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Archives: December 2, 2011

Tonight on Countdown: just back from visiting OWS, Jackson Browne

So True -- toon

So True -- toon

I thought the new Coke cans were diet.

I thought the new Coke cans were diet.

DNC Ad: 'Questions Mitt Likes'

CBC: Why Canadians should care about a euro collapse

Arctic now a greener, warmer, less icy region: 2011 Arctic Report Card

Cats can be taught to do housework ... and other things

Grayson coming up on Ed Shultz n/t

New Belgian PM: centre-left, proudly gay, but bad Dutch speaker

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Awesome essay on Reddit from an OWS supporting hedge fund guy

"Merry Freakin' Christmas!"

China's Superior Economic Model

Congressional Delegation Comes to Alabama to Hear Stories Against HB 56

Three Things... 1) If You Missed Keith, See The Repeat... 2) Jackson Brown Was A Guest...

(cross post - not mine) A Banker Speaks, With Regret

Ill. Pump Failure Wasn't Cyberattack From Russia

BART adopts new cellphone blackout policy

"Even a dog knows when he's being kicked."

Exclusive: Inside the offices of Occupy Wall Street

New National Christmas Tree lights up

Is there any place online to stream Current TV live?

Religion is Like a Penis --

Just musing about a few things

Romney visits George and Barbara Bush - pics

Norquist Tells GOP That Raising Taxes On The Middle Class Doesn’t Count As A Tax Increase

Bay City police: All 4 children shot by father have died, mom still critical

Bay City police: All 4 children shot by father have died, mom still critical

Herman to Ginger: "If you're unemployed or not rich,

Is there an organization that protects blogger's rights?

Holy Crap !!! - 100+ MPH Winds In Southern CA !!!

Holy Crap !!! - 100+ MPH Winds In Southern CA !!!

Student Questions Bachmann On Gay Rights

#Occupy Magazine Germany

Jim Crow 2.0 Half of Michigans African American's will have NO elected local representation...

Re: National Defense Authorization Act, I got a reply from NJ Senator F. Lautenberg.

Woman searched nude by male police

Check it out - Weed Wars on Discovery Channel

Martha Coakley

Hi Newt, Do you know what Family Value is... Ask Obama (pic)

Luntz is "scared" of OWS "having an impact". His 5 talking points included:

Jim Greer on the News--on Fox!

Ginger White interview about to start (10:30 pm) on Lawrence O'Donnell...

First Amendment question:

Salafis, dark horse of Egypt's vote, seek to assure Copts

Be A National Football League NFL Owner! Want to own a piece of the Green Bay Packers?

Why now, you self serving, self agrandizing, self absorbed sell out douchenozzles

Next time pepper spray guy shows up OWS man will be there...

Has Anybody Here, Or Anywhere Else, Made The/A Patriotic Response To Grover Norquist ???

*Ginger White, H. Cain's 'friend,' interview coming up on Lawrence show.

City officials try to save Occupy L.A. mural - Mayor says it has historical significance

BART's Board OKs New Cell Phone Service Interruption Policy

Welcome to Banana republic status

I have a confession to make: -I- gave money to a lady friend...

A Drug That Wakes the Near Dead (Ambien)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

RT @OakFoSho Confirming #OCCUPYSF raid will be tonight

The Next Time

DU: this petition needs your help...

Neglecting HIV/AIDS in the Southeast

Was Herman Cain being blackmailed? Is that why he was giving her money?

OakFoSho is saying that #Occupy SF is being barricaded. Update: Barricades now being removed.


Conservatives pass law to fine or imprison homeless in Budapest, Hungary!

Self-deleted by member

Newt Gingrich: I'll trail Barack Obama until he debates

Newt Gingrich: I'll trail Barack Obama until he debates

I need help taking down this conservative asshole on Facebook

Check out Sarah Palin on Hannity for a good laugh

Newt or Newt? What say you?

Former laboratory beagles see the sun and walk on grass for the first time in their lives

Kansas revenue department refuses Journal-World’s request for information about tax reform group

So when you read the headline, "Democrats go on the offensive"

Syria opposition groups agree to coordinate efforts

Dardari: The Trojan Horse of Neoliberal Syria

ANALYSIS | Brian Stewart: The powder keg that is Syria

Rick Perry is an idiot and takes out an ad to show us.

