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Archives: December 3, 2011

Coke, Grand Canyon bottled water controversy gets murkier

SF Fire Department cited for 'serious' violations in fatal fire

Ratko Mladic Bosnia charges cut to speed ICTY trial (BBC)

White House Shooter Judged To Be Sane!

students will not be allowed to exchange gifts or distribute personal holiday messages during class

Amnesty International calls for arrest of George W. Bush

Self Delete ......

End of the week LOL's - pics

Why Did Vogue Italia Pull This Controversial Karlie Kloss Image?

For What It's Worth

Alabama Revenue Chief Orders Officials Not to Judge Citizenship

Why the Republicans ranks broke from leadership and voted against their own payroll tax cut bill

TOON: The Fear Factor

Cspan 2 republicon voters in roundtable..

When stocks are available to purchase...

What is your take on the concept of scapegoating (ie Gingrinch to the poor)

2012: an Adulterer or a Cult Member

Do they look in mirrors?

Cops On Horses In The Park

Occupy SF protesters march through downtown

Poland launches 'aggressive left wing' web site investigation

Sunday Evening Post-Thanksgiving Hangover Edition: Week Ahead!

Criminalizing Childhood? 7 Year-old Charged with "Sexual Harassment" for School Fight

GOP aide goes on trial in Maryland for suppressing black voters

'Central Banks' Coordinated Move Has Solved Nothing' (link fixed)


Libyans plan to tackle global warming

See the movie "Rise Like Lions" free and online! A feature documentary on the OWS movement.

Slate: The Great Trump Debate

GOP governors plotting the 2012 election - on CSpan2 now

A "dear Friend" letter from Herman Cain according to Andy Borowitz

Which of the Greed Party candidates is the most amoral?

If I understand this tale correctly, the pro-gay side won. Re: Christ Church in Savannah

FIA officials to collect data on airbase

Russia observes ‘day of silence’ ahead of general election

A One Percenter Who "Gets It"

Increased rates of asthma among WTC disaster responders

Troy, MI mayor called gays "queers" in rant against NY.

December 2 2011: The Debt Walkers Strike Back

While I'm Waiting For Keith... I'm Watching Current's 'War On Weed'... Holy Shit !!!

Occupy Broadway NYC 24 Hour Performances Live Now - Link......

Reflections on two disasters - Which hurt America worse? 9/11 or TARP?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Anti-Gun Brady Bunch Sherriff Arrested for Dealing Meth

Seriously, don't go to Alabama --even with docs, you get arrested under the new immigration law

Seriously, don't go to Alabama --even with docs, you get arrested under the new immigration law

Seriously, don't go to Alabama --even with docs, you get arrested under the new immigration law

Military Dad Attempting Homecoming Surprise at daughter's school find she's skipped school that day

Newt Gingrich's Profound Insights On Poverty - AmericanProspect

Politifact rates Gingrich statement about food stamp usage for vacations 'pants on fire'

Oakland County (MI) newspaper turns mayor's anti-gay slur into First Amendment story.

Update in the War On Christmas

A quick economics lesson from Chris Rock.

Police Officers Find That Dissent on Drug Laws May Come With a Price

British ambassador describes mob attack in Tehran

British ambassador describes mob attack in Tehran

its time to put an end to the TSA

FYI, The Toon network is running Moral Orel again.

Put children, elderly into workforce - expand labor pool and drive down wages

Ticketmaster Refund: Processing Fees Will Be Refunded To 12 Years Of Customers

Campaign source to NBC: Cain likely quitting race to protect family

I'm a day late (I was on the road), but thank you, Rosa Parks! 56 years ago yesterday ...

I'm a day late (I was on the road), but thank you, Rosa Parks! 56 years ago yesterday ...

Cain pulling out tomorrow..

San Diego Republican Lincoln Club In Bad Taste With “Occupy Christmas” Invite

Frank Luntz's advice: don't mention the middle class, don't say capitalism, don't talk about...

Yet another major city's kops brutalize and punish peaceful protesters.

Debt and Democracy – Has the Link Been Broken?

Republicans slam President Obama over new jobless figures

Officers punished for supporting eased drug laws

George McGovern falls before planned TV appearance

I has freckles

A Farewell from Herman Cain

Newt (and the rest of the richy rich repubs) need to know how kids in poverty are really raised.

