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"...the disrespect that is being heaped on them by those who seek political advantage..."

Judge: Denver may send ballots to inactive voters

Occupy Wall Street picture of the dai

Occupy Wall Street Ends Monday?

Hey gopers, Herman Cain was chairman of the Kansas City Fed.

Link for live streaming in NY Wallstreet Occupiers

Lawrence O'Donnell blew it.

If Bachmann wins, will the GOP not let her be sworn in?

Here's what Wingnut In-laws are saying these days:

Obama worse than 9/11 Really?

Prince Harry arrives at NAF El Centro; Controversy follows

Whose soldiers? OUR!!! soldiers!!

How many times a year are our DMV records checked, I was very surprised .

Another testimonial.

For tonight's Bill Maher show, on HBO at 10 pm EST ---

Treasury complained about Solyndra decisions-emails

Survey reveals 40-year low in America's view of Wall Street

Spot-on LOL pic o' the day.

Heads Up! Alan Grayson will be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Grassroots get out the vote idea

Free Concert: OccupyKC Liberty Memorial - Sunday 10/09

DHS Launches ‘Minority Report’ Pre-Crime Detection Program

Occupy Wall St. on PARIS MATCH!

Interesting and timely moral dilemma I just saw on "Frasier":

Mother of missing baby says police accused her

Just because it's a law doesn't make it right (Joey Kennedy | Birmingham News)

Just heard on Real Time - 31% of Black men in Florida not eligible to vote!

SOLYNDRAGATE: Huge Email Dump Implicates Obama And Rahm In Bankruptcy Scandal

Occupy Portland photo essay

Bill Maher: In Modern Republican Party “Denying Racism Is The New Racism” - VIDEO

Should we take money from Warren Buffet to pay for the war, or should we just stop the wars?

Just asking, what are exactly the parameters of presidential executive privileges ?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Brad Friedman subs for Mike

The most sick to my stomach a FB post has ever made me

Scott Brown Takes Heat for Swipe at Elizabeth Warren’s Looks as GOP Women Defend Him

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words...

Just an FYI: Even liberal Christian denominations have a low opinion of Mormonism

There has to be some lightening of the highways

The PSA prostate test for cancer...

Zombies have a code of conduct?

You Tube Muting Videos?

Amusingly Atrocious FR Comments

Scenes from the Values Voters Summit today...

The New Face of the RepubliCon Party.

Those opposing OWS

Colbert Super PAC’s New Ad Goes Strong to the Rim/Airwaves

Fans of Steve Jobs won't want to miss the tribute on Charlie Rose's Friday show

Fans of Steve Jobs won't want to miss the tribute on Charlie Rose's Friday show

Karl Rove glittered by the gay at anti-gay conference

Cops find 3 year old in stolen car with BB gun; Father arrested

Alaska's $77,000,000 'airport to nowhere' - VIDEO

Rand Paul blames Obama for 'inflaming' Occupy Wall Street protests, worries of 'lawlessness'

Know of any corporations that are upsizing?

Prince Edward Island's voter turnout was the lowest in decades (only 76.4%!!!)

Photo Gallery: A Decade of War in Afghanistan

Former astronaut in love triangle survives Alaska plane crash

Photo Gallery: A Decade of War in Afghanistan

I don't want Libertarian Jobs/ I am willing to pay more for a "just" world!!!!

LA Times: One man helps mount Mississippi's anti-illegal-immigrant movement

Hugo Chavez to seize homes and hotels for the poor on idyllic Los Roques

David Sirota: Don't allow inmates to run the asylum

Some Virginia Democrats shun ties to Obama

Insight - Occupy Wall St, the start of a new protest era?

Pastor backing Perry: Romney not a Christian

An English professor skewers Rick Santorum.

Economic crisis taking its toll on population size

What happened when President Clinton "ended welfare as we know it?"

BLACKWATER Police Style Car @ the Tacoma OCCUPY Event....