Occupy Broadway

TOON: Holiday Shopping Economies

Gingrich: 'I'm Going to Be the Nominee'

From Andy Carvin - Maya and Perditta Nabbous

New Hampshire GOP Speaker Discourages Students From Voting Because They’ll Vote ‘Liberal’

Follow up video by the young man in Iowa who spoke of being "raised by lesbians".

Anyone an A&P mechanic and need work?

If the Dems allow the Rethugs to succeed

If you thought Bachman's Iran remark was bad...

Sinkgate! Cops steal Occupy Boston's sink

My bet: Cain stays in until January.

Cocaine found on 11% of UK banknotes

Cocaine found on 11% of UK banknotes

The Banksters KNEW what they were doing

Notorious anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King (R-IA) interrogates veteran about his immigration status.

HELP! I'm getting Occuparanoid!

Twitter reporting kitchen sink arrested at OccupyBoston

Senate passes defense bill with detainee policy compromise


Worried that Carrier IQ might be installed on your Android device? Detect it with this app:

Interesting Pew Poll: US/Europe views of the role of the state, culture, use of military, etc.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Police: Father fatally shoots 4 kids, wounds wife

Police: Father fatally shoots 4 kids, wounds wife

4 children dead in Texas mass shooting

BBC: How the Arab League embraced revolution

Commentary: Tragedy sprung from Westmoreland's arrogance

New Slogan for Gingrich Campaign if he is the GOP Nominee

20th Century Fox proudly presents Gloria Cain in Waiting to Exhale!!

Does anyone know the cost of a million dollar insurance rider on a special use permit?

South African company ends commercial ridiculing Mugabe as the "last dictator standing".

The republicans hate Obama so much that they will forgive almost anything.

The republicans hate Obama so much that they will forgive almost anything.

Tibet 'sees first monk self-immolation protest'

If Gingrich is the nominee, how should the Obama campaign deal with the adultery issue

SC college student sparks debate with Confederate flag

Pentagon vows to keep defense industry healthy

Pentagon vows to keep defense industry healthy

JSF's Build And Test Was 'Miscalculation,' Adm. Venlet Says; Production Must Slow

Subaru stops sales of three 2012

Double standard for Occupy Lincoln?

Fed can't prop up BofA and other banks forever

Massachusetts Sues Banks for Foreclosure Practices

Massachusetts Sues Banks for Foreclosure Practices

Shannyn Moore asks a relevant question about corporations and personhood in regards to NDAA.

Average Foreclosure Time Sets New Record

How San Francisco Became a Cycling City Against the Odds

Euronews: Slower exports lead to cost-cutting and strikes in China

Cash Back on Register Receipts.

A message from 99%er Rev. Jesse Jackson and Occupy Phoenix to all Occupiers,

Help Protect the Internet!

Rude Hand Gestures of the World: A Guide to Offending without Words

American taxpayers getting off easy... or the lies the GOP tell us

More than 200 Occupy L.A. protesters remain in jail

Let's Play The Frank Luntz Game! See What You Can Spin:

I think Herman is going to announce he is dropping out to spend more time with his family today

Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators: Nick Hanauer

My experience with Sallie Mae:

More Torture in the Chicago Police Department

Speigel:The Republicans'Farcical Candidates- Club of Liars,Demagogues&Ignoramuses

Rick Santelli (CNBC-douchebag) is chasing his little rat tail right now about the good jobs numbers

Can we create a definitive thread [with citations]

FYI: an Android developer created an app that sniffs out if Carrier IQ is on your phone.

House Dem sort of apologizes for Grover Norquist-Tea Party Republican jabs

Video - Gingrich: Poor kids don't work

Officials: Police saved lives in postal shooting

The number of Ginger White and Herman Cain messages between June & November has increased ...

The number of Ginger White and Herman Cain messages between June & November has increased ...

WHOA! LTTE: Penn State scandal prompts questions about SU's past

Ooooops! Look what snuck into a sports story in the Greenville News (SC of course)

Ooooops! Look what snuck into a sports story in the Greenville News (SC of course)

Our friends from Goldman Sachs…

Our friends from Goldman Sachs…

newtie, newtie on the wall - who is the smartest of them all?

Every time I hear the music used by "Marketplace from American Public Media"...

