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Archives: December 18, 2011

I have spent most of the day helping a neighbor lay a 1,000,000 peel and stick tile on the floor.

Gingrich says rivals' criticism taking a toll

So occupy San diego decided to

FR's leader's latest screed: 'The day the tea party embraces Mitt Romney is the day the tea party. .


Fate of DU2... Is SKinner planning to close it to new posts?

What's Been Done to US!: * Top 100 Corporate Crime Stories of 2011* (LIST AT LINK)

The Republic is gone...

What really killed the Easter Islanders

Introducing DU2's improved Greatest Page!

I am so sad.

anyone been to the "left underground" site??

My new morning routine:

Why Is It So Easy to Save the Banks but So Hard to Save the Biosphere?

Ah nice, just moved my account to the classic format

I'm back from DU3

Has anyone said how long this place will stay open?

Heads Up, Surf Geezers: Beach Boys To Reunite!

More is not always Better -DU3

'We are the 99 percent' chosen as year's top quote

I just read something that leaves me speechless on that "Obama is a Progressive" thread

In all the years I have been at DU

So this is how the Iraq War ended....