanistan "only if it has cancer."

Reid set to offer compromise to extend tax cut

Web designer wanted

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Scotland's nationalists eye Scandinavia after independence in 2014-15

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It's not who you are that holds you back


In memory of blues guitarist, Hubert Sumlin



It's getting ugly at Occupy DC

It's getting ugly at Occupy DC

"Journalists... And Members Of The Public... Were Excluded."

Columnist for Newsmax (sponsor of 'Donald debate') called military coup not 'unrealistic'

One Dog’s Hospice Journey from Shelter to Forever Home

Ultraconservative religious wackadoodles dominate Egyptian elections


Summary of events in Hama on 4 Dec 2011

US Senate wants the entire USA to be a ”battleground”

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Let me explain what it means to be 'out of touch' (for those on the right who don't get it)

Okay, hands up. Who here is in favor of paid child labor?

American Enterprise Institute ADMITS The Problem With IRAN Is NOT That It Would Use NUKES

Thank Mayor Leffingwell for Pledging to Move Austin Beyond Coal!

when do you think an ad like this will ever be on American tv?

Phoebe Prince's mother being interviewed by Piers Morgan. She is such a soft

Phoebe Prince's mother being interviewed by Piers Morgan. She is such a soft


Are you in favor of forcing poor people and their kids to clean houses and sweep streets?

Critics: 'Tough' sheriff botched sex-crime cases


Scott Walker's tree lighting ceremony:

Question about hooking laptop to TV with HDMI.....

#Occupy Boulder at city hall

A scandal nobody is talking about: Pension consultants screwed the public sector

self delete, don't reply as I won't see it. thanks.

self delete, don't reply as I won't see it. thanks.

WI man arrested for defacing recall petition.

WI man arrested for defacing recall petition.

WI man arrested for defacing recall petition.

Blood diamonds watchdog group quits in protest

WI man arrested for defacing recall petition.

WI man arrested for defacing recall petition.

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test - delete

Jennifer Granholm - upcoming tv show "The War Room" on Current in January

Gallery: how the surveillance industry markets spyware to governments

Web designer wanted

Did Clint Eastwood Really Just Say This About Gay Marriage?

Syrian Revolution , Summary and Videos of Events in Idlib, on Sunday, 4 Dec 2011

American youth, capitalism and the Occupy Wall St. movement.

Local shopping mall has parking reserved for hybrids. Nice. 1/2 the time though...

If the church which refused to accept interracial couples as members

Take Back The Capitol – Occupy Washington D.C., Dec. 5-9

REPORT: Herman Cain To Endorse Gingrich On Monday

Just watched the Sensing Murder episode about psychics who helped crack the Suzanna Chase cold case

OOOPS REDUUUX = Rick Perry Claims Executive Orders Can Repeal Laws

Is it me or is there a posting problem tonight? exec killed in Michigan plane crash

Thorp (Wi.) Woman Arrested For Destroying Recall Sign

70 Years of Lying About Pearl Harbor

Big stand off at Occupy DC.

Big stand off at Occupy DC.

I'd like to see if there's some way to make Americans Elect illegal and/or get it shut down.

Helpful Kitten Gives Baby Goat A Bath

Occupyers left Christmas message for the mayor

The Straight Story asked.......and Skinner replied, today:

S.F. schools struggle with more homeless kids

S.F. schools struggle with more homeless kids

#Occupy Melbourne: Cops come to tear down the tents...BUT...

EU to America:Thanks for the early Yuletide present: Fed To Fund IMF,Bypassing Congressional Refusal

EU to America:Thanks for the early Yuletide present: Fed To Fund IMF,Bypassing Congressional Refusal

(Story update) KY Church reverses ban on interracial couples

Julian Assange seeks to take legal fight to highest UK court

Activists invade nuclear plant site in France

PolitiFact’s Finalist For 2011 Lie Of The Year Is 100 Percent True

Global Witness leaves Kimberley Process diamond scheme

I was at another forum in DU 'Democrats Abroad'

FAA Misses Another Pilot Fatigue Deadline

Obama to channel TR's "central theme-the primacy of human rights and collective control of wealth.."