Chris Hayes- the Occupy Wall Street Movement - Naomi Klein is his guest

INVITATION TO OCCUPY WALL STREET -- Saturday, 11 AM @ Red Cube corner

Bobby Jindal’s Values Voter Summit Joke: Anthony Weiner Is Kinda Like A Pedophile!

Shoes? WTF?

Have you viewed the 99% website? The stories are so touching & so heartbreaking

The National Memo: Why Occupy Wall Street Should Scare Republicans

The National Memo: Why Occupy Wall Street Should Scare Republicans

Occupy Wall Street/Unoccupied Main Street

Fox News Channel launched 15 years ago - October 7, 1996

Bachmann looks to evangelicals to boost fortunes

Occupy Atlanta is Occupy Wall St in the ATL

Krawcheck Gets $6 Million After BofA Ouster

There is a beautiful Jupiter out tonight.

Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

Occupy Winston-Salem hits downtown today

RWingers idiotic answer to "We are the 99%" is "I am the 53%"

I jsut got a robocall from the NRA at 9:05 AM on Yom Kippur

I jsut got a robocall from the NRA at 9:05 AM on Yom Kippur

I'd rather watch Lockup than listen to what Mike Barnicle has to say

On my way to the DU attendance at Occupy Wall Street

BofA debit card fee prompts animosity from coast to coast

All Aboard the Blue Train...Wisconsin

All Aboard the Blue Train...Wisconsin

Mitt spare me the fucking treacle this morning

'I am The Bernanke not The Batman!' Bernanke’s Darkest Fears

The Best of #OccupySesameStreet

Has any country ever presented the United Nations with what they allege are human

Who's advising Romney on foreign policy? Sounds like the MIC to me. Rachel reports.

Of interest... CNN is still pushing the tripe that they have no demands

CIA: Detainee's Torture Drawings, Writings, "Should They Exist," to Remain Top Secret

Principal defends color-coded IDs

If a demand is what they want here is mine

Persistent drought threatens Texas oil industry (water war news)

Report from Philly:

Report from Philly:

Owners baffled by theft of 50-foot-long Pa. bridge

Owners baffled by theft of 50-foot-long Pa. bridge

Owners baffled by theft of 50-foot-long Pa. bridge

My neck epidural right C 4-5 went just fine this afternoon

Juan Cole: Pro-Perry Evangelical Leader says Romney not a Christian, Mormonism a Cult


Lindsey Graham implies that Perry is the victim in the racial-epithet story

INSIDE WASHINGTON: 'Zombie' program cuts deficit

After WikiLeaks, U.S. tries to shield classified data

The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party -- Robert Reich

Krugman: Re-Shoring

Hypocrisy Share Values Soar as Tea Party Republicans Accuse

Occupy Sesame Street.

Topeka Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money?

How a far-right party came to dominate Swiss politics - fear of "others" of course.

#OccypySeattle update;

Why is the State AG Bank settlement a sham? Let Matt Tiabbi lay it out for you.

There are a lot of people that were part of the Democratic Party's former

Excellent footage IMO on FDR, the New Deal, Depression Recovery, etc.

Occupy Wall Street are the barbarians at the gates

Ever wonder why many religious leaders never preach about greed?

chemical industry admits: BPA should not be used to make baby bottles

Raiders owner Davis dies at 82; cause unknown

Those people standing on street corners with signs: "Anything helps, Bless you"

more on the BoA payouts: 2 Ousted Bank of America Executives Get Final Paychecks

Where Can I Look To Find Out When Earned Income Credit Was Enacted AND

Main Street - Occupy Boston pics

A Timely Quote From A Martyred Democrat

Why is it okay to buy elections, but not to buy citizenship?

Hormel Foods - a highly profitable corporation on Wall Street

should Harry Reid join Occupy Wall Street?

Florida Legislator Wants to Bring Back Dwarf-Tossing

Bill Clinton to speak at 2011 Global Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle.

Afghani hearts and minds campaign turns to the U.S.

Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners

Can you see this live video?

the irrelevance of the grifter

This about sums things up of lately.

