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Archives: December 10, 2011

The Guardian is confused about what the Canadian flag looks like

Got a chuckle when I drove by this today.

This is not Syria .. This is Libya in Tripoli today ... We are one

You know what else is terrible about the Citizens United ruling?

“I think we have had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs,” Gingrich said

Fracturing backers stand their ground

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Some see Twin Towers blast in architect's design

Jeb Bush/David Eller Nigerian water pump bribery case to proceed to trial after 12 years

are you going to finish that?

margaret and helen's thanksgiving letter

Anti-abortion protest backfiring in Little Rock, AR. Upsetting students, inspiring counter protest

Watch the Lunar Ecliplse Online Live ! In ... 9 1/2 hours !!

Indefinite Detention of American Citizens: Coming Soon to Battlefield U.S.A.

UPDATE : The Bailout Total for the 2008 Crisis: $29.616 TRILLION Dollars, as of November 10, 2011

Pepper spray decon

Mitt Romney's favorite new supporter: Ann Coulter

"San Quentin, may you rot and burn in hell."

Look no farther than this to see what is wrong with our country.

NY: Subway Riders Could Pay for New York Tax Breaks

Slow sales for Michele Bachmann’s book

Girls basketball team suspended for racist chant.

Irony alert: U.S. calls on Russia to respect peaceful protests

(MI)Ban on smoking in parks rejected

Looking at a New Yorker cover, I wondered about e-books impact on politics

Happy Christmas, John. Our hearts will always ache for what you were never allowed to give us.

Liberal Portland mayor emerges as Occupy critic

A tribute to Callista Gingrich's Hairdo

India Overstated Exports by $9 Billion

Either the media will choose our next president or the 99% will choose

"Obama 2012 -

Will Obama and Clinton testify for Manning?/RT

3 women accept Nobel Peace Prize

OMG! DU3 is contagious!

"I'm Rick Perry, and I'm a piece of shit."

HP donates WebOS system code to open source developers (BBC)

Bailout Total: $29.616 Trillion Dollars

Mexican States, Alabama Cities Can’t Bring Some BP Spill Claims

Bomb blast injures UN peacekeepers in Lebanon

Independent UK: Cameron has played a poor hand badly

Gotta go holiday shopping... any suggestion or know where to find

A Xmas Tree For Fox & Friends...

Detective Is on the Hook for Way-Off Warrant (SWAT team raids home, perp already in jail though)

Polydactyl cat rescues US animal shelter

confirm or deny: are our bookmarks disappearing with D3?

77,000-Year-Old Evidence for 'Bedding' and Use of Medicinal Plants

I have a question about tv and radio news coverage during the Bay of Pigs.

Germany Can't Keep Money for Nazi-Era Land

Supreme Court Will Hear Texas Redistricting Case

Bank’s (BoA) Leaked Email Admits ‘Occupy’ Movement ‘Could Impact Our Industry’ - RawStory

Holy COW! Is election fraud really this simple??

It is time...

Der Spiegel: The Failure of a Forced Marriage

Halliburton Confirms US Concentration Camps Ready to Detain up to 2 Million “Terrorists”

Look no farther than this to see what is wrong with our nation


Rachel dissects the Tea Party and explains why the love Newt

This is without a doubt the weirdest and scariest tattoo ever.

UC Davis to pay firm $300 per hour to investigate pepper spray incident.

if santa is such a big shot, why does he have to work at Macy's?

Emergency Contraception, also known as Plan B, comparisons to common Oral contraceptive pills

Apple loses iPad trademark in China

Need help with: unions don't want Medicare for All as it diminishes their power.

Picture by picture. Blog by blog. Media story by media story.

Bad week for a 1 Percenter Family here in my neighborhood in California....

Moon is high, bright, Jupiter to the west

Quick message for your hummingbird watchers

#Occupy a voting booth November 2012

Occupy Oakland & Organized Labor Plan to Shut Down Port

My regular DU password won't work on DU3

No overtime for IT? Occupy the data center!

The Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Is DU 2 entering a "new phase?"

former head of the Fukushima No. 1 plant, has esophageal cancer

Bloomberg and Kelly Bust the Press

He Truly Is... An American Hero...

Motorola wins Apple wireless patent fight in Germany

Couple exchanges vows at Occupy Rochester site

Eviction Dispatch - Watching This Morning's #OccupyBoston Raid Unfold

The Strenuously Hushed-Up Basic Flaw In The Tax Code

Charleston (WV) oped: Albert Einstein said: "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles

Want to see an example of how hard it is to break old silly habits?