Was that a red fluffy BATHROBE that Sarah Palin wore during the recent Hannity interview?

The Federal Labor party of Australia has voted to support gay marriage

Der Spiegel - Photo Gallery: The Republican Campaign Circus

Chinese Property Owners Smash Showroom in Protest over Falling Prices

The fox went out on a chilly night

Independent UK: Unions hail public sector strike (2 million strong)

Independent UK: Unions hail public sector strike (2 million strong)

GMAC Mugs MA for Insisting on the Rule of Law, Suspends Mortgage Lending in the State (FIRE = MAFIA)

Are you gonna deal, or what?


Last year I started a LIST, now I am looking for some suggestions

Herman is a Baptist preacher

What happened after the "peaceable" breakup of Occupy LA? - Alternet

Paul Ryan’s solution to inequality (not surprisingly) helps the rich, does nothing for poor

Is DU a little balky for anyone else this morning?

"We must love one another or die" W.H. Auden

Man Collapses After Ordering Prostitute, Only To Be Met By His Daughter

Ed Show: Alan Grayson on Frank Luntz's talking points

They borrow money every night, around the globe, one bank lending to the next...

why was SDuderstadt banned?

why was SDuderstadt banned?

NATO says 3 troops killed in eastern Afghanistan

Fast Food and Corporate America

Follow-up on Tempe MMJ Bust: AZ and NV state police working together.

Study confirms many of us go online for no reason

An “authentic Omani market”, where even the turbans are imported

Videos: Who reacted more favorably to 8.6% unemployment-RobtReich or McCain's '08 economist Zandi?

Jesse LaGreco on the Ed Show: "Fox News is irrelevent"

Nonstop campaigning has begun in Walker recall

Professor Newt

I WILL veto that bill...

The fun of forevermore

PHOTO: World's largest insect has 7 inch wingspan and weighs "about as much as three mice"

Rare Coca Cola bottle up for auction in California

Wendell Potter - The Medical Loss Ratio was 95% in early Clinton years ...

White House Threatens Veto Of Indefinite Detention Bill

Spandex wars: Chicago bike critic looks crappy in tights

Wisconsin: Walker administration "free speech permits" have fines already detailed.

Wisconsin: Walker administration "free speech permits" have fines already detailed.

"no habits of working and have nobody around them who works"

25 die in Syria, as defectors battle regime forces

Senate approves indefinite detention and torture of Americans

Have you been enjoying the looney-tune debates?

National pro-life activist's son killed in crash

Contemplation and History in a thoughtful topical letter from Alan Grayson

More measures needed to deepen healthcare reform in China: vice premier

More measures needed to deepen healthcare reform in China: vice premier

Toon- Old offenses are just fine!

Toon- Old offenses are just fine!

Cedars-Sinai refuses liver transplant to medical marijuana patient

If you haven't been watching Boss on Starz....

Nothing to Sneeze About!

Comment Moderator, the Dirtiest Job on the Internet

Israel must 'mend fences' to end isolation: US

Israel must 'mend fences' to end isolation: US

Expected Script from a Donald Trump Debate for the "Benefit" of the Republican Candidates

BBC: US urges Israel to end 'isolation in Middle East'

Who’s afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Genital Mutilation in the United States Military

Egypt vote results delayed again

Today's MAJOR announcement: WILL Herman Cain and his Penis stay the course or QUIT?

Fishing industry feels loss of Frank's retirement

Tree-naming controversy surfaces in two states

British soldier fired for stabbing Afghan boy (for no reason)

Toon Occupy again soon

MF Global mixed funds, transferred abroad

I hereby authorize everyone to ignore Herman Cain. Thank you, that is all.

Islamists, liberals face off outside Tunisian assembly

Rush Limbaugh: loon of the day for August 27, 2011

Live video feed for cain announcement:

"Our operators are standing by, awaiting your calls about bringing in the flying money . . . ."

Have a box of Kleenex handy if you read this young mans obituary

Study says Arctic changing ‘at record pace’

Study says Arctic changing ‘at record pace’

New "Occupy" mission:

New "Occupy" mission:

today at the public library, I purchased

Yasha Levine (Editor of The Exile) Out of Jail, Exposes LAPD’s Treatment Of Occupy LA Protesters

A handy Dandy CEO salary listings for all major corps in case you think you might want some

The media's use of employment statistics sucks

Aha. Here is why #Occupy Philly were evicted.

