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Toon_ Taxing proposals

Dear Freepers: "Barf alerts" are childish and serve only to tell you how to think before you click

Revolution is the only way:

How did TJ Maxx - Marshalls film an anti-mall commercial inside a mall?

Real life.

Cain advertising under "Ginger White" on Google

New England Journal of Medicine: Extraordinary stakes riding on the 2012 election outcome

Herman Cain's foreign policy platform - pic


US Embassy in Iran? Michele Bachmann’s ‘Oops’ Moment

Stupidest Objections to Occupy Wall Street

Stupidest Objections to Occupy Wall Street

How Congress and the Entertainment Industry Plan to Kill the Internet

Prosecutors: Blagojevich Should Get 15 to 20 Years

Let's play a game: I hand you $10,000.

So how is OWS evolving?

Another effect of OWS... RE MEDIA

It's Not Over Yet (from Occupy Philly Media)

Yet another year of sending a christmas card to Poland

Sacramento FM station 92.5 moves from Lady Gaga to Limbaugh

Disgraced Massey CEO Don Blankenship resurfaces

"1st Penn State abuse suit comes from new accuser" The BASTARD need to be hung by his fingernails!

Facebook relents after deleting Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

Video: LAPD were inside city hall, watch them run out, destroy US flag

We Must Do More Than Merely Avoid the NCLB Train Wreck

Calling President Obama, are you there? Have not heard anything

Calling President Obama, are you there? Have not heard anything

What is a democrat?

OWS - Protesters Target Obama at City Fundraiser

On Google, Cain buys 'Ginger White'

A Drunken, Indulgent, Birthday Post....

Teen stopped while sprinting on sidewalk alleges unlawful arrest

GOP Sheriff of the Year Ends Up in Jail Named After Him.

Don Imus' average nationwide TV audience in November: 6,000

Next GOP Debate is this Saturday! 8pm ET! Fox News Hosts!

I visited Occupy Tucson today

What's the difference between a client, customer, consumer, citizen? Discuss.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Woman "imprisoned" on Scientology Ship for 12 fyears

GOP warns their caucus on tax votes

A Club of Liars, Demagogues, and Fools

Obama’s Reelection Challenge, In A Nutshell - Greg Sargent/WaPo

Some compare and contrast RE OWS, shall we?

Cops beat down and brutalize press man for Occupy Phoenix.

Occupy Phoenix Update Because someone fucking "closed their eyes." Hmmmf

Why our government can loan trillions to bankers, but not to the rest of us:

Heads up: LA Mayor Villaraigosa on the "Occupy" movement - Charlie Rose tonight

Santa poses with AK-47s at US gun club

Supporters for Republican presidential contender Herman Cain show their support for him - pic

America Is Not Broke: Report of the Institute of Policy Studies

Counterpunch is where I go if I want to read about man-boobs in Haiti.

TEPCO: Melted fuel ate into containment vessel

I really hope there is a GOP candidate that runs as a 3rd party........

I really hope there is a GOP candidate that runs as a 3rd party........

Are there any attorneys that post here?

Ron Paul Drops Brutal Video On Newt Gingrich

Two pedestrians meet #OWS feeder march head on at Bryant Park

Two pedestrians meet #OWS feeder march head on at Bryant Park

"The President Will Have to Give Up His Insistance

"The President Will Have to Give Up His Insistance

Egyptian Port Workers Refuse to Sign for Tons of US-Made Tear Gas

The state of Kansas is still chasing one of the last links to George Tiller

NYT's Maureen Dowd: My Man Newt

Nabors’ CEO sheds title, collects $100 million

Kentucky church bans interracial couples

Justin and Usher - look at the screaming young girls

"If you get the dirty end of the stick, turn it around and sharpen it....

There will be no nativity scene in Washington this year.

Walker's Wisconsin: Driver Who Attempts to Hit Recallers Might Be a GOP Official!

Barney Frank says....

Gov. Gregoire, D-WA, petitions Feds to reclassify marijuana for medical use.

A decent analysis of what the Fed, Central Banks and the ECB did today for Europe.

