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Archives: December 4, 2011

Reward for GOPer Syndrome Solution increased to $$680 Billion $$

Appeals Court Says No To Closed Hearing In Walker Campaign Probe

The UK's debt to Libya over explosives

You want to see a hard core Red State wedding?

The CRAZIESTCrazychristian Christmas Gift of all time:

The GOP presidential 'forum' debate tonight at 8pm ET on FoxNews

We are the antigenocide paparazzi

Wal-Mart Circles Indian Markets, and Indians Push Back

Toon- Occupy Action Items

23623 Posts

Libyan hospital offers refuge for wounded Gaddafi loyalists

9 Huge Blows to the War On Drugs in 2011

Can ya'll give me some suggestions re: short stories to read aloud

great vid on the evils of development subsidies

Republicans condemn Obama for job losses - but it's mostly government posts that are declining

Alan Sues dies at 85; 'Laugh-In' regular (w/pic)

Police Officers Find That Dissent on Drug Laws May Come With a Price

Occupy Portland plans new park encampment

Not telling anyone what to do, but SNL had a strong opening 'bit'

What does ‘suspending’ mean?

Meet the Secessionist Group Waiting for the Collapse of US Empire So the "South Can Rise Again"

HPV Vaccine Victim Sues Merck

Obama has Crushed the repuglycans

Occupy Portland takes new park, but city says they won't be allowed to stay

Local TV station spent 10 seconds on Obama's upcoming visit and 2 minutes on Cain

Can't find this Bill Clinton gem on the Google

Which news reporter most influenced you and how you think? I would

Herman Cain Explains Why He Dropped Out Of The Race On SNL (HILARIOUS) - VIDEO

Newt Gingrich accepts Donald Trump debate invitation, Ron Paul declines

Banks Vie With Nations to Sate $2 Trillion 2012 Funding Need: Euro Credit

TMZ reader "cowbulls" thinks "Socialist George Soros & Larry “Penthouse” Flynt" plotted against Cain

Thought I would pass this along as I know a lot of folks here that work with videos/etc

Yuba dog's long, lengthy journey will reunite her with Va. owner

Yuba dog's long, lengthy journey will reunite her with Va. owner

Does history channel just promote movies now?

Does productivity mean fewer jobs? Cause american has seen productivity grow in the USA in the last

I want to fly away .........

Update on Emma Sullivan (Brownback Tweeter)

Cain's campaign solely an elaborate ruse to scapegoat the MSM for his marital infidelities? (ONION)

I may be the only one who has not listened to and watched the documentary "The Singing Revolution" -

FCC to probe San Francisco subway cell phone "interruption" policy

VIDEO: David Letterman, Rachel Maddow talk politics at Ball State 12/3/11

VIDEO: David Letterman, Rachel Maddow talk politics at Ball State 12/3/11

Woman Sues Town, School Chiefs In Nude Sexting Case

Who will rid us of hate channels such as Press TV?

Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian'

Egyptian government to be announced Wednesday

HeatSmart Campaign

Pro-Cain rally still on for Sunday in Wichita

Bailey = Liberal; Potter = Conservative

Anything but Mitt

Police kick Portland Re-Occupy out of park so now they are in the streets!

Folsom Prison Blues... That is what Portland Occupiers are singing right now as they are being

Our son's play...

When CHARLES FUCKING KRAUTHAMMER thinks that the GOP candidates are clowns...

So Florida's Connie Mack is running for US Senate

DWB/H: Racial gap found in traffic stops in Milwaukee

WikiLeaks' chief in vital extradition court fight

The Lindsey Graham argument is absurd; the strange Cain train rolls on (pix)

Pakistani Taliban splintering into factions

Revealed: how police lost control of summer riots in first crucial 48 hours

Sunday Talk Shows

striped kitties

military spending doesn't create jobs -- it costs them. {video report at link}

military spending doesn't create jobs -- it costs them. {video report at link}

Toon- The Republican 'dream'

Walker’s New Policy May Result In Protesters Being Charged For The Pepper Spray Used Against Them

Is Occupy going to DC?

