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Archives: December 29, 2011

Republicans attack rival Ron Paul in Iowa

Cross-posted in Environment/Energy Forum: How we use precious purified drinking water...

UK- Occupy protester 'banned' from flight home for Christmas

Nigeria Christians 'to defend churches from Boko Haram'

My take on the GOP 'candidates'

The Iowa caucuses: A media game

DU3 must be made of anus magnet becuase they

I saw an Anus Magnet today, oh my..............

The mainstream German magazine Spiegel calls the GOP 'a Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses'

I Love It! the Alyona Show on RT is doing Retrospective of Occupy WS...countering Fox News!

In case the switch gets turned off at Midnight Saturday (or before)

How many kids are too many?

Did Cheetah From 1930s Tarzan Flicks Die?

Liberal Democrat Darcy Richardson planning to challenge Obama.

Best page on YouTube, you will not be disappointed

Mitt Romney wants to Privatize all of PBS...even Sesame Street...

My last ever (goodnight Irene) poll on DU2

bwa-ha-ha OH's Kasich makes Top 10 political blunders of 2011

Twitter Subpoena Reveals Law Enforcement Monitoring OWS Via Social Media

The state of the Union (something the GOP refuses to acknowledge)

Lawrence O’Donnell calls for NYPD to fire ‘outlaw cops’

Rideshare schedule from San Diego to Wash. DC for Jan 17 OccupyCongress


DU Shout Out to "Huey P. Long" an Esteemed Poster who Joined us Oct 25th 2011!

Five ways to re-Occupy in 2012

US First Criminal Charges Prepared in BP Oil Spill

After One Month Respite, Pink Slips Are Flying Again

We are at war here in Wisconsin-I'm seldom on the internet now, see you whereever.

i hear we have til midnight on the first so...

madfloridian appreciation thread!

One last tribute to Kef