Some Democratic strategists worry about Gingrich’s potential appeal

Glimpses of a Forgotten, Forbidden City

Luxury sports cars in costly Japan pile-up

Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys (cuteness warning)

Vietnam Weapons Of War: Over 42,000 Killed By Leftover Mines, Bombs

Penn. governor-elect urged to ban surveillance

Penn. governor-elect urged to ban surveillance

S.F. schools struggle with more homeless kids

Standoff ends between police, Occupy DC protesters

Euro-zone Nov. PMI points to further contraction

Week Ahead: Market Will Be Watching Europe

I have been seeing Barney Frank more now than before he decided not to run again

Scott has it wrong on health care law

Italy’s Northern League wants divorce again (from the rest of Italy)

Michele Bachmann: Occupy Wall Street Wants Other People To 'Pay For Their Stuff'

Communist comeback: Voters punish Putin

Pennsylvania Hires Greenhill to Weigh Asset Sales to Investors

GOP Propaganda Guru Scared to Death of Occupy -- 10 Ways He's Trying to Spin the Movement

Spin for Newt Joe Scum -spin away

Begala: The GOP's Voting Rules May Empower the Party's Ideologues

Fukushima: Strontium-tainted water leak suspected

Bloomberg: I Would Cut The Number Of Teachers In Half

Revolutionary Council of Homs Summary Report , December 4, 2011

PLEASE Anonymous find this scum & do ??Story abt sicko posting vids showing cats killed slowly

Euro zone and China signal sharp global slowdown

Cost of federal unemployment benefits so far: $434 billion

Many have little to no savings as retirement looms

Question - are the current RW judges on the Supremem Court

Wisconsin: State jobs figures carried an asterisk Walker knew numbers were 'very questionable'

Holiday season hiring proves consumers create jobs, not the wealthy.

Its funny our government will stay tight lipped about our

Industrial-Sized Rooftop Farm Planned for Berlin

Once you get hold of a good thing..

Afghan president pardons imprisoned rape victim - after she agrees to marry attacker

WISCONSIN: Openly Gay Man Enters Race For Lieutenant Governor

Pretenses for War

Scientists a step closer to cloning mammoth


NO Teabagger LOVE in Iowa for the anti-masturbation witch.

Penn State receives bowl bid. Will donate all money made to 2 Pennsylvania charities

If Trump wants to talk about jokes, he should talk about himself.

Would Tim Tebow pray if there were no cameras?

Zuccotti Park owners Brookfied Properties owe city $139G in back taxes

NY Times: Pain in the Public Sector

Michael Lewis: Advice From the 1%: Lever Up, Drop Out

Tax the Rich Now: OECD

Getting Over the Growth-Is-Good Myth

Ginger White: Cain always thought the ‘man was always right’..

Who here thinks of their 'flanks' on occassion in this class warfare. Do you remember

Poll: The most powerful power?

Pretenses for War - Junge Welt, Germany

For famous AZ Sheriff - Immigrants bad. Sex abusers, not so much.....

Meet Oskar: The blind kitten who is now a YouTube star

Glenn Greenwald - George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace

Welfare fraud investigators raid $1.2 million Lake Washington home

The Night I Groped Some Chicks In Town (Herb Cain)

If Conservatives love the Constitution so much, why arent they all proud ACLU members?

Yesterday's "hair-cut" will be tomorrow's "throat cut"

Charges against Jerry Sandusky determined carefully by prosecutors, not dictionaries

Online Disinformation, Imposters, Bullying & Calls For Destruction Of Petitions In Walker Recall

Gasoline: The new big U.S. export and an outright threat from Big Oil.

Rep. Frank likens Republican field to characters from 'The Wizard of Oz'

Rep. Pelosi: I served on committee that investigated Gingrich... 1000 pages of his stuff

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Accused Of Botching Over 400 Sex-Crime Investigations

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Accused Of Botching Over 400 Sex-Crime Investigations

Calif. man who killed 25 farmworkers up for parole

Wow, Trump is ripping Chuck Todd a new one live on tv!

Okay, hands up: Who here on DU is in favor of unpaid child labor?

UK student paper: We used to value tolerance, multiculturalism and international cooperation in

Who will be the eventual GOP nominee for the 2012 election

Reuters' Analysis: "Cold War" with Iran heats up across Mideast

Did Clint Eastwood Really Just Say This About Gay Marriage?

George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace

CBC: Carbon dioxide emissions break growth records

The Consensus May Be Underestimating The Odds Of Radical German Victory

"On Wall Street, you take every nickel and dime you can get your hands on. You take without shame"

Florida policeman has 40 IA files, fired 5 times, arrested 3 times. Still on the job.

mic check! NYC Panel for Education Policy

Daytona police chief sets an excellent example re: protesters. "We want to work with them."