GOP Congressman Allen West Says Cain Has Become A Distraction In The Race & Should ‘Move On'

Senate Amendment Calls for a Return to Bush-Era Torture

Senate Amendment Calls for a Return to Bush-Era Torture

NASA is hiring.

The Big Think Behind the Arab Spring

Global corruption index reflects Arab Spring unrest

So, what culturally different foods have you tried (i.e. those that aren't part of your normal view)

So, what culturally different foods have you tried (i.e. those that aren't part of your normal view)

Jackson Browne & Dawes, Third Eye Blind, to play Zuccotti tomorrow

Researchers find big leaks in pre-installed Android apps

"No you waived Workman's Comp when you got this job"

Eponymous Enclosure

David Suzuki's message to Canada...

Tonight on Countdown

Nests of Snakes Revealed: A Story of Fear, Intimidation and Threat in Walker's Wisconsin

Michael Moore - Make the Occupy Movie!

newt's fantasy world

Steve Breen toon:

Architect of Reactor 3 (Fukushima) warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion

i love DU

"White House-backed antipiracy video is Reefer Madness for the digital age"

The clearance of occupy la was peaceful, really

So A Photographer Friend Of Mine In Portland OR Got a ticket tonight

Occupation is ending

Occupation Evicted? OCCUPY The Place Responsible: DC

Mitt Romney touched down in Nashville tonight for fund raiser.

'Jamie Hubley had a part to play in the change'.

So, what do people think about revolution?

The "network generation" pushes for a stronger federalized union for Europe.

Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Chernobyl Fallout and School Outcomes in Sweden*

Local Fox reporter commits suicide; Fox station waits to report it

A final request from Iraq vet who took own life: "Donate organs please"

UnitedHealth says future looks bright

Michael Moore Still Flogging Tinfoil Smear That President Obama Is Behind Occupy Evictions

Russia May Be Opening A New Tourist Attraction

Six jobs bills.

French government hardens immigration stance as elections loom

China Factory Sector Shrinks First Time in Nearly 3 Years

Central banks offer aid, but not a eurozone fix

Kentucky budget pinch could mean layoffs for state workers

Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators: Nick Hanauer

In Jordan, women seek to pass on their citizenship to their non-Jordanian spouses and children.


Investment skeletons hiding inside Romney’s closets

More pay issues at Calif. state universities

Luckovich toon -Mitt's wish list

Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples

I need some help.

Am I the only one that thinks we should put streaming cameras on remote control drones??

Nationalist spectre haunts Russian polls

The Untouchables

You Assholes Want Occupy Wall Street to Go Away?

Camps Are Cleared, but ‘99 Percent’ Still Occupies the Lexicon

Student Protester Surprises NYPD Commissioner With Police Brutality Slideshow,

Wisconsin: Walker says concealed carry is OK, open carry not, in State buildings

Cops, movers refuse to foreclose on 103-year-old woman

boo hoo hoo: Romney Whines That Fox "News" Was "Overly Aggressive"

The Newt is more powerful than the Mitt

Apple Says Siri’s Abortion Answers Are a Glitch

Mittens: Another small-government Repug who loves government largesse

Mittens: Another small-government Repug who loves government largesse

a question about the 200 etc. arrested protesters

Why would an employer prevent a former employee from getting unemployment?

Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead

Interesting New Yorker story about one Occupier

OWS Austin - WIN

Extreme Secrecy on Bush & Cheney Records

We better hope its Newt.

Police 'Killed Deaf Cyclist With Stun Gun After He Failed To Obey Instructions To Stop'

Hey Europe - are you ready for this?

Lakoff on the Occupy movement

Yeah you can raid occupations...

Family sues over alleged casket-jamming burial

bobby jindal endorses rick perry

Will BOB RILEY Be Forced To Tell The TRUTH About ABRAMOFF CASH--And Other Sleaze?

I'm a coward.

I'm a coward.

Cain Still Hasn't Sat Down with His Wife

Fuck you A.L.E.C.,!