Sweden's Christmas goat succumbs to flames

"I'm part of the 1% and I want you to tax me." Nick Simmons.

There is only so much to go around.

WaPo:Newt Gingrich as president could turn the White House into an ideas factory

Greenpeace dupes oil company execs to attend anti exploitation seminar.

Connecticut adds Pledge of Allegiance to the tradition of the national anthem

Banksy's Bankster Street Art

Friday TOON Roundup- 3 little pigs- #3, Mitt

SOPA on the ropes? Bipartisan alternative to 'Net censorship emerges

Friday TOON Roundup- economy and season

Hero Election Board Dismissed By Judge In Middle of Ongoing Investigation

France's Sarkozy: EU passport-free travel should be 'reconsidered'

Friday TOON Roundup- 3 little pigs- #2, Newt

"You don’t go into an investigation by leaping right to the settlement"

New Gun Company Advertisement Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin

a picture of hope

DOA vs. Wisconsin Citizens: Radically Restricted use of Wisconsin Capitol Building Unveiled

Newt's innovative solution for helping 20 to 40% of the unemployed finding a job...RIGHT NOW.

Anarchy Or Heroism - If You Didn't See Harry's Law Last Night You Missed A Good One.......

Freedom University -- Education for all in the South!

Patching up ties between Pakistan and U.S. not a given this time

A man claims a loan company destroyed his marriage through "sexual-scandal blackmail,"

Marine Aircraft Plans in Peril as Tiltrotor (MV-22) Costs Soar

cute--151 mpg

New homophobic group does a three in one: FEMINISTS created GAY MARRIAGE so they could get WELFARE

who do you believe?

Kidnapping Articles Can Infringe Photo Copyright

First Thoughts: Can't buy me love {romney}

Troops free to hit back in future: Kayani

Troops free to hit back in future: Kayani


Cain Campaign, 25 words or less: This is what happens when you **** a stranger in the ***, Larry.

Is there a working MSNBC stream?

5-pound hunk of metal crashes into Mass. warehouse

Inspiration from MLK: Let's all be on the right side, now.

Hungary outlaws homelessness

U.S. hands main war base, Saddam palaces back to Iraq

Syria: UN human rights chief calls for action rebuffed by China and Russia

My political calendar for December..

Can anyone else add as well as I? Paid money+just a sexual relationship=

The "Failed Stimulus" - unemployment dropped from 10.2 to 8.6%, 21 months of job growth

Nato plans push in eastern Afghanistan to quell Pakistan-based insurgents - GuardianUK

Note to Big Eddie: Time To Drop The "Where Are The Jobs?" Meme

How do I dress like a Tea-Party member....seriously

ESPN has some splainin' to do regarding the 'sex tape' of Bernie Fine's Wife

Celebrating the End of Kids’ Wall Street Dreams

Something sinister is happening. While we are being deflected to the personal issues of a man who

Who are the Funders Behind NYPD’s Mysterious Private ‘Counter-Terrorism’ Foundation?

Unemployment! Growth! Statistics!

Job openings closed to the unemployed {apparently it's legal in cali}

"I think paying someone for 99 weeks to do nothing is distructive." - Newt

Who are you going to believe? The media?

Syracuse Criticized for Its Handling of Sexual Abuse Case

Bill Would Block Air Cargo Safety Rules

Andy and Maya

For Jobless, Little Hope of Restoring Better Days

Reestablish your character? Yes, it's in the Republican Bible.

Hypocrisy comes home to roost. Wife of "Bishop" Eddie Long files for divorce.

Gingrich: Poor Kids Only Work at Illegal Jobs

Um...police at #OccupyBoston right now, stealing a kitchen sink.

Ed Schultz on The Greed of CEOs of Cooper Tires, AA Airlines & More check it out - link..

Hi Honey, so sorry I screwed all those women. Can I still run for President?

Unemployment Slips to 8.6% as Private Sector Adds Jobs

Filthy Rethugs keep trying to drag FDR down, now with 9-11/Pearl Harbor "warning" (he's like Shrub)

LAPD's maneuver, step by step: Evicting the protesters

Cain's wife is "comfortable"?