Oh my Gawd Donald Trump is doing NBC a favor by

Man accused of defacing Walker/Kleefisch recall petitions, arrested

The Atlantic: Has a War with Iran Already Begun?

We are the median: Living on $50,000 a year

Hubert Sumlin (Howlin' Wolf's guitarist) Dead at 80

Newt Gingrich’s Tea Party Problem

DWB/H: (Sevenfold) Racial gap found in traffic stops in Milwaukee

Gingrich Unveils New Child Labor Plan: Make Them Work As ‘Apprenti’ For Trump

Life in a day

Krugman: No, It’s Not The Welfare State (as the cause of Europe's woes)

A pretty good liberal blog I found.

Fox's Paranoid Anti-Obama Agenda Wrecks Its Civil-Liberties Coverage

Atheists Celebrate Christmas

Atheists Celebrate Christmas

remember when republicans say that tax cuts must be paid for....

UK: Police in City see occupiers as 'terror' risk

Breaking - President about to speak on Pay Roll Tax Cuts

Rural Suicides Follow Medicaid Cuts

OMG OMG OMG astroturfing in action here on the DU

Newt Gingrich and his sleazy (GOPAC) ways: A history lesson

Ads here, ads there, ads everywhere -- even on your ATM?!

New approach to determining human impact on climate gives same answer

New approach to determining human impact on climate gives same answer

Kudos, President Obama. Just caught his tax / unemployment insurance statements.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Biggest asshole in the United States.

Scientists deconstruct the tantrum - - the screams have a pattern & rhythm

Dec. 6th: Occupy Our Homes: Anti-Foreclosure Direct Action

Endless fucking 2 minute warnings

Tom Tomorrow featuring guest cameo by Chuckles

A few quotes by the great Father of Capitalism - Adam Smith

Think Progress:Under Pressure From Anti-Choice Groups, Gingrich Flips To Anti-Birth Control Position


Star needed to stay for one year in the new subscription $5 would do it

13 Reasons Why Newt Won't Win (Memory Lane w/Newt)


Car enthusiasts ruin their fancy cars in chain collision . photos

Car enthusiasts ruin their fancy cars in chain collision . photos

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on direct action:

Walker's war on Wisconsin women continues: WI Dept of Justice to reduce sex-assault victim grants

USNS Cesar Chavez? Navy asked to explain policy for naming ships

White House is putting out anti-Romney ads not because he is the likely nominee,

White House is putting out anti-Romney ads not because he is the likely nominee,

Sports-Car Pileup Claims Ferraris, Lamborghini

Obama Chess Match....GOPers on the Ropes: gatta CAVE ...Boner is beside himself for falling for the

White House Denies Earthquake Aid for Oklahoma

Toyota to export US-made Camry to South Korea

So you wanna cover the Occupy movement? (OakFoSho interview on DKos)

Toughest sheriff? 400 sex crimes, including crimes against children, go uninvestigated by Joe Arpaio

They Found Yellowcake...

Monday Newt TOONS

While we're talking about domestic child labor (paid or unpaid)... How many slaves work for you?

Word in my 85% Republican office on taxes is: "flat and progressive"

Medicare enrollment deadline is Wednesday December 7

Medicare enrollment deadline is Wednesday December 7

Secret Memo: US Lets President Lock Up "Terrorists"---London Police Identify Occupy as "Terrorists"

Wisconsin: Voter ID becomes law of unintended consequences

Deadly bomb attacks on Shia pilgrims in Iraq

Ya can't make this stuff up; Man charged with DWI after ramming into 'Booze it & Lose it' Unit

Ya can't make this stuff up; Man charged with DWI after ramming into 'Booze it & Lose it' Unit

Ya can't make this stuff up; Man charged with DWI after ramming into 'Booze it & Lose it' Unit

Astonishing accident involving eight Ferraris 'world's most expensive car crash'

Owners of Zuccotti Park owe $139,000 in back taxes

The Right-Wing Media's War On Obama's Christmas

I Guess this won't end till Obama is out of office - NH, Taitz, Obama ballot challenge, birtherism

PELOSI on NEWT: "I Know A lot - A thousand pages of HIS stuff”

Drone wars: The temptation of automated conflict

OWS protest of Newt today-

Follow the money dot org. Is this site legit?