When access to water depends on the kindness of a stranger

About voting Machines??

MDs often asked for alternative vaccine schedules, 61% of MD's comfortable making adjustments

Carrier IQ is on some IOS devices, but doesn't appear as nefarious as other platforms

Is there any aspect of society that remains untouched by the profit motive?

U.N. says Syria now in civil war, death toll hits 4,000; U.S. sanctions Assad’s uncle

Clinton meets Aung San Suu Kyi on Myanmar visit

NO BIG DEAL: Students Rally Around Suspended "Gay Porn" Teacher

Democracy does not always lead to equality...

40+% of school districts shortchanging poor students

(fracking) Driller to Stop Water to Families in Dimock, Pa.

CBC: Canadians doing radical research in how to kill HIV

CBC: Canadians doing radical research in how to kill HIV

John Kasich, Sarah Palin, and Herman Cain: When Ignorance is Bliss -- Or How to Be Both a Fool and a

Deputies refuse to evict 103-year-old woman

Robert Reich: The Rebirth of Social Darwinism

CA city charging $13 for page 1 and $3 for each additional page of electronic copies

CA city charging $13 for page 1 and $3 for each additional page of electronic copies

Study Shows Heading a Soccer Ball Could Lead to Brain Damage

Out of the clown car trunk jumps

The payroll tax cut for employers is completely fucked.

New word to describe grandfathering everything, screwing those everafter.

Herman Cain Hasn't Answered His 3am Call Yet.......

Contact your Congressfolks & ask them to pass the TWO pending Feinstein DoDA amendments Thursday

The 99% Batsignal comes to #Occupy Portland!

American Banker names its "Banker of the Year". Robert Wilmers of M&T Bank

Medicaid: CA does not abide by the law but Medicaid Providers Can't Sue

Eight Republicans Stand with Workers, Six Dems Against in NLRB Vote

Massachusetts sues banks for foreclosure practices

I'm shocked beyond words. How can these people believe what they believe?

Please view this video from Occupy Phoenix about who is a member of ALEC: Scott Walker, Koch Bros

Massachusetts AG Sues Major Banks over Mortgage Fraud and Unlawful Property Seizures

It's Interesting To Note That There Are People Being Paid To Con Us......

A Very Good Reason to Tax the Very Rich

So what is an acceptable annual income?

Mayor Bloomberg: 'I Have My Own Private Army' (in NYPD) - Folks,

Toon: Another Perry Moment!

Seven people a day dying in Florida with potential lethal prescription overdose?

So Cain will see his wife face-to-face Friday

Who rules America? Wealth, Income, and Power

Is the Mighty GOPers Feeling the HEAT of REJECTION??

Occupy Buses.

Video of police attack on ALEC protesters

Rev. Jesse Jackson to Headline Press Conference in Support of Occupy Phoenix

Okee Dokee - Cain says he's the Democrats worst nightnare

Kucinich: The Secret Of How The Federal Reserve Gave Almost $8 Trillion To Banks

dup delete

Creative people more likely to cheat

Enraged Pakistan Says NATO Attack Threatens War On Terror

Greta Van Susteren's husband is an adviser for Herman Cain

'Man Without Money Is Garbage': This Video Is Going Viral In China

FBI Illegally Using "Community Outreach" Programs To Secretly Spy On Community Organizations!

Obama sets new U.S. goal on fighting AIDS

The Crowding Field of 2012 Tax Initiatives (California)

Why OWS needs to die (if you are a neo liberal)

Jobless claims back above 400,000 level again

Cocaine found on 11% of UK banknotes

Amtrak sets Thanksgiving ridership record

Best tweet: USA needs to invade USA

Industry fights planned pollution rules for oil & gas drilling

If you are or have a returning veteran close to you,

If you are or have a returning veteran close to you,

Government investigating if banks illegally foreclosed on troops

YES! Massachusetts AG Files Lawsuit Against the Big Banks; Distances from Settlement Talks

Weird first thought of the morning about Bush and Rummy and the rest of them getting off scot-free

Voter suppression on trial in Maryland court

No matter if you have religious faith, or none...

