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Archives: December 31, 2011

And now, ladies and gentleman

Will I Still See You All Tomorrow...Sung To The Tune Of....

". . . wish you goodbye til further on, will you still be there further on?"

Cool Website: - Interpretations From Around The World:

The 12 Most Hopeful Trends to Build On in 2012

Occupy New Haven Demonstrators Confronted By Gunman

A Parting Glass (from the movie, "Waking Ned Devine")

A Tribute to Corporations...a video

It's really sad visiting here these days.

We are the Champions

James Taylor Our Town.

The sun's settin' down on our town

wish we could keep this site going.

Funny Way To Go Through Drive Throug

My contribution: See you on the other side.

OK guys get out your hankies, a sing along from Vera Lynn.

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

Here's how seriously SOME PEOPLE take DU2

25 best Occupy photos of 2011

Well folks for those of you coming over to the other side

My take on DU2 VS DU3

I say let's all sing and dance our way outta here ...

Things Turn Nasty

reagan said "i didnt leave the democratic party the party left me"

Rumored - Mayor Skinner said to approve midnight eviction of Occupy DU2 encampment

My final squee of the year (quite possibly forever)

May 2012 bring us

MIC CHECK! -- DOWN WITH THE SHIP edition -- Know anything we don't? Are you on DU3? INFO please!

Packing Up, Moving On, and Starting Over Again is something I'm good at!

Search Under Way for Hollywood Arsonist

English as official US language: Perry says, 'I can agree with that'

Cross over children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light.

Ginormous Graphic: "America's Military Bases Over the World"...

The end of 2011, my last "fuck it" post of the year.

The greatest accomplishments of Ronald Reagan.