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Archives: December 19, 2011

Felons & mentally ill can buy guns w/out background checks on craigslist et al

Just ventured over to DU3...

While T-Mobile eludes AT&T, Verizon buys up spectrum

Unlucky thieves snatch $1.7m-worth of PlayBook tablets

Iraq celebrates U.S. exit, worries for future

FBI Claims More Municipal Systems Under Attack By Hackers

Ah yes, Occupy women of san diego

Physicists use lasers to entangle diamonds

Generalísimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead

Electric vehicles shuttle riders in, around downtown Dallas fare-free

Beer distributors fear effects of new legislation, competition

RICKSQUATCH - Ep 104 - POWERHOUSE (greatness)

Is it me or does it seem there are fewer replies to threads in D3 than there was here?

Gov Walker: I Have Rights

Howdy, just checking in.

Just Got A RoboCall From Run Hillary 2012.Net

DU-2's "Latest Breaking" is filled with "Good Stuff" ...Check it Out...

LOL, they still left this site active

dark days upon occupy here locally...

Disruptions: Wearing Your Computer on Your Sleeve

Bumbling Jets Cannot Contend With the Eagles

Obama is the Most Progressive President Ever!

For those coming here from 3 telling us we should go there

Young woman beaten and dragged by Egyptian soldiers wants anonymity

A few personal reasons I can not tolerate the education policies of this administration.

800 billion dollars. that's what the

Did anybody see 60 Minutes about underwater neighborhoods ?

This was allowed to stand at DU3 yesterday. (Got to love those "Community Standards"!)

Forecast for the US look POOPY

I get it now, DU1 = Vinyl, DU2 = Cassette, DU3 = MP4