Yesterday it was 57.

Republicans unveil plan to force Obama to decide on Keystone XL

Carrier IQ, Your Phone Might Record Your Activities Silently

My nephew's church is being overrun by lesbians.

You thought the eviction of Occupy LA was nonviolent... Look what LAPD did when cameras were gone...

Many restaurants unfair to their workers (Olive Garden and Red Lobster got zeros)

I re-read 1984 tonight

How Wealthy is President Barack Obama and His Cabinet?

A $400 million carrot for Sears? Ohio bids for HQ

Welcome to Kansas

The GOP's War on Voting Comes to Washington

Ron Paul’s phony populism

206,000 New Jobs; Retail Sales Up; Auto Sales Way Up: MSM Focuses on Obama's Poll Numbers

Is anybody working on an oral contraceptive for stray cats? Dogs too, for that matter.

Kidnapper sues former hostages

Failure to solve Ku Klux Klan-linked murder prompts anger, 47 years on

Dog Shoots Hunter in the Butt

Penn St's says search for Paterno replacement will focus on candidates with honesty, integrity

Former SF schools chief collects almost $1 million buyout then signs up for unemployment

In order to put BIG $ in the pockets of shareholders and execs, the US has been left

Villaraigosa quietly plans to hand Gensler $1 million meant for the poor

update: Karzai orders release of rape victim

Statement from the Homeless Encampment at Richmond and Cumberland

I think I'm voting for John Huntsman.

Mother Beaten by Son over Kool-Aid, Police Say

Mass. Sues JPMorgan, BofA Over Foreclosures

Mass. Sues JPMorgan, BofA Over Foreclosures

Libyan women talk of plight under Kadhafi as ICC probes

Company CEO compares 1,300 locked-out workers to a cancerous tumor!

I was watching 60 minutes Sunday and I heard something that I'm not

Herman Cain Ad Boasts of Lie Detector Test That He Didn’t Take

Carrier IQ, SOPA and PIPA

Just recieved a media request from Countdown!

Turkey Announces Full Destruction of Mine Stockpiles

MOVIE REVIEW: Larry Crowne is Cinderella

Lingering joblessness taxes nation's food banks

"I worrk on Wall St as a Hedge Fund Analyst" and here's how the system is rigged abainst the 99%

NYT's OpEd: A Banker Speaks, With Regret

Bashir about to show the tape of Frank Luntz

List of US Congress Dems/ Republicans who are retiring in 2012:

North Miami Beach police employees in hot water over alleged Santeria birdseed plot

Mr. Fish: The Finger

O'Fallon, Mo., girl, 9, turns hobby into benefit for kids with cancer

O'Fallon, Mo., girl, 9, turns hobby into benefit for kids with cancer

MA Senate: Elizabeth Warren takes lead in Senate Race as Brown's approval plummets

Charles Pierce does a righteous smackdown of the Newtster!

GOP Buzz words

Stay classy fox news...Pregnant or Burrito Grande?

Jesus toast under the Christmas tree?

Amnesty International calls for arrest of former US President Bush while he travels in Africa

My 16-year-old friend Oskar created this little video based on a true story

New York City Introduces Haiku Poetry Signs to Promote Traffic Safety


Report: Ginger White in lesbian affair while allegedly seeing Herman Cain

Amaziing videa - dog helps injured dog off highway, out of traffic

King County Metro Bans 'Buy American' Bus Ad - "too political"

King County Metro Bans 'Buy American' Bus Ad - "too political"

Why Occupy: The Unofficial Pictorial Guide

Wisconsin: More GOP scare tactics to discourage recall the right starting to deceive itself about the general election prospects of a guy

Elizabeth Warren surges ahead!

For Michele on World AIDS Day

For-profit teacher certification programs produce up to 40% of Texas teachers.

For-profit teacher certification programs produce up to 40% of Texas teachers.

I'm pretty scared for you - and all of us. But then again

Romney Attacks 'President Obama's' National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Has anyone watched All American Muslim yet?

Boehner: I 'm not an economist.