Can a gruff tea bagger and cute, sensible DLC find true love?

Hank Williams, Jr. Apologizes (FOD video)

Occupy the Hood Aims to Bring More Minorities Into the Occupy Wall Street Fold

Mayor Langford bans Atlantic City police from patrolling casino parking garages

So I'm almost scared to ask, but what has anyone seen what Freeperville thinks of Occupy Wall St?

North Dakota to decriminalize rape? Investigation, prosecution deemed "too expensive'...

Obama Administration Takes Steps to Subsidize California Drug Gangs

Anybody who thinks that voters made a mistake in November 2008 ...

Simple Harmonic (and non-harmonic) Motion (some Saturday entertainment)

Pics from OccupyDallas (10/6/11) PIC HEAVY

Roland Martin, CNN: Occupy Wall Street protesters are American patriots

What is it that so scares RW media (MSM) about Occupy? The time factor

Our Trojan War in Afghanistan rages into a second decade

I need some help promoting left wing talk show and TV hosts

Turns out there is no place in the Mormon community for a single woman who doesn't want children

How about a law requiring all future Presidents to be on TV for 24 hours per day?

Occupy America- The End of the Corporate Class

Missouri church's 'joyful noise' angers neighbors

Ban Birth Control? They Wouldn't Dare...

Mayor Bloomberg prime example of a Corporate Pimp!

Campaign finance reform

California Prison Hunger Strike Resumes as Sides Dig In (NYT | 7 Oct)

"Pres. Obama, you promised you would let the earth heal..." On C Span

"Pres. Obama, you promised you would let the earth heal..." On C Span

On OWS, please share a couple of specific votes Congress could take to show YEA or NEY for OWS goals

Ted Rall: Cartoon for October 7th, 2011: Can’t Run, Can’t Hide, Can’t Sunbathe

Is Walmart allergic to Pollan?

Libya NTC fight Gaddafi forces in streets of Sirte

Looks like the war on drugs is getting amped up..must need to build new prisons

Empathy and the 99 percent

Manchester school bans 'dangerous' footballs from the playground

Manchester school bans 'dangerous' footballs from the playground

What teabaggers are telling themselves about OWS

So, there are *2* straw polls this Saturday

So, there are *2* straw polls this Saturday

401K stock question

The funny pictures page! #1 Occupy Sesamie Street

Citizen Radio Joins Sam Seder And Naomi Klein From Occupy Wall Street (w/Audio)

I'm boycotting The Lighter Side Catalog as of today.

Suspected domestic abusers go free as Topeka city, county officials bicker over funds

‘Operation Swiper’ in New York - biggest identity theft scam in history

Ron Paul: Libertarian? Only When It’s Convenient

US Tax $ Funds Pedophilia-The Young Turks

No, Rep. Peter King, Occupy Wall Street is not anarchy, it's about RESPONDING to anarchy

Serial numbers in a pile of money can encode an important message that is protected speech.

my daughter is spending the night at Occupy Seattle

Over 1,200 Mink Released at Farm in Rural Jewell, Ia (considered an act of domestic terrorism)

UCLA on Alzheimer's....

‘Pianist to the presidents’ Roger Williams dies in Los Angeles at 87

Romney's New Century of Neo-cons

Harold Camping predicts Oct. 21 rapture — again

Luckovich Toon - The new Repub Leader for President

In Case You Missed This... OWS: Mark Ruffalo On Countdown With KO (Video & Transcript)

One man helps mount Mississippi's anti-illegal-immigrant movement

man posts video of "discipline' of 7 year old boy

man posts video of "discipline' of 7 year old boy

Hotel Bel-Air closed 2 yrs ago for renovations. reopens without most of its Union employees

The Truth About the Tea Party

Republicans aren’t the problem. The media is the problem.

OWS needs to demand that Glass-Steagall is reinstated

#OccupySesameStreet becomes, not for the weak at heart.