Alabama - natural gas pipeline explodes

The Great Brazilian footballer Socrates is dead at 57

Scandal-weary France to vote on outlawing prostitution

Luckovich Toon -Santa Under Arrest

Please be mindful of where you canvass for Walker Recall petitions

Please be mindful of where you canvass for Walker Recall petitions

D.N.A. Collection at the county lock-up:

D.N.A. Collection at the county lock-up:

Clay Bennett TOON Nails Newt

Teacher explains what fairness really means.

Patient sues dentist who charged him for bad reviews

Some BS happened today

What to Replace the Imprison-Americans Bill With

Revealed: true cost of the Christmas toys we buy from China's factories

Sunday Dental Thread: Epiphany... (edited to repair initial "problem")


Tea Party Is Ignorant of the U.S. Constitution

Russia votes for parliament in test for Putin leadership

Hundreds of OccupyLA Demonstrators Held for Days Without Charges on $5,000 Bail in Often Deplorable,

Turn on Chris Hayes rightfugging now

US drone shot down in Iran

Luckovich Toon -Mittbot

Greta Van Susteren Draws Scrutiny Over Husband's Herman Cain Ties


Police ARE a para-military organization.

Mo'ohonua has an amazing timeline from a Hawaiian perspective

They had to pay the weasels to get them to steal from us.

President Mitt-Under His Leadership "Maximize Profits By Firing Workers"

Unemployed, Liberal Groups to Hold 4-Day DC Protest

Ousted L.A. Housing Authority chief leaves with $1.2 million

In Focus: Heiress to the ministry of hate (Westboro Baptist Church)

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

Lincoln 150 years today: "Labor is the Superior to Capital"

David Sirota: Celebrating the End of Kids’ Wall Street Dreams

Barney Frank on casting the Wizard of Oz with GOP candidates -- Romney is the Tin Man

85-year-old woman may sue TSA after being strip searched at JFK Airport

Feds condemn conditions at Florida youth prisons (Not confined to Dozier, Jackson Juvenile Center)

What Kinds of Things DO Teachers Buy for Their Classrooms?

How Do We Get Our Democracy Back?

What Revolving Door?

Former Romney Business Partner: ‘I Never Thought Of What I Do For A Living As Job Creation’

The Nation: Upheaval at the New York Public Library

Camp Victory, emptied of U.S. troops, is handed to Iraqi government

Occupy Homes lauds a radical new phase for the movement

Occupy Homes lauds a radical new phase for the movement

Hard Times at Occupy Boston

U.S. exporting fuel but U.S. drivers still paying more

This has dismayed me. The SECOND flag story related to Occupy New Haven in local press!

Beware of this octopus. He walks on land.

Fuel exports up, and so is the cost at the pump

No, not "Job Creators". Call them Americas "Job Misers".

2013 Subaru BRZ (Caught my eye, and I mean caught)

I think if Newt get the nomination, Obama will get more money and volunteers!

MF head John Corzine scheudled to appear at House Financial Comm Dec. 15.

Chimpanzees Self-Medicate with Plants

Senate proves we should fear ourselves - EXCELLENT opinion piece by Shannyn Moore

Comment Moderator, the Dirtiest Job on the Internet

DUers: When was the last time you saw a doctor?

Freeper "Dengar01" gives an "Animal House / Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"-style rant. He's on a ROLL!

Looks Like There Will Be a Vote to Recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Looks Like There Will Be a Vote to Recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Is this true? re: Cumberland Co. NC BSL

The new standard of stupid.

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

ONE "GOP Hopeful" is CONVINCED Cain Train passengers are making a BATSHIT CRAZY detour. Guess who?

The Young Turks on Current TV...

GOP's idea of victory

Looks Like Things Are Changing For OccupyAlbany

Occupy Homeless Shelter Built at Occupy Washington D.C. Being taken down by police - link......

'Occupy DC demonstrators arrested by U.S. Park Police'-for building a structure (vid link as well)

If Newt is so gung-ho on letting kidlets clean their own schools,

*Congressional Insider Trading Rules Sen. govt affairs committee hearing

LA TIMES:What's so awful about the 1%?

2011, What a Year! The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011


Merkel and Sarkozy to unveil eurozone rescue package

Merkel and Sarkozy to unveil eurozone rescue package

*Congressional Insider Trading Rules Sen. govt affairs committee hrg.