There used to be a rule against all caps

"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" Airs on HBO As Cain Makes Big Announcement

Any One Passing Out The Puke Bags...

KockCain in the final four

For the TV/Radio/Internet (ok not that one) Impaired - Cain speaking now: suspends campaign

I guess the Donor's showed him the door

Another video posted from UC Davis pepper spray incident

"Newt. Its not that poor kids don't know how to work. Its that they dont know how to inherit"

Cain suspends Presidential Campaign! On C-SPAN Now!

lololol, is herman gonna keep plugging along?

"That's All Folks" He's tiny, he's toony, he's all together loony....

I seriously think Sandusky's lawyer wants him to get the DP.

December 3, 1979 - Who concert tragedy at Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum

If Cain sees his shadow today that means six more weeks of campaigning.

Ginger White nailed it -- Herman Cain loves Herman Cain. nt

Oh, wrap it up already, Herb!

If you are going to comment on the UE rate at least learn what it is and is not

If you are going to comment on the UE rate at least learn what it is and is not

I am going to miss Herman

"Occupy Our Homes" Set for Dec. 6th - KMJNOW

For those who support cuts to programs that educate, feed and care for children


War on Christmas 2011: Texas school district bans Santa Claus, gift exchanges in classrooms

Exclusive photos of the crowd at today's Herman Cain speech

see, I don't need to watch the circus act that is Herman Cain...

Ky. church revisits ban on interracial couples "We are not a group of racist people,"

Herman: "I am not going to be silenced and I am NOT going away!"

Herman: "I am not going to be silenced and I am NOT going away!"

Gingrich Doubles Down On Child Labor: Poor Kids Should ‘Clean The Bathroom’

Just another quitter with a book to sell.

More legroom in the clown car as of today.

More legroom in the clown car as of today.

The Herman Cain Art Project is Dead

I know this is obvious but...

He's dragging along Gloria

How long before Cain is a political commentator on FOX?

Cain Train

To donate to the Scott Olsen fund, here's a link:

And now they are seven

I just got off the phone with a good friend, completely non-political

Daily Beast - Who Wins If Cain Bails?

So with Cain gone, will we see a rise in Santorum?

For all the nay-sayers on the "Occupy" movement, some quotes on free speech...

So I lost my bet & now so many ????s: Who will he endorse & is it Greek isles cruise for Gloria?!1

Obama wins 2012 re-election bid

Cain announces Women 4 Cain website to remain active

It’s Time To Focus On Helping People And Not The Liberal Versus Conservative Divide

It’s Time To Focus On Helping People And Not The Liberal Versus Conservative Divide


Don't quit Herb!!!

Fast Food's Dirty Little Secret: It's the Middle Class Buying Burgers

Bloomberg: I'd dump 1/2 of NYC teachers.

Mystery accompanies presidential plans for trip to Kansas

Japan, Russia see chance to clone mammoth

One More Time... With #OWS And All That...

One More Time... With #OWS And All That...

Readings from Catch 22 for 50th Anniversary now on BookTv.

ClownCaine Exits,,. only Da Gangaloons are left!

Up with Chris Hayes

Alabama Immigration Law Stupidity

That's all folks!

White House stands by veto threat despite Senate compromise bill

Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn't Know China Has Nukes

It's Nominating Season for Legislative Candidates

Q: How is your State University System's Board of Regents set up?

Plan B - for the morning after you talk with the aggrieved spouse

Woot Rev. Al's blueberry pie commercial!

Should polar bears be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines?

Freeper "Guenevere" sees exit of Herman the Wonder Penis© as sign of GOD ABANDONING THE U.S.

The Paradigms have changed for many in personal consciousness since 2008

Cain says God persuaded him...

Ousted from Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Streeters now occupy ‘off-site’ alternatives

Cain Pulls Out!

OMFG! He's quoting Pokemon and Reagan!!!!


Happy Tenth Anniversary for Phil and Wendy Gramm's Greatest Triumph

The unemployment rate a year before Reagan won re-election by a landslide was 8.5 percent

Vermont's Push To End Corporate Personhood - MediaMaverick/Truthout

Of course, whenever a Republican president is in the White House, the Health and Human Services

Big Fine Back in Play Against Infomercial King (people lie in infomercials?? No....)

