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Archives: December 15, 2011

Just In: TOMORROW 6:15PM: Online forum with Reps. Grijalva and Ellison

Cool guys White Christmas just atarted AMC.

America's Leaders Are Small, but Americans Are Not"---Jim Hightower

Now I lay me down to sleep…

In case you think Occupy is not them Occupy a Chicago school board.

Elad has programmed a major upgrade to the Latest page

Shock As Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice Releases Deadly Methane Gas Levels

For those of you who think American cars are on a level playing field around the World

Nice cleanup job!

The old DU2 is looking pretty good on the greatest page.

Chris Hedges: impossible to tell more truths better and in less time

Alan Grayson.... Gaaaawd I LOVE this man so much!

Occupy: Yesterday our trespassing and curfew violations went to trial...

Seems to me that the quality of the threads on DU2 is overall better than DU3

Positive sign?

Exclusive survey shows America's CEOs enjoyed pay hikes up to 40% last year – One CEO Earning $14M

'Dismal' prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income

Is the 'captured' by Iran US drone just a ploy to begin a war against them

Happy Bill of Rights Day, everyone!

Can someone please explain to me WTF Ron Wyden was thinking?

We will vote for the payroll tax, BUT….

Marco Rubio's NO vote on U. S. ambassador to El Salvador perturbs Puerto Ricans

Marco Rubio's NO vote on U. S. ambassador to El Salvador perturbs Puerto Ricans

and one of my comments got that stupid jury thing and I can't defend myself

Pastor brutally beaten for protesting peacefully...OCCUPY!

PLEASE drop by DU3 to KNR this thread: Kick and Rec if you support OWS - send a strong message!!

Oops, We're Doomed!

"End of Iraq War a Reminder of Tragedy, Not Achievement" ( "Black Water" Contracters Move In)

" When Number Two Acts like Number One! (DC can't seem to grasp a Decline, rest of World Sees)."

We're Finally Out Of Iraq

Washington Post Pays Kaplan CEO $76 million while students left $50,000 in Debt!

Okay...what would it cost Admins to keep DU-2 Going for just 12 Months?