It Is The U. S. Judiciary That Has Placed My Country On Emergency Footing

Shut down the casino that redistributed wealth upwards, say goodbye to derivatives...

Jerry Sandusky's willingness to talk with media perplexes defense attorneys

Tweeter principal responds to emails

Wow !!! - 'Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat: Raise Taxes On The Rich' - HuffPo

Wow !!! - 'Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat: Raise Taxes On The Rich' - HuffPo

Overheard in a Perpendicular Universe

Libya's NTC sets up committee to probe oil graft

Libya's NTC sets up committee to probe oil graft

Libya's NTC sets up committee to probe oil graft

Today's a sad day for me...

Only 205 more votes needed to add "The Undefeated" to the IMDB Bottom 100!

Delete again


Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Summit, October 2011

In Case You Missed This... 'Repressive Governments Using U.S.-Made Spy Technology' - WaPo/CBSNews

Reid set to offer compromise to extend tax cut

Watch this video if you care about kids.

So Newt says poor people who get food stamps should have to clean rich peoples

U.S. Army Commander’s Guide to Female Engagement Teams

In domestic disputes, 1 in 5 Afghans say physical punishment is appropriate

Met Opera got Occupied-audience started applauding enthusiastically

Facebook is hiring in NYC

Temp hiring seen as a sign

Temp hiring seen as a sign

FOX brainwash complete

Paul Krugman explains why the Republicans hate the extension of payroll tax cuts

Data caps a "crude and unfair tool" for easing online congestion

New Word-Speak we're going to be hearing from the GOP - this is important

WikiLeaks suspect wants Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton as witnesses

If Obama could walk on water…

A 'normal' man who just happens to be gay

Libyan who sparked revolution sworn in as minister

Mall replaces Santa with Skype

Mall replaces Santa with Skype

Mother says 9-year-old suspended for calling teacher cute

Big Banks Big on Big Loans to Coal Industry

Chevron loses case, wants judge to seize assets from a group of indigenous Ecuadoreans

George Will calls Cain and Trump ‘charlatans who hijack the GOP’

George Will calls Cain and Trump ‘charlatans who hijack the GOP’

Through Bitter Cold Night Hundreds Occupy Kansas Site Of President's Speech Wednesday

OK so DU is apparently buggy. Are we mov'n to DU3 soon? Or

Allen West (R-Plantation) finishes half-marathon...Pic

We done good yesterday- Small, but a start

Barney Frank Casts GOP: Romney Is The Tin Man-Perry Is The Scarecrow-Newt Is Wizard Of Oz

Sunday's Doonesbury - "Bought and Paid for by Cronies for Perry"

You can't run from the cop car of the future

The bug seems to only be in the GD forum

what a trip

Romney's Billionaire Threatens BBC Investigative Reporter "We have a File on Palast"

Romney's Billionaire Threatens BBC Investigative Reporter "We have a File on Palast"

Called to duty-- A Register Guard salute to WWII veterans for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

The bug seems to only be in the GD forum

Meet Chester Nez, the last of the Navajo code talkers.

The Tiger is roaring

New Occupation: 20,000 march for economic justice in NYC

Michael STEELE told Tweety about operatives bubbling "from the bottom of the GOP"

Occupy Seattle: "People have lost the message"

Wheeled target robots delivered to U.S. Army… they are so clever they even scatter for cover

Freedom to die: Inside the Syrian torture chamber

Bwaaaaaaaaah the tents are now signs in Fort Lauderdale

Bwaaaaaaaaah the tents are now signs in Fort Lauderdale

War Crimes In Games Draw Red Cross Scrutiny

The POOR GOPers...Massive effort to make Obama a Loser...working....numbers down...but...its the

Another child has committed suicide...

Boston bans e-cigs at workplaces and selling of individual cigars

THIS Is The Future Of Work In America

Anyone else having trouble posting, errors and such?

Presidential Pardons Heavily Favor Whites

Christie Claims Obama Did Nothing To Create Jobs (Where have I heard that before?)