SRGC - Idlib Province Daily report, 9 Dec 2011

More Gingrich great ideas - allow terrorist attacks & more - my head is exploding!

Aldebaran Robotics announces Nao Next Gen humanoid robot (Video)

The slick shtick of Americans Elect

Rick Perry's 'Strong' Ad Surpasses Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With More Dislikes On YouTube

cnn bullshit: Gingrich dared to speak truth on teens' work ethic

Hey, Newty! Hey baggers! I want my country back!

Bernie Sanders Files Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

It should be illegal to engage in wars of choice when the people are hurting like this

Occupy and Class Struggle on the Waterfront

Health Insurance Reversal: Another Dirty Trick by Insurers

Is the Occupy movement fading?

UK - Man handed longest August riots sentence

Time to Start Preoccupying Wall Street


BMW used car ad.

Watch the full lunar eclipse online Saturday morning, starting 5am PT

Homeless boy w amazing voice (video)

Thousands of Wisconsinites could lose health coverage

Smashed Hits: How political is What A Wonderful World?

Ex-husband dies after boiling-water attack

World's oldest dog dies in Japan

Who Ya Rooting For?

Brother, can you spare a few bucks to help put Scott Walker's ass on the street?

French politicians split on votes for immigrants; Left-wing initiative a long shot to pass

Not liking the new site at all. I don't have all the time to play with it to figure it out. n/t

Occupy our Homes - up with Chris Hayes

U.S. Central Command has Facebook page in Farsi (the official language of Iran)

Breitbart shows his true colors on Faux "news"

Is this for real???? Halliburton Confirms US Concentration Camps

Have you taken advantage of the Lexus 'December to Remember' event?

Fake Occupy Wall Street TV Set Occupied by Real OWS Protesters

Under Cloud of Bankruptcy, CWA Will Try (Again) to Unionize American Airlines Workers

Ted Rall on Occupy

So, at this point, what kind of pre-OWS politics or tactics do YOU think still works?

OccupyBoston under attack by police NOW

"The Identity Block, an emerging force on France’s far-right scene it is being used as an “idea box”

Gas prices could rise near $4 mark next spring (expiring ethanol tax credit)

“I’m going to limit my comments on the struggling state of some campaigns."

I'll submit to a drug test for unemployment benefits when Congress submits before each roll call

If bull**** could bounce...

Sex with animals still not OK in U.S. military

Fired RIM execs 'chewed through restraints' on flight

Men: AAU ex-CEO sexually abused them

Photos reveal the secrets of snowflakes' shapes

For all you non believers, this is the real thing, Karma really is a bitch.

What do you think the limits on OWS actions should be. I see them


FDA-approved "hangover pill" coming to Bay area

FDA-approved "hangover pill" coming to Bay area

Just saw the movie, Noise.

White House Strategic Plan for Preventing Violent Extremism

Yellow submarine goes missing off Queensland

michael moore on with carson daily....nbc....right now

A section of #OccupyLosAngles are requesting support Saturday morning onward.

WaPo fluff piece - 'Newt Gingrich is wild about zoos'

Eurozone banking system on the edge of collapse

Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Declaration in Support of Whistleblowing Websites

Need some info on Medicare - my BIL says my MIL is on a prescription that costs her $1600 a month.

Which would you prefer?

Don't Let Big Coal Destroy Bryce Canyon National Park!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

Fox thinks the Muppets are brainwashing our youth?

Civil Rights Groups Again Ask Government to Block South Carolina Voter ID Law

Ex-White House counsel Lanny Davis to advise new Penn St president appointed amid sex scandal

Rumor: Patrick Meighan may be on Los Angeles KNBC 11:00PM news about his #Arrest

Ohio State gives President Gordon Gee $16,000 pay increase, bonus

Virginia Tech gunman

U.S. Seeks to Speed Deployment of Afghans to Replace NATO Forces

LAPD cop (?) comment pulled from LA Times post

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte Proposes Law Aimed At Banning Occupy Encampments

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte Proposes Law Aimed At Banning Occupy Encampments

Oakland: Signature gathering can begin on Jean Quan recall

Bill Clinton gives props to OWS

Thoughts on a possible Anti-Bankster Strategy: Occupy from the Inside. Destabilize the enemy.

Britain Considers Earlier Start To Afghanistan Withdrawal

Just a little reminder....

