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Archives: December 13, 2011

Gingrich Sandusky 2012!

I will truly miss DU2. Though I like some of the advances of 3

Shoplifter chops off Wash. security guard's ear

i was at the beauty salon today having my hair

The wheels fell off when the DUzies ended.

Is This Like The DU Version Of Lost?

It has been said, but I like this new DU2, well, too. However long it lasts...

This reminds me of when they overhauled RAWSTORY. I liked the OLD rawstory much better

Ruh-oh! Just released: INVASION OF THE D-U SNATCHERS

Republican Christmas

Give us "Most Recommended"/Greatest" sorted chronologically

Slamming the Door, Impossible but Compelling.

i was at the beauty salon today having my hair

So, if you get "banned" from DU, are you "BANNED" from DU?

Looks like GD has turned into the lounge...

What do you think about the OWS protester who got a job on Wall Street?

Heads up. The DUzies are back!

'my brother and 17 other people are arrested for observing an occupation'

I'm liking Keith's show less and less each week. Am I the only one?


Santa Hates Poor Kids


Good grief....

I've survived a company going backwards from Outlook to Lotus Notes....

Daisy, Daisy give me your

I finally had to give up on DU3 tonight.

You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Admin

So, I'm "discussing" something with an Alex Jones-wannabe conspiracy loon....

Fuck it!

Is this Goodbye, or is it Hello?

Power and the money, money and the power

10 Reasons to head on over to DU3

So is this place like free trolling now or what?

If DU3 is so great why are so many DU3 fans posting in DU2.

You know with all the time, money and energy spent on DU2 over the years

Out of sheer curiousity - please K&R this thread

A song for all who just want to hang out here a little bit longer.....

10 Reasons to stay on DU2 forever

Worlds Fastest Motor Blow - Ford 3.0l V-6

I just saw a thread locked here with the Mod saying "take it to ATA", but

Police chase a Ford GT through traffic.

The Unanswered Question: Who Really Won In 2004? by Truth Is All

Manila and MILF make positive noises

Fantastic Article - Froomkin: 'Wealth Defense Industry' Protects 1% From the Rabble & Its Taxes

Speaking of Newt we see the effects of his Contract with America.

Ron Paul to play spoiler in 2012 (Role Anderson had in 1980, Perot in 92)

Seriously, I like DU2, it is comfortable and it allowed me to easily

The admins just accomplished with one fell swoop what trolls have tried since 2003. Well done.

Dyno Fail

I'm bullish on Kudzu, It's Going Places

12/13/11 - Occupy D.C. expands to black churches

I am viewing an obsolete LOVED version of the DU website which is the only version I will support.

Mic Check

instead of moving to DU3, Im moving to the streets!

DU3 and DU2 are like "good star trek" and 'evil star trek"

Occupy DU2 Movement Scores Major Jury Win Against Eviction!

DU3=New Coke. Brilliant, simply brilliant. At least that's what they want you to believe.

Heck No, We Wont Go!

Mic Check - Subject: Renaming

Time for some tough love

Getting rid of DU3's Facebook, Google+ and Twitter plug-ins

Wow DU3 looks awful..

Mic Check: DU2 has been OCCUPIED

One last time: post your best bookmarked threads here please

Call it what it is: a depression by Paul Krugman

I don't know which message board I will land on but I will stay Texanwitch.

You'd think the lack of moderators would have led to threads galore....a cross between

10 Reasons to stay on DU2 (really)

Occupy Goldman Sachs: The Protesters March On 'The Vampire Squid'

Per Elad: Opting-out of social media buttons now available on My Account page!

"Everything Must Change"

I see we have a couple of DU3 people who need to be ignored.

What are some other bulletin boards that you go to?

My quick take on the old DU.

Posting here today is comforting.

I was a professional, six-figure corporate Web designer/developer.

This whole fiasco reminds me of Kenny Rogers' plastic surgery. He spend a fortune getting a face lif

If DU2 has to end, this is a nice way for it to go out.

Greece Offers to Repay Bailout with Giant Horse


Fox News Tells OWS There’s No Such Thing As Income Inequality

Greek Bank Run Hits Record: Unprecedented €6.8 Billion In Deposits Pulled From Greek Banks In Oct.

Lowlife Lowe's caves to religious nutjobs over Islamophobia--BOYCOTT!