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Archives: December 14, 2011

Riley owns you.

Now that his newest 10 minutes of undeserved extra time in the media has passed

the fact that DU is no longer dependant on users

Been here since before 2003, this is my last post on DU2

For those that were wondering, I can now confirm that SwampRat is

It comes down to this...

DU3/DU2 or Netflix/Qwikster? Which one's worse?

Some rambling thoughts at the end, in no particular order

Getting rid of DU3's Facebook, Google+ and Twitter plug-ins and icons:

Make a mental note to watch the Daily Show's segment with Larry Wilmore on Newt's racism.


One FInal Thing- Christmas Wishes for Peace

Time for DU3 to suck it up

Lame Duck DU2 is the best ever!

I miss SwampRat.

15 Tea Party Caucus freshmen rake in $3.5 million in first 9 months in Washington 15 Tea Party Caucu

Ok You nerds: Listen up... Some of you wanted to know about AlienGirl

So Who Is Delivering Pizzas Now On DU2?

Anyone got a good (sad) picture of a certain large boat? With the captain, and the band?

Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951 (at the Jewish Museum) - WSJ

National Defense Authorization Act: House Moves Ahead With Bill Amid Obama Veto Threat

This is a list of people/things that Sarah Palin has been compared to on FR.

The Troll Returns

Last Post here, Best of Luck to all you DU2'ers and hope that you find a

Glen Beck not allowed to sing on TV

It is funny, I have more people on ignore then in all my years on DU.

Is there a DU3 opt-out button anywhere?

DAMN STRAIGHT! "Time Person of the Year 2011: ‘The protester’"

Little slow around here...You occupiers know how to sing or anything?

See you on the other side...

Ok, folks this is my last post on DU2

Who moved my Cheese? Change is hard, but c'mon DU3 isn't that bad..

MIC CHECK! We need some folks to Occupy the Drug Policy Forum

"Illinois Teen Learns About Bank Fees the Hard Way" I am so glad we use a small community bank.

So, are there no Smilies on the DU3? n/t

Dude, Elvis wasn't even "That" famous until he died

1984 Ford Escort Commercial

Mic Check: Renaming Poll -Let your voice be heard.

Q&A with citizen journalist Tim Pool

House passes bill linking tax cut, Keystone pipeline (last night)


There are still some poor souls stuck in forums on DU1

I don't know how I got there but I think I found the end of youtube with this video

Hey guys....

MIC CHECK! My thoughts on what is needed if we're not strictly kiddin' ourselves...

All the LBN is from Monday, you "occupiers" sure are slacking

Any other blogs people can recommend? We seem to peaked

I feel like I lost my home. Like I am being evicted after living here for so many years.

I suck at creating subject lines

Florida's richest charter company runs 60 schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

12/14/11 - Throng of Occupy protesters appear in NY courts

"They had to change it. They just had to."

For those who have decided not to make the transition:

**update AlienGirl 12/13/11**

Occupy Xmas

Oh shit, the little blue DONATE link in upper right takes you to DU3!

Those were the days, by Mary Hopkins.

Coming back here from DU3 is surreal

hey guys, is there any way to still get the DU2 home page?

Spin off from another thread here regarding Gene Sharp. "The Making of a (non-violent) Revolution"

Meet the new 1%: healthcare CEOs replace bankers as America's best paid.

Jake the dog passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday

Conservative economic policy based on religious ideology intead of mathematics

Pros/Cons/Neutral to DU3

There are 8 vehemently anti-OWS *discussions* on the first page of GD DU3

Photos from Occupy Anchorage this week



The mainstream German magazine Spiegel asks has the United States of America become an Oligarchy?

News Flash !!!!!!!!!!

I've pretty much been "read only" at DU3...but, I have noticed something I think is

I'm not leaving....

I've got a feeling that Skinner is waiting for us to stop our tantrums. He knows we love each other

Will Sarah palin announce she is thinking of running again

President Will Not Veto Defense Authorization Bill, Despite Detention Provisions!

Why Can't We Just Eliminate Taxes?

"The Protester" Time Magazine's Person of the year!

I wonder what the very last post on DU2 will be, and what forum it'll be in?