So how will we fund Social Security?

ONE PERCENTER: Tax The Rich Because People Like Me DON'T CREATE JOBS, The Middle Class Does

Franken gives Carrier IQ until Dec. 14th to address privacy concerns

Indigenous leaders voice support for “Mother Earth Accord" in opposition to Keystone pipeline

If Congress Left For 536 Days (Like Belgium), It Could Almost Eliminate The Deficit

US report: Foster kids get high rate of psych meds

Chick-Fil-A donated nearly $2 Million To Anti-Gay Groups

A 103-year-old woman gets to keep her house after police refuse to move her.

Occupy protesters “branded” with UV ink

Uh oh, a new favicon for DU has appeared.

Arrest Bush during Africa trip: human rights group

Michele Bachmann debates same-sex rights with high-school students in Waverly

Michele Bachmann debates same-sex rights with high-school students in Waverly

Poll: Who is your favorite US Secretary of State?

Quotable Quotes from Alan Grayson

Elizabeth Warren Surges Ahead of Scott Brown In New Poll

Dylan is correct, apply the ethical standards that they use at CNBC to Congress...

A 103-year-old woman gets to keep her house after police refuse to evict her

Convicted county inmates in Columbus to pay $40 for jail stays

Yasha Levine, Soviet 'Exile' And Journalist, ...Among Those Jailed Following LAPD Occupy Raid

More good OWS news from South Carolina

One of Occupiers rippin the mic- livestream occupy austin

Costumed crusader walks across America for homeless vets

Former Florida Governor Bob Graham to Rick Scott: 'Lead'

EMS Workers Cleared for Body-Bagging a Live Man

Oh more emerges from the la raid

Central banks haven't saved the eurozone yet

Jesus Was

A request to posters...

Carrier IQ installed, but "isn't as nasty" on iPhones, and how to turn it off.

Report: Mysterious blast in Iran's Isfahan damaged key nuclear site

Bachmann: Gays ‘can marry a woman if they’re a man’ (BRAWHAHAHAHAHAAA)

1964 movie about 1st woman U.S. president on TCM now.

Kit Up Zombie Ops: Nasty Anti-Zombie Blades

Just how much richer have the Koch brothers gotten while America suffers?

Civil Disobediance by Henry David Thoreau (1849)

Occupy Protesters Mobilize for Obama’s Visit

Asia Times: Lieutenant Pike, Li Gang,and China's Internet dilemma (mentions DU)

Former Chase Banker Admits His Bank Pushed Minorities Into Subprime Mortgage Loans

Hey Newt, what about the Janitors....

Michelle Bachman effectively asks to have her "Pray away the gay" business shut down- oh the lolz

The Rude Pundit: Other Skeevy Shit in the National Defense Authorization Act

Bachmann, Gingrich pledge full US/Mexico barrier. New design for border checkpoints.

Man Chases Down, Hogties Thief Who Robbed His House Twice

Dylan Ratigan was insulted when someone asked him a question about his "Get Money Out" scheme today

Go see the film "Margin Call"

1 Student Arrested Every Day In NYC Schools, 94% Are Black Or Latino

Lamb with Dill Sauce ŕ la Raymond Chandler

Study of the Day: New Evidence Ties Violent Games to Aggression

Death from above: the CIA’s disastrous drone war

"Beware of the dog. And the cat isn't trustworthy either."

#OccupyHuntington West Virginia to be evicted 4pm today. Call Mayor Wolfe: 304-696-5540.

Republican House Blinks On Defense Cuts

Kucinich bill seeks to end the Federal Reserve

Kucinich bill seeks to end the Federal Reserve

Father held in 2 beatings of baby girl in a month: Daughter may lose sight in her right eye

So I just heard Rocky Anderson on Rachael Maddow's show.

Can somebody explain the strange coverage or non-coverage of 2 Iranian explosions, Brit embassy, etc

Horses could soon be slaughtered for meat in US

'Change Is'

Former Republican Senator: The GOP Presidential Field Is ‘Embarrassing’

Hole in the Wall Gang report: 11-30-11

Meet Rachel Schragis, OWS Artist & Booklet Contributor

The Media's Blackout Of The National Defense Authorization Act Is Shameful

The Little Office Behind Obama's Big Enviro Flops

Anyone else not have a cell phone?