XPost: 700 Climate action NGOs criticize Japan for promoting nuclear power

California governor signs controversial “Dream Act”

Town spends $1,000 on rubber chickens

OccupyAustin night two

Proposed Sex Offender Village Scrapped

99%ers should NEVER etch their agenda in stone.

The Corn Mandate - the feds do force you to buy a product from a private corp.

Really big turn out for Flint's Zombie Walk

Occupy Fort Myers planning for local event

Occupy Fort Myers planning for local event

Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

We should set up a donation drive.

DU Meetup @ OccupySeattle?

Bill Maher on Rick Perry’s ‘N*ggerhead Ranch’ rock (Outatanding comments)

Occupy Portland vs. Portland Marathon

Great job DU

I keep hearing idiots say they can't figure out what the OWS is all about.

Do You Think HR313 Will Pass? Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor

Jim Hightower-Names and calls out tea party Congress and backers

Congressional Candidate Alan Grayson makes history on Real Time w/ Bill Maher

The 1% (some of them) speak, you might be surprised...

Struggling New York School Workers Get Knocked Hard in Budget War

Occupy Denver

US Drones Infected With Computer Virus - Shocked, I tell ya . . .

Imagine Peace Tower Relighting 9th October 2011 (in Reykjavík, Iceland)

Gov't sanctioned elder abuse

Occupy DC - pics

Republicans have penis envy

Psst, Romney. . . There have been no “massive defense cuts” under President Obama

But seriously....

Anybody out there know how to figure out who's REALLY posting thru Disqus?

Burglars Call the Cops After Accidentally Stealing Child Pornography

Thank You Again, Steve Jobs !!! - 'Occupy Wall Street Ignites Political Hackathon' - Wired

Trying to get Wall Street to act morally is like trying to stop people from being promiscuous or

Look out New York - in case one of these tests gets a virus or something goes wrong

Republicans: Their ‘Elegant Disguise For Hatred Of The Human Race’

GOP counter-protesters chicken out at Occupy Huntington

Wall Street protesters look to expand N.Y. presence

Yom Kippur Reflection - Analogous losses:The post-2008 Democratic Party and the Phila. Phillies:

Occupy Roanoke (Va.) - 7 people - made the paper *THANK YOU*

Question about the New York Stock Exchange.

Program on "Link" TV---"Capitalism Hits the Fan"

Occupy Wall Street protesters gather in Washington Square Park, NY - pics

Why do i only see women when i go to my local bank

Alan Grayson: First standing ovation for a guest EVER

Alan Grayson: First standing ovation for a guest EVER

Bill Maher, Stop knocking the OWS 99%!

OccupyBoston 10-7 Friday (pics)...

Massive turnout for Occupy Wall Street per Michael Moore - link to pic

Stinkin' Hippies!!!...

Bobby Jindal’s Values Voter Summit Joke: Anthony Weiner Is Kinda Like A Pedophile!

"Sustained public rejection of the I-85 [HOT] lanes" - Atlanta

OccupyAustin Day 3

A Blow to Europe's Far-Right: Denmark Reshapes Its Immigration Policies

Eric Cantor, you were extremely silent when Tea Baggers spit

$57,000 withdrawn by OccupyAustin during yesterday's BoA march

#OccupyLosAngeles on Facebook are saying Danny Glover is there

Pizza delivery guy calls cops on medical marijuana patient

Sen. Sanders champions liberal charge against money's influence in politics

REP Peter King(NY).....STFU

Shame on NYPD, God bless APD

Occupiers, check out

Scottish bike sex case sparks legal debate

Afghanistan civil war a significant risk, 'cold-eyed' British review to warn


What would you do to improve the Occupy Wall Street protest?

Burglars Report Man's Child Porn

Bernie Sanders is on Blitzer

OMG - We both got FT jobs and start Monday!

Over the last three years, she created nothing, produced nothing and served no one but herself.

Is it my computer or internet connection or do MSNBC pages load slow for everyone?