A joke involving a contrast between Goodhair and Lindsay LOHAN:

A joke involving a contrast between Goodhair and Lindsay LOHAN:

Merry Sustainable Christmas - How to make a LED wreath incorporating daylight harvesting

Nothing we can do about it? Oh Really?

Syria bans iPhone to cover up protest clampdown:

Cain going to make "major announcement" tomorrow in Georgia.

Who let the Pessimists into the GOPer Ranks....the GOP has been turned into GROUP OF PESSIMISTS

Short YouTube video of Rev. Jackson/COBTU at Occupy Phoenix

Short YouTube video of Rev. Jackson/COBTU at Occupy Phoenix

Cain's Wife Didn't Know About Friendship

Gingrinch is the "all that stands between civilization and its collapse". Arianna Huffington.

"Women for Cain" It's a dating site, right?

Newt Gingrich’s disgusting remarks about ‘really poor children’

The Hill Just Killed The Market - Stocks, Euro Stumble As Conservatives Push To End IMF Bailout

Sticker : "You could have saved this much $$ if you didn't vote for Obama"

South African Fast Food Chain Takes Down Funny Mugabe Advert

A Modest Proposal

Occupy Wall Street-Unions

michele bernard 'there is something charismatic about newt gingrich'

Occupy San Francisco Photo Gallery

36,000 u.s. soldiers killed or injured in iraq

Unleashing the Future: Advancing Prosperity Through Debt Forgiveness

Woman's face catches on fire during surgery

newt schools america on being poor in america

Jefferson realized capital was key to equal participation

Karl Rove's 'Fully Coordinated' Super PAC Ads Drive The FEC To Deadlock

Women frustrated by lack of representation in Libya

Question: Is it really 'Democracy' if (some large part of the population) is excluded?

I am loving Al Sharpton's blueberry pie commercial

The place where the constant calls for Holder to resign originate

just when you thought the GOP couldnt get any dumber

Poll: American Exceptionalism Subsides

#Occupy Los Angeles activities this Saturday:

Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

The Myth of the Wealthy Elderly

Next moves unclear on payroll tax cut extension after Senate votes reveal GOP split

herman cain to have an 'announcement' tomorrow

Events in Syria beyond imagination: new Moroccan PM

Fact Check on Newt's Food Stamp Horsecrap.

TOON: US Regrets Friendly Fire Deaths in Pakistan

Huntsman Campaign RSVP'd to Trump Debate Invite with Flair

Kind of old news, but why hadn't anyone else thought of this one?

Senate Rejects Limits on Domestic Military Detention

Victims of Tom Petters Ponzi scheme try to claw back "dirty" Bachmann campaign contributions

If You Think Horse Meat Can't Be Sold for Human Consumption,

Bashir says to hide the mistletoe

President Obama Announces $4 Billion Investment to Make Buildings More Energy Efficient

How Fox Covers A Drop To 8.6% Unemployment

CALL TO ACTION: Long Beach California port workers call strike, Dec. 2. Get to the port!

Baby Seals Need the Nicest Ice (global warming)

White House briefing kinda like high school

Banks' refusal to place Toys for Tots boxes in lobbies irks charity

Warren could recapture Ted Kennedy seat: poll

drug prosecutor is caught buying crack cocaine

U.S. medical 'trash' saving lives abroad

Smokey Bear up in smoke? House GOP takes aim

Oh please help with this email from my mom and sis.They just want to justify all the Walmart shoppin

The two most terrifying words in the world are “President Gingrich”

Analysis: MF Global proves Enron-era accounting lives on

Trump to moderate GOP debate

Newt's official Presidential portrait to be seen in every Federal Building in the land

Why Did Scott Brown Filibuster The Payroll Tax Cut?

Why Voters Are Calling This Candidate 'Mr. 1%'

Bulletproof boom: armored cars in Latin America

Now This Is An E-Card Worth Sharing

This is a real question about Norquist and the payroll taxcut

Kucinich: Revised Unemployment Rate No Cause for Celebration

UPDATE from the Cain campaign...he's quitting...or not

Hey Bachmann...this is what happens when you tell gay men to just marry women!

Michigan: Campaign To Freeze Emergency Manager Law Gathers Steam

TOON: Barney Frank Announces Retirement


how do you spell

Krugman: 'Much wider disaster' than Greek default 'seems all too likely'

The Rebirth of Social Darwinism - Reich nails the ReTHUGS!!