The Republicans' Farcical Candidates: A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

A Look at America's Geography Shows That the Tea Party Is Doomed

Out of Their Minds!

Newsweek- an interview with Alan Grayson entitled “Alan Grayson Strikes Back.”

What's with Franken and the IP Act?

Upshot On Citigroup Settlement: SEC Can No Longer Be 'Yapping, Small Dog' - HuffPo

Got a call today, wanted to share in case anyone else was interested.

Defense Authorization Bill allows the US military to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial

El Salvador girl denied US visa to save sister's life

Michelle Obama decorates Christmas cookies with children of active duty military personnel - pics

Holiday Cards w/ Guns "A Reminder" To "Occupy Wall Streeters" That "The Other Side Is Better Armed"

We are free - writings of Jose Marti, Cuban national hero (and 99%er)

Can someone in medicine explain how insurance companies get away w/practicing medicine w/o licenses?

I'm Not Sure How To Ask This... And...

Let's just call this for what it is.

Lawyer: Jailed (Los Angeles) Occupy activists treated harshly

Man shot by his dog - no, really!

The Rude Pundit: Enjoy Your Senate at Work

State attempts to collect repayments from debtors' children

Freepers join ows to block their super majority run Assemblies.

Bill Richardson Has a John Edwards Problem

Mitt Romney gets on TIME's cover...

"I helped Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp develope supply side economics." Gingrich

“The Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply here.”

Doctor sets out to heal Libya’s health system - New minister faces culture of corruption

A little note from Occupy Anchorage's Facebook page

No More Saving $$$ with Netflix: Internet Service Providers Poised to Start Usage-Based Charging

US Debt/GDP Hits Post WW2 High 99.5% Following $55 Billion Overnight Debt Increase

Oops! Kentucky dad leaves baby in grocery cart

Believers deem atheists as untrustworthy as rapists

Erskine rushed from dog to dog moving them away from the heat receiving burns to her hands

A final request from Iraq vet who took own life

Nancy Pelosi gets nostalgic about retiring Barney Frank

Wohoo! Rev. Jesse Jackson just showed up at Occupy Phoenix!

Herman Cain says wife didn't know about Ginger White

Gingrich Doubles Down On Child Labor: Poor Kids Should ‘Clean The Bathroom’

Gingrich Doubles Down On Child Labor: Poor Kids Should ‘Clean The Bathroom’

Frank Luntz advice to Republican Governors re: Occupuy Wall Street

Dems continue fight for voting rights

Jailed Afghan rape victim freed but 'to marry attacker'

Is polygamy moral?

CarrierIQ is NOT USED by Verizon; IS on iPhone but can be turned off.

Democrats to pursue 'unprecedented' protections for voting rights in next election

The Mind Of Randi Rhodes.

Colleges recruiting out-of-state students who pay more; in-state families growing angry

Over all - are people becoming nicer and more pleasant or nastier and meaner?

Artificial or Real Christmas Tree? Either Way, Both are Green

Treating A Scorpion Sting: $ 100 In Mexico Or $ 12,000 In U.S.

An Investment Manager's View on the Top 1%

Petition to IMPEACH ALL Senators who Voted for "U.S. is a Battlefield" and to detain U.S. Citizens w

Today Nothrup Grumman has closed Sperry Marine in Charlottesville, va

Why Obama Still matters...

My Open Letter to Occupy

Occupy protesters “branded” with UV ink

Congress endorsing military detention, a new AUMF

Sheriff and moving company left Ms. Lee 103 and her daughter 83 in their home.

Sheriff and moving company left Ms. Lee 103 and her daughter 83 in their home.