TOON: Kiddie Fun Camp

Protesters accuse Putin's party of rigging vote

Troy students organize a protest over mayor's slur

Voters want to cut lawmaker pay and make them work longer

FCC to set standards for mass disruptions of Americans’ communications

Syria: 34 bodies dumped in public square in Homs

Ginger is one cruel woman - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

tweety 'the republican clown show has found it's ringmaster'

tweety 'the republican clown show has found it's ringmaster'

What If This Were Your Child?

Horrible video of 2 cops who literally knocked out a man for "alleged" shoplifting

Gingrich, speaking now, is all for abolishing the capital gains tax.

"GOP REALITY SHOW" - The Republican establishment sold its soul to the Tea Party

Response from Jim Himes (Ct 4th Congress) about B of A derivative move

Fukushima: Inside the Exclusion Zone (Atlantic In Focus)

Wisconsin ACLU Eyeing Walker’s New Policy Charging Protesters Money

8 companies hit with lawsuit over Carrier IQ software

16 Ron Paul Quotes That Prove He Is NOT A Liberal

This is the real Tweety..... and the one I remember most...

"I'm Christian, unless you're gay"

GOP Muppet hearings..

Occupy Glenn Beck- (Alabama this time)

Enemy Inside The Gates (Article on the wrongs of the #OLA raid and aftermath)

Michele Bachmann endorses gay marriage!

Why city rankings always get it wrong

"A grotesque pairing of donald trump and newt gingrich"...LOL. This

Is this just a Republican thing, or do Democratic candidate’s wives also

Toon of the day

Saw a guy the other day with a Ron Paul bumper sticker alongside his "live better work union" decal.

Toon: On your mark!

Man Claims Deputy Was in on Dirty Arrest

Do you remember Gingrinch's "bring back the orphanages" controversy (1994-95)?

Debate Moderator Donald Trump On Ron Paul And Jon Huntsman: "I Think They Are Joke Candidates"

The Rude Pundit: Cain in Vain


Fannie Mae, banks halt foreclosures for the holidays

Happy days for clueless people

Reporters in Syria vs. Reporters covering OWS here in the States

America is now exporting a RECORD amount of ............GASOLINE!!!!

Ousted governor hoping for light sentence

Naomi Wolf on criticism of Guardian piece.

COMMENT: Ugly American —Fahd Husain

Iran opposes foreign military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014

Troy, MI mayor says she regrets using gay slur, asks forgiveness

You'll Never Guess The Cheap Luxury Americans Can't Live Without

Bombing Iran, Confrontation with people here think EITHER of these makes any sense?

Senator Akaka (D) - Hawaii replies to my letter about the so called "protect IP" Act

Face it: Mubarak couldn't have been kept in power, and trying to save him wouldn't have helped.

A costly winter ahead for home heating oil users

Enter the grid.

Tweet this morning about owners of Zuccotti Park from OWS

The scumbags at S&P put all 17 Euro-zone countries on "negative" credit watch (WSJ)

Grijalva Calls For Arpaio To Resign Over Alleged Botched Sex-Crime Cases

The idiots here called elections for December 29th

when do you think an ad like this will ever be on American tv?

Something Festive ...

The TSA - what a swell bunch of assholes. And to think I *still* see defense of them.


Nothing Is New Under The Sun ....

The postal service reductions will force me to pay even more of my bills via online banking

Wisconsin: Corruption From the Top Down? - Walker's Reason

Alan GRAYSON: "I've called the GAO report a bailout autopsy. But it's an autopsy of the undead."

I suspect that I am dying. And I won't seek treatment.

Unfair to the average worker

Nuon Chea: Khmer Rouge 'were not bad people'

60 Minutes: Prosecuting Wall Street

"Violent revolt is inevitable!" - Occupy Wall Street? No, conservative leader, Larry Klayman

Something very strange and unanticipated is going to go down (The BooMan)

Barney Frank quotes

Nanking and the Lessons of Genocide

Passing the Crazy Torch: Phyllis Schlafly endorses Michele Bachmann

Puppy saves family: "He knew something we didn't know. He sensed something wasn't right,"

Here's how I know the economy is totally shot to s--t in spite of what

Something that I was thinking about now that Cenk Uygur's show premičres on CurrentTV today

Newt Gingrich's Skeleton Closet

No end in sight for CAIN-GINGRICH sex and happy marriage jokes

I need your help with a member who is locked out of DU, seems to be a puter problem?