This graphic makes one wonder if fox likes cain or not (seems suggestive...)

Sharpton has the working poor

Canada raises most for Movember...

Dutch transfer killer whale Morgan to Spain

Because we don't stop until Judge William Adams is off the bench for good

Does anyone here know what happened to the bunker that cheney

Cop Still on the Hook for Ejecting Men Over Kisses

Good News Mr. President!

"The wealthiest people in the country can afford to pay you $60,000 for a speech, the poor can't"

Taiwanese youth losing appetite for fighting China

Occupy Broadway

Robbed man cries, gets wallet back

Robbed man cries, gets wallet back

Jobs report re: CNN Breaking News email

Cain told about 200 people gathered that his journey is part of God's plan

Let's keep a list of all the varieties of poor people Gingrinch scapegoats.

Next week the Occupy movement will focus on Occupying

Next week the Occupy movement will focus on Occupying

Hey Newt, you know those people who live in rich neighborhoods? The ones who don't pay taxes?

BREAKING from Rev. Al: "Strong indications" Cain will drop out at planned event tomorrow

New FB Group: Occupy Conservative Talk Radio.


Walker administration would charge Capitol protesters for police, cleanup

Like many before (Birchers, Know-Nothings, etc.) tea party on the wrong side of history

Adam Corolla is a fucking asshole... I mean I always thought he was a shithead, but damn...

Is Herman bringing the Secret Service detail he requested with him today to talk to his wife?

Comedian Adam Carolla’s Take on Occupy Movement: Millennial ‘Self-Entitled Monsters’

Daddy Brownback

Possible candidate for Barney Frank's seat: Joseph Kennedy III

Jon Stewart On Bret Baier’s Interview With Romney: ‘Mitt Romney Is His Own Mistress’ - VIDEO

'Laugh-In' player Alan Sues dies at 85

PHOTO OP: It's Willard & Poppy, and they want you to CAPTION THIS.

Jon Stewart on the TARP story last night...

Hope You Don't Mind A Personal Post, But..

Right-Wing Media React To Obama's Comment About Inequality With Usual Obama Derangement

Senate passes defense bill with detainee policy compromise...

Cain launches website smearing accusers as ‘pathetic husbandless women’

Friday TOON Roundup- 3 little pigs- #1, Cain

Julian Assange: iPhone, Blackberry and Gmail users are 'screwed'

Bloomberg: If I Had It My Way I’d Dump Half Of NYC’s Teachers

Which of these potential candidates would be the worst if elected?

Dead at 13: Napster 1998-2011

The Fox News solution to the Jobs crisis...

Workers mass at Shanghai factory in latest unrest

Funny Or Die Dug Up A Herman Cain Sexual Harassment PSA From 1986 (LOL) - VIDEO

Why Republicans Embrace Simpletons and How it Hurts America

TSA stops woman from boarding flight over purse design

Burger King calls 911 on drive-thru customers because of marijuana

Gut Check: White House Renews Veto Threat Of National Defense Authorization Act

Does DU realize that Los Angeles almost blew away last night? Pictures

Toon- We Did It!

Toothed Condoms Battle Rape in South Africa

Lou Reed and Philip Glass speak at an Occupy General Assembly

Naomi Wolf: The crackdown on Occupy controversy: a rebuttal

White House Petition for National Election Day + Barney Frank on Voting and Congress

Just received a push poll on the telephone from "Ronald Reagan's Oldest Son"

GOP Presidential Candidate Roemer: Romney Represents The 1 Percent And Gingrich Is Their Lobbyist

After Duty, Dogs Suffer Like Soldiers

Focus group sheds light on Mitt Romney's struggles

If You Missed The Full 'Luntz List' Re: #OWS... It's Here:

120,000 Jobs Created in November, Unemployment Down to 8.6%

The The United States is becoming one of the most socially unjust countries

Herman Cain is out.

LA Times Posts Names of Those Arrested at Occupy LA, Stories Begin to Unfold About What Happened

Why Russia is backing Syria

Romney can't decide if drop in unemployment rate to 8.6% is good news or bad

Death Of a Principle

Yes, Chick-fil-A Says, We Explicitly Do Not Like Same-Sex Couples

Gingrich Is Cozier With Iowa Evangelicals Than You May Think (the Atlantic)

'Frosty the Snowman' arrested at US parade

K&R if you're happy about lower unemployment!