Thank you Ed Schulz, for bringing attention to Michigan

Perry can't remember Sotomayor's name

Drove past the funeral home in Canton this evening

Russian opposition hopes for ‘unprecedented’ anti-Putin rally

McConnell Claims Electing The President By Popular Vote Is A ‘Genuine Threat To Our Country’

With the US economy a mature one, there is less room for growth and corporate profits. That

New York University to offer classes on Occupy Wall Street movement

Recall Walker petitioner assaulted in Madison

Usop opsos ]p]pl 44 4; aj mf ma;

think it's bad here? how many surveillance cameras are in England, as per best estimate?

California prison psychologist accused of faking rape

Thank you to the kind DUer who gave me a star.

So is the closing of DU2 imminent?

“He’s really creepy.” “He’s got courage,” Trump replied.

Tonight on Countdown: Constitutional Amendment with Sen. Sanders

Is Alan Simpson senile or just stupid?

Backers of anti-gay mayor urge people to "shop home" in Troy.

Backers of anti-gay mayor urge people to "shop home" in Troy.

Hiram Lawrence, toddler shot in Oakland, dies

Bet you Skinner knows how the president feels now.

Japan's SDF battling (Radiation) with brooms, brushes

Gingrich: "Eight years...of Barack Obama...would be a DISASTER." FUCK YOU, you corrupt slob.

The Internet and Social Media are to Politics/Media as the Airplane was to War

DA Offers Deal to NYPD Officer in Ticket-Fixing Case

Fat Cats getting fatter

Officials: Calif. Parents Asked Man to Beat Child (After they suspected he was smoking)

Citizens United

Obama, Boehner pitch competing economic plans

Waukesha County man harasses Walker petitions signers. Personal info obtained from news footage

US College Student Speaks Out, Disrupts Climate Talks

Republicans And Business Groups Unable To Find One ‘Job Creator’ Who Opposes A Tax On Millionaires

Anyone else going to miss "hide thread" option?

The One Percent Revolt: Princeton Students Protest JP Morgan And Goldman Sachs Recruitment (w/Video)

Jeffrey Sachs: "That's not a free market, that's a game"

Never mind...(deleted)

Teachers: are you finding this?

HS basketball team suspended for ‘One, two, three [N-word]!’ chant

Calls for Britain to cut EU ties after veto drama

City of Oakland paints a private house due to OWS link without any notice.

Daniel the Cat helps the Milwaukee Animal Shelter

Jm Hightower reports: How Neiman Marcus helps those 1%ers who want to camp out with the 99 %

Martina and Billie Jean respond to Margeret Court's homophobic rant

A Christian's Rebuttal to Rick Perry.

Gingrich: Palestinians an ‘invented’ people with no right to a state

How to stop extortionist tactics by criminal banksters :

What does it say about them GOPers who OPENLY Suppress VOTING? Where is their moral charactor?

Rick Perry - Weak (Strong Parody)

Salon: The real definition of Terrorism

Ever hear of the Oath Keepers?

Top Ten Fails of 2011

Time magazine’s top 10 news stories of 2011-How the killing of Osama Bin Laden didn't make the list

Ode to DU-2 and Welcome to DU-3. Thank you to everyone involved...

Andrew Breitbart Steps Down From GOProud Board After It Outs Perry Advisor

Amazon Launches Christmas Attack on Local Shops

The next GOP DEBATE will be this Saturday, Dec 10th, on ABC

Rape in the US military: America's dirty little secret

Six hundred million gamers could be war criminals, Red Cross says

Guess the time DU3 goes live:

LA City Council Resolves to Abolish Corporate Personhood

PHOTO: Perry breaks a biblical commandment himself in his gay bashing ad

Feds: Couple claimed welfare, lived in $1.2M home

Watching the flickering twin lights in the evening sky

Hitler hears about the eurozone downgrade

Tech Company Was Propaganda Posters

(Senior) Palestinians attack Gingrich comment on 'invented' people

Rats. I'm going to jail for a long time.

If Drugs were ever legalized..

Toon: Order your new pet Newt!

Is tonight the night that Willard will snap

Speaking Of DU-3... This Is Important: 'Time to Occupy the Internet Before It's Too Late' - BobCesca


So Much For A Fair Trial... 'Government Opposes Bradley Manning Defense Witness Requests' - Wired

"Jesus didn't teach us to hate the poor and worship wealth.

Lunar Enclipse

Lowe's pulls ads from TLC's "All-American Muslim" after RW pressure is applied

Bad economy means no Christmas presents for needy children

Newt on the American "nation".