In Less That One Hour... TYT w/Cenk Begins On Al Gore's Current TV, Rigtht Before Keith Obermann !!!

I'm a little worried President Gingrich would dump this country on its deathbed for another one.

OWS will not change the system alone. They are doing their part.

OWS will not change the system alone. They are doing their part.

Graphic: The Weight of WalMart

AP: Postal cuts to slow delivery of first-class mail (Estimated 28,000 Jobs Lost)

Who really profits big from food stamps?: JPMorgan & Walmart

Larry King wants to be frozen when he dies.

For My 5000th Post, A Question!

Interesting juxtaposition...

Are You Getting The Flu Shot?

Letter from Jerry Brown to the people of California...

Scooby-Doo is Veggie Tales for secular humanists

I hate finals.

American Exceptionalism. A timely visual. Sadly sarcastic.

Tweety is hitting all of the bases in tonight's show. He had DWShutz

Santorum thinks role of science should be to say ‘we’ll never know’

Monday Herm Cain TOONS

What ‘America’s Worst Sheriff’ Did Instead of Investigating Sex Crimes

Wisconsin: Republicans change lawyers in recall case

Jewish teenagers in Belgium leave their schools because of anti-Semitism

Fox Admits Defeat In Phony War On "Light Bulb Ban" (But Doesn't Know It)

"...couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel."

This Is Why The GOP Has Installed Mandatory Photo ID Voter Laws

TOON: This Modern World on how the rich are job creators

German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclear fuel that’s melted-through

hilarious! Fox Rips 'Commie' Muppets

Why are states allowed to make laws for the federal elections?

I still have blondeatlast in my friends list.......................I'm sure I'm not alone

Christian video game promoting murder of non-believers

Chicken Chain Says Stop, but T-Shirt Maker Balks

Is the "free market" a euphemism for "god?"

A Brief Guide To Class Conflict In America - byTom Tomorrow

"...she thought about grocery shopping during sex."

Wow. FUCK Adam Carolla. (re: OWS)

Media Matters for America: Birther To Moderate Newsmax GOP Debate

In This Prohibition Saga, Obama Plays Hoover

Please spread the word on this: "Why burn doctors hate instant soup"

The most shoplifted items of the season

Rant #332.06 Why do the GOPers insist on ankle biting moot level issues??

Nancy backhands Newt.

How Much Is $139,000?

How Much Is $139,000?

Successful adult takes—and bombs—10th grade standardized test

The Germans understand! They get it re: the GOP contenders for the presidential nomination!

This camp is a big problem.

60 Minutes about the family living in the box truck...

This is what happens when you try to mug a UFC fighter

Gingrich: ‘File charges’ against Pelosi if she releases dirt on me

Occupy Calendar: Check Out #OWS' Jam-Packed Schedule

"Are you ready?" Elizabeth Warren asks.

Kingsport couple on bath salts abandon 4-year-old at Walmart

Wisconsin Voter ID Law May Force 84-Year-Old Woman To Pay $200 To Get

Casually Pepper Spraying Baby Jesus: Meme of the Year Meets Christmas Sweater

Ok all you Cable Media Junkies. Today is the day to give up Tweety.

Corporations do not have a singular heartbeat.

Questions swirl around $6 billion nuclear lab

Did Hugo Chavez derail CELAC summit?

A little help answering my father-in-law's email

Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Was Paid $109,954 In 2009 By The Tax-Dodging Owners Of Zuccotti Park

Airport worker fired after refusing to load dog

The Zombie Lie About The Economy Right-Wingers Desperately Cling To - And Why It's Totally Wrong

Seattle Announces Port Shutdown Logistics

Leaked photos show Chinese brutality in Tibet

Real Girl Belly Project shows what real women's tummies look like - unphotoshopped

Digging for gold, children work in harsh conditions, paid with bags of dirt

The Fed Bailouts: Money for Nothing

"Forty-seven percent of Americans DO NOT pay taxes!!"

Do you agree with the following statement.

The Great Money Trick (Public Domain)

The Occupy Movement Twitter feeds- Collective Followers: 5,267,855

NASA finds planet that's just about right for life

20 Ways the Obama Administration Has Assaulted Your Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights

Occupy Wall Street Hunger Strikers Arrested Twice in 12-Hour Span

Occupy Wall Street Twice as Popular as Tea Party, 4 X as popular as U.S. Congress

How does vinyl deliver an experience superior to digital?