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Archives: December 21, 2011

He Mourns for the Change (warning: poetry)

The Desperate attempt to help Sen Wyden

White House On Payroll Tax Mess: President Not A "Marriage Counselor"

Told ya she couldn't resist. Palin now using Tebow to prop herself

Happy Christmas, Your Ass!

OK old timers, lets talk about what hurts.

I will be gone most of tomorrow, hope everyone will still be here tomorrow night.

Banksy: "Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock"

How hackers gave Subway a $30 million lesson in point-of-sale security

Madonna Megamix...this dude did a good job...


Trying to think of the all time classic #1 rap song Period end of story...

Women march in Cairo to protest violence; military promises to listen

Tebow's Religion: Fair Game (From ESPN. Good read)

"Abuse Allegations Against Philly Sportswriter Bill Conlin Continue Societal Sea Change"

"The Poor Rich and the Scrooginess of Congress" Jim Hightower

Looking for recent cartoon here: "vet returning to 1% banquet"

The Nation: Occupy Education

What is left to negotiate?

Looking for recent cartoon here: "vet returning to 1% banquet"

What is a man's reputation worth?

Occupy movement plans Iowa protests, 'People's Caucus'

The "bond vigilante" story:

Washington Post/ Investigative Article on Secrecy Surrounding Drone Strike Policy

Hedge-Fund Titans Got Inside Political Tips

I am feeling a lot better, just sitting here watching Avatar.

My calendar ends December 31 2011 why is no one here afraid?

Who can kill Social Security sooner????

"Battlefield Occupy" - (and the weapons used against the people)

2 women share first kiss after US Navy ships returns to Virginia

I have confirmed DU3 GD is better than DU2 GD

OMG OMG OMG 2012 End-of-the-World Countdown Based on Mayan Calendar Starts Today

Occupy Atlanta helps keep a family in their home- PTSD Iraq War veteran

HERE is ONE reason we pay taxes! A water main that dates back to 1927! Our infrastructure is

Pat Robertson: Gays can "un-acquire" homosexuality

University campus crime: Four robberies at GUN POINT outside the dorms, student firing a gun around

8-month-old deaf baby reacts to newly installed cochlear implant

Top general says Iran shouldn't 'miscalculate our resolve'

Ed reformers figured out what is wrong with public schools...

Why Global Capitalism Sucks, or,

Forum Sliding

What was DU1 like?