Mitt Romney wasn't a job creator - He flipped companies, fired employees & sought gov subsidies

Mysterious private company - the Freedom Group - buying up gun manufacturers

Retirees versus Workers: More Divide and Conquer Politics from Corporate America

The republicans want all poor folks to wear a name badge that says

Grand jury declines to indict McDonald's worker in beating

Heads up: Two mortgage industry whistleblowers on 60 Minutes tonight

Trump as debate moderator; I think the Pukes have basically conceded 2012

A Horizontal World? Occupy Can't Win with Utopian Impossibilities

THANKS! RE: A petition on behalf of one of my pro bono clients, Victor Escobar. Posted Nov14

Holy shit: In mice, a new antibody has been created which conveys lifelong protection from HIV.

How the Food Industry Eats Your Kid’s Lunch

debtors pay ...or stay in jail

DU Poll: ARE Millennials slackers

Two hypotheses as to why Jerry Sandusky is talking to the media

Bet you Tim Pawlenty is kicking himself right about now.

Socialism In The US

Poll: Millennials are slackers

Is this real or a scam ?

Nova Scotia man gets 18 months for poking holes in girlfriend's condoms

DEAR ANONYMOUS: A simple threat from you could save US Democracy and our elections:

Newt says 'food stamps can get you to Hawaii'

Anyone know the typical rules for posting campaign signs?

DEA launders Mexican profits of drug cartels

Ron Christie: Corporations sitting on cash, not creating jobs because they fear ObamaCare and taxes

Freeper "hoagy62" offers a CHILLING prophecy for 2012. Well, chilling for a freeper, I guess.

S.F. schools struggle with more homeless kids

In case you missed this, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I'm a part-time union worker. Been working retail for 29 years. You spend, I earn.

Should students be required to clean their own schools?

Photos from week 9 of Occupy Anchorage

Germany is building a park on top of a highway

Exclusive: Inside the offices of Occupy Wall Street

Exclusive: Inside the offices of Occupy Wall Street

Independent voices (continued)

Kids SHOULD clean their schools --rich and poor, public and private.

Is it just me or is DU buggy as hell today?

Driving while potted, perhaps not such a bad thing?

Egypt’s ElBaradei says liberal youth behind uprising ‘decimated’ in election

Story update: Teacher who said Santa not real apologizes

Toon O' the day

GOP Supercommittee Member Admits Bush Tax Cuts Didn’t Create Jobs, Can’t Explain Why

When they say, "traditional Biblical marriage," show them this.

Would you kill one person to save five others?

New York Teacher Tells Students Santa Claus Isn't Real

OK, what the hell is up with this stupid idea of kids becoming janitors in their own schools?

Medical marijuana facility open in Upland

Yesterday's chest x-ray, and the hospital employee

Michele Bachmann: Teaching Only Evolution Is ‘Censorship’

NC County bans several dog breeds

Sitting home alone on a Saturday night…

Drop in unemployment rate to 8.6% also shows drop in 'discouraged workers' from year before

Sears reverses 'sneaky' up-sell policy

Sears reverses 'sneaky' up-sell policy

An unfortunate fact about taxing the hell out of the rich

The altar boys’ secret

The altar boys’ secret

So, the girlfriend must have proof

The pukes MUST be planning to run Jeb next year

Reid considering rule change to remove 60 vote requirement to proceed on legislation.

20 Ways the Obama Administration Has Intruded on Your Rights

The greatest evil in our world today is CORPORATISM. If greedy Big Oil had not gone into the

Cenk's Back

An important message to Occupy from Anonymous: "Hurry Up! You Are OUR ONLY Hope"

Guardian UK: A New York spider gave me an insight into US private healthcare

This is a very important video. Boy reaching out, over bullying, on youtube.

RW Xtians playing "victim card"...again

Arsenic —— It’s In Animal Feed Too

There is a creeper meme out there..wonder if it is going to gain traction

Does Apple's Siri have a pro-life bias?

Bullied Teen Shares Story of Pain and Perseverance in Online Video

Student loan balance down $1100 after $23K in payments. DAMN.

8 reasons why Ronald Reagan was the worst President of our lifetime

Have you had or will you be getting a flu shot this year?

Thwart Salvation Army Bigotry With Three Dollar Bill Protest

Dec. 3, #Occupy Los Angeles: Swinging sticks at the hornet's nest (Dialup warning!)

Battlezone WISCONSIN article: From local roots, Bradley Foundation builds conservative empire