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Archives: December 11, 2011

Wisconsin: Bill Takes Capitol Control Away From Governor

DU 3.0 (the clinking of chilled champagne filled glasses)

Krazy Skinner's blowout sale - Absolutely everything must go!!

Debate Thread...Will it be here on DU2 or on 3? One of the main

"Mendocino Board Supports Use Of Spy Agencies In Marijuana War"

Tonight Reminds me of the Last Episode of MASH.

Is this man channeling Ronald Reagan?

He went to Jared Caught Adding Malware to Nmap & Other Software

Banksters want Jefferson County's (Ala.) bankruptcy filing dismissed

The Swicth From DU-2 To DU-3... In Video...

I will miss you DU2

How soon can I put Alice back into place?

1 hr 'till the R reality show, tonight's debate (show of clowns). 8pm CST

Looking into a crystal ball: DU3 will annoy me at first and then I'll get used to it


DU3 is down right now...

See you on the Flip side

Why did the chicken cross the road

A nice little poem by Scott McAdams (2010 AK Dem candidate for Senate)

(Sheila) Bair Recommends Scrapping the Volcker Rule - FDL

DU is and will continue to be great

What do you think of pornography?

A perfect portrait of the members of the GOPBagger Clown Car...

Beck calls Gingrich a stealth progressive, his tea party supporters racists

O.K. really, how many have liked the fact that we had DU2 and DU3

High court halts new Texas electoral maps


My last post on DU2.

I miss DU3 already!

Romney is doing serious sour grapes with equating it being a blessing

Someone please start screen-shooting.

I just asked in ATA "who the hell is going to answer all those un-answered questions..

Looks like the "latest" page just disappeared

i'm unreccing everything in sight!

6.7 quake in Mexico

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has ever served time in the dungeon

Mitt Romney sounds the same all the time. He is like a drone bee. I should talk...I'm no orator.

Romney is doing serious sour grapes with equating it being a blessing


Bachmann is trying to be a bulldog tonight

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Family Values Time!

I'm getting in all the last Unrec's that I can!

Watching DU3 launch is rather like watching your child get born...

I don't have any champagne

I'd like to thank Skinner and Earl for keeping this place together for all these years.

Sail on DU3.

Give DU2 one last big KICK

Where is "DU-3" just disappeared! I went out to Dinner..came back and POOF!

I want to express my gratitude to the 81% of liberal Democrats who approve of Obama.

GOO GOO G'JOOB! "Gingrich says he'd name John Bolton as secretary of state"

I cannot stand the lies.

Rick Perry should be glad he's not the frontrunner.

Last minute icon preservation

"You may be aware that we are going to be moving into new software very soon -- probably tonight."

K&R if you like DU.

Are there any members of Congress who refuse to meet with lobbyists?

The stupid loons are on tv again.

I can literally see Santorum's two remaining brain cells rub together when he talks

Gingrinch is now attacking the existance of Palestine. Last week it was poor kids.

"This day is call'd the feast of Crispian.

Daisy,Daisy,give me your answer please.........

DU2 epitaph thread

Rick Perry for President...

So, when is Jon Stewart going to host a Repuke Debate?

Sunday Talk Shows: President Obama on 60 Minutes

DU changeover didn't make it onto Fark. Hell with it, I'll post it on here.

I would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate and thank YOU

The only thing missing is Chuck Barris and the big fucking gong.

So, I'll stay for now and see what happens

Could someone please post the "twitter" link for comedians

Gingrich is such an arrogant creep

H.R. 3554, The Genetically Engineered Safety Act

Will we lose everything in our Inbox?

Haikus for DU2 Rapture night.....

Should we all log off

Nations agree on landmark deal to fight climate change, aid poor countries

Iran spends seven billion dollars on its military at 1.8% of its GDP

NOAM CHOMSKY LIVE on a 1hr Bob McChesney call-in show - Sunday 2pm EST

Newt just said...


A Rare Live Weekend Program On Al Gore's Channel... Current TV...

Debate wrap up on Current TV now.

Reminder: Current TV with Cenk, Al Gore, and Jennifer Granholm on now

TPM: Best Moment: Romney says knows Bibi from when they were both in private equity together

Thank You DU for everything!

Voltron I was Vehicle Voltron. Voltron II was Gladiator Voltron.

Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich People Create The Jobs

And Cenk opens up the debate roundup on Current right now

Hey unrecc'ers! Politicians LIE. Every. Fucking. One. of. Them.

Borowitz: When Romney lit up a Cuban cigar with a $10,000 bill

Live from the debate....

Anyone watching the after debate with Al Gore on Current TV?

Update on Occupy/Pittsburgh

It's simple: Obama will beat Newt going away if he makes the differences clear

Gamblin' Man: Mitt Romney Challenges Rick Perry To $10,000 Bet During Republican Debate (VIDEO)

Long Beach, CA: "Grumbine Medical Marijuana Trial: 'We Got Pounded This Week'"

Results for #what10kbuys

#What10kbuys Trending World-Wide On Twitter


And the winner is......

Current's Rep Debate round-up will re-air Sun am & noon

Can the tombstone'd return?

so I am not watching the debate. Anyone who is - can you sum it up in 3 wds or less?

Who Says Words With My Mouth? (GoodBye old DU )

Oh gosh, is Michelle Bachman going to become the 9-9-9

Goodbye unrec. Goodbye,,,, AAAAANNNDDDD....