Jeremy Clarkson's a fool. Just thought I'd share that. And this:

Brother Bird

Dead Republicans who must be spinning in their graves

Ultraconservative Islamists make gains in Egypt

What's up with those winds in the West - are DUers OK?

NYPD Gives Fox News Special Protection

MoveOn: Good News! After 3 years, full investigation of big banks is being looked into.

The drop in the unemployment rate to 8.6 is marked by REAL job growth trending UPWARD

Toon- Republican "principles"

KGO 810 San Francisco becoming generic news station and shoves its GOOD talkers to weekends

These people can't tell the truth ($50 reward for the DU!)

The World’s Biggest Insect Is So Freaking Huge It Can Eat a Carrot - w/pic

If you read just one really long complicated business article today, read this

Someone tell me again how opposing same-sex marriage "strengthens marriage"?

Occupy Los Angeles Raid Aftermath: Extra-Judicial Punishments R Us

What would you tell a prostitute

HBO's "The Wire" and Herman Cain

Danziger TOON- "Banker's Theology"

12 Arrested in ALEC-inspired action against Salt River Project

"the most important political event in our America in 100 years or more"?

Requiem for a Sink

It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

120,000 jobs gained, 315,000 people dropping out of the labor force. You do the math

The last three times I've seen Sarah Palin speak, she used the words "crony capitalism".

New Rick Perry ad "I'm not ashamed to talk about my faith"

action this Saturday: Occupy Broadway

U.N. Envoy: Occupy Crackdowns Violating Americans' Human Rights

Unfunny comedian has to cut the asking price on his estate

Sutton resigns as head of the Minnesota Republican Party

Dear President Obama. Why don't you not let anyone go home from Congress

Xeni Jardin Live-Tweets Her First Mammogram, Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Fracking Boom in ND: predictions of 48,000 new wells, but residents starting to resent it.

On Wall Street, Some Insiders Express Quiet Outrage

It is December. In one month 2012 will begin.

DUers if you do just one thing today to support OWS do this please...

DUers if you do just one thing today to support OWS do this please...

The Magic Drop in Unemployment

I am just so upset

Should people be allowed to use food stamps to pay for air travel?

Obama to Congress: No Payroll Tax Cut, No Christmas Vacation

Fear at the bank

Newt Gingrich Falsely Claims People Use Food Stamps To Go To Hawaii

Do you avoid the work of entertainers with whom you disagree politically?

An Elizabeth Warren Appreciation Thread

MSNBC: More than half the new jobs in November were added by retailers, restaurants and bars

Oh my god. Look at the logo for "Women for Cain..."


A New Credit Score Exposes Even More of Your Financial Life

They got it. They got the sink. Occupy is sunk.

A flowchart to determine if you are having a rational discussion:

A flowchart to determine if you are having a rational discussion:

Homeless with 15 children..."Somebody needs to be held accountable"

Ah yes Occupy is dead... why I just walked in from

Game time ... When Trump hosts the GOP "Debate" ... who should the 3 celebrity judges be?

Most jobless workers (52%) are no longer receiving unemployment benefits!

Attorney General Holder wants you to Fink on your neighbors for downloading music and movies.

Parents Can Rent Toys At New Website

Chicago charter school head says they "should be judged not on a single standardized test score"

Obama's Weakened Presidency Three Years After "Yes We Can": No He Didn't!

Ban Zip-tie Handcuffs

(Levin, Stabenow, Casey, Pryor, Ben Nelson, Manchin, McCaskill, Begich and Lieberman)

17-year-old barred from flight - because she had a DECORATIVE gun on side of her purse

What Makes British People Happy: Sex, Exercise, Going to the Theatre (!)

What Makes British People Happy: Sex, Exercise, Going to the Theatre (!)

Occupy San Diego: Judge turns down bid to restrain police

100s of OccupyLA Arrestees Still Held, Some Forced to Urinate Selves

Scott Walker Wants to Charge for 1st Amendment Rights

Cynthia McKinney makes the "American Loons" blog...


Need DU help for my local library................

KGO (SF) fires Ray Taliaferro, Gil Gross, Gene Burns, John Rothmann