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Archives: December 27, 2011

I accidentally deleted this.

Texas cops: Man in Santa suit killed 6 relatives


"Inequality Divides Members of Congress and Their Constituents"

DSCC Wastes $1 Million in Ads on Retiring Ben Nelson

EFF Report: 2011 in Review: The Year Secrecy Jumped the Shark

Anonymous Explains Why 2.7 Million Stratfor Emails Were Hacked

Falling in Love with Your Own Technology is Always a Mistake! /Remember the Titanic?

Essay on Occupy

The Greatest Page keeps getting smaller and smaller........

Ben Nelson Goes Out With a Whimper

Occupy Wall Street Gets A Surveillance Drone: The OccuCopter!

OK - everybody who cares to chime in - why exactly are you still here?

MSNBC reporting that Ben Nelson will not seek reelection to the Senate in 2012