The debate is on (ABC), anyone have a good drinking game for it?

Indiana University just beat No #1 Kentucky!

So Obama is responsible for the loss of the drone in Iran.

Is any one going to start an official debate thread??

If we don't get there soon, we might lose a few DUers on our premiere night.

OK, see you on the other side...

QUESTION: Debate rerunning anywhere?

What will happen to all the current GD posts? Will they go into Soapbox or

Hadrian's Wall

Borowitz: "Gingrich to Mitt: I'll See Your $10,000 and Bet You My Next Four Wives"

How are we going to get to DU3 when the link is missing?

A final DU2 Scott Walker post... A year later, Walker rail blunder looks even worse

So. This is it.

Is anybody else missing their login//logout line from the upper right

I can't wait to see the answers to this next debate question.

this event tonight reminds me of this famous scene...

Turn the lights off when you leave... Thanks.

Woo hoo! Into The Great Wide Open!

It's live.

see ya all at the new digs!

Are there "Journals" in DU3?


The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: Death Row Records = Intelligence Front

Before leaving for DU3 I'm taking the "General Discussion" sign off the wall

I feel fine

HELP! I requested my password a few days back and it won't let me into DU3

What's your User ID Number?


TaaaDaa..DU3 is up!!!!!!

Hatches are open, charges are set. Fire in the hole in 3, 2...

Journal Entries and old PMs are gone in DU3 (at least for now?)

Has everyone seen this new iteration of Pepper Spray Cop?

So long, DU2.

Other countries care for their mentally ill.

Did Bachmann just say she got a job when she was 13 so she could help feed her family?

Hey! I have a Life-Pod here! (No Droids Allowed)

As Bugs Bunny would say.......

Is there anything I can do to attract attention from the admins about my inability to log on to DU3?

TWO Special Report: The Call Detroit – A Slick Political Rally Disguised As a Religious Revival

Iran says it will not return US drone

Had to take one last look around.

Zombie-Punching Obama invites our new DU3 overlords.

Goodbye, DU2. I shall miss you in the way that

The DU3 Testing site has been shut off, and we are preparing the software for our official launch.

It was early-ish 2003 when I registered as MrsGrumpy...

So long, DU 2

My send off to DU2 - or "The Straight Story"

Last post from me

can we post porn here now?

We lost a few good DUers over the years.

MItt Romney’s $10,000 Bet Blows Up Twitter

We be obsolete?


Thank you, DU2.

Rec if you love peas so much you would trade your Ice cream for it (yummy peas :-) )

No one wants the last

Will the last person to post please turn off the lights?

A song for our time: "Hard Times Come Again No More"

9/11 was an inside job.

We can still post here?

NPR - Reconstituting The Constitution: How To Rewrite It?

You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Administra

ADMIN: What happens to all our saved PMs and bookmarks? Anyone know?

Mr Freckles and I bid a fond farewell to DU2

DU3 avatar is not offered on do I get my DU2

did anybody else get a window from DU3 requesting name and password?


Misleading subject line based on poorly-sourced Internet article...

I'm a Canadian with "socialized" health care listening to the bullshit the debaters are spewing.

Can't log in to Du3

"You are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Admin"

How the EPA linked "fracking" to contaminated well water

So what happens now to DU2 ?

I love ya, DU

For the first several years the General Discussion forum was not the post popular forum at DU

Christiane Amanpour's hair looks like 1965.

Despite minor errors, I'm finding DU3 to be completely functional...

Uh Oh... And It Has Awards !!!

Well, one question answered. Our journals are no more. Edit... back now.

Logging out

DU3 Questions are ALL ANSWERED over at the new site. LINK:

does this still work?

Wonder how many couples met/ got married on DU1 and 2

This entire page should be BLANK except for the message to MOVE TO DU3. Stop the confusion!

The Big "Are we there yet ?" thread.

DU2 feels like the house you're about to leave after moving out all of your belongings...

So I take it no one's here anymore, right? This will be the end of GD and no Discussion about it

I, for one, think DU2 was far easier to read. DU3 strains my eyes.

Ok, it's my turn.

Greatest Discussion Threads Sorted by Time - This was a great feature on DU ...

DU3 Questions are ALL ANSWERED over at the new site. LINK:

Gather now, all ye. Join in fellowship with those dare called obsolete.

are viewing an obsolete version of the DU website which is no longer supported by the Administrators

GROVELBOT has FAILED in his mission to keep GD ALIVE. (last post)

Is this the real reason Republicans hate Obama so much?

Can't resist one last dig at Arne Duncan.

Teh DU has been raptured and we're all that's left!

My last post on DU2.

If people are having trouble logging into DU3 please post here

The DU privacy rules were changed between December 5 and 7, 2008,

How can DU2 archives be reached in the future?

Goodbye, DU (2?) For a sendoff, I put up my old sig pic:

Fare thee well, DU ...

DU3: love it. hate it?

Oh look - we can still post here. Maybe this can be the Underground Democratic Underground.

Here are a few helpful LINKS for everyone that's heading over to the new DU

"Left Behind" on DU2!

What happened to the GREATEST page on DU3?

Can't log in to Du3

Rick Santorum-"as a young man of 30"....

Robert Fisk: Bankers are the dictators of the West

9-11 circumcision smoking israel guns!

Does anyone remember nothingshocksmeanymore?

DU3 has moved. It's new location is here:

To Khephra, and all those we lost on DU1 and DU2

Its the end of du as we know it