PRINCIPLES OF SOLIDARITY -- A "coherent message" from New York City Occupy Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren gonna kick Scott Brown's Puke ass out of the Senate

We, the 99 Percent, Demand the End of the Wars Now


Medical Marajuana, Social Security, Medicare, the Post Office?..r u f-ing kidding me?

That was relatively easy. I made a Facebook statement that both

If someone is at an occupation site today can you please make a sign that says,

This is so cool -- Police Chief has 1st Admendment read to all officers before their shift!!

What a BEE-YUT-IFAL sight!


I'm off to occupy Anchorage.

I'm off to occupy Anchorage.

What is the endgame for the 1%?

Thanks to those on the front lines of OWS for giving so many of us a glimmer of hope again!!!

GLBT History Month: The Stonewall Riots

What can you buy with $5? The BofA monthly debit charge

wilderness neophytes backup plan - call 911 offering credit card for helicopter ride down

CONservatism is just a big CON - and these GOP primaries prove it!

The Sad Irony Of The Tea Party - Ignores The Anti-Corporate Monopoly Roots Of Original Tea Party!

Houston Occupyer saved from bank repo (with help of HPD!)

LIBYA: New Regime CLEANSING country of all Gaddafi support, blacks and Jews

I'm giving cash this Christmas

Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

Nicole Wallace wants to know where OCW protesters are going to the bathroom?!?!

re. Private Manning: Hard to believe the following is true.

The North Koreans are all starving - again. And the Repubs

The Beginning is near...

Can this country survive...?

Farm Bureau upset that science kit for students contains left-wing book with misinformation about mo

This is a good time to re-watch "Capitalism - A Love Story"

What is your job status?

HHS Sec. Sebelius Starts Website Spotlighting (Challenging) Insurers Who Raise Rates 10% or More

DU Occupies Wall Street in NYC Today! (Live thread)

David Koch runs away from ABC news...

LOL !!! - BRAVO !!!

You'll shoot yourself uh somewhere else kid

I found the link somebody asked for donations to the Occupy Wall St. food & blanket fund

Police seeking new interview with baby Lisa Irwin’s parents

Police seeking new interview with baby Lisa Irwin’s parents

Glenn Beck says college should only be an option for those who can afford it

Without leadership and a focused set of goals, OWS will flame out bigtime.

Without leadership and a focused set of goals, OWS will flame out bigtime.

Don't Quit...

Americans, don't even think about getting high anywhere in the world!

More popcorn. Please.

Expect Us.....

Michael Moore tweet: Massive turnout. Massive. Washington Sq Park NYC See pic.........

Feds to eradicate Cannabis in California all together

Stephen Colbert apologizes to karl rove for money laundering comments (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert apologizes to karl rove for money laundering comments (VIDEO)

Isn't it Corporatism we reject?

Occupy Knoxville.

John Boehner is in NO MOOD, I tell you... NO MOOD!

Occupy Boston Saturday 10-8 (pics)

Thank you to those who are carrying me with them to the front lines

It's been 2 weeks, I apologized to the Toyota salesman

email sent to CNN... they should be embarrased

Alan Grayson Schools Unfunny Dumbass P.J. O'Rourke On Real Time (VIDEO & ARTICLE)

(((PICS))) Occupied Wall Street - A City Within a City

I want my taxes to support people's Street-based, independent, community free-schools.

Does anyone here give even the smallest of flying fucks that we're still fighting bush's wars?

To the corporate media & the GOP: There IS one overarching demand of OWS...

Dead Dog on the Side of the Road

Topeka, Kansas City Council Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money

Can you think of a better way to express contempt for women ...

Alan Grayson Gets Standing Ovation While Bill Maher Panel Mocks Occupy Wall Street ‘Hippies’

PRINCIPLES OF SOLIDARITY -- OWS responds to requests for a "Coherent Message"

Democrats need to take OWS as a challenge and a spur

Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West “Poverty in America Week” October 7-14 on PBS - Please watch!

One sentence sums up what is wrong with this country

CA high schools give students color-coded IDs based on test scores.

