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Archives: December 16, 2011

The PAULITES in LA are being rained on

FBI Director Robert Mueller told G-men to stop mocking NYPD on pipe-bomber case

Public Transportation

Cronus, did you make that Occupy Underground sig pic?!

"Man arrested for punching son at youth basketball tournament" What is wrong with people?

A Dozen Scams Certain To Spoil Your Holiday Spirit

The Transit Workers Union is occupying Liberty Park right now in solidarity with #OWS

Aren't Ds just demanding that millionaires return some of the FICA revenues Bush stole for them?

Michigan Voter fraud bill is a bad idea - Editorial, Dearborn Press & Guide

This is exactly why "This Old DU'er Cannot go to DU-3...Read...and tell me What 'You" Think.

When does the US

We need an alien invasion to end the oppression of the Right wing, it's that simple

Someone broke the new place already.

The Tea Partied Republican China Connection!

12/16- Occupy Our Homes: Movement Rallies Around Disabled Teacher's Pending Foreclosure

Occupy LBN!

Hello Fellow DUers, how come some of you are still on here, I miss it

Hey! No administrators! I can say any damned thing I want now!

DU3 is off line as of 9 AM PST on Friday. But trusty old DU2 is still working. n/t

He is the poster boy for brainwashed right wing America. An American expat's view from the E.U.

Y'know, for an obsolete, unsupported version of a website

Big Ed and the Lady of the House

I thought maybe us holdouts could use a mascot... It might as well be this little dude....

what happened to

DU2 is running slow as molasses

We Used to Know

Pretty Cool Satirical Documentary: "What Would Jesus Buy?"

Just served on a jury. It's obvious that some are trying to quash any ol thing they don't like.

"There Goes the Republic" Robert Scheer

WOW! Lou Reed & Patti Smith scheduled to play on Saturday, December 17th –3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY of OWS

Wow, finally back.

Anonymous Donors Pay Strangers' Layaway Accounts:

Anyone else who keeps coming here because you're too lazy to update your browser bookmark?

"Why the 99 Percent are Protesting at the World Bank Today!"

"How Have We Become the United States of Fear?"..Tom Englehardt/ Buzzflash

Occupy DU2 General Assembly thread, Dec. 15-18 -- Check In! (please read reply #1 if you're leaving)

SENATOR RON WYDEN (D Oregon) plan with JERK Paul Ryan to DESTROY Medicare

Saturday December 17th Occupy 2.0!

We're Still Here

Anecdotal truly on the economy... and malls

Victory! The Internet is safe -- for now.

Cross-referencing from LBN: Victory! The Internet is safe...for now.

Tomorrow will be another day of Action

Occupy Protesters Heckle Gingrich in Iowa

Do anyone send paper Xmas cards? I just finished mine and

"Jerry Sandusky Introduces ‘Hygiene’ Defense, Says He Was Teaching Boys How to Shower "

50 Economic Numbers About The US That Are "Almost Too Crazy To Believe"

christopher hitchens died.

Occupy Orlando demonstrator arrested at City Hall for writing on sidewalk with chalk

WOW we can still post here? I thought

"Kadhafi Killing Could Be War Crime: ICC Prosecutor"

"In Which I Turn Myself In for Indefinite Military Detention"

Oh, I love that the admins are giving us a free range on here, can

Feds: 'Excessive force' by Seattle cops must stop

Rahm Emanuel Prepares Protest Restrictions, Punitive Measures for Protesters During NATO/G8!

OWS- A Message Of Solidarity From Archbishop Desmond Tutu