LAPD went undercover at Occupy LA

LAPD went undercover at Occupy LA

Cain-this just in...

Indys Accuse National Gas Chain of Dumping (federal antitrust complaint)

Suspends = QUITS...... Herman Cain

Iranian TV station accused of faking reports of Somalia drone strikes

Syrian regime has only itself to blame

Where does the IMF get these billions of dollars to loan?

LAT - "LAPD undercover cops infiltrated Occupy camp before raid, source says"

I am calling out that church in Pike County, KY.

The quitter in pics -- pic heavy - more pics added

Republican Hypocrisy on the Payroll Tax Cut

HuffPo "Oh, snap!" Cain headline: "AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER"

No more tears

Without teh internets?

They're all in a tizzy on the FAUX Noise message board about poor Herman.

India 'suspends' plan to open up to global supermarkets (BBC)

Alabama red-faced as second foreign car boss held under immigration law

"You vill give me your papers" (another Alabama arrest)

Nice shot of 'Herb's' fans in ATL waiting for the big hoo-ha announcement.

Occupy L.A. Takes Its Fight To Foreclosure Auction - LATimes

Occupy L.A. Takes Its Fight To Foreclosure Auction - LATimes

Multiple accusations of unwanted sexual advances bordering on assault and all was good with Cain

Greece Pursues Venus Defamation Case (pic of venus wearing greek flag with middle finger up)

When I eat at this Long John Silver's, I think that some people lose their jobs justifiably.

Iran on the brink of acquiring wind farm technology, warn experts

How long until Newt's implosion / meltdown?

an *OUCH* TOON from McClatchy news - We did it!

The 1982 Recession

What the Affordable Care Act completely fails to address

December 6: "Occupy Our Homes" National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures

Police: Detroit Lions’ Suh crashes car into tree in Portland; not injured

What is this crisis12 video they keep advertising on TV?

Anybody reading Andy Borowitz on herman cain? I've been laughing all morning!

Dangerous collectivist behavior in L.A.: Union members help one of their own, diagnosed with ALS!

The Wisconsin Lie Exposed - Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing To Public Employee Pensions


With Herman Cain out of the race, this is the last time I can post this...

With Herman Cain out of the race, this is the last time I can post this...

i;m tired of Southerners defending their stance , reality and fucked up nation

OCCUPY "up the creek" Cain et al without a paddle ('toon)

Mackinac, Breitbart and Moo-cows, oh my!

Best description of the KochCain mutiny

Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian'

Martina Davis-Correia, sister of Troy Davis, dies

“Don’t let Satan and his demons win.” Oh, but they DID, Karla...they DID.

Florida teen detained by TSA for design on her purse

Sweden's Safest as Crisis Upends Bond Market(High Taxes,Strong Regulation=Wealth Equality=Stability)

The Top 5% controls 2/3 of Everything.

help Elizabeth warren design her T shirt!

Why Universal Healthcare is Essential

$34.3 billion in vacation days to go unused this year

Cuts in CA: defendants' only interest is fiscal, plaintiff class faces life or death consequences

Herman Cain: A Cautionary Tale

I work in a school district with very poor kids

Father: Letting 9-year-old drive was a 'mistake'

My Nieghbor Is Pissed That Herman the Political Clown has left.

If the point of Cain just "suspending" his campaign was to keep getting donations

Palin predicts Santorum’s rise in Iowa

Scott Walker strikes again:

Can people PLEASE stop telling Obama that he "can't get angry"...!

Anybody but Mitt

Did Cain really drop out?

So it looks like Herman Cain is about to announce the premature end of his book tour.

Thirteen Ways to Tax the Rich


Possible serious Islamist election fraud in Egypt.

Bill would require state's unemployed to volunteer or lose benefits

Canada unemployment rate rose to 7.4% in November

the Capitol police (Wisconsin) deck the halls...

WikiLeaks release Spy Files; Veterans for Peace call support action for Monday (London)

The Far Right sure is grabbing on to this "kids should work!" meme

Bringing back the 'Good Ol'Days' by Newt Gingrich

wow, what a nasty, ugly spirited piece of work Ben Stein is!