Why is it that Utah State allowed black football players recently?

Folks in Cuba, the Bahamas , Florida Georgia South Carolina

Donating your body to science trains the doctors who will treat your grandchildren

Libyan Revolution Week 34

Libyan Revolution Week 34

Taxing Nothing: Make Owners Of Vacant Property Pay

Taxing Nothing: Make Owners Of Vacant Property Pay

So if we can make it illegal to smoke weed (or talk about it) abroad in a country where it's legal

Big New Threat to internet neutrality!!

The Naomi Klein #Occupy Quote Folks Need To See

People without health insurance are taking fish antibiotics

People without health insurance are taking fish antibiotics

If capitalism sucks, what do we replace it with?

How to help the Occupiers.

How to help the Occupiers.

"you insulated elitist fools"

To the DNC, and all federal Democratic legislators: Here's a little clue for y'all:

On Fox, Colmes Calls Out Fox News' "Double Standard" On Tea Party And Wall Street Protests

NYTimes News Headline: Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

NYTimes News Headline: Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

Why would Obama Hire Philip Zelikow to be on his Intelligence Board??

"My parents don’t know that I know we’re the 99%."

ALEC "charity" tied to UK scandal w/ Minister of Defence, recruitment of European legislators

Bo Obama - pics

44,000 Apply For 3000 Part-Time Jobs @ Zappos - $8.00 per hr.

From the battlezone: Wisconsin GOP Plans Controversial Tort Reforms

Occupy Berkeley is starting up - photos

Occupy Berkeley is starting up - photos

Young, unpaid and angry: interns go online to campaign for a wage

Over 250 For The OCCUPY TACOMA First day MARCH

How COINTELPRO really works & destroys social movements: Open letter from former Tea Partier to OWS

Alaska's Permanent Fund gives $1174 of OUR oil money to each Alaskan

picture the democratic way. at the city level.

picture the democratic way. at the city level.

OWs now in 45 states

Landlords, property owners are new targets in anti-pot strategy

Ouch !!! - From OWS Today... 'Throw Me Some Crumbs'

Drug Policy Alliance: "Obama Administration's Medical Marijuana Policies Now Worse Than Bush"

One of the original Tea Party groups endorses Occupy Wall Street

If Ben & Jerry's made an OWS flavor, what would it be?

Thank you, Tony Plush!!!

One bright morning in the middle of the night...

Believeable, all too believable...

Anyone see where I put that last beer?

Kitten and Big Guy are getting along swell


Don't blame Amerigo Vespucci if he's so good he can make a crack addict look like a call girl.

After MFM's infamous 1st grade class pic, the photographer was on call for when he called out sick.

Cats are SMRT!!! S-M-R-T smrt.

The Kattywompus String Band, live from Monrovia CA...

Saw on Cartoonist John Kovalic's Facebook:

when you get your next colonoscopy, be sure to watch the video:

Grimm on NBC- redux


Can somone help me find a quote?

Al Davis, Oakland Raiders Owner, Dies At Age 82

The more he ages, the better Amerigo Vespucci gets at his job.

“See the photos of (John) LENNON’s art”

Something just reminded me of this little piece from many years ago in Reader's Digest....

I've finally gotten something done with my condo.

Downloading Ringtones to my Phone is Becoming a MAJOR Challenge for Me!

Go Cardinals!

Yes! Phillies Lose!!!

That's RIGHT, The Mascara and bulbous. Also, a tin teardrop.

Hopefully, our customers are bad at math.......

Dear Dodge,

Anyone see the movie "Melancholia"? What a stunningly beautifully but depressing movie

Stax vs Motown

From the "former urban legend" dept.: Warning re: oil change shops

Jobs forum

Someone here suggested I get a phase shifter for my guitar. I did. Thanks!

How to keep MiddleFingerMom busy on a Friday night...

MiddleFingerMom didn't find yoga to be anywhere NEAR as fun as he had hoped it would be.

Who here doesn't experience this WAY too fucking often?