I wonder how many threads I will get locked in DU3

In Case You Missed This... MUST READ: 'Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators' - Bloomberg

Concierge medicine debuts in state (Maine - good for the 1%, bad for the 99%)

Hurry Quick!!

The Play, Inherit the Wind, which I read in High School, forever changed the way..

There is something about the crisp quiet of winter

When is the big switchover to DU3?

When the Change to DU3 Comes...

3 puppies found in ditch (need a home in W Iowa)

The *official* DU response to the ABC GOP debate:

"Atheist Display Space Puts Squeeze on Santa Monica Nativity Scenes"

Is it too much to ask of DU that the ads not have sound?

I'm back... but I never left. It's complicated...

Breathtaking GOP LePage Tea Party Heritage Foundation Health Care Disaster Unfolds in Maine

Advertising doesn’t just sell us products. It tells us who we are.

OMG! Unseen tsunami footage taken from a camera in a car. The driver was along for the ride.

Occupy Pittsburgh has received its eviction notice

Up to 40,000 Kids Mine Gold in Mali, as U.S. Debates Gingrich Child Labor Proposal

Just a reminder: More Democratic Senate seats up in 2012.

Bank penalizes kid with $4.85 in his account by charging him $234.95 in fees in two weeks

One of the things I like about Ron Paul

OccupyLA Sign...

Guess where? and the story behind it.

Hannity: "If Obama had gotten his way we wouldn’t have gotten bin Laden, you know that."

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

Ex-Wife to Collect $88K From 'Other Woman'

Who's watching the circus tonight?

PSA: West Coast DUers, a rare full lunar eclipse tonight

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Nation in just two montths - Jim Hightower/TheLowdown

How much wealth is too much?

Russians protest elections amidst rumored internet blackouts, etc.


Self-published author sells 400,000 copies of debut novel

Abortion after rape/incest -- thoughts on discussions with a friend.

Decisions, Decisions: House-Hunting Honey Bees Work Like Complex Brains

Are we going to throw a big blow out going away party for DU2?

Everyone concerned with the success of OWS ought to read this book:

How a couple hitchhikers saved my life

Do you think OWS is sending the right message here?

WP: Frank Biden pushes his charter school by invoking family name.

Nauseating Frothy Mixture: "Science should get out of politics"..

Holy Christmas card. Will these union-bashing fuckwads never quit?

The youth of OWS Say "It's the system stupid!"

Mysterious and Marvelous Paper Sculptures Appear At Edinburgh Library

Gore, Cenk & Granholm GOP Debate Coverage on Current Tonight!

Anyone want to place a bet on when the rapture will happen?

People, we need everyone! Dems, Libs, Progs, Greens, Socs. Yippies, etc.

An Oldie, But A Goodie... And Probably Why Treasury Did Not Want Elizabeth Warren Around...

rehypothecating: goldbugs beware

Why do they call it "payroll" tax? It is SOCIAL SECURITY - FICA - progressives should oppose

Why DU3 might well be the end of DU (and I'm not happy about it)

store customer: "Thank you for saying Merry Christmas; I'm tired of this Happy Holidays CRAP!!!!"

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte Proposes Law Aimed At Banning Occupy Encampments

GOP can't locate one millionaire who can't handle tax increase -- NPR

National push hopes to get more mothers to breastfeed longer-"agressive 'call to action'"

GOP Site Plans To Infiltrate Liberal Sites With “Trolls”

"Each star marks a US millitary base, but just so we're all clear: Iran is threatening us;

Is the Defense Auth Act a shot across the bow of OWS?

Bernie's Petition has over 85,000 signatures!

No! (toon)

Virginia Tech: Ross Truett Ashley named as gunman

The African American Food Culture of Harris County, GA

As Businesses Pull Out Of Alabama Due To Anti-Immigrant Law, Gov. Pleads With Car Companies

Have you ever noticed that when God speaks to you it's always what you want to hear?

Nation of Change. Do you get it?

If you won a lottery today, how would your life style change?

Wow... 'There Is Only One Issue in America' - Steven Van Zandt

DU3 Freakout Threads

Occupy Clear Channel - Take Back OUR Airwaves 12/12/11

Federal Interference In State Medical Marijuana Laws Is A Low Priority, Attorney General Affirms

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who ever served as a moderator on DU.

Angel Food Ministry benefited founders, feds say

MSM propaganda timeline/photos of Dec. 10 #OcupyBoston eviction

A singularly beautiful moment from the #Occupy movement.

I Just Have One Remaining Question Regarding The Switch To DU-3...