ACLU: FBI Illegally Collecting Intelligence Under Guise of “Community Outreach”

Iceland Arrests Former CEO Of Failed Bank

How to fight back against GOP propaganda relating to the Occupy movement

Doesn't it seem odd that Republicans are willing to accept a sexual harrasser, but not an adulterer

Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time After a Life in a Laboratory

Oh God America, What Happened To You?

Has anybody ever heard from Bobbolink? I hope she's out there fighting poverty.

Extreme Secrecy on Bush & Cheney Records

Boy arrested after burping in class

In memory of those DU'ers we have lost (please add names I missed)

Republican Pollster Frank Luntz: "I'm Frightened To Death" Of OWS

GOP message man “frightened to death” Occupy is damaging Americans' perceptions of capitalism

I am going to frame my neighbor as an Al-Qaeda sympathiser

I am going to frame my neighbor as an Al-Qaeda sympathiser

Interesting. The language of OWS is definitely becoming part of the public discourse.

Let's Play... 'Where's Krugman !!!' - Oh... We're Gonna Have Some Fun NOW, LOL !!!

George Takei takes on S. 1253 "I grew up in an internment camp"

Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples

Report: Obama Has WEAKENED More LOBBYIST-OPPOSED Health, Public Safety Regulations THAN BUSH

So I opened the letter last night and found a hospital bill:

I signed this petition for Obama to veto the bill for military detention of people arrested in US

Little House in the Present: America's economic downturns run through Laura Ingalls Wilder's books

Michele Bachmann: U.S. Embassy In Iran (Which Doesn't Exist) Would Be Closed Under My Watch

Morning Joe isn't that bad.

'How many people here could use an extra $1,500? Yes, I thought so'

NEWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have been asked to include a "Graphic Warning")

Listen Up -- Re the Occupy Movement

Aren't there any RC aircraft hobbyists who'd like to visit OWS ?

Gingrich is the worst of the worst

Fox News Suggests Second Amendment Remedies Be Used Against OWS

Fun thought experiment for your Repug family/friends

"OccupyWS" Protestors "Shout Down" Wells-Fargo CEO, John Stumpf, at NC State University

So last night LAPD showed up with L-3 Hazmat suits

Occupy the Courts nationwide.

Occupy Poster: "A Novel Idea"

Occupy Poster: "A Novel Idea"

Family Research Council Suggests Democrats Support Bestiality

More info coming out about the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.

The Current Republican Front-Runner And His Wife...

Airline hikes fare 600%, draws senator's ire

white coke can causes outcry - tricked diet coke drinkers into letting real coke touch their lips

Der Spiegel on the "GOP Freakshow" - A Club of Liars, Demagogues and Ignoramuses

Just a Liberal Poll

Cenk Uygur: MSNBC ‘Mistakes Their Mandate,’ Does ‘ GREAT DISSERVICE ’ To Viewers

6 Shocking Revelations About Wall Street's ''Secret Government''

So I'm a supervisor in a Tire Factory and the company has declared a "Lock-Out"

Nearly half German city to evacuate Sunday for defusing of WWII era bomb

Instant Karma

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control, and this is what we will use in 2012.

Teacher accused of hosting 'panty party' (for 3rd and 4th graders)

Teacher accused of hosting 'panty party' (for 3rd and 4th graders)

Heroic Dog Rescues Kittens Dumped in Traffic

The Friday Afternoon Challenge (on Thursday this week) Returns: Gallery Stars!

Wisconsin voter id and it's effect on me

Guess who's honest about the danger of extending payroll tax cuts? AEI and Jon Kyl.

Man Crosses Yosemite on 3,000-Foot-High Tightrope, Without Safety Gear


Fukushima Enters China Syndrome: Meltdown Is Destroying Cement

A note to trolling Freepers. You are all talk. You WILL vote for Willard 'Mitt' Romney

Breaking the Spell: The Lessons of Obamamania

Rocky Anderson forms a new Political Party...Justice Party

Christian Non-Profit Cruise SCAM-Encapsulates the last 3 Yrs Of Repuke Rule


Progressive Christmas Songs?

My Groundbreaking Lawsuit Against The Banksters That Can Stop Foreclosure - (Toxic Titles) – MERS