Anybody ever heard of Little Free Libraries?

THE WHITE HOUSE | Office of the First Lady | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | October 5, 2011

Had my second round of chemotherapy Thursday; thank you to those who are carrying me to the front

After watching "9-1/2 Weeks", MFM treated his cat...

While she's away, Kali has made provisions for others on the ranch to support the cause.

In the 1990s, Austin, TX suffered two major losses: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bill Hicks

Ya know, Elton John's band from the 70's is one of the most underrated bands

I feel bad. I had to incarcerate my kitty in the bathroom.

Is this true? No one has sex on their wedding night?!

Drink Recipe: Havana Ice Tea

VIDEO: Black Country Communion spanks the everloving fuck outta Led Zep's "No Quarter."

Today's College Football Thread (Red River Rivalry Edition)


BofA debit card fee prompts animosity from coast to coast

Highway sign warns of zombies

Obama administrations seeks to overturn harsh Alabama immigration law

Arab uprisings' women celebrate Nobel recognition

Romney under fire for allegedly pushing Nevada to move up caucus

Judge cracks down on Oakland hotels (over prostitution)

Governor signs bill for automatic pipeline valves

(California) Governor signs shark fin ban

Afghanistan civil war a significant risk, 'cold-eyed' British review to warn

Over 26 years later, Super Bowl champion Bears honored at White House

Occupy Atlanta is Occupy Wall St in the ATL

Topeka, Kansas City Council Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money


Radioactive leak at ex-power plant (in Scotland)

Radioactive leak at ex-power plant (in Scotland)

INSIDE WASHINGTON: 'Zombie' program cuts deficit

Stop the War Coalition demo in London marks 10th anniversary of Afghan war

Protesters in Belarus call for new elections as economic crisis drags on

Five Arrested in Syrian Embassy Protest, London Police Say


Medvedev urges Assad to reform or go

Jordanians Protest for Greater Reforms

Hamid Karzai admits Afghanistan 'security failure'

Solyndra loan deal: Warnings about legality came from within Obama administration

Assad should reform or quit over Syria uprising, says Dmitry Medvedev

Raiders owner Al Davis dead at 82

Doubtful social conservatives giving Romney chance

Doubtful social conservatives giving Romney chance

Farm Bureau upset that science kit for students contains left-wing book with misinformation about mo

Burma censor chief calls for more media freedom

NFL Legend Al Davis Dies

Question for professional Facebookers, please

Syria Funeral Shooting: Forces Open Fire On Mashaal Tammo Mourners

EPA orders Enbridge to do more oil spill cleanup on Kalamazoo River

President Obama urges Americans to push for tax plan

Syria's protesters turn to Facebook to expose 'citizen spies'

For Romney, Social Issues Pose New Test

Gov. Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for state's illegal immigrants

Wall Street Protesters Look to Expand N.Y. Presence

Bloomberg blasts Wall Street protests as bad for the city

Libya: resistance weakens as troops advance into Gaddafi's hometown

Yemen president says will leave power in coming days

Mitt Romney calls for new ‘American century’ with muscular foreign policy

Chavez to seize homes and hotels for the poor on idyllic Los Roques

Saudi Arabia Beheads 8 Bangladeshis for Murder; 2011 Executions Rise to 58

Raiders owner Al Davis dead at 82

Netherlands to classify high-potency cannabis as hard drug

Hertz suspends 34 Muslim workers for praying on the job

Judge Finds Manipulation in Recall Vote in Arizona

New prostate cancer test advice (Don't do it) overturns dogma

(UK) Youth joblessness highest since Tories last in power, new figures to reveal

Songs with the "Leslie Speaker" sound

Alabama Law Makes It A Felony For Undocumented Immigrants To Have Water At Their Homes

U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill

Who watches Project Runway?

State Department readies Iraq operation, its biggest since Marshall Plan

Protest held outside Central Bank (Dublin)

How bad do you think this is going to hurt?

Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters

2 US soldiers accused of raping teenagers in Korea

AP Source: NBA Won't Talk Without 50-50 Deal

Ron Paul Wins Conference Straw Poll, to No One’s Surprise

****Songs with gender in the title****

Mom had a stroke Tues. morning.

Tunisia Islamists storm university over veil ban

Pelosi Statement on September Jobs Report

Mitt "14 Percent Tax Rate" Romney

Krugman: Wall Street protest offers Obama a second chance

WH: Statement by President Obama Congratulating Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Democrats Look To Inflict Political Pain On GOP For Blocking Obama's Jobs Bill

Zo(m)by Is To Polling What Joe Isuzu Is To Car Sales

Herman Cain

More people using free preventive benefits provided by Affordable Care Act

Allan Grayson was the only one who made sense on Bill Mahar's show

Katy Perry vs. Rick Perry

McConnell takes chutzpah to new levels

Food Security of SNAP Recipients Improved Following the 2009 Stimulus Package

CBO: Dems’ numbers add up on jobs bill

Did you know about the Humphrey–Hawkins Full Employment Act of 1978?

My take on the Rick Perry hunting camp named n-head

President Obama is going to win re-election.

Values Voter Summit has no values and no voters (Straw poll: Perry 4th, Romney 6th)

President Obama to Republicans: have a better plan for creating jobs right now, "prove it."

Max Keiser - Pitchforks & Torches Up In Sales

OccupyDC - Junkyard Empire - Activist Rock Music - Justice Through Music Project

GOPers finding it harder to continue being a Conservative in a Socialist World

Americans Easily Controlled Through Their Emotions

Business groups whine: leave millionaires alone (updated)

Whose soldiers? OUR!!! soldiers! War is OUR Blood!!! nt

Imus: Hank's gettin' a bum rap over this

Robert Reich: The Wall Street Occupiers and the Democratic Party

CNN: Romney's Policies Run Up Against Reality

#OccupyDC - Acoustic Guitar Protest Music - Justice Through Music Project

TYT: Best Occupy Wall Street Sign & More

Cornel West "This Is Not Just A National Movement! This Is An International Movement!"

Classless Hannity Snubs Colmes In Acknowledgments

Last Week on Media Matters Radio on Sirius XM

Despite 14 Straight Months Of Public Job Loss, Republicans Continue To Block Obama’s Jobs Plan

Are Young Voters & Hispanics Subtly Racist, Too, Melissa? [New]

#OccupyDC Freedom Plaza Highlight Video - Justice Through Music Project

Media Matters: The Big Picture: October 7, 2011

Cannabis Should Be Legalized

Cenk Uygur: Corporate media tried to ignore Occupy Wall Street

The sadly prophetic words of the late Senator Wellstone ~ *warned of the repeal of Glass Steagall*

Keiser Report: Price Propaganda (E194) w/ Economist Dr. Steve Keen

Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners

Weekly Address: Making Your Voice Heard on the American Jobs Act


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#Occupy Tacoma

Genesis [Save the James Webb Space Telescope]

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Bristol Bay and the Threat of Pebble Mine

There will be no Primary challenge.

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Outsourcing: I wish at least one politician would discuss it...

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Banker gets OWNED at Occupy Sarasota, Florida -- October 6, 2011

O'Donnell just had an outstanding discussion on Cain, race & civil rights w/Sharpton, Harris-Perry

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OWS Jesse LaGreca to FOX News: Run the Damn Video

The Repubs. insult the OWS protestors because they think the protesters are out to help Obama.

Police beat back Occupy Wall Street protesters, dozens arrested

McMillan: Inmates short-term option for farmers desperate for help (Montgomery Advertiser)

SEC under Schapiro struggles to turn around amid political, financial head winds

Friday Talking Points (184) -- Long Live Steve Jobs

...back then, banks viewed customers as people to be helped, not marks to be taken advantage of

Election of Africa's first female president is a milestone for continent

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US contacts NC family of al-Qaida propagandist


Thanks to the FDA, You Really Have No Idea What's In Your Food

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