120-Year-Old Photos of the Famous London Tower Bridge are Found by Accident

The president will be in Osawatomie, KS on Tuesday

The rise — in Canada of all places — of right-wing nationalism (courtesy of Stephen Harper)

Something's Wrong With The Economy: Forget Friday's misleading drop in the unemployment rate.

New Americas summit aims criticism at US

Carjacking foiled by canny cell phoners

So when will Romney wake up?

George McGovern in stable condition following fall



Right-Wing Freak-Out: Children’s Movies Pushing Liberal Agenda

XKCD: Percentage points.

USA in danger of becoming ’secular country’

Dogbert gives his prediction on the economy:

The Recession Is 4 Years Old, Guess Which Industry Is Suffering the Most?

I have a neighbor who has everything

Guardian UK: Fukushima fuel rods may have completely melted

A Man's a Man for A' That

Amnesty urges African nations to arrest George Bush

Conservatives giving Huntsman another look

U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights

Richard Rhodes' 'Hedy's Folly' draws out star's inventive streak

Initiative would give Callifornia illegal immigrants safe harbor (Sac Bee)

Switzerland just legalized downloading for personal use

School suspends dances - kids are drinking alcohol and dancing inappropriately

Breathtaking time-lapse video : Finding Oregon

Have you ever left a job because the company picked up and moved to another state?

The 22 Countries Less Corrupt Than The United States

Join Occupy Wall Street Farmers March on Sunday December 4th on Wall Street at Zuccotti Park.

The Rethugs Next Debate Has An Incredible Ringmaster!

California's Governor will let the voters decide

Saudi report claims women at wheel will have sex

The We-Are-At-War! mentality

Apple employees can be fired for posting controversial opinions on social networks.

Apple employees can be fired for posting controversial opinions on social networks.

Jobless rate drops to 8.6% because 315,000 drop out altogether

Toon- Hey, you gonna eat that?

I think that the splinterists could learn from the consensus-based decision making of OWS.

Say we're able to achieve a single-payer health insurance (Medicare for all)

The Lords of Finance Are Today's Money-Changers in The Temple

The Lords of Finance Are Today's Money-Changers in The Temple

'V For Vendetta" creator Alan Moore weighs in on Frank Miller and OWS

If Pakistan accidently killed 24 US soldiers, what would we think if their leader refused to offer

Ultimately, consumers are the job creators.

They ARE getting scared at Wells Fargo.

After 16 years,a friend received her 5th support check.

"Wolf wants to have a discussion of everything but her many logical leaps and factual errors."

They Thought They Were One Percenters... (Sounds Like A Bad 50's Movie, No ???)

7-7-7: Jobless? Face It. Obama's Not That Into You

Refresher - How the Unemployment Rate is Calculated (its not based on UE compensation claims!).

“She actually describes herself as being a cross between Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush

The British Craig T. Nelson

The British Craig T. Nelson

Dog leads owner a half-mile … to perform CPR on non-breathing baby

would you want your dog back after 8 years or would you rather the current owners be found?

Why are ANTI-SCIENCE and (thusly) ANTI-VACCINE and ANTI-LOGIC folks so easily fooled?

American Enterprise Institute Admits: Iran Threat Isn't That It Will Launch Nuclear Attack

Do You Really Want to Hear Jesus Say -- photo FB

Do You Really Want to Hear Jesus Say -- photo FB

Allowing women drivers in Saudi Arabia will be 'end of virginity'

We Pay People to Be Unemployed— Maybe We Could Pay Them to Learn

How did you earn money as a kid?

“I have a hard time leaving this world,” she wrote her suicide letter

“I have a hard time leaving this world,” she wrote her suicide letter

if you could get the House Democrats together for a one day program

The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today-Hallelujah!

The Bomb Buried In Obamacare Explodes Today-Hallelujah!

Change for a dollar -- take a chance on this one -- you will not be disappointed

Speaking of fighting the BFEE, whatever happened to the great DUer Swamp Rat?

Dan Rather Says ‘Big Money Owns Everything … Including the News’

The Top 1% of Americans Live Better Than Any Other Human Beings In The Entire History of Earth

Wolf writes: "I am certain that NYPD coordinates with federal authorities in OWS

Serious question for third-party advocates:

2.6 million Afghans at risk of hunger from drought

2.6 million Afghans at risk of hunger from drought

Doctors, nurses and health advocates denounce Institute of Medicine’s PPACA recommendations