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Archives: December 22, 2011

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I posted this in the Lounge, trying to post in both places.

Russia: Medvedev urges bold political reforms

Kim Jong-il death: Seoul 'showing no hostility'


Shitty G

Chart Of The Day: Toil Index- the effort required to rent a house

Boehner and Republicans follow Tea Party down the rabbit hole

Oh shit, US Government tries to restrict publication of details on avian flu virus

Saturday Night Live - Tebow sketch

DU3: Ignore and Hide Thread are back and functioning.


Twelve Indicted In Amish Beard-Cutting Attacks

Just had a reply blocked in DU3...

Bwahahaha..Front Page of HuffPo. UNCLE..Boner and Cantor

Has anyone noticed that Ads are showing up here on "Old DU 2?"

MY EYES, when you click on 'home' you go to DU3 , my eyes......

Come back, escapees to the DU3 world, we have cookies

Help! I'm stuck in jury duty in DU3 in a post I can't get out of...

HAHA Fuck you Boner you caved, douche

Alright, who erased DU3 General Discussion?

Boehner on the TV machine (MSNBC)

Change in Preferences here?

It would be nice to leave GD & Lounge up n' running for us if possible

I can rec my own post on DU3

Now look at what the RAT BASTARD BIG OIL Companies have done! "Shell oil spill off Nigeria

Christmas, Inc: Thanks to NAFTA, US-Subsidized Trees Flood Mexico

Democrats Defend Cutting Jobless Benefits

Despite surplus gasoline, fuel prices increase

AZ sheriff's officers turn in fed credentials

Congressional Progressive Caucus Year In Review - 2011:

President Obama’s view of fraud “from 40,000 feet” (without an oxygen mask)

FINALLY!!!!!! Someone had the AUDACITY to confront Ron Paul's RACISM...and he Waaah..stormed off

I have checked out DU3

CIA's favorite data analysis company, Palantir, which currently operates out of Facebook's old offic